Sunday, September 30, 2012

#Syria : And history is being destroyed now

The people of Aleppo are not asking the world to save them anyone , they lost hope in the people but they are asking the world to save their history. The fight now between the Free Syrian Army and Syrian Arab army is in the old Aleppo which has been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The people are asking the world to press both fighting parties to move outside this year.
Already many sections of Al Madina souq was destroyed in the fight. Allegedly 600 to 1000 shops are in that soup.
ِA photo taken on 22/9 showing Souq al Ebe
Here are also collection of videos filmed last week showing the amount of destruction in the old souqs

On 21/9 Souq Mwazin

Saturday, September 29, 2012

and unfortunately this front page will be always remember in the history of Al Akhbar !!

This is the front Page of Daily Al Akbar on Friday and its headlines said the following :
Splits threat Al Nour Party .. and Bakkar gets married !!

I understand why the splits of Al Nour party should be a front page headline and issue but I have not got the slightest idea on why Nader Bakkar’s marriage would be a front page item at all or his photo along his bride on the first page !?? Nader Bakkar is/was “it is up to which front we are speaking about in Al Nour” the official spokesperson.This is not the society page for God sake !!
Bakkar’s marriage is only relevant to the topic in a very small way. He is married the daughter of Bassam El Razaqa , a leading figure in the Salafist calling “Borhami’s front” and that he married on the same day Abdel Ghafur fired him from his position as official spokesperson of the party.
Bakkar is not the Prince of Upper Egypt or the King of Egypt last time I checked as the only man I can recall to have his wedding’s photos posted in the Front page was King Farouk along with his family pre-1952 !!!!!
Unfortunately this front page will be recorded in the history of Al Akhbar as one of the worst front pages ever !!
This is a state-owned newspaper which means it is funded by the taxpayers’ money.
BY the way I do not like what is taking place in Al Akhbar Al Youm press organization , I mean I do not get how Akhbar Al Adab claimed in its issue last week that Karl Marx converted to Islam before his death in a huge insult to the readers and their knowledge !!

Do not put yourself in hot situation !!

I hope the questions are not hot as your opinion ,I hope the questions are not hot as you

Egypt’s minister of information

Salah Abdel El Maqsoud

My questions are hot but I am a cold as a person.

Zeina Yazigi, Syrian TV host on Dubai TV

This is what the minister of information in Egypt Salah Abdel El Maqsoud told Syrian TV host Zeina Yazigi in Dubai TV last week. My mom was stunned when she saw that clip. Of course my admiration to Zeina has increased after her reaction. Here is her twitter account by the way.

RIP Ahmed Ramzy “1930-2012”

Ramzy in Ibn Hamido 
Today Egypt has lost its beloved original heartthrob of 1950s and 1960s Cinema star Ahmed Ramzy.
The 82 years old actor passed away after he fell down on his head in the bathroom of his house in North Coast where he used to live for a long time. The half Egyptian-half Scottish actor wanted to be buried at the North Coast too.
I feel so sad , there is no girl in Egypt that has not fallen in love of Ramzy on screen in those black and white films from 1950s and 1960s. He was our original heartthrob with open shirts and smiley face.
My favorite Ramzy’s films are Zizi’s family “I wish that I had a neighbor like him” , Ibn Hamido “with his open shirt through all the family” , Days and nights and Chitchat on the Nile.
Almost all people loved him in romantic comedies and light romantic films. He was also our favoirte bad boy that broke the hearts of virgins in films. Oh God we got generations who had crush on that man.
Still He was not the best drama actor
His open Shirt was
a trademark 
After huge success in 1950s and 1960s , Ramzy’s stardom faded away and he starred in cult films produced in Beirut. Even his cult terrible films were iconic in their cheesiness if I may say!!
For almost two decades he quit acting yet returned back to appear as guest star in his close friends films and TV series like Faten Hamma’s “Moon Face” and Omar El Sherif’s “Hanan and Hanin”. Already he was El Sherif’s best friend since high school.
Now to celebrate the memory of that star , here is couple of clips you should watch and share.

Friday, September 28, 2012

What about the Christians in Al Arish Mr. President !??

President Morsi stated in his meetings with the media as well Egyptian American community members during his visit to New York that Egyptian Christians suffer no mistreatment what so ever as religious minority in Egypt especially with the rise of Islamists in power.
“All Egyptians are one , all Egyptians are equal” Morsi told US media as well Egyptian Americans yesterday at the Egyptian consulate in New York on Wednesday yet unfortunately in 24 hours or even less he is proven to be wrong after what happened in Al Arish.
The Christian families in the city of Rafah have been receiving threats for some time now from alleged Jihadi Salafist militant groups that want them to leave Rafah. We thought back in Cairo that were just unreal threats but today I heard that militants opened their fire on a Christian shop owner forcing the families to head for the governor asking him to transfer them in Al Arish for their safety , the city capital of North Sinai. According to activists there were flyers distributed by those unknown militants claiming that Rafah now is an Islamic principality !! The families had to leave for fear on their safety and do not ask where the security is from all this because it seems that Sinai is out control !!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#UNGA : Our President speaks in front of the world

And our first democratically elected president addressed the whole world from few hours ago at the 67th UN General Assembly in New York. Here is the speech in video.

Our Mona arrested in NY Subway for defacing racist ads !!

Mona El Tahawy , yes our Mona El Tahawy has been arrested in New York Subway today after defacing that ugly Pro-Israel ad that equates Israel enemies as “savages”.
New York Post reported the incident and strangely the reporters of NY Post did not bother to Google Mona’s name online to know who she is, she is not just an American Egyptian angry lone protester !!!!!
Here is a video clip showing Mona spraying the ad debating some lady called Pamela Hall who was filming Mona.

Hall and her group knew that Mona was going to spray that ad from her twitter account.

#25S : What is taking place in #Spain !?

It seems to me that Madrid is on fire , today thousands of protesters encircled the Spanish Congress in Madrid in huge danger and the Spanish anti-riot forces seemed to have some training in Egypt and beat the crap out of the protesters !!! Just see the pictures I found in the #25S hashtag. According to Spanish tweeps the number of injured are 65 so far , it is amazing considering the amount of violence I see in the photos and videos. Many protesters have been arrested.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And Charlie Rose meets our new elected president

And Morsi has become the third Egyptian president Charlie Rose speaks with since President Sadat !! Yesterday Charlie Rose interviewed Morsi in New York City and they spoke for nearly an hour about Egypt, Syria, Egyptian American relations, Muslims and Egyptian army.
Here is a part of the interview on YouTube. It is already dubbed in English.
You can watch the whole show here
Now my remarks :
  • Charlie Rose has always appeared young compared to Mubarak , now he appears compared to Morsi.
  • I feel that Rose is trying to explore the man sitting in front of him instead of Mubarak. Already did you know that Charlie Rose interviewed Mubarak for about 9 times more than any living President I can remember !? 
  • His questions were good despite I feel that this was not in depth interview as more an introductory interview with the new president of Egypt.
  • Some of Morsi's answers were good and some were not clear.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Trouble in Salafist heaven “1”

There is a big trouble in Al Nour Salafist Party , oh yes indeed that trouble already can spilt the second largest and influential Islamist political party for real.
Simply just like the Muslim brotherhood and its political am Freedom and Justice Party , Al Nour Party is the political arm of the famous Salafist Calling. The Salafist Calling movement stationed in Alexandria is one of the most strongest and influential movement for Salafists in Egypt since 1970s. It is made of the hardliner Salafist Sheikhs headed by Sheikh Yasser Borhami who strangely avoided politics and followed the ruler before the revolution. After the revolution Borhami and other Sheikhs found politics attractive enough to found a party and appear in front of the whole world as the second most organizing voting power in Egypt.
They founded Al Nour party which included novice politicians from Salafists who gained political experience in the toughest way ever  whether through scandals in the parliament or broken deals with the Muslim brotherhood.
Now it seems that Al Nour Party wants to spilt from the Salafist Movement and its control according to some sources. The Party wants to be a political one, yes based on Islamist Salafist doctrines but not based on Sheikhs orders.
Recently we started to read about resignations in almost all the branches of Al Nour party throughout the country. Then we find the party's leader Emad Abdel Ghafour announcing that the party would hold a test for its members in general knowledge and politics to avoid embarrassment but for certain reason the party did not complete its tests.

You Do not hear about them in the media

You will not find this news whether in Arab or International mainstream media , you will not find this news in most of the Pro-Syrian revolution Facebook Pages.
Not less 20 young men and women from Alwite sect in Homs , mainly from El Zahara neighborhood "Alwite neighborhood" in the city have been arrested and have been detained for nearly month and half by El Assad regime.
Their charge ?? Helping the Sunni neighborhoods by providing them food and medical aid and supplies !!
No one mentioned this , the Alwite sect should know about these boys and girls. Already there are thousands of Syrians from different sects and ethnics in prisons for months and nobody cares for them.
Another story you would not read in the mainstream media or even the social media.
A family pays a ransom for their kidnapped kid ,  about nearly 1 million SYL to what they believed to be Free Syrian Army "FSA" but it turned out that the one behind the kidnap is their neighbour , from their same sect , from El Assad regime loyalist.
You would not read in the mainstream media or even in the social media that the city of Tartus which is being portrayed in the media as strong Alwite capital , actually has got its own Pro-Revolution protests against El Assad.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yo Romney what about MB’s BFF from Republicans !!??

This ad found its way online. It is one of the political campaigns ads against Obama using none other than the Muslim brotherhood and Egypt.
The ad revolves about two main things : Obama helps the Muslim brotherhood and the Muslim brotherhood wants to destroy both Israel and the West.

That's Me :))

That's me and millions of Egyptians as well. Ladies and gents , may I present to you "I am .. two lines" song 
This is Egyptian Hip Hop group "Asfalt" featuring singer Ameer Youssef 

Interviews with Morsi

Yesterday was busy loaded one for Egyptians when it comes to his interviews. For the first time the Egyptian National TV aired and interview with the elected president yesterday. It was his first TV interview after being elected as a president.

To be honest I did not watch it completely as I found it so boring , this is not the Interview you would wait and enjoy nor it is the big first interview for the first democratic elected president on TV !!
Poor choice of question and pre-arranged answers in the most awful way. Promises ,promises , promises. Poor choice for the interviewer Mohamed Soliman whom we do not know his name , some unknown news reader in Nile News.
I know if I were our from the presidential media team , I would choose big name in TV hosting to conduct this important interview. Of course MB boys will say that the president is trying to give a chance to the youth !!
The big irony is that the Nile News members are furious that the presidency chose that dude as he is known to be a pro-Mubarak supporter who used to attack the revolution and the revolutionaries day and night. Some sources say that the channel suggested that there will be a news anchor lady co-interviewing the president but presidency refused to have any ladies !!!
FYI Muslim brotherhood cheerleaders promoted for that interview as the interview with most charismatic president !!!!
Also New York Times published an interview with him in Cairo also yesterday. Again it was his first press interview since being elected as a president. Strangely he spoke to the foreign press before the Egyptian press. Again he mentions “Hooters” , anyhow again I am not impressed may be because there is nothing new about what he said .
I am already depressed , may be because I can not take it anymore from MB propaganda about how how great Morsi is !! I had enough from MB propaganda that Morsi is the greatest man to rule Egypt and that Egypt was nothing before him.
Morsi mentioned Barbara Walters , I wonder if she will interview him and he will agree to be interviewed by an woman. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Food #Striking4Syria #Sept22 : Anyone interested in their #SOS call !??

Be with us on September 21,2012
The great strike day for Syria 
Since the beginning of September 2012 a small group of Syrian ladies , starting with 4 amazing ladies “Louisa, Lena , Laila and Rola” began a hunger strike for Syria and its children who suffer day and night. I was lucky enough to meet with these ladies and had a little chitchat with Louisa , Rola and Leila . Now today the ladies called all the women in the world too food strike just for one day in solidarity with Syria.
Our Syrian brave ladies got these 3 demands from the world  :
  • To press the world’s government in order to take real steps and to stop the daily massacres in Syria. 
  • To press the international and Arab human rights organizations in to helping the Syrian refugees in the refugee camps and to help the Syrian detainees in Al Assad’s prisons.
  • To help the Syrian injured whom many die because of the constant shelling and lack of medical supplies. The Syrian injured case is another tragedy without doubt.
By the way many people from around the world too from Syrians and other nationalists declared their solidarity and their participation in this big day for the sake of Syria.
Strikers from around the globe

Friday, September 21, 2012

About our new spymaster’s allegiance

From two days ago President Morsi appointed officially General Mohamed Shehata as the new official director of the GIS. Shehata who earned fame as the man besides Galid Shalit already was the acting director of the GIS intelligence since August 8th,2012. On Wednesday Egyptians saw for the first time on TV their spymaster swearing in to office.
For most people it was not a big deal , ok here is our new spymaster for the first time appears on TV to swear in. For Morsi’s supporters mainly from MB cheerleaders it was a huge triumph for transparency forcing Egypt’s spymaster to swear on the Holy Quran !!!
Transparency does not mean I see the spymaster swearing in to office in front of the president , transparency means that GIS sticks to the laws and releases its confidential old files according to the information act. You are not going to fool the people in Egypt. I do not want to see Egypt’s Spymaster pledging allegiance on TV , I want him to do his job as he should serving the country and its ultimate national security.

what is happening in Tunisia ?? Who is threatening Nawaat ?

I am so consumed with what is happening in Egypt and Syria that I do not pay enough attention anymore to what is happening in other countries in the Arab world especially our beloved soul mate Tunisia.

From two days ago while we were busy watching the Graffiti whitewash massacre in Mohamed Mohamed we found an alarming message on famous Tunisian Citizen journalism award winning website “” that one of its blogger was killed by an unknown aggressor on its twitter account. The alarming twitter was sent original from Nawaat’s Facebook Page.The tweet was deleted and the Nawaat team gained control on its social media accounts.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Erase the Graffiti as you want , you can not erase history

In another significant aggression and provocation from the ministry of interior and the government , the amazing Graffiti murals painted throughout Mohamed Mahmoud Street was erased late last night by the Cairo Governorate workers in the protection of central security forces.
First of all just to remind with the murals , here is my photo gallery for the Graffiti murals painted right after Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in November 2011 and in February 2012 after the horrible Port Said massacre. They are not the best photos but it shows you a glimpse of how beautiful and artistic Mohamed Mahmoud graffiti murals were.
The murals represents iconic paintings for the famous martyrs of the Egyptian revolution like Mina Daniel , Sheikh Emad Effat , Police General Mohamed El Batran and Ultras martyrs like Anas and Karim Khozam. The murals also represented anti-military anti-police graffiti as well beautiful scenes from ancient Egyptian’s funeral processions that were found in the tombs of our great ancestors.
Now late last night we found out the workers from Cairo governorate protected by police forces are whitewashing the wall erasing the graffiti murals. I can not describe how much I feel sad now.
Whitewashing graffiti by Tom Dale

Monday, September 17, 2012

And So #Israel has Failed to foil #Zewail’s big project in #Egypt !!!

And so Israel has failed today in sabotaging Dr. Ahmed Zewail’s big project in Egypt !! At least this is what famous TV host Ahmad El Muslimani hinted out in his TV show on Dream TV2 tonight as part of his comment about what happened earlier today at the disputed Nile University premises. “Israel is fighting Dr. Zewail’s project , his university which will launch Egypt’s big scientific project !!” This is what El Muslimani said in his TV show today.

I do not know what Israel has to do with the struggle of the Nile University and students up till this moment but I know that Mubarak’s speeches writer is using the anti-Israel feelings to create sympathy with Zewail and his city for technology in the cheapest way ever !!

Strangely Zewail was awarded in Israel the Wolf Prize in 1993 and his views does not reflect anti-Israeli sentiments at least in the West !! I can not stand these double standards. 

I do not know how we foiled Israel’s big plans in the region and its war on Egyptian scientists when the security forces dispersed the sit in of the Nile University students by force in order to enable Zewail and his city from the buildings of the disputed  building premises. NU Students were dragged from the NU campus using force in front of their families and friends by police forces including some who are being arrested and will spend the night in detention pending investigation !! I do not know what victory it is !!

On Sunday the court ordered the evacuation of the NU Students to the premise after their “#OccupyNileUni” and to transfer them to Mubarak City for science and technology “MUCSAT” in the Smart Village !!

Strangely on Saturday in a TV show on Al Nahar channel Minister of higher education Mostafa Mosaa said that the students of NU can use the buildings for another year until they find a permanent solution.

#Syria Revolts : A horror That #YouTube Could not tolerate !!

This is a scene you can imagine only in horror films , sadistic horror films you can see headless corpses of children and you think it does not happen that someone will cut a child in two half in real life. Unfortunately it does happen in real life, in Syria !! These graphic photos below after the break are from Idlib after the shelling of a helicopter in some village earlier today for a headless child who was wearing beautiful dress. “Extremely graphic”

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How can we forget #Sabra and #Shatila Massacre “+18 Graphic”

Today marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most horrific massacres or rather genocides in the history of the Arab world in the 20th century, the Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon. Not less than 3000 Palestinians including women and children as well as elderly and animals were killed in 36 hours by the Lebanese Phalanges with Israeli approval and support.
Up till this moment, the rights of those civilians have not been restored and the real war criminals standing behind it are free like Samir Gaegae. 

What inspiration that war criminal presented to our revolution !!!! The only inspiration he represented is the inspiration he represented to El Assad’s regime and its brutality when I think about it this bastard criminal !!

Of course, Eli Hobeika was assassinated after he was ready to testify before a Belgian court Ariel Sharon’s role in the massacre if you remember. 

#Syria Revolts : A Message to the Russian People

I wanted to post this earlier but as you know I could not thanks to that on going offensive film saga !!
Syrian cosmonaut Mohamed Faris released a video statement as a renowned public figure in Syria addressing the army, pilots , rebels , El Assad regime and Russian people. I found this video online 12/9 so you can imagine why I did not post it.
Faris sends several messages in this 2 minutes:
  • To the Syrian Arab Army : To stop killing the people and stand with them.
  • To the Syrian Arab Air forces : To stop their raids against their own people
  • To El Assad regime : Just leave
  • To the Free Syrian army and the Syrian people : To continue their struggle for freedoms and he is already one of them.
  • To the Russian people : “I lived with you years ,I know how much you were looking for freedom. Please stand with Syrians”

Saturday, September 15, 2012

#USembassy : It is #Google's mistake now !!

Now the White House has shifted the blame to Google in the offensive film fiasco after the internet giant’s refusal to remove the “Innocence of Muslims” from YouTube. Google insists that clip that caused deadly uproar in the Middle East did not violate its terms and conditions. Google said that it already blocked the clip in Egypt, Libya and India despite it has been spread already.
Of course Google will put the blame on the Uploader of the video aka Mr. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula according to its terms and conditions that no one reads
You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for your own Content and the consequences of posting or publishing it. YouTube does not endorse any Content or any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed therein, and YouTube expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with Content.
To be honest I wish all the racist and offensive videos of Muslim radical sheikhs and Christian priests to be removed online not only that disgusting clip but I am afraid it is just a wish , a debatable one. Already this wish can be implemented if Google revises its terms and conditions , it can find a gap that can save the day.
We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view. But we don't permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).
Already I think the video is hateful enough.
Anyhow as I said the 13 minutes clip now is spread across to the YouTube in different channels as well websites across the internet.
As expected people began to attack Google in Egypt and Middle East. It is nightmare for Google regional offices in the area. Wael Fakharany , the head of Google Egypt told press already in Egypt that removing the Video from YouTube is up to Google in the States and not in Egypt.
Now there are calls online among the Islamists to boycott Google led by none other than the MB big mouth former MP Hassan El Prince.

Friday, September 14, 2012

#USEmbassy : Another Mad Day in #Tunis, #Yemen , Lebanon and Sudan , search for politics before religion

And after Cairo , US embassies in Tunis , Yemen ,Lebanon and Sudan are being attacked and stormed by angry protesters who allegedly are objecting the offensive film that no one would have heard if it were not for the Islamist media and parties in Egypt !!!!!
In Tunis 3 dead and 28 injured after hours of clashes between Salafists and security forces at the US embassy. Already a Tunisian counter terrorism squad along with US Marines managed to secure the US ambassador and get him out from the complex. The Salafists along with alleged members of radical Hizb El Tahrir members in Tunisia managed to replace the US flag in the embassy with the Black so-called flag and to set fire in some building in the embassy.
The Salafists also set the American embassy on fire. It is worth to mention that from watching the live broadcast from Tunis in Al Jazeera Mubshar no one can deny that the Tunisian security forces seemed to be slow and clumsy in a way that surprises me. Here is a clip filmed inside the embassy.
The Salafists in Tunisia have become a true violent threat and a burden on Al Nadha Islamist government “The MB branch in Tunisia”.
Some think that Salafists , Hizb El Tahrir and Al Qaeda are giving the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia hard time to remind them that they are not the only Islamist power and group in the region.
Now Tunisians are telling me that there was something abnormal in the US embassy's breaching , again no army or security forces except when it was too late !!
Here is a video report from the famous Nawaat website

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our boy in Space

Ok God knows how much we need this , here is our bright Space Boy Amr Mohamed's experience being implemented in space and the whole world will be watching it live on YouTube.The live event will start at 14:50 GMT.

 This is what Islam does need and this is how we stop anyone from insulting us.

#USembassy : The Ultimate war of the words !!

The Ultimate war of the words of the day on twitter is between "@IkhwanWeb" , the official twitter account of MB in English and "USembassyCairo" , the official twitter account of the US embassy in Cairo
Ikhwan Web replied after couple of minutes in an attempt to save its dignity but too late as now the US embassy in Cairo's tweet is the top shared photo among Egyptian Facebookers so far !!
The tweet of the US embassy in Cairo is the the tweet of the day by all measures.
There is no doubt that the "IkhwanWeb" twitter account got double standards , after all it presents a very moderate open image from the MB to the West that we do not see in the real life not to mention its twin Arab twitter account "Ikhwan Online"
The MB got a huge problem was D.C and this is just the Start

#USembassy : Searching and finding Sam Bacile

US media is searching for the man behind the insulting home made cheap film that has turned the Middle East and Islamic World as it seems upside. At first in Egypt we thought crazy racist Morris Sadek was standing behind the film along with the infamous Terry Jones but it turned out that Sadek was just bluffing.

“I wrote its introduction only” Sadek claimed yesterday in pride to all the Egyptian TV channels, Websites and newspapers that spoke to him adding that he did not insult Islam or Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” and that he only mentioned facts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly enough Sadek has become the infamous star of media in Egypt yesterday after being nobody. Already people tend to forget that the Egyptian citizenship of that awful hateful guy was stripped from him in 2010 !!

Ironically the public prosecutor in Egypt has put the name of Sadek and Terry Jones along other radical Egyptian Christians on the Waiting blacklist in Egypt so they would be arrested when they arrived to Egypt !! As if they will come to Egypt !!

According to international agencies and newspapers mainly “AP”  and “Wall Street Journal” the producer of that film is 56 years old American Israeli citizen whose name is “Sam Bacile”. That person spoke on the phone with AP and Wall Street Journal from some unknown place hiding from the wrath of Muslims. Through the phone Bacile claimed that he had raised $5 million from about 100 Jewish donors and had shot a two-hour movie in California last year. It is worth to mention that Sadek gave AP his phone’s number.

#USembassy : And security forces are back to their normal place "Updated"

And the security forces are back in to their normal place at the US embassy kicking away and pushing protesters to Tahrir using tear gas grenades. According to eye witnesses the barbered wires are back and the CSF are standing behind them forcing angry young protesters back to Tahrir square.
According to journalist Cliff Cheney who went to the US embassy parameter , things were calm considerable earlier when there were couple of hundreds “mainly Islamists” who chanted anti-American chants then a group of young men came and things heated up between them and the CSF that already circulating the embassy.
It started with stones hurled at both sides then the tear gas started to show up. Cheney knew from the Egyptians in the street that these young protesters were from Ultras group as they were singing Ultras songs.

The battle in Tahrir square and to return back to the embassy has not finished yet , we got Adrenaline junkies  who miss the smell of tear gas from time to time !!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#USembassy : Important questions we have to answer

After the huge conquest of US embassy in Cairo yesterday and what followed from implications that have not finished up till now , still there are several questions that many Egyptians “including me” ask themselves today about the whole scene.
  • Why do People suddenly remember that offensive home made film now when it was produced from several months ago ??
  • Why was the first one to air the video publicly on any TV channel was rude Khaled Abdullah on Salafist TV channel Al Nas ?? Khaled Abdullah is said to be from the state security men in Islamist realm in Egypt since 1990s by the way. I do not understand already why Abdullah would air such offensive crappy film for his Ultra-Conservative viewers and to spread the film in this way !?? I did not want to post clips from that crappy short film but I have to post this clip to prove that Abdullah was the first to speak about it in Egypt publicly on TV

#USembassy : Bad day for US embassies in North Africa

And the US ambassador in Benghazi Chris Steven was killed after the attack on the consulate late last night in a huge escalation of its kind.
Allegedly Conservatives in Benghazi attacked the embassy to object the so-called insulting film. The protest already started in Libya hours after the protest in Cairo and according to some sources including a Jihadist Facebook the attack was actually to avenge for the murder of Abu Yahia , the Libyan who was believed to be the second man in Al Qaeda on the occasion of 9/11.
Here is a video showing the Consulate right after the attack on fire.
According to reports Chris Steven suffocated from the fire. Two marines were killed in the blaze and not less than 16 were injured.
There are photos  for  Steven being dragged out of the embassy !!
I do not know if he was alive or dead. I will not share them.
I will not say anything except from theological point of view embassies and diplomats are not to be targeted to attack. What happened is the hugest insult to Islam.
Now Russia Today claims that Salafists in Tunisia are calling their supporters to attack and destroy the US embassy. Anyhow the US embassy in Tunisia is said to be heavily secured. 

The Protest that everybody ignored

All the media focused on the sad unfortunate circus at the US embassy in Cairo last night , all the media focused on the protests by Hazmamoon and their brothers and yet they ignored a very important protest that took peacefully and was actually much more important than all the other protests.
A group of several Egyptian Christian movements led by the famous revolutionary Kolena Mena Daniel Movement protested against the insulting film in Tahrir square for several hours. The amazing Mary Daniel , the sister of the late activist who was killed in Maspero clashes from nearly a year ago was there leading the protest.
Mary Daniel 

The Copts 38

The Egyptian Orthodox church of Alexandria was first to condemn the film and its makers. Already I can not tell how many tweets I received from Christians in Egypt and outside it against the insulting film and its makers , it was overwhelming. The Christians in Egypt and States are against the film and attacking Morris Sadek still no one is paying attention or care to listen to them.
Here is a video clip showing the Copts 38 group protesting against the film.

The media is speaking about Mohamed El Zawahiri ,about Ben Laden slogans and flags as well chants and they will forget these small yet significant protests. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 in #Cairo : The Conquest of the Flag

This is the Jihadist flag replacing the US flag at the US embassy in Cairo from short awhile and it is 9/11. Not less than 2000 protesters mostly from Islamists are at the American embassy in Cairo chanting Pro-Islamist anti-American chants escalating on the Walls the once fortress embassy with complete absence from security. “The photo below is by the famous hunk of Hamazon Ziyad Tahrirawi

There are also Pro-Al Qaeda chants unfortunately , the protesters also chant against Al Azhar protesters. These protesters are protesting against an insulting documentary against Islam and Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”.
Here is photo showing the protesters earlier by tweep Karim El Degawy

Happy Copitc Year 1729

From temple of Kom Ombo , The Egyptian Calendar 
Today is the start of new Coptic Year in Egypt 1729 according to the Coptic calendar , our own ancient Egyptian calendar.
Today is the start of Thout 
I wished that the Presidency would issue something about this. Already President Morsi comes from a country side background where the Coptic calendar is still being used in agriculture.
This is part of our identity.
Anyhow how Happy new Coptic year and insh Allah this year will be blessed and good for all Egyptians all over the globe. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

#FreeHamhashri : Free our doctor plz

El Hamhashri
Egyptian doctor Mohamed El Hamhashri has been detained in Lebanon by Lebanese authorities yesterday as soon as he arrived at Rafik El Hariri airport after his arrival from London. El Hamhashri was in his way to refugees camps on the Syrian Lebanese borders. Some activists say that he will face a military trial , it is very disturbing by all measures.
Al Mannar channel "Owned by Hezbollah" claimed that Dr. El Hamhashri was arrested along with two Syrian ladies after the Lebanese customs found with them Satellite transmission devices used for live televised broadcast. The channel also added that the two Syrian ladies intended to smuggled these devices to Syria !!
According to El Hamhashri's friends online , he was arrested after it was found that he brought some sort of a device that strengthens the internet signals to Lebanon along with two Syrian doctors. It seems that this device is not allowed in Lebanon and that's why El Hamhashri is being arrested. Of course I am concerned about the news of   that military trial , it seems that we have to fight military trials for civilians in Egypt and Lebanon at the same time.
El Hamhashri is neurological and psychiatric disorders doctor and he is working in the psychiatric hospital in Heliopolis , Cairo besides his work in the Arab Medical union , which is one of the biggest relief organizations operating under the umbrella of LAS regionally. His family already contacted Dr. Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh, the former Presidential candidate and politician who heads the Medical union asking for his help. Of course Abu El Fotouh called the Egyptian ambassador who promised him that El Hamhashri will be fine.
Abu El Fotouh and the Arab Medical union issued a statement condemning the arrest of El Hamhashri and demanding his immediate release.
Some claim that he is going to be released and deported today, hopefully he will.
Activists and friends of Hamhashri are planning a protest in solidarity with him demanding his release at 6 PM in front of the Presidential palace to demand his release. His friends have already launched a Facebook Group in solidarity with him naming it "We are all Mohamed El Hamhashri"
The Arab Medical Union already supports and collects donations in Egypt to set up field hospitals in Syria as well to help Syrian refugees outside the country. Of course according to some sources most donations go to inside Syria. Already the Union sends doctors in the hot zones to operate in the field hospitals. Some claim that the Union also collect donations for the FSA.

Here is the #FreeHamhashri hashtag which was launched by his friends last night on twitter.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

#Ultras agony : Let’s pray it ends peacefully

The 74 martyrs of Port Said massacre
Millions of Egypt now are praying that the day passes peacefully and some kind of intervention “preferably a divine or even a presidential one” to save the day literally by cancelling the football match between Ahly and ENPI.
The Ultras groups are threatening to storm “actually they are going to storm” the Super Cup march between Ahly and ENPI football clubs at Borg Al Arab stadium “operated by the army” later today to protest the lack of progress when it comes to the prosecuting those responsible for the Port Said Massacre. “1/2/2012”
Since last Wednesday the Ultras Ahly groups have been protesting against the Egyptian Football federation and the game and nobody cared for them.
The Ultras’ groups I am speaking about mainly are Ultras Ahlawy 07 and Ultras red devils that gave orders to its members in 5 governorates in Delta and Great Cairo to mobilize to Borg El Arab “near Alexandria” in a statement with strong words “This game will not be held except over our dead bodies” but had to cancel this plan earlier this Moring as they realized that “It is not a football game , the ministry of interior wants a civil war”. According to leaks from Borg El Arab area which is outside Alexandria and got a Bedouin tribal population , the head of Alexandria’s security directorate Police general Khaled Ghorba ‘The infamous Ghorba who got bad human rights records since April 6 2008 strike” is spreading rumors among the tribes that the Ultras groups are going to attack them and they have to stand against them. The tribes in these areas are highly armed and this is so Port Said Déjà Vu.

#Syria : 4 Ladies , the #Strikers4Syria At #LAS “Part 2”

Here is the second part of my posts about those 4 Syrian ladies who continue in their hunger strike for the 5th day in row amazingly. Louisa did not change her clothes up till now since I had met her on Wednesday.
The second lady I spoke with is friendly sweet amazing Mrs. Salma El Gazayerli. Mrs. Salma is not an activist but rather a Syrian lady who left her country from more than 40 years. Mrs. El Gazayerli settled down in Egypt after marrying an Egyptian businessman from 22 years ago. She joined the Egyptian revolution and headed to Tahrir square when her husband was worried from it, she went to Tahrir square and wished that something like that would happen back home. Her wish came true after all.
When the protests started at the Syrian embassy , I began to head there ; DSC04076at first I stood away but every time I went there , I came closer to other Syrians in Egypt whom I have not had any contact before as we used to fear each other in Diaspora. Hafez El Assad made us mistrust each other. Since the start of the revolution , I felt for the first time I have got a country and I want to return it back. Insh Allah I will return back as soon as we get rid of El Assad even  if it were on foot.
Despite living all those years abroad , the Shami accent of Mrs. El Gazayerli did not change , she says that she kept to hold that part of her nation all those years.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The matter is beyond a cute military spokesperson I am afraid

Army spokesperson Mohamed Ali
Today the Egyptian armed forces held a presser to discuss the latest development regarding its historical military campaign in Sinai where we were introduced for the first time to the first Egyptian army spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Ali. Sadly enough the only new thing we know from that we got a new official army spokesperson who is cute and admired by girls online !!
It is a blank statement about Sinai and what is happening there. Any journalist who went there in the past weeks ago knows what I am speaking about.
Already Colonel Ali did not answer important questions in his presser : Who and why
He did not tell us WHO killed our soldiers last month in cold blood. He did not tell us WHY our soldiers were killed last month in cold blood.
All what we know aside that the army got a spokesperson now that the army changed the name of that historical mirage operation from the name “Eagle” to “Sinai”and that stage two of that operation Sinai will start at Egypt’s mount Doom “LOTR fans will relate” aka mount Halal to get those unknown militants !!Ah and we know that the army does not confront the though with weapon but rather with though and that’s why they sent bunch of Egypt’s Ultra conservative Salafist sheikhs like Abdel Rahim El Shahat to Sinai to speak with the Salafist Jihadists there !!
Having a spokesperson does not mean there is a real change when it comes to the relation between the army and the media or the public. There is no change as long as there is no transparency and “that talk is off the record”. 
May God bless the souls of our soldiers ,they do not deserve this.

Friday, September 7, 2012

#Syria : 4 Ladies , the #Strikers4Syria At #LAS “Part 1”

There are 4 Syrian ladies now who are on hunger strike for three days now in Cairo at the League of Arab states HQ for 4 days now
Those 4 Syrian ladies are : Louisa Abdel Karim, Lina El Tibi  Rola El-Khash and Salma El Gazerialy who represent different Syrian sects as well areas. Louisa is from Damascus while Rola is from Hama.
Those ladies got important crucial demands from LAS and from Cairo according to statement they got :
  1. To stop the Russian Chinese and Iranian military ships carrying arms to El Assad from passing in Suez Canal.
  2. To settle down the Syrian Refugees in Egypt and not to deport them.
  3. To stop massacres for real in Syria
The idea of that strike came after a series of similar sit ins by Syrian activists “Mostly artists” in Paris and other European capital as well in Jordan.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Documentaries Time : Egypt's Stolen Billions

And here is it online in Arabic , BBC Arabic's documentary "Egypt's Stolen Billions".

 I hope you enjoy watching it and please tell me what you think.

Clever Move to win the army dear Morsi

Yesterday it was announced that President Morsi decided to give Major General Galal Haridy to a General as honorary promotion as the last living founding father of an Egyptian army forces.Galal Haridy is considered the Godfather of Egyptian commandos forces aka Thunderbolt

I am already surprised that Haridy has not been promoted to General after all those decades and popularity among the Special forces officers. At least I knew he was alive , most of the people thought that he was dead. Haridy is of course happy and thanks God that after 45 years he is being promoted by the first elected president in a short interview to Ahram Al Araby. He spoke about being in jail unfairly. The 45 years include Mubarak and Sadat !!? Anyhow I have to go back and read this era carefully. I forgot a lot in the past 18 months.

There is rumor that late General Saad El Shazly will be promoted as field marshal too. Morsi is trying to win the army and the people in one shot.

Now as usual most of the Egyptian websites and newspapers could not find a decent picture for the founder of Egyptian Thunder special forces thus they found it accepted to steal a recent photo for him and to crop without any mention to its owner.

That photo is for him in 2009 with one of the Commandos officers of legendary 39 unit “ I remember that some of the veteran officers of that unit joined the protesters in Tahrir square in February 2011, I can not forget it” that was posted last month in a Fan Page for Egyptian thunderbolt forces.That photo was cropped and distorted as usual. 

By the way I wonder if Morsi is going to honor Khaled Mohi El Din who is considered the last living free officer living who paid a huge price for supporting democracy in 1954. Khaled was not honored in 2002 , in the Golden jubilee of the 1952 revolution because as a veteran leftist he was from Mubarak opponents.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We continue to amaze the world even with our false news !!

This so-called news was published in Youm 7
The employees of Egyptian intelligence protested today demanding the return of General Mourad Mawfi as the head of the GIS threatening to have a sit in at the intelligence HQ till his return !!
This news was not published in any other place and actually it is too crazy to be believed , this is the Egyptian intelligence not Khedive Abbas’ mother’s orphanage !! Now speaking logically anyone knows the GIS very well , he will definitely understand that this crap. We are speaking about a professional intelligence agency.
Also for the record Mawfi is considered an outsider , he is originally from the army. He used to be head of the military intelligence then the governor of Sinai before appointed as the head of the GIS after the revolution and appointing Omar Soliman as a vice president.
The current acting head of the Egyptian intelligence Mohamed Shehata is considered from the children of the agency.
Moving back to the news that made tweeps laugh and they have to , it is published in Youm 7 which its creditability is always in question !! Amazingly its editor in chief , the miracle boy of Egyptian journalism Khaled Salah has been appointed in the Supreme Press council by the MB dominated Shura council !!! May be he will be specialized in issuing tabloids after all.
By the way tabloids report that Mawfi wanted to travel to UAE “it is always UAE” to work there “Really !!” but authorities in Cairo rejected his request!! He can not go according to the law.

Updated : 

ElBadil reported that Amr El Lathy spoke on TV with a former intelligence general who denied the news. "We are not raised to protest" the general said. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Metal , Satanism , El Sawy Déjà Vu we are back in 1996

You may have heard that the lawyer of Freedom and Justice Party “FJP” Ismail El Weshahy reported the famous El Sawy Culture wheel center to the ministry of interior for hosting satanic rituals and bands in Egypt !!
Those Satanic bands in Egypt are actually Metal music bands !!!! Yes 1996 déjà vu once again !!
El Weshahy claimed that he was not acting as FJP lawyer but rather he was representing two clients who were shocked to find Satanists at El Sawy Culture center last Friday wearing black T-shirts with Satanic symbols as Satanic accessories and were doing some Satanic rituals !! Oh and they were wearing those black bracelets that are actually are worn in concerts in different colors worldwide !! El Weshahy represented over 100 photos and videos from the concert to prove his case to the prosecution office.
Yes last weekend the Culture Wheel hosted metal and hard rock Egyptian bands on Thursday and Friday where hundreds of metal and rock fans went to see their favorite bands wearing black shirts with stupid symbols and did their own head banging. It is not the first time or last time
Here is a video shot on Thursday showing one of the bands “Origin” playing on stage mixing metal with folklore and Tanora dance. They were wearing black Galabiyas too. "I wish to hear that track using this mix"
It is ironic and completely hilarious for one main reasons;  Among the private cultural centers in Egypt , El Sawy wheel center is considered a conservative one . You are not allowed to smoke , films and plays are censored. In 2011 there was that photography competition and one of the photos was excluded because it would harm the Islamists feeling. It was a photo of 6 years old girl wearing a veil while lifting up her dress in some beach. The photo was so beautiful showing the innocence of a tiny girl yet the Center found it could be offensive.

The Quote of the Day : MB Vs. MB

Ayman El Sayyad :
Does the "Muslim brotherhood" work against the "Muslim brotherhood" ?? a question I do not want anyone to ask for its explanation.
Unfortunately I want to ask him about what he meant because I got too many thoughts about this quote.
Does dear Mr. El Sayyad notice that there is something of spilt in the brotherhood and a single branch began to work against another branch ?? The throne got its own power.
Does dear Mr. El Sayyad mean that the MB is united unlike the Non Islamist forces and parties that work against each other ??
Ayman El Sayyad is President Morsi’s adviser and a journalist. The best political categorization for him is an Egyptian who cares for his country and future. He is known for his balanced unbiased pro-revolutionary opinion.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Shall the British ambassador be summoned over this !??

BBC Arabic produced a very important documentary called “Egypt’s stolen billion” about Mubarak’s assets in the UK and it is much watch now in this very critical time. According to this important documentary we are waiting for , Britain allowed 19 key members of Mubarak’s corrupted regime to retain some of their frozen assets !! These assets that will take us years to restore back. 
Reda El Maway “@Olivertwixx” produced this important documentary in cooperation with The Guardian and Al Hayat Newspapers. I am waiting this documentary so much as it will include the first exclusive interview with Suzanne Mubarak’s enigmatic friend Alyaa El Bendary. El Bendary is Suzanne’s friend who lives in Switzerland , her name is always mentioned in Egypt when we speak about Mubarak’s assets abroad.
The documentary Egypt's Stolen Billion” will be aired tonight on BBC Arabic at 9 PM CLT in Arabic as well on on BBC2's Newsnight
I think we need an official explanation from the British government for its role in this scandal.
I was planning to write about the new Satanic mania in El Sakkia but I think this is more important.

Update : 

And I have seen the documentary , oh boy this is one of these documentaries you need to watch again so you would not miss a single piece of info in this documentary but luckily I kept notes of what is important.
  • According to International Bank what was stolen from Egypt in the last 30 years rule of Mubarak is estimated to be more than $ 135 billions including $54 billions in the last 8 years only. " And we are begging for couple of billions from the IMF now !!" 
  • For some unknown reason the UK did not help Egypt in restoring its assets unlike Libya or or Tunisia or even Syria when I remember now. 
  • We found out that the wife of Ahmed Maghraby who is convicted and currently in jail opened some company in UK for design when her assets should be frozen. 
  • The current governor of central bank , public prosecutor and Ismail Serg El Din know more about our assets abroad than we think. 
  • Aliyaa El Bandary who denied last year to know the Mubarak s spoke to the BBC crew and admitted that she worked with Suzanne Mubarak in that shady Suzanne Mubarak for peace organization. The lady who lives with her poodles claimed that she could not complete the interview in Arabic insisting that she did not work in fundraising. 
  • UBS refused to speak to the BBC crew. 
My own explanation on how the British government acts , well of course last year the official Egyptian party was busy in God knows what but for the British party let's say UK does not want to lose its position as safe heaven when it comes to dictators and corrupted's assets. This documentary is the tip of the ice berg.

Update #2 : 

The Embassy of Great Britain in Egypt issued this statement in its official website "UK in Egypt" where Alistair Burt , the  Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who was featured in the documentary defends the British government. Burt denied that the British government rejected about 30 legal request from Egypt in 2011 regarding our assets there. He defended his government insisting that GB is committed to restore the Egyptian stolen assets but through the law as UK needs convictions for Mubarak's cronies in order to restore these assets.
FYI Burt seemed to be irritated in the interview. 
Meanwhile the Egyptians are demanding now on twitter the detention of Suzanne Mubarak in order she would confess about the whereabouts of the assets abroad. 

RIP General El Gohary

Here is a General whom everybody in my generation loves and remembers and yet he was not an army general but rather a football general.

Legendary football coach Mahmoud El Gohary has passed away earlier this morning in Jordan. The 74 years old coach already suffered from brain stroke and died clinically from two days ago but as a Muslim he was left on the machines till it was over.
May Allah bless your soul captain El Gohary as you brought happiness to millions of Egyptians. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

And Egypt got its first veiled news anchor

Fatima Nabil has entered the history of Egyptian Television as the first veiled news anchor.
Fatima Nabil "by Hany Rasmy"
Nabil is the first among 3 veiled news anchors that will appear in Ch.1 and Nile News of Egyptian TV starting from today. 
If I am not mistaken Fatima Nabil’s co-news anchor today was a Christian.
Nabil and her co-anchor "by Hany Rasmy"
Contrary to what you think , Nabil is not the first veiled woman to appear as an anchor or a host on Egyptian TV. Kariman Hamza , the famous religious programs TV host was the first during the time of Mubarak. Of course she had to leave the TV from two decades if I remember right.

Syrian women are Refugees and Not your Captives

Among the huge challenges and problems facing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are in the Arab countries especially in Jordan and Gulf , a very nasty problem : Rich old men from Gulf offer to marry poor refugee minor girls for money.
At first it started as rumors some thought that were spread by El Assad regime regarding how men marry poor Syrian refugee minor girls using their families’ need for small amount of money but sadly enough it was confirmed by Jordanian Press. It seems that men from the Gulf head now to Jordan to find young cheap brides at the refugees camps. A Saudi writer called Mohamed El Assamy wrote about that disgusting practice in a Saudi newspaper angrily revealing that there are prices for the girls range between 500 SR and 1000 SR !!!!!!
These men are using the poverty and extreme need of those Syrian families mainly from working class seeking refugee in the worst conditions ever. I will not speak about the role of the UN but I will assume that there are laws in Jordan banning the underage marriage. If those men want to help the Syrian refugees and their women for real , they would donate and help in improving the conditions of the refugee camps in Jordan.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

When humans lose their humanity !!

I do not know what kind of title I can use but this is the simplest thing popped in to my mind when I saw this news report Pro-El Assad Al Donia TV channel aired after Darya’s massacre in the doomed city that witnessed last week one of the biggest massacres since the start of the revolution in 2011.
Al Donia aired a video report on August 25th showing the town of Daraya right after the massacre where bodies are everywhere and injured from women and children can not even speak from shock before pain !!!  It is extremely graphic video.
The most provoking and shocking part in the video how Al Donia reporter Michelin Azar walked around the dead bodies and the injured boldly asking children shocked in fear with her strong voice “Who did this !?” while they lying besides the body of their dead body.

Regarding Morsi and the conquest of Tehran 2012 !!

Morsi and Ahamedinajed
The speech of Mohamed Morsi in the NAM summit meeting in Tehran yesterday is still echoing and causing controversy among Egyptians and the Arabs. Most people in Egypt find it reasonable balanced as well announcement that Egypt is back in leading the  region once again. “Despite it is still speech, there are no real actions yet to make Egypt return back to its position ”
Nevertheless the brothers in the Gulf as well the brothers in the Muslim brotherhood and Salafist movement in Egypt and Arab worldwide have turned the 42 minutes speech in to the greatest victory over the Persian Empire since 1400 years and beyond !!
Unfortunately the overreaction of the Islamists in Egypt after the speech whether online and offline stunned many revolutionary Egyptians with its sectarian nature including me. The MB and Al Nour Party ordered their members to receive Morsi in the airport and then head to his house in order to salute him. Now Morsi is being hailed as the New Saladin of modern time because the radical sectarian Islamists believe that he slammed the Shiite in their own land thanks to the few words he said in his speech.
In the beginning of his speech Morsi saluted the four caliphs by name
Peace upon Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”’s companions our lords Abu Bakr, Omar , Othman and Ali