Monday, November 28, 2005

Bravo Noha

The Councilor Noha of Damnhor is the woman of the year 2005 in Egypt , this respectable lady has courage hundreds or even thousands of men in Egypt now don't have , yes I mean it , and I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling .
For those who don't know Councilor Noha, she is an honest lady who confessed and announced her innocence from the results of the Parliament elections in Bahira where she is supervised the elections, as in Bahira there were two candidates Gamal Hashmat ,the Muslim brotherhood candidate , who is very popular in the area and won the elections several times, Gamal's opponent in the elections there is Mustafa El-Faky , the National democratic party candidate "NDP" a very respected politician " was respectable but now no he is not respectable at all" who used to work in the foreign affairs and as counselor to president Mubarak for foreign affairs for years. El-Faky wanted to buy votes by any possible way as Hashmat is very popular and so it was not surprisingly that the bribes method was used to try to influence the electors to vote for him, yet it was surprisingly and sad that a man like El-faky distributed Meat meals as bribe as it was told and said in the media!!!
Yet time of choice came ,and people all chose Gamal Hashmat and the result at night was announced in the national Television and all Arabic news channels like Al-Jazeera that Hashmat won and El-Faky lost , the difference between them was huge , a number like 25,000 votes difference .
But suddenly in the morning the results were changed for the sake of El-Faky "The same scenario of Amal Othman in Dokki and Agouza area in the first phase of the elections", Rumors sayings till now that President Mubarak himself interfered in the manipulating the results !!!!!
All people in Egypt are sure of the cheat that happened in Bahira yet no one can speak because there was no evidence yet Councilor Noha, in Damnhor revealed the truth in El-Masri El-Yom "unfortunately I didn't buy this edition" yet it is published in El-osboo3 today and announced that she is innocent from this result in front of God and the nation, this really is impressive, it is so great and I am so proud of her, May God Bless her
Ironically El-Faky is saying there are some judges who got some Muslim brotherhood relations!!!!!!!!
People we need more from Noha's Kind and we need less and even Zero of the justice minister in Egypt Abu Lil

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thugs again and again

First of all I want to correct something I posted in my last post " that India got no thugs" I am sorry as I found out through search the origin of thug word in English that thug and thugee was originated in India itself !!!!!
Do you know Indiana Jones movie series !? Did you see the last movie of this series produced 1984 , Indiana Jones and the temple of Dome !? If you did ,you probably know what is thugee even in silly way
Well you can check Wikipedia its meaning ,I will talk about it later , do it yourself and explore the hidden world of Thuggee
Second I will continue talking about thugs again
My dear visitors Mohammed and Egyptian -in -USA commented in my last post two comments made me think so much , despite some think they are different yet I guess they are related to each other
I think Mohamed's emphasis that we " as society"don't care about the poor working class that got voting power , he is right we don't have as Egyptian Arabic Society, we think that it is government duty despite the fact that the government and the regime don't care about the society and don't give damn about the Educated Middle or working lower class , only the very high class that the NDP, the government and the regime belong to they care about.
Egyptian-In-USA's emphasis was why we don't talk with thugs or even pay to them more than the NDP to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong !!!!!

Now listen to my emphasis , we as society don't care about the poor class and as of the results of this carelessness the thugs appeared , I am not saying that we are the reason but I am saying that we didn't try really to understand and solve this problems, guys from two decades we didn't have such thing in Egypt whether in Nasser Era or Sadaat Era, may God bless their souls
Also as a society 's fault that no one tried to speak to those thugs especially in the time of the elections ,showing them it is wrong , not just it is wrong that they support the NDP and they are its dirty hand that keeps hitting on the poor people , but it is wrong to use the language of the violence by this way whether in elections or non elections time .
It is issue of belonging and patriotism people ,I am not kidding ,I am talking very serious
Patriotism and belonging is not about loving the country and its flag , listening to Akid fi Misr and Ya Agla 7aga fi wogod but also it is caring and working for having a better future for me and my kids in my country in a respectful way that makes me feel respected with a dignity .
as a society we speak a lot of Patriotism but we aren't that patriot enough ,after making the streets dirty and spitting on the streets make the country look ugly and us as uncivilized people
It is deep issue the one about belonging nowadays
But really do the thugs have this sense of patriotism and belonging !?
May be , may be not
now I am writing all what is in my mind from my thoughts without no arrangement or even logic in some parts
If we talk with thugs like Egyptian -in-USA said , would they listen? ,I don't agree on paying more than NDP because if then there will no trust , no belonging , the only belonging will be for the pound and can even reach to the dollar sign only
If we talk ,will they listen ?? Will they put their swords and knives down??
You know one of my impossible dreams is that one day near the election season , a NDP man goes to a thug and thug refuses the devil's offer not because NDP wants to hire him but because it is unethical to do so , to spoil the chance where the people can choose those who really care from them , and he won't do it for money even if he is so hungry ,even the NDP man threats him with the police ..... Impossible dream right!?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Khalty Faransa rules

Ladies and Gentlemen: The new spokesman of Egyptian Democracy, the new democracy which the NDP is seeking with its new thinking….She is not a spokesman rather she is a spokeswoman, and she doesn't talk but she acts
She is Faransa

She is a lady-thug, a profession that is usually practiced by the low classes, who didn't have enough education and rather got criminal background, and as I said before, she doesn't talk, she acts immediately, and her voice is both the slung tongue and her powerful hand.
Okay enough of this silly talk.
The entire world spoke about the violence that occurred in the Phase Two of the Parliament elections 2005 in Egypt, already 3 people were killed ,hundreds were injured and people are frightened , surely you had seen some news report of course not on the Egyptian National Television but on al-Jazeera and others real news channel , and you saw the strange battles between the thugs " It is the first time I know this word in English , I learned it from the Dostor Newspaper this week," and the electors from a side and the other candidates parties and groups .
Who hired them? well lets see the whole scene, those groups come male and female, all with criminal records, go and threat electors and prevent them from voting, hit the other candidates and followers especially the banned Muslim Brotherhood, and all under the eye and ear of the police and security forces and even under their protection ……Well it is not Ramadan Riddle but I fear that NDP began to lose its temper.
In the second phase I was terrified to know see that scene in Al-Jazeera which they kept repeating it in their news in the day of the elections, where a man, a thug throwing a desk over a group of ladies who were going to vote in one of the School to frighten them and make them go away and so the cheating can be done peacefully in the Committee. I won't talk much about why NDP use these Dirty methods or how we could prevent it; I will speak about Faransa ……
Khalety Faransa "Aunty Faransa" was a block buster comedy that was presented last year in Egypt starring Egypt 's leading actresses whom I love them so much Abla Kamal "This lady deserves an OSCAR " and Mona Zaki. The movie is written by Balal Fadel, the famous sarcastic writer in Dostor newspaper "I read his page all of it every Wednesday especially "Alamain", the movie is a comedy a bout the life of two ladies thugs who only live on quarrels and how the society look to them and how the younger lady, Faransa's Niece "Zaki" wants a better future for her and her little Sister whom she fears her from this dark life, Light comedy many people didn't like because of the Slang language used and even some said how come a civilized country like Egypt produced such movie and the women's repetition…..Bla bla bla. After watching this movie and after watching what happened in the last elections' phase I believe that this reality movie more than a comedy, Fadel put the Poison in the honey as we say in Egypt.
There is a master scene in Khalety Faransa in My opinion which will explain why I made this relation between Faransa and the elections.
The Scene is like this:
  • Faransa and her niece are arrested by the police after some quarrel and already they could go to jail yet the police officer will make a devil deal for them , already there is in the room , a devil invoice , a man from the ruling party "Didn't say that he is from the NDP but anyone can understand that" , the officer said that they will be set free if they do a favor for the government, and here the devil invoice completes the deal: "Haja " used to describe the person who comes back from pilgrim from Mecca in a way of respect in Arabic language " Faransa , there is a bad man that is standing against us in the elections and we are wondering if you and your quarreling-trouble making- thaugs ladies can stop him" Batta , the rebel niece of Faransa asks "why you consider him bad ?"the officer answers "Shut up " yet the devil invoice says "because he spoils young men and girls ,this is for Egypt's sake"

  • In the elections, we found out that the bad guy is a professor in the faculty of Political science and he is an opponent of the NDP candidate ,and the candidate is supported by Faransa's love a drug dealer and her brother in law who works in prostitution and so Bata while hitting a college girl has this little chat with her aunt " How come this man is good while a drug dealer walks beside him ?" and her aunt of course because she adores the drug dealer ignores this fact but she is in wonder how come this dirty brother in law walks beside the NDP candidate , and then Batta and her hands pulling the hair of the college girl began to ask her if she was a bad girl who wanted to spoil the people "the same words in Arabic " , and who is this evil man and so on and the moment the truth is revealed Bata says to Faransa " we are deceived " , in less than a second Faransa led the quarrel to the other side and the scene ended with Abd Halim voice's chanting " Ya ya Baldy " " oh my country ".

See the image Batta is hitting a college girl and behind her is the Police car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you see the relation? The truth in the movie those two quarreling ladies are kinder than in the real life, Balal Fadel already is considered a writer from the opposition and so I guess what wrote is what he is wishing to happen to the NDP.
The thugs ladies and men are usually highly profiled criminals with so much hate to the society, with crimes from prostitution to drug dealing to become hit men some times , coming from very low classes with failure in study that cause them to hate and desicpe the educated class or anyone who has some certain level of Knowledge, they exist in every society in the world, the mixture of poverty with ignorance, criminal intention and hate so much hate, they hate this society as they believe it is the fault of this society that made them such unacceptable personalities , partially there is some truth but being poor and uneducated is not an excuse of being a criminal , they can sell their own livers from money , their kids , anything for money , they are for rent , to be used in Quarrels that can even reach to become a hit men as I said before " in Alexandria , an opponent candidate to NDP was being stabbed but fortunately he lived. Knives, Swiss knives, hydorlic acids, sticks and even swords are their weapons not to mention their other weapons from making Chaos and sexually harassing women are other destructive weapons they used.
As it was mentioned in the movie and in real life and as I said before they sell themselves to anyone for money even the devil, even to the government to the police and security forces, after all the government can send them to jail, in this year the NDP used them a lot, so much, in the famous riot in the Journalism Syndication where the ladies journalists were being harassed and in the elections especially the second phase last week, the winds of change!!!!!!!!
I don't know if I should feel pity over those thugs as social class or hate them, or what!?
I see that disgusting scene and remember it, the one where this criminal throwing desk over the ladies and I got angry, then I remember the young man who was killed in Alexandria in the Quarrel, this young man is younger than me only 20 years old and ironically he was just walking in that damn street, and he didn't elect or even has an election id, just walking by in Peace to become the martyr of the war of democracy and I become very sad.
The police and the thugs became the language the NDP and the government use to back up its power in Egypt, not the army and military rule, no we are fooling ourselves if we say that the army rules us as in Nasser days, we ruled by the NDP whose members didn't join the army, most them even escaped from mandatory service of the army as they got a flat foot!!!!!! We ruled under a military law, yes I know but I ask you where the army is now?
The police issue is very deep yet the thaugs and the quarrel and trouble makers make me think so much, as they belong to the low class, the class that got a really voting power in the elections, the low class that the labors, the peasants and farmers belong to, the low class which sell their votes to get money and even sell their votes to get a meal, just one meal for one hour and after that they will go back to their hunger.
In these elections 2005 billions were spent to buy votes , the minister of inhibition gave the people in his area flats and home appliances so they vote for him , Mustafa El-faky who was declared a loser at night ,yet in morning he was winner distributed meals of liver "very low cost meal "!!!
I once asked a professor in University about India, How it became the biggest democracy in the world, The U.S doesn't have this title, India with its large population most of them are under the poverty line, ignorance, sickness and illiteracy, How come !?
He answered me saying that Politicians there go to people and explain to them in very simple way the importance of their voting power and how it can change their lives either from hell to heaven or heaven to hell, it is their own choice but this is in India, already a country with Democracy and constitution and Parliament not like in Egypt yet the idea here that political culture or the voting culture as they keep saying in TV day and night.
Yet question here why in India there is no thugs and Quarrel and trouble makers with all those parties and so on? And why they exist in Egypt? Simply because in India there is democracy while in Egypt there is no democracy, there is dictatorship.
The end from Khalety Faransa Movie:
Batta while knowing the truth from the College "Tell me gal who sent you? Who is this bad guy? You want to spoil the university youth."
The college girl "No one sent me , I am here to support my professor and he is good guy , he wants to be a Parliament member so he can help in making a better future for youth and making you stop hitting people ."
Batta Stopped pulling the girl's hair "So you are not a bad girl"
"If I am bad girl, you too are a bad girl"

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Customs of the signs and changes

An apology to Abd Allah Wanos's play, I took this title to begin my post about Syria, no it won't be about the Syrian president speech, I am so busy and can't handle this now.
I will speak about some strange things now happening in Syria, the Custom of signs and Changes
Before I continue, I just want to say that I love Syria so much that I consider it the North Part of Egypt and Egypt is the south Part of Syria, yes I still live in this faraway dream of The United Arab Republic
Without any sophisticated introduction, I saw something very strange couple of Weeks, a press conference held by the Syrian Government after the investigation committee report was presented to United Nations.
The new change I saw and I guess many others who are similar with the Baath regime in Syria saw it and were surprised just like me is the Spokeswoman speaking on behalf of the Syrian regime is wearing a veil !!!!!!!!
A Syrian official veiled lady!!!!!!
You may not see some significant in this, so what they are Muslims in the End, well this what you say if you are not similar with what was going in Syria in the last thirty years
In few words, the Baath Party declared a war on Sunnis in Syria since El-Assad took the rule, already most of Baath party are Alowy Shiia, a minority compared to the Sunni percentage, yet The Syrian Baath is not so Shiia devoted ,it is more than a communist party and that's why it had a good relation with Ex: U.S.S.R.
For decades this regime declared a war to erase any religious existence in Syria and before any Baath supporter ask me where did I get this information , well I got it from many Syrian friends Sunnis and Christians who came to Egypt to escape from that dictatorship .
My grandmother's friend is married to a Syrian man, since 30 years she had told my grandmother how the veil was taken off the Syrian ladies heads while they are walking down the streets by the Baath agents and supporters, this story is confirmed by many Syrian people I met in Egypt.
The Crimes of this regime against the Muslim Sunni are terrible, and in fact they are war crime, the Amoy Mosque Massacre, tanks attacking prayers on Friday, Hamma's Massacre, 20,000 Sunni Muslims were killed by raids made by the Air Forces in 1971, I wonder where those Air Forces were in 1973?!
Did u get the picture now? Why I consider this as radical change?
Already the Veil returned back to Syria again after the Death of the father Assad friend of mine visited Syria last year in summer, told me that you can barely see a girl without veil in Sunni parts of Syria
Yet to find an official in a regime that fought Islam for long time with Veil this is a new thing, a new tone
Already I was surprised to find Basher says in his long speech in Damascus University "I won't bow to any one, I won't let the Syrian People bow to anyone, Syria doesn't bow to anyone Except God " …………Really Radical change, I mean I heard that his own dad was taught how to pray when he got the rule so people can accept him.
Also look to the report showing the Speech reaction in Syrian Street shot by Syrian TV, outside the University Hall with speakers all around and then the camera turned to show us and the world couple of Muslim Sheikhs listening to the speech and a veiled lady seemed to be Baath supporter leading a demonstration against the United States
Do you see what I see?
Well it is a human nature to go back to religion in hard times
And Syria and Syrian regime specifically a real Hard time now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bush wanted to Bomb al-jazeera

The freedom fighter and human rights watcher in the World Mr. G.W.Bush wanted to bomb Al-jazeera Headquater in Doha, Qatar Yet thank Goodness Tony Blair saved the day .
Read the rest of the news of today from The which exposed the whole thing.
What kind of idiot is Bush ?
You know this is consider Dictatorship , as you don't want the other to speak or even open his mouth


Some old news yet new for Some : No MSN Messenger any more it will be WLM

This is a bit of old news but there is no harm to post it here in my Egyptian Chronicles .
Without sophisicated introductions
Microsoft the software giant will present to the world soon a new version from its popular IM program , a new version of MSN Messenger
Well till now there is no thing so unique ,so what every now and then MS updates its IM as it is not alone in the Market ,there is Yahoo IM ,there is Aim/Icq "Yes Aol bought Icq and the servers were transferred from Tel Aviv from long time"
what it is unique or what will make the new version unique are some nice interesting features:
  1. The name won't be MSN Messenger anymore, it will be Windows Live Messenger.
  2. New great GUI ,similar to one in the coming Windows Vista.
  3. Pc Calling but it will be for Money not like Skype " I don't know for sure."
  4. File Sharing just like in P2P programs
  5. Many more great features

How I know all these ,well I was from the early people who tried and installed the leaked pre-beta version from MS labs , it is on the loose on the Internet ,yet you have to use a patch to make it work on your PC and your Hotmail/MSN accounts why?

Well MS made a very nice trick, stricking the pre-beta version on its beta testers only with their accounts ,but Thank God for the patches

I use the patch made by talented Lebanese Hacker Mario in , it is great , yet there are other patches available in the web

You can find all about it in this great site which faces now a horrible problem that MSN will be Windows Live : MESS with Messenger

You can see the screencapture from long time from my PC ,me talking to the Undertaker !!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

For the first time in Her long history

For the first time in her long history in the Egyptian Parliament, the oldest member in all Parliaments over the World according to the Book of Genus Record, Fadia Kamal lost the elections in Ain ElSiera District for the first time.
Another defeat to the NDP and Another victory to the patient Egyptian People regardless who won there instead of her, I guess the Muslim brotherhood candidate.
Fadia Kamal is the example of how rotten, Corrupted and Hypocrite are the Egyptian politicians working under the umbrella of the regime party.
Since the 60s and Fadia was in the Assembly till the last period from few months, more than 30 years, three different presidents, with different policies and directions,
She said Yes and Supported Nasser's communist centralized rule.
She Said Yes and Supported Sadaat's open doors capitalistic rule.
She said and still says and support Mubarak's "The father and son" capitalistic and I don't what how categorized this current era.
She was a member in "The Socialist union" then "Egypt Party" and last "The new National Democratic Party".
Like the Lizard changing its color, Nasser attacks the west and she agrees, Sadaat come closer to the West and she agrees, do you understand what I am trying to say !?
And She is not alone by the way, another one shares her same Qualities Mr.Kamal El-Shazely " If you are Egyptian, no need to tell you who is he everyone knows the Moon! If you are not Egyptian, well Mr. Shazely is another rotten hypocrite Example, since the 60s and he is a member in every ruling Party till he reached the ministry of Parliament affairs and he considered from the Old Guards in NDP that Mr.Gamal wants to get rid of.
We won't have a real democratic society, a healthy one with freedom of expression, a society that works for its own interest, except when we get rid of those example for good in other bad words to get rid of this Shit, yes it is shit to be hypocrite.
One step toward to this Society is to ban those hypocrites from representing the Egyptian people in the Assembly as you don't work for people interest but for their own interests, we came closer to it this elections , guys don't lost hope ,it is great achievement we reached this time ,yes Shazely still in his place ,but Fadia is out
Another step is to punish all those Hypocrites; we must punish them to put end for them as they will change their colors to be freedom and democracy supporters
Sometimes I wish that Mohamed Ali, the great founder of Egypt May God bless his soul comes back and punish all those Hypocrites by a Massacre like the one he did in the Citadel with the Mamlukes , a bloody solution I know but Our lives turned in to a bloody one thanks to those Hypocrites
Anywayone goes, Hundreds stay yet the thousand Mile Road begins with one Step.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

28 years on the Sadaat Historical visit to Israel "Peace upon You"

Today the 19th of November 2005 is the 28th anniversary of the Historical Visit of the Late President Mohammed Anwar El-Sadaat of Egypt to Israel , the historical visit that changed the Course of history

Despite all what is said about the Visit and despite I didn't live it , but I am proud of it , I am proud of it because went there and his head high , and those who say that Egyptian people were angry from the visit are changing some reality because people were not totally shocked .

Did you listen to Sadaat Speech in the Israeli assembly "Knesset"?
Did you see how much pride and dignity he spoke there ?
Did you listen carefully to each word in the speech ?

This speech is one of the best speeches in the Arab world in the 20th century .It was written either by Moses Sabri or Ahmad Baheldin " the two famous writers"

People I don't know why many Arabs hate Sadaat and curse him day and night ,despite the fact late Kings like Hassan of Morocco and Hussein got strong relations with Israel even before Camp David, The secret negotiations between Egypt and Israel was in Morocco , and King Hussein informed Israel as soon as he knew by the date of the Yom El-Kippor war yet they didn't believe him " Israeli documents"
Till now those two Arabic figures got a respect they don't deserve while the man who had enough courage not to fool his people got curses

Guys we went there ,and victory in our side , already we took the crossings of Sinai ,so all Sinai is under our Control ,yet Sadaat wanted to take back the Egyptian land so he Chose the peace and I guess by this way he put Israel in situation it never was before , all civilized world won't look to it as it used to , if the peace was rejected

Another thing I agree with what late Sadaat once described it in one of his speeches in the Egyptian assembly after the attack on Egypt by the Arab countries led by Iraq and Saddam Hussein " This is rudeness , dirty act, and alt Haia "Egyptian will know it"
One of the reasons I hate Saddam Hussein that after this visit he began to hunt the Egyptians down in Iraq and Kill them , a relative of mine a professor in University ran away with his family to get the hell from mad Saddam " This is my answer Bill on your Question "

in the end I say that this small visit to Israel with a big step for Peace and pride in Middle East

Peace upon You

Farewell Hussein El-Shafi

Today Hussein El-Shafi, the member in the free officers of Egypt had passed away after very long life
May God bless his soul
Now only two members are left Zachary Mohi El-Din and Khaled Mohi El-Din
Despite that I didn't like Hussein El-Shafi much , for his opinions about El-Sadaat and his days as Judge for the revolution courts , many innocent people were punished unjustly in this court as I was told and his biased memories of the revolution and the 60s "all was good and great under Nasser rule."
Yet I respected the man ,may be because of his old age ,may be because I found out that my family from Grandmother side is related to his family in distant relativeness
And because I respected the man that there was a bloody question came back again to my mind after I heard the news in the national TV " Why He "Hussein El-shafi" wasn't honored like Zechariah Mohi El-Din in the celebration of the Jubilee of the revolution in 2002?"
Mobarak honored Zechariah with a medal and also Khaled ,yet El-Shafi was ignored totally
was it because El-Safy attacked El-Sadaat ,well Khaled Mohi El-Din doesn't respect late Sadaat either
It was bad act as usual from the Egyptian regime.
I wonder if it was too late to honor him.
The least Mubarak can do tomorrow is to attend the Funeral ,not to send anyone and I think he will send anyone as he will busy with this Iraqi Circus "People Iraq won't have Peace except when the American troops go back home"
Anyway God bless your Hussein El-shafi

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Flu season

The Flu season began in our house
Started with Grand Ma and Now me
I am still in the early stages, I am taking medicines and so on, yet I feel things may go worse
You know when you can't breathe from your nose and breathe from your mouth, I am doing this now to keep me alive oh boy.
I feel that winter started early this year, and it seems to be one long very cold winter, I don't like Winter I like summer and the summer nights (

Monday, November 14, 2005

I want to talk about these things

Oh boy many important things happened in the last week that I want so much to speak about , also there are other things I want to speak about in this blog that don't have any connection with the present news
  1. The Syrian issue and the Syrian president speech in Damascus University
  2. Abdel -Karim arresting "if you are Egyptian blogger ,you will know whom I am talking about"
  3. The current events in Egypt and boy they are so many
  4. The jubilee of Egyptian Intelligence "didn't talk the enough space last time"
  5. Why I consider "Agent 1001" is not on the required standard " for all those girls who are waiting to know why I didn't like it"
  6. What else!? Oh yes the TV series I watched in Ramadan "Sara"
  7. Raya and Sakina true terrible images
  8. The life makers again and again

as you see there are many things I put it in my mind yet time is problem as I am busy but I will try , I once made a list like this from couple of months yet I didn't write anything , hopefully I will write this time :)

Stay tune

It is not an Islamic Revolution that in France

Last night I knew from the Dream TV 2 10 O'clock that American Fox news is saying that on going angry riots in France are an Islamic Revolution!!!!!!!!
First I didn't watch Fox news for some time now as I think it is lying and biased against the Muslim Community in the world
Second I am amazed describing the Angry riots in France by Islamic not mention that I heard that that Fox News is so happy saying that deserves France for not going in the American carven and standing against the American war machine !!!!!!!

Guys what are you seeing in France is the anger of unacceptable social class
a social class that consists of the third generations of Immigrants that have French passport with French culture yet they are not accepted till now as citizens
Yes most of them come of North Africa where Arabic and Islam are the language and religion of this area of World
But the third generation whose origin comes from this region ,barely speaks Arabic or even practice Islam as it should be
this is a reality no one can deny ,there is gap , a lost identity between roots that had been cut off from long time and nationality that is only on passport and id papers
It is the anger of social class that found itself unaccepted because of Color ,origin and poverty
Do you know that the districts outside Paris where Riots erupted ,the French word to describe them comes from the English Word "BAN"
Yesterday I knew this shocking racist information from a French guest in 10 O'clock
Even if you are blond ,with colored eyes you won't be able to work in a decent place if you come from these places.
The crime rates there are high , the ignorance rate there are high , the poverty there are high
The hip-hop and rap there was full of violence and hate since 10 years ago
It is a social Vito made by those unaccepted to be accepted as humans with rights to be respected and to be protected
No religion in this game nor origin roots , guys those don't want to return to Algeria or Ivory Coast ,those want to be French citizen , complete French citizen

Friday, November 11, 2005

Mustafa El-Akad passed away

Just as I read in the news , the great director Mustafa El-Akad has passed away in Jordan after being injury
this is sad day in the Arabic cinema and also international cinema
please when you are watching the Message or the Lion of desert Omar El-Mokhater ,remember that the director was Arabic muslim Mustafa Akad of Alapo of Syria .
Whey you are watching any Halloween movie ,remember that the producer of this American horror series is an Arabic American man who believed in Arabism .
This man wanted so much in the last years of his life to produce a movie that shows the west the truth about Islam , it was going to be about the Crusaders and the true life of Salah El-Din yet both fate and circumstances
The man was killed from the Jordan blast which the so-called Al-Qaida made it ,this man was against the war in Iraq and supported the Palestinians
I don't know but may be if he wasn't killed ,He could have presented movies that would be more powerful then guns

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pray for Moustapha Akkad

First Do you know Moustapha Akkad?
if you don't know this syrian man or never heard of him ,I will tell you who is him
He is great talented director who made great two movies about Islam and Arab nation El-Resla and Omar ElMokhtar
still don't know him ,well to make it easier
Do you know Halloween series ? Mick Myers killing people
He is the excutive producer of this series , one of the few arabs who had the courage to work in Hollywood , there are many lebanese producers in Hollywood but they don't care about producing or making not a movie but even a documentary about the Arab or Islamic history
Moustafa El-Akad needs your prayers now as he is lying between life and death in Aman hospital , the international director who opposed the war in Iraq was in the wrong time in the wrong place in Redisson hotel in Jordan when the blasts happened

His daughter Rima passed away as result of injuries while he suffers from injuries plus he got a heart attack that made things worst ,
There are many tragdies in Redisson hotel Jordan branch from wedding victims to Moustafa Akad
Please Ask God to mercy him
Moustapha Akkad at IMDB

Amal othman won after all :(

Yesterday Hazem Abu Ismail of Muslim brotherhood was declared as the winner in the elections for the Parilament membership for the Dokki and Agouza ,and I was so happy that Amal othman lost for the first time since very very long time
Yet today suddenly the results were changed and Amal won by the miracle of finding some 8000 votes !!!!!!!!!!
Cheating as usual
Of course the Members representing the Agouza and Dokki are still Amal Othman and Sayed Gohar:(
I don't know why I have the feeling that Amal Othman is a communist in the communist party in Ex: U.S.S.R
May be the hair cut , the style of her cloths I don't know , she seems to me more socialist
There is no big difference anyway between the communist party in Soviet Russia and the NDP in Egypt ,the only difference is that the first is communist and the later is capitalistic from outside ,the great common factor between them beside corruption is the policy committee
Hopefully the NDP will have the same doomed history like the communist party
Check the latest news about the election in both

Pidyon Sheivuyim Squad

Telegraph News For hire: elite Israeli squad who can break you out of jail
interesting , just like in hollywood movies !!!!!!!!
What is interesting that this squad team is based upon an old jewsih code Pidyon Sheivuyim, a redemiption of Capitve , this anicent law calls the jews to free their fellows for captive
The Squad is from the ex-officers in the Specail forces in Isreali army "their mission is not so different from Kidnapping and killing, remember Abu Gihad assissnationin Tunsia "
The article of Telegraph didn't mention if these fellows were guilty deserved to be punished or unguilty sent to jail unjustly and need to be free from a developing country prison
The price of this squad can go up till 150,000$ so it is not a free of charge for poor Iseralis as I see

Amal Othman failed for the first time ,the results of the elections

Just few hours some results were declared you can check them in my favorite Egyptian new source
The news that made so so happy is that for the first time , in Dokki and Aguoza committee Amal othman ,the ex-minister and NDP member lost the elections of the parliament against the banned Muslim brotherhood member Hazam Abu Ismail, for the first time ,you know I am not because he is from the Muslim brotherhood but happy that she lost .
The bad expected news is that the old and new guards of NDP : Shazely,Sorror, Azami,Botrus and Ezz !!!!:(
Already Nour lost the elections ,also Magdy Hussein
I wish that Mona Makram Abid wins in Shobra yet already in Dream TV 10 o'clock she complains from obvious cheating in some committees !!!
My aunt told me something wise "Do you think with transparent boxes and media promotion there will be a democracy ? Do you believe that they want a normal democracy life in Egypt ? If this is a democracy life in Egypt ,they will all end ."
People I am Egyptian and I say that I don't care about this parliament as it is representing me ,it is based upon cheating and regimes wishes not people wishes

Hotel blasts kill dozens in Jordan

Just few hours Regular Jordanian people were celebrating a wedding in Redisson Hotel over the dead sea when a suicide bomber entered the hall and bombed himself in the crowd 167 are injured and 67 are dead ,I feel so sad for this bloody murder ,it is murder crime to kill innocent unarmed people and I guess it is even more not human to kill those innocent unarmed people celebrating a wedding ceremony.
A wedding that turned to mass funeral for the guests
I wonder who will benefit from these blasts ,as beside the wedding blast there was one in the lobby of Raddison Hotel and another one ,a bombed car outside another hotel , in the dead sea area I suppose
It is terrible but it is expected with all the troubles in the Middle East ,already there are many who oppose the policies of the regime in Jordan "A monarchy based rule country" , since the 50s and Jordan had strong relations with the West that created for it enemies in the East starting with Nasser in Egypt , the strong relations with the United States and Israel is the fast reason people can reach as the motive behind this blast with the regular suspect nowadays Al-Qaida and its branch in El-Sham and the Euphrates countries A.K.a Abu Mossab El-Zaraqawi , who is Jordanian by the way,
But guys is that strange that most victims are from the native Jordanian people , I mean if some terrorist group wants to target the Jordanian -Israel relations or the American -Jordanian relations ,they would target a group of Israeli tourists or American tourists , I don't mean that I am with targeting those heavens forbid but I am speaking from a logic perspective ,why bombing a Jordanian wedding !!!!!!
yeah I know I always use the conspiracy theory mind set but in our region don't omit this option ,there could be indirect reasons just like the sharm sheikh incident which till now no one knows who really did it or even why ?!!!
You know when I heard in the news about the blasts I thought some Israeli tourist group were targeted then the big surprise a wedding , a Jordanian
what is interesting that the Jordanian government declared today Thursday as day off for educational establishments and governmental offices ,Strange right!!!!!
Well Egypt faced a lot of terrorist acts and we never took one day off
Quote - Hotel blasts kill dozens in Jordan - Nov 9, 2005

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Deny till the end

"Deny till the end." Said the old movie stars agent to the conjoint twin brothers," Deny that your brother stuck on you" and the two brothers looked to each other then to him as  insane as It is unbelievable to deny  that they are conjoint twin
"This is what I told Rock Hudson, Deny till the end"
That Scene is from Movie "Stuck on You", I remember it when I read the results of Investigation made by the D.A in Egypt Mr. Maher Abd El-Wahd saying there is no CD or Play presented in Margarges Church in Alexandria insulting the Islam, and all was a conspiracy made to destroy the Unity of the two elements of the Valley of the Nile.
Big address in the daily Ahram newspaper with Abd El-Wahd image "No play or CD"
It seems to me that both the Authorities represented in MR. Maher Abd El-Wahd and the official newspapers represented in Daily Ahram are both lying, and this is something it is not new on them, or unexpected but the thing here in previous times there is no evidence expect some conspiracies with no proof, this time we got the greatest proof "The play itself"
I don't know if they think they're fooling the public or fooling themselves "the later option is better, Already the Egyptian Orthodox Church declared that there is already play produced by this name, also the opposition newspapers that the government is dealing with as if they were dealing with Israeli newspapers, El-Dostor was the first to publish CD and play Content .more than the Play is already uploaded to the internet and it is available online on the Egyptian blog . .
The regime unfortunately is dealing with any national crisis especially the Muslim-Christian problem like the Ostrich putting, on the official level we are great country, the Pope with Sheikh El-Azher, Kisses and Fatr tables here and there and it is over ,some alien forces are targeting Egypt, exactly just like the Ostrich hiding its head in the sand and leaving the rest of its body anyone can hunt it down same thing in the Egyptian regime leaving the Christian issue in Egypt with no solution and then complaining from those Copts agents working outside the borders.
Ironically Abd El-Wahd's statement came so late after the things were calmed down, so no one gave it attention from the public except those who still care about this nation and its unity.
Yes most of those angry rioters who went down in Mohram Bak Quarter that Smashed the Churches doors and windows didn't see the CD or play and their acts were wrong but this doesn't say there was no CD or play, no there was and there was a great insult to Islam religion
This statement along with many of government and regime denials are making the Egyptian people more and more not to trust the government, Egyptians are smart enough to know who is fooling them and regime is doing this on all levels and in reality the regime is fooling itself only .This is hope the dictatorship based regimes lose its creditability and support from the people by denials, lying and falsying the truth.
I don't know what will be wrong if the statement came that there was a play produced by the Church and there are insults to Islam religion in it, may be the fear that Muslims across Egypt and they are the majority to be angry and act as those rioters, well a civilized act from the Church a simple Apology from the Pope would have ended all those trouble from the beginning.
Anyway today night at 10 o'clock my favorite primetime show presented by the talented Mona El-shazely will discuss this topic with Dr.Milad Hanna.
And till then the Government and regime will deny till the end

The night of elections,when this circus is going to end!!!!!

I can't take it anymore with these stupid promotion methods especially those of NDP ,Moving cars day and night especially late at night , at mid night cheering for NDP , my grandmother was so sick in the last four days living on painkillers and could barely sleep at night ,so you can imagine her feelings and her anger when this stupid pickup car moving around saying loudly "Vote for Mr.X , The NDP Candidate"
My grandmother 's Turkish temper began to erupt when she began cursing their parents and the day they came to this world
I am saying this now and My grandmother is feeling better thank God because it is not civilized thing to move around with loud speaker in you car without considering the feelings of the people escapailly at mid night
another thing why all this Billboards and posters everywhere ,already the result will be Majority for NDP and the opposition Minority will be the Muslim brotherhood and the rest of Parties ?!!
Remember these words above
Why all this great spending of money in a country the people under the poverty line are exceeding more and more?
Why all this pollution to the environment with the posters and Microphones ,speakers and so on?
The results is already known
oh before I forgot did you see the Hossam Badroawy ad on MSNArabia ?

Monday, November 7, 2005

French Riots

Do you watch the news? If you are a news watcher ,a real news watcher not E!News or Insider or Rotana news, you will know what I am talking about "French Riots"
The immigrants and third degree citizens Revolution in France
The great riots that French Police seems to lose control over it and it seems that it is moving from a city to another
The rioters are the immigrants who came for the hope of better life ,escaping from third world countries thinking that they will become first world citizens and leave the third world citizenship
Yet they were running behind a mirage because in those First World Countries ,they are considered third degree and even lower degree citizens ,got no rights
That was the bitter truth they tried to avoid accepting it
Yet they had to accept it when the French security minister Nicholas Sarkozy described the young rioters as dogs , this man is expected to be Next president ,already I don't respect him since I know that His wife got a boyfriend and He knows about him and he got a mistress and she knows about her
Most of the rioters are from the Victims of the French colonialism and the French dream of La Mere France
From North Africa and African countries , the French colonialism made something more dangerous than the British colonialism , It erased the national cultures in those countries and replaced with its French one ,a successful colony policy the United States is trying to do and it succeeded in the globalization time
Go to Morocco or Algeria 'a country one million person were killed by the hands of the French army ' ,the first spoken language there is French despite the official laws saying it is the Arabic , I won't forget ever the scene when President Chirac visited Algeria and Algerian youth stood with their Passports in their hands waving and saying "VISA !VISA"
Most of those countries like the third world countries are poor ,corrupted, and dictator based rule countries so those immigrants escape to France to mother France in the hope for better life but it is just like running to fire from flames
Those rioters are the youth ,the young generation who was born in France from immigrants parents escaped to the French ironically to secure their children future,but the future became an ugly present children became young youth who has no identity neither French nor Arabic or African.
It is hard situation , both parties are paying the price now
France for giving a false hope
Immigrants for thinking that the enemy of Yesterday is the giver of today
Nice Question why do I feel that Chirac Talk has some Egyptian security governmental vocabulary from "those who sow violence and fear " I thought that in the end he would say "And the two elements of the French society will be together forever and France is being targeted by alien enemies but they won't get us "!!!???

Friday, November 4, 2005

Happy Egyptian Love day

Happy Egyptian Love day
Today my dear friends is the Egyptian Love day
it is like the Valentine day
but it is even better you know why
Because when the great Egyptian Journalist Mustafa Amin wrote the idea
in Akhbar Newspaper he didn't mean it for the lovers but
For all the people
Men and Women
Adults and children
The idea is that people must love each other again as humans
We need that now more than anything ,we need to love and respect each other as Humans
And Happy Egyptian Love day
Note: please Mark the 4th of November in Your calender as The Egyptian Love day

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

I won't accept this in my blog

I am so angry and sad despite the fact it is only less 24 hours from the Feast but what can I say?
I found two of my visitors leaving very rude offensive comments containing very dirty insults, it is not about me or about the blog "I don't know how I was going to feel if they were targeting me."
Simply they got different point of views, okay, but it reached out of the limits and crossed all the lines of decency and reason.
It is all about whether Mr.Gamal was handsome or not 'despite the fact I didn't talk about this in my post concerning Gamal Mubarak' support to Zamalak Club didn't come far or close to his look ,I don't care ' yet two of my visitors turned to a war of words to calling Mothers and father ….
I won't accept this in my blog, in my space, where I share the whole world my thoughts and feelings
My Dear visitors I won't accept this, go to another place with your insults, it is a cursing place, and it is place for sharing thoughts and civilized conversation, take it or leave.
And who got a good word or be silent.
I am sorry but you won't imagine the rudeness of these two comments that I had omitted for the second time in my blogging life ,as I omitted before a spam comment ,yet thank God that was good enough to make the comment verification ,I wish they make something for those offensive comments
I won't accept this
I won't accept this in my blog

Thank God Nirvana is angry

Yes God is fair ,thank God that the untalented TV-presenter whose salary is 15000 $ got angry from all the criticism in the newspapers and from the people
She didn't appear yesterday
and I didn't fellow Bit-Batik from the beginning but I found Mahmoud Saad saying 'Guys if you don't like one of us ,please tell us but not in this way '
This is the gift of the Feast Thank God
15000$ a month for one person untalented in a country that poverty line is getting bigger and bigger
15000$ in a country unemployment in it exceeding day by day
all this because She supports the President and his Party !!!

Happy Eid

Thursday will be the Eid , Happy Eid for all
Hope all muslims and all the people in the world will be

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Amr khaled and the Life makers "2" The man and the regime

Amr khaled again and again
First don't you notice that the men called Amr are so impressive and got popularity in Egypt: Starting with Amr Diab, Amr Moses and of Course Amr khaled who got the biggest impact on the Egyptian street in the last few years that no other one reached.
Whether you like him or not, the Man did something and this something can't be denied, it is a reality, a reality I realized since when he used preached in Hosri Mosque in Agouza as I live in it, I realized when I found the huge number of young girls and boys coming out of the Mosque in huge numbers, young girls and boys from my generation and even younger generation.
Amr Khaled was a shock from the Egyptian society who used to have the perceived image of an Islamic Preacher, Coming from Al-azher from Country side background wearing the Al-azher famous custom always speaks Classical Arabic , and hates Music and sports….you know the comic image of Abd El-Monam Ibrahim in El-safira Aziza black and white movie.
Yet to find a non-Azher graduate speaks in religion in easy language that everyone understands , wears Causal , play football and tennis in Shooting club ,goes to restaurants, watches movies and listens to music , and more important comes from the metropolitan middle Class, this was too much from the Egyptian society not to mention his great way in persuasion.
To say the truth I didn't like him at first at all, first and I felt that it wasn't about the Islam, but it was about Khaled and his attractiveness when one of friends in high School who attended his lectures then told me that all girls and ladies in his lectures wanted to marry him or marry some one like him, this was silly yet I found it is not because there was something wrong in Khaled but in the receivers themselves. But there was always a wall between Me and him back then , not him but you can say the religious institutes in Egypt as I always used to see the young religious people held themselves in world of Religion 100% other aspects of Life has not part in it .
Yet I began to try to know the guy more and more, he went on exile to Lebanon, feeling sympathy and anger began to break wall step by step then watching him on Future TV and also the severe attack on him from the Governmental newspapers and a man like Mofid Fawzy who got no integrity at all, gave Khaled more credits and then I began to see the image from another perspective.
This man made something, he returned back the religion to thousands of young Egyptians, I don't care whether from high or middle or low, already he didn't return something that were missing, it was already there but needed someone to light it up, Some boys only used to pray on Friday and some girls didn't read a single letter from the Quran.
Yet the great change this man had made with Charismatic character is reaching out to the Younger generations, a mission impossible the regime failed in, the Islamic institution failed in  
Till now The official Islamic Institutions in Egypt like Al-Azher hates him as they say he is Qualified enough, he got no Azher Certificate, well Abas El-Akad wrote the Geniuses and he didn't even complete his education, this is bad jealousy because he succeeded in what they failed in for decades, reaching for the public with simple language with no complications, Khaled says always he succeeded with Young people because he speaks in the same language they used.
The government or in other words the regime hates indirectly saying they fear radicalism again 'which it isn't the true reason, in fact fundamentalism was a regime fabrication and product of the Government policies of erasing the religion factor from the Life of the oldest religious people in The World, and for Every Action there is a reaction 'I am trying not to dive in this part ' but in my point of view regime hates Khaled because he reached to the people and the people love him ,listen to him , he became a danger , the regime already just like any third world country regime doesn't like any public figure that is not from its men, It is the fear that he may have power ,a power that can give him authority ,or even the worst fear of the regime ,the only fear is that he takes the regime's authority , I am speaking the truth here , but Do you remember what happened to Amr Moses when he became so popular ,that he was mentioned by name in Shabaola masterpiece "I hate Israel and Love Amr Moses '
Khaled and Moses were not danger and they are not danger on national security but regime Security
The talk is not finished with Amr Khaled