Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Need This Man Again

With all the movement in the political scene especially with the return of Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei to Egypt , one person I wonder where he is from all this : Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz. MIDEAST EGYPT PROTESTS

Do You remember the respectable and honorable Judge Abdel Aziz who led the war of Judges against the regime from couple of years ago !!??

Do you remember how did the noble man turn the Judges' club in to the nation's house of the 20th century during his time !!??

Already this man was among the suggested candidates to run for presidency in Egypt if you remember it.

Judge Abdel Aziz has disappeared totally and vanished from the media after the end of his presidential term to the Judges' club  despite the fact the other judges who appeared with him in that critical area are still in the media and participate in public political events with their same anti-regime views like Judge Mahmoud El-Khadiry who has joined NFC , Judge Mikki and Judge Hisham El-Bastawsi.

Judge Abdel in a protest

I know someone who  knows judge Abdel Aziz personally and he told me about a very noble patriotic respectable man and this is why I feel that we need him in this critical time.

Photo of the Week : Les Miserables

Les Msiserables

Let The Cold War Games Begin For Real

It is not a secret that the cold war between the U.S and Russia returned back during Putin and Bush presidency which reached to its epic with the Georgia and the American missiles system.

From two days ago the FBI announced the arrest of a Russian spy cell in the States , yes a Russian spy cell in a details that reminded me with the 1960s.

The American media is mad about that spy ring , of course the GOP will use this to revive the red communist fear in the American society and the tabloids  of course will find a golden mine , so it is not strange to find NY Post speaking about 50 Russian uncovered couples in the States or posting a special photo gallery for the beautiful sexy Russian spy Anna !!

Whoever thinks that the cold war was over is wrong and whoever thinks that peaceful relations mean to give a free pass for an old bitter enemy is naïve , really naive .

By the way FSB seemed to be following the old school of the KGB but old is gold and now an good American family will expect their Russian immigrant family as the next Rosenbergs.

A Close Encounter of First Kind in Al Arish

Last week we found ourselves in front really unusual news from Al Arish : There are strange lights in the sky at night that suddenly appeared from the no where and disappeared to  the no where after few moments of its appearance , in other words : A Close encounter of the first kind !!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Follow Up : Unrest In North Sinai As Usual

Despite the official denials that something happened to the Arab gas pipeline and the unconfirmed news that something actually happened to the pipeline especially to the pipeline to Israel , there are some indications from Sinai that some unrests are there.

First of all it is true that the security force took women and children as hostages in Al Arish and after the pipeline bombing news reached to the mainstream media , the security forces have set them free !!

So here is my theory may be no one has bombed the pipeline to Israel but  there were serious threats to do so if the women and children were not  set free and this is why they have been set them free.

I do not understand already why the security forces take women and children as hostages in order to arrest fugitive X or Y , this method proved its failure during the terrorism year not to mention it is illegal , unethical and not  manly.

Today in North Sinai , there was a march organized by thousands of Bedouins to protest the treatment of the police and security forces in the governorate.

I do not know till when they have to express their refusal to the treatment of police which does not understand the Bedouin nature and society. I thought that choosing former Military intelligence chief Mourad Mofi would solve part of this problem but I was wrong.

Despite the official media claims , the policies of the regime in Sinai will turn its people against us and will jeopardize the whole peninsula to danger

Follow Up : Protesting Against Al Gomhouria

Here is it , the first protest of its kind near the famous Press street taking place in front of El-Tahrir publishing house as it was announced.
There are dozens of protesters mostly women currently in front of the building chanting anti-regime slogans. Police forces are surrounding them as usual but there is no violence used up till now.
I really wonder if Mohamed Ali Ibrahim is in the building to hear these slogans and feels the real tides of change.
By the way I have read there is a similar protest to be held in front of the Al Gomhouria HQ in Alexandria , does anyone have any updates about it.
An Update from Alexandria : 
Things there are little bit uglier as protesters and activists were arrested and more security presence reaching to the manager of security directorate is already there.
Updates from Cairo :
Here are photos from Cairo's protest (Courtesy : AP)

Missing The Whole Point

The appeal court in Alexandria revealed  why late Khaled Said was fired from the Egyptian army, he was fired because he was caught red handed with pot !! What a discovery that proves he was  a pothead that deserved to be killed in that way !!!!???
First of all I really hoped that the army would stay away from all this , second of all the regime should not use the army to play with the emotions of the people because whether he was a pothead or not , it is not our issue here as we have hinted over and over. Our issue here is how he was killed and I believe we have expressed this frequently. I understand that what happened in Alex and across the country is scaring the regime yet this will not make us stop.
Already the regime that claimed at first that he escaped the military service unlike the truth regardless on how his performance was during then ,is not to be trusted .
Now as the official media is disgracefully defaming late Said's reputation to justify his murder in that way , I would like to remind my dear readers that the official media is hailing and glorifying Tamer Hosny who did not only escape from the mandatory military service but faked official documents , a forger who is hailed and looked up as an icon , what kind of sick message we are trying to send to younger generations for God sake in this country !!
If we are going to open and speak about the mandatory military service file , I hope we open it for real and speak frankly about the army connections and family connections people use in order to make their sons avoid the service or at least make it short or comfortable !!?? Shall the official media dare and speak about that !!?? I do not think they dare to because ironically you will find among those journalists who can't believe that Egypt gave birth to boy like Said , those who will use their connections to make their sons escape mandatory military service.
As Egyptian citizens who consider the President and his family as a role model , we ask the Egyptian army to tell us why the President's sons did do their mandatory military services !!?? 
I believe it was much easier for the MOI to confess that the agents did kill Khaled and spares itself from all this drama.
We are doing this now because when little Israa grows up insh Allah , she will not blame us for living in fear. "I found her photo in Khaled's facebook group."

At Last Someone From the Witnesses Speak

The murder of Khaled Said happened in the street and many people have witnessed it , some of them dared and spoke to the media while other were scared and waited to testified in front of the general persecutor. I think among the later was the porter of the building where late Said was killed.

The porter of the building where Khaled was killed

According to he said the agents killed Khaled and they brought a police officer and also a doctor when he seemed to be dead , the doctor confirmed that he was dead after that they covered him with a piece of cloth and waited for the ambulance to come and take him.

As you can see the man himself is scared to stand at the entrance of building for fear the police knows he has spoken to the media or to someone with a video camera.

After knowing the crime , there were rumors that people have already filmed the crime when it was happening on their mobile phones and that police was searching for these videos warning the people there from uploading to the internet. I do not know how correct these rumors are but I hope from the bloggers and activists in Alexandria to search and dig for these videos and to try to convince their owners that its upload to the internet will not harm them.

Diplomatic Disgrace !!

This is dedicated to our foreign minister Ahmed Abu El-Gait : One member of the Egyptian embassy in London was accused of shoplifting in 2005.

Of course this is only accusation , we do not know if that member was actually guilty or not but at least it is better than human trafficking. Saudi Arabia diplomats were accused of human trafficking and sexual assault too !!

Please read the Guardian report about the crimes of diplomats in UK.

Why do these diplomats think they are in their countries where they can break the law as they want because they got diplomatic immunity !!??

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Stand against Al Gomhouria

For the first time in the history of Egyptian Press, people across the nation are invited to attend a sit in against Al Gomhouria newspaper in front of Al Tahrir publishing house tomorrow from 5PM-6PM Cairo Local time.
This stand in is dedicated to express our refusal to the false lies Al Gomhouria and Al Messa have been spreading lies about Khaled Said , his family , his murder and all those who tried to restore his rights thanks to the disgusting Op-eds of Mohamed Ali Ibrahim and Khaled Emam, it is enough that Al Gomhouria was the first one to call Khaled "The Martyr of cannabis"
Before appointed the new chief in editor of Al Gomhouria , Mohamed Ali Ibrahim was unknown to the Egyptian people but now thanks to his محمد علي ابراهيمprovoking and rude op-eds he has become a household name along Abdullah Kamel and Karm Gaber , the provoking regime defender trio in the media.
As I hinted above this is the first public act of its kind against an Egyptian newspaper since publishing the original "The Egyptian Chronicles" by the order of Mohamed Ali Pasha.
I do not know if Mohamed Ali Ibrahim has watched yesterday episode from Gaber Al-Karmoty's show "headline" to see the worms in the meat before defending the government blindly as usual in his daily columns.
Here is the address of Al Gomhouria or to be precise the Tahrir publishing house is : 115 Ramses street , Cairo

Do Not Eat Meat in Egypt

The regime wants to be vegans , ok it seems that we are going to be at least till the end of the year.

Do remember the infected Indian meat scandal in Egypt from couple of months ago !!?? Now it turned out that despite the fact that our press spoke about it over and over , tons of infected meat have already entered Egypt and guess what !!?? That meat is for hotels and restaurants !! Yes hotels and restaurants.

I do not know about you but I will boycott meat from hotels and restaurants , I will stick to chicken, fish and vegetables.

By the way there is a presidential decree whose number is 160 that bans the importation of that infected meat , should not those who ignored the decree be punished ??

Amun And The Horus Of The National Security

In the last couple of weeks Egyptians especially working in the financial and real estate sectors had nothing to speak about except the presidential decree to cancel immediately the Amun island deal between the ministry of housing , Misr Aswan travel and Palm Hills Development. The deal was just like any other privatization deal in Egypt : Selling that island for PHD in that important location for LE80 per square meter !!??

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Breaking News : Blowing Up A Gas pipeline in Sinai

According to Sinai News website the Egyptian gas pipeline to Jordan has been blown up by unknown group in the south of Al Arish city.
It has not been confirmed yet nor announced in official media though but I would dare and say the first public reaction in Egypt whether online or offline was feeling sad that it were not the gas pipeline to Israel. The Egyptian public has expressed its refusal to export gas to Israel over and over.
Wait for more coverage.
Despite there is no confirmation yet there is something happening for sure in Sinai and it is not good at all ,as it was announced that tribesmen have attacked an aid convoy in its way to Gaza after a confrontation with the police forces earlier in their village.
Already according to Sinai News website above the Police actually searched a village and took its women as hostages but because of that unconfirmed gas pipeline explosion as far as I understood , so it is confirmed that there were ugly clashes between the tribesmen and the police that took an ugly turn with taking their women as hostage , the thing which the people of Sinai with their Bedouin nature considers as a huge insult to their manhood.
According to the Canadian news agency the Egyptian police was search for a fugitive who I expect to be Salem Abu Lavi who needs a separate post as currently he is being hailed as a hero back in the valley of the Nile.
The gas pipeline in question is the Arab gas pipeline which goes from the city of Al Arish to the city of Aqaba in Jordan passing through Taba. There is another pipeline from Al Arish to Ashkelon connected to the Arab gas pipeline.
In the first reaction in the media , Youm 7 has published the following : A security source denies blowing up the gas pipeline to Israel
As usual the news is written in a way that proves that something happened in the gas pipeline to Israel to Jordan. Aside of the official denial , we find Bedouin sources saying that the explosion in the pipeline happened in an area away from their influence area and also we got eye witnesses repeating what Sinai News website has said.
According to Palestinian Paltimes it was an attempt nothing more , nothing less despite the fact it was a very serious attempt

A Lost Cause

Earlier this month two lawyers attacked physically a prosecutor who attacked them verbally , the judges got very angry from this attack and the lawyers got defensive. The Judges' club is furious over the attack from the lawyers and the lawyers went too far with their protests that reached in to occupying the prosecutor's office in some Nile Delta Governorate. Things got out of control when a court sentenced the two lawyers 5 years in jail each. Despite what we think about the verdict , we thought that this would be the end but we were wrong because it was just  a start of a big saga.

The lawyers believe that they are the victims criminalizing the judges and the judges believe they are the victims criminalizing the lawyers. It has become a daily routine to find a daily segment or section about that war between lawyers and judges in Egyptian channels and newspapers.

The lawyers of course are escalating the matter with sit ins and protests and their verbal attacks on judges. Already they are having a strike in the Egyptian courts and many of the hot lawsuits in the country have been adjourned accordingly like for instance the Suzanne Tamim's murder last week.

Many high profile personalities in the societies tried to meditate between the two parties like Dr. Fathi Sorror but of course in vain.

Now there are certain points that caught my attention in this on going war :

  1. Magically the lawyers have forgotten the law the NDP regime wants to pass in their bar concerning the isolation of the Bar's chairman as it wants to continue controlling it. Hamdi Khalifa , the Bar's chairman is the regime's man and the lawyers before that war with judges were working on isolating him after his proposal to amend the chairman's isolation law.
  2. This on going war is happening in very critical time , the elections time.
  3. Judge Ahmed El-Zend , the head of the judges' club with my all due respect is the regime's man too.

I do not know why I have the feeling that the regime is behind that dirty war or at least enlarging more than its original size. The fact that both Khalifa and El-Zend are from the regime men makes me uncomfortable with their intention after all.

Now I have read this weekend that 450,000 lawyers are planning to have a march to the presidential palace in order to ask their rights back from the President himself !!!!  This is very disgusting with my all respect to all lawyers but they have left and ignored all what we suffer from in Egypt from dictatorship , corruption and dictatorship and suddenly remembered their lost dignity when two of them hit another man because he insulted them verbally !! Are they serious !!?? Those 450,000 lawyers should respect their job and its message for real and defend the rights of the poor and the weak in this country , they should march to demand a judicial supervision on the elections not an apology from judges , they should march to demand constitutional changes for God sake !!

I swear if 450,000 Egyptian march to the Orba Presidential Palace , in 24 hours our life in Egypt will be different.

Of course I know they are bluffing and they can't have this march , but the fact that last week we found thousands of lawyers protesting the sentence of their co-lawyers , makes me wonder why do not we see those thousands of lawyers protesting for Khaled Said and what has happened to him !!??

Back to the presidential palace I will not be surprised if Mubarak interferes at the end where we will find El-Zend and Khalifa kissing each other and Mubarak at the back of the picture smiling after saving the day as usual.

A Golden Moment

Do you remember the protests at the Saint Markus cathedral from couple of weeks ago when the Egyptian Orthodox Christians objected that second marriage !!??
Well something very interesting happened in this protest  , Nabil Luka El-Babawy's car was attacked by the angry Christians who considered him as a regime agent and traitor to the church , it was priceless moment caught on camera.

Masr's People

It is a small clip and it is not done by an Egyptian but you can see my people , the people of Masr.

Watch it till the end

I believe Morgade should not have used Hanin's mawal as an intro for the film , of course for foreigners who do not understand Arabic and its different accents there is no difference ; this mawal is authentic Lebanese one that does not go with Egypt and if you do not know the name of this clip , you may think it is about Lebanese people after all we are all Arabs and lookalike.

The clip is so fine , so beautiful.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

From The Moon's Sis to Egypt's Children

Soad Hosni has been murdered from 9 years ago on the 21st June and we have not remembered her this year that properly but it is not never too late to remember the moon's sis who is always with us with her cheerful films and few songs.
To all those wonderful Egyptians who protested the murder of Khaled Said not only once but twice yesterday across Egypt
The lyricist was Ahmed Fouad Nagm , the music composer was  Kamel El-Tawil , the singer , the Chanteuse was Soad Hosni and the event was the 1973 Yom El-Kippur war , ladies and gents I leave you with Dolla Meen , Dolla Meen.

Egyptian Chronicles In Your Language

There have been many requests from my dear readers to translate my posts to Arabic or at least to blog in Arabic once again but due to time pressure and also the fact that I am another victim of our Anti-Arabic language educational system in Egypt , I will stick currently to Google translate service which is not only limited to Arabic but also to other languages as well.

You can find the translation widget at the top of the side bar on the right. I want to add something in the comment section to make it easy for reply but unfortunately Disqus commenting system is not preferred by readers in many websites not to mention it is heavy and I use all of scripts as you can tell Winking smile 

Hopefully the Blogger guys will add more features to their commenting system , already they have added recently Sharing services amazingly after years of encouraging blogger users to use Add this and share this. Of course I do not use their sharing service because it does not present to the readers and to me the vast options Add this presents. 

This is not the first improvement or addition I will add to Egyptian Chronicles , insh Allah they will be more additions in the future Smile     

Follow Up : Oil Spill In Hurghada

The ministry of oil is claiming that that the Oil is Hurghada is not caused by rigs but rather either from a passer tanker or seeped from the ground due to the heat !!??
Last week Mona El-Shazely hosted a group of experts to speak about the spill and I was not convinced by the representatives of the ministry of oil  nor the ministry of environment .Already we got a video showing the leak coming from an offshore platform 'Check the first video' . Of course the Pro-Oil expert needs to swim to a shore polluted with oil.

Egypt's Children

The attack of the official and semi official media on yesterday's protest and sit in does not mean anything except the protest and the sit hit a nerve for the regime , a strong nerve.

The regime for the first time met face to face to the people themselves not because of work or economic related conditions but rather for the regime treatment , for the regime's abuse and torture to the citizens across the country. The regime depended all that time on torture and abuse to make the people of Egypt from Matrouh to Aswan fear , but fear no more because the people especially the young people of Egypt who know that because of that old regime they will have a dark hard future not to mention the frustrating present decided to refuse that treatment

It is not about Khaled Said but it is about whole generation that found in Said's life story; the so-called Mubarak's children generation , the peace generation that is inheriting a legacy worse than wars and occupation , a legacy of dictatorship and corruption that killed hopes and dreams. Once a wise man told that our generation is luckier than any previous generation in the country because it has hope and it works to reach for that hope.

Khaled Said is or was from the Mubarak's generation , his living years are nearly equal to Mubarak's rule and his life end sometimes I feel is a metaphor for what happened to Egypt and Egyptians in Mubarak's time. May be this is why many Egyptians saw reflections of their life in that smiling handsome young man picture. The son of the middle class that can't find a job who loves rap and is a geek despite he did not have a proper computer education in the public education whose was on his way to leave the country in other one because he got no connection what so ever in his mother country.

The response of Egyptians whether inside or outside "Yes outside" to the sit in at 6:30 PM was like of a declaration of rejection to that regime that brought nothing except corruption and disgrace to this country and it is people , it is the declaration of Mubarak's Children that they are not Mubarak's Children but Egypt's Children.

I want to share these photos from all over and all over the world "Photo courtesy : Dear Ahmed Shokeir"

This is the real Egyptian stand , yet it is too little compared to our big population but do not forget tomorrow it will be big and the day after it will bigger.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Follow Up : Stanley Bridge We Will Meet !!

It is a long day of anger in Alexandria and here is the third event in that long day I will transfer it a little bit late as it has already started from 30 minutes ago.
Dr. ElBaradei and Ayman Nour along other  activists met as agreed at Stanley bridge to hold a silent sit in which to be extended to the rest of Alexandria Corniche. There are currently other sit ins across the Nile Corniche whether in Mansoura or Cairo or Fayoum or even Asuit in Upper Egypt. Here is another photo from Aida ElBaradei
The Security was on alert in Maadi Corniche and kept harassing those young people wearing black there.
Now Stanley bridge sit in has considerably succeeded at delivering a powerful message along what happened in Sidi Gaber this morning to the level of making the regime launching its NDP parades !! Yes suddenly people found a NDP parade made of 2000 child and teenager from those who we usually see in the elections season ,moving in cars with their speakers on , lots of noise and Shereen singing "Have not you drunk from the Nile !!??"
It is weak ,childish and vulgar but means we hit a nerve for the regime today.
Hats off to the amazing and brave Alexandrians , they were and are an inspiration to the rest of the Egyptians.

Follow : A Day of Anger in Alexandria

Sidi Gaber
Today is the day and after an hour the Friday prayer will be held at Sidi Gaber mosque which has been surrounded by security presence only seen in the Al Aqasa Mosque. I have also known that there is a heavy security presence at Sultan Ibrahim mosque as well.
Sidi Gaber has been turned in to a military zone , with thousands of anti-riots forces according to eye witnesses.I do not know if it will be a silent sit in or not but many indications say otherwise. Here is a photo from Omar Youssef in Alex , in the Sidi Gaber area.

There is also security presence at the Corniche , this photo is from O7oud

Mohamed ElBaradei and Ayman Nour are already in Alex , I do not know if Hamdeen Sabhi has reached there yet or not. The Muslim brotherhood for sure are participating in the sit in.
The official newspapers have tired to attack the sit in calling it a play while the people in Alex are furious.
Human rights watch has issued a statement demanding the prosecution of the police officers and agents responsible of Khalid's death.
Wait for more coverage through out the day.

Update #1:
Dr. ElBaradei has arrived and entered Khalid Said's house.

ElBaradei in his way to Said' house and you can see the net cafe
Here is a photo from Mohamed Mansour
and also another photo from inside the house by Aida ElBaradei , his niece

At this moment he paid his respect and condolences to the family of Said and is leaving to the prayer.
Ayman Nour is currently visiting Khalid's tomb again

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silent majority

Sometimes I wonder how those police agents "Awad and El-Falah" whom according to many witnesses had beaten Khalid Said to death feel at night when they go to sleep.
It is not only them but also all those police officers who abuse and torture other citizens.
It is a sadistic nature in addition to hate , hate and despise to the society , after all we are speaking now about young men who apply to the police academy because no other faculty will accept with their very low grades in the secondary stage.
From time to time I try to convince myself that there are good cops , good police officers in the MOI who should not be accounted for what immoral few do but time proves to me that the good police officers are the few , the minority even if they are more in numbers than the corrupted officers ; they are the silent minority who should speak up. Yes the good police officers from generals to cadets to agents should speak up against all the abuse and aggression against their follow citizens who are their brothers and sisters. In fact I am very angry from those silent good minority for leaving the bad ones to defame the police. Why do not the good cops start a reform movement in the ministry !!?? Why do not they declare their refusal to these actions that defame them !!?? If they are many as claimed than they can achieve change and stand with the people.
People do not remember those officers and soldiers who die in the line of duty for real but they do remember the officers who torture and abuse their follow citizens , I do not remember the name of the police officer who was killed in Sinai from couple of years in Ramadan but I do remember Islam Nabieh very much because what he had done to Emad El-Kebeer was much worse for what those drug dealers did to that officer.
People can't stomach the police and you can't blame them.If it is matter of confidence then the MOI should remember the real motto of Police : " The police is at the people's " , the people not the regime , not the ministry not the president ; the people who are the source of the regime , the ministry and the president.
Back to those who torture, abuse and kill against the law using their position in the law enforcement , they have to understand that what goes around comes around.
Back to those two creatures "Awad and Falah" , I do not know what they felt when they found Khalid Said a dead body in their hands but I know they did not have a single feeling like that animal in that video below.
Cat gets emotional for the death of another cat

Follow Up : And Here is Our BP caught in Act

Not so surprisingly the ministries of oil and environment announced that they would declare of the oil company or companies that caused that oil spill in Hurghada on last Tuesday and up till now officially we do not know which company is our BP !!

Anyhow we will not wait the government because thanks to these videos posted by Environmental NGO HEPCA we know which company did it and owes it to the Egyptian people.

First of all here are videos showing the leak in the sea.

Eissa Interviews ElBaradei In Video

Here are the videos of Ibrahim Eissa's interview with Mohamed ElBaradei. ElBaradei's crew has filmed the full interview . I wish the next step is to add English subtitles to ElBaradei's official interviews.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Khalid Said Is Killed Again

The final autopsy report of Khalid Said which was issued by an independent panel of autopsy experts has been announced.
Shockingly it confirms the first report issued by the ministry of interior : Khalid Said died of asphyxia after swallowing a packet of pot !!

Already no one as far as I could see whether online or offline believes this report , it is disgusting because scientifically it is impossible for a human being to stay alive for 35 minutes after swallowing a 7 cm "cannabis" packet that causes asphyxia !! It is impossible that these injuries in his face and body were not deadly or torture or abuse injuries but rather the injuries that happened
According to the report his stomach had traces of hashish and Tramadol, ok where are the hell "cannabis" trace !!?? Not to mention if he had traces of hashish and Tramadol  , should not be he high !!?? A high person will be weak and will not resist those agents.
Where are those witnesses who saw him beaten to death by those agents !!??
Veteran forensics experts do not believe neither the first autopsy report or the second report .
FYI the first autopsy report includes not less than 12 medical mistake.
People have been angry up till since the announcement of the second autopsy. I fear this anger may not be peaceful anymore. Khalid's family is planning to escalate the matter especially many doctors and veteran autopsy doctors are ready to help them. Both Khalid brothers work and live in the States as US citizens.
Visiting Khalid's tomb
I was planning to write a post about Khalid with new details about his case , according to a news report that was allegedly banned from publishing at Al Fagr newspaper, Khalid got that video through hacking and that the American embassy had to interfere in order to stop the threats of MOI to Said's family. I do not know if the details in that report were true but I will not be surprised .
I do not know what is going to happen next , people are angry , very angry. Ayman Nour has visited the tomb of Khalid Said today and next Friday ElBaradei will visit his family and will hold a silence sit in.

This will be his first time he participates or even holds an event like that in public since his return to Egypt. Mrs. ElBaradei will also participate in this sit in for the first time. The sit in will be in front of Sidi Gaber mosque next the 25th of June at 2PM. By the way Nour will participate in this sit too.
There is a set of rules for ElBaradei supporters hopefully they will not : No anti-regime slogans , no pro-ElBaradei slogans and no ElBaradei T-shirts. It is either black or white T-shirt.
I think next Friday Alex will be on fire.

Just Ignore Him

Magady El-Gald has published a two parts interview with Adel Emam where the later as usual fascinated us with his political ignorance and arrogance. From calling ElBaradei an opportunist scientist to his constant reminder of how great Gamal Mubarak is , Emam did not leave anything that he did not speak about.

Of course Egyptians online and also offline did not like what he said , especially his attack on ElBaradei that was highlighted in the FrontPage headlines of Al Masry Al Youm. People wondered what Emam will be if Dr. ElBaradei is an opportunist !!??

Again and again I speak about Emam and his political statements , the thing which I should not do anymore because that is what Emam wants : He wants the media and the people to keep speaking about him over and over. Emam wants to be in the spotlight as long as he can , he knows that he is no longer the super star of cinema and thus he is trying to gain more time on the stage through controversy as simple as that. He is the clown who does not make us laugh anymore and here I do not consider the word 'clown' as an insult , on the contrary despite my fear from clowns I respect their art.

I used to say that if I believe in freedom of expression , I must respect his views but I just can't do it anymore !!

I believe the best way to deal with Emam is to ignore him totally and this is why I did not post any link to his interview. Believe me if we ignore him , he will know his real size .

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Regime Outage !!

If you live in Egypt , you know how much we suffer this week , a terrible hot weather with a temperature degree we have not seen for decades and frequent power outage across the country which goes for hours in some governorates like Mansoura for example. 

Now the government has address to watch out for their electricity's consumption , we understand this but is not it strange to suffer from electricity outage in a country that exports electricity to neighbor countries in Levant !!

Also should not the high dam electricity generators be upgraded with the help of our Russian friends and our Egyptian engineers so they can meet the needs and demands of the country in that hot summer !!??

That electricity outage showed a poor infrastructure when a governorate like Mansoura suffers from power outage for hours !! It is not only water infrastructure but it is also electricity infrastructure. I believe we have enough money to upgrade our infrastructure ,otherwise where have the Suez canal , tourism and oil revenues besides our taxes gone for the last 28 years !!!???

What An Inspiring Leader He is !!

Because it has been a while since Ahmed Nazif opened his mouth and impressed us with his brainy quotes.

     We have survived the financial crisis because of our inspiring leader Mubarak's guidance !!??

He said so at a conference held by the ministry of administrative development yesterday. I do not know if I should discuss how wrong politically and economically this quote is because our experience with Nazif taught us to expect such quotes from him as I hinted above .

I do not know what kind of inspiring leader  he is , already the man had no political history like Sadat or Nasser or Naguib and he did  not face challenges in his entire life that much to have an inspiring life in the first place.

Speaking of inspiration President Mubarak appeared as no.16 in Foreign Policy the world worst dictators. I do not know if we should be glad that he is not no.1 worst dictator in the world , some people suffer more than us in the world.

This is not the first time Mubarak appears in that types of shame list , he is a constant figure who always does not make it to the top 10 because of his alliance to the States. 

That list is similar to previous other lists , the same faces and the same countries.

We move in to the result of President Mubarak's guidance ; according to Foreign policy Egypt comes in no.49 in its 2010 failed states list ; we are a nation in danger according to their index !! Here is the full report

I do not think that issue from Foreign policy will make it to the newsstand next month.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chasing Zahi Hawas

No wonder the head of the supreme council of antiquities got no time for  our temples or historical mosques when he shots a reality TV series.

Here is a History channel reality TV 10 or 9 episodes series called "Chasing Mummies" and this is its promo below

And Which Company is Our Own BP !!??

There is an oil leak in Hurghada and it is not the first time it happens in this beautiful area threatening its rich marine life. It is not the first and it seems that the investors in Hurghada from resorts owners and diving centers owners complained to the prime minister from the dangers of these leaks which do not only
Now I followed the newspapers coverage and I noticed that there was an important piece of detail that was forgotten : Who or which company is or companies are responsible for this leak in the first place !?? Which company is our BP !!??
That oil platform must be following some company whether a private or public , either ways it needs to be penalized.

The ministers of oil and environmental affairs visited the leak area and how they supervised the operations to save the area and stop the leak , well this is not enough , in fact it is not even the start. The start is to announce the name of the company that caused this leak and to make it to pay compensation. The ministers' visit is a must , is part of their job.
Cleaning the oil mess
Oil leakage

As you can see we stop the leakage in a very slow pathetic way and the leakage has happened near a resort , already I read the leakage has reached to Al Gouna !!May be we will know more details because the Sawiris clan will fear on their investments and they have too.
Announcing the names of these companies that caused this disaster will not keep the foreign investments from Egypt , what will keep the real foreign investments from Egypt is the corruption.
Oil will finish one day if we are going to speak from economic point of view but the sea will remain , tourists are canceling their reservations for God sake !! I do not need to speak about the Coral reef
Photo Source : Getty Images

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Angie and Sulaf

There is a big debate now abroad about whether Angelina Jolie was a good casting choice for the upcoming Cleopatra film , it is in fact an old debate about Cleopatra's color and race.
Angie in Alexander
This Ramadan Arab channels will air the epic TV series about the Egyptian Queen that has been fascinating the world for a very long time starring the beautiful Syrian star Sulaf Fawakherji who is the producer by the way. For sure those who are against Angie , will be against her.

The Signs We Have Seen Before

Historian Emaad Abu Ghazi wrote a wonderful article today about the signs that preceded the Mamluk kingdom fall in Egypt and despite the time difference one can feel that Abu Ghazi is speaking about Egypt 2010 especially in the first two paragraphs
We have seen what we have nowadays in Egypt before in different eras and different times , we have got some of the pre-1952 coup signs , we have got some of the pre-Sadat assassination signs , we have got some of the pre-Mamluk Kingdom fall in Egypt.
History is repeating itself but only the wise that can learn and avoid repeat his mistakes.


In another hypocritical move from the ministry of telecommunication and technology , President Mubarak has registered the first Arabic domain in Egypt : مبارك.مصر Mubarak.Misr. 

As you can see it is one webpage website with his photos through the last 28 years , another episode of the President Cult in his era !! Of course this webpage has a better than the Egyptian Presidency official website which has been out of service for years now !!

I do not know why the Presidency is ignoring its official website when the ETRU and even Misr El-Nahrada got nice websites !!

Anyhow I expect that Mubarak.Misr could be the official Mubarak 2011 campaign website.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr.ElBaradei

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei celebrated his birthday yesterday among Egyptian youth from his youth and without doubt from a year ago or even from a month ago he did not imagine he would be celebrating his 68th birthday with a group of Egyptian youth who look to him as a symbol of change in the country of the pharaohs.

It was planned that Dr. ElBaradei would visit Alexandria on Friday to have a meeting with his supporters at a hall that was reserved for this propose. Last Thursday unsurprisingly the security forces cancelled that reservation with no reason , of course I may find someone speaking about the illegal political gathering in our situation {oh yes Egyptians more than 4 can’t gather officially to discuss politics independently or in the street}

Follow Up : Alexandrian Anger

Alexandria is still angry for the murder of Khalid Said and is still insisting on impressing us with its action. Yesterday Friday Alexandrians held a sit at the Corniche to object the regime's practices in Khalid Said's murder. The plan was simple to meet after the Friday prayer at the Corniche and to have a sit in there in silence in respect to Khalid and his family.
Honestly I wish I were with them , it is so admirable and powerful. People from all ages , classes and backgrounds showed up , Some people say that Alexandria has not seen something like that for years and I would dare to say that Egypt has not seen something like that for years.
Check from the videos and photos below.

If Mohamed Ali Knew

If Mohamed Ali had known what was going to happen to his mosque which includes his tomb , may be he would have had a second thought when that delegation of Egyptians came to his house in Egypt asking him to lead the country.
The Mohamd Ali Mosque as you may know is from the most beautiful and fantastic Mosques in Cairo which is built on the famous Turkish style , it is like our own Egyptian Blue Mosque. Its domes are more than just incredible.

I have found by accident that the grand magnificent hall at the Mosque has been turned to wedding ceremonies hall !! Yes wedding ceremonies hall where Muslim families hold their wedding there in the morning.
While Non Muslim women from tourists respect our Mosques and cover themselves , you will be surprised to find that in these wedding ceremonies Muslim women do not cover their heads or even take off their shoes but rather wear socks !! Despite being unveiled ,I am so disturbed from this disrespect to the Mosques , this is not a wedding ceremony hall for God sake !!
Here are photos from singer and businessman Mohamed Tharwat's daughter wedding ceremony.

Another Police Brutality Victim

It is not about Khalid Said , it is about the Police and security forces treatment to the Egyptian Civilians especially from the middle and working classes.
Here is another Police brutality victim : Hamda Abdel Latif from Alexandria whose spinal cord was crashed by the hands and shoes of security forces in 2008.
I know the incident is old but it is not late to speak about this incident especially when we have a video for the brutal attack.
Abdel Latif is a parent who did nothing wrong in his life except admitting his children in to a school the regime closed because it was following the Muslim brotherhood according to them. On the doomed day he went with his family to that school after receiving a telephone call from its administration informing him that it was re-opened. At the school he found police forces refusing to let them in along with other students and parents , sooner things got uglier and the police forces attacked the parent in front of their kids !! Abdel Latif was attacked and injured badly ,he had a bad spinal cord injury leading to his paralysis. You can see a video clip showing the attack below