Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#SaveNebny : Let the Youth Help The People

I am sick from reading official statements in Egypt calling Youth to participate in building their country when those youth are fought on all fronts whether politics or economy or arts or even charity works. I am sick and angry.

In few hours or days a successful NGO helping thousands of families in Manshiyat Nasser , Cairo’s biggest and most impoverished areas will close its HQ office in the area because Cairo governorate wants to turn that office in to a Post office !!
Zoom in to read the problem 

Ok let’s start from the beginning. Nebny Foundation is a young NGO founded by a group of Pro-25 January revolutionaries who decided to help their country through improving the living conditions of Egyptians in another way than politics.

Since 2011 the young NGO chose  Manshiyat Nasser as an area to start their ambitious project. The NGO founded by Jawad Nabulsi focused on education , empowerment and employment in the impoverished area which needs tens of NGOs to help it. Since 2012 years the NGO was using a HQ in the area owned by the governorate.

This HQ or building was actually once the office of the governor in the area. In 2012 Cairo governor issued a decision to host the NGO in his deserted office in Manshiyat Nasser thankfully. The young volunteers did not waste any time and turned the office was near to a wasteland to a successful community centre.

Last March when the current Cairo governor issued an order to the NGO to evacuate the place immediately claiming that the successful NGO had no activity despite it had agreements with the ministry of education and was recognized by international organizations.

Thanks to a public campaign , the governor backed off but now he is back and he wants Nebny to evacuate its premiss. The NGO asked the governorate to rent the building but they did not answer. I do not understand the reason for real.

I do not understand what is the problem of Cairo governor or the head of the district with Nebny.

Already I visited Nebny HQ in  March and I met with the Children who were extremely happy and told me how the NGO changed their lives for real.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#FreeAJStaff : A year later

From a year ago , the Al Jazeera International Staff “Mohamed Fadel , Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed” were arrested by Egyptian security forces and were accused of being members of the newly designated terrorist organization then “The Muslim Brotherhood”.
After few months in a very quick that was a just another episode in the continuing Show in Egypt “Let’s insult justice” over and over , the three were sentenced from seven up to ten years in jail. The case created international outcry that has not stopped right now.
Today journalists from around the globe protest the imprisonment of the three in Egypt in their own ways.
There were small protests in front of the Egyptian embassy in London , Washington D.C and The Hague. Dutch journalist Rena Nejtes , who was convicted in absentia in the same trial was among the protesters in the Hague.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

#FreeShawkan : He is a photojournalist ; Not a Criminal

Five hundred days passed and freelance photographer Mahmoud Abu Zaid “Shawkan” has been left in Tora prison pending a trial for nothing except trying to do his job.
Shawkan was arrested by Egyptian security forces during the dispersal of the Pro-Morsi Raba’a sit in August 2013. Since then he was detained in jail. I recommend reading his case by his his own words. Here is a letter written by Shawkan from Tora prison. It was first published earlier this December on “Life Through a lens” blog
My name is Shawkan. I am a freelance photojournalist. I have been kidnapped and
imprisoned, for almost sixteen months now. 500 days in prison, without committing any crime. My family are unable to negotiate my release. I am an innocent man.
I have been interrogated once by the authorities since my arrest. My detention has been renewed every 45 days and I have not been charged with a single crime.
I was arrested on 14 August 2013, whilst photographing the Rabaa demonstrations in Rabaa Square, Cairo, Egypt. I was working at the time and before I was arrested, I identified myself to police as a journalist. My camera was taken off me, my hands were tied and I was beaten.I have been imprisoned without any investigation into the fabricated charges of which I am accused.
Each day I question why I am still here. I have witnessed the release of more than half of the prisoners who were with me, including the Al Jazeera correspondent Abdullah al-Shami. And still, I remain inside this black hole. Execution is the penalty for the fabricated accusations that I am facing.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Watch This Exclusive Report From #Aleppo

Watch this amazing report from inside the city of Aleppo, from Syria by Rami Jarrah. He recorded those few minutes with the Free Syrian Army in Inzarat area , in the city of Aleppo.
Click on CC in order to read the English caption
By the way the Black Flag with Shahada appearing in the video besides the Syrian independence flag is not ISIS’ flag but rather Al-Nusra Front , its rival group.
Please follow Rami's impressive YouTube channel "AnaPress" to get more updates from Syria as well about Syria from Syrians.
I can not hide how I am angry from the world on letting Syria slip in to that chaos turning a revolution against a dictatorship regime in to a war whose main players are two radical bastards : Al-Assad Regime and ISIS.
I can not hide how I feel angry when I remember the role the Gulf countries whether Saudi Arabia or Qatar played in creating ISIS by using religion and sectarianism in the past three years in order to get rid from Iran !!
 Now they are paying the price. The Gulf state did not waste any time in to turning the Arab spring in to failure whether to keep their throne or fight Iran. Ironically and expectedly it turned over their head and we got ISIS like a bad cancer.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bassem Youssef and the LE 50 million Fine he has to pay

Last November 2014 The Cairo Regional Center International for International Commercial Arbitration ruled out that popular TV host Bassem Youssef and QSoft Ltd , the production company behind his Hit TV show "AlBernmag" should pay LE 100 Million " LE 50 Million each" to CBC TV network for the suspension of his TV show last year.

This goes back when CBC suspended the show if you remember after he was accused of insulting Field Marshal El-Sisi in November 2013 in the first episode of his show's third season. CBC network also issued a strong statement attack Youssef and his crew accusing them of breaching their contract and the channel's editorial policies.

Following that QSoft terminated the contract with CBC and after two months Bassem Youssef returned back to the Screen , on Saudi owned TV channel MBC Masr.

His show continued for couple of months before it was suspended by the channel for fear it would influence the Egyptian voters allegedly before the Presidential elections. After the Presidential elections Bassem and his crew reached to a decision to suspend the show indefinitely.

Now on Monday State-owned Ahram Newspaper published in its first Page this news about the ruling and the fine. By the way this is the first time something like that happens in the Egyptian media.
The news on the first page of Ahram Newspaper
 by Ahmed Ragab
Interestingly Ahram Newspaper , Youm 7 and Al-Watan "which is owned by CBC network's owner Mohamed Al-Amin" reported the news.

On the same day Bassem Youssef spoke about the matter on twitter saying that he was dragged in to the legal feud between QSoft and CBC insisting that he was not part of it. He also spoke about the "The questionable timing" of leaking the verdict to the press this week.
According to friends and journalists who read the documents of the case and the verdict's reasoning  , Bassem Youssef was not a party involved in the contract , he was only a witness and so he should not be involved in the case.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas From Cairo

Merry Christmas from Cairo for all those celebrating it tonight
This is the overcrowded October bridge in another traffic jam this evening and you can see the Cairo tower in green celebrating the Christmas I believe.
Merry Christmas again and again

A photo posted by @zeinobia on

Monday, December 22, 2014

Remembering Sheikh Emad Effat

Many from Pro-Revolutionaries discovered this man unfortunately after his tragic death.

Emad Effat , a Sheikh from Al Azhar was killed during the clashes between protesters and security forces on 15 December 2011 in what's better known in the Media as "The clashes of Cabinet HQ" .

Officially we do not know who killed Sheikh Effat. The autopsy report indicated that he was being targeted specifically but unofficially the fingers and reports are all pointing to the military police. It is worth to mention that the Pro-regime media accuses the so-called terrorists of killing him !!
This short documentary is directed by veteran TV host and Constitution party founding party Gameela Ismail. Blogger Amina Zaky is Gameela's companion in discovering that Sheikh who was unknown for many people

Unfortunately after his tragic death we discovered this man who became another revolutionary icon among the young revolutionaries. We found out that there was among us a sheikh who didnot belong to the state camp or the Muslim brotherhood camp.

H. Hellyer mentioned Sheikh Emad's in his very interesting op-ed "The Islamic Monthly" Which I highly recommend that you read it.
One prominent example was Emad Effat, a jurist from the Dar al-Ifta, or "the Abode of Verdicts". Ironically, he served at a time when Ali Gomaa’ was head of the institution. Effat disagreed with Gomaa’s politics—but loved and respected him dearly, according to numerous accounts by his students and colleagues. Reports at the time indicated that military forces killed Effat in clashes with protesters in November 2011. Effat was opposed to the return of the Mubarak regime, deeply critical of the military council of the day, and simultaneously had antipathy to the Muslim Brotherhood. When he died, he earned two titles – shaheed al-Azhar (the martyr of the Azhar), and shaykh al-thawra (the shaykh of the revolution). Since his passing, no one else has taken up that banner.
We should not forget our martyrs or their rights , we should not forget the dream they died for.

May Allah bless Sheikh Emad Effat's soul.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Egypt in the past 10 days

This is a summary of what happened in Egypt in the past 10 days :
Filming the raid by her iPhone (Her show Facebook page)
  • In the same week another controversial TV host or to be precise the queen of Tabliod TV in Egypt Riham Saeed showed 5 girls possessed by Christian demonic entities on her show . Despite it was one of her most viewed episodes on Al-Nahar TV , the show was just a bad spoof of Exorcist film series. Yes I saw it and it was just crazy. Now Riham got what she wanted and she was the most talked person on twitter in the past 4 days. Of course mostly she was attacked for spreading superstition and she was proven to be fabricating some parts of her show but she got what she wanted : Mona Iraqi won't take from her the crown of tabloid media queen everrrrrrrr.
Riham , the drama queen
  • A new comer to the tabloid TV show circus in Egypt , Lebanese TV host Raghad Shalhob presents a new TV show about taboos and secrets in Egypt on Hayat TV network. Her first episode was about ... drugs , oh yes and among her guests were two drug dealers who wore really funky disguise
Saeed Gamil , a drug dealer by Menna Alaa
Of course what caught my attention in this show is not that "Pimp my dealer look" but the fact that the TV show demonstrated on camera , in the studio the side effects of drugs on a living rat lab. This is considered animal cruelty if I may say. Yes white rats used in experiments all the time but not on TV
  • To prove Egypt is on the right path of democracy , Egyptian security forces refused Michele Dunn , the senior associate in the Carnegie Middle East Program to enter Egypt on December 12, 2014. Dunn was invited to some conference organized by some Pro-Regime organization. I think now we know that Dunn was right in her opinions about the regime after 3 July. We also know there is no coordination between the different governmental bodies in Egypt and the final word is for the security apparatus. The ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo says that he had no Non-tourist purposes Visa to visit Egypt and attend the conference. It was said earlier that she was banned for security related reasons not visa related reasons . Fact : US citizens are allowed to obtain a visa at the airport for business as well as tourism

Sunday, December 14, 2014

ElBaradei speaks about Arab Spring

Here is the lecture of former Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei about the Arab Spring and its lessons at Fletcher school in the United States from couple of days ago

He speaks about Arab Spring and what happened to it from ups and downs or mainly down especially in Egypt.

I can't say anything more than what he said.

By the way the Pro-regime and Pro-Military media are still attacking him day and night labelling him as agent. The fact that he speaks in public lectures abroad makes many people go coco for real back in Egypt. I mean scrolling down the El-Sisi supporters' timeline on twitter tonight following the news of this lecture , I found out that they were spreading conspiracies that that lecture was a beginning for his return to Egypt to start a new revolution next 25 January 2015 !!!

I will not lie and say that I am not angry from ElBaradei for leaving the country when many including the same youth he speaks about in pride needed and still need him as a voice. Youth are angry and frustrated , they feel that they are being abondoned by older political generations including ElBaradei's generation.

I believe Elbaradei will come back to Egypt to remind the rest of the country specifically the regime and the army as well the rest of the old political powers including the Islamists to tell them " I told you so".

Monday, December 8, 2014

I think we need an explanation

In 48 hours we found out that 2 embassies have decided to suspend their work in Cairo forcing many to ask questions and to worry.

On Saturday Australia issued officially a travel warning to its citizens about Egypt for ongoing political turmoil and the fear of possible terrorist attacks.

On Sunday UK embassy in Cairo decided to suspend its work in Cairo , they did not say when they are going to resume their work. It was more than shocking because from a week ago current UK ambassador in Egypt John Casson did what not so many Egyptian officials do and visited Al-Minya in the heart of Upper Egypt saying it was safe for anyone to visit.

On Monday the Canadian embassy in Cairo joined the UK embassy.

There is definitely something.

The government tells us that there is nothing to worry about but I am afraid I have to worry. After since when the government is honest about anything in this country. The government says that those embassies demand extra security measures in the famous Garden City area

Of course this won't encourage to come and visit Egypt , after all what kind of foreign tourist willl come and visit the country when his embassy is officially closed for security concerns.

According to security sources in the media the two embassies had to close its doors after threats from ISIS. In case you do not know IS got a branch in Egypt called "State of Sinai" or to be accurate "Ansar Beit El-Maqdis" , the infamous Sinai militant group that got distrubing CV of operations in North Sinia as well other governorates including Cairo.

Targetting the diplomatic missions was mentioned in one of the IS' recommendations published online in the websites and forums to their brothers in Egypt. I remember read those recommendations last month.

Sadly enough the Pro-regime media began to attack UK, Canada and Australia accusing them of cooperating with the Muslim Brotherhood !! This stupid claim was echoed among the Pro-Sisi supporters online. Oh and they began to share Putin's photos to tease UK , yes this is how they react.

I am worried, really worried. I think we need an explanation.


It turned out it had to do with CIA's torture report.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Let it leak : Phone calls leaks season 2 in #Egypt

And it seems that we returned once again to the new season of phone calls leaks in Egypt but this time it seems we have one hell of a season.This time we are dealing with alleged several phone calls from El-Sisi's office involving members of SCAF and current prosecutor general in Egypt. Yes forget the boring calls of the activits we are speaking SCAF !!

A Pro-Muslim Brotherhood TV channel called "Mekameleen" aired Old recorded phone calls Thursday night between Mamdouh Shahin , the minister of defense aide for legal affairs and the following name : Vice admiral Osama El-Gendy ,The commander in chief of Egyptian Navy forces, the minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim , Lt. General Mahmoud Hejazy and Major General Abbas Kamel , the head of El-Sisi's office whether in the army or presidency.

In nutshell those 30 minutes alleged phone calls were about a technical legal problem concerning Mohamed Morsi's detention after his ouster. Morsi was allegedly detained in some military navy base prior his transfer to jail.

It is illegal in Egypt to detain a civilian in any military facility without any legal reason not to mention technically he was illegally detained for no charge officially since 3 July 2013 and so this can blow up his trials.

So the officials mentioned above allegedly falsified evidence in order to change the locations or rather the ownership of the building where Morsi was detained.

Explicitly it was said during those alleged phone calls that the building where Morsi was detained would be officially recognized as some old prison following the ministry of interior instead of the Egyptian navy whether on paper or in the real world.

If they are true , those alleged phone calls are more than alarming. We are speaking about a High level security breach in the national security and national security decision makers who break the law.

We can not authenticate those calls but damage is done already. Social media is on fire about Those calls in #Sisileaks hashtags whether in Arabic or English.

Monday, December 1, 2014

After #Mubarak's acquittal

Mubarak is acquitted and the leaders of the Arab world are calling him to congratulate him.It is merry news for them of course after all now Western media says that this verdict was like the last straw to the Arab Spring.

Anyhow today Anti-Mubarak/Anti-Sisi non-Islamists protests began to spread in Egyptian universities. We got protests in Cairo University , Helwan University and Alexandria University..etc.

The media claims that they are Islamists and Anti-Coup students but this is not untrue , already not all those students are Islamists. Most of these students are members of April 6 youth , Constitution party and Strong Egypt party. Not to mention their rallies were different than the Pro-Morsi Students against coup "SAC" rallies and they refused to cooperate with SAC students.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

#Nov28 , Acquitting #Mubarak and returning back to #Tahrir

I knew that he would be acquitted, all the indications were saying so but nothing prepared me for how I felt after knowing that the criminal court acquitted ousted president Mubarak and his cronies from ministry of interior's generals from the killing of the protesters . The corruption charges against and his sons were also dropped.

I knew that this was going to happen but I could not take it. Crying all day morning and trying to think rationally later made it hard for me to write anything here in the blog. I cried despite I knew that Mubarak would be acquitted because of Gulf States' support to the current regime. I did not expect that El-Adly and his cronies would be acquitted in that way despite I had hints and tips that they would be acquitted.

Things were developing too fast. In few hours we had the first Mubarak's interview , first Mubarak's selfie with some army officer as well the first ex-police generals' interviews where they wondered who killed the protesters in 25 January revolution.

Later the Judge released to the media the court's reasoning where he did not mention why he acquitted Mubarak and gang. Interestingly despite he praised 25 January revolution on air during the court session calling presidency to compensate the victims' families, he says that the 25 January revolution was a foreign plot.

Of course that foreign plot was supported the army and its commanders then including Egypt's current president now. It was a tough day for me with all those updates coming here and there.

I suddenly remembered the emotional letter of Rihanna Jabbari, the Iranian girl who was executed from couple of months ago for murdering an officer attempted to rape her. I remember that part and suddenly knew why that letter spread like fire among the Pro-Revolutionary youth in Egypt.

" The world did not love us. It did not want my fate. And now I am giving in to it and embracing death. Because in the court of God I will charge the inspectors, I will charge the judge, and the judges of the country’s Supreme Court."

Yes the world did not love us

Friday, November 28, 2014

It is a media war "Apocalypse #Nov28"

It seems that we are going to have the apocalypse once again on Friday in Egypt at least according the mainstream media.

Tomorrow the Salafist Front "SF" will lead the Islamist youth including the Muslim Brotherhood in an Islamist Youth Uprising in order to restore Egypt's Islamic identity through protests all over the country after Friday prayers holding the Holy Quran.

Yes the SF wants to restore the Islamic identity of Egypt which was lost because of the foreign occupations and the remnants of those occupations aka the military rule of 1952.

I did short interview for work with Hisham Kamal , the spokesperson of the SF before his arrested and he told me that Egyptian people tried all the paths after January 25 revolution and failed ending up with a military coup so it was time to try an Islamic path.

Of course I do not understand how the majority of the people will take that path if they supported the ouster of Islamist Morsi and the designation of the MB as a terrorist organization. I do not know how the SF will achieve that path in the first place. Are we going to have an Iranian scenario ?

The MB joined the protests despite there were rumors today that the banned group would call the day off but the brotherhood proves to be stupid after all.

For God sake the Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyaa , the former true militant group that terrorized people for ages rejected the protests for fear it will increas polarization in the society.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pay attention to #RedSea cities and its people

Please pay attention to Red Sea governorate and its people ,specifically in the cities of "Ras Gharib" and "El-Qusair" , something unprecedented is taking place there.

For the first of the time the people in both cities start a semi-civil disobedience against the
The map of the new governorates
government's decision to redraw the governorates' borders in Egypt according to the President's new economic vision. The people are angry because the Red Sea governorate's cities will be divided and join other Upper Egypt governorates.

The government has not finished from redrawing the borders yet and actually the redrawing of the borders is among the reasons why the parliamentary elections law has not been issued yet. Yes there is huge debate about the number of seats and lists for each governorate..etc.

The government believes that the poor Upper Egypt governorates will be rich if they have sea ports on the red sea.

The people rejected the decision and demand the government to study it carefully as well to wait till we have elected local councils to discuss such

Anyhow a non-political non-partisan movement called "No for the Split of the Red sea governorate" was formed by the concerned citizen in the southern governorate. They tried to reach to the media but with no success.

The movement tried all possible ways , speaking with governmental officials with no success and thus it decided to escalate and start a semi-civil disobedience. In the past 3 days students did not go to schools but instead in rallies and protests through out the cities. The employees and workers did not go to their jobs. The shop-owners closed their shops. Only hospitals are operating.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kodak Agfa Presents: Al-Ahram Arts exhibition

Kodak Agfa is back and it had a very nice tour in Al-Ahram Arts exhibition yesterday. Al-Ahram institution is holding an art exhibition called "Harmony" at its building in Downtown Cairo.
Ahram arts exhibition
A painting by Mounir Canan 

The exhibition includes contemporary artworks from paintings, sculptures, photography and graphic designs. Famous Egyptian artists Adam Hanein and Mounir Canaan are featured in this exhibition

Unfortunately, I took those photos using my mobile phone and I did not get the names of all the artists in the exhibition.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It is a media war "1"

It is pouring video clips and statements from here and there.

I should have spoken earlier about that distrubing video, yes the video all Egypt was speaking about.: The IS' special video in Sinai.

From a week ago IS released a 30 minutes video showing its affiliated militant group " Agnad Beit Al-Maqdis" or "ABM" and their operations against the Egyptian army.

In an extremely graphic video showing several operations against armed forces , the ABM is showing off its capabilities whether in media or in combat. Using Go-Pro cameras installed on rifles and high definition quality video , these guys know how to make a short documentary to shake the morale of their enemy.

They included several of their operations against the army and police whether in North Sinai or even in North coast , in West of Egypt last summer. Yes the operations we know about and the operations we do not know about in daylight.

They also included horrifying footage from the deadly attack on an army checkpoint in Sheikh Zowaid last October where over 30 army personnel have been killed.

It is truly shocking and sad video. Heartbreaking to say the least.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

You must sing the same song in Oceania

This is getting silly but it is expected in that Nazi fascist atmosphere we started it with banning columnists , TV shows , TV hosts as well books so it is natural this craziness reaches to songs.

Singer Hamza Namira's songs are now banned in the Egyptian radio service officially because he opposes the current regime that fights terrorism now.
Pro-25 January revolution Namira's songs were non-Mainstream whether before or after the revolution as they usually discuss social matters.
Of course Namira is accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood member because his records label is the famous Awakening records. Awakening records label is known for its Islamist leaning.
After July 3 ,2013 and what followed it , Namira produced this song "What shall I say" denouncing polarization , hate and violence.
Namira's song "Dream with me" became a true hit after the revolution when famous activist Wael Ghonim revealed that he used to sing it to himself while blindfolded in detention at State security HQ in January 2011 following his arrest before 28 January Day of rage

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The good news of the week : Comet landing

And as the bad news shower us every day about people getting killed in Egypt whether in road accidents or terrorist attacks or in prison or in protests or they just commit suicide out of despair and depression , the Philea comet landing is like a fresh air or rather hope.

Okay this will sound strange , after all why the comet landing can be considered something cheerful for some Egyptians realistically speaking when half of the country does not know about this mission in the first place. Well simply because there are 4 Egyptian scientists participating in that world breakthrough.

Yes those men are participating in that big achievement and we should be proud of them. Those men are Dr. Ahmed Shafei "28 years old", Dr. Essam Heggy "39 years old" , Dr. Essam Marouf "56 years old" and Dr. Ramy El-Maarry "35 years old".

Among those 4 scientist Dr. Essam Heggy , oh yes Essam Heggy who revealed that fact yesterday after finding out that the media in Egypt has nothing to speak about except the so-called "The Gharbia's Salafist stud" or the latest sex scandal in Egypt. "You can know about that in other websites".

We all remember how Heggy was being called loser and retard by the Pro-Military media in Egypt for daring to criticize the amazing Kofta device. Well Heggy is having a big laugh now.Below the photos of Heggy,El-Maarry and Marouf.

Of course we can not ignore the Egyptian origin of both words "Philea" or "Rosetta"

By the way the mainstream media does not care that much about the Philea landing and they did not know that there are Egyptians involved in this historical event including the man slammed from several months ago for saying the truth about Kofta device.

Anyhow there may be troubles facing Philea but it reached the comet.
Here are photos of the original Philea in Egypt

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Watch CPJ's Under threat : Egyptian press in peril

New York based Committee to Protect Journalists "CPJ" released that short documentary about Press in Egypt now. It is called "Under threat : Egyptian press in peril". I highly recommend watching it.

The documentary's title is perfect to describe the situation of press and media in general now in Egypt. They are in peril.

There is something being cooked when it comes to media right now. First we got the meeting of the major newspapers editors in Chief from couple of weeks ago. They announced that they would support the state. Second we got the meeting of the private newspapers' editors in chief who declared that they would form some sort of a chamber. I do not understand the role of that chamber to be honest. I feel that there is something being cooked and its smell is not good.

Of course some of you have known that Le Monde Diplomatique editor Alain Gresh was detained earlier today in Cairo for couple of hours along Egyptian journalists Sara Khorshid and Reem Khorshid because they were speaking about political affairs in Le Poire Cafe in Garden City near the British Embassy. They were arrested after being reported by some lady sitting in the cafe who heard them talk about politics in Egypt and went mad on how they dare to speak about politics. It is more than alarming. Again hours laters Greshe and the Khorshid sisters were released. The ministry of interior apologizd to the Le Monde Diplomatique editor but damage has been done.

What happened today to Gresh and the Khorshids is a result of the Pro-regime's incitement media. It is just sad.

Great days !!!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Welcome to the real life 1984

Earlier today the ministry of interior distributed a press release on Egyptian newspapers and websites like Al-Masry Al-Youm , Dot Misr , Sada El-Balad and Masrawy. According to that press release a Cairo University student was arrested outside it by security forces carrying a bag and the following seizures were officially documented : A notebook includes paragraphs about the Islamic Caliphate , two mobile phones without batteries, flash drives , hard drives , memory cards and "1984" novel which criticizes the military regimes.

Yes this was what mentioned in the official seizures report and this is how the novel was described along the notebook with paragraphs about the Islamic Caliphate allegedly praising it.

The news was among the top read today in Egypt thanks to Al-Masry Al-Youm website. It had to because the headline of the news was " A student got arrested because the possession of 1984". Al-Masry Al-Youm changed the headline later.

Mada Masr's Mai Shams El-Din called the head of Giza security directorate who denied that the student was arrested because he got the novel "which the police general ignores and actually I am not surprised that he did not know it or know George Orwell or the notebook". The police general also added that the student was arrested after filming the security forces at Cairo University "CU". It is worth to mention that the CU witnessed two attacks against security forces in the same location using handmade bombs.

It is worth to mention that the official seizures report issued by the ministry of interior early Sunday did not include any camera and it stated the two mobiles reportedly found with the student got no batteries.

Officially I have not seen a statement about the reason behind the arrest aside from that phone call my dear friend Mai made to the Giza security directorate. Also I wish there is attention to the student himself like the attention to Orwell's masterpiece.

The Pro-Police/Pro-Military attacked Al-Masry Al-Youm accusing it of fabricating the news despite other websites including cheap Pro-Police websites like Sada El-Balad copied the ministry of interior's statement making no change what so ever to it. They also claimed that the police in Egypt would not arrest people for trivial stuff such as carrying books like 1984.

Well I hate to remind them that the police in Egypt actually arrest people for trivial stuff like pins, rulers, posters , t-shirts and even teddy bears. The examples are many yet here are some of them to refresh the memory of my fellow Egyptians :

  • Mahmoud Mohamed, a student who has been in detention for nearly 11 months because he was wearing on the last anniversary of the 25 January a t-shirt that says "Against torture"
  • Sarah Khaled , the faculty of dentistry student "Future University" who was arrested , detained , beaten in detention and then released after appealing against 2 years in jail sentence because she was wearing a Raba'a pin in her veil.
  • That young school student who was arrested for having a Raba'a ruler.
  • A group of Non-Islamist Pro-25 January revolution activists who were arrested while sitting at a Cafe in downtown Cairo and according to their official seizures report they had a Che Guevara poster
  • From a week ago a student at Al-Azhar University was arrested for carrying a teddy bear with Raba'a sign.
Anyhow I really thank the ministry of interior because now " 1984 novel"is most searched words in Egypt today according to the Google trends.

People are sharing it online whether the English version or the Arabic version or the film.

Needless to see I look to Egypt now as mix of Animal Farm and 1984. Of course now it is leaning towards 1984 more and more especially when it comes to the media. Facts are being changed in front of us , facts we have all lived.

Anyhow this is a regime that arrests people for wearing pins , t-shirts and carrying rulers with signs so I won't be surprised that people get arrested later for carrying books like 1984 or Animal farm.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bassem Youssef speaks about the Naked Emperor

In very short but straight to the point words, Bassem Youssef spoke in the Oslo Freedom Forum 2014. You must see it.

When I think about I believe that Youssef's show was not stopped only because it spoke about the emporer and his clothes , it was stopped also because what Bassem referred in his short word in Oslo as a sorry excuse for media in Egypt was exposed to the world. Bassem exposed the propaganda of the regime in Egypt and that was enough reason to shut him down in all possible ways.

This year the Oslo Freedom Forum had really interesting set of speakers from the Middle East like Bassem Youssef and Iyad El-Baghdadi.

God knows how much Bassem Youssef and his team are missed these days.

Bassem Youssef spoke last month in UC Berkeley and he said that he was not Nelson Mandela.He also added he suspended the show because he cared for his family's safety. Youssef is not Mandela but he is one of those kids that laughed at how the emperor was naked when all the town was afraid and God knows the future insh Allah is for those kids.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Day to Remember "5th November 2014"

We will remember the 5th of November 2014 very well for sure.

The day started with a horrifying road accident in Behaira governorate where not less than 16 high school students were killed. The photos from the scene were horrifying.It is more than frustrating when you know that this is the second accident where students get killed on the road. A simliar accident took place in Sohage from 2 days ago.

It is not a big secret Egypt has the highest rate of road accidents in North Africa and it is not a secret either that the number of people who get killed annually because of car accidents are more than the number of Egypt's official recorded martyrs in all of its wars. We all know that and the government in Egypt knows that too.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Yup we will continue to dream till our dreams come true

"IF they don't let us dream, we are not going to let them sleep" said Iyad El-Baghdadi at Oslo Freedom Forum last week in his amazing speech summarizing what happened to the "Arab Spring" in the past four years from ups and downs.

You must watch and hear his speech because El-Baghdadi speaks on behalf a lot of us in the Arab spring countries.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Evacuation and displacement are not the solution

And so the Egyptian army started its plan to evacuate areas in Rafah city , North Sinai demolishing houses and displacing the families there as part of its war against terrorism according to the orders of Prime minister Ibrahim Mahlab.
In this stage we are speaking about 802 houses to be evacuated and 1,156 families to be displaced.
A copy from the PM's decree to evacuate the area
A map showing the areas to be evacuated
I do not know how evacuating the area and displacing hundreds of families will give you an Upper hand to fight terrorism. Already terrorists will leave the area and will go to the next populated place if you think in this way.Not to mention you will create an angry population that can not stomach your existance.

If it is about tunnels with Gaza , well most tunnels with Gaza have been destroyed in the past two years. Also for more than area the army used to destroy the houses with tunnels so why to destroy the houses without tunnels.

Needless this decision which is unconstitutional needs a parliament in the first not a president or pm alone. Again we need to revise the security and military strategy in Sinai carefully so we can win this war against terrorism without losing Sinai once again.

Monday, October 27, 2014

It is not even the 1960s but WWII propaganda

Because adopting the 1960s media and propaganda we find today that this was not enough and now the Pro-military supporters are using two or three chapters from WWII propaganda book guide.

This poster with sets of orders to the Egyptian people to follow during the current war on terrorism so the terrorists won't win. This poster is signed by a group calling itself "We, the peope of Egypt

Here is the English translation of the orders in the poster. It is translated by dear friend Dalia Ezzat.

We are the people of Egypt

Egypt is in a state of war, therefore we request the following from everyone :

  1. Sharing any negative statements about your army or your country circulated by agents or the fifth column is prohibited.
  2. Sharing any negative information about military operations or related to the state of soldiers and conscripts is prohibited.
    1. Sharing any negative words that question or insult the military, your leadership or your or authorities is prohibited.
    2. Writing about your psychological breakdown over what is happening in the country is prohibited as you will be serving the interests of agents.
    3. No one , no matter who they are, should be permitted to malign your army and your leadership. Such people should be dealt with with firmness to prevent them from causing further damage and moving on with this information to other people.
    4. Sharing any information about military operations , even if you're confident of this information, is absolutely prohibited. You should wait for an official statement from a military source. Not all information should be shared.

    And finally to the so called activists and Twitter Jihadists

    Please don't comment on or attempt to criticize the military or its operations. If you have better suggestions for what should be done, you can communicate them directly to the military sources concerned or keep quiet and don't attempt to divide us or stop our path.

    Reading this in Arabic makes me feel that whoever wrote it was or is an army officer. I believe he could be an army veteran.

    I know one thing for sure the rights of those who were killed in Sinai in cold blood in the past 3 years won't return in this way.




    Sunday, October 26, 2014

    This is how to fight freedom of expression not terrorism actually

    After the horrifying terrorist attack in Sinai which resulted in th murder of not less than 30 army officers and soldiers Egyptian TV channels and newspapers decided to fight terrorism in its own way. First we found on Saturday that popular TV host Mahmoud Saad would no longer appear on Al-Nahar TV channel becaue the channel won't allow to those who spread rumors to spread on its screen according to a statement it issued on that same day. Saad , a pro-Jan25 TV host is considered a moderate critic of the regime right now compared to other TV hosts. Last week Mahmoud Saad criticized El-Sisi directly reminding him how he used to meet the 25 January revolution youth icons when those icons now are either in jail or abroad in self-exile or accused of treason in media.Last week Asmaa Mahfouz, the famous 25 January revolution icon was the latest revolution youth figure to be officially blacklisted after finding herself on the state's travel ban. Today after huge criticism to the channel online , Al-Nahar TV channel claimed that Saad's show had not been suspended but according to my sources it was suspended on Saturday. May be Al-Nahar TV channel got some warning from Mount Olympus, already Saad was the last criticising voice and is needed to create some pseudo-balance in the channel.

    Saturday, October 25, 2014

    Black Friday in #Sinai

    Today was officially the Black Friday in Sinai. In afternoon a bombed car exploded at an army checkpoint near El-Sheikh Zowaid city in North Sinai.At least 30 army personnel from soldiers, conscripts and officers were killed in the worst attacks against army personnel in Sinai since its return to Egypt.

    Then couple of hours later we read that there was a shooting at some police checkpoint in Al-Arish city. Then at mid night a CSF police camp near Al-Arish international airport was allegedly attacked by missiles and dozens of conscripts were injured. A bloody day indeed.

    You must know that this week not less than 40 security personnel were killed as well 50 others were injured in North Sinai alone. I see that the security campaign to purge Sinai from terrorism is not working as expected. Already I believe that 3 years have passed since the army started its operation in August 2012 to purge Sinai from the terrorists who killed our borders guards.

    So far no one has officially claimed responsibility but of course Ajnad Beit Al-Maqids terrorist group is the main suspect .

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    Mosa'ab El-Shamy Presents : Moulid El-Badawy in #Tanta

    And I proudly present once again another fantastic photogallery made by dear friend Mosa'ab El-Shamy.
    This time Mosa'ab El-Shamy captures in black and white the amazing annual Moulid El-Sayid El-Badawy in Tanta earlier this month. I will not comment on the photos because they speak on their own.

    Moulid El-Siyad El-Badawy is the biggest religious Sufi Moulid attracting hundreds of thousands of Egyptians from all over the country to Tanta to this time of the year.

    El-Siyad or Sheikh Ahmed El-Badawy was a Moroccan Sufi Sheikh who settled down in Egypt , in Tanta in the 12th century where he died and buried. Soon enough the Moroccan Sufi Sheikh became a Sufi saint with a big order of students and followers. Already Tanta has become known as the city of El-Siyad El-Badawy.

    This year the Moulid was interrepeted for few minutes when two primitive explosive devices detenotated in the Grand night of the Moulid , which is the biggest in the event outside the Mosque in the Moulid space itself injuring tens only. Most of injuries were related to crowedness and panic. Thankfully it did not spoil the night. I think no one has claimed responsibility for this terrible act.

    Anyhow please enjoy this beautiful set of photos

    Sunday, October 19, 2014

    When a former Egyptian Police officer joins IS

    It all started when I logged in to twitter this afternoon, I saw this tweet retweeted by journalist Evan Hill.

    Former Egyptian Parliament candidae and security officer Ahmed El-Darawi died in a suicide attack in Iraq according to a news story published on Pro-IS Dawa Al-Haq website which by its turn quoted alleged Iraqi journalist Hussein Al-Madidi who wrote his name wrong at first as "Hamed"

    Al-Madidi said the following : Hamed El-Darawi was an Egyptian security officer and a parliamentary candidate then he repented and came to the caliphate where he did a suicidal operation.

    Now aside from the interesting fact that we are speaking about a former Egyptian security officer who joined IS , I remember something: Ahmed El-Darawi was dead from several months ago according to his family and could not be responsible for a suicidal operation in Iraq this week or anytime earlier.

    I asked my fellow Egyptian tweeps and they confirmed to me what I have already known , El-Darawi died abroad suffering from cancer. Anyhow they gave me the handle of his brother Haitham El-Darawi.

    Haitham revealed a new truth many ignored that Ahmed indeed died during an Operation for the State aka IS. I am quoting his exact words in his reply to my direct question on twitter.
    Well it turned out the majority ignored this but his friends in Maadi and some Pro-Morsi supporters on twitter knew that.

    Saturday, October 18, 2014

    Egyptian restoration style

    I am not an expert in restoration or renovation of old monuments but I think I have eyes to see there is something wrong.This is a-before and after photo showing Fatimid era Al-Juyushi Mosque in Moqattam.
    Al-Juyushi Mosque Before and After

    The mosque that was built by the commander of the Fatimid armies in Egypt Badr Al-Jamali in the 11th century was turned in to ruins in the 20th century and of course the Egyptian government ignored despite its historical value. Recently Egypt's only lucky as well most mysterious Shiite Bohra Community decided to renovate or rather to build the ancient mosque.

    From the photo you can see that all the signs of the historical building were wiped out from outside. Yes it was more of ruins but now it looks like a brand new mosque not a mosque that was built in the 11th century to oversee the new capital of Fatimids in North Africa.

    Do you remember the controversy of Djoser pyramid which has not ended yet in Egypt ? I spoke about it before here briefly in the blog. Among the controversial points that raised in the debate that El-Shorbagy restoration Company used new stones in the first step base outside the pyramid destroying its ancient look. You can see what I mean here.

    Djoser pyramid's new base by Galal Amr

    That photo was taken by dear Galal Amr.

    I believe that some contractors and officials in Egypt believe that restoration and renovation works mean rebuilding the place , the old place as if it were new from scratch. Of course this will generate more money than restoring history.

    I think this point should be raised and discussed when we speak about restoration and renovation in Egypt.





    Wednesday, October 15, 2014

    The students are back indeed

    Last Saturday the new academic year kicked off in Egyptian universities with lots and lots of non-stop drama. Starting with early Saturday morning security forces launched a wave from arrests across the country targeting the leading figures of the student movements in Egyptian universities.
    Then on Saturday morning the students were welcomed by Private security firm "Falcon" responsible for the security in 15 public universities. For hours students stood in queues to be inspected by Falcon security guards at their electronic gates.
    On Sunday the Pro-MB 'Students against Coup' organized protests in several campuses across the country calling it after Leftist Sheikh Emam and Poet Ahmed Fouad Nagm's song in 1970s "The students are back". 

    The political song was praising the students movement in 1970s. Anyhow back to our time and to Sunday, the protests did not only attract the MB supporters but also the Non-Islamist students who were provoked by the Falcon scene the day before as well the mass arrests wave.

    Sunday, October 12, 2014

    Welcome to spy academy !!

    When Al shorouk newspaper reported that Cairo university was going to use the so-called patriotic students for spying on aka the troublemaking students in the new academic year 2014-2015 , some people did not believe it and accuse the newspaper of fabricating the news.
    Of course the minister of higher education denied this news claiming that he would not turn the students to spies and informants. The minister can claim what he wants but we have got now professors who confess that they use students to spy on other students on campus. Here is a video clip for Dr.Hussein Aweida from Al Azhar Univeristy confesses that he uses students from his hometown to spy on other students.

    TV host Mahmoud Saad went mad when he heard that talk.
    Universities remained the pain in the regime's ass with the ongoing protests that took place all over the country last year. Not less than 11 students were killed on campus across the country in protests that turned clashes with the security forces.

    Thursday, October 9, 2014

    Remembering #9Oct : The Black Day of #Maspero Massacre

    On Thursday a very dark memory passed by silently in Egypt , it was the anniversary of Maspero massacre. A dark moment for Egypt in the 21st century where not less than 28 Egyptians were killed by Egypt's military police in a horrifying crime that was recorded live. Those Egyptians were Christians protesting in Egypt's first authorized protest in 2011 and the Egyptian National TV considered them as criminals asking the Egyptians to save the army from their attack.

    Three years passed and no one was really found guilty for the murder of those protesters in the case that was investigated by the military prosecution. Even the soldier who was found guilty of manslaughter "running over the protesters with the army armored vehicle" took only 3 year. A sentence was suspended later by the way because the solider's appeal was accepted and there is a new retrial I do not know honestly its developments.

    Three years passed and the only ones who remembered the martyrs are the same groups holding on the 25 January Dream sincerely.

    When there was a media silence regarding that dark memory yesterday, few protesters commemorated the massacre with two stands Thursday afternoon. The first one was a short silent stand at the famous staircase of the journalists syndicate. It was small silent stand and short one as well.

    The other one was bigger and was organized by Maspero Youth Union at Shubra roundabout , at the same place where the rally of angry Christians protesters started to march to Maspero building from three ago. The number of protesters was bigger , holding posters of the martyrs like iconic Mina Daniel.

    The younger generations attending the protesters chanted against the military rule and the military. One of their chants was 'Sisi, Sisi , why is not Tantawy standing a trial ?" in reference to former Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy ,the head of SCAF during Maspero Massacre.Here is a photogallery from both protests.

    Wednesday, October 8, 2014

    God loves #Morsi and #Sisi Coz This is #Egypt

    This video clip was aired live on Egyptian TV where President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was praying the Adha Eid prayer along a number of officials including the Prime minister and minister of interior who did not complete their Hajj personally to attend the prayer.

    It was part of the Eid Speech by former minister of religious endowment Al-Hamadi Abu El-Nawar where he was speaking about president El-Sisi and his popularity that reached heavens.
    He says God, Archangel Gabriel and other angels love Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi and this is why the whole world loved him in the United Nation General assembly from two weeks ago. Shamelessly twisting prophet Mohamed 'PBUH' quotes to prove that , the old sheikh stated that on air while the president was listenning. One thougt that this kind talk would end after 30 June , at least this what was claimed then.
    I remember that people went so angry and mad when similiar sheikhs claimed that ousted president Mohamed Morsi was supported by God , the angels and Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" according to visions and dreams
    I remember very well that Bassem Youssef made a whole segment about those hypocrites in his suspended TV show during Morsi's era.
    Now I totally understand how the MB and their supporters use religion in this way but I am puzzled on how the new ruling regime is using it and is okay with it when it claims that it is against the religious state and there will be no mix of religioin and politics in the so-called New Egypt.
    Personally I watch that clip as well remember how El-Sisi stated during the elections campaign that the president was responsible for the religion and the manners of the society and I laugh on how some Pro-El-Sisi supporters see the man as Egypt's Ataturk's who will establish the ultimate secular state in Egypt !!!!
    Of course to be honest it is not about Morsi or El-Sisi , it is about the Pharaoh cult in Egypt that goes back to thousands of years. The pharaoh or ruler in this country is always supported by the Gods and sometimes he is the son of God or the God himself incarnated.
    By the way that Sheikh who believes that heavens loves El-Sisi comes from Al-Azhar , a religious institution that once before the 23 July 1952 stood against King Farouk himself for breaking the rules of Islam and attempting to issue a Fatwa to serve his interest.

    Saturday, October 4, 2014

    #FreeDetainees : Their #Eid is in prison

    I do not know who thought about this amazing idea but it is great one. Last night on Eid Al-Adha's eve a group of Pro-Democracy activists in Egypt hanged posters of the young political detainees and prisoners on billboards in one of the busiest Upper middle class streets in Giza govenorate.

    The poster of Mohamed Soltan by '@i3taff' on instagram

    It is brilliant idea.The young pro-democracy activists did it at night.

    Now the posters features faces of the famous detianees and prisoners who are currently in jail like Mohamed Soltan , Yara Sallem , Sanaa Seif , Ahmed Gama Zeida and Shawkan as well Sohip Emad , the young teenager who is still in school and arrested in protest from several months ago.The posters got few words that say it a lot "Their Eid {Feast} is in prison"

    The posters covered the ads in Nadi El-Sid street 'Shooting SC street' in Giza which is an Upper Middle Class area. Now it is not only a busy street because of the club but on Eid's mornning it is extremely busy because thousands of Muslims heading to Shooting Club to pray the Eid prayer so those posters are exposed to huge audience

    Updated: The posters were also put in Wadi Al Nil street which is also a busy Upper Middle class in Mohendessin area , Giza.

    Here is a photogallery of the posters.

    By the way political activist Ahmed Douma has been transferred to Kasr Al-Aini hospital in a very critical condition earlier today. Douma end his hunger strike after the extreme deterioration of his health. After pleas of political parties and the activists as well renowned political figures , the 26 years old renowned activist was transferred to the hsoptial. We do not know much about his exact medical condition but one thing for sure : He suffers from shortage of Potassium and he needs an ICU care for at least 48 hours to pass that critical condition.

    Douma is serving three years jail sentence for breaking the unconstitutional protest law along with April 6 Youth movement co-founders Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel.



    Friday, October 3, 2014

    Watch This : Studio Masr's special Hajj 1938 Documentary

    First Happy Eid to all Muslims around the globe. Second Happy Hajj season to all those in Holy.

    Third Egyptian Chronicles would like to present this YouTube lost Jam to its readers in Al-Adha Eid around the globle. I do not know if I posted this before but it is worth to publish again and again.

    This is a short documentary filmed and prodcued by Egypt's Studio Misr , Egypt's first National Film studio in year 1938 showing the official Egyptian delegation and their trip.

    Despite the film's quality is not the best but the film is great showing the old Hajj trips and how Macca and Madina looked like in 1938.


    Happy Eid everyone

    Happy Eid Adha everybody.
    Holy Kaaba yesterday "Reuters" 
    I hope next Eid all our dreams and hopes in freedom , democracy and peace come true.
    By the way you should not miss the interesting debate about #HajjSelfies . Scholars are against it while people are doing it. Personally despite I am not so fond with the whole Selfie thing,yet I believe Hajj is a personal experience and so Selfie is part of that personal experience.
    Those young Muslims try to remember that experience , that trip we as Muslims consider as the greatest trip and experience one can do in a life time.
    I wish those scholars pay attention to injustice spread in the Arab and Muslim world from East to West instead paying attention to trivial stuff.

    Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    Egypt's oldest pyramid's SOS

    I can't wait till I fix my old laptop or get a new one to write this post. I want to write a comprehensive post about the disaster awaiting Egypt's oldest pyramid "The pyramid of Djoser" in Sakarra but I feel that I can not wait any longer.

    Now I think you have read that the 4500 B.C years old pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara area, Giza may collapse because of bad restoration works that added more damage to the old amazing building that needs urgent rescue.

    The pyramid Djoser by Heba El-Kholy

    Earlier this week the UNSEC demanded the Egyptian government to present a full report about the situation of the pyramid and its condition after renovation or to be accurate during the unfinished disasterous restoration work

    Of course the government or rather the minister of antiquities claims that there is nothing wrong with the pyramid and that those who are making a noise about it in Egypt are members in the Muslim Brotherhood who we're staying in Raba'a sit in !!! Yes the minister pulled the MB card as usual.

    Al-Masry Al-Youm published a shocking report with photos about the whole tons of rocks fall now from that old pyramid

    Also there are lots and lots of question marks about the company responsible for the restoration works , El-Shorbagy for restoration works which is a subsidiary of El-Shorbagy For constructions. Now despite the company claims to be Egypt's no.1 in antiquities' restoration while archeologists say the opposite. Needless to say I have never heard about it in restoration works.

    Amazingly I listened to one of the managers from the company speaking about the pyramid in Akhar Kalam TV show on ONTV show and aside from being weak in his answers , we found out that the company did not have a full map or a blue print of the pyramid and that they did not know about the different paths inside the pyramid or the old wells outside it !!

    This is just the tip of the ice-berg. I am mad and fierce because besides everything wrong in this crazy country we got one of the oldest pyramids on the verge of collapse because of lack of transparency, corruption and incompetence.

    We cry about how evil IS destroy monuments in Syria and Iraq while we destroy Egypt's world heritage. This pyramid is not owned alone by Egypt but it is owned by world heritage. It is not just a pyramid but rather another leap in human civilization and our government is destroying it by its usual incompetence.