Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hossam and Reem Follow up : A chitchat more than an investigation

By Mohamed El Nahas
Hossam El-Hamalawy and Reem Maged left the military prosecution with no charges what so ever, it was more of a chitchat meeting !! From three hours or more Reem and Hossam came out of C28 , the headquarter of military prosecution and according to their lawyers who attended the meeting , there were no accusation at all. Hossam Hamalawy was asked to report the incidents he spoke about in the show with evidence. Hossam did, already he went loaded with video clips , reports and testimonies on military police violations.
By Gigi Ibrahim 
By Gigi Ibrahim
Here is Reem speaking about what happened on video "Al Ahram portal"

Who is that General ?

By Yara Kassem
Shahira Amin wrote a very disturbing report in CNN where unidentified army general admitted that there were virginity tests conducted on women detainees arrested from Tahrir square on March 9th ,2011. This is the first unofficial confirmation that the tests were conducted.It is worth to mention that the army first denied then stated it was investigating the matter. Up till now we do not have the result of the investigations.
I believe Amin should reveal the name of the general , we should know who said it because if we do not we will fail to prove anything and restore back the rights of these ladies. I am not a legal expert but what happened to them is sexual harassment and they should sue military police. Already from what I understood they should report the matter to both general prosecutor and the military prosecutor .
Knowing how things are now in Egypt , I will not be surprised to know that Shahira Amin will be summoned to the military prosecution to reveal who that general is considering how dangerous his statement is and how the report has become a major news around the globe. Mrs. Amin as professional for sure will have an evidence on this conversation.
I hope that the night talk shows would have the guts and address the matter as they should . We also would like to hear the reactions of SCAF members tonight , of course I will not be surprised if they denied the incident and claimed that CNN is foreign network with foreign agenda.

Monday, May 30, 2011

What about Hossam Swallium !?

Dear friend Hossam El Hamalawy aka @3arabawy found himself summoned to the military prosecution along with ONTV talk show star Reem Maged tomorrow.
Hossam El Hamalawy spoke last Thursday on ONTV and he criticized the practices of military police and also he spoke wisely about how the mainstream media was turning the SCAF in to another Mubarak with their normal hypocrisy it was raised upon for decades.
Hossam Hamalawy speaks on ON TV
He did not cross any line on the contrary he did not say anything more than what was said that week from Yosri Fouda, Nawara Negm, Wael Khalil ,Ibrahim Eissa and Belal Fadl.
Knowing the mechanism of the military prosecution and based on what happened with Bothaina Kamel , it seems that someone reported them and complained to the military prosecution , like of instance the military police or general X or Y or the Morale department.

Yemen Revolution : Saleh is leading his own camel battle “Graphic”

Actually Ali Abdullah Saleh has been leading his own camel battle in hope to push the country , his own country in to a civil war for a week with his attacks against major Yemeni tribes so it is not surprise that he would order current attack place in Ta’iz against protesters at Freedom square. After midnight we found out that Saleh’s troops set fire in the tents at the square and opening their fires against peaceful protesters. Not less than 7 were injured and tens were injured in primary estimation of course numbers will be bigger as usual. Already from while ago the field hospital at the square has called the help of doctors.
According to Al Jazeera Arabic there are bulldozers heading to the square and actually now they are saying that bulldozers have ran over the protesters !!!
This live stream is transferring from Freedom square on aire from time to time. From short time ago there was a huge smoke and sounds of fire engines and ambulances’ sirens in the scene.

The LE 6 Million man’s lawyer speaks !!

Farid El Deeb is former/ousted president Mubarak’s lawyer “as well as the lawyer of infamous Israeli spy Azzam Azzam” and since the start of the investigations he has not spoken yet to the Egyptian media as far as I remember. Yet strangely and surprisingly we find him speaking to CNN today !?

Farid El Deeb speaking to CNN !!

Why CNN !? Why not any other Arabic or Egyptian channel !? Of course El Deeb has got some reason or rather a plan in his wicked mind. Rumors says he was behind this unemotional speech of Mubarak in Al Arabiya.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We are sorry Sherihan

Egypt’s true and only Diva Sherihan was attacked outside Tahrir square last May 27th,2011 , she was harassed and stalked in a disgusting way. Of course Mubarak orphans’ used the incident to defame and attack both Sherihan and Tahrir square !!
El Wafd portal published a video showing Sherihan harassed and attacked by bunch of thugs while people tried to protect her and form a human chain around her.
Attacking Sherihan
Now you must know the amazing Sherihan came alone with no bodyguards or what so ever as far as we know from filmmaker Aida El Kashaf , she stayed at Tahrir square from 1PM to 6 PM safely and nobody attacked her from near or far on the contrary already we did not know that she was there unlike other celebs from politicians and actors. Then at 6 PM she left when the protest was over , after crossing the popular committee at the entrance of Tahrir square “at Kasr El Nil bridge” she was attacked by a group of thugs.
Update : Sherihan's spokesperson has spoken to the media and denied that it was a sexual harassment attack or it was deliberate. According to other eye witnesses who saw it some troublemakers had some sort of fight with her driver at the same time she came from the square surrounded by fans who wanted to take photos and thus she stuck in the middle. Nevertheless we got the fact she was injured according to Aida El Kashaf.

Syrian Revolution : Hamza in the heart of Cairo "Updated with Rawafed school bus massacre"

As soon as the story of Hamza El Khatib and what happened to him hit the Egyptian cyberspace Egyptian activists decided to act quickly , they planned for a stand in solidarity with Hamza in front of the Syrian embassy in Giza. The stand will be from 12PM to 4 PM Cairo Local time by the request of the Syrian community in Egypt. Needless to say El Baath cyber agents are attacking Egyptians and Egypt because of this stand.
Tomorrow Syrian protesters and revolutionaries are calling all Syrians around the globe to burn the ugly photos of El Assad dynasty and to raise the photos of Hamza.
The traitor is the one
that kills his own people
Now we are all amazed by this international silence regarding the murder of Hamza and other children like him in Syria in this way.  There is an online petition for UNICEF to take an action regarding Hamza’s murder, I urge you to sign it.
Update : At 7 AM Homs local time a terrible crime took place in Homs when security forces "allegedly army forces" opened their fires on school bus following El Rawafed and Choueifat private schools. 13 students aside from the driver were on the bus,they were from one family "El Khatib and they are not related to Hamza El Khatib May Allah bless his soul". The children were transferred to El-Kendy hospital , 5 of them are in a critical condition while 4 of them are stable still a 10 years girl Hager El Khatib was killed along with one of the ambulance medics. The security forces opened their fires on the ambulance as well !!! The army of course is denying the incident but there are video clips from the hospital showing the poor injured kids !!!!!!!! "Graphic somehow"

The good news of the Day : Egypt lifts the gaza Blockade

And the promise has been fulfilled, Egypt officially opened the borders with Gaza this morning to lift the inhuman blockade that continued for years. 300 Gazans reportedly have crossed the borders in early hours and dear Palestinians made a rally to thank Egypt and the Egyptian government for this decision.

Of course there are restrictions for this decision , some do not like the restrictions and I respect their view but honestly if we are speaking about international borders you need some restrictions. I know that as an Egyptian I need special clearance if I want to go to Gaza just like the Visa for any other country. There are still doubts and fears for sure that the crossing will be closed again , these doubts and fears are natural and even me as an Egyptian have them because after all those years under Mubarak rule , under the siege it will be impossible to have open crossing permanently.
Huffington Post Front Page 
The Israelis do not like that ,well we do not like the suffering of Palestinians either and we will not participate in that crime anymore , not after the fall of Mubarak’s regime. There was no official reaction but the official reaction of Zionists through out the world can give you a hint. Christian Zionist Hanoch believes that Israel should invade Sinai back while the real Americans who love Israel do not like promoting democracy in Egypt !!
Euronews : Rafah Reopening
I love that , I love that so much and I really wish that the SCAF and the government consider Dr. ElBaradei’s idea and have this open zone between Egyptian and Palestinian Rafah , it will boost the economy of North Sinai in a way you can’t imagine especially in these hard economic times.
Now there are other good news of the day for sure Thank God :
  • Hosni Mubarak , Habib El Adly and Ahmed Nazi were fined LE 540m “ $ 34m” for cutting off communications whether mobile networks or internet across the country during the early days of the revolution. This is the first clear sentence against , this is the first official condemnation to him , of course his lawyer El Deeb will appeal but I am kind happy to hear that court rule today. Mubarak has to pay alone LE 300m. Many are asking now in Egypt who will pay this money or from where he will pay , well he got money abroad.
  • There is news that Youssef El-Sherif, the chairman of ERTVU will leave his position next June 1st.
  • It seems that Mubarak will stand in front of court in Cairo and it seems that insh Allah he will be transferred to Tora prison this week.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

#May 27 in Videos and photos : All over the country

Ok today is May 28th and we began to see videos and photos from around the country not only Cairo from #May 27, I do not care how big the protests were outside Cairo and Alexandria but I care about the fact that people went , normal people away from any political affiliation went to the protests despite the media intimidation and the hot weather.
You must know that the biggest recorded protest for sure was in Alexandria where not less 1/2 million protesters went to the streets while in Cairo the biggest estimation of Tahrir protesters were between the highest estimation 500,000 and the lowest estimation in the rush hour 200,000.
An panoramic view for Tahrir square 
I will start with protests from Upper Egypt because they were the big surprise to me. Despite the number of protesters is small but the fact that people went to the street in this extreme hot weather is impressive.

We are all Hamza Ali El-Khatib , Syria’s Khalid Said “Extremely Graphic”

Hamza El-Khatib
I was not planning to write anything tonight except the coverage of #May27 but the face of Hamza and his smile makes me obliged as a human , as an Arab , as a Muslim and as an Egyptian to speak about him.
Hamza is a 13 years old boy from Syria , he lived with his parents in a village called “Al Jeezah” or “Al Giza” in Daraa governorate. His tragedy started when he marched along his family in a rally to break the siege of the city of Daraa. He was detained among hundreds of Syrian during the massacre of Siada , I remember this massacre from couple of weeks ago and how horrible it was. According to my knowledge the detainees were hundreds and they were detained in schools and even football playgrounds.
Now after weeks of absence Hamza returned to his family as a dead body. He returned as dead body of full of tortures marks with his genitals. Yes his body was full of torture marks and bullets !! They cut his genitals then they killed , yes according to his autopsy he was shot down after cutting his genitals.

Friday, May 27, 2011

#May27 Tahrir : Protect Yourself and the revolution

Today is the day , today is #May27 where thousands we hope to turn in to millions will head to Tahrir square in order to remind the government and the SCAF with our demands.
SCAF said that it had no problem at with #May 27 and that it supports peaceful protests as long as it does not turn in to a strike. The council stated through its members in the past 72 hours that this would a good chance to know what the people or rather the youth want. Still SCAF warned from attempts targeting the day and also targeting the relations between the army and the people thus it took a decision and decided that the army will withdraw from all the protesting locations in Statement no.58 issued yesterday. The army in Tahrir will be only protecting the important buildings like the museums , the cabinet , the parliament and the embassies. The army made it clear that securing the square during the protest in the mission of the revolutionaries and the protesters as it was always been in those wonderful 18 days. The SCAF wants us to arrest anyone in a military suit in the square and actually I agree on this because we do not need any other April 8th disaster.

Libyan Revolution : NATO Flyers .. For Mercenaries !?

Ok here is the flyer NATO has been dropping over Tripoli.
Flyers calling the Qaddafi troops to leave him because real organized armed forces do not attack civilians and do not break international laws.
This is great but unfortunately Qaddafi troops are not real organized armed forces , they are mercenaries for God sake and not real organized armed forces with morals for God sake !? These flyers are actually for mercenaries who do not have any morals or ethics at all !!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

And so Soliman sold Mubarak !!

The order to refer Mubarak to criminal court means that the prosecution has got a solid case especially it is the first time in our history and also in our judicial history in particular to have such case.
Omar Suleiman in that historical moment 
There should be solid testimonies against Mubarak to stand in court.
I thought that the one that sold Mubarak and confessed that he gave the orders to shoot the protesters and use live ammunition was Habib El Adly but it seems that I am wrong.
According to Al Akhbar newspaper today the one who put the guilt on Mubarak is none other than his vice Omar Suleiman !! "Another link"
It is surprising to me because according to early press leaks Suleiman defended Mubarak and claimed that he did not give the orders to shoot the protesters.
According to Akhbar daily Suleiman allegedly stated Mubarak received reports hours by hours from the army and intelligence “which Suleiman headed till January 28th” with what was happening on January 28th from violent crackdown against protesters.
 Mubarak knew that live and rubber ammunition were being used yet he did not object their use , he knew about every single live live bullet fired and the numbers of martyrs and injured.

#May27 : The demands List that rules other Demands Lists

Ok here is the demand list of #May 27 million man protest that rules all other demands list and it is in English as well.
The final list of #May27 demands
This demand list published today combines all the common demands in other demand lists in order to reach a single group of demands. I like these demands , they are clear and to the point.
Now to the main news this morning a group activists/artists “Ahmed Fahmi aka Ganzeer” , filmmaker “Aida El-Kashaf” and musician Adel Abdel Rahman Amin. Update : They have been released from few moments ago in Cairo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Good News of the day : Rafah crossing to be opened Next Saturday

El Araby in NAM
This is the best news of the day without doubt. Egypt has officially announced that it will open the Rafah crossing permanently starting from next Saturday insh Allah. It will work on a daily basis except Fridays and Egypt’s official holidays from 9 AM to 9 PM. This is not a promise anymore insh Allah , this is a decision and Israel does not like and has concerns about it. Why do not we apply the suggestion of Dr. ElBaradei and have an open zone for trade between Egyptian and Palestinian Rafah , it will revive the region and it will generate a lot of money !?
Dr. Nabil El Araby was a shining star in the NAM meeting , for the first time since very long time we feel that Egypt has returned back to the NAM. El Araby said that Egypt the revolution is restoring back its natural position in the NAM and in the world.He also spoke about Palestine and boy I love how he reminded the world that Egypt would support the Palestinian people in their struggle for the project to restore and to exercise all their rights including independent state with complete sovereignty and East Jerusalem as its capital.

Another triumph made by the social media

The social media in Egypt is getting stronger and stronger especially with the fact that mainstream media has not been liberated yet and is still using social media as a source for news nowadays.
Yesterday the video of that criminal teacher took the Egyptian internet scene by storm and it was only matter of hours when the night talk shows made millions of Egyptians see it. It was only matter hours when the video was reported to the general prosecutor and he decided to investigate the incident in the same day in a very quick reaction.
Criminal teacher from Gharbia
Yesterday night the minister of education Gamal Mousa was a guest in Dream TV 2 and he saw the video. He condemned the video and considered this against the process of education.
Now there are new details about the video , it was shot in a kindergarten in Gharbia , oh yes a Kindergarten  !!? The teacher’s name is Magdy El Shaer from Zefta. The owner of the KG today defended the policy of beating in education !?

Mubarak To Criminal court “Graphic”

As I have expected and as I have predicted Hosni Mubarak is put on trial and is expected to be transferred to Cairo in hours to stand in front of criminal court as some source claimed.

Oh yes just before #May27 and before the 3rd “15 days” finishes after couple of days and Mubarak will be free according , the general prosecutor has ordered that the former president , his sons and friend Hussein Salem to be put on trial on charges of financial corruption and giving the orders of shooting the protesters. Now this group of disrespectful men are facing several charges as follows :

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dr.Mosaab’s right : Where is Hatem El-Gably !?

Dr. Mosaab El Shaer
When doctors had their strikes in the past weeks , some people accused them of abandoning their oath still nobody wondered about former minister of health Hatem El Gably and his aides’ oath during the revolution.
Nobody brought up the accountability of Hatem El-Gably and his aides in the tragic events during the early days of January 28th revolution.
Who gave the orders to public hospitals ambulances not to transfer the injured  ??
Who gave the orders to public hospitals ambulances to transfer snipers to the heart of Tahrir square in order to kill protesters ?? Oh yes my dear friends the ambulances of public hospitals used to transfer snipers instead of saving injured !!?

And here is Ahmed Shoman who is being locked and tortured in the SCAF Dungeons !?

For weeks now there have been silly rumors that captain Ahmed Shoman was being imprisoned and tortured despite Nawara Negm and Doaa Sultan denied it over and over. Negm and Sultan are friends of his wife and met him twice after his pardon. The rumors came at the same time of the April 8th and April 9th , to be specific from Officers for revolution Facebook and Dabetgeesh twitter account.

Now to put an end from this rumor in this critical time and despite all rules of the army , Shoman spoke in video to his follow Egyptians.

The Demands of #May27 Million Man Protest

Here are the demands of the #May 27 million man protest insh Allah at Tahrir next Friday. I found this flyer in Tahrir square.
#May27 Demands ListThe demands in this flyer are classified in to economic demands , political demands and freedoms demands.
First :The economic demands :
  • Minimum and maximum limit of wages
  • Redistributing wealth to save the country from economic crisis.
  • Controlling prices.
  • Impose progressive taxes
  • Prosecuting corrupted businessmen and confiscating the assets they got illegally
Second : The political demands :
  • The return of police force extensively
  • Prosecuting Mubarak on the charge of treason based on the confession of field marshal Tantawy that Mubarak gave his orders to the army to kill the protesters.
  • Legal and human rights supervision on the newly found national security apparatus and to prosecute all the officers involved in murdering the protests and their torture.
  • Disbanding the municipals.
  • Disbanding the security central force or merger it in the army.
  • Enforcing the voting rights of Egyptians abroad in elections.
  • Dismissing Yahia El Gamal from his positions and prosecuting Omar Soliman.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Regarding #SCAF Again and Again

Today is the #NoSCAF where Egyptian bloggers and tweeps speak and criticize the supreme council of armed forces in Egypt aka our military junta. Some are doing this in solidarity with Maikel Nabil while others are doing in solidarity with the victims of the military trials.
I talked and criticized the SCAF before and I will not stop doing it till ends its emergency meeting , I will not stop doing it till we have transparent answers about the allegations surrounding the practices of the military police against our own civilian citizens whether in the military prison and in the Egyptian museum. Up till now we have not got any answer about the investigation done in issues concerning the allegations of abuse whether against women protesters or what happened in Cairo university or lately at the Israeli embassy. I will not stop till we got an explanation why the SCAF claimed that it was not detaining any “so called revolutionary” youth in its prisons but later we found that the SCAF is starting to release these young men after denying in the first time !? How can we have a real trust then !?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What about those who gave the orders !?

Today a Cairo Court has sentenced the first death sentence in absentia against policeman accused of killing protesters during the early days of the revolution.

Policeman Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel Manam aka Mohamed El Suni was found guilty of killing 18 peaceful protesters and injuring 10s at Zawya El-Hamra area on January 28th, 2011

This is the first sentence of its kind in this particular case , of course it is worth to mention that Abdel Manam is a fugitive and this is why he got this sentence in the first session. He can’t re-appeal as long as he is not arrested. The court ordered his swift arrest.

Now this is a very important court order without doubt but and it is fair but how about those who gave the orders of killing the protesters !!?? Abdel Manam is the weakest link here , he is down the food chain.

Where is Habib El Adly ? Where are his aides ? Abdel Manam would not dare to open his fire without receiving an order to do so. Already who gave the orders to Habib El Adly !?

And insh Allah the May 27th will succeed because of this campaign

I found this banner through twitter in one of the anti-ElBaradei FB pages using religion as cover
     Warning : The protests of May 27th are led by liberals , seculars , atheists and infidels and we are against it.
The State security is so damn alive along with the NDP orphans who do not care about anything in this country and its future except their own self interest. Already according to my dear friends in twitter the Sheikhs mentioned in the page are well known with their relations with the state security.
This is just example of the propaganda started against May 27th , I feel insh Allah that this propaganda will yield an opposite result like in January 28th. I hope that May 27th we would restore our unity that dazzled the whole world for 18 days.
P.S : Stop talking about presidential council coz we need a lot of people in our side.

I swear that We are nice and kind people !!

Former LAS Secretary general / Egypt’s FM and current potential presidential candidate Amr Mousa made an important discovery last Friday while visiting some villages in the country side as part of his campaign : The Egyptians are sweet and kind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amr Moussa tweets about the people of Egypt !!
I swear to God that the people of Egypt are kind and sweet and deserve better rule , more effective care and services !!
Kind and Sweet !! I respect his kind feelings but is this the first time he discovers this about his own people !? Already I dedicate this song to potential presidential candidate Amr Mousa.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

#May 20 : We got a week to do something about #May27

Yesterday we had a protest at Tahrir square , this Friday was called “Rejecting the Apology” Friday and the apology was that assumed apology going to be issued of Mubarak. This Friday protest was announced only on last Tuesday after the shock of Suzanne Mubarak’s release and the leaks about Mubarak’s apology. 

I went to Tahrir square this Friday and I did not a huge or big or even impressive protest. Very small protests instead with lots and lots of street vendors who found a huge golden opportunity in this sort of events. I do not know if it was the hot weather or not. Anyhow many people were provoked yet they did not go to the protest yesterday as they are preparing for the protest on May 27 in Tahrir.

The protesters chanted against corruption , Mubarak and sometimes against field marshal Tantawy and the SCAF. There was a protest against the military trials with photos and names of those arrested and prosecuted in front of the military courts. I think the protest was enforced some how when the White Knights Ultras protesters came to the square objecting the arrest of student Mohamed Sadaty in the events of the Israeli embassy. 

Khaled Said Trial : Please wait before you publish “Updated”

Today there was another session in the Khaled Said trial in Alexandria , the verdict of the court is expected to be issued today after couple of hours or even less.
Khaled Said's mom and sister entering court
There was a rumor earlier that the court sentenced the two detectives 10 years in jail each and acquitted police officer Ahmed Othman , this rumor went like fire on twitter. It is just rumor and according to what we know officially the police officer is not accused in the case. Also the charges these two criminals face do not have death sentence or 25 years in jail sentence as maximum penalty.
To be honest I do not expect the death penalty in this case because all the investigations and the official documents presented to the court were from the bloody pre-revolution era , when MR. Sabae was heading the forensic agency in Egypt !!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Forget the strike , there will always be another bloody Friday “graphic”

The strike held last Wednesday in Syria did not go as the Syrian activists hope last week. Some cities joined while other cities could not as shops and offices were opened by the orders of the security to make this strike fail.

Anyhow there will always be Friday for the people of Syria and the Arab world to protest. Protests today again are all over the country , there are big protests in Homs , Hama , Hassaka , Suwaida , Reef Dimshaq , Daraa , Hauran ,Idlib, Aleppo and parts of Damascus. There is unconfirmed news that the people in Daraa were allowed to pray in mosques this Friday after weeks of banning them to do so.

Here is a protest in Homs

Homs : A protest

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My two cents about Obama’s speech

And Obama has addressed the people of Middle East specifically in the Arab world. You can read the speech transcript.

Here are my remarks about the speech.

  • I had the feeling that Obama was originally addressing the American people not the Arab people or the people of Middle East at least in the first part of the speech.
  • Obama spoke about how the Arab people achieved in 6 months what the terrorists failed to achieve , already I do not understand what the terrorists failed to achieve considering the fact the terrorists did not want what the Arab people wanted. “If we put aside changing regime , this comparison was unneeded”
  • It is good that he mentioned that the United States did not have anything with the revolutions and did not push the people to protest.

Libyan Revolution : Where are the Qaddafis !?

Safia Qaddafi 
Where are Safia and Aisha Qaddafi !? There were strong rumors in the past few days circulating online and offline that Qaddafi’s wife and his iconic daughter have actually left Tripoli and are currently in Tunisia. rumors spoke that they were specifically in Djerba.

The Tunisian authorities have the news officially today.Last Wednesday there was emergency status in Cairo international airport when there was a rumor saying that Qaddafi’s eldest son Mohamed Qaddafi is coming to Cairo from Tunisia. Oddly enough there was a rumor that Mohamed Qaddafi was being treated in Tunisia earlier this week as well !?
Mohamed Qaddafi
There is no smoke without fire , it seems that something is wrong with the Qaddafis and some of them could be in Tunisia already.

Need confirmation : Hussein salem arrested in Israel !? "Updated"

Ya people I need a confirmation quickly , Youm 7 “Which I do not trust or read” claims that the National Egyptian “which I do not follow” has announced that the Interpol arrested Hussein Salem in Tel Aviv , Israel.  Allegedly he is using an Israeli passport and is currently staying in Israel. The ministry of interior allegedly has reported these details to the Interpol from couple of days in order he would be arrested yet there is nothing about his arrest yet. “Based on a tweet by an alleged police officer tweep”
Here is Hussein Salem’s page in the Interpol. Here is my post about him , my early post as I want to write about him but I need time.
Up till now there is nothing on the Egyptian TV or any other channel and I can’t find anything from Israel regarding this matter. People are suspecting that Israel would give him to Egypt this way despite actually if it is true , it is the Interpol. Nevertheless if this news is true then it seems that Israel is trying to win back Cairo by sacrificing one of its most loyal friends in time of Mubarak.
Update :
  • BBC Arabic has aired the news based on the Egyptian TV !! There is nothing yet on Egyptian TV or any Egyptian channel yet !!  The MOI from its side denied the news.Youm 7 does it again.
  • Al Jazeera claims that Hussein Salem was actually arrested in Tel Aviv but he will not be extradited to Cairo because there is no extradition deal between Egypt and Israel. “Egypt’s criminals head to Israel instead of London , you bastards !!”
  • Hussein Salem was not arrested according to official sources in Egypt. 
  • The source of this rumor was reportedly Amr Adeeb whom I actually do not follow nor do I trust !! 
  • According to Israeli press Hussein Salem is currently in London. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Economic Crises !? Nothing new we have seen it before

If 1% of the Egyptian population supports Mubarak and wants this revolution to fail , then expect a lot of trouble from those 850,000 enough to create chaos in the country .

Egyptian journalist Saad Hagras

All people including the Mubarak orphans in the mainstream media “and God they are so many” are blaming the revolution for the bad economic situation and how the revolution is dragging the country to bankruptcy. The people are extremely worried especially after that press conference of the SCAF members with the media we found a very dark image of our economy and that we are entering a dangerous zone now.

We do not have a great economic situation currently for sure but we have to ask ourselves : When did we have a great economic situation before in time of Mubarak ?

We do not have a great economic situation and our economy is on the verge of catastrophe for sure but since when it was not on the verge of catastrophe during the time of Mubarak. It is a normal thing if we consider the fact that the Mubarak regime used to hide facts from us and used to divert our attention to things that do not matter but this is the results of Mubarak’s regime corruption and wrong economic policies.

Syrian Revolution : A Strike for Freedom , For martyrs

Today there is a call for a strike in Syria yet before we speak about it , we will first see what happened last night.
Reuters has reported that there is a new massacre in the city of Talkalakh last night to the level that there are dead bodies all over the the streets. According to AFP not less 27 Syrians were killed in the city in the past 3 days.
Syrian flag in Tahrir square last May 13th "Reuters"
Syrians now are protesting at night through out the country after the Isha prayer , it is great tactic because the security forces will be exhausted in cracking the protests 24/7.
Here is a video from Huma in a night protest where the protesters got a statement to the media and to the regime.
Huma : A statement on May 15th
The statement made it clear that the protesters want a peaceful protest but the security uses violence against them. The protesters have demands from the regime including the release of detainees especially the women detainees and that all political immigrants to come back without condition. They also demand the security forces to end its sieges in besieged cities like Daraa.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nakba Protest Follow up : Detainees to Get 15 days !!

So Suzanne Mubarak is released after paying a bail  and giving up LE 24 million to the state but the protesters and also citizens wrongfully detained at that Israeli embassy get 15 days pending investigation !!
According to news I found on the Facebook yesterday some detainees were supposed to be released today while others like Tarek Shalaby will be released after couple of days. Yet according to this new news we got they will be in jail for 15 days pending investigation which means some of them can face charges !!
Tomorrow there will be a protest in Tahrir square in solidarity with Tarek Shalaby , I think at 4 PM.
Atef Yahia who was injured in his head is currently in the operation room in Kasr Al Aini hospital. He needs your prayers. Here is a clip from that bloody night showing him with his head injury.

Pharaohs do not apologize , they do not return back what they stole !! "Updated"

So Suzanne Mubarak gave up her LE 24 million assets to the state yesterday and today the public prosecutor orders her release on a bail !! Updated : The public prosecutor denied the news and stated that it did not interrogate her. It turns out that the Illicit gains authority is the one involved in our case here. It turns out the IGA decided to release her because she did not have officially anything except those LE 20 million !!
Is this a joke !? Suzanne Mubarak has got only LE 20 million only !? And she pays a bail to be released !?  LE 20 million my ***  !! What about Alexandria library bank account !? What about her jewels !? Already can some tell me from she got these LE 20 million , last time I check first wives do not get that money from being chairwomen of charities in 3rd world countries. Is this the bone she throwing to us !? Take the LE 20 million and leave alone !?
Is not the TV Drama she starring in Sharm El Sheikh hospital enough ?
If Fatimah , the daughter of Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” steals , her hand will be cut Dr. Abdel Magid Mahmoud , Suzanne Mubarak is not greater than Fatimah Ben Mohamed “PBUH”.

Syrian Revolution : It is all about Israel’s security

I am already late in my coverage about Syria , I apologize and honestly I feel bad about it.
The main event of the day is that terrible mass grave found near Daraa at Mohamed El-Sarry hill , it is terrible , more than terrible and sad. "Graphic"
A mass grave in Daraa at Mohamed El-Sarry Hill
Who killed those people ? Why are they there like that ?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Who bombed Sheikh Zowaid’s shrine ?

Who is behind the bombing of Sheikh Zowaid’s shrine in North Sinai last Friday !? Who is really behind it !?
Here is a photo for the shrine just after the blast by two hours.
The shrine after the bombing "Facebook"
Here is an old photo for the shrine.
The shrine in the past "Unknown'
Here is a video from inside the shrine filmed from year ago , it was so small and seemed to be neglected

Nakba night in Giza

It was very sad to see some Israeli official praising on BBC Arabic how the Egyptian government cracked last night protest and how it saved the Israeli embassy , it was sad and disgusting actually because that Israeli official knows that the Israeli police can't crack an Israeli protest against the Egyptian embassy in this way or even half this way.
According to the official numbers not less than 353 were injured , most of them left hospital except 10 including some in critical condition.186 protesters were arrested including my dear online friend Tarek Shalaby and tweep Mosab El-Shamy. The Israeli flag is still there.
Yes Tarek Shalaby , our revolutionary leftist activist and geek was detained while he was filming the protests. He was taken along other protesters to the Haiksteb camp. His sister Nora Shalaby has already taken a permission from the military prosecution office to visit him and insh Allah is going to meet him. I have not met Shalaby in person but he is truly nice guy and he helps everybody. I feel sad , worried and angry. Tarek recorded his own arrest moment , you will not be able to see anything but you are going to listen to a language you do not want to hear.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nakba Revolution : The people want to return back to Palestine and Golan

I do not remember that the anniversary of Nakba was as hot and as intense as today seriously. The people want the right of the return , the people want to return back to Palestine.
The big surprise of the day comes from Golan heights , yes the Golan heights specifically Majdal Shams where a group of Palestinian refugees and Syrian as well “reportedly not less than 400” broke in to the borders and entered the village. Not less than 9 were reportedly shot down by the IDF while not less than 20 were injured. The Israeli TV claims that the 4 that were shot down were one Syrian and 3 Israeli while the Syrian TV claims that there are 4 Syrians. Already it has just came that Israel has returned back the bodies of 2 Syrian citizens so strangely the Syrian TV is for the first time true !! Also some sources speak about the murder of some Israeli soldier there.

Here are videos from Magdel Shams showing Palestinians and Syrians heading crossing the borders.

New Secretary General For LAS "Updated"

The LAS is having a big today and it is not about the Nakba anniversary and what is taking place in the occupied territories whether in Syria or in Palestine but it is about the new secretary general.
The Arab foreign ministers are having a meeting to elect a new secretary general , the race is between the Egyptian candidate “Mustafa El-Feki” and the Qatari candidate “ Abdel Rahman El-Attia”.
“El-Feki” was very busy campaigning whether in Egypt to win the angry front or outside to the level of visiting Damascus asking for Syria’s official vote when El Assad was killing his own people to keep the chair !!

Another Sleepless night in Cairo

I do not know from where to start but from two hours ago not less 500 thugs "according to eye witnesses" suddenly attacked the strike of Egyptian Christians at the ERTV building Maspero .
The thugs opened reportedly opened their fires on the protesters from 6th of October building and threw Molotov cocktails before coming down from there to start ugly and violent clash with the protesters at Maspero. You can watch videos from the clashes here.
According to Reuters 2 protesters were killed and to Egyptian sources not less than 60 were injured including 2 in a very critical condition while 10 cars were set on fire and 50 were arrested. Update : According to ministry of health only 58 were injured , most of them have left the hospitals in the morning except 9 in the ICU. 
There are no radical Muslims in the attack according to eye witnesses , in fact people are speaking about professional thugs similar to those who were hired in the infamous camel battle , in fact many activists and observers consider it as camel battle 2 !!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

So who are these conspirators ? Who are those enemies ?

The SCAF published from couple of hours another statement , the 51st statement but quickly removed it then reposted.The 51st statement could be some sort of summary for all the past statements considering the plots surrounding the revolution and the country.
There is nothing new even with the clear warning that the SCAF’s patience has got a limit or the news and that the military tribunal issued the first execution.Some activists began to freak out when they read the word “execution” despite they know that the maximum penalty of the new thuggery and sexual harassment laws is execution.
Already this is already an old news because if they read crime pages in the newspaper , they will realize that this execution sentence was issued from some time if I am not mistaken in Port Said.It was either a rape case or a murder case. I am surprised that they are announcing the sentence in a statement now , they should have announced it earlier instead of praising the police’s efforts in arresting that gang kidnapping children for God sake !!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The big Friday in Tahrir : National and Regional Unity

Blogger service is down currently so most probably , you will see this post late.
Tahrir square is back in action today and unlike any other Friday , we got two events on the same day at in Tahrir
The first event is : The national unity Friday where Muslims and Christians of Egypt will remind the world that we are one nation regardless of the Imbaba sorrowful events. According to what I have known the Muslim brotherhood and some Salafist groups will be there. Already the MB has installed their stage in the square.
The second event which is actually more anticipated and louder: The million man Fajr prayer in Tahrir square. There is a call for one million man dune prayer in Tahrir square dedicated to Palestine and after the prayer the Egyptians will head in buses and cars to Rafah crossing in order to get in to Gaza. Yup thousands “not millions” of Egypt
The Fajr prayer is 3 :20 AM and there is huge crowd in Tahrir square waiting for the prayer. It is currently 1:55 AM Cairo Local time. The prayer dedicated to Palestine is not only exclusive to Tahrir square but it will also held in a number of mosques and churches as well across the country.
Now what the story of this Fajr prayer and the march as well ?

Suzanne Thabet joins the rests of the Mubaraks in the 15 Day pending investigations club

Ok again blogger.com is still down so most probably when you read this insh Allah on the blog it will be late , nevertheless I must cover it.
Suzanne Thabet is imprisoned in jail for 15 days pending investigation of corruption charges after being interrogated in Sharm El Sheikh. We do not know if she is going to be transferred to Cairo or not. According to Al Ahram portal and Al Jazeera Mubsar Misr she is going to transfer to the famous Kantar women prison and that the prison was being prepared for her reception for days. Al Ahram claims that she would be transferred on a military jet to Cairo like her son. On the other hand other sources say that she is not going to be transferred to Cairo because of security reasons and she will stay with her husband in suit 309 in Sharm El-Sheikh hospital. We are not sure if she is there yet or not. The security authorities in jail stated that they had not received yet any order regarding Thabet.
Update#1 : Nile News announced that Suzanne Thabet suffered from chest pains after knowing the detention order , the chest pain turned to be angina !! Now she will have to be treated at the ICU in Sharm El-Sheikh hospital besides her husband unsurprisingly !! This is so provoking. Al Masry Al Youm published a report saying that the IGA left Suzanne Thabet’s detention location to the MOI !!
Update #2 : The Sharm El-Sheikh hospital manager claims that Suzanne Thabet suffered from short coma and that why she was kept in hospital where as the minister of interior stated that she did not suffer from anything serious and the Kantar prison was ready to receive her. For the record this is what causes short comas : a severe injury to the head that hurts the brain, seizures, infections involving the brain, brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen for a while. Of course we got other reports in the media claim now she suffers from a heart attack as well !!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ibrahim Kamel : Innocent For real or Deal talk

Businessman tycoon Ibrahim Kamel has been acquitted today in surprising verdict by a military court in the April 9th Tahrir incidents earlier today. It is the day of shocking surprisingly news indeed.

Ibrahim Kamel was acquitted from this charge but he has not been acquitted yet from the camel battle incident. His lawyer Ragai Attiya claimed that Kamel already resigned from the NDP and that the other accused like Wael Abu Leil were not working for him.

Now how and why Ibrahim Kamel was acquitted from this particular case despite its importance !? Was he a scapegoat in this particular case or there is some sort of deal ? Did Ibrahim Kamel spell some important secret the SCAF did not know ? Was there some kind of pressure from any foreign country to let him go ? Ibrahim Kamel was among the lobbyists of Mubarak in Washington. Is it because Kamel is rich !!? I mean what about Amr Bahairy and other civilian detainees who got strict military sentences !?

Undisputed citizenship right

The right to vote is undisputed right for any citizen in the country as long as he has got an Egyptian citizenship. For years Egyptians abroad could not vote in the elections , we have not less than 4 million Egyptians abroad. “I think more considering the fact we used to have one million Egyptian in Libya alone”
I do not need to say that I fully support the rights of Egyptians abroad to vote and I was more than happy when Prime minister Sharaf and some members of the SCAF expressed clearly that Egyptians abroad will vote in the coming elections at the least the presidential for the current time. This is why I am quite surprised for this press leak published in the Al Masry Al Youm then in Al Ahram that the Egyptians abroad will not be granted the right to vote.
Based on anonymous military source in Al Masry Al Youm claimed that the Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary elections while Al Ahram claimed the Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary and presidential elections. Aside from the contradictions in news and promises what was mentioned on behalf of the military source was much more dangerous and offensive to all Egyptians.

Undisputed citizenship right

The right to vote is undisputed right for any citizen in the country as long as he has got an Egyptian citizenship. For years Egyptians abroad could not vote in the elections , we have not less than 4 million Egyptians abroad. “I think more considering the fact we used to have one million Egyptian in Libya alone”
I do not need to say that I fully support the rights of Egyptians abroad to vote and I was more than happy when Prime minister Sharaf and some members of the SCAF expressed clearly that Egyptians abroad will vote in the coming elections at the least the presidential for the current time. This is why I am quite surprised for this press leak published in the Al Masry Al Youm then in Al Ahram that the Egyptians abroad will not be granted the right to vote.
Based on anonymous military source in Al Masry Al Youm claimed that the Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary elections while Al Ahram claimed the Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary and presidential elections. Aside from the contradictions in news and promises what was mentioned on behalf of the military source was much more dangerous and offensive to all Egyptians.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another sad day in the unhappy Yemen “Graphic”

Today is just another sad day in the unhappy Yemen , peaceful protesters are shot down by the Pro-Saleh security forces in Taiz and Sana’a
There was a horrible massacre committed in Taiz this morning from couple hours ago. Many peaceful protesters were killed and injured. The pro-Saleh security forces opened their fires against the peaceful protesters who were carrying flowers. There were snipers as usual over the rooftops based on the injuries and fatal shots in the heads you can see in the photos and the videos.
This is the second massacre committed in Taiz in just 48 hours , the same thing happened on May 9th as well.
Live ammunition used in Taiz "AP"
An injured in Taiz this morning after the break
you will see his injury "Facebook"
Beware Extreme graphic videos and photos below

To put an end to all that jazz

Aside from the fact that we must fight extremism and radicals in Egypt now , we should work on restoring back on the state of the law in the country. The real citizenship will be achieved if we truly treat citizens equally according to the law with no discrimination
No one should be above the law in Egypt , no one should be above the law for real. Those who cut the ear of that Christian Egyptian citizen in Upper Egypt should be penalized according to the law not to these traditional tribal councils held and praised by the old Mubarak regime. Those who killed that Muslim lady Salwa from her Christian Upper Egyptian family should be prosecuted according to the law.
If Kamilia Shehata appeared in the public persecution office since day one and not on YouTube video followed recently from couple of days by a video appearance on radical Christian channel , her case would be over. Already as I expected some people do not believe that the lady who appeared on radical Christian Al Hayat channel  , they do not believe that she is Kamilia and believe that she is her double.

GCC To include Jordan and Morocco : The neo Royal Baghdad Pact !!!

We were all surprised and stunned by this announcement in Al Jazeera : GCC member countries agreed to consider Jordan and Morocco’s requests to join the council !!
Yes the Gulf cooperation council which initially is made of countries on the Arabian/Persian Gulf “it is up to you” has agreed to think of having Jordan and Morocco in the council seriously and it seems that they will accept the requests. According to my primary geographical information neither Jordan nor Morocco are on the Arabian/Persian Gulf. The only Gulf Jordan has got is the Gulf of Aqaba , other than that I do not have I do not see any relation between Jordan and the Gulf states except the very old fact that the founder of the Hashemite dynasty and Transjordan that Jordan was actually from Mecca in Arabic “Modern day Saudi Arabia” !!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop and arrest these radicals ASAP

We will not get rid from that sectarianism in the Egyptian society except when we fight extremism and radicalism from both sides. We managed to spread awareness and made the security authorities to take step against these radical so-called Salafi sheikhs calling for hate and violence in the society.
The authorities arrested Sheikh Abu Anas who appeared on video clip saying that he would not be a man if he did not burn down the churches of Imbaba if he did not find Abeer during that bloody day.
Abu Anas : Burning down Imbaba’s churches !!
Ironically enough after the spread of that video , we found Abu Anas speaking in another video claiming that he did not call for any attack against any church !!!!
It is worth to mention that the authorities would not have paid attention to these videos if it were not for the Egyptian activists online who pushed these videos to the mainstream media.