Monday, March 31, 2014

#EndSH : Let's fight it properly , Let's start with the media

Last week Egypt made headlines once again as usual in a negative way. A British tourist revealed that she was raped in Sharm El sheikh by some hotel guard.
Amazingly we got a confession from the ministry of tourism that this was not the first case and it happened before !!!
At the same time the British press spoke about this scandal , our conspiracy theory media refuted the case.
TV host Naela Amara , who is a media university professor working in a TV channel supposedly owned by liberal advertising tycoon Tarek Nour described the rape of the British tourist as a "comedy".

Amara who always speaks about global western conspiracies said that the British tourist continued her trip easily and that the whole matter is simple !!?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Imagine #Morsi doing that !?

After leaving the army to become the president of Egypt , SCAF chose new minister of defense and a new chief of staff.
Not surprisingly Newly promoted general Sedky Sobhi became the ministry of Defense. The new chief of staff was Major General Mahmoud Hagzy. Hagzy has been familiar face since 25 January revolution as he was among the SCAF faces speaking in the media as well the revolution youth.
Anyhow a surprise was waiting for us , we knew that Mahmoud Hegazy was actually the father in law of El Sisi’s son.
I have got a naive question I have to ask : Is it ok to appoint a chief staff who is related to a Presidential candidate in an upcoming presidential elections !? I think it is very naive question to be asked. Does it happen in other countries !? Because this actually raises questions about favoritism and bias in elections.

Kodak Agfa Presents : #Ahly Club Elections in Photos

Last Friday the weather was amazing in the morning so I took off with my camera , headed to Zamalek where I could find nice scenes whether in gardens or the Nile. Instead I found out that Ahly Sports Club is having elections to choose its board members.  So I went there to take some snap shots for the big event. After all we are speaking about the Club of the century in Africa.
I am not a member so I did not go inside , it was enough to see that red carnival outside.

I have got a question. According to my knowledge half million Egyptian pounds were the maximum limit of budget spent supposedly in the clubs’ elections according to the ministry of Youth and sports and how much was really spent in the elections’ campaign of Ahly club !?
Judging only by the billboards and banners used through out the streets of Zamalek only I would say more than one million pound from each rival group !!
You must know just as money played an important role politics also played even more important and more dangerous role when it comes to the two rival groups competing on Ahly board : Ibrahim El Mollaem’s team and Mahmoud Taher’s team.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Test #Egypt #cairo #Blog

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Testing something , just ignore ;)

#EgyElections : It is A Farce and You all know that !!

Ok I was waiting all the time , all those weeks if not months to write this post about the upcoming presidential elections.

I was waiting till the moment Field Marshal El Sisi would become Mr. El Sisi and would announce. Despite I knew that he would do it , some people were insisting to give him the man a chance till the last moment , may be he would use his mind and stick to his military suit but what you know. I won the bet and he turned to be not that smart after all.

Personally I do not know if I should cover these presidential elections in the blog as the old ones or not considering the fact that they are just so fake and here I mean by the word fake that all know its results from now : Abdel Fatah El Sisi is groomed to be the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It is not even a surprise or shock or something we or rather the whole do not know. For months since July 26 , 2013 we knew that Abdel Fatah El Sisi was going to be Egypt’s next President especially with the huge systematic media campaign and growing presidential cult going on for months. For months there has been a systematic campaign to implant the idea that El Sisi was not only the savior or Egypt or the Arab world but also the whole world against the American Western Zionist Muslim Brotherhood control.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#Egyelections : Waiting for Another Speech

And here I am waiting in front of the National TV Ch.1 at 8.18 PM for the upcoming Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi’s Televised speech which was supposed to be aired at 6 PM. It seems that it is a habit for Egypt’s rulers and future rulers as it seems.

What we know today was the only day for El Sisi to leave the army in order to run for presidency and so he technically resigned for his position as the minister of defense in a SCAF meeting  “not a a real resignation but some sort of request to retire to SCAF”

Already Abdel Fatah El Sisi had no other day to do it except because next Sunday the Presidential elections committee will open the so-called  Presidential elections candidacy 2014.

El Sisi had to leave the army tonight because his name will be registered as a civilian in the voters records tomorrow.

The army and police officers do not vote in the elections, they do not have that right according to the Constitution.

The meeting of SCAF headed by Adly Mansour is still going on. He promoted Major General Sobhi Sedky to General Rank. Sedky is the new minister defense now.

Already I do not understand why a former minister of defense is going to address the nation in a Televised speech when he already resigned from his position hours ago !? Not to mention that this former minister of defense.

Anyhow here is a live blog for this historical event as some Pro-El Sisi tweep said earlier on twitter , after all the man is next president !!

And This is Why I do not like Religion Men to Speak About Politics !!

From couple of days ago we found out that Pope Tawadros II of Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church told Kuwaiti TV channel and newspaper Al Watan that the ‘Arab sprig’ was actually ‘Winter’
He also added that the Arab spring revolutions were actually plots and conspiracies made to divide the Arab countries in to 40 countries !!
The Arab Spring is actually Arab winter
This was not the first shock from his holiness this month. Earlier this month the Pope shocked us and said that “now is not the perfect time for human rights” in Egypt !!
Excuse me !!?? Well I do not think Jesus Christ would approve what his pontiff said. He also added that human rights organizations were misunderstanding the situation of Egyptian Christians in the country !!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Language of Numbers : Capital Punishment in #Egypt “2009-2014” {Updated}

This is an infograph showing the number of death sentences handed out in Egypt in the past 5 years including yesterday's shocking sentence. By the way this infograph about the death sentences ruled out in courts and not the actual number of death sentences carried out. Egypt is from 40 countries worldwide that have not abolished the death sentence from its penalty code. Backed by Islamic Sharia as well huge public mindset , this sentence is not going to be cancelled anytime soon.
Updated by an Arabic version of the infogram as well updated with Amnesty International's numbers about capital punishment in Egypt which was issued on Thursday. 

The Return of The Living Dead !!

As if we do not have enough madness in Egypt already , we got this crazy photo spreading online.
Omar Suleiman is back somehow "Al Watan"
A group of people wearing the masks of Omar Suleiman showed up suddenly in Al Nahda square ,  Giza Monday’s afternoon.
It is not unclear why.
Here is the news from Al Watan that covered this scary event.
I wonder if they got a permit for this public gathering or not according to the new Protest law !!
It reminds with the masks of Edger Allan Poe in The Following TV series “Season One” !!
By the way there are some people for real who believe that General Omar Suleiman will come back and save the day !!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Another World Record We Have Achieved !!

We got the highest number of HCV patients in the world , we got the highest rate of sexual harassment in the world and today we broke a record in a mass-death sentence by a court in one single case !!
By Ternz
I am speaking about the historical court rule of Minya criminal court against 529 defendants , yup the one which the whole world is speaking about right now.
I will speak about facts here : 
  • 529 defendants were sentenced to death and 15 were acquitted in the Rabaa dispersal aftermath in Minya trial. 
  • 139 were detained in the case while the rest were either released on bail or on the run. 
  • Only 51 defendants attended the trial because the space could not hold more defendants.
  • The trial started on Saturday and ended on Monday. 
  • The 529 defendants are accused of killing deputy Sheriff  Mostafa El Attar of Matay Police Station !! 
  • The lawyers of the defendants demanded to replace the Judges panel but their request was rejected.
  • Updated : Now the head of Minya investigation is saying that all the defenders are in jail and not on the run. He also stated that the judge refused their attendance !!  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

#FreeAlaa : The Trial begins

The Trial of Alaa Abdel Fatah will start today along other 24 protesters arrested during the dispersal of the No For military trials protest last November 2013 in what is known the Shura Council Clashes Trial.
Alaa Abdel Fatah and Ahmed Abdel Rahman have been referred to court after nearly 100 days in illegal detention.
Here is a live update for the trial.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Consider yourself as Their Father Mr.President "Updated"

The family of Australian journalist Peter Greste received a letter from Egyptian presidency signed by the interim President Adly Mansour.
The Grestes sent a letter to Mansour asking him to release their son and they got an answer.
As a father I’d love to convey my understanding of the prevailing emotions of distress and anguish amongst both Peter and the whole family
Notwithstanding the independence of the judiciary authority and foremost all the rights guaranteed by the law, I would like to assure you in my capacity as president of Egypt that I will spare no effort to work towards the speedy resolution of the case in a fashion consistent with the law and that guarantees the resumption of the family in the near future.
What about the rest of Egyptian journalists detained in the case !? Would Adly Mansour consider them as his children as well !? "Updated on 23 March , scroll down for the update"

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy belated Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all Egyptian and Arab mothers all over the globe celebrating this day today , even if it was late.
Happy Mother Day to all the martyrs’ mothers from all parties who lost their children especially in last year because of a disgusting fight over power. Happy Mother Day to the Mothers of the detainees who are waiting for the return of their children back home safe.
Happy Mother Day to all the fantastic women and mothers working hardly to provide their children a better life.
Happy Mother Day to all mothers in the world.
Now some Egyptian Chronicles’ historical posts , Do you know who was the first Egyptian woman to be crown as the Role Model Mother when Mother’s Day was first celebrated in Egypt on 21 March 1956  was Mrs. Zeinab El Rafai. This scan is from “Misr Zaman” Facebook page. 
The first Role Model Mom in Egypt "Misr Zaman FB"

Oh yes there was some sort of competition to choose the Role Model Mother every year then and Mrs. El Rafai was chosen after her family applied to the competition. Mrs. Zeinab El Rafai was a housewife who could not read or write but raised all her 12 children “3 boys and 9 girls” to be educated.

#FreeAlaa : Where is @Alaa !? "Updated"

And I have posted that we must hang on moments of happiness in this difficult time moments before reading Manal Hassan's tweets about her husband activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah.

 Do you know how does it feel to have someone you know detained at the Ministry of interior !? It means that you can not be assured that he is fine for moment. Alaa was taken from from his cell yesterday and since then we do not know his whereabouts. 
 According to Alaa's family online they can not get an answer on where he was taken. He was taken yesterday from his cell to somewhere , where is that somewhere nobody knows officially.
It is worth to mention that Alaa has been detained illegally since last November 2013 and only last week he was referred along other 26 protesters to court for illegal protesting next March 23,2014.
This is extremely alarming by all measures especially with the reports of activists and detainees like Khaled El Sayid and Nagi Ali that they were tortured and beaten.
Updated @22.3.2014
Mona Seif announced that they found Alaa at last earlier Saturday. It turned out that he was transferred to another solitary cell after starting a hunger strike on Wednesday. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let’s Be happy .. Let’s Try to Be happy

Ok this is a bit little. Today dear readers and friends is the International Happiness Day. Oh yes it turns out that there is an international Happiness Day after and it is on 20 March every year , the first day of Spring.
And on this occasion I would like to share with you this video from Egypt , our Egyptian version from Happy by Pharrell Williams.
Happy Egypt
I do not want to sound dramatic but a piece of advice ; If you find a little piece of true happiness in that mad time of ours now, hang to it and do not let it go.
From Happiness is "Facebook Page"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#EndSH : And Actually this represents a bitter Reality in #Egypt "Updated"

Shoft T7rosh “I saw Sexual Harassment” reported a very alarming mob sexual harassment incident  on Monday.
The grassroots group fighting sexual harassment problem in Egypt issued a statement on the incident that took place in Cairo University. Yes a mob sexual harassment incident took place from two days in my university , the biggest State owned University Egypt ; Cairo University.
Here is the statement :
“I saw sexual harassment” campaign followed a mess harassment incident involving one of the girls inside Cairo University’s campus , specifically in Faculty of law.Tens of students gathered around one of the girls near the faculty of law on Sunday 16 March 2014 where they sexually harassed in different way starting with verbal harassment and physical harassment till the attempt to rip her off her clothes.
The girl then hided at ladies room. The incident did not end except when the administrative security of the university interfered and led the girl out where as the mob continued to gather around her harassing her verbally and filming her. This is not the first
By Makhlof
case of its kind as Egyptian female students face sexual harassment as well sexual abuses in the campus.
“I saw harassment” demanded the ministry of higher education as well Egyptian universities to facilitate the work of its volunteers in protecting the girls from sexual harassments. The Campaign also published two testimonies from eye witnesses about the incident. They mentioned on a how blond girl wearing provoking colors turn the Campus outside down.
Few hours ONTV discussed the incident in one of its shows “a girls related show” where they spoke with the Dean of Cairo University Dr. Gabar Nassar. They also showed a clip from the incident showing the girl walking away from the Campus.

Monday, March 17, 2014

#NoMiltrials : 3 years ..3 Regimes

This video is produced by No for military trials for civilians Campaign in the anniversary of its launch from 3 years ago.
No for Military trials : 3 years and it goes on ….
This video , simple produced video shows supporters of the campaign recounting in Arabic the cases of civilians , normal civilians who found themselves standing military trials in 3 years under 3 different regime.
I do no think no one can had imagined how important this campaign would and how it would make a huge difference not to mention how much we need this campaign especially now.
By the way I do not know if you know the news or not but Morocco is adopting a law to ban military trials for civilians. I hope I would write such news soon in Egypt.
It is worth to mention that since Constitution 2012 civilians in Egypt can stand military trials according to the Constitution.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Regarding the shooting of the Soldiers

Earlier Saturday we woke on another terrible news , another 6 Egyptian conscripts from Military Police were killed in a military checkpoint in the city of Mostord , Qaliubyia gveronorate .

The 6 young men were killed in cold blood. According to the first Armed forces’ official spokesperson’s first statement they were killed while they were praying but now according to shocking photos published in the news websites with no respect to the families of those martyrs , it seemed that some of them were shot in their beds. This was even more alarming by all measures.

No words can express the sadness and anger , after all another 6 young Egyptian young men from Sohag , from the working class that suffers a lot already and pays the price of politics once again getting killed in every possible way whether in terrorism or torture or in work or in sea or in another country. May Allah bless their souls and bring patience to their families

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jamming #ElBernmag : Who is afraid of #BassemYoussef !?

For the second week in row MBC Misr TV channel on Nile sat is jammed during the time of Bassem Youssef’s TV show “Al Bernmag” and its re-run. Yup it was jammed during the re-run on MBC Misr channel.
By the way Egyptians in Dubai reported that it was jammed there as well.
Last week the same thing happened and tonight it happened again and here are photos showing photos from different areas in Egypt , in Cairo reporting that that the channel was facing trouble during the broadcast of the renowned  political satire show.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Now Egypt’s CSF got a sponsor !! Updated"

This video is shared widely today on both Facebook an twitter in Egypt. It raises indeed a lot of questions. These questions are needed to be answered immediately by both Egypt’s ministry of Interior , Coca Cola Egypt and its mother company.
Coca Cola CSF vehicle !?
As you can see this is a CSF vehicle painted as if it were a Coca cola truck. Is Coca Cola sponsoring the MOI and the CSF !?
Here is another photo for the vehicle which one of my friends saw by his own eyes yesterday near October area.
Another photo

Updated @12:35 AM 
Ok Coca Cola Egypt issued a statement on twitter and Facebook regarding this matter.

And the River #Nile Turned to Sand !!

In Abrahamic Holy Books we know that River Nile turned in to blood in the story of Moses and the Pharaoh , well now in 2014 without Moses but with a regime of Pharaohs we found out the River Nile has turned in to sand !!

Oh yes in the past 48 hours the Nile has turned in to sand in Upper Egypt governorates especially in Sohag and some parts in Qena. There are no prophets now in Egypt despite the injustice is still still but there is huge turbidity in the Nile causing the water to look like a River of Sand.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Old is Gold : #Sudan in 1948 in #Color

And now this is something I should share with more audience and readers than the usual Facebook members arena.

Omdurman in 1948

Here is an extremely rare video clip showing footage from Sudan in year 1948 in color. It is very rare. It shows the market in Omdurman , Khartoum. 

“Old times in color” Facebook page published this video. This FB page is specialized in post old and rare colored reel clips and video clips as well photos. Of course I wish they would share the sources of those clips and more info about them.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#Egyweather : Double Rainbow in #Cairo

Ok for many people around the world , this is not something unusual but for us the Egyptians especially in Cairo , it is unusual for us to see not only one rainbow but double rainbow in the same time after raining SmileRainbow

Yup Cairo witnessed today a beautiful double rainbow for some time after raining in a strange sunny weather.

Ironically the head of the Weather forecast authority announced on Monday that the Wednesday would be the climax of bad weather and so on. Instead we had double rainbow.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

True Egyptian Ladies

This video was shot last Sunday when the family of Alaa Abdel Fatah was having its stand demanding the release of Alaa and Ahmed Abdel Rahman at the Prosecutor General HQ downtown Egypt.

Pro-El Sisi supporters Insulting Ahdaf Soueif and The Seifs

This video shows how Pro-Military Pro-El Sisi supporters taunted and insulted renowned Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif , her nieces Mona and Sana Seif , Human rights activist Aida Seif El Dowla and Salma Said.  Our ladies stood care less for those vulgar people insulting them by words ‘traitors’ and so on. It is a bad scene but look how our ladies stood against them with dignity like True Egyptian ladies 

Monday, March 10, 2014

#EgyWeather : It is raining and Egypt is drowning as usual

Last night it rained madly and it hailed also ... in March , oh yes. We got thunder , heavy rain and hail in Cairo in March. This says something about climatic change , is not it !?
Last night at 5th settlement by Mohamed Fakhry
Already this heavy rains wave that hit the country started from two days in Upper Egypt and Sinai specially South Sinai. You can imagine how things are considering our infrastructure there. Saint Catherine area which suffers from the heavy rain as usual. Roads and villages in South and Middle Sinai are in a very bad shape.
Here are photos from Saint Catherine by Hassan Nabil from Sinai Now TV channel Facebook page.

This always happens in Saint Catherine Mount area yet the government and governorate do not think in proactive way in some sort of drainage system that survive. The people of Saint Catherine are wondering when the media from the valley will care about them.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

#FreeAlaa : 100 Days without a Trial

The family , friends and protesters organized today a stand at the Prosecutor General right now demanding a trial’s date to be set for activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah who has been in detention for 100 days and for activist Ahmed Abdel Rahman who has been in detention for 102 days.
Alaa Abdel Fatah was arrested from 100 days ago for allegedly organizing a protest against Military trials for civilians in front of the cabinet if you remember. Up till this day the prosecution has not referred him to a trial. His father and lawyer Ahmed Seif El Islam and the rest of his family presented a petition to day to the head of the appeal court. Their demand is clear : Release both Alaa and Abdel Rahman
This is getting ridiculous for real.
Here is the statement of Alaa’s family in English by Dr. Ahdaf Soueif

Of course the honorable citizens of Downtown Cairo harassed them as usual in the protection of security forces.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay2014 in #Egypt : Release The Women Detainees

Happy International women day dear ladies everywhere
Pro-revolutionary ladies celebrated the International Women Day  in Egypt in their own way.
The Revolutionary Way Front organized a march this afternoon in Dokki in solidarity with Egyptian as well Arab detainees regardless of their political affiliation. The march was called “Bring Back our daughters from the prison cells”
The march was made of ladies , it was not big but yet it shows that some are not afraid from going to the street and that hostile atmosphere against them began to fade somehow. From the photos you can see that there were different ladies from different background whether liberals or leftists or Islamists.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

#KoftaGate : Let’s Burn those heretics at the Stake !! “Chapter3”

Ok I know I should not speak about this scandal more than twice but honestly I can not ignore this circus. The KoftaGate or Kofta Charade is still going on adding more dose to the usual madness we got in Egypt. Now today we got Mostafa Bakry telling us that Field Marshal El Sisi told him that there would be no HCV patient in Egypt after 5 years !! He added that 3 million HCV patients would be cured after 6 months. This is bold claim , this bold presidential promise.
First of all meet the first alleged patient to be cured from AIDS thanks to Dr. Abdel Atti.
I think investigative reporters all over the world need to know the contacts of that gentleman and try to get his medical records if we are speaking seriously.
Tahrir TV : Cured HIV patient speaks up

Throughout the weeks TV channels and newspapers began to host those who claim to be patients cured from HIV and HCV through the miraculous device. Professionally journalists should trace those patients.

Second Dr. Abdel Atti turns to be a crock according to a great investigative report in Shorouk Newspaper. The report includes testimonies of his victims. There has been no official reaction regarding this report up till now.

Third the official spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali posted the email of the Engineering Authority in the armed forces for inquiries about the HCV and HIV cure for those who have an inquiry.
Now not all the scientists and doctors in Egypt are jumping in to the CCDevice wagon , some of them since day one are considering it a silly disgust charade above them interim president’s Scientific adviser Essam Heggy.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Forgotten History : #EgyArmy in Crimea

As Egyptians are now boosting on how Oscar Winner Kate Blanchett started her acting career as an extra in one of Egypt’s 1990s cult films “I consider it a cult film” , they are now boosting on how the Egyptian army
Yes our Egyptian army fought along the Ottoman army in 1853 over the control of Crimea against the Russian army. Oh yes we did.
Saudi owned News Channel reminded us with that forgotten piece of our history from Prince Omar Tousson’s book “The Egyptian army in the Crimean war 1853-1855”
According to Prince Tousson, the Ottoman Emperor asked the help of his allies and thus Abbas I of Egypt then sent Egyptian troops to help him. He sent a fleet of 12 warships with 6850 soldiers and 642 cannons led by Admiral Hassan Pasha El Iskandarany. For land battles , Abbas I sent 20,000 solider and 72 cannons led by army commander Selim Pasha Fathy who died in the battle there and was buried in a cemetery near the Big Khan Mosque.
After the Ottoman’s victory in the battle , two Egyptian warships sunk in the Black sea and Egyptian Navy lost 1920 of its members in one of our Egyptian navy’s worst disasters ever.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mosa'ab El Shamy Presents : Celebrating Al Hussein’s Birthday

Last week thousands of Egyptians celebrated the Birthday or El Mouled of Emam Al Hussein “Peace upon him” at his shrine and dear friend Mosa’ab El Shamy was there to capture this special night on his camera.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

#KoftaGate : Dr. Strangelove or Trust Me I am a Doctor “Chapter-2” {Updated}

Meet Dr. and Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti , Our own Dr.Strangelove aka  the man who invented a device to cure not HCV but also AIDS in one of the controversial announcements of year 2014 in Egypt by none other than the Egyptian armed forces.
The first time I saw this thin man was in the international press conference organized by the army about the diagnose and treatment system of HCV and HIV they invented at the Engineering authority last Sunday.
The Press conference of the Egyptian armed forces about its treatment system
His memorable words in the documentary and the Press conference were unforgettable “Son you had AIDS and now it is gone”  and “ I took AIDS from the patient and returned it to him as Kofta” earned him to be number one in Egypt’ Memes online society this week.
Neither “Son you had AIDS” nor “ the Kofta” made me believe me that there was something wrong about this man as much the statements he gave to press later in the Press conference.