Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Council On Foreign Relations Worried About Egypt

For conspiracy theorists the council on foreign relations "CPR" is from the most dangerous organizations in the world that seek world domination and implementing the new world order. This conspiracy comes from the fact that this huge and old think tank include big names in the world of politics and economics alike making it like some sort of more open freemason club to those theorists.

When this council issues a report about the future of Egypt after Mubarak , it is important to read that report and discuss it. Its importance does not come only from the fact it is published by "CPR" but from the fact it includes suggestions on how the States would act in different scenarios. This report shows how the President Egypt should be granted the American approval Dr. El-Faky used wrong wording to describe.

The council issued in last August a report with the title "Political instability in Egypt , CPA contingency planning". Steven A.Cook has prepared this 8 pages reports.Cook is discussing two scenario and how to prevent or to deal with them from his point view, these two scenarios are : Military coup and Islamic revolution. There is more fear from an Islamic revolution than from military intervention.

Here is the report which I recommend everyone to read till the end carefully in a full screen mode.

Political instability in Egypt -

Will He Deny Again ??

The minister of interior Habib Al-Adly has denied Egypt's involvement in the CIA secret prisons scandal aka "Black Site" from couple of years ago and yet the UN is going to release a report about these secret prisons and guess what !!?? Egypt's name in the 226 pages report.
I wonder How our regime will respond back in front of this UN report !!?? This is the UN not an opposition newspaper funded by Iran and Qatar !!
I bet that Al-Adly's answer on this report will be like that.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alaa Mubarak Is Back

It was hard to imagine that this occasion of beating Algerian football national team in that way to pass without hearing from Alaa Mubarak. Well guess what Alaa Mubarak has spoken to on air sports shows again last Thursday. I did not catch him unfortunately because I was watching Al Jazeera Sports to hear the analysis of the match.

Alaa Mubarak spoke to Khalid Al-Ghandour again , it became a habit  I suppose; he started with him last time so it is logic to speak in his show again especially in this cheerful time.

It was  a busy night for him as he called again after few hours Medhat Shalbi on Modern sports and honestly I am surprised that he spoke to Shalbi. It seems that Alaa is insisting on proving that the people's man after all !!

It is noticeable that his tune is less tense against Algeria than last time,he is now controlling more his feelings.

Alaa said that he watched the match in his father's house aka the Presidential palace at Al-Oroba with the family including his son Omar. He revealed that every time our national time scored a goal , Mubarak would hug and kiss Omar. Alaa went after the match to celebrate with his son and his friend with the people at Korba street with the people. Some people reportedly took photos with him.

He has travelled with his brother to Angola to watch the final match tomorrow insh Allah and seriously I am scared but last time the pair went and we lost.

Mustafa El-Faky Fires Back

I have never seen El-Faky so nervous and so out of control like in this segment , he had to be because it is unacceptable to be insulted and being called a womanizer in bold headlines. El-Faky appeared on Al-Mehawar TV to defend himself and justifies his statements. He said that it was only wrong wording , it is natural thing that the U.S and Israel to be interested in the next president of Egypt yet they did not , do not and won't have the last word in choosing our next ruler.

For sure this is not El-Faky we used to know on TV , he opened his fire on everyone directly and indirectly except President Mubarak. He attacked Haikel in order to please the regime for sure but at the same time he attacked some people in the regime , after all he said that some people there do not like his frank talk. He also reminded us on why he did not continue in Presidency as the President's secretary for information to face this infamous allegation of Emam at Al-Messa. He said that it was not his lecture in the AUC where he criticized the regime in early 1990s that led to his dismissal as widely spread , he did not find it embarrassing to say that he was sacrificed by the regime in order to get rid from another man. He was referring of course to the infamous Lucy Artin affair that brought late field marshal Abu Ghazla down. El-Faky was accused to be among the regime men Artin used to call  for favors. The man did not have any sinister relationship with her but it was scandal after all. Some people spoke of a relation between his lecture in the AUC and the Artin affair which came the same timing by the way.

The top moment of the segment which I love is when he exposed Hana'a as a NDP member in the Policies committee.

Naj Hammadi Shooting Follow Up:Where Is The Truth ??

For another week Bishop Kyrillos is continuing in confusing me and all those who do not buy the official story.Last Wednesday in Al Dostor Weekly respectable judge Noha El-Zainy spoke about her visit to Naj Hammadi after the shooting and how Bishop Kyrillos told her the undeclared reasons of the shooting. The judge said that she did not want to declare these reasons respecting the bishop decision !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe Judge Noha but  till when the Bishop will continue to play this silly game !!??? For God sake how many times I remind you that 5 Christians from his community , from those he knew in person were killed !!? Why can't he reveal the truth !!??

Moving to the other enigma in the Naj Hammadi's shooting : NDP MP Al-Gol ; I found him yesterday threatening the ministry of interior that if he is accused in this crime , he will reveal the truth about the shooting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is going on here !!?? Why does not he say the truth in the first place and why is he hiding it ??

Where is the truth ??

Anyhow there is a very interesting piece of information regarding suspect Kamoni , he used to work officially in a car showroom owned by a NDPian former policeman for LE 3000 per month "This thug's salary is bigger than mine !!".

Of course this salary he gets is not for sales records but for his thuggery service.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Yeshiva World : Israel Offers Mubarak Yerushalayim "In Other World"

Yerushalayim is Jerusalem and the Yeshiva world claims that Bibi and Barack offered Mubarak a bargain that we can't refuse :

Israel would return to pre-1967 borders if our man managed to convince Abu Mazan to sit with the Israelis reviving the Peace process !!

Are kidding me !!?? Are they speaking seriously !!? This is nonsense.


Egypt Beats Algeria , Will Play With Ghana Next Sunday

I think you have heard the news , Egypt has won Algeria  with 4 wonderful goals :) A wonderful game that showed our players real powers where as unfortunately showed the Algerian players worst manners !! I hope that these manners will not be there in  the world cup as they are representing the Arabs there.  Gedo scoring
The game is wonderful , our team was great and I can't hide that I did not expect that we would win the match . Ironically last Wednesday I heard someone predicting in the radio saying that we would win Algeria 4: 0 , I laughed and next day we scored 4 !! Watch our goals :
Hassan Shehata is doing a great job Mashallah ,may God bless him thousand times
Hassan Shehata
It is great to have Zidan once again , this is Zizo we know
Zizo is back for real
Thank you for real Angola , for your people's support
Thank You Angola
Of course we still have one game yet , we will play with Ghana next Sunday insh Allah at 6 PM Cairo Local and hopefully insh Allah will keep the cup once again.
Cairo is not going to sleep now , from east to west the whole country despite what we suffer from is having a night of happiness. We deserve to be happy especially after the humiliation we suffer in Sudan. Already I know that Egyptians around the world are sharing our happiness too. Even the Palestinians in Gaza are happy for so and again I feel so angry from our regime because of this.
Gaza celebrates
Again I do not know why the Algerian team was so violent and nervous , already their goal keeper deserved a red card when he attacked the referee . FYI the Egyptian national team objected this referee. Red Card
 Rude Algerian Player

ElBaradei Writes In Weekly Dostor How To Have A Real Political Reform in Egypt

Dr. ElBaradei had just finished writing this article exclusively to Al Dostor when he spoke to Foreign policy. The former chief of IAEA writes in detailed steps how to save Egypt through a real democratic reform from his point in view in the popular independent newspaper.

These steps are :

1//Forming a committee from independent and respectable personalities to organize the presidential elections and supervise on its neutrality and independence.

2//Voting through the national number ID in order to make sure from the validity of registered voters list. "You know to make sure that there are no dead people voting for the NDP"

3//The Egyptians abroad must the have the right to vote in our embassies like in other countries "According to ElBaradei there are more than 7 million Egyptian living abroad ,7 million Egyptians inside the country had voted in the last presidential elections"

4// To ban the right of candidacy on all those currently in the executive authority and to elect all the representatives of the public in the Political field "Not by appointment" to insure the separation of authorities and the right of the citizens in choosing their representatives.

5// There should be equal media coverage for all presidential candidates especially in the official media whose time has come to turn in to an independent fourth authority that supervises by its turn the other three authorities.

6// Complete judicial supervision on the elections

7// Complete international supervision

ElBaradei believes that we should remove articles "88,76 and 77" from our current constitution at least one year before the elections , we still have time now . We also should form a  committee from experts, politicians , lawmakers and thinkers to write new constitution.

ElBaradei believe that both the people and leadership should cooperate to implement these steps to save Egypt , of course he knows better than me that "our leadership" is not interested in his views nor in saving Egypt in the first place.

Dr. ElBaradei is said to be coming back to Cairo on the 20th of February insh Allah.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chinatown in Port Said

Last week I read a news in some newspaper that a Chinese construction company is going to construct a whole new city in the Suez canal zone near Port Said. I do not know why I feel this news is related to the strange Chinese direction signs found in Port Said highways that surprised everyone on his way to the famous city. Youm 7 published a picture of the signs that have been removed or eve been justified by the traffic department at the ministry of interior or by  the goveronate.

As I hinted earlier I believe that Chinese town planned in the city may be related to these Chinese signs , it seems that soon enough we will wake up one day to find a Chinatown in Port Said

Mervat El-Tallawy’s Interview In Al Masry Al Youm

In any respectable country an interview like the interview of former minister and ambassador Mervat El-Tallawy in Al Masry Al Youm should cause a huge political controversy and uproar in the country. The former minister of insurance and social  affairs is saying that Youssef Ghali , the minister of finance wanted to put our pensions money in some American bank !! Yes he wanted to invest our money in an American bank and this lady answered him saying

This meeting is over !!

What the former UN official has said in this interview opens lots of files and raises many questions which up till now I have seen them being asked in the media. The incident that I mentioned above is just tallawy the tip of the ice-berg.

There should be inquiries on why she was being forced by former prime minister Kamel Ganzouri to sell Egypt telecom booming stocks so someone in the shadow would buy them. The former ambassador believed that it was better to allocate 10% of the privatized companies stocks to social insurance , she also believed that the ministry of social insurance should have owned some specific privatized companies.

The ministry of insurance and social affairs during her term fully owned the Assuit cement company  which was from the most successful companies in Egypt. For some reason again they forced her to leave the company in order to privatize it. She was not with privatization because she believes selling one of Egypt’s top cement companies to foreign investors during a housing crisis in the country is not in our best interest ; still she had to do it.

She also wanted to buy the City Stars land , she wanted to have a similar project like the one there , the only difference she wanted its revenue to be dedicated to the “Nour Wal Amal” Charity that looks after blind girls. Just like me she believes Omar Effendi was better 10 times when it was publicly owned.

Tallawy claims that she was forced to invest the pensions in the stock market by state order so the regime can prove that the stock market is safe. She is angry that pensions now under the control of Ghali which is unconstitutional according to her.

Of course it is logic to ask why she did not come to the media back then and revealed all that but we must remember that now she is speaking while  enjoying UN immunity. She claims that she could go to Suzanne Mubarak because the first lady does not have executive position plus her direct superior was prime minister Ganzouri. I do not buy this , either she is really respectable lady who does not know the real system of the regime of this or she is trying to justify her silence in front of these crimes.

Tallawy tackled very important issue which is the development of Sinai and surprising Hala’ib triangle. She belongs to the same club that believes we should send 3 million Egypt at least to Sinai , same thing to Hala'ib triangle which she believes its Egyptian identity . I think I will read more about Hala'ib triangle's to know

Mervat El-Tallawy seems to me a smart , very smart lady and if she wants to clean her hands from the crimes of the regime for real then she must speak more and more.

Fake Check Up

I was so happy when premarital check up  have become mandatory according to the law, it gave me hope that people began to think in the right direction at last. But unfortunately for some reason I find out that it is a fake check up , no one is doing it for real !!

A friend of mine was going to get married from a couple of months ago , she went to a public hospital with her fiancé to get this certificate and both of them were ready to have serious check up. They were expecting to stay in the hospital for hours , well it took less than one hour actually because they did not have a real check up. Some doctors signed the certificate without getting up from their desks while other doctors who really cared asked them if they were feeling alright !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I checked about the matter further and I found out that you can have the certificate without going to the hospital if you know a doctor !!

I do not understand how things got to this level !!?? It is the mistake of both the ministry of health and the people themselves.

The ministry of health should highlight the importance of this check up by raising the awareness of the people and it also should force the doctors in its public hospitals to do their job for real.

The people from their side must understand the importance of this check-up and how it could saves lives literally  , STD destroys lives if they transmit to the to other . You also got the RH blood group tests too.

People must be keen to have this check up , it is their right. I know some people in some class especially men will be embarrassed from these check as if it is an insult to their manhood but it is beyond that I am afraid. There should be a real awareness campaign on this just like smoking and H1N1

Dear reader if you are going to marry , make sure to have a real pre-martial check , it is your right and more important the right of your future child.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Misr Is Not Misreal

It became a regular thing in the Arabic blogosphere to find this term “Misreal” in posts attacking our regional policies and Mubarak. This term is a mix between “Misr” and “Israel” as you can see. It is not hard to understand why or how this term is used or was even invented but it is hard to see some people referring to Egypt , to Misr as “Misreal”.

Misr is not and will never be Misreal but I know that our regime is responsible for this term in the first and last place , it is our regime’s regional policies that made us look like traitors in the Arab world who are cooperating with Israel in its fight with the Palestinians.

when Mubarak became our president our Egyptian-Arabic relations were so bad and it is from his achievements that he returned back both our Arab relations and League of Arab states but now it seems that he will leave us again with bad Egyptian-Arabic relations not with the rulers this time but rather with the people.

It Is Just A Football Match And We Should Keep It This Way

The Egyptian national football team is going to play with Algeria next Thursday insh Allah in Angola in its quest to keep the African cup of nations for the third time. You can’t imagine how there is a lot of worry and anxiety in Cairo , I do not know about Algiers. People as far as I see want to have a civilized game yet they want this game to happen wishing that we win the game insh Allah to restore back our dignity from their point of view.

Honestly I do not fear from the attack but rather I fear from the game itself and I think we should not be so worried from its implications because they will not be worse than last time.  I do not know if the Algerian football team players will shake hands with the Egyptian football team players , I do not have doubt that ours will shake their hands but Algerian players expressed in the media very negative views about Egypt and Egyptian players except Abu Tarika who is not playing now.

It is just a football match and it is a natural thing to play with Algeria , in fact we should play and reconcile with them again. We should keep it as a football game and our regime should be proactive for once to save its dignity in front of the world and not to lose it in front of the Algerian regime.

Our media and the Algerian media should act in more responsible way this time.

Already we will not send many fans like last time because Angola is faraway and its flight tickets are expensive , I do not know about Algeria. I think it is better to play without audience.

May be Angola and FIFA will take more precautions this time after what happened with Togo.

We should pray to play and win a fair interesting game to prove that we deserve to keep the cup once again ins Allah.

The Annual Traditions of Police Day

1// Mubarak speaks to Police Magazine , the ministry of interior’s official magazine
2// Habib El-Adly annual interview with Mofid Fawzy on Ch.1
3// Mubarak’s annual speech in the Police academy "Mubarak for the first time admitts that we got a sectarian"
It will be strange police day if we do not have these three holy traditions. Of course the theme this year is Egypt’s sovereignty in reference to the great wall of Gaza and the so-called Hezbollah cell. Of course there is no place to human rights and policemen violations here.

By the way the ministry of interior has decided to freeze all traffic fines from the 25th to the 28th of January 2010 because of the Police Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow Up: Naj Hammadi Shooting "Criminal Intent"

As I expected there is something fishy about Bishop Kyrillos as there are some leaks from the ministry of interior to the press that the Bishop was using Kamoni , the main suspect in the shooting in protecting the Egyptian Christians' shops in the city. Not that only there are claims that the Bishop was using the security services of the public enemy of Upper Egypt infamous Nofal before Kamoni. " Nofal was a legend in crime world and it is enough that when the Police stormed his empire the price of hash shish was doubled. I should not forget to say that Nofal is an inspiration to drama and film makers"

From his side Kyrillos did not deny his previous relation with Kamoni but he did not explain the nature of this relation as it was. He is insisting it was a spiritual guidance relation

When I say to Kamoni "stop" , he stopped saying "forgive me master !!

Are you kidding me !!?? What guidance and he is convicted in a murder crime and freaking thug !!

Of course some people will say that these are leaks and could be false , well it is true , but it is untrue that Kamoni was tamed poor person when he met the Bishop for God sake !!

Bishop Kyrillos must understand that those seven who were killed on the Christmas eve is also his responsibility and he would be participating in that crime if he is hiding the truth.In fact he is participating in a larger crime which is destroying nation by his silence and keeping the truth to himself.

What is harm if he comes and says that he used to hire Kamoni in order to protect the Christians in the city !!? I think the harm is that he will embarrass the ministry of interior , they can't provide any protection what so ever and thus he is protecting the community using the old Upper Egypt style !!

Lebanon Mourns For A Day

Lebanon mourned the passengers of the Ethiopian airlines plane that crashed yesterday in the Mediterranean sea. The mourning was for one day , that was Monday. When I read this news I was shocked because Egypt witnessed similar incidents whether from earthquakes , floods , airplane crashes , train crashes , ferries sinking and even terrible shooting incidents like the one we had in Naj Hammadi and yet we did not mourn the victims for a single hour officially !!
1035 passengers on Salem ferry 98 died awfully and yet we did not mourn for a single day official nor for a single hour , in fact it was a cheerful time because we had just won the African Nations Cup.
It is so provoking that the official TV has mourned Mohamed Mubarak JR last year for three days unofficially with Quran verses, religious programs and songs not to mention the old religious films we always see in our religious occasions !! Even the anchorwomen and TV hostesses wore black in respect to the loss of the President’s grandson where as the TV did not change his programs and aired cheerful songs while hundreds of Egyptians were mourning their beloved ones whether in floods or in Salam Ferry or even more recently in Naj Hammadi shooting incident.
CNN is an American channel and yet I noticed that Syrian Hala Gourni during the first days of Haiti’s earthquake was wearing black to mourn those hundred thousands who died there. Same thing I noticed at the George Clooney’s Haiti telethon , everyone was wearing black even if it were for publicity.
There is something called “Consideration” and unfortunately our official media does not have it because our regime does not have it in the first. Our official media machine is working according to the regime’s policies and the only humans it regards as humans in this country are the ruling the class ; otherwise why they would mourn Mohamed Mubarak JR for days and celebrate Ahmed Nazif’s wedding with no respect to what country suffers from currently !!
Hopefully the day will come and we have a regime that will consider us as humans insh Allah.

I Saw That Lady And That Kid Before

I do not know why that Egyptian socialite who secretly married from Sheikh Said Al-Maktoum and converted to Jewish Kabbalah seems familiar to me. I think I have seen her before in Layalina magazine last year where she was holding a luncheon or a celebration of some kind with her friends. She was holding her baby who was dressed in a traditional Arab outfit. She was not keeping her marriage secret because the magazine published her son's name and so-called title complete" Sheikh Said Ahmed Said Al-Maktom". I still remember it because it is not everyday you know that Al-Maktom dynasty's men are officially married to Egyptian women like that , but it turned out that he was married to her secretly "at least outside the country".
 I do not know about the Kabbalah part honestly because some Egyptians love to claim that they are converted and gays in the west to get asylum for fear of discrimination in Egypt, it is well known game .
Niveen's father I bet did not expect that the press in Egypt would tackle his daughter's secret marriage and religious conversion as a scandal, well he should have seen  this coming after approving that relation for years because of money and power
This is just episode one in long Soap Opera , UK does not want to have a diplomatic crisis with Dubai especially after granting a Saudi princess the asylum from couple of months ago then we got the custody of the boy where as the Arabic media will speak about this Egyptian woman that converted to Judaism.
  • Niveen El-Gamal is not the sister of Khadija El-Gamal ,Gamal Mubarak's wife , already Khadija is the only child of Mahmoud El-Gamal. I am writing this because this is a rumor online that Niveen is the sister of Khadija which is untrue. Of course they can be related as El-Gamal family is big.  
  • It seems that El-Gamal was a famous interior designer as I found her name at Egypt News. com wiki !!
  • The Arabs believe that she is a gold digger
  • She was working at Shalalat group  
  • She has already set up a webpage for her son

Mohamed Baradei in Foreign Policy : Create A Free Zone in Egyptian Rafah

Foreign Policy magazine made an interview with Mohamed ElBaradei which is the first in the foreign written media to tackle his presidential candidacy issue directly like that if I am not mistaken. FP published excerpts from the interview online covering the Iranian nukes , the Presidential candidacy and surprisingly the Gaza wall issue.
What I love in his interview this time is his idea or suggestion to have a free zone between Gaza and Egypt where the Palestinians can buy their stuff so easily and return back to the sector. I do not know why no one has thought about this economic and feasible solution that could help in ending the misery of the Palestinians trapped in the sector and also to benefit Egypt economically.
The man spoke diplomatically about the Gaza wall as far as I see.
I know that that the official media will highlight his statement that he wants to rest and spend some time with his family in his villa at South France as a sign that the man does not want to run for presidency. Well it is not his personal quest as some people back in Egypt but he made it clear over and over that he will not hesitate in participating in any role to save Egypt from its misery now and push it towards real democracy, since day 1 , since his interview in Dream 2 he made this clear.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where Was Shannon ?? "Updated"

Ms. Shannon Hughes is from the Gaza free March activists , she came to our country from Israel and suddenly has disappeared. Her family does not know anything about her except that she was in Taba on her way to Cairo to fly back home to the States. She was planning to return back to NY on January 22nd and her family said that  the last time she contacted them was last week. The U.S Embassy is considering her as missing or abducted despite it seems uncooperative
Shannon did reach to the Cairo airport terminal according to her driver Mahmoud but she never checked at the airport. Her friends checked at the airport security and according to them the security knew her name yet aggressively refused to share more information which could be their normal attitude. 
She was staying at Red Sea Relax resort at Taba before and after her trip to Jerusalem.
It is so disturbing on many levels , whether as a human or as a political activist.  People just do not disappear in foreign countries so easily ;  I can’t deny that my mind now is having lots and lots of theories some of them are unpleasant considering that it has been more than 48 hours.
Here are her pictures.
shannon Shannon-2
If anyone have any piece of information about this young lady , please share because she has family and friends who want to know that she is fine “hopefully she will insh Allah”
I also hope that our authorities will be more cooperative and help her family 
Shannon is safe and is on her way home , she will reveal what happened and caused her delay soon insh Allah 

Define “Disaster Zone”

Sinai Lighting Storm
The thunderstorm as captured by Lostlab
I do not get why on earth and heaven the government has not declared Aswan and Al Arish as disaster zones yet , the videos and photos from there are terrifying as you can see below. The people there need real aid , need real help for God sake !! The hospital of al Arish has drowned and officially we are more than great !! I do not know what we need to declare the two cities as disaster zones , what is the definition of disaster zone in that regime’s dictation !!
Check these numbers:
  • 1500 houses have drowned in the floods in Al Arish
  • 590 houses have been totally destroyed in Al Arish !!
  • 15,000 olive tree have been destroyed in Al Arish
  • 1260 houses have been damaged in Aswan
I understand the army as usual has saved the day both in Al Arish and in Aswan. It became a life fact that whenever our government fails whether in bread crisis or flood crisis the army comes to rescue !!!! 
Regarding to the damages well according to my information personally things in Al Arish are worse than in Aswan.  Not all the villages have be damaged in the floods and even the damage level is different from a village to another in Aswan. Of course the people in Aswan are more fortunate than the people in Al Arish as the President has raised their compensation where as he forgot Al Arish totally as far as I could see !! The governor in Aswan seems to be better than the new governor of North Sinai as the first acted as soon as the heavy rains started where as the later was so misfortunate to meet this crisis and he has just been appointed !!
The people in Al Arish are accusing the government of causing this disaster with its stupid city re-planning as for years the stream of floods to the sea was clear but now the governorate ignored the warnings of the locals and built residential and tourist projects there to form a block in front of the floods. This is stupidity , real stupidity !!
Now Al Arish is split to two cities and up till now there are areas with no communications what so ever.
Here are videos from Al Arish by the locals and south Sinai by the tourists below. I could not find anything from Aswan unfortunately :(

The Quote Of The week : A Welfare

Water is welfare

Ahmed Nazif , the prime minister of Egypt while visiting Al Arish after the deadly floods last week

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farewell Merit

Jean Simmons in the Egyptian

Jean Simmons


As Merit in The Egyptian

Change The World As Much As You Can

I believe each of us can change the world around him or her even on a very narrow scale , you do not have to lead a revolution to change the world but you can only help those who really in need to make a change in the world in a way or another.
You can change the world for little bit through this page hopefully insh Allah

Friday, January 22, 2010

Where Is Adel Emam When You Need Him ??

From two weeks ago when an Egyptian soldier was shot down most probably from the Palestinian side , we found Adel Emam suddenly  calling all the Egyptian artists and intellectuals to a stand in his theater to denounce the terrorism of Hamas. Some artists did go and it was flaming by nationalism for sure. The TV Channels aired the events so we can see how our artists are angry for the murder of this young man.

Now this week the country is facing floods and Sinai , Red Sea area and Aswan  are badly damaged as people there have lost their homes and some of them have even lost their beloved ones. It is logic that those people need help from everyone whether the government or the civil society  so I wonder where are our artists above them Adel Emam when Egypt really needs them !!!??

Nationalism means you stand to nation when it needs you , this is at least what I think.

George Clooney does not have the title “The leader” nor did he go and presented plays during the terrorism era in the hot spots whether in Egypt or in Algeria but he is going to hold a telethon today for Haiti ,the telethon event will include huge stars , real stars like for instance Brad Bitt and Robert Pattison along with a big list of singers and actors form around the globe. They are not from Haiti yet they are standing with miserable country and its people , some people will consider it a PR stunt ; well even if it is a PR stunt , it is not bad for the sake of the people of Haiti !!

Back to Egypt I can’t find single pseudo celeb whether a singer or actor ; even those from the UN organizations goodwill ambassadors speaking , even speaking on TV about the disaster in Sinai for God sake !!

Where is Adel Emam when you need him ?? DO not even ask , he is there when the regime needs him.

I Will Say No To This Holiday .. But

For the first time in our Egyptian modern history officially we consider the National Police Day as a National Holiday !!
Oh yes the rumor you and I heard in our offices in the past two weeks is true , the government has issued an official decree to consider the National Police Day on the 25th of January as a National Holiday according to some law.
I will not say that I refuse this holiday like some people are saying on the facebook universe and twitterville not to mention the Egyptian blogsphere due to the popularity of the Egyptian police in the Egyptian society , I will not say no because as the majority of the Egyptian people I love holidays :)
Still I am wondering about the Police itself, are they going to take a holiday with us or what !!!?? I mean we are going to take a day off in their national day while they are going to work !!??
Anyhow back to the Police national day , I believe that it is a true national day ; what happened in January 1952 in Ismailia was a great , more than great and we should celebrate it but before we celebrate it the police should understand very well this day and really celebrate it.
On the 25th of January the Police was truly in the people’s and Egypt’s service choosing our side and fighting our war against the British occupation. That force in that Police state was the ideal force we want to protect us now. The ministry of interior now has turned the police from the service of the public to the service of the regime.
There is no security anymore in the Egyptian street ; the crime rates are increasing in a terrible way. The people now started to implement the law by their own hand through out the country and the examples are many. People now are scared to enter the Police station for God sake.
Already that awful massacre in Naj Hammadi happened because of the lack of security and this is just the top of the ice-berg.

Our Lobby In Washington

Via Wael Abbas

I think we all have heard this before

The policies of the States are against the Arabs and Muslims because we do not have a lobby there

Well this is untrue because we do have lobbies there but sometimes it is not in our best interest. I do not have anything against lobbying , in fact we should work more and establish a common lobby for the Egyptian , Arab and Muslim best interest not for the regimes best interest there.

Unlike Egypt , there is undeniable transparency in the States and thus it is easy to get the foreign lobbies records there. Here are the Egypt’s lobbies records there . We got the government then we got the ministry of trade and Industry and the Alcotexa then we got  NDP Chucky Ahmed Ezz !! Yes The Ahmed Ezz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Results for Mr. Ahmed Ezz - Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker - A project of ProPublica and Sunlight Foundation 

So Ahmed Ezz is lobbying for his stupid party back in Egypt !!?? The NDP conference circus ; ok let him waste his money then !!

Now I got a silly naive question , does the parliament knows anything about the government’s lobbyist payments ?? The Arab Republic of Egypt’s payments I am not speaking about Alcotexa nor about Ezz !!?? I am speaking of A.R.E payments which are taken from our money , our tax payers money !!??

I know that the answer of the government or the regime that this money is paid for our best interest , to get the best economic deals , to get the best arms deals and of course to face the Zionist lobby attempts to hit Egypt whenever it is possible !!!!  But who will make sure that this is in our best interest !!?? Where is the accountability ?? How can we be sure that this money is not used to serve the regime but to serve us by the end of the day !!??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Even The Presidency Did Not Like What El-Faky Has Said

It seems that Haikel was not the only one to be angry and alarmed by the Statements of Dr. Mustafa El-Faky in Al Masry al Youm regarding the American Israeli role in choosing our next President. It seems that the Presidency too is angry from his statements too and it has to , his statement is insulting Mubarak specially that he was his advisor for years.

The regime  had to act quickly , it knows well how the words of El-Faky will be Angry El-Faky interrupted in the Egyptian street  and as we all know the regime media is stupid enough to use as usual the old dirty games to defame its opponents with dirty words. From couple of days ago we found the Chief in editor of official Al Messa Daily newspaper opening his fire boldly on the former advisor of President Mubarak.

Mr. Khalid Emam has attacked El-Faky claiming that Dr. El-Faky had to leave the Presidency because there is no place there for womanizers !! “ He used other words actually to say that”

He attacked Dr. El-Faky in one page in bold fonts headlines that shocked everyone despite the fact it is something expected and well known to everybody especially for those in the regime : If you forget yourself and mess with us , we will publish your dirty laundry as simple as that.

El-Faky had to defend himself especially that the headlines were highlighted in Press shows on channels like OnTV and Dream Tv2 and so he is currently suing Emam for defamation.

I am not a fan of El-Faky and regardless of Emam’s accusation to him , I feel that the regime is repeating its mistake with Mohamed ElBaradei by letting its dogs out with my all respect.

Now when I think of What El-Faky had said again, I wonder what he wanted to achieve or get , a man like him knows exactly what he is saying very well and he knows that due to the sensitivity of his former position in the state all the lights will be on him especially with all the talk about the elections now ; so why El-Faky had said that the next President of Egypt should be accepted by the States and Israel !!?? Is not El-Faky in good terms with Gamal Mubarak ?? or it was an unintentional mistake ?? or it was only a political opinion !!?? God only knows

Follow Up : Egypt’s Floods "Updated"

Officially we have a catastrophe in Egypt whether in Sinai or Aswan. Mubarak has Aswan to see the damages there. The communications between the two cities and the outside world are nearly cut. The ministry of health has announced that 4 citizens were killed because of the floods where as 41 citizens have been injured . Of course these are the official numbers , we can expect much larger losses considering the fact there are missing people especially in Al Arish.
Sharm El-Sheikh is reportedly to be divested from the floods.
Sharm El-Sheikh
Some Eastern highways have been reopened today.
The government has launched a search and rescue operation for those trapped in Sinai or at least this is what they claim.
I do not know where is the hell the civil society from all this !!??
Update # 1:
  • The death toll is increasing from 4 to 15 from all over Egypt. 
  • Here is a collection of video shot in the past 24 hours from Al Arish showing the floods , these are footage you do not see on our national TV !! 

Update # 2 :
  • As expected all the aid goes to South Sinai to Sharm El-Sheikh where as no aid has reached yet to Al Arish. 
  • Mobinil lines and landlines in Sinai are cut where as Vodafone lines are working. 
  • There are news that the number of casualties and losses in Al Arish is larger than what is officially announced. 
  • Mubarak has visited Aswan yesterday.
Update # 3:
  • Mubarak has ordered to increase the compensation for those who lost their houses in Aswan from LE 15,000 to LE 25,000 "I do not know about Sinai"
  • Resala  has started a donation campaign to help the people in Aswan , I do not know yet about Al Arish 
Update #4 : 

  • There have been clashes earlier today in South Sinai between the locals and the security forces, the locals are angry "and they have to be" for the delay of aid and the compensations. 
  • Here is a photo from Al Arish. 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do Not Forget Gaza in The Floods

North Sinai is not the only area in the region that harmed by the floods currently Israel and Gaza too are harmed. Gaza is harmed in much worse way considering the terrible humanitarian situation there , I hope we remember them in this crisis.

I think the Egyptian regime should have some PR intelligence and seize this golden opportunity to enhance its image abroad , we should let aid reach to the Gazans as soon as possible , in fact we should send our people from doctors to them. I am not speaking about humanitarian causes , I am speaking about PR causes !!

We Should Have Seen This Coming !!

Mr.Ahmed Ezz aka Chucky has proposed a law in the people’s assembly to legalize the trade of antiquities !!?? Yes to legalize the trade of antiquities !!

Farouk Hosni and Zahi Hawas have threatened to resign if this law is passed and  despite I wish not to see them in their official positions tomorrow still I respect their reaction even if it were public stunt !!

I do not know what to say except that we should have seen this coming. The country where everything is being sold even humans with the approval of the regime will sell its history as well

I do not understand Ezz , why does he want to legalize the trade of antiquities ??? Why does the NDP want something like this to be legalized !!??

The only answer I have and I must share with you is that it seems that some NDPian big tycoons are trading in antiquities and that’s why they want to legalize it , otherwise what is the point !!??

It is so provoking to find this sort of news when we are trying not only to fight this disgusting trade but also to restore back our stolen antiquities abroad !!?

I do not get how Ezz has the nerve to propose such corrupted rotten law !!?? The NDP can’t be serious , is this a publicity stunt so Mubarak comes in the end and saves the day just like what he did with the real estate tax law ??!!??

I really hope that Ezz and Co. will be hunted with the curse of the pharaohs soon enough !!

Heavy Rains and Floods in Sinai And Aswan

Today the weather was bad in Egypt , some areas were lucky enough to avoid heavy rains like for instance Cairo but some areas were unlucky as the heavy rains turned in to flood and this is just the start according to weather forecast.
Officially 4 citizens have been killed , hopefully I will get a better information later today.
Aswan , North Sinai and South Sinai have the bigger share in losses because of the rains that turned in to floods since the morning. Already Nazif has ordered a quick rescue operations for the citizens there.
A British tourist has died in accident in the Nile because of the heavy rains in Aswan today. I feel sorry for him along with all those who died today.
There are rumors that the Egyptian and Israeli forces on our borders searching a missing group of Israeli tourists. Already the citizens in Sinai found themselves in front of an Israeli jeep brought by the floods in the morning !!
Also I read a tweet that the Sharm El-Sheikh airport was badly damaged in the rains !!
Of course there is not official confirmation and let’s say our reporters beside waiting for the permission to go there , are unwilling to take the risk now on the road in this unsuitable weather.
Things in Sinai are not that great at all and it needs urgent help , I hope that the army will save the day as usual. The people in Sinai are praying that the rains do not destroy their houses and kill them.
Here are photos from our big rainy day in Egypt from Central Sinai , it is actually strange some areas in the same governorate were dry like a desert where as other areas were like the tropical forest !!
Floods in Central Sinai
Wadi Al Amr Central Sinai 
 Update No.1 :
  • Sharm El-Sheikh can't be reached now , all highways are cuts because of floods. I do not know about telephone lines and other means of communications too in the city 
  • Sharm El-Sheikh's airport was partially damaged but thank God nobody was hurt , the roof in the second floor was destroyed because of yesterday's thunderstorms. 
  • The Sharm El-Sheikh's airport was closed for 8 hours but currently it is operating according to news report which I highly doubt !!
  • People in North Sinai are really praying to get from this flood , things seem to be terrible there and the aids have not reached yet from Cairo despite Nazif has ordered it since knowing the news in the morning , already I wonder where the new governor is now !!??
  • Now you must understand that the stream of the flood in North Sinai will end in the Mediterranean sea and so in the coming few hours Al-Arish and Rafah can be isolated from the rest of the world
Update No.2 : 
  • It turned out that President Mubarak has visited Sharm El-Sheikh today to see the damages in the city !! It is very thoughtful considering that he spends there a very long time but I wonder if he thought of checking out the North to see the damages there , I understand the danger of going there but he went to Sharm !!??
Update No.3
  • The Egyptian National TV is acting as usual as if there is no crisis in the country. 
  • Here are more photos from Al-Arish and from Aswan 

    From Aswan

    From Al Arish
     Update No.4
    •  Hundreds of houses have been destroyed in Sinai and Aswan. 
    • There are unconfirmed news that several electricity pylons at the high dam were destroyed by the thunderstorms and that the North of the country has no electricity ; of course I feel that this may be partially untrue because we still are having electricity , may be couple of pylons were damaged but not all of them. 
    • 6 six red sea ports are closed because of the weather conditions. 
    • The telephone landlines in Sharm El-Sheikh are reportedly cut
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