Sunday, June 30, 2013

#June30 : Newspapers Headlines

Here is a quick round of newspapers' headlines and frontpages in Egypt as well Pan Arab newspapers about #June30 protests.

Al Ahram Newspaper : Egypt is in the fist of fear 
Oh God keep Egypt Safe "Ahram 3rd Page"

Oh God keep Egypt safe

#June30 : Apocalypse Now "Live Updated"

And the big day is here.
Since early morning Cairo has become a ghost town , a real ghost town. Empty streets and empty traffic are unsusal in the big crowded city on Sunday's morning. It is like the calmness before the storm indeed. In fact it is the clamness before the storm.
It is expected that the action won't really start except afternoon when the rallies and protests start at 4 PM. Already all people know that in a mid summer day , the protests and rallies will attract more people at night. Nevertheless there are increasing number of protesters in Tahrir square and some governorates have started early like Alexandria, Mahalla, Mounfia and Port Said. 
Companies have either closed their doors or downsized the employees on Sunday especially the ladies. Ladies employees are told to go home. Few restaurants in Cairo are providing delivery services.
The Cairo Alexandria railway has been cut by angry protesters yet the railways services are working in the rest of the country. The Metro stations and lines are working fine too. 
Here is a live storify update to make our lives easier.
It is after the break as usual.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

#June30 : Hours before the Apocalypse

And it is just a matter of few hours and one of the longest days in Egypt in 2013 will start : June 30th. The awaited June 30 mass protests are forcing everybody to hold their breathe especially after yesterday’s unaccepted protests.

Today there are lots of developments like for instance the meeting of Morsi with the minister of defense and the head of intelligence , Obama’s statement about Egypt , Tamarod’s announcement, ElBaradei’s statement and Hamdeen’s statement.

There is nothing about that meeting of Morsi with El Sisi of defense or Shehata of GIS.

US president Obama expressed his concern for what is happening to Egypt. I know my country now is a headache for Washington !! The American president called both the Egyptian regime aka the Muslim brotherhood and the opposition to hold talks instead of clashes and violence today in his press conference in South Africa.

Update : President’s adviser and MB figure Ayman Ali says that Obama is free to say whatever he wants and the Egyptian Presidency is not obliged to listen to what he wants.

The US department of State issued a travel warning for Egypt.I believe it is normal thing especially after the murder of the US citizen Andrew Pochter in Alexandria’s clashes yesterday. The US marines have already been put on alert in  Southern Europe so what happened in Benghazi won’t happen again in Cairo

One year in Office : Torture in time of Morsi “Graphic+18”

Dear friend Mohamed Abdel Fatah directed a short documentary in Arabic about torture in time of President Morsi. Abdel Fatah featured 3 torture cases including 2 cases of torture till death.

Morsi has ignored all the initiatives proposed by human rights activists to reform the ministry of interior and police force in order to stop these practices. Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood who plead to stop torture do not see it a problem as long as their opponents are the ones who are tortured.
Of course the blame is not only on Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood because also you got the ministry of interior and the police force. The police force does not want to change its techniques.

Friday, June 28, 2013

#28June : A rehearsal For #30June

And people went to protest today. Egyptians vs. Egyptians , civilians Vs. Civilians or Non Islamists Vs. Islamists to be accurate.
Hundreds of thousands protests against Muslim brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi in rehearsal today across the country for the big day on the 30th. Also hundreds of thousands were there in Cairo protesting in solidarity with Muslim brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi.
The scene of Islamists was repetitive but the scene of angry citizens including first time protesters and NDPians in the protests along with the revolutionaries was rare.
Of course it was not that peaceful because clashes happened and we got over 500 injured. Ministry of health says that 3 have been killed including a US citizen who was stabbed in Alexandria unfortunately.  The death toll of the Muslim brotherhood is 5 up till now while 2 for the protesters as well 1 US citizen.
Today several MB headquarters and branches have been torched and vandalized by angry protesters in Alexandria and Mansoura.
Here is a quick Storify report from photos and videos about the day. I am still updating it after the break.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

#30June : The mother of Martyr speaks

Mohamed El Gindy’s mother Mrs. Samia spoke in the 30 June Front conference yesterday.You should watch and hear her speech.

Her speech was emotional. She is calling the youth as well parents to accompany their kids to Tahrir square. Mohamed El Gindy was tortured till death last January 2013. El Gindy ,a member of the popular current and revolutionary young man who endorsed Morsi in the presidential elections.

I want to hint out that during her speech she asked Syrians to stay away from Egypt’s internal affairs in order to continue staying in Egypt.

There are rumors now circulating that Syrians will do the Hamas so-called Job in supporting the Muslim brotherhood thanks to Morsi’s fake support to Syria. I am so worried that this may create problems for Syrians in Egypt.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#30June got A Front And A Roadmap

 Tamarod ,the rebellious mother movement of the upcoming 30 June protests launched today the 30 June Front. That front is an attempt to have a political cover for the protests despite the founders of that front made it clear in a press conference that they do not represent all revolutionaries or political powers.

Now the 30 June Front presented a roadmap for Egypt after Mohamed Morsi as Tamarod believes that it is going to oust him on 30 June through petitions. The 6 months transitional period roadmap is as follows after getting rid from MB and Morsi :

  • To appoint an independent Prime minister that represents 25 Revolution.
  • To assign this prime minister with all the executive powers of the president and he will head a technocrat government whose main mission is to fix economy and adopt social justice policies.
  • To assign the head of supreme constitutional court with the President’s protocol missions.
  • To dissolve the Shura council and to suspend the current constitution.
  • To form a new constituent assembly in order to draft a new constitution.
  • To have presidential elections by the end of the 6 months followed by parliamentary elections monitored by judges and surpervised internationally. 
  • The National defense council is responsible for national security.

It is worth to mention that the boys and girls of Tamarod have met with Heikal, the old fox twice in the past two weeks. Politically speaking this roadmap is perfect or rather was perfect for Egypt on 12 February 2011 if people were honest in having true democracy. There is one missing detail is how to reach this roadmap already.

Now there are too many players with other roadmaps and agendas.

The 30 June Front is founded by a number of revolutionary and political activists like Israa Abdel Fatah, Amr Salah, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Harara , Khaled El Belshy and other others.

The press conference was attended by many of the famous faces from activists like Ahmed Harara, Karima El Khafny, Hossam Eissa , Khaled Dawood , Hossam Mounis, Mazhar Shahin and Nour El Huda Zaki.

Here are couple of photos I took from the press conference.

Sexual Torture in #Egypt Continues in time of #Morsi "Graphic +18"

Today the world celebrate the International Day in support of victims of torture . I do not think that people should only speak up against torture today but they have to shout against torture everyday.
On Sunday Al Nadeem Center , Egyptian Initiative for Personal rights and Mosireen Collective published a statement about sexual torture in Egypt and how Morsi's regime is using it after Mubarak.  The statement considered the sexual assaults and harassment in Tahrir square more of an attempt to scare women protesters like what happened in 2005 during Mubarak's rule.
The statement says that the sexual torture is being used not to get confessions in Egypt but to humiliate victims.
The two human rights organizations cooperated with the Media collective Mosireen and produced this video below. The video got English subtitles and it is heart breaking. It includes the testimonies of some sexual torture victims in Egypt from the time of Mubarak to SCAF to Morsi, the first democratically elected President.The video includes well known victims of sexual torture like Emad El Kebeer and Samira Ibrahim as well less known victims. It is heart breaking and includes graphic details "+18"
As a Muslim I do not know what Mohamed Morsi will say in front of God in the judgement day when he will be asked about those tortured under his rule and why he did not help them or stop torture.
If you are going to protest on Sunday against Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood then do not forget you should protest against torture in Egypt and you want to stop it forever.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#30June Apocalypse Egypt : Media Updates And #Egyarmy is Back to Streets

It is not long 30 June palooza , it is 30 June apocalypse now in Egypt with the on going hysteria about not only upcoming June 30th but about tomorrow and what Morsi will say or announce in his awaited speech.
Tonight popular TV host Mahmoud Saad was ordered by Al Nahar TV channel owner to stop his daily night talk show till the end of the month because Egypt is heading towards to strife !!!
Saad resigned tonight on air in another TV channel during a confrontation with Alaa El Kakhaky.

Ironically Saad was banned from National TV during the early days of 25 January revolution when Mubarak was still in power.Saad appeared on air after 11 February 2011. Many people consider it a sign.
It is worth to mention that Saad was supporting Morsi in the elections and yet was the first to be reported by presidency itself “in historical thing” to the prosecutor general for insulting the President when he criticized Morsi last year. Of course the presidency later withdrew its complaint.
State owned newspaper's editor in chief Mohamed Hassan El Banna "who was appointed by Islamist dominated Shura Council" has resigned after a strong Op-ed in the newspaper criticizing Morsi adding that the MB was intervening in the editorial policies of the famous newspaper.   
There are rumors spreading like fire through former and current police officers as well journalists like Mostafa Bakry "Pro-Military" claim that tomorrow the prosecutor general will issue an arrest warrant against a number of activists,journalists and political figures. 
Now in another important development the army forces have been assigned to protect the media city in October city. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mosireen Interviews Hazem Barakat And People Began to React Somehow "Graphic +18"

Mosireen went to Abu Muslam and interviewed citizen journalist Hazem Barakat who witnessed the horrifying massacre of Shiites last yesterday.It has not been translated yet to Arabic.

It is extremely important.Hazem says that the police was there two hours before the people were killed and they did not nothing. This clip including new sad scene like how the women of village were also participating in the mob attacking cheering against the Shiites.
There are more shocking and graphic clips surfacing. The villagers turned in to monsters. It is as if they were demonic creatures attacking human beings. They are even happy and do not think that they did anything wrong.
Now below a video showing Hassan Shehata before his tragic death along his relatives shortly. He did not come with women like the villagers claim. 

Unjust village "Graphic+18"

I do not know what to say or what to write. Let´s start with facts. This afternoon in a small village in Giza called Abu Muslam a mob of angry locals , 3000 attacked the houses of the Shiites killing not less than 4 and injuring dozens. Not less than 5 houses owned by other Egyptians who happened to be Shiites were also torched. 
Today was the 15th night of Shabaan ,a holy night for all Muslims and one of the most famous Egyptian Shiite sheiks Hassan Shehata was visiting one of the families there. As soon as Shehata was known to be there the angry mob attacked the house he was staying at throwing Molotov cocktails and then attacking th house itself. 
The house when the mob showed up
Shehata was stabbed and killed as well dragged in the streets. 
Shehata was accused by Sunni clerics in Egypt of spreading Shiism in Egypt. They
According to the villagers who did not hide their pride with what they did in front of the media they prevented those bad Shiites from debauchery and urfi marriage orgy !!!!!!
This is the true unjust village. Unjust village is the name of a novel I once read about Jerusalem after the trial of Jesus.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

#30June Palooza : Ghonim Tells #Morsi to Resign

Wael Ghonim has published a today a video message to President Morsi telling him to resign before the 30 June.

 I believe it is a very powerful balanced message from a person that once stood with Morsi in the Presidential elections.
You can read the Arabic text of the message here.

#Luxor Governor Resigns

Ok this a good news people the newly appointed governor of Luxor Adel Khayat has declared his resignation officially today Sunday. Khayat is a member in Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa which is held responsible for the Luxor 1997 terrorist massacre that left over 60 tourists killed.
The resignation comes after the protests of both the people of Luxor as well the tourists. It is worth to mention that the minister of tourism has presented his resignation to the prime minister last week.
Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa issued a statement from its side stating that Khayat , a leading member in the group in Assuit resigned because he wanted to avoid a blood shed resulted from the protests in Luxor. The extremist group also criticized the media and how it allegedly attacked Khayat. "Khayat was not officially accused or convicted or detained for anything during the Mubarak era" Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa said in its statement without understanding it has nothing to do with Khayat but rather with the group whose leaders do not show any regret for the blood they caused in the 1980s and 1990s.
Anyhow the people's pressure has succeeded.

#Egypt From More than 100 years In Color

The Brooklyn Museum published on Flickr this amazing collection of photos or rather Lantern slides taken in Egypt in year 1882. Yes in 1882 and they are in color , it is just amazing.
The photos were taken in different parts of Egypt in 1882. It is just amazing to see how our country and our people , our ancestors looked like during then. This is how Egyptians lived then. There are extremely old photos from Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Assuit , Luxor , Aswan and the newly founded Suez Canal and its cities like Ismailia.
You can a whole photo gallery with more than 100 photos from that year.

#Mothers Against #Morsi

Yesterday before we had two opposite protests and symbolic suicide , there was a small protest yet true significant one. Mothers of martyrs seeking justice protested in front of Mohamed Morsi’s house in New Cairo.
The mothers of the martyrs whom Morsi promised to bring the rights of their children that had been killed during the early days of the 25 January revolution or through the following two years. Among the famous mothers,  the mother of Ramy El Sharkawy who was killed during the Cabinet HQ clashes in December 2011 , the widow of Sheikh Emad Effat who was killed during the same clashes as well the sister of Khaled Said Zohara.
It is worth to mention that there are new mothers joined those mothers , those new mothers are the mothers of the young protesters killed during the first year of President Morsi’s rule like the mothers of Mohamed El Gendy and Jeika.

Friday, June 21, 2013

#30June Palooza : A True Sad story of #June21

Today thousands of religious right wing supporters protesters for hours to show off their numbers and power in front of the army and the world especially the United States as well the Egyptian people.
At the same time we got few thousands at the ministry of defense begging the army and El Sisi to save the day. Those protesters from Mubarak/Military/Shafik loyalists carrying none other the martyrs posters including the poster of Dr. Alaa Abdel Hady, the young protester and Tahrir doctor volunteer who was killed during the clashes of cabinet HQ in 2011 between protesters and army forces unfortunately !!!!!!!!!
Afternoon there was some expressive protest at Kasr Al Nil Bridge which actually represents a very dark image of what is happening now in Cairo. A group of Pro-revolutionary protesters decided to commit symbolic suicide and threw themselves in to the Nile. It is a fake suicide ,more of symbolic political move.

#30June Palooza : The party Has just started on #June21

The 30 June mass protests planned by opposition powers in Egypt against President Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood actually have started today with counter protests of religious right powers in Egypt  led by the Muslim brotherhood. The mass protest got two names as its names as it turned out : “Protecting the Revolution” and “ No for violence” protest !!
Yes the MB and Co. decided to mobilize their members from all over the country , from the government to declare their support. Among the parties and groups participating from the religious right : The Muslim brotherhood and its political arm Freedom and Justice Party , Homeland Party, Al Wasat Party , Al Asala Party , Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya and its political arm Building and Development Party.
There are thousands Pro-Morsi supporters now at Raba’a Al Adawaya Mosque who as usual mobilized and came from governorates. The National TV transferred the Friday prayer and speech from there in direct support to the President and his party. The Friday speech was as usual a Pro-ruler one. It is not a big surprise but we are speaking about millions spent in hard difficult times. As usual bad Non Islamist TV channels “private channels like CBC” crew are being attacked while their attempt to cover the protest !! So much for no Violence !!
The chants are racist and offensive as usual. Here is a live updated storify report from the protests with reporters’ tweets and photos after the break.

Refugees Day 2013 in #Egypt : More Challenges Than ever

The world celebrated yesterday the Refugees Day on June 20th.
I think in Egypt the refugees file is getting heavier and bigger everyday and yet the government and the mainstream media are both ignoring the refugees issues in Egypt.
Baby Nour born in September 2012 in Egypt
We got the Syrian refugees file in Egypt. The last number I have heard from very trusted sources in the UNCHR that we are getting closer to 100,000. We got clusters and communities from Syria in Cairo , Giza, Damietta and Alexandria as well in other areas like in Al Arish as I have known recently. “Small number of families”. The Syrian communities in October city and in New Cairo are like Mini-Syria now with families from all over the sad country. From different areas, different classes and different ethnics as well from different political backgrounds you will find in Egypt. We got new born babies who open their eyes in Cairo and Giza instead of Damascus and Homs.
Some Egyptians began to complain that Syrians began to take their jobs and to cause a hike in the prices of houses in Egypt. It is just sad because actually I know that Syrians are not competing Egyptians over jobs at least two incidents I heard of Syrians refused to take jobs from Egyptians so the Egyptians will not be harmed. Regarding the crazy prices of houses in Egypt , well if it were not for the greedy contractors and brokers Syrians and Egyptians would not suffer from mad prices. Syrian families are suffering from these crazy prices as well. They can not coupe with our prices easily especially in those hard times in Egypt.
By the way I think I hinted out before that the Syrian refugees are going to be harmed from President Morsi’s decision. Well many Syrian activists have raised this point. The Syrian refugees need their embassy to facilitate their documents. By the way if Morsi’s regime is so supportive to Syrians why several Syrian refugees were deported and faced death in Damascus in the past months !?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stop Watching US #PRISM

I would like to encourage you to sign this petition in order to tell the Congress that US National Security Agency “NSA” to stop their PRISM surveillance program. Guardian is making it easier here for those who do not want to read long reports.
Unfortunately we are not paying attention in Egypt to the international debate after Edward Snowden’s shocking leaks 
Amazingly it turned out that Egypt is the fourth country when it comes to Boundless informant’s global mining operation according to Snowden leaks that were published in Guardian.No one has asked the US embassy about this matter.
Our media is not interested to raise the matter and to discuss it as it should.
Of course I can not imagine how the NSA analysts look like after following and reading our Egyptian-Egyptian communications in the social media. Seriously I hope they join our 24/7 endless talkative nature !!
Back in Egypt during Mubarak’s rule the government used to spend millions on software from UK and other countries as well from companies like NARUS to spy on Egyptians’ social media communications. Amazingly up till now there is no official investigation regarding this matter. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Morsi Appoints New Governors And #MB stupidity

President Morsi has issued a new presidential decree to appoint new 17 governors. I think that this is the third time he has changed the governors since becoming a president. The new governors' reshuffle is as follows : 7 Muslim brotherhood members, 5 army generals , 2 independent , 1 Gad El Thawra member and 1 Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa member and I think one Salafist too.

I will not comment on how I find it strange from political perspective to find Morsi taking such decision 2 weeks prior the 30/6 protests provoking people in governorates by appointing more MB members as governors in anti-MB governorates like Monufia. For God sake The people signed rebellion petitions in the Nile Delta governorate more than in Cairo. I will not comment on how we do not know till this day on what basis those men are appointed as governors.

I will comment on one thing : How president Morsi and his advisors and aides like Pakinam El Sharkawy found it acceptable and logic to appoint Adel El Khayaat , the leading member of Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa as the governor of Luxor.

El Khayaat is said already to be the prince "Amir" of the notorious group's branch in Assuit so he is not from Luxor in the first place. Second how on earth and heavens you appoint a member if the group is involved in the massacre of Luxor when more than 60 people mostly tourists were killed in 1997 by radicals in one of the Worst terrorist incidents in Egypt. I do not know what kind of message Morsi is sending through appointing a member in an extremist group as a governor of a tourist attraction governorate. Hell Luxor is the second attraction after the pyramids when it comes to ancient Egyptian civilization !!

Another thing what I know about Luxor is considered a Sufi center in Upper Egypt. Sufism and Al Gama'a do not mix.

By the way I see some sort of Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa Muslim Brotherhood alliance taking place. This alliance is replacing the MB Al Nour/ Salafist Calling alliance

Another thing I see more army ranks with my all due respect to the generals in the governors reshuffles and that makes me wonder about the myth of Mohamed Morsi ended the military rule and military control in Egypt. By


Cairo University’s report on Ethiopia's Great Renaissance Dam

The Cairo University professors and experts in the faculties of engineering and agriculture have formed a group called “Group of Nile Basin” {GNB} and this group prepared extremely important report about the Ethiopia’s great Renaissance Dam.
The report was published in Arabic on Facebook by Dr. Nader Noor El Din , a member of the GNB and it was republished once again by famous Kolena Khaled Said Page.
Thanks to Mr. Ashraf El Shehat  , this report has been translated to English. Without his help I do not know what I could have done.  This report represents the Egyptian objections based on science not based on politics or any other thing.

Group of Nile Basin (GNB) at Cairo University to Support Egypt


A series of external challenges have suddenly appeared on the surface forming major threats to securing the water supply to Egypt.  The sources of these threats are the new plans by the Ethiopian Government to construct four dams on the Blue Nile (Figure 1). 

However, the major threat was the sudden unilateral announcement of the Ethiopian Government to divert the course of the Blue Nile marking the actual start of construction of the Great Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD) without consultation with the downstream countries; Egypt and Sudan.  This act in the eyes of the majority of Egyptians amounts to a flagrant assault on all the basic fundamental laws and the international norms.
Figure 1- Plan of construction four new dams in Ethiopia endangers the only water supply to Egypt.
Considering the major threat to the people of Egypt, a group of professors from the Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University formed a group titled “The Group of the Nile Basin” (GNB).  The purpose of the group is to support the effort of Government and the decision makers facing these serious escalating water threats.  The scope of GNB shall include analytical studies of the Ethiopian Dams, prepare and implement numerical water models to study the side effects of these dams and collecting all recent scientific studies in this field.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

#Syria Does not Need #Morsi And His Sheikhs

As usual , as expected the Muslim brotherhood did what they are best at and are exploiting the agony of other people, other tragedies for political gains.
A very cheap political conference to show off Mohamed Morsi and Muslim brotherhood’s supporters before the opposition’s mass protests on 30 June 2013 took place tonight at Cairo stadium hall. As usual the MB mobilized its members from all over the country including women and children as well their so called MB Ultras to fill the Cairo stadium indoor main arena. By the way the Cairo stadium indoor main arena’s capacity is 20,000 spectators.
The event was to show solidarity with Mohamed Morsi with all the banners praising , with all the Morsi t-Shirts and with all the pro-Morsi chants like “Morsi will stay whole 7 years”.
 There were many scenes in the event that actually an insult to Syria and its martyrs. You got imposters , crocks and terrorists like Safwat Hegazy , Mohamed Hassan and Assam Abdel Maged acting like heroes.

Abdel Maged and Hegazy one hand "Doaa Sultan FB page"
There is the historical scene that me and millions of Egyptians will not forget when Salafist Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Maksoud prayed against the infidel hypocrites who are going to protest against Mohamed Morsi ,the president of all Egyptian !!

Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Maksoud prays against the 30/6 protesters
By the way Sheikh Abdel Maksoud is the brother of our current MB minister of information Salah Abdel Maksoud.
Syria indeed won a lot with that prayer. I know people,Muslims who were hesitant in participating in the protests against MB on 30 June 2013. They are going to participate after that scene.
Another scene, a typical scene full of racism and hate towards Shiism where the Sheikhs called the Shiites dirty and urging Morsi to cut the relations with Iran.
Of course in another scene that made breaking news worldwide Moris issued the decision to cut the diplomatic relations with Syria 48 hours after the US announcement to arm the opposition in Syria.
Amazingly in the speech distributed by the presidency on press on there was no mention for this decision. It is a surprise , a cheap one considering the fact that the Syrian ambassador left Egypt and the Egyptian ambassador left Syria and we got only a diplomatic Commission there in Damascus.
Unfortunately the advisers of President Morsi on foreign relations aka Essam Haddad and Khaled Qazzaz did not and will not understand that the decision to close the Syrian embassy in Cairo will harm thousands of Syrians in Egypt. “There are over 90,000 Syrians in Egypt”
Yes according to my Syrian friends who are Pro-Revolutionary by the way this decision will harm the Syrians who want to issue and renew their ids and passports !!
Of course I should not forget to highlight the amazing statement of Khaled Qazzaz , the President’s secretary on foreign relations. Qazzaz is not worried from the Jihadists travelling from Egypt to Syria nor he does consider them a threat to the National security considering the radical ideas they got.
By the way the Jihadists who came back from Afghanistan and other countries to Egypt consider Qazzaz infidel including those in Sinai.
Qazzaz is an engineer who was appointed as the president's adviser for education in 2012 by the way. His dad owns the biggest private school where the rich MB members send their kids to.
Back to the Circus held tonight in Cairo stadium.
President Morsi spoke Hezbollah yet he forgot to mention Russia and China. Amazingly China which he visited and the MB was flying over the moon with this visit is helping African countries in building dams on the Nile !!
Anyhow cutting the diplomatic relations is nothing for me comparing how millions of Egyptians turned to be infidels because they are political opponents of Morsi and Muslim brotherhood.
I apologize for Syrians especially for those who are killed that some Egyptians are using their blood for those domestic political gains.
God bless Egypt and Syria and May their agonies so soon.

Friday, June 14, 2013

#Morsi Degage One week Before His first anniversary in the Office

This video was filmed earlier today after Friday prayer in New Cairo where President Mohamed Morsi was praying. 

Morsi, angry people and the lady asking for help

This video shows his departure while people , angry people screaming “Leave, leave” or like the Tunisians say it “degage” in French. You can see a woman trying to approach and to speak to the President but the presidential guards and president’s security stopped her just like in the days of Mubarak.

I wonder what the president’s men from the Muslim brotherhood will tell regarding this no so warming departure and reception of the public !!

After one week Morsi will celebrate his 1st anniversary in office and people are telling him to leave outside the mosque !! 

Declaring #Jihad in #Syria From #Cairo In less than 24 hours From White House’s decision

Yesterday the White House announced that after two years the U.S is going to arm the Syrian rebels after its conclusion that Bashar El Assad used chemical weapons.
Now the White House did not mention which Syrian rebel groups the West was going to arm exactly but I do not think that they were speaking about the Pro Al Qaeda radical groups roaming Syria and giving its people hard time.
Anyhow today as part of an event announced by the Muslim brotherhood we found Saudi Sheikh Mohamed El Arefe announcing that he and other clerics that agreed to open the door of Jihad in front of youth. Muslim youth should go and fight in Syria according to Sheikh El Arefe and other Sheikhs sitting in air conditioned rooms !!! It seems that the Sheikhs waiting the American decision after all !!
Of course the Jihadists from all around the world are not waiting this announcement because they are already there.
El Arefe declared this during the Friday Speech from Egypt’s oldest mosque Amr Ibn El As in front of thousands of Muslim brotherhood supporters who chanting Pro-Syria chants and so on. His Friday speech was aired on the Egyptian National TV’s Ch.1 by the way.
Now I wonder if the Freedom and Justice Party and President Morsi support what Sheikh El Arefe called from in Cairo considering the fact the party is organizing this 3 days event and sponsoring it.
Already tomorrow President Morsi will attend that big protest in Cairo stadium in solidarity with Syria. So we have to ask the President and his president directly : Do they support sending Egyptian youth to fight in Syria for Jihad ??
Does the Freedom and Justice Party support the sectarian talk of Sheikh El Arefe and others clerics from Islamic groups from their political allies and how they attack the Shiites and Iranians ??
Does the Freedom and Justice Party support the talk of Sheikh El Arefe who declared with all the confidence in the world that the Islamic Caliphate system will return back ??
This is so much like Afghanistan.                           

Thursday, June 13, 2013

#SOS_EgyHeirtage: More Info About West #Aswan Tombs

More information surfaced online about the 6 West Aswan tombs discovered and controlled by the locals who are refusing to let archeologists and authorities to check them.
Al Rawi Heritage magazine published on its official Facebook more about one of those tombsfeatured in the video” and their history according to Spanish archeological team work in Aswan. It turns out the illegal diggers uncovered a tomb of Elephantine mayor from the 18th dynasty. The tomb is 1 km away north of Qubbet el-Hawa. Here is the video they are speaking about.

From the video, colleagues of mine have identified the name of the Mayor of Abu [Elephantine], Wesir, and his wife, Tuyu. There is also a man [in the middle photo] called Paser who was a "soldier of the regiment" [waw n pA zA]. In the picture showing two men, the one on the right is a is a sS qdwt, a draftsman scribe and wab-priest who seems to be called Montunefer; the one on the left is a scribe and his name is Amenemhat. It's a little unclear because their names have been partially erased--the theophoric elements, Amun and Montu have been smudged. The tomb dates by all the indicators from the reign of Amenhotep III, and the owner himself may have censored the names under Akhenaten
According to the Spanish team the locals from Nubians did not allow the inspectors from the ministry of antiquities to check the tomb because they think that it is located in a land that does not belong to the ministry thus it has no right to inspect it !!
Of course those illegal diggers do not want the state to control the tomb.

In case you do not know Rim is like Assaf

Last Sunday Avichay Adraee , the IDF spokesperson for Arab Media expressed his admiration with the voice of Palestinian Mohamed Assaf, the popular contestant in Arab Idol 2013 as well his anger from Hamas and how it is allegedly fighting this rising star.
Hamas is still meddling in the Gazans’ affairs and is still imposing its provoking and ugly restrictions on them. The best example is how the movement demanded the rising star “Mohamed Assaf” to withdraw from Arab Idol TV show to return back to the sector in a threatening message sent to him and to his family. Hamas also gave its orders to remove the photos of Assaf from cars and shops imposing fines on those breaking its orders. According to estimations and given data Mohamed Assaf is in good position in the TV show and there is high hopes that he will be “Arab Idol”
Personally I watch the show from from time to time , I am not a fan of a certain contestant but after what happened with him... "Bad Arabic structure" his voice is great or like what Ahlam had said “his voice is like diamonds”. That voice makes those who refuse creativity and other opinion angry. I say you are amazing amazing amazing Mohamed Assad
Strangely as far as I know Hamas denied that it ordered Mohamed Assef to withdraw from the popular TV show , in fact it denied those rumors from long time. Assaf himself had to speak and published a comment denying what Adraee claimed.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

There is Always Hope : Little Smiles From #Fayoum

Sometimes you need to see such photos to give hope in the future , yes a simple pure hope from simple little smile can change your mood. 
This photo is from those simple little things that can give hope.
By Mohamed El Kordy
Those adorable little girls are from Izzabt Soliman in Fayoum and that precious beautiful moment was captured by Mohamed El Kordy “via Wael Ghonim

When Al Akhbar Newspaper Speaks About #Qatar

This is the first edition from Al Akhbar Newspaper issue on Tuesday
Mama Qatar provides Gas to Egypt
 The front page headline in Red is "Mama Qatar provides Gas to Egypt". It is about the decision of Qatar to give Egypt natural gas supply in Summer
The first edition was pulled back from the newsstand in one of the first incident of its own in 2013 when it comes to newspapers and state-owned newspapers in particular in Morsi's first regardless of what you think about the headline. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#OccupyMinCulture : Occupy Movement Vs. Islamists

The day started with very alarming announcement published in the official Facebook page of Ahmed Mogheer , the leading youth Muslim brotherhood member and their star. I think you have read about Al Mogheer before in the previous clashes like the Presidential Palace clashes on 5 December 2012 or the Moktam clashes in last March 2013 .You have see him doing the Harlem Shake MB edition .
Anyhow He is like the omen of the death and blood. Once he opens up his mouth and rants about mobilizing the MB , you will know that this gathering will end up in violence and the blood of Egyptians will be spelled.
Back to Al Mogheer’s announcement “I am sorry I had to have this introduction because he will appear again in our chronicle later” on Facebook. The Self claimed artist said the following

Al Mogheer's early announcement
Today at 4 PM all the supporters of the revolutionary solution to support the minister of culture in front of the ministry of culture because I want to assure that if that minister’s plan succeeds , it will be generalized on everybody insh Allah but if it fails God forbids I do not want anyone to complain from reformist solution
It is worth to mention that a group of artists and intellectuals have been occupying the ministry of culture demanding the dismissal of the minister for several days now. They came in peace and hold every night a cultural event in the street of the ministry like ballet.
The ministry of culture while it is occupied "Cliff Cheney"

A Reader’s Reply From #Egypt to Open Letter From #Ethiopia

I got this short reply from dear friend Dr. Ahmed Abdel Kawi to the open letter Egyptian Chronicles got from Ethiopia and published on this blog. Abdel Kawi’s reply is short and is addressing specific points.

Dear Sir

Thank you for your letter. Regarding first myth:please calculate total annual water income of Ethiopia and the annual income of Egypt,you will find that water input to your country is much than Egypt.Please don't describe situation as if Egypt is depriving Ethiopia from water. Regarding second myth,let's leave it to the law experts to solve,we are taking actions aiming to solve such issue. Regarding third myth,we are afraid that after building the dam,some one may destroy it,the water flowing will reach Egypt within a month and destroy our dam,thus ending in flooding Egypt. Finally dear sir we hope to negotiate with your people for best interest of our countries.

I have also to comment and say that if we want to reach to Win-Win situation then we have to forget our nationalist chauvinism. Also if we want to act in a mature way , we have to listen to the experts and their decisions as a start for true negotiations.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Morsi Speaks To #Ethiopia and #June30 Supporters as Well

Today Islamist political parties held some so-called popular meeting to discuss the Nile river crisis including the Freedom and Justice Party. Those parties invited President Morsi to that meeting and he addressed the Nation.
There was not a real discussion for the Nile crisis as much it was obvious replica conference from the days of Mubarak and the NDP. The exact sign but with a religious touch. I will not comment on the fact that Islamist parties mobilized its members from governorates as far as Bani Sawif to attend the conference in Cairo and to stand outside the Conference halls in Nasr City. I will not comment either on the banners the supporters of Morsi held like “We love you President” and “The goals of the revolution have been achieved”. I will not comment on what happened on the beginning of the conference. I will go straight to the main event of Morsi’s speech.
The speech is two parts : One that deals with Ethiopia and the Nile Dam and the other deals with Egyptian opposition.
The first part that deals with Ethiopia Morsi presented the good cop/bad cop in not so good way. Speaking in escalating and confident tune , Morsi declared that “All options are available” asserting over and over that our Water’s security is a red line that we will not accept to give up a single drop from it.

#OccupyMinCulture : Street Ballet #Updated

In case you do not know, I missed covering the Occupy Ministry of culture movement that started last week.
Ago of intellectuals, authors, artists and actors occupied the ministry of culture in Zamalek as an escalation for their demand to dismiss the minister of culture Alaa Abdel Aziz. Now every night at the HQ of the ministry in Zamalek artists present shows for the people in the small street. Of course these intellectuals and artists are being attacked day and night by MB’s supporters and allies.
Last night the artists presented parts of Ballet Zorba in the street.

Here is a video clip for the show from Ahram Online

 This is dedicated to the Salafist MPs who left everything in the country and wanted to ban Ballet.
Amazingly hundreds go and watch these daily shows in solidarity with the artists. I believe this is the richest culturally sit in we had since Tahrir sit in July 2011 when we used to have concerts , Tweet Nadwas and Tahrir Cinema.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Readers’ Chronicles : An Open Letter to Egyptians From #Ethiopia

I do not think that I have done this before. This is an email I got from Ethiopia , from MR. Yared H.Meskel. 
I did not edit a single letter in the email. I am not going to comment about the open letter in the blog post , civilized discussions are extremely welcomed in comments section  
MR. Meskel is columnist and managing director in a technology and investment advisory consulting company in East Africa and UK. Dear Egyptians,
I think you politicians have been feeding false propaganda and the politicians have lived to believe their own propaganda. This propaganda has created three major myths in Egyptians mine.
One is Egypt own the Nile, second there was an international treaty, third, Ethiopia can block the water.
All are myth built up with no facts and lack of understanding basic scientific observations.
Here are the answers to think about.
1st. Egypt does not own the Nile. Nile belongs to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, and off course, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. If Egypt thinks that it is only Egypt can drink from the Nile, and then take a hard look of the reality. You are receiving every day, clean, drinkable free from industrial toxic and fresh water everyday from these countries. If they do not benefit from the water they can send their wastes with it.

The Kurdish who Made it to Arab Idol Quarter Finals

I do not think for one second that anyone has ever thought that a young lady from Kurdistan would be popular in the Arab world through a Reality TV show.
Parwas Hussein was the only Kurdish Iraqi Contestant that made it to MBC’s Arab Idol “Pop Idol Arabic version” when she does not speak Arabic fluently. She made to the quarter finals in Arab Idol and lost. “Tough to compete with other contestants with their strong voices in that stage”
Singing in Beirut while wearing Kurdish traditional dress

Of course it was a clever thing from the Arab Idol producers and the MBC to accept Parwas , they did not have to accept someone who is not fluent in Arabic to become the Arab Idol but for sure politics play a role here. This year was the first time Arab Idol would include Kurdistan.
The young wife and mother made it and earned the love of the viewers all over the Arab world and she had to. Her voice is nice and young with beautiful young face. She had a cheerful charisma that made viewers like her despite the language and cultural barriers as well political conflicts.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Actually The Police Can Stop them .. If they Want to

The official page for the ministry of antiquities on Facebook “It is the ministry’s official page thought” paged on Thursday very alarming posts about ancient tombs discovered and controlled by the locals who are not allowing the Egyptologists nor the police to come near to the tombs.
The tombs are said to be in Aswan , particular in the West. Ancient Egyptians used to have their tombs in the West. There are about 6 tombs discovered there recently by the people who took control of these tombs.
Yes the people do not want the state to control the tombs. Already I saw the photos and video from there and I am not an Egyptologist to say that this was an Authentic tomb or but its colors and drawings look amazing.
Here are some photos taken from inside one of the tombs

Friday, June 7, 2013

#Morsi speaks to Ahram in Four pages !!

Al Ahram Newspaper
Today Ahram newspaper published in its Friday weekly issue its first full interview with President Mohamed Morsi. The President was interviewed by the man who used to attack the brotherhood and the revolution in past Mr. Abdel Nasser Salama.
Now amazingly in the printed issued of Ahram newspaper , we found out that interview was published on 4 pages in addition of the first Front page with big headlines for the interviews.
We are making history in media and in press in particular in Egypt now without doubt !! 4 pages interview !!??
Now the interview summarized in few points for those who do not want to spend all that time to read the interview
  • Egypt will not lose a single drop from its share from the river Nile and Ethiopia is our friend.
  • Any talk about early presidential elections is nonsense.
  • We respect our agreements aka Camp David.
  • Morsi and army are good friends.
  • There is nothing called brotherhoodization of the state , it is nonsense.
  • The Mubarak regime corruption is unimaginable
  • The investigations of Sinai's kidnapped soldiers incident are confidential because it is a national security matter !!!!!!! “What about the national dialogue about the Nile Crisis ?” 
The interview

Rebellion Campaign HQ set on Fire

Late last night the Rebellion Campaign ‘Tamarud’ stated to the media that they got threats and after few hours we found that the Campaign HQ in Downtown Cairo was torched.

The HQ on Fire "Tamarud official FB page"
The Campaign is accusing the Muslim brotherhood of standing behind the fire. The Campaign also issued a statement saying that the signatures they are collecting from citizens are not being kept only in the HQ and they are safe. It seems that unknown assailants threw Molotov cocktails in to the HQ.

#KhaledSaid : We are Khaled and They are all #Mubarak

Today was the anniversary of the incident that changed the Egyptian society , today Egyptian youth in different governorates commemorated the anniversary of Khaled Said’s murder.
The Young Alexandrian man whose brutal murder was like a wake up call for the Egyptian society months before 28 January. Just like in 2010 the people went in silent stands in squares and major squares holding banners to remind with Khaled as well other young men who are killed and tortured to death.
The silent stand at Kasr Al Nil bridge
Khaled Said’s commemoration this year is called “We are all Khaled and they are all Mubarak”.
Khaled and his brothers(R) and Mubarak and his brothers (L)
It is a brilliant name because this is what is happening now in Egypt.
There is no big difference now when it comes to Police brutality. The Mubarak legacy lives on.
Just yesterday another citizen was allegedly tortured till death in some police station in Cairo. A quick low to the human rights violations by the police force in time of President Morsi and you will wonder what kind of revolution we had in Egypt.
In the first 100 days of President Morsi’s rule , Al Nadeem Center published a report stating that more than 30 torture cases in the police stations by policemen where as 11 cases of torture till death were recorded. These were the first hundred days.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

#Nile Crisis : Sorry Is the Hardest word Indeed

After the scandalous National dialogue aka War council held by Presidency , we found no reaction or no official apology from the Egyptian Presidency regarding the insults to Sudan and the threats to Ethiopia.
On Tuesday Mohamed ElBaradei apologized to both Sudan and Ethiopia 

Of course this did not go quietly despite many Egyptians online respected what ElBaradei as veteran diplomat did . The Islamists unleashed a new verbal attack against the former head of the IAEA as usual.

The apology of ElBaradei to Ethiopia is a new contradiction added to his long list of contradictions , we have not heard any opinion from you nor did you ever participate in national dialogue , lame opposition. 
This was Salafist Al Nour party Spokesperson Nader Bakkar on his official twitter account.
Al Nour Party leader Younis Makhioun suggested that Islamist militants could give Ethiopia hard times and we can escalate the matter to the level of having a covert operation to demolish the dam.It is worth to mention that Al Nour party has been actively marketing itself abroad to the West as a good replacement to the Muslim brotherhood.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#Tamarud : Rebels With A Cause

“Rebellion” or “Tamarud”  is a name of a public campaign in Egypt now that is causing controversy and making headlines in the media. Everybody is speaking about this campaign , the revolutionaries have high hopes for it while the Muslim brotherhood supporters mock it. The former regime supporters are divided whether to support it or not while the Islamists refuse it altogether and even launched a counter campaign to this rebellion
The iconic logo of the campaign
“Tamarud” campaign aims to two main goals : To withdraw confidence from Mohamed Morsi and to have early elections.
It is crazy thing to topple a democratically elected president but the campaign is doing this through the collection of ID signatures from Egyptians.They are putting a target of 15,000,000 signatures to withdraw the confidence from the elected President. On next 30 June 2013 the campaign will present these signatures "if it manages to collect that number" to the Supreme Constitutional Court. In the campaign's best case scenario the Court will consider these signatures like votes and withdraw confidence from Morsi and call for early presidential elections.
The famous document now
Collecting signature is not a new thing actually it was used before by the National association of Change in 2010 against Mubarak if you remember before the revolution.
Tamarud campaign started in late April 2013 but its official birth was in Tahrir square in May Day , during then people mocked those young men and girls but in one month it seems that the members of the campaign had the last laugh so far. What started in small campaigns in at crowded streets in the evening at clubs and main squares turned big day by day.
Signing the petition "Cairo Dar"
On last Wednesday the Campaign announced they managed to collect exactly 7,540,535 , yes in one month they were enabled to collect this number from all over the country. On the same day they launched an official website to receive signatures and post Updates thought it online.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#NGOTrial : Another bad news for #Egypt

Today the Cairo Criminal court has ended the first chapter of the NGO trial in Egypt and it was not a good end at all.
The criminal court sentenced 43 NGO workers between 2 to 5 years in jail ordering at the same the closure of 5 foreign NGOs in Egypt. Twenty seven defendants got 5 years jail sentences in absentia. Those 27 who were smuggled/escaped in some shady unknown deal between the US and SCAF in March 2012.
Eleven workers received one year suspended sentences and five received two years jail sentences. The convicted included 19 Americans, 16 Egyptians, as well as Germans, Serbs, Norwegians, Palestinians , Lebanese and Jordanians.
Robert Becker who works in NDI and refused to leave Egypt last year like the the rest of the Americans in the case left Cairo and headed to Italy in exile by the request of his lawyers.
Becker knew the verdict while watching his own trial in some Cairo Café. Becker will return after his appeal.
By the way some of the NGO workers are on twitter and you can follow them like Rawda Ahmed , Hafsa Halwa , Sherif Mansour and Bassem Fathy 
The court has also ordered the closure of 5 foreign NGOs :  US Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), and the International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ), and Germany's Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS).
Amazingly the maps of the so-called divided Egypt and other National security documents leaked to the media were not included in the case in front of the trial. The NGOs workers are going to appeal.
Interestingly the court informed the Interpol to issue an arrest warrant for the other foreign convicted NGO workers including Sam LaHood, the son of the current US secretary of transportation Ray LaHood.
It is just sad because NGOs played an extremely important role in Egypt when it comes to development and foreign funding played a role in this. What is even more sadder is how the Egyptian NGOs workers and employees are being punished in this way.
Those Egyptian women and men may not find a job in Egypt easily when they are officially convicted in a political case like this.
Of course the world is not stupid , it understands what happened and is happening.
You must know that this was the trick of the old Mubarak’s regime , to let those NGOs to work without any licensing in order to close those organizations whenever they are crossed the red line . It happened before with TV channels like Orbit, Dream TV and Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr.
Of course it is worth to mention that the Muslim brotherhood is walking on the same path like Mubarak regime and SCAF.
This is another setback to human rights in Egypt and actually it will not encourage people to come to the country or invest in it. I believe this verdict will also be a setback in the relation between the United States and the Muslim brotherhood as well EU and the Muslim brotherhood.
Here is the National security council in the United States expresses its concern regarding the NGO trial’s verdict. The US department of state also issued a statement about the trial. Senator McCain slammed the verdict too. I wonder when Essam Haddad will take the first plane to Washington D.C to put the blame on SCAF, the army, the judiciary and Mubarak’s regime.
The German ministry of foreign affairs summoned the Egyptian charge d'affaires earlier today.  The minister of foreign affairs expressed his extreme anger from the verdict.
There will be another chapter in the NGO trial and that’s appeal.
By the way I remember that last year when the witch hunt started against the NGOs , there were reports about how Salafist NGOs got millions from the Gulf without the knowledge of the government.

Shall We stand Against This As Well ??

Yesterday there was a protest in solidarity with the Egyptian judges at the Supreme court in down town Cairo. A considerable number of protesters ,if not the majority were from the Mubarak regime/Okasha supporters “The infamous TV host” were there. The protest was held in solidarity with the judges and their on fight against the Muslim brotherhood.

Youm 7 and Al Wafd newspaper both recorded very alarming thing that took place during the short protest. A young girl beaten by so-called men from the protest in a very disgusting way.

From the videos’ descriptions posted by both newspapers that young girl in black veil objected having the Mubarak’s and Okasha supporters in the protest. She was among the protesters already. A so-called man hit on the back of her neck with all his power while another so-called man kicked her . It is disgusting.

Al Wafd video

Monday, June 3, 2013

Camera and National Security Do not Mix Dear Presidency

I believe today the national dialogue held by the Presidency earlier this morning to discuss the Nile river crisis with Ethiopia will be an example of failure in international politics and international relations as well international crisis management. A total fiasco without doubt.
The first part of the meeting was fine. Khaled Qazaz, the president’s aide discussed the summary of the trilateral commission’s report then President Mohamed spoke and lost people with his technical knowledge.
Then came the second part of the meeting and the madness started. Aside from the common words “ We have to mobilize the people and unite them around the Nile , it is matter of life and death .. bla bla bla” , we found ourselves watching a live part of Dr. Stranglove’s film !!
Now to the memorable suggestions of the parties’ leaders :
  • Younes Makhioun of Al Nour Party  : We will use all our cards including the intelligence card in bringing down the dam if we have too.
  • Ayman Nour of Ghad El Thawra Party : We should spread rumors to scare Ethiopia like claiming that we bought aircrafts to strike them, the Ethiopian society is weak and we should use this for our advantage as well we need an intelligence team and not an embassy work. Sudan's position sucks !!
  • Magdy Hussein of Al Amal party : It is fake threat , we are being manipulated by US and Israel. We should open the Rafah crossing. We can send Abu Tarika to Ethiopia as they love him there.  We can have joint electricity projects with Ethiopia and there is no need for the high dam !!
Bassem Youssef should air this meeting as it is.

The Trilateral Commission Report's Summary is Here

The Egyptian presidency published a summary of the trilateral commission report about the Ethiopian dam aka Renaissance.
It is in Arabic and you can read it after the break. Here I will summarize the important points.
  • Ethiopia did not present all the detailed and extensive studies about the Renaissance dam especially about its negative environmental and social impact on the downstream countries. They are not sufficient
  • The Ethiopian government did not present extensive studies about a very alarming scenario : The collapse of the dam. It is a study that has to be presented.
  • In flood season this dam will make it hard for the High Dam to generate electricity While in drought season will reduce our water share especially in irrigation.
The original report got an index of more than 600 pages and it is full of technical details. It is not that good according to the experts. The Trilateral commission is made of experts from UK, France and German and 3 delegations representing Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.