Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#EgyParliament : The Parliamentary committees

The people’s assembly declared the results of the internal elections of the parliamentary committees on Tuesday in its 8th session. The Muslim Brotherhood or rather the Freedom and Justice party has controlled at least 10 committees out of the 19 parliamentary committees.Not all the committees elections’ results have been announced today.
MP Mahmoud El Khodiary of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the legislation committee in the parliament. The famous reformist judge has been from those judges who headed the movement of independent judiciary in time of  Mubarak. He is widely respected.
MP Sobhi Saleh of FJ party was elected as the undersecretary of the legislation committee. Saleh was from the members of the committee that supervised the constitutional amendments referendum and earned that fame because of his controversial statements.

Where is the Dark Knight when you need him ?

After 48 hours or even 72 hours of frequent armed robberies across the country , one must wonder when we are going to have our Egyptian vigilant Superhero , that fights crimes and saves the day if the police is incapable of doing its job.

From two days ago in Sharm El Sheikh an armed robbery happened in a currency exchange office where the thieves killed a French tourist in their escape. The crime is extremely dangerous and could affect a whole season in Sharm without doubt yet despite its dangerous impact there was nothing about it as it should in the media !! Anyhow I present my condolences to the French tourist’s family on behalf of many Egyptians

The MOI announced today that the police managed to arrest the thieves and released a clip from the currency exchange office’s surveillance camera showing the theft itself.

One must wonder if Sharm El Sheikh was only Safe when ousted President Mubarak used to spend most of the year there !!  

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Gamat Al Doul crime : What really Happened !?

The day has not finished and I found out that there is a murder crime took place in the heart of Mohendessin area , the famous Gamat Al Doul street where a cae driver shot down a microbus driver by a gun in a traffic fight !! “At Hardee’s and Pizza Hut”

The drivers of other microbus went mad and furious and shut down the Gamat Al Doul street and El Batal Ahmed Abdel Street , which are from the most vital streets in the area.  From what I understood from dear friend Ahmed Fahmy who is currently in the scene tweeting what is taking place , the drivers went mad after hearing a rumor that the shooter was no transferred to the police station and thus are demanding to see him. The last thing I know a delegation from the family of the victim “whose name is Hatem , May Allah bless his soul” and couple microbus drivers will head to see the shooter n detention.

#SCAF and US Aid : No smoke without fire

First we knew that 3 of the 4 of Egyptian government’s lobbyists in D.C dumped us on Saturday then today we found a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo denying that they dumped us because we were the one who dumped them.

Second now there is a delegation from SCAF currently in D.C and for sure it is headed by Lt. General Mohamed El Assar , that delegation goes to Washington after the NGO raid and the decision to bar US citizens working in NGOs including the son of some congressman forcing John McCain to slam SCAF.

Then on Monday we found rumors that some claim to be news that the States have decided to cancel the US Aid to Egypt after more than 30 years at least according to Al Mehawar TV channel.

The news is confirmed by some sources while denied by other sources including the Egyptian ambassador in D.C. Today I got a tip from a friend based on another source from the States "Supposedly credible" that aid is going to be cancelled because of the human rights records of SCAF " I highly doubt it is about human rights only because let's not fool ourselves for 30 years Washington did not much care about the human rights records of Mubarak's regime"

Another source told me that it will be cancelled but it will return in another form , may be in development program

Then we got the Washington Post report about those American NGOs employees hiding in the US embassy for fear of detention. 

I am trying to get more details but let’s say it is agreed that the fate of the US aid was going to be determined by the States sooner or later when Egypt gets a new regime and the Egyptian policies are cleared to Washington whether it is US/Israeli friendly or not. It is matter of time in my point of view. There is no smoke with fire and there is a lot of smoke here.

If the news is true and the US aid is cancelled , I will be very happy and consider it as a victory for the revolution as well the American people who need this money more than we do , especially we have got a lot of stolen money inside and outside Egypt that ISA we will restore back. We do not really need it.

It will be another a victory for the revolution because Egyptians have always wished this US aid to be cancelled because they have always felt that it was a humiliating slavery contract in time of Mubarak.

You must know if that news is true , SCAF will use it to increase its popularity among Egyptians once again as nationalist council that does not accept any Americans orders to appoint this or that.

#Jan25 : Kasr Al Nil Bridge ; another Symbol of the revolution in #Egypt

Despite tens were killed and hundreds were injured on the Kasr Al Nil bridge yet it took the people a whole real to realize that its iconic significance  in this revolution.
I am totally against idolizing the symbols but that bridge has become another official symbol of the revolution.
Kasr Al Nil bridge is another icon of Cairo , one of its old bridges since the time of Khedive Ismail , it has got many tales about the city called Cairo yet I think its most important tale is how millions of Egyptians used it to cross to fear to freedom in 2011 in a historical scene my generation will not forget.
#Jan25 : The Kasr Al Nil battle
The old bridge with four lions “Said to be referred to Khedive Ismail’s sons despite his sons were actually more than four” also has got a tale on how hundreds of thousands of Egyptians came back to Tahrir square in long marches in a year later to show the world that they are still want that democracy and freedom many died for last year.

I wish that Mubarak had seen how the bridge looked like this year because most of these protesters are the children of his era.
P.S : This video below was filmed on January 28,2011 at Al Galaa bridge showing the protesters singing the national anthem , it is more than great.
#Jan28 : The national anthem at Al Galaa square

Sunday, January 29, 2012

#Jan25 : The Police officer we want

Police General Mohamed El-Batran
Today marks the day where Police general Mohamed El Batran was killed by his colleagues from a year ago in El Kat prison for refusing to let the prisoners out of the jail to create chaos and fear in the society.
I will say one thing.
Mohamed El Batran is the true grandson of those Police heroes that stood with the resistance against the British occupation in 1952 , he is the true hero of the January 25th Revolution from Police when he refused to take the orders  and let the prisoners out.
In Post Revolution Egypt , I want Mohamed El Batran to be a role model for the Egyptian police , this is the Egyptian police I want and I will seek to have it.
I want a police force that is ready to die to protect the people and its moral campus is not the corrupt. I want a police force that is ready to die to protect the law and not the regime. 
My big salute to his sister, Dr. Manal El Batran ,the true Egyptian lady who did not give up the rights of her brother.

#Syrian Revolution : Hot battles in extreme cold weather “Graphic”

Nearly 200 martyrs have been killed in the past 3 days in Syria , most of them in Homs and Hama , 320 martyrs have been killed in the past 5 days in Syria ,
If the news of these battles between the free Syrian army “Revolutionary” and the Arab Syrian army “Pro-El Assad” today are true , then we are in front huge escalation , hot escalation in the extreme cold weather in Syria now.
There is no news regarding those Iranians who were captured last week.
There have been news that the fights in the suburbs of  Damascus that reached near to the airport.According to some observers what happened near the airport or rather at the airport was a new defection in the army.
There are confirmed clashes between the two armies in Homs and in Reef Dimshaq. There were rumors that forces in Ghouta region in Reef Dimshaq were going to cut the TV transmission.
Reef Dimshaq : The bombardment of the city of Erbin on January 29th
The news of Homs is not good by all measures , the shelling and bombardment of the city continue while the LAS delegate as the Syrian national council delegate have arrived to New York to have talks with the UN and Security council. Nabil El Araby hopes that China and Russia would change their mind and stop supporting El Assad’s regime , well a man in his experience in the international politics especially in UN should have known better.
Popular Salafist Sheikh Adnan Al Aroor has denied he issued a fatwa about killing the Arab observers in Syria.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

#Jan25 : A year later in #Tahrir square in #photos

Here is the complete gallery on Flickr , I know that I took a lot of photos last #Jan25 2012
#Jan25 : Tahrir one year later
Here are some snap shots I thought of being interesting in this collection. I will do a little Big Photo blog here in Egyptian Chronicles.
This week a new type of street vendors appeared in the square and that’s the dates vendors , I found it interesting.
The tourists guides having a coalition to protect the Egyptian museum

#Jan28 Our true revolution Day

After many years history will say that the true revolution day in Egypt was #Jan28 or January 28th,2012 and not January 25th,2012 , this was the true day the Egyptian people showed the whole world that they are capable of making history.
My memories of this day are too many after all it is a day that changed my life completely , well it changed the life of all Egyptians in a way or another.
Today hundreds of protesters stood on Kasr Al Nil bridge to commemorate the martyrdom of the protesters on the same bridge from a year ago. The protesters held a prayer over the bridge that has become another icon of this revolution.
Praying today at
Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabhi was among the people that joined the memorial prayer.
There is another big protest in front of Maspero building.
Hamdeen praying
Sarah Carr : 28/1/2012

The differences between the Muslim brotherhood and the rest of the protesting powers in the square are increasing minute after minute and this is not good at all. 

Regarding the #TwitterCensored

Yesterday Twitter surprised us with this decision : Twitter will withhold a specific tweet from specific country while keeping it available for the rest of the world !!

The people behind twitter give us the lamest justification ever. I am not convince with that considering the fact of the freedom of speech that the West always preaches us about. I do not get how withholding a specific tweet or specific tweep in one country and keeping it available for the rest of the world is good or great.
Many of the tweeps in the world do not tweet for countries outside their country or from tweeps outside their country. In fact when I imagine this feature or decision or censorship being applied , these examples pump in my head. 
  • Manal El Sharif’s tweets about women to drive with be censored and blocked in Saudi Arabia as well the all the ladies who drive as well because their tweets are dangerous on the social stability in Saudi Arabia. Now in El Sharif’s case I do not care if the whole world reads her tweets , what is important is that her tweets are read by other Saudi women and men !!!
  • The criticism to the king and the virtue committee in Saudi Arabia will be blocked in Saudi Arabia
  • Rasha Azab’s tweets about virginity checks scandal as the Egyptian society is so sensitive to what is related to sex , it will be censored , of course it is worth to mention that if it were not for tweets , nobody would know in Egypt.
  • Human rights crimes committed in Bahrain from time to time will be of course in Bahrain.
  • The crimes of IDF in Palestine will be censored inside Palestine and Israel or even inside the EU or America  because of course this overstretched the anti-Semitic charges 
  • Do I need to speak more about Egypt !? I think you got the whole idea.
I am from Egypt , from that country that led the social network revolution in the Arab Spring , I am from that part of the world that made of twitter something more than a gossip social network , I am from that part of the world that turned twitter in to a new source “despite what I think about being reliability” and I am from that part of the world that will pay a huge price because of this new genius decision !!!
We live in a part of the world those 140 characters can send you in jail because you criticize the royal family in the Gulf for God sake and you want to block tweets in a specific country.
I do not tweet for the world all the time , I tweet for my follow Egyptians most of the time so most of the Arab tweeps do who found in those 140 characters a virtual forum after years of forced silence.
Ironically many Arabs on twitter were happy from couple of days about how twitter will start to localize its UI and thus many Arabs would join twitter but I think it is different now.
Many people from all over the world have decided to boycott Twitter on #Jan28 today , ironically from a year we did not have access to twitter since January 26th , very few tweeps used proxy services and fewer tweeps knew that they could access it through dial up and internet satellite.
Returning back to twitter to on February 1st ,2011 through regular broadband before heading to Tahrir square to join the first million man protest and it was a huge moment as I far I remember it.
Is it the Walid Ibn Talal effect ? Are the world powers governments in the world behind it ?
By the way the Saudi tweeps are so concerned about this matter more than anyone because in a country where everything is filtered , twitter censorship seems to be a gift from San Francisco to many conservatives and the regime.  

Ironically as far as I see people did not boycott Twitter for real as they are continuing to vent their anger in #TwitterCensored and #Twitterblackout
I am extremely angry from twitter administration but I am more angrier from my own self because I have wished one day that this feature would exist to shut someone like Ahmed Zpider after insulting racist tweet about Doaa Sultan when he described her as a slave yet now I regret my wish.

Friday, January 27, 2012

#ElBaradei tweets a new transitional Plan For #Egypt

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted last night on Thursday a new roadmap for the transitional period in Egypt which he proposes and hopes that it will get approval from all political powers
  1. The parliament would elect an interim president.
  2. Forming a provisional assembly immediately after electing an interim president.
  3. Drafting a constitution that ensures the civility of the state and citizenship rights as well freedoms.
  4. Electing a president after drafting a constitution as now the president’s power will be specified.
  5. Electing a new parliament based on the new drafted constitution.
I think this is an attempt of Dr. ElBaradei to bridge between those who want to have a presidential elections first “including myself” , those who want the parliament to take over power and those who want the constitution first. It is a good suggestion but again there are two questions :
  • Who will be that interim president elected by the parliament ? And how we can trust the parliament in the first place and its majority party ?
  • Why would the parliament  accept this scenario when it knows that it is an interim parliament and a new parliament will be elected ?
Nevertheless I think we should discuss this roadmap carefully.
P.S I do not think that there is no country in the world that uses the social media for politics as we do in Egypt !!

#Tahrir Friday of Dignity : The #Jan25 is still there.

Again we got a full packed Tahrir square this Friday , there are thousands currently in the square. There are about 7 stages set up in Tahrir square including the Muslim brotherhood stage and April 6th Youth movement.

MP Yahia El Fakhrany is in Tahrir square , the Parliament is supposedly going to distribute a statement in the Tahrir square today. Mazhar Shahin said a strong Friday Sermon today where he said and demanded the following :

  • Purging the media.
  • Public trials for icons of the Mubarak regime
  • Complete transparent audit to the Suez canal revenues and the Mubarak regime icons.
  • Parliament holds revolutionary trials for the Mubarak regime icons.

There are many marches heading to Tahrir today :

  • From Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square.
  • From Giza square to Tahrir square.
  • From Shubra to Tahrir square.
  • From Al Abassiya square to Tahrir square
  • From Maadi to Tahrir square.
  • From Al Azhar Mosque to Tahrir square
  • From Nasr city to Tahrir square
  • From Salam mosque to Tahrir square.
  • From Heliopolis to Tahrir square. 
  • From Cairo university to Tahrir square.

Here is a video shot from Tahrir square by Pierre Sioufi earlier this morning at 11 AM CLT.

#Tahrir : Overview Jan27 @11 AM

I think Sioufi did not imagine his flat would be the hot spot for the reporters and photographers from around the world. Mr. Pierre is also transferring on air from time to time from Tahrir square through Bambuser.

@1:12 PM CLT.

Hundreds began to head from Mostafa Mahmoud mosque to Tahrir square. “A photo shot by Maged Sherif”

Syrian Revolution : #Homs is under attack “graphic” and “Updated”

The city of Homs is currently under terrible assault by Syrian Arab army “Pro El Assad army” now and I do not know what we can do know to save our families in Homs , yes they are our families in Syria.
The city is currently being shelled , it seems that there is a huge operation taking place against the people after capturing this group of Iranians in Homs. Here are some videos leaked from Homs short time ago. I can’t confirm these videos but there are sounds of heavy bombardment
Homs : From Bab Hood , you can listen to the live ammunition sounds

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The battle For #Maspero in #Jan25

I apologize for my late coverage but between work and uploading tons of photos and videos , I am literally exhausted
By Yahia El Gammal
Hundreds of protesters are having that huge protest in front of Maspero , the iconic building of the Egyptian Radio and Television union “The heart and soul of state owned media” demanding the state media purge as well  the end of the military rule. The protest was big as you could see from the video below.
The numbers were big that some of the protesters managed to hold that “Kazaboon show” on the building in front of Maspero using the protector. “Paprika restaurant building if you are familiar with that area”
Yesterday a group of protesters headed to Maspero but their numbers were not big like tonight.
The traffic was cut for a while but from what I see now on TV it is back.
The protesters managed to post the “Down with military rule” using a projector on the iconic building of Maspero.
People are fed up with their lies and hypocrisy , they are demanding a real media that represent them instead of the regime or whoever rules.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#Jan25 : From One year ago

From one year ago I could not get to Tahrir square yet there was a big hope on January 25,2011
#Jan25 New Hope
And today this is how Tahrir square looked like on January 25,2011.
AFP : Tahrir square
I remember from year ago CSF blocked Al Galaa bridge completely.
The CSF at Galaa Bridge
Here is the Kasr Al Nil bridge today.
Source : Facebook
The big achievement of this revolution is that it brought hope back to the Egyptians and reminded them that they have got a voice the whole world will listen to.
May Allah bless the souls of the martyrs as well the lives of the injured , May Allah bless the Egyptian people even those who think that the revolution was a bad thing.

From Egyptian Chronicles’ memory :

#Jan25 : Live blogging For an important Day

Good morning everybody and happy Revolution Day , oh yes it is an official national Day whether some like or not.
All respect to all our martyrs and injured , to whom we owe this day to. May Allah bless their souls :)
There is no state of emergency starting from today in Egypt except in case of thuggery which is a vague word.
It is 10:02 AM CLT , the weather is clear after long rainy night that did not stop thousands of protesters from coming to Tahrir square since last night. It is still cold though.

Tahrir square at 3 AM CLT
Here is a photo for the square from short a while ago.
At 10 AM CLT
The Muslim brotherhood supporters are still there and they have controlled almost all the entrances to Tahrir square except Talaat Harb street’s entrance.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#Jan25Two : Tomorrow a big day

I do not know how tomorrow will be for real in Egypt , this is how things are after the revolution unlike the past 30 years where everyday was just the same. The weather is cold and it has been raining for hours yet may be tomorrow insh Allah it will be better.
Bread, Freedom and Social justice
Now concerning tomorrow insh Allah , well the keyword  is not Tahrir square this time but rather the marches , there will be several marches in Cairo and Giza from different street and squares to Tahrir square. The most important two marches in Giza my will be the one from Mostafa Mahmoud square in Mohendessin as it will include many political figures and the one from Giza square including Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.
The marches in Cairo and Giza
In Cairo there will be important marches , one from Al Azhar Mosque that will include the students of the late Sheikh Emad Effat at 1 PM , already January 25th, 2012 commemorates the 40th days following his murder at the Cabinet clashes last December 2011. The second one will be from Shubra , the Mina Daniel march as it is being called dedicated to the famous Christian Socialist activist Mina Daniel who was killed during the Maspero clashes.
Dr. Mohamed  ElBaradei visited the families of late Sheikh Emad Effat and Mina Daniel today.
ElBaradei at Mina Daniel's house "Sheikh Emad's poster"
There will be marches in several governorates as well. Of course to follow the news of the marches in the governorates , you can follow the hashtag “#Jan25” or “#Jan25two” as the hashtags with the names of Egypt’s governorates. A group of activists will transfer the protesters live on this US stream channel tomorrow.
The marches will gather at 12 PM/1 PM and then will head to Tahrir square , it is expected that they will reach the square at 4 PM.
Currently there are couple of thousands in Tahrir square thanks to the rain.Those thousands are chanting against Field Marshal Tantawy . On the other hand The Muslim brotherhood and Salafists supporters are there as well and as expected. The MB supporters have set up a stage in the square already chanting “One hand” replying on the anti-SCAF chants of other protesters. The MB supporters are Protecting that stage.
I do not know how things are going to be in Tahrir square , especially that the army and MB said that they will celebrate the revolution while the protesters and many political figures say there is no celebration.
By the way I do not like how Dr. ElBaradei described last year as sad.
There are tensions between some independent protesters and MB supporters as expected. I do not fear from clashes between security forces and protesters as much as the clashes between the MB and Salafists supporters and the Tahrir protesters.
Tahrir square from awhile ago
By the way the Ministry of interior issued a statement on Monday congratulating the Egyptian people for two feasts in its official Facebook page : The revolution Day and the Police Day
April 6th Youth movement and political movements are urging all the protesters tomorrow to avoid protesting in front of any security building whether security directorate or police station in order to avoid any clashes or any claims that we are thugs.
No for protesting in front of police stations
Here is a tweet by former PM Essam Sharaf who supports the peacefulness of the revolution.
Many people are worried from any clashes tomorrow , I will not lie and hide it. Banks downtown have emptied their ATMs like HSBC and NSGB. Speaking about money , the CBE has issued a Revolution memorial coin.
The memorial coin
What else ? Well nothing for now , the weather is cold and I have to get some sleep as tomorrow insh Allah will be a big long day.

Breaking News : Status of Emergency is over on #Jan25Two

Field Marshal Tantawy has just announced in speech aired from on TV from short awhile ago that SCAF has lifted the status of emergency except in the cases of thuggery starting on January 25,2012.

More details to come.

#Jan25Two : It started with Marches on Jan23 !!

While the new elected people’s assembly had its first session on Monday , there had been 4 marches moving towards the parliament with the several demands.

  • One for the economic demands including the workers demands.
  • One for the freedom of creativity and freedom of arts
  • One for the martyrs and injured rights
  • One for the revolution’s demands.

Of course none of the marches reached to the parliament because simply the security forces blocked the way to the parliament peacefully and even  if they reached there , they would have met the supporters of both the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists who cheered for their MPs and secured the parliament.

Here are photos for the marches by dear Sarah Carr.

Revolutionary parliament march by Sarah Carr

Monday, January 23, 2012

#EPA : The first session "Updated"

Ok ladies and gentlemen after few hours from now the first session of the Egyptian people’s assembly , our lower house of the parliament will start. It will be the first session of the people’s assembly aka our parliament “forget about Shura council” after the revolution.
Since 1866 this is from the few people’s assemblies which people actually had a choice in electing its members regardless of what you think and regardless of the violations that took place in the first democratic elections after the revolution and ousting of Mubarak in addition to the fall of the legendary NDP.
Unfortunately the official website of the Egyptian parliament is currently down , I think its administrators have got loads of data to update the website with. The administrators should know that unlike the previous website , this website will receive a lot of hits as people will follow up the new parliament.

MOFA celebrates the #Jan25 Revolution

The ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo is celebrating the #Jan25. “ Photo by Eman Yousry ”

It is worth to mention that before SCAF issued a decree to make #Jan25 a national day ,the Egyptian embassies already received orders to celebrated it as a national revolution day.
Whether you like it or not , we achieved something when it comes to our foreign policies thanks to the #Jan25 revolution :

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Yemen : Adieu Ali Abdullah Selah

And Ali Abdullah Saleh ended his career as the president of Yemen on January ,2012 after ruling this great nation for about 33 years !!

Saleh  left Yemen today to Oman after 33 years of ruling it , Saleh has left the building indeed !! Saleh went to Oman first before heading to the States for treatment.

Saleh did not leave of course except when he got that immunity law from the parliament for him and his some of his aides , you can sense the Mubarak’s trial effect here without doubt.

Saleh asked the forgiveness of the Yemeni people if he did anything wrong in those 33 years !! wow , forgiveness is a big word indeed but one thing for sure the Yemeni people gave a lesson to the whole world about forgiveness.

Saleh asks forgiveness from the Yemeni people

Despite being one of the most armed societies in the world , things have not turned in a real civil war in Yemen thanks to its great people.

What is taking place in Libya ?

What is really taking place in Libya ? Yes we got a lot to care about in our home but our neighbors got a lot of noise that we should pay attention to at least for the sake of the national security not for the sake of meddling in other countries’ affairs.
The NTC seems to have very , very hard time and ironically Abdel Galil is being accused of lots of charges above them the lack of transparency. NTC Deputy chief Abdel Aziz Ghoga has resigned after the storming of the protesters including the families of the Libyan martyrs to the NTC headquarters last night.
The protesters outside the NTC

The families of the Libyan martyrs storm the NTC
Abdel Galil tried to calm down the protesters,  I wonder if Abdel Galil was the Essam Sharaf of the Libyan revolution.

El Manaway’s book , we should have seen this coming

And Abdel Latif El Manawy is back once again to the scene celebrating the #Jan25 Revolution in his own way , by publishing a book in London about those 18 days from inside the Mubarak regime’s camp using the magical “Tahrir” word.
The new book of the former head of the infamous news sector in the Egyptian TV is called “Tahrir : the last 18 days of Mubarak” and I do not know if he will dedicate a whole chapter about the amount of lies his news sector aired through out the 18 days.
You know this will sell in the west without doubt !! You can read about the book in Times , unfortunately the Times is not free to browse thanks to Robert Murdoch but thankfully El Manawy published what was written about his new book in his twitter account.  “Here is also a copy from what is published in the Times at the Australian
To be honest I do not believe some of the parts like for instance how Suzanne broke down !!
Bakry's book with its ugly cover
El Manawy’s new twitter account is only made for public appearances in London as far as I could tell , of course I hope that he opens a direct discussion with the tweeps because I think we all have a lot of questions about many things beyond the news sector starting with the Soad Hosni for instance. 
We are in the Tahrir inspired books written by former regime writers , already from earlier we found Mostafa Bakry the former Pro-Mubarak and current Pro-SCAF publishing a book called “The army and the revolution : From Tahrir square to Victory !!” with details that make you wonder if the army or rather field marshal Tantawy were the brain behind the #Jan25 after all !!
I think El Manawy and Bakry should have a lit longer , at least till we forget their past for a while !!
Aside from El Manawy and Mostafa Bakry , we got the legendary Haikel who has just published book called “Mubarak , his time from the Nasr city podium to Tahrir square”.
You can read excerpts of Haikel’s new book here.
Unlike El Manawy and Bakry , there is no doubt that Haikel has been written that book about Mubarak and his era for years waiting for the right the time to publish it. I believe that Haikel did not imagine that Mubarak would stay all those years.
I imagine more books about Tahrir square and the revolution will be featured at the Cairo International book Fair that will be inaugurated today

off the topic :

 Abdel Latif El Manawy has got a blog right now if you are interested in reading his opinions. Also here his wife TV host Rola Kharsa’s twitter account, Kharsa is currently working at Sadaa El Bald TV channel which is widely believed to be owned

#Egyelections : The results of the people’s assembly elections 2012

And the HCE has finally announced the final results of the people’s assembly elections , the first part of the parliamentary elections on Saturday , we finally got the final results of the three stages and here they are :

Hopefully I doing it right.

1- Freedom and Justice party got 228 seats in general.

  • Freedom and Justice party got 109 individual seats and 119 list seats.
  • Al Amal party “member of the FJ party alliance” got one seat
  • Al Hadra party “member of the FJ party alliance” got two seats { Mohamed El Sawy got one of these seats }
  • Nasserist El Karma “members of FJ party alliance got 6 seats
  • Al Wafd defected member Dr. Wahid Abdel Magid got one seat.
  • Accordingly FJ party and its alliance have got 45.7% of the seats, they can’t form a majority “50%+1” and they have to form an alliance.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Syrian Revolution : Idlib Massacre !! “+18 Graphic”

Idlib witnessed a massacre today with over 90 Syrians have been killed in clashes , explosion and God knows out !!  94 Syrian have been killed in the city of Idlib today !!

Here are extremely graphic footage showing bodies of Syrians killed today in Idlib at the city’s state hospital.

US presidential elections circus : Teach Iran a lesson to send a message to the Egyptians

She has to cry

One thing for sure the GOP candidates need good geopolitics lessons before they speak. Here is another GOP Rick in the race who got interesting views about the Islamists , Middle east as well Egypt yet unlike Rick Perry that Rick , Rick Santorum is advancing in the GOP presidential elections race. 

Rick Santorum believes that the US should send to the emerging Islamists in the countries of Arab Spring especially Egypt by giving a good lesson to Iran !! 

Santorum believes that despite Mubarak was a bloody dictator yet the Stateds sacrificed him to deal some radical Islamists , at least the States knew how to deal with Mubarak "Do not give a damn to the people of Egypt and their suffering despite they are more important than Mubarak"

It is worth to mention that Santorum attacked Obama on February 10th,2011 for supporting the Egyptian protesters against Mubarak ,the ousted president got a friend. He also described the Muslim brotherhood as A terrorist group as Al Qaida , the former senator does not know that US Ambassador Peterson has visited te supreme guide of the brotherhood at their fancy HQ in Cairo last week where she admitted that the US did some mistakes in the past !!


What is the Source of that image ?

This image showing Gamal Mubarak helping his father minutes allegedly before one of his speech during the 18 days of the revolution.

Father and Son

Those who are sharing it say it is from the American “Times” magazine “!!” , of course there is only one American “Time” Magazine and I can’t find this photo in its website.

I do not think it was published at the Times or NY Times also ,  I think it was leaked from Egypt after all.

If you know the source of the image , please tell us kindly what it is just for history.

#Masrena : Let have the presidential race start after the parliamentary elections

Referendum says civilian constitution
Masrena movement has issued an important statement last Thursday calling SCAF to open the registration for the presidential elections right after the end of Shura council elections on February 28,2012.
The movement announced in its statement that it surveyed its registered members “over 10 thousands” and more than 70% agreed on that suggestion.
This is suggestion already goes with the constitutional declaration issued in March 2011 after a popular and successful referendum , the constitution declaration which SCAF has totally ignored its results. According to the constitutional declaration we should have the parliamentary elections followed by presidential elections followed by drafting the constitution declaration.
The SCAF roadmap says parliamentary elections followed by drafting the constitution followed by presidential elections in June 2012. Already earlier this month one of the SCAF commanders stated that the registration for the presidential elections will be opened in April 2012.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Let The US presidential elections circus start !! Double fun with the Egy Elections circus and US presidential circus !!

Aside from the politics in Egypt , I can’t ignore these remarks about Turkey by GOP potential presidential candidate Rick Perry who boldly described the AKP government there as Islamist terrorist government !!!!!!!
I think Perry should watch couple of Turkish TV series before he would speak !! I do not think that Perry has been to Turkey lately and there is no doubt that his information is from the right wing media biased to Israel .
Updated : Rick Perry announced yesterday that he withdrew from the race to endorse another racist Newt Gingrich.
I waiting for the GOPs candidates views especially about Egypt in the upcoming debates , it will be fun.
Of course we have our share from right wing presidential candidates on our side of the world like Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail. Abu Ismail made many eyebrows to raise when he said in some popular conference he held last week in El Marg when announced that the Zionist lobby in the States is waiting to know his fate in the Egyptian presidential elections in order to see who can be the next president of the States !! He also added that if he wins , then Obama will continue in his place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well sheikh Abu Ismail must know that the Americans have already made their scenarios !!
The scary thing is that Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail has got a huge popularity especially outside Cairo thanks to his role as a religious man. Already Al Shorouk’s famous cartoonist Amr Salim was under fire from making fun from Abu Ismail statements.
Amr Salim's cartoon
The man tells his wife :
It is fortunately that we have Sheikh Abu Ismail after they stopped the comic TV shows of Dr. Tawfik.
It is harsh but unfortunately a man with the popularity of Abu Ismail competing for the president of Egypt’s position should be careful for what he says. Of course you can imagine the anger of the Salafist front and other movements on how dare the newspaper to criticize his holiness !!
Well unfortunately this is how it is going to be as a politician , he is not a prophet nor a holy man for God sake !! He is a politician now and if he can’t take it he should withdraw. He should be ready for the jokes about him from now !!

What is wrong with Al Wafd Newspaper ?

Last night the leaked first page of the weekly issue Al Wafd newspaper took the Egyptian twitter world by storm with its extreme anti-Field Marshal Tantawy headlines, yet in the morning we found out that the weekly issue of Al Wafd in the newsstand was a bit different than what is leaked online.

Here is the issue of Thursday as it was online
As you can see it was completely different.
And here was a new related to Field Marshal Tantawy on the first page , a positive one.

Oddly enough there is a screen shot of that leaked anti-Field Marshal Tantawy issue at the Wafd.org domain !?  

Interesting enough this issue is different when it comes to that box in the middle of the page , there are no names in that editorial box  in the first page , there are not editor in chief or CEO and this is quite interesting.
 The admin of SCAF official page on FB slammed New Al Wafd party and the newspaper demanding answers for these headlines working to create a drift between the people and the army !! He hinted interestingly to the splits creating taking place in the old liberal party indirectly.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The way to The unclear #Jan25Two

Nobody expected that the original #Jan25 would turn in to a revolution on January 28th yet everybody is anticipating what is going to happen on #Jan25 two this year as well those 17 days following it more than ever.
We can’t say that there is something in the air only , everyone is anticipating what is going to happen whether from all parties involved , from SCAF to political powers or the protesters or even the people , the majority of the people who are worried about the future for the country.
There are recent news every day that make me worried because if they prove anything  , it will be the uncertainty
  • The constitutional court has rejected the draft law of presidential elections presented by the government as some of its articles contradict with the constitutional declaration issued in March.
  • Former 1970s minister Mansour Hassan is being suggested as a president , he heads now that advisory council.He is old and despite Sadat was planning to appoint him a VP in 1981 instead of Mubarak , it is good that he did not become the president. I think his name is being tested as a potential presidential election not by the military , he is too old.
  • Speaking about advisory council , Al Wafd party’s chairman Siyad Badawy has resigned from it today allegedly to have more time in heading his party. “Why did not he resigned his economic empire as well !?” 
  • I will not even go after these rumors saying that he is angry because the military chose Hassan as a presidential candidate but I do not think that Badawy will be mad even to seek that position in the first place yet there is something interesting in Al Wafd weekly issue on Thursday