Friday, December 31, 2010

The Person Of the Year 2010 : Egypt

Here is another poll : Who is the person of the year 2010 in Egypt ??  Who really deserves to be the person of the year !!??
This poll is unique because you can choose up till 3 choices.
By the way I did not add any woman to the list because honestly I could not find a real woman figure that made something for real in the country , Camilla Shehata could be a contender in the most controversial personalities survey along with Moshira Khatab and Aisha Abdel Hady.
This time I have two polls , the first about what is said about the Egyptian army in the Wikileaks .
Nerd smile

And How Did Youm 7 get That Video !!?

In a scoop Youm 7 managed to publish the first video for Tarek Abdel Razek who is currently being accused of spying for Israel and endangering our diplomatic relations with Lebanon and Syria. Tarek’s trial will start next 15th of January 2011.

The video shows us Tarek Abdel Razek and his Chinese wife or fiancée then “Rahima” who speaks Arabic and identified herself as university student. There was a third person filming the couple and introducing them , he is from Egypt and he is a friend for Tarek from a long time I suppose based on hinting that Tarek was a coach before being a businessman.

Day No.14 : Tunisia Uprising

For the 14th day in a row the Tunisians continued their protest , for the two weeks now the Tunisians are moving more and more towards an uprising and the world does not want its Christmas and new year vacation to be disturbed. Tunisian people are still angry and the regime wants to control that anger with the security backlash . 
Last Thursday “December 30th , 2010” unfortunately witnessed the murder of another young man on the hand of the security services not in Sidi Bou Zid but rather Sfax, the young man was shot during a protest in his back and died from his injuries in the hospital. Jebiniana in Sfax witnessed a protest that was cracked down by the security forces which attacked the citizens’ houses and the shops . The forces closed down the cafes and shops. Up till now two were only  reportedly injured including a school boy.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Students Are still Angry .. And On strike (Updated)

on candlelight
According to all experts the 2010 was another strike and protests year where protesting have become an integral part of daily life , that fear barrier is being crossed now and many people across the country from many classes and from many sectors. One of the biggest changes in 2010 that middle class school students and their parents have joined the protesters club in the country thanks to Ahmed Zaki Badr.
Yesterday the students and parents in EGC found that the junior building was closed by the orders of the ministers and the teachers were being transferred to other schools. “he then said that they can stay or go to wherever they want” .The students and parents had a protest late at night for fear that the schools would be closed in Alexandria in these bad weather conditions. Here is a video for the protest in night , you can see the girls singing on the candlelight “the police will love that”

The students are still on strike despite the exams will start next week.
The minister as usual made his usual round in the nights talk show to defend his decision , he even sent copies from the complaints he received from the schools. There were complaints , nobody denied that , it seems that there was corruption too but that does not give him the right to change a whole system and downgraded , you can change the headmistress and headmaster as you want , you can fire and sue the school boards as you want but not to o change the whole school system not to mention in the middle of the school year !! Badr is furious on how the girls of EGC are trying to contact Queen Sofia and the Spanish embassy ! Well I think he will be more furious when he knows that the graduates of EGC living in the States are sending angry faxes to the Egyptian embassy in D.C

It is Biased Biased World

I do not understand how the western media is ignoring completely what is happening in Tunisia from a growing uprising , seriously I do not understand it except it is bias , yes bias.

I do not understand how the mainstream media and social media dedicated itself to support and help the Iranian opposition after the last presidential elections in false hope to down the regime while it is ignoring the uprising of the Tunisian people that really have suffered for a long time in a way you can’t imagine it.

Do not get me wrong I support the legal Iranian reformist opposition demands and because of this I support what is happening in Tunisia ,in fact I am even more bias to Tunisia not only because it is an Arab country that suffers from similar disease Egypt and other Arab countries suffer from but because Tunisia seemed to be forgotten by the modern democratic West that loves to remind us with democracy and the wonders of change day and night.

And Here is The biggest Woman Achievements In 2010 in Egypt !!

Egyptian first lady Susan Mubarak claims that the biggest Egyptian women achievements in 2010 is the woman’s quota in the parliament , in fact it is a triumph that will be recorded in the history of our nation “as if the Egyptian woman had not entered the parliament competing with men directly since 1957 not to mention our right to vote in 1956 !!”
Here we are after two weeks if I am not mistaken form the parliament and our ladies are doing more than great in talking on the phone during the session.
From Facebook 
The first two women MPs in Egypt were elected in 1957 : Amina Shoukry from Alexandria and Rawiah Attia  from Giza, they were the first Arab women MPs to enter the parliament. Without these two pioneer ladies would be ashamed of these quota MPs !! 

Day No.13 : It Is real Uprising

Despite the Presidential speech last night and despite the security crackdown , the protests in Tunisia have not stopped yet in fact according to many observers it is turning in to a real uprising.
For the 13th day in a row the Tunisian people continue to protest in several governorates and cities either in solidarity with Sidi Bou Zid or in objection on the unemployment conditions in the country. The protests are not spreading and so is the crack down against activists. Several activists have been detained to currently locked at their homes without any contact to the outside world. Back to Sidi Bou Zid , well it should enter Guinness records as the most surviving governorate under the siege from its own regime !!
Tunisia has recorded today the 4th suicide case since the start of uprising , a young man cut his rest objecting unemployment.  Now to our video clips round of the day which you will not see in your local channel.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And I spoke To A Hero On The Phone

I did not want to write about the tragedy of Gomaa Al–Shawn aka Ahmed Al-Hawn , I hate to write about the mistreatment of our real heroes nowadays because it kills me from inside especially in these depressing days. I could not even watch his interview in “Manshet” nor to read completely what he had said in Al Shorouk or original Dostor , I even did not read what was written in Al Shorouk abut his struggle to get a treatment in the country. The current regime has succeeded in killing every icon, every symbol and every hero figure we have with its corruption and neglect.

And After the University Students , The Role is On The School Students !!

Yesterday the media reported that there were clashes between security forces and students that led to the injury of 7 students that were transferred to hospital. The students whom I contacted denied any attack from their side on the security forces, it was the other way around. As usual , as expected the security forces and the undercover agents of the police attacked the students with no mercy. The attack happened at the Lycee D’ Alexandria which is a mixed school , thus boys and girls were attacked physically and verbally. This is the first batch of videos I received from the students who are scared on their lives.
Here are the videos right from students to the world , please spread them.
This is the beginning to the protest / march , students chanting anti minister of education slogans

Tunisian Uprising : Day No.12

From Nawat , a map with protests in the country 
For the tenth day in a row the protests are continuing to spread throughout Tunisia in solidarity with Sidi Bou Zid governorate and its cities that are still under security siege. The scoop of protests is widening , a third person has committed suicide today , two young men set themselves on fire because of unemployment yet were saved and president Ben Ali has addressed the pubic in a typical Arabic way.
First thing the videos are coming from the governorate and its cities showing the abuse and torture that did not differentiate between an elder and a toddler , between a woman and man. I post them  before Ben Ali’s speech because they are the only evidence we have on the crimes have been committed against the citizens of Sidi Bou Zidi.
Here are new videos from Nawaat from the cities off Sidi Bou Zid governorate showing abused citizens who were tortured and witnessed others’ torture by the hands of the security forces.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ibrahim Eissa Thanks The Facebook And The Social media Youth

Ibrahim Eissa thanks the Facebook and the social media youth for their help and support.

There is no doubt that the social media helped the Dostor to stand against the regime plots in a very rare example no one of us have seen it before in the history of Egyptian press.
Ibrahim Eissa is going to present insh Allah a new weekly show on air on Al Jazeera Mubshar next year. I am waiting already for that show.
There is also a new book currently in the bookstores about the crisis of the Dostor newspaper under the title “ The Dostor book .. the story of a newspaper and a country”.  Many renowned writers are participating in the book aside from the usual and wonderful columnists of Dostor like Ahmed Ragab and Fahmi Howadi.
The cover of the book 

And The Rising Generation Is Still Angry "Updated"

The students of EGC , EBC and Lycee Francias schools are still protesting the decision of the minister of education despite what he said yesterday at the news talk shows at night. The minister defended his decision claiming that nothing will change except the administration , of course he does not want to listen nor to answer why he only changed the school board and appointed another new one.
Angry students from all ages 
Now there is another theory for what exactly happened is that there are some investors who have an eye on the 20 acres of EGC , the EGC is from the few schools in the country that still have  enough space for proper sports activities including swimming. Many people suspect that the ministry wants a full control on the school so the government can sell the land without any objection from anyone. The location of the school is enough to sell those 20 acres for millions.

Tal Mallohi’s Imprisonment First Anniversary

Tal Mallohi was arrested on December 27th , 2009 in Syria from his home when she was only 19 years old. Mallohi is a Syrian blogger who did not anything wrong except being a blogger in a country like Syria.
When Tal was 16 years old , she found herself interrogated by the Syrian state security in Syria for no reason according to what I understood except that she blogged. Allegedly she was mistreated in the security according to Syrian opposition websites. After being enlisted in the security watch list she was not able to join high school , thus her family had to move to Cairo so she could study in high school. She lived with her family at Hadik El-Koba popular area.
According to what is said in the Syrian opposition websites , there was that security officer”Samer  Rabo’o” in the Syrian embassy in Cairo whom she resisted his unwanted advances. Again she was not recruited by the Americans nor she did spy on the embassy’s officials. She only used to study Spanish at Institutio Cervantes in Giza. In July 2009 , the authorities in Syria told her family that it was ok for her to come back to Syria and study there.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Can The Egyptian People Be Like The EGC Girls !!??

More than 10,000 students in Alexandria are protesting for the second day in role objecting the decision of minister of education Badr regarding the status of their schools in a very rare incident that got many indications for changes in the Egyptian society.
EGC girls protesting
Minister Ahmed Zaki Badr strikes again , he decided with no right according to turn a group of language schools “EGS , EBS and Lycee Francias d’ Alexandrie” in Alexandria following the national institutions in to public schools following the ministry suddenly because some violations in the schools' boards. One must wonder why to change the administrative and financial system of these schools after all these years when you can only change the school board !!?
EBS boys protesting on the other side 
In 1960s President Nasser nationalized foreign language schools in the country, the minister of education then had a vision better than Badr knowing the important role of these schools to the middle , high middle and high classes in Egypt. The government then made something the national institution board which all ex-foreign language schools would follow financially and administratively. In the past the students had shareholders in their schools from their tuition fees. These schools have got boards made of parents and schools’ officials. My mom , my aunts , my cousins and myself are graduates of the national institution schools.

The Tunisian Uprising : Contradicting News "Updated"

As result of the restrictions on the media , we do not exactly what is happening currently in Sidi Bou Zid governorate , we do not know if the clashes have stopped or  the security forces “both Police and army” have cracked down the protests or they are still on , we do not know how many injured are currently in the hospitals nor how many civilian losses the cities in the governorate suffered from due to the mutual violence between the public and the security forces. Yesterday there were talks in the governorate about strike , an open strike if the the citizens that were detained during the clashes in the past 7 days.
Yet we know through activists and also news agencies that the protests are spreading in Tunisian towns and governorates after the Southern governorate and that the Sidi Bou Zid’s revolt is not like anything Tunisia has witnessed before.

Questions About Abu Simbel Highway Bus Crash !!??

First of all I am very sorry for those dear American tourists who were killed in the bus crash yesterday in Aswan. 

Second why was not the Egyptian bus driver transferred to the same hospital in Cairo where the injured American tourists are but rather to some public hospital in Aswan ?!

Third till when have we to suffer from the Abu Simbel highway car accidents !!? why do not we close that bloody highway which has become an open graveyard for Egyptians and foreigners alike till we end its bloody curse !!??

RIP Papa Maged

Papa Maged "1936-2010"
Maged Abdel Razek or Papa Maged as many generations in Egypt knew passed away yesterday in Cairo. Papa Maged “1936-2010” was from the most famous children TV host whose show continued on the Egyptian TV for decades since 1960s till early 1990s as I remember .
I believe I am  from the last generation that still remembers how sweet ,simple and sincere in his TV show and how he used to connect to children better than any other TV host now. He was truly a sweet person and an artist too. Maged Abdel Razek was a graduate of the school of fine arts and after retirement from TV he returned back to his first love “painting”.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How To Steal A Minbar From A Mosque !!??

Forget about the Van Gogh painting which we do not where or how it has gone because it is nothing compared to the theft of ancient Minbar from ancient mosque !!
Yes a whole minbar was stolen from an ancient mosque near the famous Sultan Hassan mosque a month ago and the theft was not discovered except from a short time according to Youm 7 !!!!  The minbar was stolen from the mosque of Qani Amir Akhur that was built in 1503 “908 AH” not from the Sultan Hassan mosque.
Qani Amir Akhur Mosque 
How can you steal a minbar from a mosque ?? why do you steal a minbar !!?? Surely who stole will not use it in a mosque but rather in some art collection !!?? Is the new fashion now days to decorate your house with a minbar !!?
I think now Farouk Hosni will move from the yellow stage in to the blue stage !!
The ministry of culture and supreme council of antiquities are playing the blaming game with the ministry of Awkaf.
I fear on the Pyramids and Sphinx now !!

Alaa Al Aswany Writes For BBC About The elections , Fouda Fires Back At Ezz And Reuters Speaks About Our dimming Power

Alaa Al Awsany writes fro BBC about Egypt after the elections and our country’s future. As he said in “Last word” there are two Egypts and that despite how grim our present is ,he also attacked Ahmed Ezz by name in the BBC website.

Moving to our local press Yousri Fouda fires back at Ahmed Ezz and what the later wrote for two successive days in Al Ahram news.

Real Egypt fires back at Ahmed Ezz” is a must read because Fouda speaks the same language Ezz loves to speak with : The language of numbers.

  • Egypt ranked no.57 in the world misery index from 60 countries “Bloomberg”

So what is the misery index  ?? Well the index created by Arthur Okun, is the result of the sum of the unemployment and inflation rates for each country which, according to the late economist, showed if a country developed disastrous or successful economic policies.

  • 45% of the Egyptians live with less than $2 per day according the agricultural production committee in the Shura council that follows the state
  • 12 million Egyptians do not live in a proper residence , in fact million and half million Egyptian that live in cemeteries “CAPMAS

and these are just the tip of the iceberg , the column is full of numbers that can down any government in any respectable country.

And last I would like you to read Reuters special report about why Egypt’s power has dimmed by Alistar Lyon. This report made the the regime media so angry despite we as citizens know what is in it and consider as a matter of fact. Anyhow I think that Egypt’s power , real power did not start to dim in the Sadat era but rather began to dim in time of Mubarak. Mubarak has been ruling more than Sadat and Nasser combined together.

Tunisian Uprising : Sidi Bou Zid

The latest update about Sidi Bou Zid , Tunisia is that it is being isolated by the army itself ; the Tunisian army is helping the police to control back the city whose anger is spreading through other cities. FYI the clashes in Sidi Bou Zid started from 7 days ago. The police attacked and destroyed private properties and even the crops of the farmers unlike what is claimed in the official media and that’s why they set police stations and railway station on fire. There are many injured from the city including young teenagers and some of them in a critical conditions. Again Nawaat is my main source for this post. You can see there the start of the clashes from 18th December. You can find after the break videos that do not see in your mainstream either because your TV channel is celebrating Christmas or because your TV channel is an Arab and does not want to make the Tunisian  embassy angry.

And The Big Circus is in Town : NDPC 2010

The NDPC 2010 is on and the biggest gathering for the most depressing clowns is being held in Cairo currently. Fortunately I do not follow it because I do not have the nerve to tolerate the amounts of lies the NDPians are repeating on how great the country has become and how inpatient we are on the fruits of the development. “These fruits have not ripped for 29 years I am afraid and it seems that they will not rip at all !!” 

Mubarak addressed the NDPians who cheered for him as usual and as expected, as usual he told us that we have to wait for the change and fruits of development. He said also that the NDP does not practice partisan monopoly
I feel that he was just repeating what he had said in the parliament again tonight.
Now what is more interesting that Mubarak’s NDPC 10 speech is what Emad El-Din Adeeb said earlier today on TV this morning. Adeeb said on Dream TV 2’s “Dream’s morning” that the safe exist option is diminishing and that there are some forces within the regime that stand against the reforms led by Mubarak. He is terrified from the fight over Mubarak’s succession.
I think Emad El-Din Adeeb is being used currently again to absorb the public anger by the orders of Presidency, he is saying what we want to hear.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Salah Jahin

From 80 years ago in Cairo on that day , a baby  boy was born and was named Mohamed Salah ; later he would be known worldwide as Salah Jahin.
That baby boy grew up to become one of Egypt’s most important poets and cartoonists , that baby boy grew up to become a young man with a heart of 1000 years old , that baby boy grew to become an old man that is telling us to kiss the magical night of Cairo and not to visit his tomb, that baby boy grew to wonder on how a human can torture his human brother.That baby boy grew to love Egypt madly.

Sidi Bou Zid Revolt : It is Biased World my Dear “Updated”

Because Tunisia is not Iran , the Western media does not show what is happening in Tunisia as it should.
Some call what is currently happening in Sidi Bou zid city as riots or other labeled as violence  while I say it as an attempt to revolt against oppression and unjust. It reminds so much with what happened in Mahalla from couple of years ago if you remember.
Officially the clashes started from last week ago when a 26 years old man committed suicide objecting unemployment and bad conditions in the city followed with angry protests that were met with the usual police brutality and use of live ammunition killing and injuring  citizens. As a result of that ill treatment the people are more angrier to the level of starting a small revolt that seemed to be getting bigger. The regime of course called the citizens troublemakers in its pathetic poor statement. "Did you see how the president has got a separate section for his activities in the Tunis Afrique Presse agency website !!?"

Because We Do Not Learn From Our Mistakes

How many times have the Russians double-crossed us since the 1967 defeat !!?? And yet our regime does not want to learn the lesson.

Now here is a report from Israeli DEBKA that connects between the announcement of Tarek Abdel Razek’s arrest and Russian-South Sudanese talks under the Israeli blessing. 

Of course DEBKA forgot to include in its report that Tarek Abdel Razek was arrested last August still the report is very interesting as it shows us Israel is messing around in our South.

Cablegate And Azerbaijan :Mehriban’s New Face

The Wikileaks’ cables do not only expose matters that should be kept away from the public but they are also show how the American diplomats think of the rulers of their host countries. It did not cause a problem in Europe because the Europeans know how the Americans think of them but it can cause and surely has caused a problem in third world countries because the emperors do not like to be reminded that they are wearing nothing.
The cable about Azerbaijan ‘s first lady is among these emperor’s new clothes’ cables. In a secret cable sent on January 27,2010 from the U.S embassy in Baku to both State department and treasury department along with the U.S embassy in Turkey , we are introduced to Who owns what in Azerbaijan. Normally every embassy in the world does this in the host country sending socio-economic data back home to help investors and companies back home aside from political decision making process. That cable was the first in a series to highlight the most important families in Azerbaijan that control economy after the fall of the U.S.S.R. 
The first cable in the series was about the first lady’s family and what they control “ there is one in every third world country !!”  and naturally there was a huge section dedicated to the first lady who owns the heart and mind of the President. The U.S diplomats  could not ignore her fascination with fashion and plastic surgery to the level that she can’t smile anymore and voilà the media frenzy started worldwide !!

The Kung Fu : Reactions From Cairo,Damascus And Beirut

New more details are revealed in the latest espionage case not only in Cairo but also in Damascus and Beirut.

Starting from the Conqueror capital aka Cairo, yesterday Egyptian Al Shorouk Daily published excerpts from Abdel Razek’s confessions and they are more realistic and consistent than what previously published. It turned out that after applying to the Mossad online he was contacted by Eddie Moshe who ordered him to come to Thailand to meet him at the Israeli embassy then when he arrived to Thailand , he ordered him again to meet him in India at the Israeli embassy where he passed a polygraph test twice. He could not meet him in China because of the security measures because if that Mossad officer was caught there , he would be executed immediately. I think that tour in Asia was to test his seriousness ; anyhow I wonder from where he had that money that enabled him to travel. His first task was to penetrate the Arabic communities in China which was not an easy due to the security measures in the red empire.

Ezz Writes For Al Ahram : Why We Won in The Elections “Coz Other Candidates Suck”

Egyptian businessman and most influential man in the NDP “and may be Egypt after the Mubaraks” Ahmed Ezz continues his explanation on how the NDP won the elections in a way like other in Al Ahram newspaper for the second day in role.
Today he explains in us why certain prominent personalities including former MBs from the Muslim brotherhood and Al Wafd lost the elections for the NDP candidates. Stating rival candidates by name , Ezz tells why they have lost
First of all I believe that Ahmed Ezz feels that the NDP is in the trouble “it is actually” and thus he needs to explain himself and the party in front of the public and the world , which is actually a good sign, a sign for trouble at the NDP.
Now I would like to share with you the photos of Ahmed Ezz in the Friday prayer , the so-called Sharif who  needs some assistant to wear his shoes !!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas “1”

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating it worldwide from Egyptian Chronicles. Party smile

An old for Vaspa in Egypt from 1940s or 1950s thanks to Isaac

Thanks to Isaac for the ad

Do Not Take Photos For The Giza Zoo Gate

It seems that we did not have much action in the past week following the arrest of the Kung Fu spy and thus we have this shocking sad story.
Marah Hamasi
The story started when Syrian nuclear researcher  “Marah Hamasi” came with her brother “Mohamed” in visit to Cairo for the first time to attend some seminar. The Nuclear researcher would go to her seminar and her brother would go sightseeing in Cairo for three day then suddenly he disappeared with no trace in our big city last Wednesday. After 24 hours it became an enigma as no one knew where he had gone. The young lady had called her family back in Syria and her parents came immediately from Damascus. Only yesterday’s night we found out that the State security was detaining him for 48 on the suspicion of  espionage !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The State security agents in the area thought that he were a Syrian intelligence officer taking photos for the Israeli embassy  !! 

Cablegate And Mohamed ElBaradei : The IAEA Days

We know what the U.S diplomatic cables say about Hosni and Gamal Mubarak, Omar Soliman , Ayman Nour and MB , then what does it say about Mohamed ElBaradei !?

First of all you must know the Wikileaks cables  , at least the available released cables do not include anything about ElBaradei as a political leader , they are all related to the IAEA . There has been nothing yet in the released cables as far as I have searched about what Reuters received in 2004 from transcripts of Mohamed ElBaradei phone calls with the Iranian Ambassador. The Bush administration was spying on his phone calls in order to prevent him from securing a second term in the agency but they failed as we know. May there will be coming cables about that scandal in 2004 .Of course what was published in the cables from orders to the U.S diplomats to spy and collect data and forensic from top diplomats in the UN enforced those diplomatic UN espionage charges despite the U.S denial.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ahmed Ezz Writes For Al Ahram Again

This is not the first time Ahmed Ezz writes an Op-ed in Al Arahm about the NDP and its pseudo achievements attacking the media for being biased and showing only the glass half empty . Ezz will tell us in a series of Op-eds how the NDP kicked the the “banned” MB and Al Wafd’s asses in the elections.
The iconic shot of Ezz
Ezz claims that the NDP has changed .. and so is reality !! Well I do not know what has really changed in NDP except it became more stupider and arrogant than before while the reality is as we know it in Egypt , it is not that good and we hope and pray for a miracle to become better.
Again Ezz uses his favorite example  to demonstrate how Egyptians are rich :  Egyptians are buying cars madly in the past 4 years “thanks to the deadly attractive banks’ cars loans, we do not have mortgage but we have cars loans” 
By the way Ezz said that same example literally in the NDPC 2009 , this shows how creative he is !!
Also where is the achievement of making the farmers live besides the land they owned !!?? Have not the farmers always lived besides the land they owned !!??
If things are so promising as Mr. Ezz claims , can he explain to us why on earth and heavens Al-Orman Charity has ads all over the media calling the people to donate for the poor villages in Upper Egypt without access to clean water or electricity !!?? I think Al-Orman Charity society will win in any elections against the NDP for its services !!
I am listening currently to Nancy  Sinatra singing “These boots are for walking” and I am seriously waiting for the day Egypt will start walking on Ahmed Ezz and NDP !!

What We Have Achieved in The Millennium Development Goals So Far

The millennium development goals were set in 2000 as a promising initiative led by the UN in the new century where all the 192 UN member state countries including Egypt have agreed to achieve these goals by 2015. So what have we achieved from the 8 millennium development goals in Egypt ?? How keen is the Egyptian regime in achieving these goals considering the fact that we are still third world country !!?

The  8 MDGs are :

  1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  2. Achieve universal primary education
  3. Promote gender equality and empower women
  4. Reduce child mortality rate
  5. Improve maternal health
  6. Combat HIV/Aids, Malaria and other diseases
  7. Ensure environment stability
  8. Develop a global partnership for development.
Here we are in 2010 and if you live in Egypt , what have we achieved so far from the MDGs??

Julian Assange On Al Jazeera For the Second time

Julian Assange was the guest of Al Jazeera’s “Without Borders” for the second time , Ahmed Mansour traveled again to interview him on air for one hour. Mansour did not ask Assange any question about his rape case in the show and may be this is why Julian was more friendly to him. This was the first real Wikileaks related serious interview Assange has made since his release from jail ,most of his interviews after the jail was about his case in Sweden and what he thinks about Women !!

You can watch the interview after the break

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Kung Fu Spy Updates : And The Lebanese Editor in Chief Is !!??

Since knowing the details of the Kung Fu Spy’s story and many were asking one question especially in Lebanon :
Who is that Lebanese editor in chief Tarek Abdel Razek tried to recruit !!??
According to the description that was available for us , that editor in chief heads a pro-Hezbollah , pro-Syrian Lebanese newspaper and so since day one most of us in Egypt , Lebanon and even Israel though of the most famous Pro-Hezbollah Pro-Syrian newspaper in Lebanon  “Al Akhbar” but for some reason I could not believe that Tarek would approach its editor in chief Ibrahim Al Amin.
The Israeli media believed it was Lebanese Al Akhbar’s editor in chief too but they were wrong, their intelligence service tried to recruit the editor in chief of Lebanese Al-Diyar.

It Is A Desecration of the Holy Quran All the Way !!

BBC  and AOL News are speaking about the dilemma facing the current officials in Iraq concerning the Holy Quran allegedly written by the blood of Saddam Hussein. Allegedly this Holy Quran was written by 27 liters of Saddam’s blood. “Hard to believe it actually”
The Iraqi officials do not know what to do with it , will they show it or will they hide it !!?? Will they destroy it or will they keep it !!?
With my all due respect to all Saddam’s supporters who have exceeded since his execution , writing the Holy Quran book in blood is a desecration  and this book shows you how hypocrite the religious men were at the Saddam era to approve that public desecration and considered it as a signal of devotion. I believe the Al Azhar should have an opinion in the destiny of that book from the theological point of view.

NASA Finds Extra-terrestrial Life Form in Sudan !!

NASA has announced that it found extra-terrestrial life forms in Sudan and before your mind goes too far these life forms are not those life forms below !!
ETs summit !!
The life forms NASA found are actually ET amino-acids in meteorite fragments that landed in Northern Sudan. The meteorite fragments came from an asteroid. The scientists found about 600 meteorite fragments from a meteor show.
Scientists in NASA believe that this discovery provides additional support for the theory that life’s ingredients were to delivered to the Earth by asteroid.
Back to the the ETs in the photos above , well Mubarak and the Gaddafi went along the Mauritanian President today  and had that this small African Arab summit with the Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir and the South Sudan leader Salva Kirr. I do not know what the two men can achieve just before 20 days from the coming referendum !!??
It is just like that the pathetic offer of Al Bashir he announced last Friday , the Sudanese president offered the share of the north in the oil revenue to the south in return for unity in the coming referendum. Ironically that offer came on the same day that we find a U.S diplomatic cable claiming that El-Bashir got $ 9 billion in a bank account abroad !!
With my all respect why we are always reactive !!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cablegate And Sudan : $ 9 billion Man !!

There is no doubt that Sudan aka North Sudan is negatively portrayed in the U.S diplomatic cables. We have seen how the American administration was and is still lobbying for Al Bashir already in the cables.

Among all the cables related of Sudan none is more controversial or interesting than the cable related to the hidden bank account of Omar Al Bashir. In a confidential cable sent on March 24th,2009 from the U.S mission in UN after a meeting with U.S ambassadors to the UN Susan Rice and Alejandro Wolff with ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo.

Moreno Ocampo suggested the disclosure of Al Bashir’s bank account abroad to change the public opinion about him in Sudan from crusader to a thief.

Why Do The Syrian Media Ignore The news Of The Kung Fu Spy in Cairo ??

Since the morning I have been browsing the Syrian news websites from newspapers and news portals and I am surprised that there was nearly nothing from near or far about the Kung Fu Spy in Cairo !!??

How can the Syrian media ignore such important news especially when it is related to Syria directly ? For God sake the man allegedly had sent vital information about Syria , tried to recruit possible spies from there and the mother of spy activities : he met with a Syrian spy working for the Mossad , that spy is an important official in some security apparatus there !!

I do understand very well that that sort of news in our Arab countries must grant an approval from the intelligence services before publishing yet this news comes from Cairo not from Damascus.

May be the Syrian media does not want to declare about that spy hunt in Cairo , for fear the spies in Syria would pack their bags and leave as I hinted before but logically in perfect world the Syrian intelligence should be aware about this since the arrest of Tarek Abdel Razek  in last August and it must have be coordinating with the GIS to arrest that important spy they have in Damascus. In fact they may have arrested that spy at the same time yet did not declare for fear of public criticism for the system that allowed spies to penetrate it.  For sure that spy was member in the Baath party.

Anyhow  security experts in Egypt believe that there is a current coordination between Cairo and Damascus which will help somehow in reducing the political tension between the two nations.

The Fall Of a Kung Fu Master

Here are the latest update sin the Tarek Abdel Razek  espionage case which was announced yesterday according to what was revealed in the media. The case’s number is 650 for2010 high state security and the defendant’s full name is Tarek Abdel Razek Hussein Hassan.
Tarek Abdel Razek comes from a very poor family in Cairo , they live in 60 meter apartment made of two rooms only. His father used to work in the water company and after retirement he  worked in a security company. Tarek has 4 siblings “one brother and 2 sisters”. His brother works as an engineer while one of his sister works as nurse in one of our public hospitals. He is the eldest son and he has got an industrial diploma. He mastered Kung Fu and decided to study it in China in 1992 ‘ I do not understand how someone coming from a very poor background would travel to China in 1992 to study Kung Fu for 4 years !!?”

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Telecommunication Spy Ring Update

First of all it turned out that we got two separate espionage cases in Egypt , the telecommunication spy ring which Sawt Al Oma wrote about last Friday and the new case announced today by the state security prosecutor aka Tarek Abdel Razek’s case.
Al Masry Al Youm revealed new information about the telecommunication spy ring. The main or first defendant in the case is Ziyad Hussein who travelled to Israel  several times and allegedly passed a polygraph test in the Mossad.
The other 2 defendants met him through the Mossad officers  and allegedly they had met only twice in a café while meeting the Mossad officer.
One of them allegedly used to work in a mobile phone operator “unnamed” but he left it to work with the other 2 defendants in an illegal telecommunication company they owned and this puzzles me because according to Al Masry Al Youm’s report the defendants did not meet except twice !!?? May be the newspaper meant that they met the Mossad officer in Cairo twice.
The defendants were arrested from two months ago.  The other 2 defendants are brothers according to Dr. Nabil Farouk. Farouk believes that these three defendants fell in to the Israeli trap unlike Tarek. They were operating that illegal telecommunications company that was transferring international calls even before being recruited by the Israelis. 
Up till now the state security prosecutor has not announced publicly about the incident like the case of Tarek Abdel Razek. 
More info and updates coming …

Now It is official : The Arrest of A Suspected Spy

Today the state security prosecutor has announced officially the arrest of  37 years old Tarek Abdel Razek Hussein Hassan “an Egyptian” in last August for alleged spying activities against the country. The state security prosecutor in the press conference held earlier today announced that Israeli “Eddie Moshe” and “Joseph Dimore” are wanted in the case. According to the state security press conference both of them are Mossad officers.
Abdel Razek owned an export and import company and was arrested last August while he was travelling to China. He used to work in one of the mobile phone operators “unnamed” . Allegedly he was sending reports to the Mossad  about Egyptians working in the telecommunications field to be recruited to work  with the Israelis or in another more espionage technical terms he was a spy recruiter.

Mubarak’s Speech In the New 2010 Parliament : Parallel Parliament And Wikileaks Shadow

President Mubarak addressed the new 2010 parliament and the Shura council today the December 19,2010 and his speech was very interesting because he covered a lot of issues including the parallel parliament , the peace process and the Wikileaks’ cables. You can watch parts from the speech in video in Arabic “without translation” after the break.
Mubarak addressing the pillars of ARE !!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Crises : Sugar And Gas

There are new crises in the country as expected.

people are complaining that the prices of sugar have escalating rapidly reaching LE 6 or LE 7 per kilo not to mention that you can’t find the subsidized sugar in the market anymore. The government promised to solve the crisis as soon as possible by injecting tons of kilos from subsidized sugar in the market.

I remember that I studied tin school hat Egypt had a self sufficiency in sugar thanks for our domestic production from sugar in Upper Egypt. We  have been cultivating sugar cane since year 710 for God sake in Upper Egypt !! 

There are also complains across the country that there are shortage in gas cylinders just like last year !! We can’t blame Algeria this time as earlier this year.

I do not understand how a major producer and exporter of gas suffer from gas crisis and shortage in its domestic market. FYI the Egyptian government without taking the opinion of the Egyptian people as usual signed an new agreement with an Israeli company to export gas for the next 20 year !!!!

I believe that these are pseudo crises the Egyptian government is making so they can divert the attention of the public from things that really matters from political issues.

The Telecommunication Spy Ring in Egypt Update

The news of the alleged Israeli spy ring which was lately arrested in Egypt started to spread through out the Egyptian and Arabic media with new details.
Update : Mobinil is going to comment about that matter very soon as they take that matter seriously.
Of course yesterday Al Jazeera announced the arrested of the spy ring in Egypt and it has become one of the top regional news across the Arab world. Dear Arabs wondered why the news was not receiving the same Egyptian media attention like the alleged Hezbollah cell.
Our Arab brothers and sisters do not know that that sort of news can’t find it way to the mainstream media except after the approval of the national security aka GIS. The fact that it was published in controversial opponent  “Sawt Al Oma” is bizarre and it forces me to ask many questions.

Galal Amin : what is Happening To Egypt !?

Egyptian thinker and writer  Galal Amin was the guest of Yousri Fouda’s show “Last word” last Friday on air and as expected the it was a must see show. You can watch the interview after the break.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Arrest Of Alleged Israeli Spy ring in The Egyptian Telecommunication Sector !!

Weekly Swat Al Oma published a very interesting exclusive report last Friday and it is not the one about the theft of Alaa Mubarak’s shoes in Petrosport club  , it is much more alarming and dangerous report about new espionage case in Egypt.

Sawt Al Oma Friday 18 December

Yes there is a new espionage case in Egypt the weekly newspaper exclusively published its alarming details for the first time. The case’s number in the military criminal court as mentioned in the newspaper is No.5 for year 2010  , the case is in front of the martial court as far I understand.

Happy Arabic Language Day 2010

Update : I do not know if the Arabic Language Day is on the 8th of December or the 18th of December !!?
Most people of the world do not that that the 18th of December is the Arabic language day including most Arabs and all most Muslims around the world. The UN decided on the 18th of December to make the 18th of December the Day of Arabic language in year 1973 according to resolution “3190”

Arabic Calligraphy II by *zsulaiman on deviantART
I think Arabic is underestimated worldwide , I mean people know that Arabic is being spoken and read by millions of Arabs and Muslims as it is the language of the Holy Quran but they do not know how beautiful and romantic it is.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The First Woman Minister in Egypt: We A Need A Revolution in Egypt .. A Social Revolution

Millions of Egyptians followed last Wednesday the first televised interview for the first woman minister in Egypt for the first time after her return from exile in 1991. Dr. Hekmat Abu Zaid , first women minister in EgyptThey listened and watched a very weak fragile 90 year old woman who still has got a very sharp mind to the level of knowing what Egypt suffers from while being ill in a hospital bed. It is shameful and unacceptable that a woman icon like her is being forgotten and only remembered when the first lady sent flowers to her in the hospital !! She is suffering from a bone fracture and she can’t have an operation currently because of anesthesia and old age. Her doctor said that she would return to her home soon in a wheelchair under the supervision of a caregiver .

You can watch the interview after the break

Mubarak Is Just From the Time’s People That Matter List

I thought that Julian Assange would be the Time person of the year instead I found Mark Zuckerberg is the Time person of the year 2010 , it seems that the Zuckerberg had his revenge from Hollywood. Of course the Time person of the year 2010 cover is one of the worst covers ever Time has come up with !! WTH was that !!?? Was he stoned when he took that shot !!??
Anyhow I did not check the full list of people that matter nor I wasted my time in seeing the best and worst 2010 Time list as it was the habit because if I did , I would have noticed that the Time magazine included for the first time in its lists President Hosni Mubarak !! Yes President Hosni Mubarak is included in the 2010 People that matter list.
Before the NDP and regime media fly from happiness we must know that he is not mentioned positively as expected and that there are other Arab and Muslim leaders mentioned before too. Mubarak is not the person of the year 2010 , Zuckerberg is !!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back To Square One In the Shark El-Sheikh Attack

Renowned sharks American expert George Burgess  and his team held a press conference to discuss their findings on what made the sharks go mad in Sharm El-Sheikh and honestly I think he and other experts have reached to nothing. Burgess and other experts believe that there are couple of reasons on  why the sharks came to close shores and attacked humans not once but several times  :
Jaws by Montygog
  1. The sharks behavior changed after the incident of that Australian cargo ship jettisoning dead sheep. “I am not an expert but that happened couple of months ago and the Australian company denied any relation as it was forced to clean the mess it made by the ministry of environmental affairs”
  2. The sharks behavior changed after the heat wave in the summer.
  3. The sharks behavior changed after the lack of their natural food “fish” in the middle of the sea and thus they were forced to search for food at the shores. “I think it is the most logic explanation” “
  4. The smell of the cream and other cosmetics  the tourists especially women use could provoke the shark that has got powerful sensing capabilities.
The experts are still puzzled on why the oceanic white tip shark hit the shores at least twice. This rarely happens because sharks do not like human flash in general despite no one denies that the aggressive types of sharks do harm humans.
The oceanic white tip shark has not been hunted down yet and most probably to what I read and I understood it has possibly returned back to deep sea. The beaches are open again to the swimming activities but I wonder if tourists will return back to the sea instead of staying all day long on the beach.

The 6th April Youth Is Not Armed Nor Fascist !!

Abdullah Kamal of Rosa Al Youssef is accusing the 6th April Youth of being armed and fascist !! And it is recorded on video on air too !! Kamal claimed on BBC Arabic on air in a telephone that the 6th April Youth was the an armed fascist group based on the fact that the banners the members of the popular group hold on the 12th and 13th Decembers protests included “a Closed black fist !!” which means the Islamist  armed groups are back !! “Now we moved to the Islamist armed groups !!”
You can watch the video after the break.

This Is Really Bad Year For Farouk Hosni !!

Hosni wearing a velvet suit in 1970s
Not only Farouk Hosni lost the UNESCO chair but it seems that bad luck is following him because this year not only a Van Gogh painting was stolen “has not been found yet” but also his yacht in Alexandria has been drowned in the Kassem storm.
Farouk Hosni owned a Yacht in Alex and he is said to own in the Nile in front of his his duplex in Giza. From where does he have all that money to own two yachts !!?? sorry forget that I even dared to ask that question.
I think Dr. Hosni has to get back to the yellow status of grief he talked about after his loss in the UNSCO race.   Of course he was happy that the Wikileaks cables proved what he was saying that there was an American conspiracy against him. “Thank God for that American conspiracy” but here is his yacht drowned in the storm.
Hosni got nice publicity last week when American writer and translator Raymond Stock  who dared and criticized his excellency found himself blacklisted in Cairo airport and had to be deported from the country. Hosni denied any relation with that incident but nobody believes him. By the way as we celebrate the Naguib Mahfouz centennial , Stock translated some of Naguib Mahfouz novels while living  in Egypt.
There has not been any update about the stolen Van Gogh painting up till now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

His 3rd Eye

Wafaa and his borderless map of Iraq on his back 
From couple of weeks of ago the world spoke about that art professor who decided in to install a camera at the back of his head . Most people called madness and a cheap attempt for publicity. What is interesting in that news was that that art professor is actually an Arab , he is Iraqi Wafaa Bilal. That is not the first time Bilal uses his body for the sake of art , earlier this year in March he turned his back in to a borderless map of Iraq with dots to represent the Iraqi and American causalities. What is more interesting is that his 3rd I experience is being showcased at the Arab museum of modern arts  in Qatar. Yes Qatar that is taking place Dubai more and more.
You can see what the 3rd I of Bilal is capturing from scenes in that live website :
3rd i before its launch by 9 hours 
The third eye concept exists in world cultures yet as mystical concept nothing more , nothing else.
We say in the Arab world “Arts are madness” and Bilal for sure is one hell of a mad artist.