Thursday, January 31, 2013

#Jan25 in Video : The protests

Late as usual , here is a video clip about the protests in Tahrir square last 25 January 2013. I shot these clips during the protests in the morning on that day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#Jan25 : The Manifesto

The Manifesto by Mostafa Ibrahim in Arabic is a must heard and read.
The Manifesto is beautiful verses of contemporary poetry in Egyptian accent. It is a bout the 25 January revolution.

#PortSaid , #Suez and #Ismailia show the world how to celebrate a Curfew in an Egyptian way !!

Today the people of Port Said , Suez and Ismailia are celebrating the first of the curfew imposed by President Morsi on their cities for a month.
Ismailia , the quiet city which people usually go to sleep before 12 AM is awake with thousands of protesters from locals roaming the town chanting anti-Morsi and anti-MB slogans mocking the curfew.

People in the street after 9 PM
At the governorate building 

Monday, January 28, 2013

#Jan28 : Same Place , Same Faces … A typical Déjà vu

I can’t believe or understand how the ministry of interior and Central security forces “CSF” think !! I can’t believe or understand how they think if they do really use that organ inside their skulls at all !!
Just from less than an hour ago a rally coming from Sayada Zeinab to Tahrir square commemorating the Day of Wrath , January 28th was attacked by security forces.
It started when the peaceful rally reached to Kasr Al Nil area to find that CSF armored vehicle “APC” attacking it running over two protesters. At the same time a bird shot came from the security forces to hit one of the protesters in his head. This is just like the famous battle of Kasr Al Nil bridge on 28 January 2011.
I repeat the rally was peaceful it an armored vehicle attacked it running over two protesters who were badly injured and have been transferred to hospital and at the same time a protester was shot by a bird shot in his head. “He was transferred to the hospital”
The protesters attacking the APC 
Here is a video showing the APC attacking the protesters from Al Watan newspaper

#Morsi , his statements and F16 in Kerry’s Senate hearing

From couple of days ago Senator John Kerry , who is nominated to become the new US state department secretary had to stand in front of a senate hearing to be asked about his vision and the challenges facing the US foreign affairs.

Senator Rand Paul could not forget to ask him about President Morsi’s comments regarding Israelis and Zionist in 2010 and whether it was good thing to give Egypt now F16.

Kerry was right when he described the meeting of the senators and congressmen with Morsi as heated one. It was not that good according to Foreign policy as Morsi accused the Jews “as some group” of controlling the media.

#Black_Bloc and its enigma

Black Bloc is the new black in Egypt !! Since their announcement that they do exist in Egypt and since their parade last Thursday as well their role last Friday in the clashes , the media , the government and the MB could not stop speaking about them up till now !!

Suddenly the anarchic group is spread like fire across the country through out the governorates. Since when anarchism is popular in Egypt let alone how a group like that to plan and organize itself in this way !! There is something not clear or correct.

Now we got two Facebook pages speaking on behalf of the enigmatic group : Revolution Black Bloc and Black Bloc Egypt'

Amazingly the last page is using verses from the Holy Quran in its posts and FB cover. I do not know but we are speaking a new anarchism if it is truly anarchism in the first place. The second page is adopting the popular conspiracy theories of the Hamas militias working for the MB. Ironically  many people still believe that Black Bloc is underground MB group intended to spread chaos and to make people hate revolution and the revolutionaries.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

#PortSaid : Massacre#2

And Port Said’s bad luck is chasing it without doubt. After one of the horrifying days Port Said would have witnessed yesterday following the angry protesting as well chaos in its streets following the Ultras trial rule.
I will not speak about yesterday and how 32 were killed including teenagers and how hundreds were injured but I will speak about what happened today in the funeral of the 32 !!
Today the funeral of the 32 martyrs “insh Allah” in Port Said was attacked allegedly by security forces “They are denying this officially” and the people had to respond and fire back the attack in a very provoking sad way as you can see.
The procession of the funeral started at Mariam Mosque. During that time people noticed that there was an army helicopter hovering over them. According to eye witnesses and photos , it was huge funeral with thousands of mourners. Some believe it was the second biggest funeral the city has seen since the funeral of famous tycoon Sayid Matawlli.
The funeral procession
The mourners outside the mosque from Snapshot Plus
For miles everything was fine , people respect funerals in Egypt. Then suddenly at 26 July Street , the mourners found that someone was shooting tear gas grenades at the procession from the army club which is beside the police club if I understand correctly. As result people began to fall down from the smell with the coffins , it was huge mess as there were women and children as well elderly. At first people began to hurl rocks at the same time coffin bearers continued to their way to the cemetery area while people began either to search for ambulance to get gas masks and help.

#Jan25 anniversary in #Tahrir : Important scenes "Part 1"

I was sick yesterday so I was not able to share all the video clips and Photos I captured in Tahrir square last Friday during the anniversary protests.I hope that I will be able in publishing soon before it becomes old news. This is why I will publish them on parts. I collected the most important scenes here whether photos of videos.

The clashes of Kasr Al Aini street.

It actually started on January 24,2013’s evening and has continued up till now.It has been of course expanded to Downtown areas surrounding Tahrir square till Kasr Al Nil bridge and Mohamed Mohamed Street once again.
When I arrived to the street , in fact when I was in Tahrir square I could smell the terrible smell of the new tear gas grenades used by the security forces. Till that moment the clashes were between young protesters who sang Ultras songs yet they were not official Ultras groups and security forces at Sheikh Rihan Street. Both sides hurled rocks and sometimes ball of fire made of cloth and of course the tear gas grenades from the police side.
Here is a video I shot there. Remember to shot this I had my share from terrible tear gas grenades.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

#UA07 : The trial of the month ends with capital punishment

And January 26th , 2013 is here. The trial of the month is here , the Port Said massacre trial's verdict is here.
After few minutes of starting the trial at New Cairo's special court in police academy , The judges announced that he will refer the papers of 21 defendants to the Mufti.In other words those 21 out of 75 defendants are facing death sentence.
The judge adjourned the trial itself to March.There are still defendants in the case including police officers. " these officers were transferred to a hotel before they were transferred to the court !!"
The families of the defendants in Port Said tried to storm the Port Said prison to release their relatives. The security forces are firing tear gases. The entrances and exists of Port Said are totally closed by the locals theirs . The Green Eagles Al Masry Ultras group has closed the Free zone in Port Said.Things are getting from bad to worse, reports about fatalities and injuries coming from there.
Back in Cairo , the families of martyrs are extremely happy chanting in court after they were angry in the morning
The families of the martyrs of Port Said massacre are the first in Egypt to be really happy.
The Ahly Ultras boys whether UA07 and Ultras Red Devils are having huge celebrations at Ahly Club cussing Port Said as usual.
I am tired now , I take some rest now and return back.

Friday, January 25, 2013

#Jan25 2013 in #Tahrir : Back to square one !!

Ok now it is 6:53 PM I am taking a break from news coverage in Tahrir square at hours in the square since 11 AM.
I was in the square when there were just hundreds and at 1 PM I could say there are thousands flocking in to the square after the prayers aside from the expected huge numbers to show up in the rallies to Tahrir square. Now in 6:54 PM and after what I have seen I can say that there are hundred thousands.
The weather is warm but when you get closer to Haardess area that intersection with Mohamed Mahmoud Street and Kasr Al Aini your nose and eyes can not miss the horrifying smell of tear gas grenades. Oh yes the clashes in Kasr Al Aini street between the protesters and security forces behind the wall continue for the second day in row and up till now , till this hour the clashes continue.
The tear gas used this time is terrible by all measures , my eyes are still burning me. I do not know how these teenagers tolerated to stay that close.
The security forces are using a nasty type of tear gas grenades , really nasty. When I was there I saw the security forces throwing tear gas grenades from behind the wall and the protesters " mostly teenagers" throwing the grenades back like football. The police uses this technique of getting close to the wall using the armored vehicle I believe based on that siren and then it fires the tear gas grenades
When I was there were at least 6 injured , I saw two of them including a Spanish photographer who was hit in his eye. The other injured was also hit in his eye. The ambulances were at Omar Makram mosque but later when there were many injuries at Kasr Al Aini they moved there. There were two field hospitals during then including one at Dobra church , the famous Dobra field hospital. It is now closed after it was attacked by security forces by tear gas grenades !!
One important detail the tents of the sit in at Tahrir complex were burned by security forces in early morning , it was obvious as you can see in the photos.
There were two Friday speeches. One at Omar Makram mosque that was religious one about Prophet Mohamed PBUH birthday and the other one was political one at Tahrir square. The sheikh at Tahrir square is Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah who is known for his extreme hate to Salafists and MB. I filmed part of the speech.
I did not know what happened across the country when I was there. I heard that things were on fire in Alexandria and Suez from the main stage near Hardee's , I did not think it was truly on fire for real and there are clashes continuing up till this moment
I feel that some street vendors were aggressive and rude on propose to have fights. You know these vendors from tea sellers , some of them are real trouble makers and informants
Till I left at 4 PM there were less sexual harassment incidents unlike other types. In fact I saw a harasser being kicked from Tahrir square while weeping like a girl !!
In my way out at Tahrir exit from the Arab League direction I saw Tahany El Gabali entering , the former judge was not received warmly as a man screamed " there is no place for her here , it is my square , it is my square". An old middle class lady sitting on a chair told her friend then when she saw that scene " She is not good but MB made a hero out of her" which is actually true.
I saw and met Dr. Saad El Din Ibrahim . A man told him laughing "it is your mistake ya Doc , you introduced the MB to the Americans"
The famous professor laughed too. He told me that he wished that the message of the day reaches to the regime other wise it will be a huge mistake.
I saw also Dr. Manal Omar entering the square. She refused to speak to the media but she was extremely nice lady with beautiful smile. I saw Saher El Mogy , the famous novelist coming in the "Baheya Ya Misr" rally that including banners of women icons in Egypt including Um Kalthoum, Huda Sharaawy, Shahenda Makled and Doria Shafik.
I witnessed the arrival of the Al Wafd party and Strong Egypt party. For the record Strong Egypt party rally was chanting against the MB and its guide , I filmed them. Parts of the famous Mostafa Mahmoud rally and Zamalek rally came. I saw the ladies of Gazeera club with banners saying "Al Azhar speaks for Muslims and so on"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

#Jan25 2013 edition : Who is going where !?

Ok I believe this can be considered as curtain raiser for a big day. I thought that the action will be kept to January 26 but I was so wrong.
Unlike last yesterday today the January 24 was full of protests and clashes with security forces which means we should wait for more action tomorrow. Today clashes erupted against security forces when protesters began to bring down the wall in Kasr Al Aini. Security forces tear gassed against the protesters who hurled rocks at them. Of course security forces are accusing the protesters of fire bird shots and hitting couple of officers and conscripts.They torched a police vehicle and it is getting chaotic.
You got the Black Bloc parade. You got these protesters roaming downtown Cairo who have been attacked by the Shop owners near Tawfikia market now. The shop owners allegedly opened their fire on the protesters !!! I am tired to explain that the Shop owners are hostile to protests in general.
I do not know when the action will end on January 24,2013 but I know the plans for January 25,2013. There will be tons of rallies and protests across the country .
These are the rallies I know :
The rallies map
There will be major six rallies from main squares after the Friday prayers to Tahrir square in Cairo and Giza including : Shubra “Khaled Ali will be there” , Mostafa Mahmoud “Hamdeen Sabbahi will be there, Giza square “Abu El Fotouh will be there”
There will be two major rallies that will head from Ain Shams and Mataria after Friday prayers to Presidential Palace. “Morsi will not be there.”
There will be at least 4 rallies in Alexandria after Friday prayers. There will be rallies in Kafri EL Sheikh, Damietta, Assuit, Red Sea, Port Said, Suez and other governorates.
I am speaking here about parties like Constitution Party, Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Conference Party, Popular Current , Revolutionary socialists, Strong Egypt Party, April 6th Youth Movement and many , many many more.
The Muslim brotherhood and its FJP will not join the protests of the celebrations , they will continue their social service campaign and provide free medical care and clean streets. It has nothing to do with the revolution I believe as much as they know that their popularity is not that good and they need to raise it before the elections.
The Salafists will not join the protesters or the MB , they will watch from faraway. Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa threatened the people if they force Morsi to step down that they will declare a militant Islamic revolution. Strangely Sabbahi, ElBaradei and Abu El Fotouh agreed that they do not want to bring down Morsi but rather to force him to fix his policies. Anyhow this is Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa.
Insh Allah I will be in Tahrir square since early morning , I will try to blog live from there. I will go to sleep now. It is long day and tomorrow will be even longer :S

#Black_Bloc in #Egypt

I wished to have a break before the upcoming hours but what you know , you are in Egypt my friend.
The Black Bloc Egypt
Suddenly this week we found out that Egypt has got its own Black Bloc group
The group declared its existence officially with a clip filmed in Alexandria
Now on twitter and Facebook the group "Black Bloc" announced that it will have a meeting down town Cairo at Talaat Harb where the members come wearing black masks. Already the group announced that their Zero hero will be 2 PM Thursday !!
I left the office at 5 PM and honestly I did not know what they have done except that they marched downtown Cairo. I do not know if they joined the clashes at Kasr Al Aini or not but one thing for sure they made a scene today.
At Talaat Harb square
At Talaat Harb Square

Happy Mawlid Nabawi #2013 : The Mawlid Bride

Mawlid Bride by Zeinab Ali
Today January 24 ,2013/Rabi' Al Awwal 12,1434 , today we celebrate in the Islamic world the Mawlid El Nabawi aka Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" birthday. 
A short break from politics and back to the old and beautiful celebration of Egyptian history, I will speak about  the Mawlid bride and Mawlid Horse.
As a typical feast in Egypt , it is associated with food. In this blessed occasion we got the famous set of Mawlid candies and sweets that include sugar coated bars of nuts , Hums , pistachio , sesame and almond as well the famous Turkish delights. This set of sweets and candies are known in Egypt as "Halwat El Mawlid". I do not know if that set came with the Fatimids or the Ottomans but I feel it came with the Ottomans thanks to the Turkish delights.
Now the Mawlid bride and Mawlid Horse are much older in the Egyptian 
Historical the Mawlid bride as well Mawlid Horse entered Egypt with the Fatimids. Some historians say that the Mawlid bride originated from the Fatima doll the Shiite Fatimids brought to Egypt from North Africa to commemorate their love to Lady Fatima , the daughter of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH". Sooner the Fatima doll evolved to the Mawlid bride for girls and Mawlid Horse or Knight for boys. A sculptured sugar doll of a girl decorated with very vivid colors became the symbol of the Mawlid after centuries and centuries.
Some folklorists say that our Fatima lady figure was soon mixed with the figure of Virgin Mary in the Egyptian folkloric mindset and the proof was in the decoration of the Mawlid Bride , these circles in the back of the Mawlid were actually the halo around saints.
Amazingly other folklorists and historians say that the shape of the doll whether the bride or the knight goes back to the famous legend of Isis and Horus.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#UA07 Starts Their battle today

The Ahly Ultras group started their escalation early today. Already UA07 and Ultras Devils announced yesterday on Facebook. It will be the start of their escalation till the trial day on January 26,2013. I wrote about it before.

The Ultras groups are angry that the case may be adjourned at last minute because suddenly from two days ago ,the public prosecutor "appointed by Morsi" declared that he got new evidence and presented it to the court in order to adjourn the case. The Ultras does not want the trial to be adjourned and is demanding that a new separate investigation to be opened in parallel away from the trial.
 Yesterday in a very lame late move President Morsi issued a presidential decree to consider the Ultras 74 martyrs from the revolution's martyrs !!
The escalation has started with besieging the Stock market exchange since early morning. According to the employees of the stock market , the boys did not stop anyone from entering the building or stopped the work there. Of course naturally the stock market was affected.According to the Ultras members online it is only a section from the Ultras.
@Ehab Wanny
Of course Islamists discovered suddenly that the Stock market is Halal and vital to the economy , they are attacking online the Ultras Ahlaway and their groups.
I am waiting for what happened later today.
Here is a video for the Ultras at stock market from Al Watan newspaper

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well Actually this will attract gays more to Egypt !!!

The minister of tourism in Egypt Hisham Zaazoo said very interesting statements last Monday’s night on Tahrir TV channel.

He said that there was no fear on beach tourism from Islamist parties like Al Nour Party and Freedom and Justice Party. He also stated that there is no problem to start having hotels for men and hotels for women only if politics forced us to do so !!!

I do not know what to say except this segregation will not appeal to anyone ironically except gays !!! I can not believe it !! What kind of political reasons can force us to segregate between women and men in hotels !! ok what about families !?

I will be kind and say that the man was speaking about segregated beaches , still it will be controversial. 

I am quite shocked that this talk comes from tourism expert veteran like Hisham Zaazoo would say such statements that would really harm tourism.

The environmental threat is back : The Egyptian Saudi Bridge

Ok I am angry and frustrated and this news increased my anger and frustration
Ben Laden Group is ready to fund the proposed Egyptian Saudi bridge in the Red Sea according to Yahia Bin Laden during the visit of President Morsi to the Kingdom yesterday. 
I am not tired to say that I am totally against the project for ecologically reasons and I think I have explained this several times before. Here is my first post from a year ago : Save the coral reef
Already this area is suffering enough from pollution and human stupidity and inconsideration against the use of God's greatest gift to Sinai : Its coral reef.
I am afraid as most Egyptians do not have ecological culture and we are living under a regime that loves to lie to using religion , that regime does not really care about environment or nature except
Already I remember last year the MB and Salafist supporters accused environmental NGOs of being related to Mubarak regime as well Israel and the States. Some people think that this bridge will make richer and more closer to God !! How can we reach to those people.
I am double angry and frustrated.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Why to exclude #Qatar from the land ownership law in #Egypt ? !?

I will start with that news from Qatari Al Arab Newspaper : President Morsi excludes Qatari El Diyar from the ownership law, El Diyar acquires 30 million meter square in Sharm Arab !! According to the news which about the visit of some Egyptian economic delegation to Doha , President Morsi already had excluded the law before it would be ratified and issued.
Now we do not know the exact location of such project or its conditions. Already when I searched online for Sharm Arab and its history.
I found an entry in Google answers copied allegedly from Ahram Newspaper in early January 2011. To be exact on 9 January 2011 former minister of tourism Zohair Garana "currently in jail" announced that the Prince of Qatar was going to found a touristic resort in Sharm Arab in Hurghada on 28 million meters. "It is near Makadi Bay"
Why would Qatari El Diyar be exempted from a law that bans foreign ownership for land in Egypt now !? Is not this favoritism !?
Please do not give this lecture about investments to the end of that talk that we had enough of it in the past 30 years.
Please do not tell me that Qatar is helping Egypt financially so no problem if we sell our land to them in this way. If it were about financial aid , I think than the United States , EU and Kuwait have the right to acquire large pieces of land in the same way.
Of course this is besides the on going debate about the Qatari investments in Sinai and Suez Canal

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Series of Unfortunate events : Fire in #GizaZoo

This is this second part of the "A series of Unfortunate events" in Egypt. We are starting the week with another disaster.
There is a fire now in Giza zoo that is destroying its old , real old trees. Some reports say that the fire started in the old trees and moved to the animals' food warehouse. Some are saying the fire started besides the reptiles
Not less than 8 fire engines are trying to put off the fire that is spreading in old trees. We are speaking about extremely old trees.
I am so sad and angry.
Journalists are not let in the zoo and they can not get accurate information about the size of the damages there.
I know that the government and the current regime which like the old one disrespects our old heritage will not rest except when the Giza zoo is completely destroyed and its land is being sold to businessmen.
Here are photos showing the smoke coming from the zoo.

I feel so sad and angry.

Updated : The fire has been put off thank God. According to animals rights activist Dina Zulfikar , the damage was not that big and no animals have been harmed. Here is her report about the fire on Facebook. Here are videos from the fire. This one is from El Fagr portal Here is another video report from the MB news network RSSD. It is worth to mention that the MB youth icon Ahmed El Mogheer is underestimating the fire

Saturday, January 19, 2013

#Jan25 : The big conspiracy of #McCain , #NSF and Homeland security again #MB and #Egypt !!

This news was published from two days ago on the official Website of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt in Arabic.
A Screen Capture for the news !!
Ikhwan Online knew that former State security officer M. M who is currently working in the Passports authority in Qalyubia security directorate had a meeting with 4  officers from the Homeland security “formerly known as State security” in the governorate at his office in the directorate !!
The sources assured that the goal of that meeting is to discuss the visit of Senator John McCain to The National Salvation Front and how to implement the American instructions to the front in the upcoming period especially in the upcoming anniversary of the January 25 revolution.
I can not keep myself from wondering from Ikhwan Online reached to that secret and exclusive meeting. Also how the official website of the Muslim brotherhood says that McCain gave orders to the National Salvation Front regarding next  January 25 anniversary , well McCain met with Morsi and Muslim brotherhood’s officials as well.Did he give them orders too !?
This news is a copy cat from the Mubarak media in a disgusting way !! You got now Americans+Homeland Security+National Salvation front X The poor Muslim brotherhood.
Of course this news will not be found in Ikhwan Web and probably if you ask Gehad El Haddad about it he will deny it and probably the news will be removed afterwards
Again this is the official website of Muslim brotherhood in Arabic in Egypt.

Noam Chomsky Fires Back at Youm 7 : I did not say that !!

Do you remember that news Youm 7 published about that lecture of Noam Chomsky in University of Columbia that did not take place except in the MB media !?

Do you remember how the MB supporters insisted that the famous professor attacked UAE and accused it of plotting against Egypt because Suez Canal will bring Dubai down !?

Well the professor has reacted and sent Youm 7 email , specifically to Khaled Salah , its editor in chief where he made it clear it was untrue that he had lectured at Columbia university recently and spoke about Egypt. He also demanded that the news to be removed.

Youm 7 did remove the report but it did not apologize or explain to its readers that it was untrue , the thing which made Chomsky angry sending another email to Salah.

El Shorouk Newspaper published the email. I copied it here.

Friday, January 18, 2013

#18/1 : #UA07 is Warming up for #26/1

Thousands of Ultras fans “Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras Devils” are currently protesting in Tahrir square after marching in Cairo today to remind people with the upcoming Port Stadium clashes trial on next January 26/1.

It is expected that New Cairo Criminal Court will issue its final verdict in the Port Said Stadium clashes trial on that day. You must expect huge anger in both Cairo and Port Said as we are speaking about 74 people mostly from youth , from Ultras Ahlawy were killed in that awful tragedy.

Today the chants of the Young Ultras members who were joined by martyrs’ mothers as well and Pro-Revolution Protesters whether in marches from El Sayida Zeinab to Tahrir square or from El Ahly Club to Tahrir Square or from Shubra or Ramsis.

The chants were clear just like the Ultras A07 and Ultras Devils’ statements on Facebook : Justice or retribution.

I said this since day one , the Ultras boys will get their vengeance from Port Said if the legal system does not help them and it will be extremely ugly. Egyptians X Egyptians in the end of the day. The Ultras doctrine for Retribution is simple : An Eye for an eye. In the best case scenarios I fear there will be clashes with Police on that day and the worst case scenarios will be clashes directly with The Port Said’s Al Masry Ultras group “Green Eagles”

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Old Egypt : New York Times interviews #Nasser

Old Egyptian Chronicles know how much I love this old lost stuff !! Thanks to online treasures diggers we found this interview with Nasser that goes back to 1969. The interview was conducted by NY Times managing director then and it was filmed to be aired in some US TV channel in what is considered the first interview with foreign TV channel since 1967. Of course its main topic was Egyptian and Arab Israeli conflict. Watch and tell me what you think about the interview.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You knew that he was anti-Semitic but you pretend you did not see or hear anything !!

The White House was shocked to hear and see that President Morsi in the past may consider the Jews as the grandchildren of pigs and Monkeys. Senator John McCain raised the topic too thanks to the New York Times’ report about the videos of Morsi in the past.

For the record the video people are sharing about the grandchildren of pigs and blood suckers, Morsi did not say specifically he meant the Jews. The video is edited and he was speaking mostly about Zionists but what said commonly mentioned to insult the Jews.

Mohamed Morsi and his administration think that the American and the Western media are fool enough to believe that Morsi’s statements were tempered and edited to appear like that as well taken out of context. 

But the Western media is not fool because attacking Jews and not Zionism only is part of the Muslim brotherhood’s literature and it is enough to hear the chants and the slogans of the MB rallies in solidarity with Palestine especially the Past. I think MEMRI
got huge archive for the Muslim brotherhood. It is not a new thing. What is new that superficial shock, yes superficial shock of American administration.

The American administration knows very well about how the Muslim brotherhood looks to the Jews and Zionists but it had to act like this after the New York Times’ report in order to keep its image as a fighter of anti-Semitism in the so-called free world.

And the brotherhood blames the Christians for #Badrashin now !!

Of course this is semi-official directive as it seems : Blame the Christians in Egypt as well ONTV for the horrifying Badrashin train crash.
Officially the MB will not claim that Egyptian Christians and ONTV channel are standing behind the tragic accident but their unofficial media from Facebook Pages of their MB members are spreading these sad and disgusting claims like fire in the past 48 hours.

Exhibit #1 

From “We are the MB youth , know us correctly !!” , we find this photo and FB status saying :

  • The Assuit Train driver : Youssef Yonan
  • The Badrashin Train driver : Samuel Gergas
  • Upper Egypt torched train driver : Mansour Youssef El Kmos “In 2002”
  • Upper Egypt torched train assistant driver : Ashraf Naguib Takla
We will not say that this is a conspiracy but are the Christians specialized only in driving in Railway Egypt !? Or they do not show up except in disasters only !!??

Exhibit #2

And this is from the top MB youth stars aka artist Ahmed Al Mogheer. “I do not understand what kind of arts he presents to be honest” Al Mogheer published the above exhibit with that comment “The Nation’s partners {in reference to Christians} unite with the the National salvation Front” !!
Screen capture by Nermeen Bedair

#Badrashin tragedy : At least now the Conscripts began to speak

These are the injured of Badrashin , each two staying in one beds. They were not from the lucky few that transferred to Maadi military hospital where they could meet president Morsi , PM Qandil and minister of defense El Sissi !!  These are our true hospitals , our true soldiers and.. our true country unfortunately.
Our conscripts are being put by pairs in one bed in the hospital just like they are forced to be squeezed in that doomed train. They were 2800 conscripts in that train for God sake , the lucky ones were seated while the rest were standing up in that long January from Upper Egypt to Cairo.
Now I will re-post again the video I posted in the first Badrashin train crash’s tragedy.

This video was recorded by El Badil e-newspaper at the scene right after the crash. I translated some of the quotes in the video in to English because they are extremely important.

Conscript#1 :

We came from Assuit , Sohag and New Valley “South”. We were heading to Mubarak sector “of central security forces” in Cairo. We were sleep but suddenly we woke up when a big bang happened. It turned out to be the freight train. The carriage derailed. I  was so scared. Everybody was screaming. The train was extremely crowded.The seat for two was carrying three and even more. We are mistreated as if we were dogs. Our friends in the back carriage were killed. 

Conscript#2 :

The train was already broken since we moved from Assuit. It broke down completely in Al Maniya but maintenance crew came and fixed those carriages in the back. “I did not get what he said”here. This why there were many casualties.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#Badrashin crash : One Way ticket indeed .. to death !!

And in less than two months , we have another horrifying train crash. This time it is in Badrahsin and the trains are freight train and Conscripts train coming from Upper Egypt !!
According to official Ministry of health statement 19 were killed and over 100 were injured. Mostly from young conscripts who finished their training in the Central Security forces، the passengers came from Miniya heading back to Cairo so they would be assigned to their new locations in the CSF.
It is not the first time Badrashin witnesses a train crash.  In fact historically this could be the third time it happens in this area !!!
Here is a horrifying testimony form the survivors

The conscripts are reporting that there were 1200 conscripts squeezed in the train and that they were extremely mistreated by the high rank conscripts of the ministry of interior.There is no light in the train nor bathroom. 6 conscripts are being seated in one place when the train seats takes two only !! According to eye witnesses locals and survivors helped the injured.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Save #Dahshur : Save the History for God sake

Thank Goodness the media began to move slowly and started to wonder what is taking place in Dahshur. The army and the police have not moved yet despite the pleas of the ministry of antiquities.

Now people began to good there to know what is really going on. It is worst than we can imagine. Here are the photos from Dahshur taken yesterday by Egyptologist Monica Hana.

If you look closer in the photos you will notice that these houses or constructions are not built in an urban area but rather a desert area with no facilities what so ever. This is why many believe “including me” that these fake houses are actually used to hide illegal digging and trade of antiquities in the area.

Already this area suffered a decade of continuing thefts that did not stop after the revolution unfortunately.

Now please keep calling international organizations like UNESCO. Already I found online that there is a German expedition in the area following the Deutsche Archeological institute , I wonder where that expedition is now from all this !!

Spam the Egyptian embassies with phones , emails and faxes reminding the Egyptian government that this is a world heritage.
I do not have much faith in the army or the police to save anything already.  The people of Egypt are fighting on different fronts on many levels. We need the world with us in this fight because this is a world heritage not an Egyptian internal matter.

#BabAlShams : Again you Can not close the Sun's gate

And as expected Israeli forces attacked Bab El Shams village on Palestinian land kicking out its people. The attack happened in early Sunday's morning as expected. The armed forces attacked the village and dispersed the peaceful sit in of its residents despite they were unarmed.
Five protesters were injured only in the attack, it is sad that in our sits in we got higher number of injured.
What is even more sadder is that there is a media black out if I may say. There was no a proper coverage for that amazing experience for God sake !!!

Here is a photo gallery showing the attack from citizen journalists and reporters
You can disperse a sit in thousand times , you can detain protesters million times but you can not kill any idea , a dream , a right.
You can not close the Sun's gate. 

#BabAlShams : You Can not close the Sun's gate

A group of Palestinians , more than 250 men and women made something my generation will remember , they made the impossible in Jerusalem and set up the first Palestinian village in its East occupied part since 1967.
More than 250 men and women inspired by the Occupy movement “Started proudly in Egypt and Tunisia” and decided to occupy their own stolen land in Al-Tur which is originally owned by a Palestinian man.
Al-Tur is being called by the Israeli government as E1 Zone and as usual , as the habit of that government it violates all international agreements and treaties , the government in Israel decided to build an illegal settlement in E1. We are speaking about 4000 settlement units built on a Palestinian land.
E1 is an area of about 13 square km that falls on confiscated Palestinian land East of Jerusalem between Ma’ale Adumim settlement, which lies on occupied West Bank Palestinian land, and Jerusalem.
But yesterday Palestinian men and women decided to establish their own village on that land , Bab Al Shams village. 
This is an ideological free movement made from Palestinians who got sick from their political movements whether PLA or Hamas , this time the people do lead their movements for real.
Photos from Active

Before you debate about the Palestinian rights and you say what you want but according the Security council’s 242 resolution Israel has to withdraw from the land it occupied in 1967 including East Jerusalem where Bab Al Shams village is.
The village is set up already in a land owned by a Palestinian man whose ancestors got its contract since the Ottoman Empire.
From Al Arab newspaper

Friday, January 11, 2013

An International #SOS From #Dahshur !!

Why is it an international SOS !? Because our ruling government , our president,ruling party and their allies from Islamists care less about Ancient Egyptian history. Why is it an international SOS ?? Because our government and president are still sensitive to Western Pressure more than local pressure.
There is a danger surrounding the Dahshur archaeological area and the bent Pyramid according to renowned journalist Yasser El Zayat. Mr. El Zayat reported that armed locals “from land traders and robbers ” stormed the archaeological site and began to distribute the land in the site for illegal construction. El Zayat who works in ONTV also reported that construction has began and is reaching to the bent pyramid by those armed thugs who are threatening archeological inspectors.
Sadly enough there is a military point check few kilometers away from the site and is doing nothing against this attack !! They claim that they are waiting orders from the Central Zone commandership of Grand Cairo !! The police also refused to interfered.
Dahshur is world heritage area according to UNESCO so please call the UNESCO and tell them to do something for God sake.
Already the archeological areas near the pyramids are facing hell on earth from robbers and land thieves with no police or army or security !! 
Unfortunately we do not have enough photos or videos showing the violations because photographers can not go there without security protection as we are speaking about land robbers who are armed and aggressive. Already a dear friend and reporter was working on a similar story in Old Cairo and faced similar challenge. Here is a video shot by Mrs. Wahiba Saleh, the head of inspectors in the area.

It was shot by her mobile , you can show violations and some sort of construction began to take place in that area which was empty if you search in photos online for archaeological reasons.
Update :
Here is another photo showing the construction works near the Black Pyramid via Monica Hana

Unfortunately the Islamists including the current generations of Muslim brotherhood care less about ancient Egyptian history. They  despise the ancient Egyptian history as ancient Egyptians were infidels in prophet Moses’ story !! “Despite the Mother of All Arabs is ancient Egyptians and Joseph ruled Egypt not to mention that there is a belief among unorthodox Egyptologists like late Siyad Kareem that Akhanton was a prophet of God.” Unfortunately many Islamists in Egypt believe now that our ancient history starts with the entry of Islam to Egypt ignoring even some important parts of Islamic Egyptian history like the Fatimid State !!
If you are interested to know more please contact Mr.Yasser El Zayat

Two interesting remarks from Upper Egypt

I got these two interesting remarks from Upper Egypt which I got from dear trust friends.

Friend #1 was a road trip in Upper Egypt from two weeks ago , from Cairo to Marsa Alam. He asked people where he stopped in the governorates about what they think about the country , the revolution and the Muslim brotherhood as well whether they said yes or no to the referendum.

Amazingly this is the summary of what he got from answers : They do not support the revolution nor the Muslim brotherhood or Morsi , in fact they hate the MB but they said “Yes” in the referendum for the sake of stability and “Life goes on”

Friend #2 is a dear journalist and friend from Upper Egypt , his family is well connected and he got tons of contacts there from big clans , families and former MPs. He told me last week that in last year’s elections “and expected this year” Islamist parties , mainly Salafist were offering the big  and famous members of the clans an opportunity to run for parliaments in electoral lists “and they are not Salafist” for specific amount of money like in the days of NDP !!!!

It is worth to mention that Sufi beliefs has been dominating Upper Egypt for centuries.

You know Egypt will have a true revolution if Upper Egypt joins this revolution.There are groups of revolutionary youths in the Upper Egypt governorates but they are not enough. It is worth to mention that the highest rates of poverty and illiteracy in Egypt are in Upper Egypt. I believe that the South in general is our key for new real renaissance.

And Bassem Youssef reached Taiwan

And the news of Bassem Youssef reached to Taiwan and those Taiwanese animators “NMA.TV” made a short cartoon clip about it.

I think those Taiwanese animators did not get that statement from Egyptian statement denying that the Presidency is stalking Satirical TV Host.

Essam Haddad should target Asian media now.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

#Alexandria and its cloudy Sky

Alexandria is having its worst days as usual in the Winter with all these storms and rain turning its streets as big sea yet as it is a beautiful city , you can find beauty in these cloudy stormy moments.
Here is a beautiful time lapse video showing the stormy clouds of Alexandria by Mohamed Ahmed Aboud.

It is beautiful.
The Weather is extremely cold and rainy unlike last year or the year before. The elderly believe rain is the start of welfare as we are originally agricultural society. Yet my generation believe that rain is like bless and curse at the same time considering our poor and old infrastructure not to mention our homeless and chanty towns people.
People are sharing streets that like dirty ponds but one photo stands among all the photos.
The simple Oranges street vendor protects his donkey from rain.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#Sinai : Muhamed Sabry is released

An Ismailia military court has ordered the release of Egyptian journalist and blogger Muhamed Sabry on bail adjourning the trial to January 15,2013. According his wife , the amazing Riham he was transferred to Al Arish prison where he will be released insh Allah.
I am so happy for him and hopefully insh Allah he will be acquitted from the charges he is facing

Now it turns out Sabry was working for Reuters on a story about the new law issued by the minister of defense regarding the land ownership in the borders area.

The case of Sabry and Al Quorsaya islanders have succeeded in reminding the people with the military trials for civilians. It also brought discussions about how and why the civilians who drafted this constitution like Moatez Abdel Fatah and Nader Bakkar accepted this article. Of course both men are defending themselves online in the worst way ever. They simply do not have any valid point and still they defend this article amazingly !!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The problem is that you lie too much

Times Newspaper published a very alarming report about the visit of Iranian Spy Chief Qassem Suleimani to Cairo two days before Christmas.
The newspaper claimed that the Iranian spy chief  held talks with Egyptian officials mainly from MB leading figures who were interested in founding another Intelligence Service and security guards following the brotherhood instead of Egypt's intelligence controlled by the army.
As I am not Times subscriber , I can not read the original text but this is based upon the translation of BBC Arabic. 
Knowing how such report will bring trouble to the Muslim brotherhood whether inside or outside "the Western allies" , the Muslim brotherhood issued an immediate statement denying these claims. "The Muslim brotherhood did not ask for secret support from Iran" the Statement said after the Times' report was spread all over the Egyptian news websites.
Mahmoud Ghozlan ,the official spokesperson of Muslim brotherhood described this report as fictional one.
I want to believe the Muslim brotherhood but unfortunately after their constant lies , I do not believe them easily anymore.
It is worth to mention that Iranian FM will visit Egypt soon and the brothers and supporters believe now it is a good move "against UAE" after they were cheering for Morsi's sectarian triumph over the Shiites in Iran.
Now if this report is true , I believe the Muslim brotherhood will be playing with fire for real because they will get in to a confrontation with 60 years army and intelligence service in time their popularity is not that great in the country now. 

#egyConstitution : Borhami’s video translated

I spoke about this video before in my blog especially when I blogged on why I refuse the current constitution. Here is the 18 minutes video of Yasser El Borhami , one of the co-founders of Salafist Calling and Al Nour Party speaking to other Salafist Sheikhs about the restrictions imposed in the new constitution. It is translated in English.

The most dangerous 18 minutes that Borhami said about the Eg from nahdaproject1 on Vimeo.
Of course El Borhami later defended himself but damage has been done and the constitution was approved unfortunately.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear Haddad , who do you think you can fool with that Statement !?

Essam Haddad , the assistant of President Morsi on foreign affairs issued this statement in English on his Official Facebook Page.This statement about freedom of press and opinion in Egypt in nutshell defends Morsi and his government against the facts we have on the ground that journalists, reporters and TV hosts are facing hell in the first 6 months of the new elected President’s term.
This statement is in English and is directed to foreign media as if we were living in 1960s and the foreign media does not eyes and ears in Egypt !! I do not know who is fooling with that statement. May he be is fooling the International Muslim brotherhood and the MB supporters abroad but I highly doubt it will fool the foreign media.
He claims that Morsi’s administration did not sue TV hosts or reporters than who filed this report against Mahmoud Saad and Dr. Manal Omar accusing them of insulting Morsi last month !?
Most of the current well-publicized claims were initiated by citizens rather than the Presidency
Well it is partially true and those honorable citizens are Islamist lawyers that are connected directly and indirectly to the Muslim brotherhood and Salafist groups supporting President Morsi. You know Mubarak did not sue the journalists himself but rather bunch of honorable citizens too including NDP members in the governorates.

Belated Merry Orthodox Christmas

This is a belated Merry Christmas to all Orthodox Christians especially the Egyptian Orthodox Christians from Egyptian Chronicles.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

#No4MilTrials : Al Quorsaya locals’ agony

This is a very belated post from these posts I should have posted last year and I feel too angry for not posting it on the same day I have been on Al Quorsaya island after that battle took place in early November 2012.
Now 25 civilian are currently facing a military trial in Giza, they are accused of attacking army personnel and army properties. These 25 civilians are from Al Quorsaya civilians. Now here is the story of the island as I have known it. The court will announce its final verdict insh Allah next January 14,2012.
I went to Quorsaya on November 19th , 2012 , on the same day clashes erupted in Mohamed Mahmoud Street during the celebration of the anniversary. I went to Al Quorsaya after one day of that strange raid on the island by the military police in early morning on November 18th, 2012 to restore suddenly a piece of land owned by the Navy.
The island´s entrance from the ferry

How the whole saga started

#Sinai : Back to military trials

Mohamed Sabry
Ok I can not imagine that I will blog and write about friends who may face military trails again in my blog after the new constitution and the new president. Sorry I am naive I should expect that when civilians can stand military trials according to the new constitution !!
Unfortunately active North Sinai journalist and blogger Mohamed Sabry “who is well known to almost all foreign journalists who worked in North Sinai” was arrested yesterday while doing a report about the area where our soldiers were killed on the borders last August 2011. It turned out that this area is a military zone and now Sabry will face the charges of trespassing and filming in military zone !!
Sabry is currently in the Central Prison in North and tomorrow morning he will be interrogated by military prosecution.
I feel so worried and sad , Mohamed does not deserve this. He helped a lot of journalists and reporters including me when it comes to news , sources and contacts in Sinai. Unlike many journalists he is unbiased and cares for his country and people.
I just hope that he will be released soon insh Allah and return back to young bride. He was married shortly and it is truly unfair.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Social Media politics : To Catch a Twitter impostor online "Update"

Do you remember when I spoke about MB e-committees and their techniques in Facebook and twitter !?
Now do you remember the story of Asmaa El Sayed who supports the MB and turned to be a fake tweep that does not exist !? Well it seems we got another new sister for Asmaa , Ms. Nilly As’ad. This is a living example as the account is still active.
The simple down to earth unveiled girl that defends MB and Islamists day and night using the old claim that Islamists are unjustly fought politically in Egypt because all the world fights Islam to the end of that talk.
A screen capture for Nilly´s account.
She is promoting that talk of UAE is fighting Morsi because of Dubai is going to die from Suez and Port Said.
Well I hate to break the news that this beautiful Avatar Ms. Nilly is using a photo of Algerian French called Bella Nina who got a blog online posting her photos on.

Update : 

It turns that this is not the photo of Nina , it is the photo of Lebanese MTV host Dolly Ayash  !!Great this account is using a photo of a celeb claiming to be her own photo. Here is an image search showing that the photo does belong to Ayash . Here is the photo from some Gulf forum

Not a representative Diplomatic Action

At the same time we got this huge political crisis with UAE , we have got a diplomatic crisis with Cyprus, yes Cyprus and it does not involved the offshore gas fields. It involves our ambassador in Cyprus.

From couple of days ago we read in the Egyptian press that the government of Cyprus apologized officially to ambassador Menha Bakhoum after she was mistreated by the security in the Larnaca airport while she was saying goodbye to some of her relatives. Most of us did pay attention to the news compared to the action going on in UAE. Then we found out that despite the government in Cyprus officially apologized that Mrs. Ambassador slapped a policewoman and that’s why she was detained by the security in Larnaca airport aside from all the Diplomatic laws jazz.

Now part of the incident was recorded on tape and it is not good for our ambassador.

I think ambassador should apologize to that policewoman and apologize to Cyprus as well to Egypt because she did not respect her position as the ambassador of Egypt and slapped that policewoman in that way !!! I think she should be recalled to Cairo. She is not above humans. Slapping a policewoman in that way is not a representative diplomatic answer , Mrs. Bakhoum should have known better.

For all those nationalist Egyptians , I hope that you think what you will feel if an Egyptian policewoman was slapped like that by a foreign ambassador !!

By the way late Pope Shenouda III was also mistreated in Heathrow airport in London in 2008 and had to undergo that airport search despite he had a diplomatic passport. He did not make that scene despite he was the Pope of one of the world’s old churches and by the way UK officially apologized to him and to Egypt then.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The problem of Muslim Brotherhood “2” : Pawns or Kings !!

This is my attempt to understand what is wrong with the Muslim brotherhood now in Egypt. You can read the first of the series here. Warning : This is not an objective analysis , this is what I think now regarding the Muslim brotherhood.

The Muslim brotherhood got a goal it wants to reach , it wants to revive the Islamic Caliphate. It is not a secret or something hidden as their own hierarchy of power inside the brotherhood. It is in their literature and books.It is in their speeches and talk. Here was Safwat Hegazy speaking about it in 2012 on TV.

He spoke about over and over causing controversy when he screamed in one of Morsi’s rallies saying that the Islamic Caliphate will return on the hands of Morsi and its capital will be Jerusalem.

Aside from the capital , the dream of Caliphate is in the teachings of Hassan El Banna who believed that the New Caliphate should be centered in Egypt and not in Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

#Chomsky and #UAE lecture

I can not believe that I will spend my time denying and repeating that Professor Noam Chomsky did not speak about Egypt and UAE in the so-called lecture in Columbia University from two days ago as spread by Muslim brotherhood media !!
The MB claimed that Chomsky spoke about Egyptian revolution and why the UAE is fighting the revolution and Morsi as Dubai will pay a huge price if Suez canal zone is developed !! This talk is used in the current confrontation and on going war between UAE and Muslim brotherhood.
According to my knowledge Chomsky did not say this.
First of all you can check the official website of the world famous professor to know if he spoke in Columbia university or not.Here is the talk section
The last time Chomsky gave a lecture in Columbia university was in October 2011.
Second the news is published in untrusted news websites whether Al Masryoon or Youm 7 , they are untrusted. Already it was published for one hour in Shorouk Newspaper without the knowledge of Emad Hussein , the managing editor and it was removed after knowing it was fake news.
I do no think that Shorouk is untrusted newspaper.
Third a tweet called "Aabed Saud" allegedly sent directly to Professor Chomsky asking him about those allegedly statements and the man denied these statements completely.
Source : Nermeen Bedair
Now when people began to search for the source of this news spread like among Islamists and Muslim brotherhood's supporters , we found out that it started as another Facebook Status page copied among the MB without any mention to Chomsky from near or far.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year in #Syria : #Mleha celebrates new year El Assad's way !! "+18 Graphic"

The new year in Syria is just like the old year !! There is no difference as people continue to be killed in hundreds on a daily basis and the negotiations with El Assad's criminal regime are still held reaching to the usual back end.
Earlier today a horrifying massacre took place in Ghouta area in Mleha to be accurate where El Assad's air forces shelled a gas station blowing up whatever around it and whoever in it !! The images coming from the scene are horrifying . Warning:Extremely Graphic

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year #2013

Happy New year from Egyptian Chronicler to the whole world. Hopefully insh Allah 2013 will be better than 2012 and it will be full of happiness and success. May 2013 be a good year for our struggling revolution and people insh Allah. - Let's never speak of 2012 again.

On this occasion I would like to share this joyful song from the new underground music taking Egypt by storm aka Mahragant

I hope you like it.