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#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.19,20 & 21"

Here is another collection of episodes, I am trying to catch with the Ramadan nights. 

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book  illustrations

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book 

We stopped at the new character Dervish Kashmir. 
The Dervish is telling his tale to prince Amar El Din while waiting for death in that hut in the middle of the tears road.
Yes, we are having a tale inside a tale.
Second here are episodes 19, 20 and 21.

Episode 19 :

Episode 20 :

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.16,17 & 18"

Dear readers, I am sorry that I have not posted any episode of the Ramadan Arabian Nights in the past few days. I do not need to explain the reason why I did not post the episodes in those days.

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book  illustrations

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book 

Without any sophisticated introductions here are triple bill episodes, yes we should catch up with Ramadan as well our tale, the tale of prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar.

First, you have to remember now is where we stopped. Click here to refresh your memory with last week’s episode.

Second here are the 16th, 17th and 18th episodes of our tale after the break. 

Haleem El Shaarani Recounts How He was detained during Unknown Soldier Memorial Clashes

Haleem El Shaarani , the photographer in Daily News Egypt was detained for couple of hours by police when he was covering the Unknown memorial clashes. I am honored that he asked me to publish his testimony in both English and Arabic in Egyptian Chronicles.Haleem is a friend and his work on Flickr and Daily News Egypt is great.
Here is his testimony in English.
On The Saturday the 27th of July , my editor sent me to cover Tahrir square’s demonstrations to mandate the army in fighting terrorism. After I was done I went back home to hear about clashes between security forces and Morsi supporters taking place in Nasr road near Raba’a El Adaweya square where the Morsi supporters sit-in is taking place. So I rushed to cover the clashes , once the taxi driver dropped me by El Sekka El Haded club I walked to underneath 6th of October bridge only to find Central Security Forces blocking the road and preventing anybody from going any further into the road. I could see armored vehicles moving and hear bird shots and tear gas canisters being fired.
The officers did not allow me to pass and they were not aggressive at all , specially after I showed them my press ID card. They were young officers whose ranks are lieutenant and captain. So I asked one of them if I should take the other way around. The officer replied “you can but as if I did not hear anything”. 
So I took the other way around where I met residents of the area. After I asked them what happened they replied saying the do not know anything they just reached the clashes. So I went to take photos of police officers and residents clashing with Morsi supporters under the pedestrian bridge which is located beside Nasr City club. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

And the Blood River in #Egypt reaches to #Alexandria #July26

At the same time the world was paying attention to what happened at the Unknown soldiers memorial massacre , Egyptians are angry that international media did not pay attention to what happened in Alexandria from clashes and torture cases last Friday July 26.

Before clashes would erupt in Cairo , Alexandria had its own clashes between the Morsi supporters and Pro-Military supporters for hours. Eleven people were killed in those clashes , hundreds were injured including children and people were also tortured inside mosques.

This was civilians Vs. civilians fight in Alexandria. The army and police did not do anything to stop the clashes for hours. There were firearms and automatics , there were MB supporters , Pro-military supporters and thugs as well non politicalized locals all fighting each other from the testimonies I have been reading. People were armed and killed each other while the authorities were watching.

If tear gas grenades “which are bought by millions” were used according to rules of engagement to disperse the clashes between the two teams we would not have this disaster. 

My friend’s uncle was killed in those clashes. Yes my dear friend Ibrahim Gamal El Din lost his uncle in those clashes. Ibrahim was also an eye witness on what happened in this sad night.

The Muslim brotherhood supporters are accused of using not only firearms but rather occupying Al Qaed Ibrahim mosque and torture people there. Already there was an activist from April 6 Youth Movement “Democratic Front” who was badly tortured there and was kept for hours till he was released by army soldiers !!

Here is a storify report with what happened after the break.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

When you film a martyr without knowing

Sometimes I do not forget the faces that I film or take photos for , sometimes I remember them very well. He was one of those faces. I can not forget easily how he stayed in a corner near KFC Tahrir branch along his friends drawing the faces of the martyrs and revolutionary drawings against the brutality of the police as well SCAF on 25 January 2012.


Only on Saturday I know that his name was Eissa Essam , a 18 years old revolutionary artist was killed in the Unknown Solider memorial massacre.  Eissa is the son of some leading member in the MB and his father and family are currently in Rabaa Sit in.Despite he is a Muslim brotherhood and liberal , he used to visit to the sit in and on the bloody night he was there. It is fate after all.

Essam is a member in The Revolution’s artists group.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Aftermath of #July26 , Blood runs in #Egypt like River once again "Graphic"

Do you remember that when I told you that the Rabaa sit in will end in a disaster , well it did not end yesterday but what happened was a glimpse for what will happen if the parties involved in the talks do not reach to an agreement to stop the bloodshed. We are back on the big million man protests on Fridays and bloody clashes on Saturday.
Clashes erupted between the Muslim brotherhood supporters and security forces from police at Nasr road resulting in the death of less than 50 and the injury of hundreds. The ministry of health reported officially that 20 dead “from Morsi supporters” arrived to hospitals only. On the other hand the Rabaa field hospital reported that not less than 135 were killed. Eye witnesses from reporters in Rabaa say the numbers are definitely not 20.
The thing is the MB transferred their injured to Rabaa field hospitals and not to hospitals for fear to be arrested. Most of the injuries and fatalities are caused by live ammunition and birdshots. The fatalities are caused in shots in head and chest.
The ministry of interior told Samer Al Atrush that there are no fatalities among its security forces but there are injuries including two in critical conditions.
It is worth to mention that most of the injured and dead the MB supporters transferred to the Rabaa field hospital.
Here is a shocking photo gallery from amazing photographer Mosaab El Shamy for the latest clashes aka The unknown solider memorial massacre. The photos are graphic.

The situation is there not good by all measures. The hospitals in Nasr City are demanding blood donations while Rabaa field hospitals demand medical supplies.

Friday, July 26, 2013

#July26 : The Day started early in #Egypt

The 26 July big has started earlier in Egypt with the news of detaining Mohamed Morsi 15 days pending investigation for espionage and escaping charges.
It has really started earlier.
A storify live coverage after the break.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Speech and the New 48 hours deadline

Ok these are my remarks about general El Sisi speech in the graduation of the Navy and air defense academies in Alexandria on Wednesday. I could not post it yesterday because I was extremely tired for real.
First here is the speech translated in to English 
Now I do not believe that the army or the police needs a mandate to do its job in fighting terrorism and violence. I do not believe either the justifications that he needed that this mandate in the populist way because there is no parliament to ask for such mandate from !!!! 
Already that term “War on terrorism” is open and vague as well dangerous when it comes to human rights abuses. Just apply the law and do your job accordingly.Taxes are already paid to the government so the army and police to do their work.
I believe that El Sisi is trying to push harder in the negotiations with the MB as according to all leaks it reached to the dead end as the MB is insisting on having Morsi as a president once again !! You must know if the MB leading figures step back on this particular demand they could be killed by younger supporters.
It is a deadend indeed especially you got highly polarized two teams , one religiously radical and the other nationalistically radical and here I am not referring to the army, but rather the public that backs up the army.

#July26 : Preparing for the war against #terrorism in #Egypt

A military source told Ahram Online's Dina Ezzat that there are expectations that the numbers of protesters who will go to the street and mandate the army against terrorism will be more than the people who went to the streets on 30 June 2013. Well I believe this too considering the huge media campaign urging people to go to the story and to send a message to the world that they mandate the army to fight terrorism. 
Not to mention General El Sisi himself asked the people  to go and ask for this. The people will not refuse a thing he asks especially that they feel in extreme need for. 
For three weeks almost all private major TV channels had banners like "Egypt against terrorism" , "No for violence" and "War against terrorism". Of course the terrorism and the terrorists they are referring to are the Muslim brotherhood and its members. Now it is the time to join the crusade against terrorism and to end it in Egypt by the request of the army's popular commander El Sisi.
People now consider the brotherhood and its members are terrorists who should eliminated from Egypt. The horrifying stories and testimonies coming from the Rabaa sit in as well Nahda sit in not to mention the terrorist attacks in Sinai made the people believe that the army should get rid from Morsi's supporters ASAP. In addition to this you got the threatening language used by the Muslim brotherhood and its partners from time to time helped a lot in creating this image in the public mind.
It is a fact the MB has lost the majority of the Non Islamist Egyptian public, and it is not only because of the army or the deep state or the bad opposition.
Almost everybody in this country told the people to protest tomorrow to mandate the army and police in their war against terrorism and violence. From the presidency to parties like Free Egyptians to movements like Tamaroud urged the people to participate in the protests. Companies and commercial chambers also call their employees to participate in the protests like Tourism chambers in Cairo and Alexandria.
There will be protests in all over the country even in Marina , the famous Upper Class resort !! BY the way Marina also joined the protests of June 30th.

Marina joins the protest
Here are snapshots for today's newspapers in Egypt  , you got red bold headlines with specific order : Go to the streets 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.15"

We reached the 15th episode of our Ramadan Arabian nights or the 306th night of the Egyptian radio nights.
But first, you can refresh your memory with last night's episodes.   

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book  illustrations

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book 

Now to our episode tonight.

The synopsis in English after the break.

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#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep. 13 & 14"

I am sorry for the huge delay in tonight’s episode and for that, we have a double bill: Episodes 13 and 14. 

First, you can refresh your memory here with last night's episode.

From Anton Pieck's illustrations

 From Anton Pieck's illustrations 

Here is the 13th episode of Prince Amar El Din’s tale. It was episode no.304th in the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian nights record. 

The 14th episode and the synopsis in English are after the break. 

Reviving #Nasser in #Egypt

This photo was spreading in Egyptian social media network as well the Egyptian news websites.
Allegedly this boy saluting late President Nasser was general Abdel Fatah El Sissi. There is no confirmation whether this boy was El Sissi or not but it is spreading like fire. 
El Sisi and Nasser "Al Masry Al Youm"
At Nasser tomb where Nasserites along Nasser family went to celebrate the 23 July anniversary a big banner with the photos of both Nasser and El Sissi was hanged. In Tahrir square you can see the posters of Nasser and El Sissi together are sold.
In a very emotional op-ed by Ibrahim Eissa in Tahrir newspaper called “El Sissi Egypt” last week , the TV host and editor in chief compared to the minister of defense has done on 3th July and how he resisted the alleged American pressures to keep Morsi as a president to what Nasser did in 1956 from nationalizing the Suez Canal.
Today is the 61st anniversary of the 23 July movement in Egypt , the original coup that is considered a revolution and actually caused a social economic as well political revolution in Egypt and Arab world. I can not get over on how the Egyptian mainstream media is trying to make from Abdel Fatah El Sissi a new Nasser figure whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Monday, July 22, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar-13

Tonight we continue our tale and know the fate of prince Amar El Din and King Zanizbar. We will know the fate of princess Amar El Din tonight, her big secret was revealed to her cruel dad who went mad.

The old audio player is after the break.

Search For a Connection Between #MB statement and Ahram’s Exclusive scoop

The day started with that proposal from the Muslim brotherhood on its official Facebook page. To end or rather revert that “military coup” the following should take place :
  1. To restore the presidential , parliamentary and constitutional legitimacy. 
  2. The elected president Morsi would hold parliamentary elections for the house of representatives that would amend the constitution
  3. To have a national dialogue !!
No concessions what so ever.
Ahram's issue
Then hours later we found out that State owned Ahram Newspaper published this Front page “The
prosecutor general orders the detention of Morsi for 15 days pending investigations”.
The report is full of juicy parts “El Ahram exclusives details the American conspiracy on Egypt and the last hours of MB’s rule” like how Morsi is facing espionage charges for contacting the U.S ambassador Anne Paterson from Lieutenant general El Sisi’s mobile phone on 3 July 2013. Accordingly there are recordings for these calls “which means that El Sisi’s mobile phone was under surveillance !!?”
The prosecutor general denied that the report completely on air on Egyptian channels at the same time the Ahram Daily editor in chief’s Abdel Nasser Salama insisted that what the paper published in its Monday issue was true.
Anyhow the army spokesperson colonel Ahmed Ali then published a statement on his official FB denying completely what came in Ahram from claims.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "EP.12"

Dear readers, we continue the tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar tonight.

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book  illustrations

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book 

On our 12th night, we will know the big secret Nagm El-Din revealed to his father the wicked vizier Zingar.

This was the 303rd night of the Egyptian National radio.

The synopsis in English is after the break. 

Death in #Mansoura : And Blood is A River in #Egypt

From two days ago 4 ladies from Morsi supporters were killed during the clashes between the Muslim brotherhood supporters and thugs in the city of Mansoura. The MB rally was actually a women’s rally the 10th Ramadan protests. It was a night protest and was attacked by thugs at rally. It was a tragedy by all measures especially with the more we knew about the incident.
 Hala is youngest one among those ladies
organized part of
The Ministry of interior did not secure the rally and did not stop the thugs’ attacks despite it was a peaceful rally and they had to secure it. The head of Mansoura’s directorate are responsible is responsible Logic says so and law says so. The thugs in Mansoura are well known to everybody and can be brought in anytime .. only if the police wants to.
The tragedy that does not stop at the MOI because the Muslim brotherhood leading figures got a hand too. The organizers of the rally from the Muslim brotherhood leading members in the city were warned by several members that the rally would pass by thugs but they did not listen “Testimonies 1,2 and 3
They know that the protest would include unarmed peaceful women and yet they insist to take that route.
I do not want the army to interfere in anything , I want to police to do its job according to the law for once.
Unfortunately the Muslim brotherhood leading figures continue to harm those ladies. Gehad El Heddad , the MB spokesperson for foreign media has posted a photo on twitter from the Syrian revolution as a photo from Mansoura in disrespect to those ladies who have been killed.
It is not the first time it happened , it happened before during the Republican Guards clashes and it has been discrediting the Muslim brotherhood and their version of the story in Egypt since then.
It is worth to mention that El Heddad apologized later for the wrong photo.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.11"

And we continue our story for this Ramadan, the story of Prince Amar El Din and cruel king Zanzibar. Tonight is our 11th episode in this season.

By the way for those who do not know this tale was written by poet and writer Taher Abu Fasha who revived the Arabian nights through Radio and TV in Egypt. 

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book  illustrations
From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book 

Sometimes Abu Fasha used to present tales from the original book and sometimes he used to write tales inspired by the Arabian nights like this year’s tale.

Now to let’s know what happened to runaway princess/prince Amar El Din and her mother in tonight’s episode.

The synopsis in English is after the break.

Menna Alaa’s testimony in Arabic شهادة منة علاء بالعربية

This is the testimony of Menna Alaa , Al Masry Al Youm video journalist of what happened to her yesterday in Arabic. Menna asked me to publish the testimony in both Arabic and English by her request

قبل أن أبدأ في تدوين ما حدث معي ترددت متسائلةً، هل أسرد واقعة اليوم، أم أقتصرها فقط على تغريداتي صباح اليوم.. و لكن حسمت رأيي بضرورة تدوين الواقعة بعدما شاهدت التعليقات المخزية على خبر الاعتداء عليَّ في جريدة "المصري اليوم" الالكترونية متكهنة بأنني اختلقت تلك القصة لفشلي في تغطية الحدث. من يعرفونني جيداً على يقين كم من مرة عرضت فيها حياتي للخطر كلما أصررت على تغطية فعاليات و تظاهرات الاسلاميين.. لست بطلة و لن يتوج أحد بطلاً.. و لكني قررت أن أعمل بما علمونني إياه والداي،"عرض الحقيقة، و لا شئ غير الحقيقة". كلما كنت أتجه لتظاهرات الاسلاميين كنت أقر في نفسي أن هؤلاء لهم حق الإستماع إليهم و ليسوا نكرة.
١٩ يوليو - ١٠ رمضان
دعوات لتظاهرات حاشدة لمؤيدي محمد مرسي بعد صلاة الجمعة. تحدثت مع مديري الساعة ٣:٣٠ لاخباره بأنني لن أتجه لمقر الجريدة بشارع القصر العيني و سأذهب لدار الحرس الجمهوري بشارع صلاح سالم لتصوير حدث تظاهرات المؤيدين قبل ان يتجهوا لرابعة العدوية. كان متردداً و لكني أصريت على الذهاب و قد كان. عند وصولي هناك كان المتظاهرين في الجانب الآخر من الدار، عند مبنى وزارة التخطيط. كانوا محاطين لغلق الجيش جميع الطرق المحيطة. أخرجت الكاميرا الخاصة بي و بدأت في تصوير محادثات الجيش و المتظاهرين. كانت الهتافات تتعالى "قتلوا اخوتنا غدر، في صلاة الفجر" (اشارةً لما اسماه البعض بمذبحة الحرس الجمهوري). بدأ احد المتظاهرين يصرخ "بتصوري ايه ؟"، اكدت له انني صحفية موجودة لتغطية الحدث فأتى لي متظاهر آخر يعتذر لي عن سوء التفاهم.

Menna Alaa : How I was attacked by Angry Morsi protesters

Dear friend and colleague Menna Alaa , a video journalist from Al Masry Al Youm was attacked today by angry Morsi protesters while she was covering the protests of 10th Ramadan . She was smacked and her camera was stolen. I am honored that she chose my blog to post her testimony in English. Menna is one from the brightest and finest video journalists in Egypt as well Student unions leaders in the country.
Here is the testimony
Before writing this post, I was hesitant. Should I say what happened or just calm down and just keep it to the tweets I wrote earlier regarding my attack? I changed my mind though when I read the hateful comments on Al Masry Al Youm's post regarding my attack. I have never been so disgusted by people who decided to claim that I had no footage to send back to the newspaper, so I made the whole story up because I was a "failure". People who know me well enough know that I have risked my lives several times by deciding to report from Islamists' protests. I am no hero, no one is…but I decided to do what my parents taught me: "Show the truth…and nothing by the truth". Every time I went to a protest, I kept assuring myself that I'm doing the right thing….those people need to be heard.

Friday, July 19, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.10"

And we continue the Saga of Prince Amar El Din of Jinn and Princess Amar El Din of humans. 

Tonight is the 10th episode in this season Radio Arabian Nights on Egyptian Chronicles. 

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

It was the 301st episode on Egyptian radio from several decades ago. 

You can refresh your memory with what happened last night here.

The synopsis in English is after the break. 

#10Ramadan : The Usual Friday in #Egypt

Today is the 10th Ramadan of anniversary aka the the anniversary of the 1973 war. 
Of course this year we are celebrating in very different way. We do not remember the war heroes or learn from the lesson of that war or the six days war or the attrition war. No we are celebrating it in the usual Egyptian standard way of spending Friday in Cairo : Mass protests.
Oh yes today we have two counter protests or mass protests. The Muslim brotherhood is organizing a mass protest against the coup while Tamaroud "Rebellion movement" is organizing mass protest against terrorism. Of course Tamaroud is referring to the terrorism of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Both protests are supposedly kicked off after prayer. The Muslim brotherhood will have alone 18 rallies today in Cairo and Giza besides other governroates in Upper Egypt and Delta as well in North Sinia.
We expect to see violence once again in Egypt today.
Here is a storify story for the day which I hope it would end peacefully.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

And The Interim President Addresses The Nation

Interim President Adly Mansour has addressed the Egyptian tonight in a very short speech on the anniversary of the 10th Ramadan War aka October 1973 war “according to the Islamic calendar”. It is considered his first true speech.
Here is the televised speech as it was shown on the Egyptian National TV on time. There was no single delay for one minute. Yes the Egyptian National TV announced that it would be aired on 9 PM and so it was.
Adly Mansour addresses the nation.
This made many Egyptians compare between the ousted President and the interim President and how Morsi made Egyptians woke up till dawn to listen to his speech. The comparison does not stop at the timing and how long speech is but also the seriousness of the speech and its terms . The Arabic of Mansour is perfect , not surprisingly as a judge.
Anyhow to the short speech and its major points :
  • The interim president mentioned that 30th June is an extension to 25th January revolution despite he stressed later on “30 June” a revolution.
  • The interim president said soon enough we will national reconciliation and there will be no exclusion.

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.9"

And here is the  9th episode of Prince Amar El Din’s tale. 

This was the 300th episode in the Egyptian National radio’s Arabian nights.

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

For the Egyptian listeners, I would like to pay attention to the voice of Princess Amar El Din as an adult. Oh yes it is Karima Mokhtar aka Mama Karima.

The episode in Arabic and the synopsis in English after the break.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.7& 8"

Dear readers, I am sorry for not posting the seventh episode yesterday as I was busy working covering the new cabinet.
Tonight we will have two episodes “7” and “8” as a double bill. 

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Those were the 298th night and 299th night from the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian night. Yes, the show continued for years and you exceeded over 200 episodes.
To refresh your memory please check the 6th episode.
Here is the 7th episode or the 298th night 

Here is the 8th episode or the 299th night after the break.

The new Crisis Cabinet of #Egypt

First of all Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has sworn in from couple of days ago as the vice president of Egypt for foreign affairs. Yes here is the the video below.
ElBaradei swears in
I believe that is a huge responsibility on ElBaradei. He will face a lot of challenges. Already the world looks to Egypt and feels sad for the coup that took place against the elected president. ElBaradei’s name and credibility abroad should send the message that this is not a coup.There is no doubt that the democratic progress in this country is the true indicator whether it is a coup or not.
Some people began to believe that the invincible Egyptian deep state is trying to burn ElBaradei and other reformists in the same way like the Muslim brotherhood. “Of course with the MB it was an easy mission”
Personally I wish Dr. ElBaradei all the luck and success for real because I believe he could be from the people who can break the cycle I spoke about it before.
Now we began to see the final formation of the “crisis” cabinet. Oh yes this is its name now “Crisis” cabinet and God knows it does not face a single crisis but a series of crises.
The cabinet is headed by the liberal economist and co-founder of Egyptian Social Democratic Party PM Hazem El Beblawi. Here are the names and short bios of the 33 ministers. “There problems regarding ministry of justice and ministry of transportation”

Monday, July 15, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.6"

Here is the sixth night of our tale “Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar”. 

You can refresh your memory and remember what happened last night here. 

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

It was the 297th night from the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian nights.

The synopsis in English is after the break. 

3 Dead and Dozens Injured in Another Terrorist Attack In #Sinai “graphic”

It has become a daily routine in Sinai to read that security checkpoints and army patrols are being attacked. It is not a shock anymore to read that someone is killed there from security forces. It also had become a norm to read that Christians in North Sinai not only are being attacked but also to be kidnapped and beheaded.

Today we woke up on horrible terrorist act where a bus carrying workers in Al Arish was targeted by RPG missile. According to the Egyptian armed forces spokesperson the unknown terrorists hit the bus by mistake as their main target was a police patrol. 3 workers were killed and more than 16 have been injured. Yes 3 were killed and not 20 as it had been spread like fire.

Dear friend Mohamed Sabry tweeted from there and covered the attack. Here is a Storify report from there. You can read it after the break.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.5"

It is our fifth night this year 2013, tonight we will continue the tale of Prince Amar “ I assume the one who was born in last night’s episode” and the mighty cruel king Zanzibar.

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili
Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Tonight we will know what happened to King Zanzibar one year after he was gifted the magical happiness ring.

An Attempt to Explain #Egypt

 Many people are trying to understand what is happening in Egypt including Egyptians themselves.
This was Farag Foda , the late Egyptian thinker and writer believed. Foda was assassinated by radical religious groups in the 1990s by the way. He got it right.
It is an empty cycle , in the absence of the civil opposition a military rule will lead to a religious rule and the religious rule will be ousted only through a military coup then after sooner or later it will lead to another religious rule. Some times this cycle is shortened and we find a hybrid between Islamists and military like in Sudan
The late thinker got it right.
Personally I believe since Ancient Egypt had been ruled by the army's commander who would start a dynasty followed by a short rule of a priest that would take over the rule when that dynasty would go down the drain.
It is also worth to mention that the pharaoh backed up by strong army usually took over the after what was known as dark age hit the country when the centralized state collapsed.That pharaoh and his army then would restore the power of the centralized state to start a new dynasty. Jumping in to the Modern Egypt time , its founder Mohamed Ali was a military commander who founded the modern Egyptian army. His dynasty , the Ali Royal Family was then brought down by a military coup in 1952.
I believe when Farag Fouda wrote the above about Egypt , it was in 1980s when the Islamists began to rise in the Egyptian society. When the civil non Religious opposition began to lose power and start to be isolated from the public thanks to the Mubarak regime.
Now to our modern time. It seems that we are not going to have a direct military rule but rather a civilian rule backed up by the military. But the main fact we have and deal with in Egypt is that the two main forces in the country are the military and the Islamists. To break the cycle you must have a strong civilian Non Religious Non Military opposition like the one you had pre-23 July 1952.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.4"

It is our 4th night with the cruel king Zanzibar of Fire island. Before you go and listen to tonight’s episode, you can refresh your memory with the past episodes here.

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Now here is the 295th night in our Egyptian radio nights.


The Island of fire turned out to be neighbouring a kingdom of Jinn in the sea. Those Jinn “from believers” live under the sea and are ruled by another mighty called Bahrain. King Bahrain just like Zanzibar could not bear a child till he tried some sort of a magical potion. His wife, the Queen has become pregnant and soon she will give birth.

Captured on Camera : #July7 Rally To #Tahrir

I took couple of photos from the Mostafa Mahmoud Rally to Tahrir square last July 7 and after what happened from clashes next day , I did not have time to post them.
Here are the photos.

There are video clips that I hope one day I will be able to edit and upload them.

Friday, July 12, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "EP.3"

We continue tonight the tale of the cruel king Zanzibar who kills wife after wife in order to have an heir and how the high priest of the Island of fire actually saves those wives. To refresh your memory, you can check the previous episodes here.

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili
Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

Here is the third episode of our tale, the 294th night from the Egyptian Radio Arabian nights after the break

Thursday, July 11, 2013

#Ramadan 2013 Does Not Gather Us in Egypt

This is Ramadan 2013 in Egypt. It is true and sad. We are losing friends because of political differences.Families are truly split between supporters and opponents whether with Morsi or with the military or with none.
Ramadan gathers us "Andeel"

I do not know if we will be able to reconcile or not whether politically or socially. Still what I know very well that reconciliations are hard now as we have a lot of blood on the hands of everybody. It is hard especially with the amount of hate and polarization spreading like fire through the mainstream media.
We have a lot of hate in Egypt fake words will not stop it.We can not also deny it and claim it is only online.
There is increasing trend among a group of people that support the ousting of Morsi that there should not be any reconciliation not only with Muslim brotherhood but with the Islamists in general because we are now fighting what they believe "a war against terrorism".
 Of course MB leading figures as well some of the brotherhood's radical members are giving the impression that we are indeed in some holy war. What you see in Foreign media is different from what we see in Rabaa Adaawayia as well social media
There are clashes , there are news about bombs found in Cairo and Giza while Christians are being attacked in Upper Egypt and soldiers are targeted in Sinai as well.

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "EP.2"

We continue tonight the tale of Prince Amar and King Zanzibar.

Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili
Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

You can refresh your memory here and remember what happened last night.

Now to the second episode of our tale. 

The Quick Synopsis is below the break.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The tale of Prince Amar El-Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.1"

I know that this may sound inappropriate to post something like this when we live in such critical times in Egypt and have got not less than 100 killed in clashes over Morsi's ousting.
I feel sad when I see Egypt polarized and hate is spreading like an epidemic. I am praying to God that things in Ramadan would calm down and some divine miracle happens because honestly, we will need something divine not earthly anymore to unite this nation. Ramadan is a gateway indeed and this is why I am keeping the Egyptian Chronicles blog annual tradition.

And we are back once again with the Ramadan Radio Arabian nights. We are back with the original Scheherazade of Egyptian Radio Zozo Nabil and legendary Radio host and producer Mohamed Shaaban aka Papa Sharo. This month we will have another story inspired by the Arabian Nights book. 

Ramadan lanterns in Cairo
Lanterns in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili

It is called “The late of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar”. 

This is the first episode. It is 15 minutes audio clip in Arabic. For Non-Arabic speakers, I will write below a short synopsis.

This is the 292nd night from the Egyptian Radio Arabian night. On this night King Shahryar was on the verge of ordering the execution of the amazing Scheherazade but thanks to her storytelling trick, she pulled him to her endless world of tales to survive for another day.

RIP Princess Fawzia , The Beautiful Sad Rose of the Nile

As she lived in complete silence, she departed our world in even more silence that does not suit a figure like her.
 After all, she was not only the surviving sister of late King Farouk but she was also the ex-wife of Shah of Iran Reda Pahlavi.

Princess Fawzia of Egypt
Princess Fawzia Fouad of Egypt 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And We Have Got a PM At Last !!

At last we have a PM in Egypt. Interim Adli Mansour  appointed Liberal prominent economist Hazem Al Beblawi after hard labor to get an interim prime minister.
Already I wonder why Al Nour Party reject Mohamed ElBaradei and Ziad Bahaa El Din as prime ministers Egyptian Social Democratic Party. The Salafists were requesting a non partisan figure. I do not understand the Shift in their opinion.
PM Beblawi
and accepted Dr. El Beblawi. He is liberal last time checked and like Bahaa El Din he is co-founder of the Egyptian social Democratic Party.
A quick look to the bio of the 1936 born liberal economist will make you wonder why Egypt did not hire him earlier as PM. Well from what the former minister in Essam Sharaf’s cabinet after 25 January revolution refused all the offers from Mubarak and his regime. It is worth to mention that the Freedom and Justice Party website is using an op-ed for him where he said that he would vote for Gamal Mubarak to prove that he is bad. Ironically and sadly enough no one bothered to read his 2010 Op-ed where he actually slammed Gamal Mubarak reaching to the conclusion that he would not vote for him.
Of course it is worth to mention that the MB leading figures including the former president himself had similar quotes praising Mubarak, his son and the NDP icons in the media.
Appointing El Beblawi was not the only thing Adly Mansour did today, aside from meetings with revolutionary youth political figures to discuss the Constitutional declaration , he appointed Mohamed ElBaradei his vice President for foreign affairs and democratic transition.
Mahmoud Badr of Tamaroud revealed that El Bob does not want to be a PM and preferred an economist to be the PM of Egypt now where as he would responsible for the political transition file.
Anyhow there is a new saga facing El Beblawi or rather Mansour to form a technocrat cabinet in Egypt.Mansour already got more powers than El Beblawi according to the new Constitutional declaration.
That Constitutional declaration has been rejected by several political groups like the NSF and Tamaroud. Supposedly it will be amended this week. We will see.
Now trivia time
The majority of Egyptians on Facebook got nothing to speak about except the old age of our new PM. There are jokes that the first thing Dr. El Beblawi will do in the cabinet is to revise the 1936 treat and that former PM Ganzoury considers him a reckless young. Another joke that is taking the social media by storm “The youth of 1919 revolution have got their chance in rule”
On the other hand some Egyptians , few began to discuss the man’s economic polices and thoughts. The Leftists consider him a neoliberal who will not have the social justice goal of the revolution in front of his eyes. Well I am afraid he has to put it in front of his eyes because if no social justice polices are adopted sooner we will have hunger revolution.

#Ramadan Karim From Egyptian Chronicles

And today is Ramadan’s eve. Yes just couple of hours and we will start the holy month of Ramadan for 30 days.

I wish that Ramadan this year would save Egypt and Egyptians from that destructive hate spreading all over the nation. 
I am praying to God this month to bring peace and stability as well mercy to this country.
May Allah bless the souls of our martyrs and all those fallen victims in the past few weeks. May Allah bring patience to their families. May Allah bring back their rights.
It is just strange because it does not feel like Ramadan this year. Of course I am praying that people forget their political differences and pay attention to TV soap operas for the first time so politicians can do their job for real.
It is just strange because since 2011 Ramadan in Egypt was different. In 2011 we were under SCAF rule and we remember what happened when a group of activists tried to have a breakfast in Tahrir square. Then in 2012 we had a new president but Ramadan changed completely when our soldiers were slaughtered in cold blood in North Sinai. Up till now we do not know officially from the Egyptian state who killed them despite the unofficial news about Hamas’ involvement.
FYI the Morsi supporters will complete their sit in in Raba’a Al Adaawaya square in Ramadan.
Anyhow I will stop and I will Ramadan Karim for all the world from the talkative Chronicler.
P.S Ramadan Karim means Ramadan is generous in Arabic ;)

#Egypt : The Constitutional Declaration of #2013

The interim President Adly Mansour has issued a constitutional declaration made of 33 articles. The delcaration includes articles regarding the Freedoms ,the president , PM and the armed forces' powers as well the roadmap for the political transition.
The most important articles in this declaration that caught my attention are the following :
  • Article “1” :
    A copy from the declaration's page
 The Arab Republic of Egypt is a democratic regime is based on citizenship. Islam is the official State religion. Arabic is its official language. The principles of Islamic Sharia of Sunni are the principle source of legislation !! “This article is for the Salafists’ eyes only , of course it is discriminatory against Shia”
  • Article “22” :
A National defense council is founded and headed by the president “interim president”. It role is to discuss the security of the country,the budget of the armed forces. It has to be consulted in issuing military and armed forces law.
  • Article “24” :
The President’s powers :
  1. Legislation role after consulting the cabinet. The role is transferred to the House of representatives as soon as it is elected.
  2. To issue the general state’s police as well the public budge and to supervise it
  3. Representing the State inside and abroad, Signing international treaties and agreements after the approval of the Cabinet.
  4. Appointing the Prime minister, his deputies, the ministers and dismissing them from their positions
  5. Appointing the civilian, the military  employees and the political representatives according to the law
  6. To declare war after the consulting SCAF and the approval of the National Defense council.
  7. To pardon or mitigate punishment according to the law.
  8. The other powers are being determined laws and bylaws.

Monday, July 8, 2013

#Republican_Guards HQ : This Was the Start “Updated”

And we woke up on a massacre that took place in the republican guards. It seems that at dawn clashes erupted between Morsi supporters and army as well police. There are lots of conflicting reports. The the Muslim brotherhood and its supporters of attacking the Republican headquarters with army while the MB from their side is accusing the Egyptian army of attacking the peaceful sit in.
The street at Republican guards HQ sit in "Amina Ismail"
Egyptian army accuses
This is not good on all levels. This can be a start of something similar to what happened in Algeria.
There are videos , photos as well testimonies from both sides.
There are some facts thought :
According to the ministry of health not less than 42 were killed and at least 322 have been injured. At least there are no children killed in the clashes.
There are no children killed in the attack according to the ministry of health unlike what the Muslim brotherhood is saying and claiming. Unfortunately they are using photos from children that were killed in Syria as children killed in the clashes.
We know also is that the army blocked certain roads and at the same time there are reports that the army withdrew from Salah Salem area.
A Fact : There are people who are killed , those are people in the end of day and Egyptians.
Another Fact : Many Egyptians do not believe the Muslim brotherhood due to their constant lies even those revolutionaries who tasted the bitterness of SCAF rule. Many Egyptians believe that the MB supporters were planning for a sinister thing and that they were there to provoke the army. “Why would they have a sit in at a military facility !?”I heard of this today. 
Important fact : There were not Egyptian reporters in the sit in because the reporters were treated badly and attacked in the MB sits in , I know two Egyptian photographers who were attacked for no reason. The Egyptian channels are biased of course against the MB , it is a not a surprise. It is better to seek the truth yourself. The Egyptian TV channels consider it a “War on terrorism” and “War on radicalism” with silly logos and 24/7 patriotic songs and lots of lies and rumors inciting incredible hate. Already if it were up to me I would close all the TV channels in Egypt temporarily till things calm down.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

#Egypt: Restoring Revolution Vs.The People's Legitimacy

Today is another round of protests and counter protests not only in Cairo but all over the country. Tamaroud movement is calling the people to protest and go to the streets against the Muslim brotherhood while the Muslim brotherhood are calling its supporters as well Morsi's supporters to protest in order to restore Morsi's presidency. The Tamaroud's protests are called "The People's Legitimacy" while The Morsi supporters call theirs "Restoring Revolution"
You must know that Ramadan will start on Wednesday.
Again a Storify live report will save the day for now.It will be updated accordingly

Saturday, July 6, 2013

#ElBaradei to be A PM of #Egypt {Updated : Not Yet a PM}

And Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has been appointed as the next Prime minister of Egypt.
I believe that he was appointed in order to prove to the world that this is not a coup against democracy. Already knowing ElBaradei and how he thinks I know that he will not accept this position except taking all the powers he wants.
More updates to come


And Al Nour Party spoiled the Party.Yes Now Egyptian interim presidency says now that ElBaradei has not been officially as PM !! Well it turned out that Al Nour party is rejecting ElBaradei and is even threatening to withdraw from the political scene in Egypt !!! They believe that ElBaradei does not want Islamic Sharia and supports the Secular state !!
Amazingly in this difficult of Egypt we need someone like ElBaradei who supports dialogue and inclusion.
I hate to break the news that Al Nour party has already lost its Islamist base with its support of the army's announcement to oust president Morsi.
Of course this is untrue because all the reporters as well Tamaroud activists have been informed that ElBaradei has been appointed as a PM personally by Presidency this evening !!
Despite all parties and political groups that attended the meeting with interim president welcomed the nomination of ElBaradei in fact I know as a fact Tamaroud and Strong Egypt Party led by Abu Fotouh asked for ElBaradei by name as a PM.
I do not know if I should to say this. But Al Nour Party and Salafist Calling will increase the gap and the polarization in Egypt.
We are waiting for what is going to happen tomorrow.
By the way the two main candidates other than ElBaradei : Farouk El Okda and former PM Kamal El Ganzoury. Yes El Ganzoury who was nominated by Al Nour.

Friday, July 5, 2013

#Egypt : The First Friday After #Morsi

This is the first Friday after the ousting of President Morsi. We woke up on Egyptian air forces’ air jets breaking the silence of Cairo and Giza’s skies with its thunder sound after a long and sad night of fighting in Sinai. Today lots of things are happening in Egypt and thus the Storify live blog is back. As usual after the break.
I will try to write something analytical later.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

#Egypt : It is New Era

Yes it is a new era as well a new restart actually. Today the head of Constitutional court Adly Mansour will swear in as interim president. He is the 8th President since 23 July coup and the second interim president Sufi Abu Taleb. We are on 12 February 2011.
I think we will need another storify Live Blog to keep with all the updates from all over the country

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#Egypt : The New Roadmap of the #June30 Coup on popular Demand

And here is the new roadmap proposed by the army sans Morsi after a very  long day. Yes the army ousted Morsi. Yes it is a coup according to all international and political science standards but it is a coup on the popular demand. The millions were asking for it in our streets for the past 4 days. I heard by own ears from the protesters. This is what the people want and they are happy with it.

Here is the roadmap :

  • The head of the Constitutional court Adly Mansour is the interim president.
  • The constitution is suspended and new amendments committee is formed “So we will not have a new constitution”
  • A National unity technocrat cabinet. “Rumors that ElBaradei will head it”
  • A code of ethics in the media will be declared
  • The Constitutional court will pass the parliamentary elections in order to have a new house of representatives
  • The interim president will have the right to issue constitutional declaration
  • A National reconciliation committee “Will the MB be part of it like the Mubarak regime members who are coming back again ?”
  • To empower youth .. bla bla bla 

This roadmap actually is the result of several roadmaps proposed by different political parties and movements including Tamaroud and April 6 Youth as well Al Nour Party.

Of course this roadmap was announced after hours of talks with political and religious figures. Among the political figures that attended the meeting with the army and reached to that map : Mohamed ElBaradei , Tamourd’s Mohamed Abdel Aziz and Mahmoud Badr and Sakina Fouad. Interestingly there were members from Al Nour party in the meeting. Now we know that Al Nour party will be there. Already also part of the roadmap was proposed for months by Al Nour. Politically speaking Al Nour party may lose a lot of its supporters due to this move. In fact it had lost some of its base.

#July3 : The Finale Can Be Anytime today

At 4.30 The army's deadline to the political powers or rather the Muslim brotherhood will be and it will force its own road map on everybody.
Today is extremely important thus I will use again live blogging once again to keep with what taking place in the country.

I will be using Storify instead Live Blog Pro which I used yesterday and was actually great. Live Blog Pro only allow few embedding social media services despite it is great and simple.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Breaking : #Morsi Refuses to Give up "Updated"

And I think the negotiations between the army and Mohamed Morsi or rather the Muslim brotherhood have reached to dead end.
From few moments ago we found the official twitter account of Mohamed Morsi saying the following :

President Mohamed Morsi will hold on the constitutional legitimacy and refuses any attempts to turn against it. He also calls the army to reverse its ultimatum and refuses any domestic or foreign orders.  
This is a confrontation not only with the public and the Egyptian army but also with the States that called Morsi to hold early Presidential elections.I do not know if this is crazy or not.
Since early morning and almost everybody with access to real informed sources in Cairo knew that Morsi was holding talks with El Sisi. All predictions were betting that by tonight or tomorrow's morning there will  be a comprise.
These bets were enforced by the fact that state owned Ahram's issue tomorrow published in its front page.
Today : Dismissal or resignation "Aziz El Shafei"
 This font used above the Ahram logo is used in historical events in the history of the old newspaper. "Today :Dismissal or resignation" 
Below the headlines are as follows for the report written by Abdel Nasser Salama , the editor in chief of Ahram. :
  • Forming a presidential council and cancelling the constitution. 
  • The armed forces will supervise the road map of future for a period between 9 months to one year. 
  • Revolutionary trials for violence inciters and instructions to deal with outlaws in Sinai. 
  • Forming an independent interim government and have a presidential and parliamentary elections. 
  • Putting MB leading figures under house arrest and international support to the new development.
Ahram Daily is no longer following the MB but it is back to the army right.
I think he is trying to pull Erdogan here. Unfortunately he does not know that Turkey is not Egypt for real and people can not stomach the Muslim brotherhood anymore.
Update : 
Morsi has addressed the nation from few minutes ago on National TV. To be accurate he addressed his supporters. Stressing over and over on his legitimacy, Morsi sent indirect messages to the army and El Sisi as well the people. I will not quote him. 
The National TV is controlled now by the army FYI.I do not know what will happen tomorrow. I fear it for real.
By the way just now we got this tweet on the official twitter account of the cabinet. 

"The Cabinet announces its refusal to Dr.Morsi's speech and how it pushes nation to civil war. The Cabinet announces its support to the people's will.