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#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-12

Here is our 414th night of our Arabian night but first you can refresh your memory and remember what happened last night here.
Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Here the 12th episode of our tale for this year , the tale of Hagar , Sahar and Egrama.

Now King Seksek Hamdan is officially regarded as crazy addicted man who no one can stand except the hypocrites. The messenger of King Kaood , Masood could not present Sahar as a gift the previous night when Seksek was officially high so he waited till next day when the man was awake.
Of course as addicted to cannabis madly , the king ordered his men to bring him cannabis as soon as possible but there was bad news waiting for him. The man he sent to bring cannabis was killed by northern tribes , in return the king orders his troops to bring hell on those tribes.

After 3 days Masood, the envoy of King Kaood meets Seksek Hamdan and presents to him the gift “Sahar” and the letter from his king. The envoy asked him about his alliance with The Nile knight. 
Now Seksek Hamdan may be high most of the time but he is wicked , he explained that his alliance was the Nile Knight was to prevent him from any future alliance with the tribes if they revolt against them , the kings.
Poor Sahar was presented to Seksek who refused to listen to her pleas to let her free as she is not a slave. Instead he sent her to one of the palace.
That’s it for tonight.

Till we meet tomorrow night inshallah 

#Olympics2012 : The First Egyptian and the First African to reach for the Finals Fencing foil "Updated "

Ok this is historical , for the first time an African/Arab/Egyptian reaches to the finals of the fencing foil competing on the gold medal in the Olympics, this African/Arab/Egyptian is Alaa El Din Abu El Kassem.

Now Abu El Kassem , thank God secured for us a medal whether the gold or the silver   thank God.
We are so existed , this is the first time Egyptians glued in front of TV channels watching 9 minutes of fencing clueless waiting for the red color in Abu El Kassem’s helmet to beam. Of course we know the rules of the game later.
Here is Abu El Kassem’s twitter account by the way.
The final of fencing foil will be on air after few minutes
Updated : 
And Abu El Kassem got the silver medal after fantastic game and performance, he lost 13-15 in front of the Chinese opponent who found himself in front of  a fearless Egyptian fighter. Abu El Kassem played wonderful game despite his injury to the level that he impressed the British presenters as well the audience. This is the first silver medal for Egypt and Africa in fencing , in Olympics. Our rank in the Olympics is 24 after this medal which hopefully will not be the last. 
It is joyful day for the Arabs as Qatar got Bronze medal

We should not be worried that their children are ready

Do you remember that ad that our media consider it insulting our new elected president ?? Yes that ad which says that the Israeli or rather the Jewish children are ready to build the temple !? Well according to Israeli ministry of foreign affairs it was not aired in Israel at all.
According to an official statement sent to the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs by its Israeli counter that ad was produced by NGO for the internet only and that’s why it is in English and not in Hebrew !! The Egyptian ministry of foreign objected already about this ad and its insult to our head of state.
Anyhow the first son of Egypt unleashed a huge attack on Israel and Jews defending his father as well Islam following this ad on Facebook last week. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Morsi , the eldest son of our president who works as a physician in one of the hospitals in Saudi Arabia wrote a status on his Facebook account
To those behind the Israeli Zionist insulting ad to Dr. Mohamed Morsi , we the Free Egyptians will support the resistance powers in Palestine through praying , donation and boycotting.
And the age of dependency is over , we do not have nothing to you except the shoe
And it goes on like this.
After few hours we found his FB account was closed then it was opened with no trace to that angry status. Now Dr. Ahmed is claiming that Facebook administration has suspended his account because of his status which it removed.
Of course as a first son , I think he should be careful now on every word he writes and how to choose your words carefully.
Nevertheless Yair Netanyahu , Bibi’s son also used to post anti-Islamic and anti-Arab post in his FB profile.
Now I do not know what Dr. Ahmed will say when he sees that his father sent a complimentary letter to Shimon Perez , the Israeli president who sent earlier Ramadan complimentary letter .

#Aleppo is not alone under fire “+18 Graphic”

As the world is watching carefully the on going battles taking place currently in Aleppo waiting to know if it is going to be the real Aleppo Liberation battle or not, civilians continue to be killed and slaughtered throughout Syria on a daily basis.
Despite Aleppo’s importance I feel that the world should pay attention to other cities in Syria.
The footage from Deir Ez Zor massacre committed from two days ago is horrible , we are speaking about corpses blown in to pieces including children’s corpses !! “Extremely graphic”

Monday, July 30, 2012

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-10&11

Tonight we will not have one night but rather two nights in order to catch up with Ramadan in correct order. Tonight we will have the 10th and 11th nights of our tale “Hagar,Sahar and Egrama”.

 Tonight we are having a double bill.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

But first , you can refresh your memory and remember for what happened last night here.

second, we listen to the 412th night of our Arabian Radio nights which is our 10th night of our tale.

In this episode Our dear Sahar reaches to the Kingdom of King Seksek, the old weak man with corrupted court who takes drugs “especially cannabis” to feel young. For Arabic speakers you should listen on how Zozo Nabil “Scheherazade” describes how King Kaood sent Sahar as a virgin to the weak king.

Regarding Chinese warships heading to #Syria through #Suez canal

Just from several hours ago a small unconfirmed news spread like fire online claiming that Egypt allowed 3 Chinese warships and frigates to pass from Suez canal heading Syria as quick Chinese aid to El Assad carrying big cargo of arms.
The only two news sources in Egypt speaking about the matter are : Al Shorouk newspaper “Ar” and Ahram Gate “Ar” that mentioned the names of Chinese warships according to a security official source in Suez Canal authority. Of course in Egypt now you can not trust any source what so ever.
This news created an uproar and anger among Syrians and Egyptians alike. Syrians are angry on how Egypt is betraying them and Egyptians are angry from Morsi on how he betrayed them and let the warships pass cursing him and SCAF as well MB alike. The MB divided on two section : One section justifying the decision saying that Morsi can not break international treaties “Despite during the Iraq invasion , MB said Mubarak should break the treaties” and the other section was angry from Morsi cursing him.
The climax of the MB anger when the Freedom and Justice Party and Muslim brotherhood issued a statement against the decision saying Suez canal and Egyptian economy to hell if it were on the expense of our Syrian brothers. “Nasser would be happy to see that the MB is keeping his legacy of using big words alive”
Now despite I am in vacation trying to keep myself away from politics , I could not keep myself from searching for the truth. I could not find any single international source speaking about Chinese warships heading to Syria . I know that China could not move single warship that far to the Mediterranean without catching the attention. The only thing I found about Chinese navy suspicious movements in South China disputed area with the Philippines. “ More from AFP

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy #10Ramadan

On the 10th of Ramadan from 39 years ago Egyptian and Syrian forces unleashed their attack against Israeli forces which is known world wide as Yom Kippur war.
Food supply for Iftar heading to East bank "1973"
A huge salute to the Egyptian and Syrian martyrs fallen for freedom and dignity.

They Do not represent you but they Represent US !!!

The world watched from two days by great honor for the first time how Saudi women athletes walked for the first time representing their country in the opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympics in a big historical triumph for the women’s rights in the country that does not let women drive the cars !!
Now these beautiful and brave women athletes are being attacking madly and disgustingly by radicals in their own country in a very sick way that have reached that have reached to calling them whores !!
Last week we found some sick Saudi man posting a twitter hashtag in Arabic called “Olympics_Whores” which he had to apologize for after being attacked online.
Now other radicals in the Kingdom have launched today another sick hashtag in Arabic called “Those Saudi girls in the Olympics do not represent me” started by a man called Khaled Al Saqabi last night attacking those girls once again !! How dare they participate in running in front of men !!!

Strangely those girls are modest enough and wear veil !!
Is not it enough that one of them may withdraw because she can not compete in Hijab , now they are being attacking for participating in the Olympics by Saudis once again !!!? Is not enough that all world delegation made women in the advance except Saudi Arabia !?
Sarah Attar in the countries' parade

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-9

And here is the 411th night of our Arabian night but first you can refresh your memory and remember for what happened last night here.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Second , you can listen to the 9th night of our interesting “Hagar , Sahar and Egrama” tale here 

And Hagar has been transferred to the Jinn’s village after killing one of them , he is freaking out of course after seeing the strangest creatures from Jinn with strange eyes, tails and horns. Now in front of the Jinn’s king , Hagar is being told that he killed his “Qareen”. Of course you do not need to guess that the cat that he threw away last night was actually his Jinn “Qareen”

Now this interesting because the “Qareen” is from the disputed characters in Islam and Arab culture in general. It is widely belief that it is the human’s Jinn evil twin that can posse him in some times and encourage him to do evil stuff. The “Qareen” is old in our Egyptian/Arab/Culture and I think it exist in several cultures across the world as well. You can read more about it here from Arabic wikipedia. “Qareen” refers to a friend and a companion in Arabic.

Back to Hagar who is going to die in the King of Jinn’s court from fear , at the same he was being confronted by the crime he did not know that he committed in a very scary mood , his strange companion shows up alive. Oddly enough his companion’s name is Sahar !! The companion is the one who informed him that his beloved Sahar was kidnapped.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

#Ramadan Soap Operas are source of national income now !!

Despite the economic conditions in Egypt and the fact that the government and new elected president are running behind investments to save our economy we found out that the Ramadan TV season this year is the most expensive one in the Egyptian TV history.

According to news reports published in the past week :

  • This year we have in Egypt 70 soap operas
  • The budget of 54 soap operas have reached to LE 1 billion and 180 millions !!
  • The highest production TV soap opera was Adel Emam’s “Nagi Attallah’s Team” series followed by Yahia El Fakhranay’s “El Khawaga Abdel Kader” series. You can check this list here.

The Ramadan season in TV is usually the busiest in Egypt and in the Arab world in general. Of course we taught our dear Arabs this tradition unfortunately where people do nothing after Iftar except sitting in front of the TV for 30 days !!                                                     

In market language , in the past 16 months we got over 10 private channels including channels that are actually networks with huge funding God only knows their sources like CBC and Al Nahar. “Which are actually owned by former Mubarak’s regime men”

These channels create demand and ready to pay to get exclusive products which in our case simply TV series so it is not a big surprise to find huge number of TV series in one season like that.

Of course some believe that this is bad as all that money is spent on soap operas but when you think about it again actually this money is good for our economy as this is part of our entertainment sector , from the services sector in our GDP. You should think about the fact that TV soap operas are sold to Arab TV channels from the Gulf to the Ocean.

Already before the coup of 1952 cinema production in Egypt was one of the main sources of income right after the cotton export. Just imagine how many houses are open because this sector and you will know that it is not bad but rather a good thing in such bad economic situation.

Hopefully other services sectors in Egypt will catch up with the entertainment and TV production in Egypt.

By the way for the first time in the Arab world as well in the World you can watch the Ramadan TV soap operas with no silly commercial breaks online on YouTube. In cooperation with Google and YouTube and bunch of channels and producers we got : Youtube.com/Ramadan.

I think we are competing the American networks that post its full soap operas on YouTube now with all that TV shows and soap operas only made for one month !! There is live broadcast for TV channels from Egypt and Arab world if you are interested in watching them alive.

By the way if I recommend , you should watch TV series “The Escape” written by dear friend and famous writer Balel Fadl and starring Karim Abdel Aziz. A mix of politics and drama with a little comedy dosage that tackles the working class outside Cairo as well the practices of state security during the days of Mubarak frankly and clearly.

BY the way I have noticed that there are 3 soap operas about thugs and thuggery as well the amount of obscenities said and violence against women in the soap operas are horrible and incredibly increasing.

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-8

Sorry for the delay as I was watching the London 2012 Olympics Opening ceremony. 

Here is the 410th night of our Arabian Radio night but first you can refresh your memory and remember for what happened in last episodes here.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Here is our 8th night in the Hagar , Sahar and Egrama saga. This episode is very interesting for real guys , new action , new magic.

As Hagar starts his quest to save his beloved Sahar from captivity , he got one companion in his trip : The man who informed the tribe about the massacre Sheikh Wael Ibn Kanaan’s caravan and captivity of Sahar. During a rest at an Oasis , Hagar between to talk with that man whom he wanted to know more about him. 

Egypt in the #Olympics

And here is Egypt Olympic team in the amazing London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

I do not know why our Olympic committee does not think about a better outfit for our athletes ,at least women athletes inspired by our folklore when we have famous fashion designer Shahira Mahrez

Friday, July 27, 2012

Saving Rohingya people by truth not by lies

I remember that from 5 years ago I was introduced to the Rohingya People of Burma aka Myanmar  through a BBC report about their agony. Since then I wonder why the Muslim world is not helping them but suddenly the Arab Muslim suddenly knew that there are Muslims suffer in Burma and there is a country called Burma in the first place thanks to the latest clashes between Muslims and Buddhist in Rakhine state.
The latest clashes between the Rohingya Muslims "One of the most prosecuted minorities in Burma" and Buddhists in Sittwe area , Rakhine State took place after the rape and murder of Buddhist when Buddhists attacked the Muslims in retaliation from a month ago. According to official records 10 Muslims were killed on June 3rd, 2012 and not less than 80 were killed throughout the month.Whole villages of were burned from both sides equally unfortunately. Just like any dictatorship , the military junta helped in spreading the violance , nothing better than divide conquer. Thousands of Rohingya People had to flee the country and head to Bangladesh through Naf river as well to India and in temporary refugee camps increasing their suffering more and more.The photogallery below shows real photos from there from month ago. 
The president of Burma, the puppet president to be accurate Thein Sein has told the UN that refugee camps or deportation was the "solution" for nearly a million Rohingya Muslims in the wake of communal unrest in the west of the country from two weeks ago.During then UNHCR from its side rejected that racial suggestions saying that it is not its job to resettle the Rohingya. Already despite the Rohingya Muslims , the Muslims are minority yet their existence in the according to historical records goes back to centuries in the country yet they are not recognized a citizens and regarded as foreign Bengals.
The West began to speak more about the case thanks to the noise created in the East by Muslims , the thing which I will not deny. Human rights organizations like Amnesty International began to speak about the issue creating more international awareness.
Needless to say many human rights activists are shocked on how the famous icon of democracy Aung San Su Kyi is keeping her mouth shut about the whole Rohingya issue , we need a clear answer from her to know whether she believes that they are Burmese citizens or not like Chinese and Indian communities in the country , ambiguous answers are not good for her image in the world.
Su Kyi meets a Muslim Rohingya at her Part HQ earlier
June 2012 before the eruption of sectarian tensions. 
The bigger shock also for the human rights activists worldwide is from the Burmese monks who were regarded as freedom fighters from two years ago. Of course I am shocked too by the position of the Burma's monks that once called for democracy and equality , I think their actions contradicts with the pacifist beliefs of Buddhism and simplest principles of human rights and freedom.

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-7

Sorry for the late post as I am bit tired.

Here is the 409th night of our Arabian Radio night but first You can refresh your memory and remember what happened in previous nights here what happened in last episodes here.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Here is our 7th night in the Hagar , Sahar and Egrama saga.

Now the knights of King Kaood wants to buy Sahar as a salve for the King and the fight erupts between the knights and the caravan of Wael Ibn Kanaan. 

Sooner back to the Ibn Kanaan tribe land , a man arrives to inform the rest of the tribe to tell them that the caravan was attacked. Terrifying enough we know that the caravan was massacred and Sahar was kidnapped. 

Hagar decided to head and to save back his beloved Sahar yet the rest of his tribe is afraid of fighting King Kaood.

Back at the king’s palace , the knight presents Sahar as salve to the king. Despite Sahar does not stop crying , she made it clear to the king that she is not salve but rather a free woman who was kidnapped. Of course the restless king does not care and decides to teach her a lesson of obedience through torture !!

Till we meet tomorrow night inshallah 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-6

Tonight is the 408 of our Radio Arabian nights but first you can refresh your memory with last night’s episodes.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Second here is our 6th night in our tale “Hagar , Sahar and Egrama”.

Now Hagar and Sahar , the young lovers seem to face the traditions of old tribes from denouncement and so on especially after what Egrama , Hagar’s rival told Sheikh Wael Ibn Kanaan that Hagar is flirting with Sahar which means a scandal for him and the tribe.

At the same Hagar and his father were in their way to Ibn Kanaan in order to ask his daughter’s hand in marriage but they found him storming their house telling them that after what Hagar did to his daughter , either they leave the tribe or he will leave. The furious man did not listen to what they had said insisting that Hagar has scandalized him and his daughter.

Ibn Hagar refused to leave the tribe , the water and land suggesting instead to ask the judgment of the tribe’s high priest.  

High priest Fariouz tells them in a dramatic voice that the second prophecy of Sahar’s birth has been fulfilled : She made the tribe spilt but sooner she will unite them.

Now the priest says his judgment : Wael Ibn Kanaan to leave the tribe.

Ibn Kanaan and his people headed in a caravan for the unknown searching for some oasis to camp but sooner they found some riders coming the way. The riders turn to be the knights of King Kaood who want water. One of them expresses his admiration with Sahar.

The name of King Kaood made Wael and Sahar uncomfortable to the level that he gathered all the men in the caravan to see what they can do. During their meeting , something happened , someone showed up.

Tomorrow we will know what happens.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#London2012 : Let the games and scandals start !!

The Egyptian flag at Olympic village by Ahmed Al Nemer
This is the last thing I want to write about our Olympics  , I did not want to start writing about a scandal !!I knew about the story for two days now and seriously I am furious from that bureaucratic mindset from 1950s !! The Egyptian Olympic committee held a tender to get the cheapest offer and ended by choosing the cheapest offer without paying attention to the fact that it is a fake offer and not the original!!
Update : The Egyptian Olympic committee chairman General Mohamed Ali is telling Nike to sue the agent over fake kit !!
General Ali denies any previous knowledge about the matter in his statements to AOE Sports despite on the other hand Nike's sole Agent in Egypt say that he sent to the committee two letters warning it for that kit !! They even offered to give the delegation free kit for the sake of Egypt and the committee ignored them !!
Of course General Ali is defending his decision claiming that he did not know that the kit his committee chose was fake !! "All Nike products in the Egyptian Market are made in China. They all have the same logo. How can you know !!??" The former police general said to Ahram Online !!!
It is worth to mention that for decades the Olympic committee was headed by Susan Mubarak´s brother runaway Mounir Thabet.
Updated : The ministry of tourism's fund is going to pay for the original Nike's Kit for our team today according to the statements of minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour of tourism as that team represents Egypt's image.

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-5

Tonight is the 407th night in our Radio Arabian nights , the 5th night in our tale of “Hagar , Sahar and Egrama”. Tonight it is a bit romantic one.

Now Hagar and Sahar love each where as Egrama can’t stand Hagar and wants Sahar despite she refuses him. Hagar loves playing the lute and he expresses his love to Sahar through its soft melodies that make Sahar cry. Hagar admits that he loves Sahar who does not stop crying because she is afraid from her family , she fears on her lover’s life from Egrama.

Now Hagar is participating in race which if he wins it , he will get 10 camels that he will present a dowry for her Sahar’s hand. Egrama claims to win the race but Sahar and Hagar expose him and Hagar is declared the winner of the race. Later Egrama escaped from a fight with Hagar as usual but Egrama went and told Sheikh Wael Bin Kanaan that Hagar was flittering with his daughter Sahar , the thing that made him furious. Fearing on his daughter’s

You can refresh your memory for what happened in last episodes here.

#Syria Revolts : And Manaf speaks at last

And Manaf Tlass at last spoke and made a statement for the public from Paris about his defection short awhile ago in a video that was aired exclusively on Al Arabiya TV channel. “Nothing on Al Jazeera , which is interesting”
Tlass says that he is speaking to the people as a member of the Syrian Arab army that refuses the practices of that corrupted regime “!!!” who wants a new United Syria that does not know revenge or exclusion “I heard that before in Egypt”. As a proud Syrian who served in the Syrian Arab army that got good honorable people that did not kill or insult any Syrian to apologize for the crimes committed against their own people.The most important part is how Manaf said that those good SAA officers were an extension to the Free Syrian army in a clear recognition to that resistance army.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Actually it is an insult to all Muslims more than Morsi

The temple Institute in Israel has produced and aired a very interesting ad called "The Children are ready" , of course some of you the children are ready for what and I will tell you that they are ready for the Third Temple .

I can not keep noticing how that Jewish father was reading in the paper about El Assad's forces..etc.
Now the Egyptian news websites whether Ahram Gate , Shorouk , Dostor and Al Badil are showing the ad and saying that it is insulting Mohamed Morsi because it says that the Third Temple will be built and the Egyptian president will not stop it !!
Here is a screen cap showing the photo of Morsi.
Morsi's photo
Well I feel it is more insulting to all Muslims in the world in Ramadan than to Morsi and to Egypt , actually this ad says that the temple will be built over Al Aqsa Mosque , the third Holiest place for Muslim in Ramadan !!
Now from what I read and I know , the Zionist Christians as well radical Zionist Jews believe that the second coming of the Messiah and building the third temple will happen after a huge war between Muslims and Jews which includes the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque.

Morsi appoints Hisham Kandeel as PM

President Mohamed Morsi has appointed Hisham Kandeel ,the minister of irrigation in the cabinets of Sharaf and Ganzoury as Prime minister today. Kandeel is going to meet Morsi shortly to discuss the negotiations about the new cabinet which he should form it in a week according to news sources.

Kandeel is the Youngest Prime minister in the history of Modern Egypt and he is also the first Islamist to hold this". He was graduated from faculty of engineering , Cairo University in1984. He got his A Masters degree and PhD in irrigation and sewage systems from North Carolina Universty and university of Utah.

In previous interview Kandeel stated that he wasn't a member of MB but sources say that he is close to them.
More to come and actually despite this may send a message that Morsi cares about water problem , his choice will make many angry as Kandeel is unknown and technocrat PM.
The decision is creating a huge controversy and division between those who are welcoming Kandil and those are against him.

#July23 :The benchmark

President Gamal Abdel Nasser

You agree or disagree , you hate him or you you love him but you have to admit that after 60 years many Egyptians look to Gamal Abdel Nasser as a benchmark for charismatic leadership in Egypt.

I can not count the times I have heard Egyptians saying on this or that candidate whether Abu El Fotouh or Moussa or even Shafik and lately Morsi that he is trying to be like Nasser this year. I can not ignore how suddenly we find his clips from speeches slamming the Muslim brotherhood, the States, Gulf and even El Assad found it its way to Facebook pages and walls by young generations who do not know the real meaning of socialist Nasserite !!

He has become a benchmark for all presidents , we have to admit it.

Nasser did horrible crimes against this country mainly reviving the pharaoh idolism and enforcing it with dictatorship and police state , it is horrible sin that costs us till this day. Of course Nasser defenders claim that we should not judge him by our today’s standards and that dictatorship was the fashion in the east camp plus he had believed in social justice more than democratic reforms. Well for me he was a dictator just like Mohamed Ali was , these are facts.

I can not ignore what he did when it comes to social justice , his attempts to create social justice of course are debatable but at least he tried to do something. I can not ignore that in this time in 2012 we need to return back to Africa in the same way he did. African countries still respect him and unfortunately we are not using it.

I have a confession after 16 months from our revolution and the obstacles it faces from judiciary , media , army and businessmen , I understood the changes Nasser and his Free officers did throughout the 16 years of his rule when its comes to judiciary , media and economy when you establish to a new political system or regime. SCAF understood this very well but we did not except too late because we do not read history and if we do , we do not understand it properly as it should.

Our revolution , our January revolution was against the Pharaoh idolism , we are challenging his legacy yet the question in my mind now based on history : Was it Nasser’s legacy for real or it is in our genes to idolize charismatic rulers regardless of their iron fist !?

Another question : Can we have another president , another leader that would shift this benchmark ??

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-4 & 5

And continue our tale , we are going to have a double bill tonight. 

But first you can refresh your memory here.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Now to it is the 405th Arabian night as well the fourth in our tale , the tale of Hagar , Sahar and Egrama.


Now Wael Bin Kanaan’s tribe has stopped the awful tradition of killing their daughters for fear of disgrace thanks to Sahar , the daughter of chieftain. Her birthday sooner became a national day called “The virgin day”. 

After many years of her birth , on the Virgin , there was that big market the tribe held where all things from camels to daggers to monkeys are being sold. Sahar and Hagar now are kids and friends playing around and so on. “of course when they get older , they will become lovers”

#July23 : You can not Erase History but you can learn from it !!

Today is a very special day , we are celebrating for the first time #July 23rd Revolution anniversary under a civilian president rule , today we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Day whose consequences that without doubt changed not only Egypt but the Arab world and Africa in good ways and bad ways.
Ironically in the 60th anniversary , we got huge debate about it.
Free officers in Alex
The founding fathers of July 23
This year We got more voices especially from the Muslim brotherhood and some revolutionary forces like April 6th Youth that demand the cancellation of the day that was beginning of the military rule in Egypt. April 6th Youth can not forget the sad battle of Abassiya I where its member Mohamed Mohsen was killed by a follow citizen after direct incitement by army commanders against the political youth group if you remember. Other activists in Egypt launched a hashtag called #January against July in reference that January revolution is against July coup.
On the other hand we got even more louder voices starting by SCAF that issued official communiqué congratulating the Egyptian people with that glorious day and unofficial statement in its SCAF FB Admin page slamming those who are against the day. The anti-MB team celebrate the day as part of our history including liberals who consider it as the end of liberalism in Egypt from two years ago !!
Internationally it is our official national day , our new civilian president got tons of telegrams from leaders around the globe congratulating him for its 60th anniversary. Of course our new President , who comes from the Muslim brotherhood and despises the July 23rd revolution and Nasser because of the huge prosecution the MB suffered from during then had to deal with it professionally. Morsi can not cancel the day otherwise he will look as if he were a president of one group of the country.

#July23 : Remembering the forgotten

The 60th anniversary of the 23 July coup in Egypt is here, as we debate whether we should celebrate it or not or we should cancel it or not, I think we should remember the first president of Egypt General Mohamed Naguib.

President Mohamed Naguib

Here is General Mohamed Naguib’s first statement in July 1952 on video in Arabic

And this how it started in Iraq !!

The Zogaibs´ memorial service ad
Last week something very alarming happened in Damascus and it is not the big bombing that killed la crème de la crème of El Assad security regime , it is something else.
A very important rocket scientist in Syria was killed along with his family last week, his wife and his two sons “two sons” in an ambush at Bab Toma checkpoint area. Both regime forces and rebel forces are accusing each other of killing him and his family.
Dr. Walid Ibrahim Zogaib, a general in the air forces who is considered from the Godfathers of the Syrian missiles program.
Now for me the murder of his man and his family for me in this way is more than coincidence than National security big bombing and the death of Omar Sulieman. Too much Arab and Egyptian rocket and nuclear scientists have been killed in strange circumstances to believe it was a coincidence.
Call me crazy but this is so much an Iraqi scenario , sooner more Syrian scientists in nuclear energy will be killed and the Syrian historical heritage from antiquities will be destroyed and smuggled. This is how it started in Iraq. Someone has already started a petition in Avaaz to protect Syrian history heirtage.
If I were the president of Egypt , I swear I would bring all those scientists from Syria in some protection Egyptian science program temporarily like Paper Clip program of the States in Science that hosted Nazi scientists whom actually shaped the scientific American history till their country is stable and strong enough.
May Allah bless all Syrian martyrs.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-3

It is the 405th of our Radio Arabian nights as well the 3rd night Scheherazade continues her tale “Hagar , Sahar and Egrama”.

First, you can refresh your memory with last night's episode.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

And here is our third episode tonight.  

Now as we knew in last night Sheikh Wael Bin Kanaan’s wife Rihanna was giving birth to baby who was prophesied to lead a huge change in his land by the high priest of the tribe. 

Yet Wael Bin Kanaan , the chieftain of his tribe is scared from having a baby girl as it was still disgrace in their community.

Sheikh Wael Bin Kanaan got a baby girl and he is mad and furious , refuses to hold her. 

Sheikh Wael took the baby girl and wanted to bury her alive. His wife Rihanna tries to stop him in order to stop him “Either he leaves her alive or he buries us alive both” Said the so-ill and tired Rihanna who went to him along with her aunt. 

Rihanna pleas her husband to leave the crying baby alive suggesting that they should take the baby to the high priest at the temple in order to spare her for an offering. 

The priest told both Rihanna and Wael to slaughter 5 camels as offering and to bring their baby girl Sahar “he names her” to the temple that night. The priest also announced that the first part of the prophecy had happened and that baby made a huge change : From that day the girls are not to be killed as soon as they are born.

Till we meet tomorrow night inshallah 

What is the story of #UAE_Detainees who are exceeding day after Day ??

I remember when I read the news that Sultan Al Qassimi was arrested , all Egyptian tweeps and activists were terrified and though that our dear friend Sultan Al Qassimi of twitter is the one who was detained but it turned to be another Sultan Al Qassimi.
Sheikh Sultan Al Qassami is the nephew of Ras Al Khaimah’s ruler Saud Bin Saqr Al Qassami.Al Qassami is an Islamist reformist in his country , he heads something in UAE calls “The reform calling” based on moderate Islamist beliefs. It was active in the country since 1970s and actually as I have known it is not a political movement but rather an Islamist one working on preserving the Islamic identity of the country.
Sheikh Sultan Al Qassimi has been detained since 20 April 2012 by UAE security authorities for no official charge , he has not been accused of anything officially nor did he stand in front of a judge. All what he had done was writing an Op-ed slamming the decision of UAE security forces to arrest of 7 activists including bloggers who demanded reforms in the country. He criticized how those 7 were stripped from their nationality.
He is considered the first political detainee from a ruling family in UAE thus it was not a surprise to me or to anyone who is trying to follow the case for months to hear that Sheikh Sultan was allegedly being held at his cousin , Ras Al Khaimah’s ruler palace.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-2

And here we are in the 404th night from our Egyptian Ramadan radio Arabia nights where Scheherazade continues the second part of our new story this Ramadan “Hagar Sahar and Egrama”.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

But first , you can refresh your memory with last night’sepisode.

And a quick synopsis for non Arab speakers :  The Chieftain Wael Bin Kanaan and her wife Rihanna presented the offering to the temple where the high priest tells them a prophecy of that unborn baby regarding his fate in the future and how he will change the world. Rihanna got pregnant and at the same time a friend of Wael’s “Ibn Hagr” wife also gets pregnant. 

Their friend Araf also got a new baby but he is sad because it turned out to be a baby girl !!

Kodak Agfa presents #Ramadan Lanterns 2012

And Kodak Agfa proudly presents its photo report about Ramadan Lanterns 2012 in Cairo and Giza “Mainly Giza”
Ramadan Lanterns 2012
This year I found that many Egyptians, unlike any other year, are buying lanterns whether for their homes or for themselves. 
Again the Chinese plastic lanterns dominate the market threatening the handmade Egyptian tin tradition lanterns. 
This year I found Sponge Bob as Ramadan Lantern !!
Chinese SpongeBob plastic lantern
Chinese SpongeBob plastic lantern

Activists in Egypt tried to push for a campaign to boycott the Chinese lanterns in solidarity with Syria. 
It is only a virtual Facebook campaign that got power on the ground, unfortunately. 
Already it was launched too late and nobody heard about, to be honest outside a couple of thousands on Facebook.
Anyhow long live our Egyptian lantern.
Egyptian traditional Ramadan Lanterns
Egyptian traditional Ramadan Lanterns

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama Ep.1

And guess who is back ??

Oh yes Scheherazade and her king and beloved husbandShahrayerare back again with her endless amazing tales of the classical Egyptian radio 1001 nights in 2012.

This year we will have some how a long tale which I hope that you will enjoy it. 

It is the tale of “Hagar , Sahar and Egrama”  that starts in the 403rd night of the Radio 1001 nights since its start in early 1950s.

Now to the first episode.

Now a quick synopsis for the Non Arabic speakers , the night starts with a classical Arabic flirting between Shahrayer and Scheherazade before she would start her tale : Hagar , Sahar and Egrama.

The tale starts with the Ben Kanaan tribe and how its chief Sheikh Wael Ben Kanaan did not have any children and suddenly got a prophecy in the dream that he will have a son if he presents an offering at the tribe's temple. 
Tomorrow insh Allah we will complete the tale.
By the way you can check last years’ 1001 archives to enjoy the old tales.

#Syria Revolts : It is Ramadan for the revolutionaries

From a year ago I remember how El Assad regime stormed Hama committing a horrible massacre that was only the start of violent escalation of using force to crack down the Syrian revolution on the first day of Ramadan.Now after one year El Assad lost many of his men who planned and executed Ramadan Hama massacre and many believe that he may not complete his Ramadan as a president of Syria.A lot of things can change in one year.
Here is Damascus in the first day of Ramadan

Now the news of the day is how the Ambassador of Russia in Paris reportedly told BBC that Bashar El Assad wants to step down in civilized way , a very important statement that was shortly denied by The official Syrian TV claiming that the Ambassador of Russia did not say that. Whether the ambassador said this or not , the civilized way when it comes to El Assad is to prosecute him internationally in front of the ICC. Needless to say many Syrians think of killing El Assad in Qaddadfi style.
Officially Russia denied that Asmaa El Assad is currently in Moscow.
The number of refugees from Syria entering Lebanon is increasing rapidly and crazy according to Lebanese government sources not less 30,000 cars from Syria entered Lebanon in the past 48 hours.
The FSA decided to withdraw from Al Midan neighborhood to save the locals there. I am afraid it was expected because despite the victories the FSA achieved in those three days it needs to re-organize its powers after all Damascus is still under El Assad and his army's control. Already people are afraid that th republican guards will commit crimes against the locals after the warnings of Official Syrian tv that Militants wearing republican guards customs will attack them.
From Syria's Christians to its Muslim
Ramadan Mubarak 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadan Karim Everybody

And officially Dar El Ifta in Egypt has announced that tomorrow Friday 20/7/2012 will be mark the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Karim everybody and do not forget your annual meeting insh Allah with the Ramadan 2012 Arabian nights :))

#Syria Revolts : How will the game of national end again ?

For the third time Russia and China voted a UN security resolution with new sanctions against El Assad regime. It is a big blow. 
There are contradicting reports that the internet was blocked in Damascus. Some say that it is not working while the others say it is working fine. May be the internet is blocked in some areas and in other areas it is working fine.
Anyhow there are alarming reports that there is no bread in town , yes bread shortage Damascus 24 hours prior to Ramadan.  
Back to El Assad regime , well the members of his regime got an official military funeral. The funeral of Assaf Shawket , El Assad's brother in law was attended by Boshra El Assad "Assaf's wife" and his mother. 
Bashar El Assad has not appeared publicly , there are too many theories about his absence in the Western press , some claim that he was injured and that his family fled to Russia !! 
Now Al Manar TV allegedly says that he will address the nation tonight !! Update : El Assad appeared on TV speaking with the minister of defense. 
BY Hany Rasmy
On the other hand today Nile Sat and Arab Sat have shut down the signals of Pro-Al Assad Ad Dounia Channel. 

And the Black Box is sealed forever !!

Omar Suleiman "1939-2012"
Reuters as well State owned MENA has reported that former VP/presidential candidate/GIS chief Omar Suleiman “1939-2012” has died in a US hospital while undergoing some tests. The news is confirmed by his assistant Hussein Kamel “The man behind Omar Suleiman” .
We know nothing about the cause of death but it is well known that the man who head GIS for 16 years more than any other man since 1954 suffered from heart problems that made me wonder already why he would run for presidency !! A source in GIS told Sky News Arabia that Suleiman has some sort of blood related disease !!
His body will return back home in 24 hours and he will have a military funeral as he was an army general. The golden question now : Will President Mohamed Morsi attend the funeral of Omar Suleiman ??
Update : The Presidency will issue a statement about Suleiman shortly.  
Muslim brotherhood and Al Nour Party are going to participate in the funeral according t Al Masry Al Youm 
Ironically we knew that he was staying in UAE all that time and that’s why many Egyptians believe that he leading the counter revolution there along with former PM and presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq !!
The Omar Suleiman groupies now are wondering if foreign parties are standing behind his death !! Well a security source aka intelligence denied this and said there is no criminal suspicion in his death , the man was sick for God sake !!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The photo of the week : From Homs

This photo was taken from two days in Homs , in Jourit Al Shayah By Lens Young Homsi

There is no comment I think of when I see this destruction that reminds me with the WWII photos !! 

#Syria Revolts : Battles continue in #Damascus

New Syria for all sects and ethnics 
For the third days in row clashes continued between Free Syrian army rebel forces and Syrian Arab army regime forces in certain areas of the Syrian capital Damascus that most of it still under El Assad's control.
The fight has restarted again between the two forces in Qaboon neighborhood which was controlled yesterday by FSA. Hundreds of local residents in Qaboon and neighbor areas began to leave. The fight has also restarted in El Midan area.
The Damascus airport is still open and working. Damscus-Homs high way is being closed and electricity has been cut off in certain areas in the capital in the past 48 hours.
The clashes are not limited in Damascus as other cities in various areas got their share.

Here is a video allegedly filmed and uploaded on YouTube today from Bazraa area in Damascus showing how the locals are leaving it due to the constant shelling.

Al Manar TV channel has just announced that Bashar El Assad will address Syrians next Sudnay claiming that he will declare that Syria will have a presidential elections next November. Some are hinting online to a Yemeni scenario , a scenario that was supported by politicians like Michel Kilo and some saw as a reality with the defection of Manaf Tlass. Speaking of the devil , Al Akhbar Lebanese newspaper which I can not classify or categorize has published a very interesting report in Arabic about the man who will play an important role as it seems insh Allah !!

Syrian National TV has announced that there was a suicide bombing in the National security building in Damascus , of course it did not say which National security building considering the fact that there are between 15-17 intelligence service in Syria !! From Local tweeps in Damascus the building is in front of Turkish embassy in Abu Remmaneh and the victims of that blasts have been transferred to a hospital called El Shami.
Updated :
The explosion killed Syrian minister of defense Dawoud Rajah  as well Bashar El Assad's brother in law Assaf Shawkat along with another number of officials according to the Syrian official TV !!!!  Now there are stories on how this bombing took place , some say that it was a suicide bombing that was carried out by Rajah's bodyguard who is believed to be defected. Other sources say that explosives were put in the building in a theory which I do not believe. I believe it was someone from inside .
Now The Islam brigadier forces in Damascus claimed responsibility using explosives , some say that there could be cooperation between both the group and that body.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now he looks more than fine to me

Yesterday Something happened that no one paid attention enough to as it has become uninteresting frequent news in very tense time where Egyptians follow more important news like :The fate of consistent assembly , the fate of the cabinet and the new government , the new VP and the duality of rule between MB and SCAF. On Monday's evening we found out that public prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud has ordered the transfer of prisoner and ousted president Mubarak from Maadi Military hospital to Tora prison :))

Now State owned Al Akhbar newspaper published an exclusive photo by photographer Khaled Eid for Mubarak while leaving the hospital wearing white Polo shirt.

"does the photo look good or not ?"

He seems to be more than fine to me considering that he entered the Maadi hospital with heart failure/ clinical death to the end of ill fated diseases for a man in his age !!! The doctors in Maadi hospital are good.

Mubarak was sentenced 25 years in prison for killing the protesters in the early days of the revolution in the very famous controversial trial from two months ago.


#Syria Revolts : #Damascus Liberation Operation starts

And the battles between the Syrian Arab army “SAA” of El Assad regime and the opposition forces above them Free Syrian army “FSA” have reached to Damascus itself in a very big development in the last 48 hours.

Already Free Syrian Army has issued a statement from short awhile ago announcing that the battle to liberate Damascus has started and will not stop
The fight is now Al Midan neighborhood which witnessed protests and movements against the regime more than any other neighborhood in capital. Eye witnesses report that the exists and entrances of Damascus have been closed today.
Helicopters were flying all over the city since the morning , shelling some areas , it is literally crazy.
Here is a photo showing the old Zahera area in the city after being shelled , photo taken by Rime Allaf.

Smoke from the old neighborhood
Here is a video alleged filmed in Qaboon area in Damascus showing helicopter hovering over the city.

Certain streets and squares have been completely closed up.
Here is a video clip filmed earlier today showing the entrance of the SAA tanks to Al Midan neighborhood.

Damascus : The tanks in A Midan neighborhood.