Thursday, July 31, 2014

#Gaza before the attack

Gaza is now associated with destruction and death especially with the death of children. Well before the start of the Israeli attack on Gaza , there was life.
That life was captured by David Seggara

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-24&25

I think I have to apologize for the first time we continue that series of episodes after Ramadan. I am trying to find an appropriate time to post the rest of the episodes.

Now to refresh your mind with the tale or rather the adventure of Shamalan.

Here are episodes 24 and 25

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kodak Agfa Presents : #Egypt’s North Coast 2014

I know this is a belated post but it is never too late to celebrate Egypt’s beautiful beaches especially in summer.
A beach in Egypt's Sidi Abdel Rahman
This is in Egypt for real 
I took those photos last June in early June 2014. Those photos were taken in Al Alamein, specifically at Sidi Abdel El-Rahman.
The water there is amazing there, the best beach so far in the North Coast before Matrouh.
It is worth to mention that Al Alamein will become a separate governorate in the new governors' reshuffle.
or hotels in the area of Al Alamein as well Matrouh  you can check Trip Advisor

A beach in Egypt's Sidi Abdel Rahman

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : #Eid Continues in war

And the attack continues , this is a live blog for what is taking place in Gaza. Since late Sunday night and the offensive in the city is escalating with huge blasts and explosions heard everywhere.
Needless to say I feel in the morning there will be another human disaster in Gaza.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy or Rather Martyr's Eid from Gaza "+18"

Today several Arab and Muslim Countries are celebrating Eid El-Fitr marking the end of the Ramadan. Happy blessed Eid to all those celebrating all over the globe.
In Gaza thousands of Palestinians are not celebrating the Eid , what they do today is visiting their beloved ones in the cemeteries and in hospitals. They are also visiting the remains of their houses. I do not think too many children are playing around as many playgrounds have been shelled , you know there were missiles and rockets there. We were speaking earlier today about 1037.
Instead of the usual Happy Eid greetings Palestinians are saying a Martyr's Eid in Arabic. "Instead of Eid Saeed it is Eid Shaheed"
Of course we should forget about the truce as the fighting continues between the IDF and the Palestinian resistance factions. The IDF is not dealing with Hamas anymore , it is dealing there with Ultra-right Islamic Jihad "which is mediating between Egypt and Hamas" and The popular Front to liberate Palestine . They know that but they want t keep it as "Hamas" alone.
It started peacefully somehow and ended tragically as usual
AFP from Gaza 

Ebaa Rezeq from El-Shejaiya area 
 Of course Palestinians know more than anyone that they have to try to enjoy life regardless what so families tried to have their own moments. The following photos are taken by Palestinian photographer Omar El-Qattaa. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack :Talk to me about lies in this war !!

It is a war , yes this Operation against Gaza is a war by all measures with more than 1000 killed and
It is a war and it is built on a lie because it started by a lie spread by Israeli media and Israeli officials that Hamas was responsible for the murder of those three Israeli settlers. It turned out to be a lie.
Israeli Police spokesperson told BBC Sydney Jon Donnison that those Israeli settlers were killed by a lone cell that did not operate under Hamas’ umbrella.
Israeli PM claimed that Hamas was behind the act and unfortunately not only Israeli media but also Egyptian mainstream is claiming the same thing. The Egyptian media also ignored these tweets despite it has not problem in making a whole story from Fake twitter accounts and D-List celebrities.

Buzz Feed’s Sheera Frenkel wrote from a month ago that Israeli officials and experts did not believe that Hamas was responsible for the murders of those three Israelis. 
A lie that led to this 
Amazingly and sadly enough we find the current President of Egypt repeats indirectly that the Gaza war started because of the kidnap and murder of those three settlers as if it were the guilt of Palestinians in Gaza. I thought that he would be wiser and that the Egyptian intelligence would know what the Israeli Police spokesperson knew from long time.
The Egyptian media totally ignored the tweets of the BBC correspondent as well BuzzFeed’s report. Of course I am not surprised because the Egyptian media is claiming now that those who killed the protesters in the 25 January revolution were Hamas militants !!
It is worth to mention that on 4 February 2011 Hamas was giving to Egyptian borders guards in Rafah food supplies because no food supplies came to them from Cairo according to Reuters Report. The report says that Hamas was beefing up the borders to stop any breaching there !!
Speaking about that date I remember that during Morsi’s era the case of Three missing police officers were brought up in the media with direct accusations that Hamas was responsible of their kidnap.
I remember the wives of those missing officers saying that they got tips from unnamed officials from Egyptian intelligence and military intelligence accusing directly Khairat El-Shater of standing behind their kidnap.
After July 3  there has been no single piece of news about them when I remember it. I think the authorities in Egypt owe to the poor families and the people of Egypt the truth. The families and those officers are not a pawn in some stupid fight over power between the deep state and the Muslim Brotherhood. I have not forgotten that incident. Playing with people’s hopes is disgusting.
I am not defending Hamas but I hate lying , some people in Egypt are cheering for what is happening to the Palestinians and their murder in a cold blood thanks to that ugly media campaign which cost and will cost Egypt a lot. They are cheering now a collective punishment which is against Geneva conventions. It is a war crime.
Yes as usual Israel is committing a war crime and many Egyptians are cheering for it that to the bloody Pro-Regime media.
Three Israelis were killed in a crime and thanks to Stinky Bibi “as we used to call him in Egypt” a war crime is committed and over 1000 Palestinians were killed and over 2000 were injured as well hundreds of houses are destroyed.
What happened in these photos is a war crime.

Because of Bibi’s lie there will be more generations from both sides feel that grudge which no initiative will end. 

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-20&21&22&23

Here is a double/double bill post with four episodes of the King Dandash’s tale which actually turned to be the adventure of Shamalan the lazy.

You can listen to episode 360th from Ramadan’s Radio Arabian nights after the break.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Another Truce for Now

And both Hamas and Israel agreed on a 12 hours humanitarian cease fire many hope it would extend for 24 hours including the UN Secretary General , the US Secretary of state and the of course Egypt.
I wonder how much longer this time it will last. The death toll reached to 1000 Palestinian killed in that war.
Today hundreds of Palestinians returned back to what remains from their homes in Beit Hanon, Khan Younis , Khuza and Shegaiya  searching for their belonging as well their beloved ones in what was once their homes. More dead bodies are found in the streets of Khuza and Shegaiya. Not less than 68 dead bodies were brought out of the rubble today alone.

The photo are speaking without the need of any words.Of course one wonders where those rockets and missiles are !? Did Hamas put all the rockets and missiles in all those houses and places !?

Friday, July 25, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-17&18&19

First of all I apologize for no publishing the rest of the Ramadan Audio Arabian nights in time. I could not publish them last week honestly with all the sad news coming from Palestine with what Israel commits from crimes and Egypt after the death of our borders soldiers.
Second you should refresh your memory I think you should our last episodes in the Archives.
Third of all here are the episodes as we have got a lot to catch up with now.
Here is the 17th episode after the break

#GazaUnderAttack : An Eye Witness' account about #Khuza massacre

Khuza , another populated area in Gaza's Khan Younis governorate. For three days now it was cut from the world facing the Israeli military machine's rage.
People fleeing Khuza

For three days or even more the IDF had not stopped its shelling nor its airstrikes in that small populated area. The eye witnesses spoke about how bodies were in the streets and under the rubble of the houses destroyed by airstrikes. The ambulance can not reach to certain areas in Khuza because of destruction not to mention because of the IDF which hunts down every living there.

Only today Tweep Mahmoud Ismail wrote in Arabic a terrifying testimony about the past 48 hours. Ismail lost his uncle and three cousins. A true shelling testimony you should read and share. I translated it in to English in a Storify post after the break.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy F*cking #july23 Dear Egyptians

Happy F*cking July 23 Dear Egyptians every where.

Of course today is the 62th anniversary of the 23 July , the original coup that turned  in to a revolution.

Today President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke to the public in another recorded televised speech on that anniversary reminding us that the the goals of the 23 July revolution are still alive. He spoke about the 25 January revolution and its goals as well the so-called 30 June revolution and how Egyptians restored their freedom in that revolution.

Already you will wonder  how his media and supporters keep attack the 25 January revolution calling it a conspiracy that he foiled day and night when he praised it.

He also said something interesting that a hungry person should not look for Freedom. “How can I look for Freedom when I am hungry” He said. 

You know it is quite clever because when you think about what he had said , you will remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Regarding The exodus of Mosul’s Christians

And ISIS aka IS aka the Neo-Islamic Caliphate in Iraq announced the Christians in Mosul have either two
A Christian lady at a Church in Mosul "Reuters" 
options : Either to become Muslims or they would killed or they leave. After 14 centuries the Churches and monasteries in Mosul are attacked and torched “contrary to the orders of Islam” while the properties of Christians there are confiscated.
Yes after 2000 years the Christians in Mosul “One of the old Christian sects in the world” had to leave to their homes in the city.For 14 centuries the Christians in Mosul lived in their homes under the different Islamic Caliphates and yet they did not have to leave their home. Yet now in the 21st century they have leave because they refused to change their religion.
I am not that surprised from the IS because watching they did and are doing in Syria , you would know what kind of mentality we are dealing with.
I am surprised about other things.

Monday, July 21, 2014

#FreeShawkan : Remember The Forgotten

Mahmoud Abu Zaid "Shawkan" is a talented Freelance Photographer. Since 14 August 2013 Abu Zaid or Shawken has been imprisoned after being arrested in the dispersal of Rabaa sit in. Shawkan was there doing his job as a Freelance photographer.
Shawkan in action 
Today Shawken's detention was renewed for another 45 days. For nearly a year Shawkan has been in prison.

Of course because he is a Freelance photographer he can't find too many people demanding his release. Only his colleagues from photographers are demanding his release.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : El-Shajeiya massacre "+18"

And we woke up on another massacre !!
For hours and hours through out night Israeli forces intensified its shelling and bombardment in the small Al-Shejaiya district killing not less than 40 and injuring hundreds as well forcing hundreds of thousands to flee. 
"It is like hell" a repeated description for what was and is happening in Al-Shejaiya by its residents fleeing the scene and seeking refugees in the UNRWA facilities and Al-Shifa hospital. Not less than 85,000 Palestinians are fleeing the area.
Updated : The death toll increased to 60. Photos showing a horrifying reality. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New valley Massacre : We have to ask

Just minutes before the Ramadan breakfast breaking news came from the Western desert : 15 Egyptian soldiers were killed by smugglers in New Valley governorate.

In less than two hours more details began to surface as well a death toll increasing by the minute. An armed forces check point was attacked by smugglers killing not less than 31 armed forces personnel and Injuring dozens in army checkpoint at El-Farfara oasis.

At least 26 army soldiers and 4 low ranking officers were killed in one of the most worst attacks ever , even in Sinia the numbers are not like that "4 conscripts were killed earlier today in North Sinai in clashes with militants"

The ministry of health also stated that only 3 smugglers or assailants were injured. Yes only 3 !!! Do not ask me how.

Now for hours the official radio stations and sources spoke about smugglers who are angry that Sallom borders crossing between Egypt and Libya was closed after the clashes  in Benghazi and the kidnap of Egyptian truck divers. Here we are not speaking about goods smugglers but rather weapons smugglers that got busy routes in the desert to Upper Egypt to Sudan . Those smugglers are dangerous and armed crazily according to Upper Egyptians.

Then we got the official spokesperson of Egyptian armed forces Mohamed Samir saying that the soldiers were attacked by "terrorist group" which blew up an ammo warehouse. Of course the Brigadier General says that number of victims is 21 !!!!

GazaUnderAttacK : Egypt2Gaza Aid convoy and the Return of the old Days

Another day and the aggression on Gaza continues. The total death toll reached to 336. More families killed in Gaza.
Today Israel announced that One Israeli was killed in Beersheba by the Palestinian rockets earlier today. That Israeli turned to be Arab Bedouin and it turns out that Bedouins have got no shelters to protect them. It is worth to mention that Israel’s rockets hunter Iron Dome only works and intercepts rockets targeting populated areas.
Anyhow we will leave Gaza for awhile and go to Egypt to North Sinai where the Egypt 2 Gaza convoy was halted by “Balloza” army checkpoint. There are about 300 activists in this convey
The army officers told the activists they could not let the activists pass because they could not protect them despite the activists made it clear that they were taking the risk. The officers at the check point then said that they would pass only the medicine , then the Youth refused that option and blocked the road for quite some time chanting Pro-Palestinian slogans as well Pro-Revolutionary slogan,chants and songs.
The last I have read from updates about the convey that the Commander of the Second Zone army responsible for North Sinai arrived to the convey.
Updated @2:52 : The convoy will not pass and its organizers are holding a press conference denouncing the decision of the government.
By the way this convoy was declared last by several political parties including the Constitution Party , The Strong Egypt Party and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party as well movements like April 6 Youth movement and Revolutionary way.
There are several prominent figures in the convoy like Ahmed Harara “Who lost both of his eyes in the 2011 protests by the hands of the security” , Gamila Ismail , Mostafa Naggar , Khaled Ali , Haitham Mohamedeen and Ragia Omran.
Now this convey was announced last week and started its journey from Cairo early Friday and after 200 km as well passing by several police and military checkpoints peacefully before their stop at Balloza.
Historically this happened before during the days of Mubarak , another popular relief convoy was stopped at Balloza.
Amazingly the Egyptian convey to Gaza united the Pro- ElSisi and Pro-Morsi supporters who are both attacking the activists and parties organizing this convoy as PR stunt !! 

The parties will hold a press conference back in Cairo.
Here is a video for the activists singing Sheikh Emam's revolutionary songs 

#GazaUnderAttack : When El-Bakr children were alive

Dear friend Ghazla Irshad went to Gaza in 2011 and among the stories she brought back with her a photographic report about a family that works in fishing in Gaza for decades.
Three years later that family made headlines when four of its kids were killed by the Israeli fires on the beach while they were playing. That’s El-Bakr family and here was their life in Gaza 3 years ago. According to Ghazla she does not if you took photos for those kids or not . Still this is their family , those young terrorists who were killed while playing football

I browse and search among the photos for the little boys and wonder if those were the same faces running on the beach last week for the last time in their lives.
Here is another photo taken for the 4 boys. The photographer “Siam Mohamed” says that he took it from 4 months ago.
By Siam Mohamed 
Now below a painting made by Israeli artist Amir Schiby 

Friday, July 18, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Ground Invasion "Day 2"

The Israeli ground invasion in Gaza's day 2 has started from several hours ago. Now it is afternoon and the Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza reports that not less than 23 were killed only yesterday.
The so-called talks to save the day is taking place , mostly to force Hamas to accept the truce. Some say now it is a showdown between Israel and Egypt vs. Turkey and Qatar regardless of the humans getting killed.
Here is another live updates blog post about the development in Gaza. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : To Cease Fire or not Cease Fire

And a new episode of negotiations and talks started between Israel and Palestinian factions indirectly started in Cairo.  Israel claimed that a cease fire agreement was reached but Hamas denied.
Already Hamas published its own terms for a cease fire and it has nothing to do with the the set of terms spread online on Wednesday in Egyptian and Palestinian websites. Here are the Hamas’ terms from Electronic Intifada website :
  1. Opening all the crossing with the Gaza Strip.
  2. Opening Rafah crossing, the link between Gaza and Egypt, on a permanent basis, 24 hours per day with international guarantees it will not be closed.
  3. A maritime corridor to Gaza.
  4. Allowing residents of the Gaza Strip to pray in the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
  5. Israel will release the prisoners who were freed as part of the “Shalit” deal, and Israel will abide by the previous agreement reached by prisoners and the Israel Prison Service with Egyptian mediation in 2012.
Now to a Live update for what is happening on the ground right now. The ground operation against Gaza has started. 

I highlighted the second condition for my fellow Egyptians.
Now to the language of numbers regarding Gaza :
  • Death toll increased to 228.
  • The injured increased to more than 1200.
  • According to UNRWA 79 schools and 23 health facilities were destroyed in the past week.
  • There are 22,000 Palestinians displaced from their homes  and currently at 24 UNRWA Shelters. “18 shelters in the city of Gaza” and “6 shelters in Jabailia”
  • Here is an infograph by Wall Street Journal showing the airstrikes' distribution in Gaza. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Once upon time 4 kids played on #Gaza Beach "+18"

Earlier Today there were four kids playing on a beach , they were all cousins and brothers from a family working in the sea as fishermen.
The four boys were 10 years old Ahmed Bakr ,10 years old Zakaria Bakr ,11 years old Mohamed Bakr and 9 years old Ismail Bakr.

The last run 
With no warning the Israeli forces or rather Navy shelled the beach killing on of the boys suddenly then when the other three went to check what happened to their cousin.
And the beach was rocked again by another Israeli attack. That time the three boys joined their cousin in the afterlife while their tiny bodies turned in to pieces.

Their beach was near a hotel where journalists from all over the world are staying. The cameras rolled and the tragedy of the boys who were buried on the same day was recorded and transferred to the whole world.

The world will be angry for awhile and then Bakr boys will be forgotten like the rest of that long list of Palestinian Children killed by Israeli forces for no reason except that they are Palestinians.
The boys and their families’ photos are now in the Front Pages world wide and according to the US department of the State that crime was the mistake of Hamas because they refused the Egyptian initiative to cease fire !!
This is the story of the Bakr boys simply as that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-15&16

Tonight we continue our tale , a double tale night as we will hear episodes 356 and 357 to know what happened to Shamalan after know that his monkey was capable of talking like humans.
Here is episode 356 or 15th after the break

Kodak Agfa Presents : Nile at Night

I took those photos last Ramadan at some café on the Nile in Zamalak. 

A Nile boat with lights in Ramadan Night
A Nile boat with lights in Ramadan Night

This is one of my attempts to take photos without a tripod at night using my hands without any shakes.

I love the colored light reflections on the Nile , it is more than beautiful especially where you are standing on the bank of the Nile.

Monday, July 14, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : There are some people in #Cairo who support #Gaza

Despite that shameful Anti-Palestinian Pro-Zionist campaign in the mainstream and social media in Egypt by the Pro-Regime supporters now , there are still people who support Gaza and its people.

Yesterday several political parties and movements “mostly leftist” organized a protest in solidarity with Gaza at the Journalists syndicate “back to the stairs” as well a rally in downtown Cairo. Among the prominent figures that showed up in the protest like former Presidential candidate and leftist lawyer Khaled Ali and Liberal politician Amr Hamzawy.

Amr Hamzawy and Khaled Ali in the Pro-Gaza rally.

#14Juillet : A Tale of two revolutions

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way.
The opening paragraph  
And despite it was about the French revolution , nothing describes the Egyptian Revolution aka 25 January perfectly as those few lines.
Some say we are moving perfectly on the same guide or model set up by the French Revolution sans the executions. Well France took couple of hundreds of years to become the FRANCE we know. I wonder how many years and how many souls Egypt will take in this bloody region to become the EGYPT we want !! Democratic strong Egypt. 
Happy 14 Bastille Day !!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kodak Agfa presents "Super Moon 2014"

and Kodak Agfa presents "Super Moon 2014" edition

This is my first attempt to take a photo for the Supermoon in Egypt. I hope you like it. 

#GazaUnderAttack : Day 6

And the attack continues against Gaza with death tolls increasing in to more than 160 as well threats of ground attack by Israel.
According to the UNRWA not less than 4,000 Palestinians are taking shelter at the UN organization's facilities in the besieged sector.
Another day , another confrontations.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-14

And we continue our tale in these hard times. You can hear the 14th/355th episode after the break.

#GazaUnderAttack :Day “5”

Day 5 and the Israeli raids have not stopped in Gaza increasing the death toll. Tony Blair is back to the scene trying to reach to a truce as if he succeeded in the past years. Of course now he got an official reason to visit Egypt.

Here is the latest updates from Gaza , Israel and Egypt.

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-13

And we continue our tale , the tale of Shamalan. Tonight is the 345th episode of our Radio Arabian night adventure.

Now you can listen to the episode after the break.

Friday, July 11, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : The War on #Gaza continues

With death toll over 100, the war on Gaza continues for the fourth or the fifth day in a row. The Rafah crossing is closed because today is holiday in Egypt. The Egyptian authorities already closed the crossing last night after allegedly busting an attempt to smuggle rockets from Gaza to Sinai.

On the other hand the Egyptian armed forces sent to Gaza today 500 tons of food and medical supplies.

Here is the latest updates from Gaza as well related to Gaza.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-12

And we continue our tale , the tale of Shamalan who is no longer lazy but rather rich after those jewels he got from that strange monkey and of course there is something unexpected waiting for him around the corner.

By the way tonight’s episode is one of those episodes full of racist stereotyping and it can be considered anti-Semitic as well “Spoilers”. Taking in consideration that those episodes were recorded in the 1950s and 1960s , you will find that the example of the wicked greedy Jewish merchant is repeated.

Anyhow here is the 353th episode of that show.

Regarding El-Sisi's speech on the 10th of Ramadan

Just like any other president preceded him , Abdel Fattah El-Sisi addressed the public on the 9th Ramadan about allegedly the 10th of Ramadan anniversary aka the anniversary of the 1973 war according to the Hagri Calender.
As expected it was not about the war but about the latest economic decisions taken this week to lift up fuel and energy subsidies.
These are my remarks about the 25 minutes recorded Televised speech : 
1- Extreme emotional speeches do not work every time especially in hard economic times. It may work with certain classes especially among the Upper Middle class ladies and Upper class ladies but it won't have the same effect now among the working class that will pay the price for real for such cuts. Already such classes have been paying the price in the past 30 years
2- As he spoke directly in informal Arabic in Egyptian accent , I wonder for real who wrote for him this speech. That speech with this arrangement of ideas can not be improvised , at least the points and their arrangement should be outlined before recording. I real wonder who wrote and honestly I do not think that the usual suspect "Hassanein Heikal" is behind that speech because Heikal is an expert in sophisticated political speeches.

#GazaUnderAttack : The attack continues

Ok For the third day in row Israel continues its attack against Gaza. The death toll in the besieged sector increased to 78 according to Palestinian health officials.
Israeli media is speaking about the land invasion in the upcoming days while the resistance groups in Gaza continues in launching rockets against Israel forcing Israelis to hide in shelters. Of course there are no shelters in Gaza.
Egypt opens Rafah crossing expectationally for Palestinian injured  , to be precise for the critical cases only. A group of Leftist activists are trying to organize a quick medical aid craven to Gaza. I do not know if it is going to pass or not. Here is a live update for the latest attack on Gaza 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-10 and 11

Tonight is a double bill , we going to hear two episodes instead of one. Tonight the luck of Shamalan ,the lazy and his poor mother Mabrooka is going to change.

You can hear episode no.351 which is our 10th epsidoe from the Radio Arabian nights this year after the break

During his trade tour , the chief merchant and his crew found out that their ship was stuck and did not move a further mile. They found out that the reason that they did not get anything to Shamalan and his mom by those two pounds. Yup it is like betraying their trust and thus heavens punish them. 
Stopping at the nearest island , the deserted island of pineapple they found a man that sells monkeys. The chief merchant decided to buy for Shamalan and his mom a monkey. The mysterious man sold him a very old peculiar monkey. 
That old peculiar monkey acts like human on the ship in a strange way. 
Meanwhile the Shamalan's laziness gives his mom hard time. 

Now to episode no.351 which is the 11th in our nights

The chief merchant's ship stops at the pearls' fishermen. They wished to get some pearls but got none. To their amazement that old monkey acting like humans dived in to the sea and got not only huge pearls but amazing jewels.

Back home Shamalan and his mother were called to get their share from that tour which turned to be the biggest, they are no more the joke of the town.Chief Jaafar gives Shamalan the monkey and the jewels.

#GazaUnderAttack : And the Attack continues

And the attack against Gaza continues.
Not less than 40 have been killed most from the civilians. Hundreds have been injured. Tens of houses have been shelled by the Israeli forces including the houses of Hamas leading figures.
The Palestinian militant resistance groups did not stop its attack either.
El-Kassam brigades published more details about its daring commandos' operation against the Israeli naval base. Yes the commandos were killed but the operation is unique.
El-Kassam diving commandos units 
By the way El-Kassem Brigades named this operation "The 10th of Ramadan" dedicating it to the souls of the Egyptian officers and soldiers killed in the 1973 war in a very smart move.
Here is a video released by El-Kassem Brigades showing the training of their naval commandos.
Rockets reaching to Tel Aviv and Haifa and naval commandos operations show a new level if I am not mistaken.
Back to Egypt it turns out that the Rafah crossing is still closed. What the Pro-El Sisi supporters claimed last night that the Field Marshal gave his orders to open the crossing for the injured. Well it is a rumor.
Officially Egypt demanded that both Israel and Hamas stop the fight. Some Foreign experts say that Egypt lost its power over Hamas.
On the other hand an explosive device blew up in North Sinai killing up at least one army solider and injuring other 4 soldiers. This attack for sure will be used by the mainstream media to attack the Gazans.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Once again

Once again Israel is attacking Gaza. Since early morning the raids have not stopped at all. I wanted to speak about what is happening in Palestine in the past week but sickness and that jazz in Egypt made difficult. Anyhow it is never too late.
The rockets are coming and going from Gaza in the same endless cycle of attack and counter attack. Of course IDF has geared up its force from F16 , Drones and Apache. So far Israel bombed not less than 50 targets in Gaza including residential homes. The new operation is called "Protective edge".
According to Palestinian activists the causalities reached to 1 martyr and 43 injuries including 3 women and one child
Updated @11:11 PM:
The death toll of Palestinians increased to not less than 20  so far. 
The IAF shelled the a house killing at least 6 children from one family, the Kawara'a family. The IAF warned that it would target this house but its owners refused to leave and along other people in the area they went to defend it. The IAF blew up the house with tens of injured and not less than 7 or 8 were killed.
Over 100 were injured after more than 200 Israeli raids.
The Palestinian resistance militant groups did not stand still and they launched tens of mortars.
Abu El-Ali Brigades claimed responsibility for targeting 3 Israeli cities this morning. 
El-Kassam Brigades announced for the first time that its commandos attacked an Israeli naval base.
The Statement of Al Qassam brigades

A photo for El-Qassam commandos
The Palestinian rockets reached to Tel Aviv , Haifa and Jerusalem for the first time forcing millions of Israel to head to the shelters.
Amazingly ISIS claimed responsibility for the murder of the Israeli teens and yet Gaza is once again being punished. 
By the way today is the anniversary of the 1973 war  in the Hagri calendar aka the Tenth of Ramadan war anniversary.
There is the new old talk about ground invasion but IDF officers and soldiers on the ground told foreign reporters that they have not got any invasion orders yet but there are huge deployments taking place on the borders.
Hamas held a press conference telling Israel to stop its attack and release the prisoners as well to respect the truce between them 
This is the first Gaza attack test for El-Sisi and his administration.I wonder if he can save the day in the same way like Morsi did in 2012. Already DPA claimed that Egypt's spy chief Mohamed Tohamy was in Tel Aviv holding talks with Israeli officials in the past few days.  There has been no confirmation or denial regarding this matter. Officially Egypt denounced the Israeli raids and will not open the Rafah crossing. This evening El-Sisi spoke with Abu Mazen promising to work on ceasing fire. Honestly this is another test for El-Sisi besides economy and politics. 
El-Sisi's supporters online are gloating disgustingly.
See the photos from Gaza , since early morning.

Monday, July 7, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-9

 Once again sorry for the delay but it is hard to keep up with the economic/political jazz in Egypt as well what is currently happening in Palestine.
Here is the latest episode , episode no.350 in the Egyptian national Radio's Arabian nights.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-8

Now things are evolving and it is getting crazy in our tale , seriously tonight’s episode is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

Yup tonight’s 349th episode is crazy and so you have to hurry up and click the “More” link in order to listen to the episode after the break.

Zero Hero decision : Raise the price of the Fuel, raise the price of everything

On Friday cars stood in queues in front of fuel stations waiting for their turn to get fuel for hours after breakfast as soon as possible before 12 AM. Word hit the streets yesterday that the government would raise the fuel prices by midnight and yes it did at Zero Hero aka 12 AM.
The prices of lowest-value Octane 80 fuel rose by 78 percent and the cost of diesel rose by 64 percent. The energy subsidies are cut in the new budget that suffers from huge deficit.
Lifting up the subsidies like that as well the increase in the price of fuel mean that there will be an increase in everything else using transportation in the society above them food supplies. It is like a chain reaction.
On Sunday a presidential law was issued with an increase in the sales tax of cigarettes 50% as well beer “200%” and wine “150%”. Of course I do not understand why the wine’s sales taxes would be less than the beer.  
This decision is identical to Morsi’s decision to increase taxations and customs in 2012 , a decision he would take and then later had to cancel it after huge criticism and anger.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-7

And of course things happen unexpectedly to change the course of fate in our Arabian Nights’ tale of mysterious Shamalan.

Tonight is the 348th episode in our Classical Radio nights. You can hear the episode after the break in Arabic and read the synopsis in English.

Friday, July 4, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-5 and 6

As I am Sick and tired I missed last night episode of the Radio Arabian nights but it is never too late to return back to this fairy tale world , it is much better than the depressing daily dose of torture , murder, detention and explosives devices in addition to austerity measures in Egypt

And we are back to the tale inside tale , the famous technique used in 1001 book. Tonight we will begin to know the mystery and tale of Shamalan, that filthy rich man who was once a Sultan and now is being called Lazy Shamalan.

You can hear the 5th episode or rather the 346th episode of the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian Nights after the break 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Regarding the Blair’s Project in #Egypt "Updated"

The Guardian’s report about Tony Blair and his possible work as adviser for El-Sisi in Egypt under Emirati Sponsorship is the talk of the town at least online in Egypt today instead of football match.
The British newspaper published a report saying that former British PM Tony Blair accepted to ‘advise’ president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as part of a programme funded by the UAE to help ‘business opportunities’ in Egypt.
Not only Blair was said to advise El-Sisi but also his former press secretary Alastair Campbell was also giving a PR advice to El-Sisi and the Egyptian government. Oh yes Campbell of the doggy report of Iraq invasion. I wonder if El-Sisi and Egyptian government know read more about Campbell !!
Both Blair and Campbell are part of the UAE programme according to the report. This report is not made by The Guardian’s correspondent in Egypt Patrick Kingsley but by Seumas Milne.
Milne wrote yesterday that Blair should be sacked from his position as Middle East peace envoy mentioning more interesting details about Blair and his UAE connections in Comment Is Free. The Guardian’s editorial also spoke about him too.
Of course today El-Sisi’s supporters accused the Guardian of lying and that it was being owned by the Qatari which is untrue while some of them did not reject the idea that the man who led Iraq invasion and supported the New Middle East map in 2003 was actually advising Nasser 2014 aka El-Sisi because Obama hates him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-4

Sorry for the delay , one was busy with the Blair’s consultancy project in Egypt. Anyhow let’s leave Blair , El-Sisi and their realm and go back to Scheherazade's realm as it is much better by all measures.
Tonight Scheherazade continues her tale about King dandash and that interesting mysterious man claimed to be Sultan who owns a jewel even the king does not own ; Shamalan the Lazy.
Here is the 345th episode of the Egyptian radio Arabian nights after the break.

They were protesting for better education in #Egypt only

Yesterday security forces dispersed by force as usual a small protest made by high school students in  front of the ministry of education in Cairo.

The high school students were protesting yesterday in several governorates against the failed educational system in Egypt following the secondary stage's exams and its online cheating scandal this year.  These students were demanding a better educational system. They called their movement "The students' revolution"

Of course President El-Sisi made it clear that he would not listen for any protesters' demands. Needless to say that this is not some demand of certain group , the demand of those boys should be the aim of the state : To fix the bloody failed educational system in Egypt. This is the future of Egypt for God's sake.
As usual the photos of the protest's dispersal showed the usual amount of civility and human rights respect the Egyptian police is known for.

This 16 years old boy was later beaten in the police station where he was detained along other six students. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-3

Sorry for the delay but here we are continuing our interesting tale tonight.

Here is the third episode of our tale. It was the 345th episode of the show on the Egyptian National radio.

Now here is the episode , you can listen to it in Arabic after the break. An English synopsis of the episode is below .