Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The official bimbo of Egypt

Sherien Reda ,  the ex-wife of Amr Diab and daughter of legendary chorographer Mahmoud Reda as well as the occasional actress is the official bimbo of Egypt !!
Sherien Reda : The Revolution coalition rules Egypt now !!
Sherien Reda : The Revolution Youth coalition rules Egypt now !!!!!!!
These are the rulers of Egypt now !!

Libyan Revolution : Aisha Qaddafi’s baby boom !!

In 1986 with her dad 
The Algerian authorities announced yesterday that Aisha Qaddafi has delivered a baby girl yesterday in Algeria after less than 24 hours from her arrival along with 30 members of Qaddafi clan including her mom and 2 of her brothers. According to the Algerian press the Algerian president let the Qaddafi clan enter the country after knowing that Aisha was giving a baby.
Now there is something interesting I found thanks to tweeps , in early June 2011  Aisha Qaddafi filed a complaint before Belgian courts for war crimes against NATO after the raid of the alliance that allegedly killed her younger brother Seif Al Arab Qaddafi. This news included a very interesting detail because in that complaint Aisha claimed that the NATO raid on April 30,2011 killed her 4  months baby girl “Mastoura” along with her brothers’ kids “Seif” and “Carthage”
This was an official complaint that was rejected by the court in Belgium on July 28th. Interestingly enough here is an interview with Aisha Qaddafi after the alleged attack in French and she did not seem pregnant to me.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Prince Amber and Princess Sukar {6,7,8}

Ok boys and girls here is our last  night with Ramadan Arabian nights 2011 , our last night with Prince Amber and Princess Sukar as well.

If you forget what happened in our tale last time then you can refresh your memory by going back and check out the last episodes.

Here is the 6th part of our tale , tale of Prince Amber and princess Sukar.

Amber reaches out to the new world to find another kingdom with another king. King Sharshamon of that new world kingdom also is amazed with that man beyond the sea and decides to hear his story. Impressed by his education and eloquence , Sharshamon decides to appoint Amber as his right hand minister despite Amber wants to find a way back to his land and to his beloved Sukar.

The king also remembers his son , the crown prince who also disappeared in the sea and sees him in Amber.

Libyan Revolution : Libya Will celebrate the Eid Tomorrow

Despite Qaddafi is no longer ruling Libya , our dear neighbor country is not celebrating the Eid with us as it will celebrate it tomorrow. Of course the Libyan astronomers can be right. Anyhow Libyans are celebrating the Eid earlier this month with the ousting of Qaddafi or rather his escape. Of course the real Eid for them is when Qaddafi is caught or killed.
Yesterday Algeria admitted officially that the 31 members of the Qaddafi clan including his wife Safia , his daughter Aisha , his sons Mohamed and Hannibal crossed the borders yesterday after waiting for the Algerian authorities’ approval for nearly 12 hours. The members of Qaddafi clan were granted a special pass by Algerian president Bouteflika especially that no one among this caravan is wanted by the ICC and Aisha Qadddafi is pregnant in her 9th month. The Algerian press claims that Aisha Qaddafi’s health condition was critical and this was why the Algerian president allowed them to enter the country. Also there were many children allegedly “Qaddafi’s grandchildren” in the caravan.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid greetings from Dr. ElBaradei and other presidential candidates as well

Now speaking about Eid greetings.
This was the first Eid greetings I have seen so far from Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.

ElBaradei’s Eid Message
Dr. ElBaradei congratulates us in Egypt , he is currently abroad but he will come back after the Eid to start a new local tour in Upper Egypt. Dr. ElBaradei will start his tour with Aswan insh Allah. I love the message of ElBaradei ,it is full of hope and optimism.
And to prove that Dr. ElBaradei’s supporters and fans are not fanatic to the level of “have their own Ultras” here is a compilation of greetings by  other presidential candidates on twitter.

Happy Eid 2011 Everybody :)

Happy Eid to all Muslims around globe , tomorrow is officially the Eid in Egypt and a number of Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan so far.
I am expecting that amazingly Libya will celebrate the feast on the same time like us for the first time without Qaddafi , of course Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen are celebrating the feast without their dictator rulers since 3 decades. “In case of Libya we are speaking about 4 decades of the most worst kinds of forced presidential cult”
The 1432 Higir year :)
I will not comment on whether the Eid should be Wednesday on Tuesday because I do not have enough knowledge to speak about it , I do not care about that fight over spaces between the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists but what I care is that I hope we all enjoy this feast , the first feast in the first glimpse of freedom in the Arab world insh Allah. 
Say Eid Saeed “Happy Eid” and Not “Eid Mubarak”
My heart and mind is with our people in Syria and Somalia. My special Eid greetings to the families of our martyrs not in Egypt but in the Arab world , my special Eid greetings to our wonderful doctors currently in Somalia doing their best in saving their Somali brothers , my special Eid greetings to our brothers and sisters in Syria , my special Eid greetings to our brothers in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.
My greetings to all Muslims around the globe.
Eid Saeed again and again insh Allah.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Prince Amber and Princess Sukar {3,4,5}

I will not apologize but seriously it was out of my hand especially with all these updates and news from Egypt , Libya and Syria. Already I do not think that Scheherazade would not be able to make her king awake all night to hear her tales when his kingdom’s neighbor kingdoms face revolutions like Egypt, Libya and Syria. 

Now you missed 3 nights from Prince Amber and Princess Sukar , here they are and they are full of events and lessons. First to be in the loop , you should check the previous nights.

The 3rd night from “Prince Amber and princess Sukar”

Amber and Sukar were taught by the vizier till princess Sukar became a young lady and her father though she was educated enough. As expected Sukar and Amber became lovers and Amber got an amazing gift , he plays the flute wonderfully to the level that he speaks in “flute language” that only his father , the Vizier understands. Now the king’s cousin , king Mansour sent him a message : His kingdom is under attack from “The terror people” who got no home , everybody hates them and were welcomed in his kingdom "The honey kingdom” as guests , now the guests are causing trouble. “Sounds familiar !?”. Amber forms some commandos unit called “The knights of the night” {Stupidest name ever but it is better in Arabic}. 

Syrian Revolution : It has reached Damascus at last "Graphic +18"

The Syrian revolution has reached at last Damascus, the Sham revolting after months of the start of the revolution.
Last Friday night Syrian security forces stormed El Rafai Mosque killing not less than 3 and injuring 10s , of course the mosque was stormed and the El Baath regime desecrated the Holy Quran in one of the holist night in the Muslim world , the eve of Ramadan 27th. Here are videos from the mosque.
Here is a video from inside the mosque
Damascus : Inside the Rafai Mosque on August 26th
The Mosque after the attack 
The second video was shot from outside the mosque , you can see its yard and how the security forces and their thugs stormed it.

Ali El Salmi : The real shadow PM

Have you noticed lately how much attention is currently being given to  Dr. Ali El Salmi , the current deputy Prime minister for democratic transition issues in the media ?

The news of El Salmi and his activities have actually highlighted more than the news and activities of PM Essam Sharaf in the mainstream media lately in the past 3 weeks to the level I wonder if El Salmi is being prepared to become the next PM.

PM Essam Sharaf’s health is not that good and judging from the cabinet’s reshuffle , the new governors and the last fiasco the Egyptian government’s statement from Sinai “The final official Egyptian stand from Sinai has not been announced yet”, Sharaf is not in control of the show. The show is in the hands of SCAF. Sooner or later he will have to leave especially that he is losing more and more of his popularity.I think that El Salmi is being groomed to become the next PM of Egypt after Sharaf.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love in time of Revolution

Potential presidential candidate Bothaina Kamel , the first woman presidential candidate married the famous reformist judge and her advisor Ashraf El Baroudi last Thursday night

The potential presidential candidate and long time political activist Kamal called all her followers to attend the marriage ceremony which was held at the Rafai mosque last night Thursday officially on twitter after news in the media began to circulate.

منتظرة اقتراحاتكم لهتاف الليلة و شكولاته لأفضل يافظة مستنية كل حبايبي في مسجد الرفاعي بعد صلاة العشاءless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

The reformist judge who exposed the elections fraud left on the same day a very romantic tweet really to be seen in our loud intense revolutionary Egyptian twitter universe.

مصر كلها حكاية حب. بنحب بعض في الله وفيها ربنا يسعدكم كلكم ويوعدكم بتحقيق كل احلامكم قادر يا كريم ويهيء لنا من امرنا رشدا.مليون الف شكر.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

All Egypt is a love story , we love each other for God sake , may God give you all happiness and fulfill your dreams. May God guide us and million thousands thanks.
Of course Egypt is a love story , a big one full of hope especially after the revolution.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The biggest crime in the world “Graphic +18”

Today is the lonely Friday in Ramadan or rather the orphaned Friday in Ramadan or the Patience Friday in Syria. The protests are back at Mosques and squares through out Syria so is the death machine that does not want to stop. The snipers are back on the roof tops , the shabiha are back , the tanks are back but the revolution does not stop and insh Allah it will not stop with all this intimidation. The protesters have one demand now : The people want to execute the president.
The protests are in Daraa, Hauran, Aleppo , Reef Dimshaq, Homs , Hama , Deir ez Zor , Idlib and Damascus along other areas and places.

Martyrs Behind Bars : What Really happened in the prisons Late January 2011

The Egyptian initiative for personal rights “EIPR” Human rights organization released yesterday a very important short documentary yesterday “Martyrs behind bars”

“Martyrs behind bars” is a 15 minutes documentary about the crimes committed by the security authorities against the inmates in specific 5 prisoners. These prisons are “Tora” prison , “The appeal” prison in Cairo, “El Kata” prison in Giza, “Shabeen El Kom” in Monufia and “Al Baadaiya” in Damnhur starting from Janaury . These prisons did not witness mass escape case but rather mass autocracies. The documentary got English subtitles so you can watch and share world wide.

EIPR : Maryts Behind Bars during Egypt’s Revolution

The documentary includes clips from inside the prisons themselves taken by the inmates' cellphones including footage during the revolution itself when you can hear the gun shots , you can also footage for the injured inmates who did not received any medical treatment at all , you can see also the sheriff of some prison with his men in one of the clips. You can see the testimony of the inmates on how police general Mohamed El Batran killed by the authorities when he tried to save them and refused to open the prison by the orders of El Adly.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Libyan Revolution : Is Qaddafi in the Zoo or in a building !?

From couple of hours ago Washington Post speculated that Qaddafi is staying at Tripoli zoo ,now from few minutes ago Al Jazeera and Reuters say that Qaddafi and his sons are in some building and they are being surrounded by revolutionary forces now. So where is Qaddafi !?
Is he at the zoo or at some building !? Of course if he is in the zoo , this will be a new low for Arab dictators after the hole of the Qaddafi and a new horizon for jokes and cartoons in the Arab world. Personally I do not believe that he is in Tripoli at all.
The people of Libya of course stormed the palaces of Qaddafi clans to find strange stuff like that photo album for Condoleezza Rice photos at Qaddafi’s residence.
Someone has a crush on Condi "AP"
Or that tacky , so tacky golden mermaid sofa with her face !! That sofa was actually her “Kosha” in the wedding aka the Wedding sofa.
Aisha's mermaid sofa "AP"
Anyhow here are couple of interesting videos related to Libya or rather to Qaddafi clan that proved to be more royal than the Senussis. Here is the video of Aisha Qaddafi’s wedding after the break. The dowry of Aisha Qaddafi was 1000 camel !!! “I do not buy it”

Syrian Revolution : The massacres go on “Graphic 18+”

So there are the death toll in Syria reached to 2200 and 30,000 detainees in Syria since the start of the revolution in last March, El Assad Junior is competing with Qaddafi. Not less than 153 child and 115 woman have been killed so far in the country according to the latest recorded numbers.
Famous Syrian Cartoonist Ali Ferzat was beaten by the thugs of the Syrian regime today early morning at Damascus after he was abducted from his car while he was heading to his home from his office passing by the Umayyad Square. Ali Ferzat was badly beaten , they broke his arms and left him at airport highway where citizens rescued him and transferred him to the hospital. The Shabiha broke his arms so he can’t draw anymore than those bastards. Here is a photo for Mr. Ferzat at the hospital , I wish him a speedy recovery.
Ali Ferzat in the hospital "3aayef"
Ali Ferzat is an Arab famous cartoonist and has been outspoken against dictatorships for long time. Here is his official Website.Here is his official Fan club in Facebook and below some of his beautiful work.

Strangely the Ali Ferzat official website has been suspended today !! Hopefully it is related to the bandwidth and the fact many are visiting it now !! 

An Egyptian Police officer : El Adly secret’s cell responsible for Soad Hosni death and Reda Halal’s disappearance "Updated"

An Egyptian police officer Mahmoud Abdel El Naby came forward to the Egyptian media with very interesting set of documents he claims to be from the former State security. These documents are allegedly related to the secret cell or vanguard made by Habib El Adly from inside the State security in late 2000 and worked for Mubarak and his son or to be accurate for Gamal Mubarak and his men including Habib El Adly. Allegedly very few knew about this vanguard despite it seems that it was using the sources of the ministry of interior.
It is not the first we hear something like that , on the contrary but this is the first time we hear that there are documents and reports about and from this cell available like that. The most important three things mentioned in these alleged documents are :
According to the alleged documents the former managing editor of Al Ahram newspaper was going to meet his friend and his friend did not show up then he got a phone call telling him that his friend made an accident and he was in hospital “X”.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Prince Amber and Princess Sukar {2}

Here is the second part of Prince Amber and Princess Sukar tale.

Ok there are missing parts here but there is no problem.

Now the King of Nahan kingdom and his Vizier had to enter that gate in nowhere to find their way according to that strange small creature they found in the endless desert. Both men entered that gate to find themselves in another world “as if it were a star gate” . That world was like a big forest in front of them where they found a strange scene : a deer chased by two snakes. As two true knights the men killed the snakes and saved the deer who unsurprisingly turned to be a Jinn princess and these snakes were from the evil Jinn that wanted to capture here. It turns out of course that the strange creature that led them to the gate was a Jinn himself and he led them to the gate in order to save her. The princess will not forget how they saved her and tells to return back through the gate as he will lead them to the right way back home.

Libyan Revolution : Watch for Qaddafi in drag

Down town Tripoli is being bombarded currently by Qaddafi militias , I think the NTC will not move in two days to Tripoli in this way.
The foreign journalists are currently held hostage at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli according to Al Arabiya by the Qaddafi forces.Here is a full list of journalists confirmed to be at the Rixos including journalists who are currently tweeting like Matthew Chance of CNN. Dutch website “NRC” got nice gallery for the stuck journalists in the Rixos. Already what is taking place n the Rixos can turn in to a nice documentary or even a good film.
Of course last night Qaddafi proved to the whole world that he is still alive and kicking. He spoke to some local radio station in a phone call and claimed that he was in Tripoli where he went in disguise and found it safe. He added that his withdrawal from Bab Al Azaziyah was tactical  and that he will continue to fight.. blah blah blah. Now I imagine Qaddafi in disguise and it is either he dressed and acted like normal with nice hair cut or he disguised as woman  !!  Some officials form the NTC believes he in Algeria.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libyan Revolution : And let the games begin

So I woke up to find that Seif El Islam Qaddafi is a free man roaming Tripoli streets at night saying “toz fi ICC” or “Screw the ICC”
Tripoli : Seif Al Islam is a free man once again on 8/22
AFP and Sky News were reportedly the first to show the footage of that criminal. The ICC is now demanding the NTC to confirm whether he was arrested at or not !!
Strangely according to Al Arabiya sources El Islam Qaddafi was captured for real but he managed to escape by the help of the militias just like his brother Mohamed last night.
Here is a photo by dear Maggie Osama showing Libyan protesters raising the independence yesterday at the embassy even though the diplomats in the embassy hoisted the new flag earlier.
Protester raising Libya's Independence flag above Libyan Embassy متظاهر يرفع علم الإستقلال الليبي فوق السفارة
Back to Tripoli We do not understand anything for real now , it is like what Hala Gourni said in her twitter account today’s morning.

So Saif is driving around Tripoli in a convoy of only 3 or 4 land cruisers? So how much of capital do rebels really control? #Libyaless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I fear that the Qaddafi is preparing some sort of trap , this is a man that will fight till the last breathe for his sick ego.
By the the Turkish FM is visiting Tripoli, some people do not waste their time at all.
Well keep you updated insh Allah with the latest Libyan updates .
Ibrahim Eissa wrote a very interesting column about Libya and Qaddafi today in Tahrir Daily.
Currently the fight is near from Bab Al Azaziyah
Here is a close story from Bab Al Azaziyah from short while ago by a tweep called Tweeting Libya
Bab Al Azaziyah

Flag diplomacy : The flag is down at the Israeli ambassador’s residence For now

There is news that the Israeli flag has been pulled down at the Israeli ambassador’s residence tonight in Maadi , Cairo. Flagman may has nothing to do with the Israeli flag this time in Maadi despite many protesters wanted to see that flag down after the murder of not less 5 policemen and army officers as well in Al Arish according to the latest death toll.
There is news that the Egyptian flag will be pulled down from the Israeli embassy’s flag pole which is ok by me , still I think it is wise not to raise the Israeli flag for now , in fact for quite some time.
The Israeli embassy from its side reported Ahmed El Shehat to the public and wants to sue him , despite international laws give it the right yet currently it will not be wise move by all measures because all political forces in Egypt “I mean it” are standing behind him regardless of what you may think about him.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Prince Amber and Princess Sukar {1}

Good evening boys and girls , here is a new tale Scheherazade will enchant us with : The tale of Prince Amber and Princess Sukar.

Now our tale starts with philosophical discussion between Scheherazade and Shahryar about wars and humans , the king who used to kill his wives every night is against wars yet her wise wife believes that some wars are needed so good wins evil and her proof is the tale of prince Amber and princess Sukar.

RIP Kamal Shennawi “1921-2011”

And another Egyptian cinema legend  Kamal Shennawi passed away earlier this morning.
Kamal Shennawi
Kamal Shennawi was the original “Le Jeune premier” , the man whom all ladies wanted to be with and the man whom all men wanted to be like. Originally a teacher El Shennawi started his career in small role in 1948 to become of the major film stars in Egypt and the Arab world in few roles  thanks to his talent , good looks and light character.
What I liked in Shennawi that he had that diversified portfolio from roles from good guy to bad guy from melodramatic roles to extremely funny roles , from leading roles to small roles.
Of course we can’t ignore that former/ousted president Mubarak appeared in a scene in his  1956 film with Shadia “A Farewell At Dawn”. The film was about a love story between a poor girl and rich air forces officer. The film was shot at the air forces academy already. A little trivial info : The film was produced by El Shennawi and directed by Hassan El Emam. You can see the historical clip after the break.

Libyan Revolution : The mermaid is liberated from Qaddafi

Here is a compilation of live updates by hour for what is currently taking place in Libya, Tripoli and the World after the nearly liberation of Tripoli last night.
@10:38 AM CLT Cairo is studying to recognize the NTC currently. According to Al Ahram Arabic Portal the Mustafa Abdel Galil excused Egypt in its position despite it supported the NTC in all possible ways including logistic support.
Now in the early morning hours Mohamed Qaddafi spoke to Al Jazeera channel. He is currently under house arrest. He defended himself and said that the people knew who Mohamed Qaddafi was. He refused to comment directly about what happened yet he attributed to the lack of wisdom.You can hear terrible gunfire in the phone call, this is high dosage of drama.
Mohamed Qaddafi speaks to Al Jazeera on August 22nd
Now it is confirmed that Hala Masarti was killed.

It is hackers war now !!

As soon as the news that IDF killed our policemen on our borders last Thursday , Egyptian and Arab hackers did not waste their time in hacking Israeli websites.
It started with Saudi hackers that hacked an Israeli website called “” .
RNN claimed that there is another Israeli website that was hacked a team of hackers “Mego , Soly and El Ga7D”, they did not mention which website that was hacked by this group but they posted a screen cap for a message written in Hebrew.
The hackers message in the unknown
Anyhow the three trio “Mego, Soly and ElGa7D” did it again when they hacked an alleged Israeli radio website “” and left that message full of insults. “Bad English as well”

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Libyan Revolution : Is it tonight !? “Live Blogging”

So now Qaddafi’s regime is saying that we are already to speak with the NTC and asking the world for compassion according to Moussa Ibrahim , Qaddafi’s spokesperson in what can be considered his last press conference aired from while ago.
The Libyan TV did not transfer the press conference and this is a great indication that the State Libyan TV is under the control of the revolutionaries.
Ironically world famous Hala Masarti appeared last night and threatened with a gun on air that she will not go without a fight.
Hala Masarti and her gun
We will miss you Hala.
@11:33 PM Cair local time
Mohamed Qaddafi
Al Jazeera’s sources say that Mohamed Qaddafi has surrendered himself to the revolutionaries. Mustafa Abdel Galil told Al Arabiya that Seif Al Islam was captured. Again Seif Al Islam is back with his rumors , aside from the capture rumor , we got the assassination rumor. The revolutionaries are controlling all the official institutions in the city. The Qaddafi’s security team already surrendered. The revolutionaries stormed Aisha Qaddafi's residence but did not find her.
@11:43 PM Qaddafi is speaking in some recorded message aired through Libyan TV. You must know that Qaddafi got a TV broadcast unit in his complex. He seems to be angry.
This can be the last speech indeed. He is asking the tribes and the citizens to protect Tripoli.
This is the third speech for Qaddafi in less than 24 hours.
The speech ended suddenly by the way after it was interrupted  in the middle.
Tonight is a historical night indeed Smile
@11:58 PM The Qaddafi's soldiers are dumping their uniforms and weapons so they won't be identified.
Now regarding our Egyptian community in Tripoli , there is no information about their safety yet our diplomatic delegation has left the city and only one man is there , a young diplomat called Mohamed Wagdy.
Some Libyan activists believe that his last speech was recorded from a while and was not recorded today.
@12:26 AM Al Jazeera is reporting that two air jets from South Africa landed in Tripoli. Hala Masarti is reportedly captured by the revolutionaries.

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “12”

Ok boys and girls, we finish our tale, the tale of Princess Badr Al Budur and the Sultan of gypsies. 

First, you can refresh your memory with last night's episode. 

Shahyer and Sheherzade from  Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments
Shahyer and Sheherzade from 
Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments

Here is the last night with Princess Badr Al Budur, today we finish her adventure.

It is the night when the gypsies will convert Princess Badr El Budur through strange rituals. The gypsies sultan Dumdum invited their demon patron Jinn that refuses to come because he is engaged in some war and thus the gypsies are not that powerful.

#Flagman : Our Egyptian Spiderman "Updated"

At 2 AM in the morning I found my iPhone twitter application sending notifications that made me get up from my bed and see what it was going on , it should be something big ; well it turns out that there is something big indeed but not a sad thing.
A young man has climbed the 13 floors without a rope till he reached to the Israeli embassy floor’s balcony and brought down the Israeli flag to put the Egyptian flag instead of it.
Nobody knew that young man or how he was but we were all afraid on him from failing, from being arrested but mainly from failing because we are speaking about 13 floors at night without a rope !! Nice people living in one of the floors opened their balcony for him so he could come down through the elevator and take some rest. When he came down , he was arrested by the military police whom I believe wanted to know who , why and how in the first place he managed to do what he had done. Of course down at the embassy’s entrance thousands were cheering and waiting for their hero that was being called “#Flagman”. When they saw him detained by the Military police , they screamed “We want him, we want him" thus the MP released so he would be received like a hero carried over shoulders.

Breaking News : Egypt Recalls the Ambassador

The Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv "Reuters"
Egypt has decided to recall its ambassador in Tel Aviv for deliberation. This is the latest thing we heard so far after a day full of uncertainty. This time it is Reuters and Dr. Ali El Salmi that said so.
Do not blame me if it turns out it is untrue in the morning.
There is a huge protest in front of the Israeli embassy also tonight as not less than 6000 protesters are there. The Muslim brotherhood has joined the protest.
Again the protesters want to kick out the Israeli ambassador. As you know there is currently a sit in in front of the embassy and today protesters and army forces broke their fast together.
Breakfast time 
Some want to protest at the Israeli ambassador’s residence in Maadi. There are other protests across the country like in Sharkia where its governor Azazzi Ali Azazzi “Nationalist Nassite” joined the protesters.
Here is a photo for the current protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Giza tonight by Jonathan Rashad
By Jonathan Rashad
BY the way I found couple of photos from late Ahmed Galal’s funeral in Asuit.
Here is a very interesting analysis by Reuters you should read.
Updated @12:4 PM CLT
Dr. Ali El Salmi announced that minister of information Heikal will announce a new statement on National TV.

Libyan Revolution :They are just like our policemen “Graphic +18”

As we are angry for our policemen who were killed cowardly by the IDF and demanding justice , I hope that we will be angry for our citizens that have been killed
Yes the Freedom fighters , the revolutionaries “not the rebels” are knocking the doors of Qaddafi in Tripoli currently right now bringing us hope for an end to this saga before the end of Ramadan insh Allah so the feast will be two feasts , yet we can’t ignore or close the file of Qaddafi’s war crimes against his own people and our own people.
For months SCAF did not recognize the NTC , did not kick out El Qaddafi’s ambassador or rather diplomatic delegation because we got not less than 1/2 million Egyptian in Tripoli , well guess what the colonel’s militias killed our Egyptian expats , poor expats as well with our silence !!
Below a video shows 16 Egyptian workers in Misrata killed by Qaddafi’s militias. “Extremely graphic content +18”

Saturday, August 20, 2011

RIP Max Karkégi

Just from few hours ago I know through Dr. Ahmed Kamel’s Flickr account that MR. Max Karkégi has passed away today in France.
Max Karkégi,10 September, 1930 - 20 August, 2011.MR. Max Karkégi “1930-2011” for those ose who do not know was the author and the owner of the amazing Egypte Dantan and the co-author of the new Kanet Ayam website in Arabic.At one point Egypte Dantan was nearly the only website that got wonderful rare material about Egypt since days of Mohamed Ali Pasha till 1952. Before the craze that following TV series “king Farouk” this man’s website was the ultimate place to find glimpse of an Egypt we did know.
I did not know MR. Max personally but I took many photos from that era from his website so did technically millions including those who did not have the courtesy to mention his website and put their own watermarks.
Thank  you again MR. Max Karkégi for being a great curator to our history and may you rest in peace.
My condolences to his family, friends and fans.
And yes MR.Max Karkégi was more Egyptian than those who sold and are selling our history day and night including those in Torah.
Queen Farida in one of her exhitibions with Mr. Max
In the middle "Circa 1970s"
Links related to

Sorry seems the hardest word for Israel but We Want “Apologize”

Israel never apologizes when it comes to its mistakes and crimes committed against other countries like Turkey and Egypt , it is a rule we  but it seems that this rule  will change.

Israeli minister of defense Ehud Barak announced from while ago that Israel is sorry over the  Egyptian policemen deaths during clashes according to AP while Haaretz says that he said that Israel regrets the death of the policemen by Israeli fires. Other sources say that Barak expressed his sorrow over the death of the policemen in Egypt. Wording plays a critical role here.

Of course translation here plays a critical role , there is difference between “Israel is sorry” and ‘He is sorry” or “Israel is sorry” and “Israel apologizes” not to mention “Israel regrets”.

Netanyahu is going to address the matter in a speech according to press leaks. 

Last talk : Mohamed Mohsen

We need something to cheer us up and so I recommend that you enjoy this episode from Last Talk with Mohamed Mohsen last Thursday night.

Last talk : Mohamed Mohsen

I love the voice of this young man , it is a gift from God. I love how he covers the old Tarab Arabic style. Just enjoy it.

Sinai Follow up : did we withdraw our Ambassador in tel Aviv or did we not !? "Updated"

So I woke up on another statement that was issued by the cabinet that seemed to be a draft sent by mistake to the media !!
That draft statement included a very important decision that would have pleased millions of Egyptians : Recalling the Egyptian ambassador in Tel Aviv till Israel officially to Egypt.
This statement was too good to be true as the cabinet allegedly claims that this was a draft statement that was leaked and it is not the final statement despite it has been featured all over the world in few hours. The statement was better than the first one issued late last night according to Al Ahram Arabic portal and Original Dostor website.
The statement before it became a draft
By Zeinab Samir 
Is this another test balloon ? Already how a leaked statement reaches to international media like Reuters and it turns to be a mistake. Already Israeli media has announced the news as the main news of the day there and there are currently negotiations accordingly in Tel Aviv about what should happen next. “Haaretz and YNet News’ front page 

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “Ep.11”

Dear friends, we continue our late tonight, the tale of Princess Badr Al Budur and her big adventure. 

First, you can refresh your memory with last night's episode. 

Shahyer and Sheherzade from  Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments
Shahyer and Sheherzade from 
Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments

Now to the 11th night of Princess Badr Al Budur and the Sultan of gypsies tale.

We are back to Princess Badr Al Budur’s father, King Gasoor and his court. Now he learned a very important lesson: If your enemies depend on something strong, that thing will not last for long. Luqman the wise had a plan.

Sinai follow up : The Egyptian Government statement

The Egyptian cabinet has finished its urgent meeting after hours negotiations and has issued a statement about the official Egyptian government position from the killing of Egyptian policemen by the Israeli fires.
Here is a summary for the Egyptian government statement :
  • The Egyptian government will summon the Israeli ambassador officially to objet the killings and the shooting from the Israeli side that reached to the Egyptian side.
  • The Egyptian government demands an official apology from Israel.
  • The Egyptian government demands an investigation held by the two countries about the matter.
It is too diplomatic in a way that does not suit the current tension in Egypt , I think stopping the gas export to Israel will be a good reaction.
I forget to tell you in the last post that the Egyptians are actually waiting for Statement No.73 of SCAF more than the government.

Sinai Follow up : Waiting for a proper official reaction

There is a currently a strong protest at the Israeli embassy in Giza , of course this bring a lot of bad memories after what happened last night in public reaction. It is not that big , between 1500-5000 protesters are currently there. The demands of the protesters according to their chants ranges from bringing down the Israeli flag to expel the Israeli ambassador to cancel the Camp David accords and cutting the relations totally.
I am worried on how this protest will end because of the bad May 15th incident. My fear increased hours earlier when the protesters managed to break in to the metal barricades and stood at the entrance of the Israeli embassy !! Of course some of our tweeps there say that there was intention from storming the embassy but Nawara Negm said in her twitter account there were infiltrators who are trying to escalate the matter.
I am still worried because the military police there with its commander Hamdy Badeen , I am still worried because allegedly the street lights of surrounding streets were cut off according to Dostor News. Still based on the actions of the military police so far and the attempt of Badeen to calm down the  protesters , I believe and hope that the night will pass peacefully and that SCAF is just letting the protesters to vent their anger.
Some protesters decided to have a sit in in front of the embassy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “10”

Ok boys and girls, a new date with an episode from Egypt's finest radio production "One Thousand and One Night." 

First, you can refresh your memory with last night’s episode. 

Shahyer and Sheherzade from  Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments
Shahyer and Sheherzade from 
Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments

 Second, here is the 10th night with Princess Badar Al Budur or rather Princess Nasin tale.

As you may remember Prince Ramesh El Ain was on his way to save princess Nasin from marrying the evil demon Shabt using the sword of king Samandal. I forgot to tell you that King Samandal’s seal got a very interesting feature: Invisibility. 

Syrian Revolution : Step Down Bashar El Assad “Graphic +18”

And at last Obama said the magical words : Bashar El Assad should step down !! U.S President Barack Obama has issued a very strong statement regarding Syria telling Bashar El Assad to step down and issuing more economic sanctions on Syrian regime including a block to the assets of the Syrian government in the States.
The huffington post front page yesterday 
Now USA, UK , France and Germany are now officially calling El Assad to step down. Switzerland has recalled its ambassador while Japan has recalled its ambassador and told El Assad to step down.Australia is imposing economic sanctions on Syria as well.
On the other hand the Syrian regime honored our former ambassador to Damascus !!By the way do you know that when Mohamed Radwan was released in Syria he was threatened not to mention one single word about the torture he suffered otherwise all the Egyptians they captured during that time will be killed.I think our former ambassador knows about this dirty threat. Russia is still standing with El Assad just like it is standing with Qaddafi. Iran as well is standing as El Assad as it is last ally in the Arab world , Iran is facing a huge accusation that it is participating actually along Hezbollah in cracking the revolution. Many Syrian activists believe that Iran has sent its snipers to kill the protesters. Of course such accusation needs a real smoking gun to prove it.

Sinai Follow up : 7 KM in other world !!

I could not publish anything about Sinai because in the past hours they were no news but rather rumors and news mostly from Israeli TV channels which I can’t trust with my all due respect.
The only things I am sure of now is that 3 Egyptian “1 CSF officer and 2 CSF conscripts have been killed by Israeli fires or rather to be accurate Israeli missiles from Israeli fighter jet near the borders in Rafah while tracking those unknown militants accused of Eilat and Beersheba attacks in the morning in Sinai along with Egyptian troops. The third conscript died in Al Arish hospital may Allah bless his soul.
May Allah bless the souls of these officers and conscripts and insh Allah we will restore back their rights , the days of Mubarak are over.
Another thing I have became 90% sure is that Israel wants temporary control 7 KM in to Taba and Egypt is refusing while the States is trying to convince SCAF that this is temporary !! Several sources are repeating this and not only one.
SCAF will not dare to give them 1 Mile , it will be the end of SCAF from the army before the people , the silent majority as we are speaking here not the revolutionary boys and girls will actually not only return to Tahrir but they will cross the canal to get to the borders. This is like hitting the iron while it is extremely hot .

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot Day in Our Eastern borders indeed : Live update

This is not good considering all what is happening inside and outside in Egypt.
At least 6 Israelis and 7 unknonw attackers were killed in an attack on some bus near our Egyptian Israeli borders in Eilat , other were injured and the IDF exchanged fire with the attackers. We do not know if those Israeli were civilians and military as the IDF spokesperson on twitter stated that they were solider before tweeting that they were civilians !!
By Asa Winstanley 
There are rumors that there were blasts in Beersheba as well. The Israeli army is on alert now so is the Egyptian army in Sinai especially that the Egyptian army is in North Sinai for the time since 1967.
AP : Bus attacks in Eilat
Israeli media like Haartez and Jerusalem Post is insisting that the first shooting started from the Egyptian side despite the official denial of the South Sinai governor. Radio Israel according to some sources is insisting that the attackers were wearing Egyptian army uniform !!The Israeli officials are convinced that the attackers came from Gaza crossed to Egypt and then came through our borders. The Egyptian side denies this scenario.

Egyptian X-file : And I though that Mowafi was Qaddafi’s man in Egypt !!

I remember that heated interview for Libyan dissident and NTC executive member Mahmoud El Shamam on Al Hurra TV when he said that Safwat Al Sherif aka Mowafi was the Qaddafi’s man in Egypt and that the day would come when Safwat Al Sherif pays for the crimes he participated in against the Libyan people. Of course the day came already and Safwat Al Sherif is paying and insh Allah will pay for the crimes he committed against the Egyptian people before the Libyan people.
Now after the continuing fall of the Qaddafi regime  we found out that Mowafi was not the only Qaddafi’s man in Egypt as according to Abdel Rahman Shalgam , the former FM of Libya and its UN representative Omar Soliman was also Qaddafi’s man in Egypt !! It does not surprise because I remember that the file of Libya was transferred to Soliman and the man made Qaddafi forgive Abu Mazen in last Arab Summit in 2010.