Thursday, April 30, 2009

Regarding the Pigs Massacre : A Necessity

Let’s speak in a scientific talk :
Yes the Swine flu does not transfer only through pigs to humans but it also it also transfers from humans to humans which is the dangerous stage in the disease.
Still the main origin of the virus is the pigs.
Now for the Swine flu is a combination between H1N1,H5N1 and human flu .
The H5N1 mutated in Egypt and the WHO as I hinted several times in my blog warned from the pigs farms and its danger on health especially those farms are inside the cities not outside it.
For three years there was a presidential decree issued to transfer the farms outside the cities in the different governorates and up till now it has not been implemented because of the powerful lobby of garbage collectors , do not laugh you do not know how big is the garbage collecting business. You only have to know that this lobby is standing against the Recycle business in Egypt.
Now back to flu the WHO is saying that the H5N1 is mutating dangerously in Egypt so we do not need to have our own Swine flu in Egypt thanks to the combination of H5N1 with human flu and Swine flu !!
I know pigs are God’s creatures but God gives us mind to think and God ordered us not to throw ourselves in doom ,the protection is better than treatment.
Those poor thousands who work in pigs farms do not understand the danger that they are facing , if they are infected with Swine flu locally ,they will be the first victims and it is well known that the government won’t help them , in fact there is no vaccine will be available to the world except at least after 6 months. We know that our government has the worst crisis management responsibility ever and the proof on that is the H5N1 for God Sake.
It is ridiculous and irresponsible to claim that this decision was taken for religious reasons because you have to know that the Christian Church as I repeated thousand times has agreed and support the government decision. Now it amazed me that for some Christians it is ok to listen to the Pope’s order to vote for Mubarak but when he supports a decision for the best interest of all Egyptians ,some are deaf !!! I would like to hint that the Christians MPs voted for the slaughter of pigs in the Parliament.
Regarding the FAO and WHO reactions , well pardon me but I saw Dr.Hussein Abdel-Razzak Al Gezairy, the head of the regional office of WHO in the region saying on TV that both slaughtering the pigs or transferring them to isolated areas were good decision !! So why the WHO and FAO are so angry !!
Unfortunately this is a presidential decree and despite the official announcement that the slaughtering will start on Saturday , the slaughtering has started already today. Mubarak won’t cancel a presidential decree because of pigs so he would be become the joke of the Egyptians , I do not know what those international organizations were thinking when they were asking the halt of this presidential decree. !!!
Now the minister of health presented a summarized report to Mubarak about the Avian flu and Swine flu in Egypt and the world today. You can download and read the report here ,it is already in Arabic. It is actually a presentation to be accurate.
It is very short and summarized, it included data about the  suspicion ,infection and death rates of H5N1 in Egypt since its entry in Feb  2006 . According to international numbers Egypt is the third country in the world after Indonesia and Vietnam in terms of infection and death rates !!! It is not a new thing to me but may be for Mubarak. The report included a definition to the swine flu, how it transfers,its symptoms and the ministry’s plan to face the new challenge. The most important parts concerning the Swine flu is that the results of the tests they done on some of the pig raisers in Great Cairo area , the tests came negative thank Goodness.
The report included a map for the pigs farms in Egypt :

I think now the President is calmed down by his men that everything is under control which I hope it is because we have not yet finished from the H5N1 bomb so we can deal with this scary new threat.
I forget to say that the Health ministry is considering Sinai as an expected virus entry area because Israel announced that there are confirmed H1N1 cases there , I won’t use the swine word as it is not allowed there !!! Speaking about Israel , I think we should do the same thing they are doing at Ben Gurion airport in Cairo airport. Back to Sinai , this is too much for this dear part of the nation , war , smuggling and now swine flu !!

Kill Them All

For the first time yesterday the Egyptian parliament members have agreed on something without the powers of Ahmed Ezz ; the NDP majority ,MBs ,other parties and independent members agreed on killing all the pigs in the country and thank God the government respected the wish of the parliament and the people too and decided to kill all the pigs in Egypt .
I am definitely, those dirty pigs should be eliminated as soon as possible ,we can’t jeopardize the life of millions for no good reason. Already  you can’t imagine how those pigs live or where they live in ,they do not suffer yet from H1N1 but for sure the unhealthy environment they live will make them suffer from other diseases. Our pigs are ugly black fifthly pigs eating from garbage and have that awful smell , if you do not believe it,then hit the road to six of October through the Mehawer and you will know what I am speaking about, even if you close your car’s windows and open the AC ,you will still smell it !!!
Those pigs are raised eating garbage only with no medical care , only now the ministries of agriculture and health are paying attention to them !!
Please do not tell me this will lead to a sectarian division as this is the most ridiculous talk I have heard because for years now we are speaking about how dangerous those pigs are in Egypt in the time of H5N1 !!  I do not know why no one has objected when poultry were eliminated from three years ago !!
At least there are calls to compensate the pigs raisers in Egypt , the government has not yet compensated the poultry raisers and sellers who were bankrupted from three years ago in the H5N1 outbreak !!!
Yesterday the regional office of WHO had a press conference explaining the dangerous of the swine flu. It is not good to be calm in Egypt especially that Israel announced that there are two infected cases there.
The Governor of Alexandria has order the closure of the pigs slaughter house in the governorate which was serving both Alexandria and Cairo.
Also yesterday the people of 15th of May city at Helwan governorate rejected widely the presidential decree to transfer the pigs farms across the country to their town, already they were suffering from the dirty pigs farms there. I do not understand how the government wants to revive Helwan as a recreation spot at the same time wanted to transfer about 500,000 dirty pig there !!
I do not care what the FAO says because with my all respect the Christians in Egypt won’t die without those pigs for God Sake !!!! Already those pigs are raised in the first Place to eat garbage, the FAO does not know the conditions these pigs live in for God Sake.
Back to our dirty pigs do you what is really scary , well you must know the following :
  • About 350,000 –500,000 pigs in Egypt in about 5 Governorates
  • About 40,000 citizens work in the pigs dumpsters and farms.
  • Most of these farms are in the outskirts of the major cities beside the garbage dumpsters in shanty towns.
  • Pigs only eat garbage.
  • The garbage is brought by garbage collectors
  • Each garbage collector pass by hundred houses a week.
Now if the pigs are infected ,they will infect the farmers and their kids whom by their turn will infect other people in a direct contact including the garbage collectors and the garbage collectors have a direct contact hundreds of citizens !!! We are talking about uncontrolled industry.
Do you understand now why I do not like the situation , this is how this virus will spread in Egypt likely heavens forbid if it is not transferred through traveler also heavens forbid !!!
Killing pigs won’t unbalance the Egyptian environment and FYI Pope Shounda III attacked the pigs describing them as unhealthy animal.
Now I am reading that the pigs raisers are calling Obama to help them , I hope that this is just a rumour because this is an insane act to do just for pigs.
Updates No.1 : 
Updates No.2 : 
  • The health ministry announced that the test results of the suspected case of swine flu came negative thank God 
  • The Egyptian Church supports the decision to kill those pigs in Egypt. 
  • I think the real discrimination is to let the Christians eat those pigs now which raised in unhealthy way and are full of germs and viruses of other types. 
  • If you care that much about the pigs farms in Egypt , why you do not open your mouth about the inhuman unhealthy condition those pigs lived in or now they are God's creatures !!!?? God's creatures deserve better environment for sure
  • I do not have to swear that even if they transferred the pigs to a centralized area, the pigs farmers will protest.
  • Worldwide WHO announced that we reached level 5.
This photo was shot by Ahmed Abdel Fatah
This photo was published yesterday in Al Masry Al Youm, the man sprays the pigs something to protect them taking in consideration that he is not wearing gloves nor a mask and the pigs are still in that dirty place ,those mounts of garbage in that location full of germs
Updates No.3 : 
  • Please read my updated post here 
  • The Egyptian Government has allocated 1/2 billion pound to compensate the pigs raisers, I must hint that the poultry raisers have not recieved a penny from the government on their losses in the outbreak of H5N1 and the government already ignores compensating them

Recognizing a Genocide

The Armenian genocide memory  was from couple of days ago,the 24th of April and as usual Turkey refuses to recognizes and is defending the actions of the Othman Empire with their version of the story. Either ways there was a huge human tragedy that took place on both sides politics and power caused it. It was a no win situation for everybody. It is from the darkest points in the history of the Othman Empire.
This year Obama has recognized the Armenian genocide calling it by its Armenian name , which means not in English word of Genocide. It is an attempt to hold the stick from the middle  !! Of course the Armenians and Turks are angry . Obama does not want to anger his friends the Turks despite as a senator he supported the resolution of the U.S congress regarding the Genocide.
What bothers me is that this year there were news that Israel may recognize the genocide officially after the latest Turkish rejection on its massacres in Gaza !! Of course Israel has not recognized officially the genocide because it knows that it will open a door of hell on it, it will be accused by the same accusation of committing genocides against the Palestinian people !!
How this terrible incident turned in to a political game internationally to blackmail countries for their political stands in specific incident by countries that are accused of committing genocides themselves !!! It will be an insult to the Armenians who were killed in 1915 to be recognized by Israel.
BY the way Turkey and Armenia began in their way to neutralize their relations thanks to the Switzerland effort. If Turkey makes it , then it will be another bonus point to their foreign policy.

This Was Too Fast

It seems that the honeymoon between Hamdi Kandeel and El-Libya Space channel was over and they have reached to the end of the road very very fast.It seems that Kandeel's last episode led to the nationalization of the channel in Libya, oh yes you read it right ; El-Qaddafi has ordered the nationalization of the channel. Some sources , in fact many sources have confirmed an Egyptian role in the nationalization. Mubarak regime asked El-Qaddafi to nationalize the channel.
If you think that this is just the end ,well think again , the Libyan authorities have arrested the manager of the channel too !!!!
Oh yes they have arrested and God knows what they are going to do with him.
You wonder what happened to cause all this ,well Kandeel who is famous for his complete support to Hezbollah and his opposition to the Egyptian regime especially regarding the peace with Israel is said to be the reason.
He is said to criticize the Egyptian regime on the background of the so-called Hezbollah cell in the last two episodes of his show. It seems that his criticism was more annoying than all the criticism of Fahmi Howaidi and Ibrahim Eissa in the media that it could not be tolerated !!
I read another theory saying that Al-Qaddafi is on a fight with his son "Seif Al-Islam" and that this channel manager who was arrested was close to "Seif Al-Islam" , well I do not believe that this is the only reason because strangely when the news was published in our official press ,there was no reference what so ever to the fact that Kandeel was working there. Kandeel was the first TV host star to work in this channel which somehow was unknown to the majority of the Egyptian viewers.
Ironically on the same day I read that the channel managed to get Hala Sarhan and Maria Ma’loof present programs there. I do not care about Maria, I do not like her but it was good to see that Hala away from the Rotana channel world , she lost a lot there .
The future of Kandeel now in the channel is unknown , the man stated yesterday that he was not informed that his program was cancelled yet he made it clear that his bag was already packed and the Arab rulers can't make him silent.
This is his shortest program ever to be accurate. I am confused that it will be cancelled as it is his habit. I do not know what will happen next : Will he go to Dream II as Ahmed Bahget offered him an opportunity there or Will he go on with his project to have his own space channel !!??
I have an advice , why does not he go to the Youtube directly !!?? This is the future of media.
I have not watched Kandeel on Al-Libya to be honest , I always forget and end watching films on Film channels.
I have seen the first episode of the show on Youtube and I knew that it was going to be one hell of a show. I will search for those two episodes that caused the Mubarak regime to go coco and ask the Qaddafi regime for this dirty favour !!
This shows how the regimes in the Arab world may go against the media they do not like which it attacks them. Of course journalists and reporters like Kandeel are not that popular abroad due to their nationalist Nasserite views.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They Do Not Buy It Too !!

Yesterday Emirati Al-Khaleej newspaper published a long interview with Omar Al-Bashir , who is considered an Egyptian ally in region somehow. The interview is conducted by  famous writer and journalist Fahmi Howaidy who is widely accused of being an Iranian media agent by the official media.
Al- Bashir spoke about several important points considering his trial,Darfur, the latest Israeli raid on his country and Hezbollah , yes Hezbollah even on a small mention in the end of interview ;it is worth to be highlighted.
Al-Bashir said that Sudan had not announced the raid that took place two months ago because it did not know which country had launched it !!! This sounds so strange for sure because Abu El-Gait , our FM said that Egypt knew about the raid since its occurrence and it knew which country was behind it but did not announce it for fear it would embarrasses Sudan !! Egypt did not inform Sudan that Israel was behind the raid or what !!??
The most interesting point for me in the time being is Omar Al-Bashir's opinion about the so-called Hezbollah cell in Egypt.In the end of the interview Howaidy asked a little question about the crisis between Hezbollah and Egypt and his answer was interesting
 He does not believe that Hezbollah was or is planning to attack  or to destabilize its national security of any Arab country.
I bet now his friends in Cairo are a little bit angry after all that support they gave to him ,he is turning them down !!!
Leaving Al- Bashir and his views , I have also read yesterday even longer interview with Basher Al-Assad in Al Sharq Al Awsat , I was quite surprised to find for him such long interview with pro-American Saudi Pan Arab Newspaper. "Do not judge on the online version"
Basher spoke about the Peace process ,he said that Syria had a better chance with
Olmert than with Bibi, he is right about that. He spoke also about the Hezbollah cell and he said that he did not believe Hezbollah was going to attack Egypt. He also sent an important message saying that neither Hezbollah nor Hamas is going to attack Israel from Syria .
Yes I know that he and his country are among the bad axis of evil in the Middle East Mubarak regime wants us to believe that it is plotting against us but what about Omar Al-Bashir !!???
I am afraid that no one is buying what Mubarak’s regime is claiming from targeting Egypt and its national security except those who hate Hezbollah in the first place for political or even religious reasons.

The Yemenis Have Done It !!

Thanks to dear friend Mohamed El-Gendi

The Yemeni special forces have freed an oil tanker from the pirates in the red sea.

The Yemeni government did not fear to engage in a fight with the pirates of Somalia. The Yemeni Special forces with my all respect to them do not have that experience we have in sea warfare yet they were not scared  to fight the Somali pirates. By the way I know that Yemenis are tough fighters, it is enough to remember the tough lesson they gave to the Egyptian army there in 1960s.

I do not understand why we do not launch an operation against the pirates of Somalia when our allied Somali regime there can’t stop the hijacking of our ships and our government refuses to pay the ransoms leaving our men in the sea facing death for months !!!

FYI currently there are two fishing ships seized by the pirates for two weeks now and the government is refusing to pay the ransom.

I read a statement for our foreign minister and he said that he was looking forward for the Egyptian-American cooperation in fighting pirates in other words we are waiting the Americans to call for another a witch hunt against the pirates. I do not know why the Yemenis did not wait for that American cooperation and worked on their own !!??

Can’t we instead cooperate with the Yemenis as they have now an experience worth to be shared !!??

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Imaginary Royal Visit

From couple of weeks ago Ahmed El-Mosallamani surprised the viewers of his show “First edition” including me by an announcement that ex-King Ahmed Fouad II is going to visit Egypt along with his offspring “ Mohamed Ali, Fawzia Latifa and Fakher El-Din”. It is not the first time they would visit in Egypt but it would be the first  after a long considerable time , taking in consideration they did not attend their aunts funerals in Cairo with their father . of course it turned out that Ahmed Fouad II and his wife had a divorce and they were and are on their mother’s side.

Now back to El-Mosallamani‘s announcement ,it was a strange announcement for me because first of all it was well known that they are on their mother side and they have not seen their father for some time now according to some reports and sources.

Second I wondered how El-Mosallamani knew where as that Nasserite journalist caused a stir when he interviewed Fouad ’s ex-wife who boldly claimed to be his wife where as they were divorced for years. The Royal family had to issue a denial and it seemed that it was another chapter for the Mohamed Ali Royal family misfortune series.

Still I believed that  may be this new was true and the Royal family is trying to deny the reports saying that the royal offspring had converted to Judaism , which is their mother original religion before converting to Islam and marrying Ahmed Fouad II. Al-Youm 7 published a report from several weeks ago saying that they did convert according to unnamed closed sources in the Royal family .If this news is true ,this means the three will have the right in getting an Israeli Nationality , see the implication here ?? To tell you the truth I do not care if they did convert or not because it is not as if it is going to affect the fate of Egypt , yes it will be just another chapter in the MRF misfortune series , bad to their father and their grandfather for sure but it is not going to affect on our national security. With my all respect to everyone , I do not have any hopes that the Mohamed Ali Royal family would rule again in fact I do not think they will.

To be sure from the news before publishing it here , I had to ask someone close to the Egyptian Royal family and to Ahmed Fouad II personally and this one would be Dr. Maged Farag.

His answer came as follows :

His majesty has no plans whatsoever to visit Egypt in the near future, not to mention that if and when he does,El-Mosallamani will be the last to know about it.

Ahmed Fouad II has no plans to visit Egypt in the near future.

So from Where El-Mosallamani brought this false news of this imaginary royal visit or to be accurate in the question why El-Mosallamani would announce such rumour in his important program , yes it is important and many people watch him. The problem is that he claims that it is true and he gave the impression that he would have the news exclusively in his show. I do not know why he is picking on Fouad II !!! I do not get it.

Ahmed Fouad II did not do something wrong in his life so he would be a hot meal in our media despite we have others issues that really need more attention than the personal life of an ex-king living in exile. That man does not compete on the rule of Egypt ,so leave him alone to enjoy his life.

It is not the first time El-Mosallamani does such thing. I will not deny and say that despite my respect for his position in Al Ahram newspaper yet I do not like many of his views including the over glorification of late General Abu Ghazla.

Back to Dr. Maged Farag , insh Allah soon ART channel will air the interview of Dr. Maged with Ahmed Fouad II in Arabic, yes Ahmed Fouad II will speak in Arabic, I am very anxious to see this interview. Thank God I asked him about this imaginary visit because I do not watch ART main Channel nowadays and I do not follow their programs ,I think I will now.


Insh Allah I will post the video of the interview as soon as it is aired. I expect that the Nasserites will attack the interview as usual.

A Little Provocative Calculation

I can’t get over both the official Spanish visit and Haifa’s extravaganza wedding. The wedding provocative news are everywhere in press and in TV . Today Al Dostor Daily published a single photo from her wedding where she appears wearing her D&G expensive wedding dress.

Haifa's D&G Wedding Dress

Already today I did a little calculation and I found out what Spain officially as a country donated to Dahshur to establish development projects and eco-tourism in the area is less than what Abu-Hashima has spent in one night only which is his wedding night !!!!!!!!!!!

Spain gave the people of Dahshour $ 6.3 million to improve their living standards according to an economic program I assume was well prepared to ensure that the money of the Spanish tax payer doesn't get wasted.Those $ 6.3 million will be spent on years I assume and on stages.

On the other hand in order to celebrate his wedding from a Lebanese singer, Abu-Hashima spends $ 9 million for just one night !! I do not speak about the $ 20 million dowry he paid !!

He spends more than an European country spends in a third world single country in its program to help developing countries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I want to comment something ; Mr. Khaled Youssef and Mr.Amr Adib have attended that wedding , well I recommend them to stop preaching as about how the poor people suffer in our country. Youssef should stop preaching his socialist Nasserite ideas in his films , already he claims that his coming film which Haifa acts in a leading role discusses how Egypt is currently suffering by focusing on the low working class !!!!!

Back to Ahmed Abu Hashima , the new billionaire in Egypt , it seems that many people not only me are wondering about him and his family too.

There are some new information about him :

  • His father was a Police general working in the customs and tariffs department !!
  • He used to be married before Haifa , of course they are divorced now , his ex-wife is attacking Haifa.
  • He has two sons , very young I saw their photo in the football match for our national team.
  • I assume that he is a member in the policies committee of NDP.

He was keeping a very low profile before this marriage from a celeb like Haifa in a wedding like this. This low profile status has gone in the wind now.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bride of Steel Crisis

The details of Haifa Wahbi’s big wedding night in Beirut began to be leaked to the Press and of course because she is Haifa and she is marrying that filthy rich man you can imagine how the press is crazy with the news.
Haifa Wahbi and Abu Hashima
Haifa Wahby and Ahmed Abu Hashima 
I do not care whether Haifa marries or not but there are some details leaked to the press that makes me wonder more and more about the fortune of her groom or rather her hubby businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima or as the Arabic press called him “The Emperor of Steel” in time we are suffering from terrible steel crisis.
- The dowry of Haifa is $ 20 Million. ” He is the one who pays this dowry not her according to Islam”
- The remaining of the dowry to be paid as “Mokher El-Sadak which I do not know its meaning in English” is $ 40Million. “It is amount of money he pays when he divorces her”
- The cost of the wedding night was $ 9 million “expected to be higher than that with luxurious gifts given to the guests and the entertainers who amused the guests like Carmen Electra whom I do not know what she presented in Haifa’s wedding !!”
In total $ 69 million were spent by Abu-Hashima to marry Haifa and these are the costs of her marriage only, we do not what he had spent to gain her approval !!
$ 69 million !!?? Do you know how much $ 69 million are in Egyptian pounds ?? L.E 386,400,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not know if this sum is real or overestimation from the press !!?? Haifa for sure despite all her obvious talents is not Qatr Al-Nada of her time !!!
If that sum of money is true then I wonder from where he really got all that fortune and please do not tell me that he used to work in Italy or he is working in the steel industry or it is his family fortune as I have never heard about Abu-Hashima before !!
Haifa and Abu Hashima
Haifa and Abu Hashima 
 Does the steel crisis made him that filthy rich !!!??? Is Haifa Wahbi the bride of our steel crisis ??
Real people who build their fortunes with their sweat do not spend their money in this way even if they have billions especially in a time of international and national crises !!!??
If he were an American this sum of money would an uproar !!?? SO you can imagine the situation in Egypt !!??
This is the real prodigality in its worst form but I am not surprised, Abu Hashima is a nouveau riche from that class that buys 250 grams of Caviar for L.E 11,000 at the same time an old woman kisses the hand of some foreign government official for giving her money !!
Couples who really love each other can’t get married because they can’t find a small apartment for God Sake !!
I wonder how he will document his marriage from her in Egypt, they married in Lebanon and they have to document it in Egypt and accordingly he has to pay taxes on the dowry he paid to her even if it were abroad as far as I know !!
Shall they claim that he paid only 25 piasters as most of Egyptians families document in their marriage certificates to avoid taxation !!??
By the way Mrs. Abu Hashima has donated her D&G diamond wedding dress to Madonna’s charity “Raising Malawi"” whereas this dress could be donated either to orphans of the Lebanese war or the reconstruction of South Lebanon where she is from “ It is not Hezbollah money” or even the cancer hospital in Egypt !!
Do not get me wrong, yes Malawi needs help but I know there are so many people in Lebanon and in Egypt need help too.
In the end, I want to say one thing:
  • All that Money can’t buy real love, happiness and respect needed for a real solid marriage.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kill That Piggy

The Swine flu is the talk of  the world right now , it is the nightmare that no one paid attention to. The news coming from Mexico are not encouraging, imagine that the President himself comes and speaks about the matter on air on TV , well Felipe Calderón has done it from few minutes ago , I saw him on CNN.

The Swine flu death toll reached to 81 in Mexico after it was 20 yesterday and I can imagine that there are more taking in consideration the rural areas in Mexico and the time needed for confirmation. Thousands are reportedly ill and the whole country is on the verge of complete isolation. Most countries around the world banned the importation of meat not to mention there are precautions and procedures dealing with travellers coming from Mexico.

The WHO announced that there is no treatment for this virus and it is expected that ,sorry it is turning to pandemic. It did not transfer only regionally to the United States of America where 20 were infected and currently under quarantine but also the government has announced the U.S under emergency. I have seen Mayor Bloomberg announced emergency in New York after the infection of some case there.

As I said it is not a regional epidemic that threat the Americas only , there are suspected cases in Spain, France, Hong Kong and even New Zealand.  Of course I do not have to tell you that an Israeli may have returned from Mexico with Swine flu.

If you think we are far away from this spreading virus think again especially that  at last the minister of Nazif cabinet were suffering from the avian flu and did not finish with it so they can find themselves in front of even more bigger challenge. I read today already that Mubarak gave a cold shower to Nazif for the latest updates of Avian flu in Egypt.

Today to be honest the government in Egypt began taking steps coping with the international crisis.The minister of health and governor of Qalyubia at last are paying attention to the time bombs aka pigs farms in the governorate.

The biggest number of farms in Egypt is there. The health minister order an immediate check up on both pigs and pig farmers starting from today, I can’t imagine the environment and the smell those doctors will work in !!  There are about 1200 pigs farms there “not actually farms but rather dumpster !!”. There are 10,000 citizens working in these farms , you can see how much dangerous it is. Qalyubia is already  a hot zone for the Avian flu. There are hundreds of thousands of pigs in these farms . These farms as I said are faraway from the standard pigs farms ,just dumpster so you can imagine the health situation is.

The governor also issued an order to ban new garbage imports to the area of Khosos where the pigs farms are. The trucks that will bring any new garbage will be fined L.E 10,000 which is a very big sum of money.

President Mubarak has order the transfer of all pigs farms in the governorate along to other governorates to the desert of the newly found 15th of May desert despite the complains of the people there.

The pigs farms will relocated to 238 acres there.

This is good but accordingly only the pigs farms in 3 governorates will be transferred , well pigs farms exist in 5 governorates across the country ; where the other 2 governorates are I wonder ??

For 2 years we are speaking about eliminating these farms ,transferring them is not the ultimate solution in these times. Eliminating them would be a better solution in the same way there were massacres for poultry from two years ago.

In the end I would like you to visit this link , yes it is in America but it is important, already I believe every house should have the first aid kit .

Farwell Bea Arthur

Bea Arther aka Golden Girl Dorothy has passed away yesterday the 25th of April 2009. I really loved her in the The Golden Girls series. I posted this before and I will post it here again. Bea Arthur as Carrie of Sex & the city. It is more than hilarious.

Terrible photo to start the day with !!

I have just finished reading the daily newspapers and there is a certain photo on Al-Masry Al Youm's first page that made me so angry and sad at the same time
Here is the photo
Maria came in a visit arranged by the UN and Spain to Dahshur where Spain is kindly donating $6.3 million to improve the area. This particular woman Magda in the photo kissing Maria's hand is said to receive L.E 1500
In this particular visit there was no Egyptian official even the Governor.
Have we reached to this level ?? This is the ugliest humiliation I would imagine, an old woman kissing the hand of a foreign woman because of poverty and need.Kissing the hand of someone especially if it is higher than you in social status means submission and humiliation.
I hope that the Preisdent sees this photo or his wife or even his son. Is Dahshur among Gamal Mubarak's plan to improve 1000 village or what ever he calls it ??
I know that there are even much worse photos than Magda's which we do not know or see but still it is hard to see this photo like this.
With my all respect to the Spanish people and their generous donation , Egypt is not poor and Dahshur does not need their money because there are some Egyptian people who buy 250 g of Caviar for L.E 11,000 and wed in extravagance $ 9,000,000 wedding.
I am so angry and sad

My Rendez-Vous at Egypt's Cairo Tower

“A Rendez-Vous at the tower” was a romantic Egyptian film starring Soad Hosni and Salah Zulfikar in 1962, it was based on the American film “Affair to Remember”.

The film plot was just like the original American except that the lovers will meet at the newly built then Cairo Tower instead of the Empire state building. It was the fashion at this time to feature national projects and achievements in films.

Cairo Tower then was the newest achievement made by the Egyptians or to be corrected by the Nasserite era. The Cairo tower was inaugurated on the 11th of April 1961 after 4 years of construction starting officially in 1959

It was designed by famous mid-century architects Noam Chabib and Halmy Sweilem.
I believe it was the jewel of their work because it was from the highest towers in the world then. It was designed against earthquakes.
Lotus Shape  of Cairo Tower
Cairo Tower's Lotus building 

Cairo tower is higher than the Great Pyramid “It is 187m".
It gives you a scene you can never forget so easily, the scene of great Cairo from the pyramids to the Citadel.
It was designed as a beautiful lotus flower. Its foundation was made of granite brought from Aswan, the same granite used to build the Pyramid.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I want to Celebrate it but I just ….

Today is the 25th of April where Egypt celebrates  the return of Sinai. This year thanks to Mubarak’s policies I am not in the mood to hear Shadia chanting its cheerful song “Sinai is back to us”  , I am only in the mood to hear Saleh Abdel Hai ,the legendary 20th century classical Tarab Singer in his rare song he sang I do not know when about Sinai, I think Saleh was the first one to sing for Sinai before the six days war or even the Suez war !!

Do not get me wrong , the man is a legend in in classical Arabic music ,the lyrics were written by the legendary Bayram el-Tunsi and the music was composed by legendary Ahmed Sadky ,it was the legends meeting anyhow if you listen to it ,you will know how I am not that happy today.

We returned back Sinai officially but we do not feel that we restored our sovereignty completely that to the regime. Those great men from soldiers and officers were not killed so Sinai becomes a resort for foreigners and a jail to its own people !! 

The regime for more than 25 years failed to make the people of Sinai feel that Sinai has returned back to Egypt as real Egyptian territory  and that they are real Egyptian citizens.

It is against the national security of Egypt to consider the people of Sinai who are officially Egyptian Citizens as our enemy or even trying to make them because they are from a different ethnic background. Those people kept their nationality and identity for 6 years despite the temptations of the Israeli occupation to win them in their side. And in return the regime is doing successfully what it can do to lose them. The basic rights like owning the land they live on or even the slightest respect to their traditions and customs are not granted for God Sake !!!

Since the return of Sinai completely “ in the time of Mubarak” there were big promises that Sinai will turn in to the gardens of Eden and President Sadat’s dream to change the demographics of Sinai and to urbanize it in what was so-called the Fairoz project would happen in the end but nothing was fulfilled.

For years now millions of dollars were spent over the Al-Salam canal project and till now we have not seen the results of these projects. We used to write composition  topics in Arabic and English  about its importance in Egypt and how it will change the future of Sinai and also Egypt but years come and go .. nothing changes except more and more hotels opened for foreigners in the South !!!!

The only significant change in the past 8 years is that Mubarak technically has moved from Cairo and Alexandria to Sharm El-Sheikh !!??

Kim Jong Il's Latest Masterpiece in Egypt !!!

From the official DPRK news agency.

It seems that Kim Jong II’s latest book "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea Is the Socialist State of Juche with Invincible Might" is going to be released in Egypt as a pamphlet through Dar Al-Shaab public sector publishing house.

Now first of all what is this silly long name of that book ??

Second publishing this book or rather summarizing it in a tiny pamphlet is a good idea instead of wasting pages in Kim Jong II so called book.

Third it is even much better idea to publish this pamphlet in unknown publishing house that suffers from its managerial and financial problems. 

This is not the first time the public sector publishing houses in Egypt publish such books and pamphlets written by dictators , already the DPRK from time to time has its own official press releases in the newspapers , certain newspapers like El-Aosboa and Al- Masaeya to be precise. Of course Tunisia and Libya have more space not only in official or partisan press but even in the independent opposition press that usually attacks the regime dictatorship !!!!!!!!!!

But again it is not a surprsie when you find someone like Mustafa Bakery being honoured by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. I know that several newspapers do this for money but this harms the political message they are trying to send to locally from fighting corruption and dictatorship in Egypt !!

The embassies of these countries are not fooling around in Egypt ,still I wonder is not this a waste to their people money which they need so much on useless propaganda stunts !!?? 

Nobody in Egypt reads carefully the latest achievement of Kim Jong II or how Zine El-Abidine managed to make Tunisia the heaven of democracy !!!!

By the way I see that our relationship with North Korea is not that bad despite the fact that the United States and the West do not hide their hate towards the regime there from a very long time. The North Korean Nukes alarm the States even more the Iranian Nukes. We have some how good diplomatic and economic relations with Pyongyang despite the international isolation the country suffers from !!

I have a good idea to raise from Mubarak’s regime in Washington ,instead of entering useless media war with Hezbollah and Iran for Israel , why do not we open a channel between the United States and North Korea if our relations are so good !!?? Seriously , come on do you know that during the Vietnam war Nasser regime opened a channel with North Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh !! But to be honest I do not think our current foreign minister has this insight and ability to play this role internationally !!

H5N1 Death No.26

This is so depressing , my last three posts are about H5N1 !!!

The ministry of health has announced on Friday that 33 years old  Sadia Mohamed Abdel Latif has died because of H5N1 , she is No.26 in our H5N1 death toll in Egypt. Late Mrs. Sadia from Kafr El-Sheikh was No.64 in our increasing H5N1 infection toll !!

In Alexandria the governor announced war on shops that are selling living poultry, this war or rather campaign to close these shops will continue for  a week.

This is not good and what is worst is the reports coming from Mexico ,Taxes and California about the spread of swine flu. I know it is faraway from us but I can’t stop thinking about those time bombs better known as pigs farms across the country that WHO warned from them over and over.

Now there is a sick governmental debate about where  the government kindly shall remove them !!?? Is it in the new Helwan governorate or October governorate ?? or is it the desert ??

I have better suggestion why does not the government announce the war against living dirty pigs in the same  way it announced the war on the living domestic poultry for precaution reasons !!??

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another woman got infected by H5N1

This is getting so fast and scary.

The ministry of health has announced that 34 years old Wafaa Abdel Hamid from Tanta Governorate , Nile Delta is no.68 in the H5N1 human infection toll in Egypt. Wafaa began to show the symptoms on the 21st of April and she entered the hospital on the same day. She contacted infected domestic poultry,she was given Tamflu. The ministry says that her condition is stable.

By the way I should hint to something ,it turned out that late Ali was infected by H5N1 in Al-Bahaira, where he contacted infected poultry in his grandfather’s house there , he was not infected in Qalubiya ,this is very important point.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Is Not Ahmadinejad

Shah of Iran on the Jewish Lobby

Via Naj

These are parts from ex-Shah of Iran Mohamed Reza Pahlavi's interviews with Mike Wallace in 1974 and 1976 in CBS 60 Minutes. The first part was just another round from “Persian Gulf Vs. Arabian Gulf” game , do not get me wrong but I like how he answered or rather fired back ;)

Anyhow the second part is much more interesting , in 1976 the Shah opened his fire on the Jewish lobby in America !! This was a surprise to me , a big surprise to me after all he was the West and Israel friend , did he change his policy in his last 3 years of his rule after it became troubling somehow !!??

This is not Ahmadinejad who was speaking , Can you call him racist for criticising the Jewish lobby ? Can you accuse him of anti-Semitism ?? Did he say something untrue ??

I know that some Zionists will remind me with bloody history of the Shah dictatorship ,well he was not a dictator then in the eyes of the West nor America nor Israel !!! Plus he was not lying , he was saying the truth , may be this was from his rare moments !! May Allah bless his soul

When It was ok to have Nuclear Program in Iran 

Slumdog drama goes on and on

Probably you have heard or read that the child star of Oscar winning film Slumdog millionaire ; Rubina Ali was offered for sale by her father for about $ 400,000 , if you do not know then I recommend you to read the famous British tabloid “The news of world” as it was their under covered reporters who exposed the whole thing. It is worth to mention that the journalists disguised as a Sheikh and his wife from Dubai !!

Well it is a just a sequel to the Slumdog millionaire drama. The 86087637 father denied despite the evidence and the Indian authorities opened an investigation despite this happens on a daily basis in India but  let’s just say they were embarrassed in front of the civilized world. The girl appeared defending her daddy in the pictures after the scandal , I do not know if she understands what is going on or she is doing this because she fears him or what. For him Rubina is just a little cash cow with international fame.

Of course the drama did not stop here but it extended to 86088455a cat fight between her mother and her step mother that was captured by photographers and video cameras. I respect her mother so much , I wonder why she does not have the custody of her daughter.

It is just so sad.

Rubina is just like thousands of Egyptian Children in Egypt. Their parents sell them on a daily basis for money. The parents justification is always one : It is better for them , of course it is rarely better for them, already some times those biological parents to be accurate in naming them sell their kids to get some money in order to buy drugs.

When you watch Slumdog millionaire in Egypt , you will feel that the story is not that shocking , on the contrary we had our slumdog millionaire films but without happy endings.

86088120 Rubina in her house yesterday , a shanty house ,you can find its twin house in Egypt

85859741In the Oscars


Back to the slums

Thousands of Children in the third world are being sold on a daily basis to face a grim future whether in sex slavery or arm conflicts or even trade organs ,they are not that lucky like Rubina.

I hope that Rubina’s real life drama will end  insh Allah in a bollywood style, some rich old Indian man good doer donates anonymously to Rubina and her mother enough money to live in dignity away from her father and step mom.

H5N1death No.25

The health ministry announced the death of Hadia Saleh Rageb because of H5N1 implications , Hadia was no. 65 in the infection toll and now she has become no. 25 in the death toll in Egypt !! Hadia was already in a very critical condition. She was only 25 years old. May Allah bless her soul.

Today Minister Gabali has warned of the virus mutilation in Egypt , I think this is the highest official confirmation that the situation is not that good unlike to what the official media claims. The minister spoke in some regional conference today in Cairo today , he also spoke about HCV.

He said that the people believed that the virus was not active in summer where as it is active !! well I hate to disappoint him but people ,the majority of people do not know anything about the timing of this virus activity !!

He blamed the the people for not following the recommendations of the ministry when dealing with domestic poultry,it is worth to mention that unlike the prime minister he understands the importance of domestic poultry in the country side . The problem is not in raising these domestic poultry but rather how to deal with poultry in the safest way ever.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I wonder Where in the Middle East !!??

The independent newspaper has published a very interesting report about a fertility expert that claims that he can clone a human beings. Panayiotis Zavos says that he already succeeded in cloning human beings  as he claims stating that he cloned 14 human embryos and transferred 11 of them into the wombs of four women who had been prepared to give  birth to cloned babies.
I can’t judge on this based on reports only or based microscopic photos nor most of the people of the world who lack medical and Dr. Zavos scientific background can , a living example , a picture of the baby or rather embryo would be great !! We want to see those cloned babies when they come to this world. It will be more than great if a panel of independent scientists appointed by the WHO investigates his claim.
Zavos may look serious than the Brigitte Boisselier  whom I speak about later but for sure his website is too poor and for the record it is not the first time he claims such thing !! I do not know what happened to the baby he claimed to clone in 2004 !!!
What interests me in all that issue is the fact that Zavos is doing his tests and operations some where in the Middle East !!?? I wonder where in the Middle East, I know for sure he is not in Egypt nor Saudi Arabia nor Turkey “he is from Cypress” nor the rest of the Gulf.
I am not only curious about the country  in the Middle East but also I am curious about the nationality and identity of those Middle Eastern couple whom according to Dr. Zavos ,the second couple in the world to have cloned embryo., they are for sure filthy rich , I do not expect Dr. Zavos to be charitable doctor after all !!
Or May be there is not Middle Eastern couple and this is just an attempt to encourage the filthy rich people of Gulf to spend a couple of million on a mirage in desert !!!
Already I am terrified by the idea of having cloned human animal hybrid embryos !!!  This is so scary !! Poor little Cady !!
Dr. Panayiotis Zavos on human cloning

It is the not first time someone claims so , I still remember very well the the Raëlian movement and their clonaid , they were first. Oh I still remember Brigitte Boisselier and her mad smile when she said in the Dr. Boisselier press conference “ I made a life !!” , she looked like a mad scientist , in fact she does not look like scientist at all !!
Strangely after all those years we have not heard anything about that cult group , we have not seen any of those so-called cloned babies !!!
I remember very this media circus, already the head of Raëlian movement Claude Vorilhon was once hosted by LBC on air in some show presented by Shaza Omar , he appeared wearing a Palestinian scarf speaking about the “Jardin d’ Allah” of Elohim .
I always wondered why reporters did not go after this group to expose their fraud more and more.
Anyhow I do not believe easily Zavos or may be I do not want to believe him because if he really made it then let’s just say that he opened the real Pandora box !!
We are not meant to play the role of God , we are meant to be humans.
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For Their Own Protection

A British delegation asked Bouthainia Shaaban, the Syrian minister of expats why the Syrian regime blocks Facebook in Syria and the answer came as follows :

The Syrian government knew that there are some Israeli groups trying to contact with Syrians on facebook and thus it blocked the website to protect the Syrians !!!

Bouthainia is supposedly to be a smart woman , a real smart woman , I do not know how she invented this stupid answer that shows a complete ignorance with the internet and the facebook not to mention shows the stupidity of a dictatorship that believes it knows best for its people !! As people are kids who can be fooled !!

Well in the end she works in an old rotten dictatorship regime , this is the best answer she can get. Already I wonder what the delegation reaction when it heard this brilliant answer !!

The news was published originally in Syria News website but after receiving tons of comments mocking Shabaan it was suddenly removed !!

Back to the statement , I do not know what is wrong if Israeli groups have contacted Syrians on facebook , the Syrian people are not fool or naive to be deceived , already if the Syrian regime fears on the Syrian people from the Israelis contact online then it should block the internet ,wait a minute it is already blocking the internet !!!!!!??

Of course because we have a Peace treaty with Israel and our regime is traitor they do not block the facebook despite all what they suffer from “6th April” !!

Hannibal Strikes Back

I guess the Swiss should hit their heads in to a wall for what they did with Hannibal Qaddafi

I wish to know something : do they design their own suites or what ??
Hannibal Mutisam-Billah Qaddafi, the national security adviser of Libya in his visit to the United States of America to meet with the new Obama administration. Hilary does not fool around , Cuba from one side and Libya for another side !! The Obama administration does not waste its time at all in the Middle East. I wonder what message he carried from the king of kings in Africa to the state secretary of the United States
FYI Qaddafi did not endorse Obama “as if it really matters !!”
By the way is not it interesting that Hannibal is taking over is brother’s place or Seif Al-Islam is fine with this visit !!?? It seems that Hannibal is presenting his C.V and the Americans have accepted the man wanted in Switzerland !! Just like Gamal Mubarak from two months ago , of course Gamal did not go as a national security advisor ,already Gamal lacks this knowledge just in the same Hannibal Mustisam does , of course the later is not the son of Mubarak but the son of the king of Kings of Africa, Mubarak is a just a President !!!!!!!