Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Tale of Two Leaks And How The Truth Is Lost Between Them !!

There is on going press leaks on going war between the Muslim brotherhood and the army and unfortunately the truth is the price Egyptians pay in this war between those two.
It began first in early April with the explosive leaks published by the Guardian about the human rights abused committed during SCAF rule. The leaks were from the alleged the revolution’s martyrs fact finding committee commissioned by President after his election.That report should say in details who was responsible for the murder of protesters from 25 January 2011 to 30 June 2012. No one knows how the Guardian got its leaks but we know that the fact finding members finished their report and presented it to the Egyptian presidency. The members deny leaking it to anyone. The Presidency then referred the report to Talaat Abdullah , the Prosecutor general. For months nothing happened.
Before the Guardian would publish these leaks , Egyptian Daily Al Shorouk Newspaper also published leaks from the report in a series of articles but nobody paid attention to our local press.
Of course 2 days after the Guardian’s report , we found President Morsi holding a meeting with SCAF members then promoting three army commanders to higher ranks. Morsi also said “Any insult to the armed forces is actually an insult to all of us”. After the meeting minister of defense El Sisi swore by God in front of the TV cameras that the armed forces did not kill anybody.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

#Nile University and its legal victory : Lessons for Those Who Understand

In a legal triumph for Nile University “NU” and its students  last April 24th the high administrative court ordered the return of the land and the building allocated by the government to Zewail city for science and technology “ZCST” to Nile University. The High administrative court also ruled that the NU should be
Nile University "From NU Tales"
registered as a civil university.
I am so so so happy for this legal triumph because it reminds us that people give up their rights. The NU students, the researchers and professors gave us an example of not losing hope and fighting back the system and the regime peacefully till the end. It is a lesson for those who understand.
Since March 2011 and the return of Ahmed Zewail and the regime whether SCAF and then Mohamed Morsi administration were in the side of the famous Nobel awarded scientist with no respect to NU or its legal rights.Yet they did not lose hope and they did not give up their fight and it is enough what happened with them in the time of the elected president last September 2012.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Save our History : Abu Sir Al Malaq

El Badil Newspaper exposed another huge disaster taking place in the archaeological site of Abu Sir Al Malaq on the borders between Fayoum and Bani Sawif.

Abu Sir Al Malaq : Looting and destruction

It is just sad to see the video till the end. The site is looted as you see and the mummies are torn and left in the sun , it is horrifying and disrespectful even to throw the bones and mummies like this. It is just sad.
There is no security what so ever in the site and sadly enough the locals after the revolution come at night and dig. From what I see in the video , they dig the site and smash the beautiful colored wooden sarcophagus.
Whole tombs are destroyed and written records from papyrus and plates are destroyed.

Friday, April 26, 2013

#UNICEF 's Numbers : Unemployment in #Egypt

I love the infographic prepared by UNICEF in Egypt and published in its official FB page in both Arabic and English. They are simple and with accurate numbers from the UNICEF. I wish that the Egyptian government would learn from these infographics. Now today the page published a very interesting info-graph about unemployment in Egypt.I thought of sharing it with you.
 I will not comment , I will leave you with the infographic with all the detail. Click on it to zoom in . 
Unemployment in Egypt 

#Sinai : Questions to be answered

Today Egypt is celebrating Sinai day. For those who do not know what is , it commemorates the withdrawal of Israeli troops in 1982 from Sinai Peninsula except from Taba. After 31 years ago I have to ask two important questions today especially with all the debates around Sinai recently

Who killed our soldiers in Sinai  ??

Yes whenever I hear the word “Sinai” now I always remember how our soldiers were brutally murdered in cold blood last August 2012 and I remember how on earth months passed and we did not know the truth behind their murder. It is not an easy violent terrorist attack , it had shaken the society and I even remember how some compared it with the bitterness of 1967 defeat.

President Morsi , the army and the intelligence should be frank and honest to tell us the truth. The army commandership should respect the blood of those soldiers as well their families and tell us the truth.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Palestinian Refugees Escape from hell in #Syria to be in Limbo in #Egypt !!

There is on going human tragedy now in Egypt and no one paying attention to or care to speak about it as it should from the mainstream.
About 9000 Palestinian refugees including whole families have fled Syria to Egypt escaping the revolution turned in to war. Already Palestinian refugees have paid a huge price during those two years. El Assad forces killed many refugees during the fight inside the camps like Yarmouk camp. 
Some of them these 
From the sit in "Do Not kill us twice" by Kareem Farid 
The lucky ones are granted in Egypt a tourism visa where as they should be granted a refugee entry while the others are being deported back to Syria !!
We do not have UNRWA in Egypt and this is part of the problem when it comes to Palestinian refugees. Unlike Lebanon and Syria , we do not have Palestinian refugee camps. UNHCR does not deal with Palestinians , UNRWA only deals with them.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#Aleppo : The Minaret is gone

This is just sad , extremely sad in a way you can not ever imagine. Yes the human souls are precious but seeing the famous Umayyad Mosque without its famous minaret today was a huge shock. The minaret was destroyed after the mosque was shelled by Al Assad security forces.
The mosque without its minaret "AMC and AP"

After and before "AMC and AP"
Ironically some Muslims , mainly from Arabs believed that Prophet Jesus will descend from heavens on this minaret in particular to start his war against the anti-Christ in the end of days. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gadallah resigns : Jumping from the ship or what !!

President Morsi’s legal adviser Judge Fouad Gadallah has resigned from his presidency tonight.
It is unknown if he was forced to resign as the MB wants to sacrifice someone or he resigned. Already the Morsi ordered the return of the people’s assembly. This man’s legal advices were more than devastating whether from returning back the people’s assembly and standing against the constitutional court or with the prosecutor general’s debate or with the constitution debate or the constitutional declaration in November. Is he jumping from the ship now !?  We will see
Judge Fouad Jadallah
Pro-MB Judge actually is the among the direct reasons on how Egypt entered political and legal crisis since last November or even since last July
His resignation was leaked to the internet and he stated 7 reasons on why he could not continue :
  1. No clear vision in managing the country and building Egypt’s future as it should !! “All those months after defending Morsi , he is attacking him now !!”
  2. Insisting on keeping Hisham Qandil’s cabinet  despite its constant political and economic failure and not communicating with the opposition to have proper reshuffles.
  3. The attempt to assassinate the judicial authority  through attacking its independence whether through the prosecutor general debate “I am sorry but you were supporting the decision in public, now you are speaking !!?”
  4. How one single political power is controlling the transitional period. “ I do not know if he is speaking about the Muslim brotherhood or the Islamists in general a he is already Islamist !!”
  5. The failure of conducting a true national dialogue to achieve political, economic and security consensus. “Again attacking the President and Presidency” 
  6. The failure to empower the youth especially the revolution youth.
  7. Opening the doors of Egypt in front of Shiism “Ok it is turning crazy from here” and allowing to build Hussainias “not true” through Iranian tourism. He believes that the Iranians will restore the Fatimid State and eliminating Sunni Islam in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ Not so surprising the Salafists are praising the resignation of Gadallah , either Gadallah is actually a Salafist or he is trying to win Salafist in a very cheap way”
Of course the resignation does not stop here because Gadallah continues to reveal interesting stuff :

Monday, April 22, 2013

#EarthDay : Meet Merna

On the Earth Day I would like you to meet the Arab Youth Climate Movement and its leading member . Merna Ghaly and her friends from 15 Arab countries are fighting another war
Merna Ghaly on MBC Misr
Merna Ghaly
The 18 years old Merna Ghaly was featured in the Newsweek among 25 girls to watch worldwide under the age of 25.Merna fights a battle everybody is ignoring in Egypt whether the government or the civil society. The battle is about Climate Change.Yes tell me who speaks about it now !! 
Here is what said about the GUC student who is completely unknown in Egypt unfortunately
Merna Ghaly and other activists in the Arab Youth Climate Movement demonstrated at the December U.N. climate talks in Doha, Qatar, calling for emissions cuts and a focus on climate change. Ghaly, an Egyptian student, is set on making sure that the Arab uprisings will give birth to a climate spring.
This is what Ghaly said in Qatar.
Merna Ghaly speaks at COP18 in Doha 2012

Sunday, April 21, 2013

And God will be the Judge

Minister Ahmed Mekki has resigned from position as minister of justice in Egypt today as we have known. According to news reports he resigned on Saturday.
Here is what Mekki had said in his resignation."Thanks to dear Friend Bassem Sabry who published it on AOE"

Your Excellency Dr. Mohammed Morsi,

The President of The Arab Republic Of Egypt,

Warm greetings and respect,

Since you assigned me to take over the burden of the Ministry of Justice, the opposition has been
The resignation "Judge Abo Shosha"
urging me to resign in conformance with my previous positions.

And yesterday, under the slogan of "cleansing the judiciary" and the legislation for a new Judicial Authority Law, your supporters have united around the demand of my dismissal to achieve their noble goals. And thus, consensus has been achieved.

And therefore, the time has come to grant my wish that my shoulders are relieved of this burden, and I appeal to you that you respond accordingly as soon as you read this letter.

May God save you and save Egypt for your supporters and your opposition, and may God save you from both of them.

The Minister of Justice,

Councillor Ahmed Mekki

The man did not resign because he lied in a case like the case of Mohamed El Guindy , he did not resign because he misled public opinion. He only resigned because the president's supporters from Islamists protested against him demanding his dismissal on Friday. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Soaring Legends in #Egypt

For the lovers of natural life and environment , this short documentary is highly recommended.

Soaring legends

This short documentary is about the migratory birds and its trip in Egypt especially in Sinai and red sea.

BY the way there is an Arabic version of the documentary.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The story of Every Friday in #Egypt : Protesters Vs. #MB

Today there have been extremely violent clashes as usual between protesters and MB members as well other Islamists in Cairo. It has been a norm now. Of course everybody will put the blame on the other. Today the Muslim brotherhood and couple of Islamist groups and parties protested at the Supreme court in order to purify the judiciary. The numbers of their protesters to be honest were less than what I expected to the level I wonder till now the MB called for this protest at all.
The MB protesters at Prosecutor general office "AP"
In all the previous protests organized by the MB the numbers were important to show off not in front of the Egyptian people but in front of the army and the United States. In all the previous protests of the Islamists the MB was careful to send that message to the United state and the army in Egypt that they are the majority.
May be the location at the Supreme court is not that big to handle the big mobilizations of MB from all over the country. Already MB leading Member Mohamed ElBeltagy hinted that the brotherhood will restore back Tahrir square next Friday.
Today was terrifying scene. Egyptians Vs. Egyptians , both sides were armed and both sides did not win but actually failed.
That boy stood against MB members on October bridge 'AP'
Things started from bad to worse when unknown assailants attacked the MB members then clashes erupted between protesters and activists from surrounding downtown Cairo specifically in Ramsis street.

A Message From Kafr Nabl to #Boston

The people of Kafr Nabl in Idlib , Syria got a special message to the people of Boston , United States
 No comment.
The message is clear and honest.

GIS in Campus , yes it is official after the revolution

Strange thing that this new has passed away in silence since last January 2013.

In last January 2013 I found this strange news “Ain Shams University uses the intelligence to face the spread of arms inside campus”. According to what was said then the General intelligence in Egypt “GIS” would supply Ain Shams University “ASU” with metal detector gates and to secure the university’s entrances and exists. The deal will include training the security of university to fight thuggery.
Of course in the January news the ASU officials told the newspaper that they would study the offer of the GIS to see if its prices are reasonable or not.

Al Watan Newspaper during then had published more interesting details regarding the GIS deal : LE 6 million for installing 8 metal detector gates, 67 surveillance cameras and training to the University Campus. The ASU administration said that it will pay LE 3 million only. 

On last April 4,2013 the ASU Students union wrote on its official FB page that the ASU administration signed a 6 months contract with the intelligence in last February 2013 for LE 4.4 million. The students union welcomed this because they had enough from thugs attacks and assaults actually. The problem is that this is not how it should be solved or is going to be solved.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Carmen Weinstein's Funeral : A Dying Community remembered

Right now the Jewish community in Egypt is holding the funeral of Carmen Weinstein , the late head of the community. The funeral and memorial service are held in an annex of Cairo's Sha'a Hashamayim Synagogue aka Adly Synagogue.
There is a huge surprising media presence as well security presence where those invited to the funeral have to show their IDs. I am surprised to see such media presence as I knew from a friend who is attending the funeral it was private event.
Anyhow the security presence can be explained by the fact that there are VIPs including the Israeli ambassador attending the funeral. The Israeli ambassador already returned to Cairo yesterday after nearly month working in Israel.
Now Rawah Badrawi is attending the funeral and is sharing with us what is happening , I storify her tweets.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And I knew that was going to happen !! The Battle between #MB and Judiciary is on Folks

The Muslim brotherhood has become more than predictable , seriously speaking they have become like a cult film’s plot which you can know its end so easily. I told you that the Muslim brotherhood will use the Mubarak’s release order in order to push for their own agenda against Judiciary. It started with few Pro-MB pages and now they declared officially : They will go to the square to purge the bad judiciary !!
The Muslim brotherhood announced on its official page that it was going to protest next Friday “April 19,2013” for the following demands :
  1. To demand the Shura council to issue the judicial authority law that allegedly achieve judicial independence.
  2. To purge all the state’s institutions from corruption
  3. To demand the trial of all those responsible for the murder of the revolutionaries as well to put the former regime members responsible for spoiling the political life in Egypt on trial.
  4. To work on restore Egypt’s stolen money abroad.
The MB will protest at the prosecutor general office which is at the Supreme court. This means that the MB members will be mobilized.
The proposed the judicial authority law will force 3500 judges in to retirement because it lowers the retirement age to 60 years old.Amazingly as I hinted in the previous post which I added it link above the former MB guide Mahdi Akef said to Kuwaiti newspaper from two weeks ago that nearly 3000 judges will be forced in retirement soon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#Hala’ib Triangle Again and Again

We want to know what Mohamed Morsi promised the Sudanese officials regarding Hala’ib triangle during his visit to Khartoum because what we hear from the Sudanese officials needs a stand. Yes the issue is back again resurfacing after the Presidential Statement about Hala’ib triangle and the army hints here and there that it will not allow a single inch of our territories to be taken away from Egypt. The presidency claimed that Morsi did not speak about the disputed triangle at all during his talks with the Sudanese counterparts.

The last leak was the most powerful one from them all , from the meeting between Morsi and SCAF members above them El Sissi from couple of days ago.

People are alarmed in Egypt after the statements of Sudanese minister of environment on Monday in Alexandria.  Sudanese minister of environment Hussein Abdel Kader told Egyptian reporters while attending some conference in Alexandria that Hala’ib triangle is Egyptian Sudanese common land “which is true” and that there should be projects in the triangle under Sudanese administration. “He repeated this as you can see in the video below”

Minister of environment in Sudan : Hala’ib and Shalateen are Egyptian Sudanese territories

MENA , the official news agency on the same day published that the minister hopes the return of of Hala’ib and Shalateen to Sudan ‘He did not say so in the video’.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mubarak’s trial : You know this was going to happen so why a sad face !?

So the criminal court in New Cairo ordered the release of Mubarak in the Killing of the protesters but he will remain in prison pending investigation in other corruption cases. It was expected and purely procedural and got nothing to do with the evidence.
Judge Ahmed Atia Abu Shosha from the real reformist judges in Egypt explained the court ruling :

Releasing Mubarak has nothing to do with how strong or weak the evidence is , the issue is completely procedural. The maximum limit for temporarily detention is two years and thus according to the law he had to be released.
An info : Mubarak is still facing charges of killing the protesters , these charges’ penalties reach to execution. Releasing him will not affect other cases. The idea is about representing evidences to prove these accusations.
Judge Abu Shosha predicted this already last week so I do not know why people are overacting.
Of course many indications and leaks say that he will be acquitted because there is no real evidence incriminating him for real as all these months his people were doing a great job especially in time of SCAF.
Mubarak has not been acquitted yet. He is still waiting for the new judges panel in the killing of the protesters case. He is also facing other cases as you know.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Does the Anti-Narcotics administration know about this website !?

I do not know if I blogged about this website or not but there is a website that suddenly appeared out of no where on internet sharing the prices of Hashish all over Egypt. The website is called “El 7Ashesh Bkam” { How much is the hashish price now ?}
Yes all over Egypt you can the prices and dealers of hashish in Egypt. Amazingly the website got a twitter account and Facebook Page.
Hashish is illegal in Egypt and we got here the names of the dealers in different areas so I wonder what is the position of the famous Anti-Narcotics general administration in the ministry of interior from this website ???!!!? Ok if you check the comments , you find the admins of the website correcting me and saying that the names mentioned that in the website are actually the users of hashish who send to the admins the prices of Hashish in their areas. They say that their website is based on the game concept !!
I know that the department is active , at least this is what I get when I read from two days ago that the oldest anti-narcotics police department in Africa published its annual report for year 2012. It announced that in 2012 it busted 12 tons of Hashish ,77 tons of Marijuana and 435 millions narcotics pills especially the Tramadol.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The tale of two trials : #Mubarak and #Hassan_Mostafa

Today we had two trials in the morning both are significant and both will make you think a lot of how things developed in Egypt in those two years.
Today was the start of Mubarak’s retrial. Yes after so many months we see Mubarak , the ousted ex-president who was sentenced 25 years life in jail for failing to protect the protesters last Summer. His appeal was accepted and today was his retrial. Surprisingly he looks amazing and healthy , even more cheerful for a person who was transferred from Tora prison to Maadi military hospital clinically dead !!

Leaving Maadi military hospital today to the court
 It seems that he is being taken care off in Maadi military hospital after all . His spirit was extremely high to the level of smiling and waving to the camera.
Waving to the camera with all confidence "ONTV"
His sons Gamal and Alaa were there sans Holy Quran unlike previous trial, already I do not know why there were there. It was not their case according to my knowledge. They are not involved in the killing of protesters. I think this is the first time a defendant is allowed to bring companions with him !!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Honk if you hate the #MB !!

“Honk if you hate the MB” this was what written on a banner held by a high school student called Omar yesterday in one of the busiest streets in Nasr City yesterday and people did it in the traffic.

Here is a short video clip filmed by

Honk if you hate the MB

Omar is the one of the admins of a Facebook Page called “Your ID is Egyptian” and to be honest this generation gives me hope even with these simple protesting things.

I read that April 6 Youth Movement is going to adopt this and has already adopted today in the Friday protests which I no longer follow because they have become a daily routine losing its meaning.

Ask on #Twitter and President #Morsi Will Answer !!

Last Wednesday Egyptian Presidency announced that Egyptians can send their questions on “Ask_president_Morsi” hashtag on twitter so President Morsi can answer those questions after an hour from launching the hashtag.
Of course most of the tweets came offensives and comic too. Still the presidency team was careful in what they chose from questions.  I will not comment , I will leave to you the comment on the president’s answers. "Thanks to Dr. Nermeen Bedair and Abdel Moneim Mahmoud that took screen capture for the tweets, Bedair took the first 5 while Mahmoud took a screen capture of the last one."
Exhibit "1"

 Exhibit "1"

@Cestlavie_egy : Why do not you Dr. Morsi announce a plan to restructure the MOI ? The MOI has got corrupted officials Mr. President and they make you fail everyday and defame your image in front of the people. 
@MuhammedMorsi : The MOI needs care but for itself but for Egypt , give it some confidence and everything will be fine God's will !

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meet our Egyptian Tablet With not So Egyptian Name “INAR”

The minister of telecommunication announced today in Cairo the production of the first so-called Egyptian tablet.
The tablet’s name  is “ENAR” and I think that this is not so Egyptian.
 Its operating system is Android 4. It will be distributed on students in secondary stage and university.
From Arab PC world
This makes me happy as Egyptian to see Katron once is competing electronics giants but seriously Can someone please tell Katron to improve their official website !? It is disgrace.
By the way Katron is from the state owned 1960s companies and what you know about the 1960s !!?? Seriously speaking I am glad that we started to produce tablets
Katron is going to produce in the upcoming 4 years units of “INAR” worth of LE 2 billion according to Ahram Online. 
Actually it is going to be assembled in Egypt and it is not something bad but rather good step.
The first 1,000 units will be produced before the end of the year.
The specification of the tablet according to Al Masry Al Youm :
  • Resolution : 720 X 1024 pixel , 9.7 inches
  • OS : Android 4.0
  • Video Camera primary : 2 MP
  • Video Camera secondary : 2 MP
  • Weight : 750 g
  • Memory : 8 to 32 GB storage / 1 GB RAM
  • Connections : WiFi and 3G
By the way when you search for Egyptian tablet , this is what you get. Yes the first Egyptian tablets.

How To Start a Sectarian Crisis : Search For Ignorance And Lack of state !!

Now it turns that those who are responsible for the sectarian clashes in El Khousos that led to the death of not less than 6 another round of sectarian clashes in Abbasiya and death of another 2 are two Muslim kids . Yes Muslim kids !!

Ahmed “12 years old” and Saleh”13 years old” were the one who drew the Swastika on the Religious Islamic Azhar institute ‘This was how it started’. The two kids drew the Swastika and wrote their names besides it. They say that they do not know what it really meant. Indeed their names were beside the Swastika with the same color yet nobody paid attention or may be it was only trigger for the anger in the small poor city to explode.

Journalists including dear friends attempting to find the truth went there and found out that there were some kind of sectarian tensions in the area that could have been resolved if there is a true state of law.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Shocking Video of the day : What I knew

Do you know when you see a video in the beginning of the day that turns you off for the rest of the day !? This is what happened to me today when I started my day watching a clip showing girls stripped from cloth and on the verge of rape in daytime while men are shouting "Allah Akbar" and "Christians, Christians"
It is terrifying video , shocking one on too many levels. For a girl regardless her religion to face those creatures in daytime while the whole world is watching.For Egyptian I am so disgusted and angry from our men while they would watch such act in front of their eyes.
 For a Muslim to see those bastards that should be hanged according to Islamic laws doing this while screaming "Allah Akbar". I am furious
Anyhow as part of my job and part of myself I began to dig for the truth behind the video and thank God I have a friend from Qena with lots of contact in Nag Hammadi. The first description mentioned below the video claimed that it was filmed in Nag Hammadi. He contacted Bishop Kirollos , the head of Nag Hammadi Bishopric and he denied completely that a similar case took place in Nag Hammadi or its surrounding villages. Bishop Kirollos is known for being outspoken and he was not silent on incidents against Christians.
Some believed that it was an old video from 2009 during sectarian fights in another city , the city of Farshout.

Egyptian X-Files : The Fate of Those Men Disappeared in #Sinai

In the early days of the revolution between 28 January and 2 February 2011 three police officers and one policeman “Amin Shorta” disappeared with no trace in North Sinai. The names of the police officers are : Sherif El Madawy “27 years old” , Mohamed El Gohary “25 years old” and Mohamed Hussien “25 years old”.
The three officers
For two years there have been many rumors and theories about the fate of those 4 men. Some say that they were killed , others say that there are kidnapped either by Hamas or Jihadists or Israeli forces or Smugglers. For two years the families of these officers know nothing about them regardless of how much they plead nearly everybody. For two years we do not know if they were dead or not , for two years their families knocked all doors but in vain. They have become one of the revolution’s X-File.
The wives of the disappeared men met with President Morsi last February and all what they got was a presidential to help them in their lives including legal help to get their life on. “Either to get divorce from court or to officially announce their husbands missing officially so they can get married if they want !!!!”
Now last week one of the officers’ wives announced that it is giving presidency , intelligence and ministry of defense a week to declare the fate of her husband and his comrades or she will expose scandals on how the MB infiltrated the intelligence and the army.
Mrs. Doaa Rashad, the wife of officer claimed on TV last week that she got documents on how the MB infiltrated and the intelligence. She said that she got these documents from extremely trusted source.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Will There Be A Civil War Between Muslims and Christians ? Send to us the answer in SMS !!!

What you read in the headline has been actually aired in the news bar in the Hafez TV channel last night.
In the news bar "by Mohamed Ali"
For hours on air the infamous so-called Islamist channel "It is insult to Islam more than anything" published an important question and asked its viewers to send their answers.
"Will there be a civil war between Muslims and Christians !?" Please send your SMS on 94172 
Seriously !? Civil war !?
It is worth to mention the CEO of the channel and its main host Atef Abdel Rashid was invited and seated beside the minister of information last week in that conference about media's freedom and future in Egypt.
Is not this incitement !?? Is not this a direct danger on the so-called social peace and National security !!?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

#Abassiya3 : Playing with Fire again and Again

Just from moments ago it was announced that Mahrous Henna Ibrahim passed away in Damdrush hospital. Ibrahim was injured in his neck. He was shot allegedly by live ammunition. He passed away at the ER.
Wassfey was shot in his neck while covering the funeral of the Khosous Christian victims at Saint Mark Cathedral in Abassiya earlier today. You probably know that there were sectarian violent clashes between Muslims and Christians in Al Khosous town in Qalyubia governorate on Saturday that resulted in 9 fatalities from both sides.
Update : There is another fatality announced in Abassiya clashes according to the ministry of health. The second fatality was not identified !! The injured are over the 80 
The MOI on the other hand announced that its injured have reached to 25 !! The MOI also announced that it arrested 11 during the clashes. 
The ambulance authority stated that there are about 21 injured in the clashes. OF course unofficially there is a field hospital inside the Cathedral.
I will not go in to much details but today was supposed to be the funeral of the Christian victims “6 Victims”. The day started peaceful sad one at the Saint Marks Cathedral , the HQ of the Egyptian Coptic Church papacy itself. According to the activists who attended the funeral there were not too many mourners like in Maspero massacre funeral.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

#April6 : An Anniversary or a new start "Live blogging"

Today is April 6 , it is the anniversary of a great political and social event that many believe to be the real introduction for 25 January Revolution : The April 6 Strike in Mahalla and rest of Egypt especially in Cairo.

Today the April 6th Youth movement is celebrating this day with its two fronts in its own way : Protesting against President Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood. In another words to bring down the regime once again.

In Cairo and Giza there will be at least four rallies organized by April 6 : Shubra roundabout and Siyada Zeinab square “Cairo” and Mostafa Mahmoud square and Imbaba “Giza”. I do not know to where these rallies will head up till now. Most probably to Tahrir square. These rallies should start at 4 PM but from what I see in Cairo the April 6th Youth Movement members are starting early and are having small stands in different areas whether in Downtown at the Stock market or the presidential palace.

There will be other rallies in other governorates and cities like in Alexandria,Damietta   Mansoura, Suez and Mahalla.

Other parties and movements are participating in the rallies too like Free Egyptians Party.

The main demands of these rallies according to the statement of the movement issued on Thursday is to :

  • To dismiss this government
  • To dismiss the prosecutor general
  • To release all the detainees of peaceful protesting and political opinion.
  • To restructure the MOI.

Some people hope that day will the start of bring down the Muslim brotherhood and even have called today “The Day of wrath

You must know that the April 6th Youth Movement has been accused for months now of being supportive to the Muslim brotherhood and one of their tools.

Now to keep it up with the rallies and what will happened tonight , here is a live storify report.

#Hala’ib Triangle back to the spot : Some things need clear and Urgent statement

Ok aside from Bassem Youssef episode on Friday , Salafists’ protest at the Charge d’ affaires residence to Liberals and Upper Egyptians protests in solidarity with the Sheikh of Al Azhar , we have another thing to debate about on Friday’s night : What President Morsi said regarding disputed Hala’ib triangle during his visit in Sudan.

Al Jazeera official website in Arabic published that Al Bashir’s assistant Nafe’a Ali Nafe’a said that President Morsi promised to return back things in Hala’ib triangle to what they had been pre-1995. 

In 1995 Egyptian armed forces restored back the disputed cities to Egypt.

There were no more details on how things will return back or what will happen so people thought that Morsi was going to give up Hala’ib triangle to Sudan especially the Freedom and Justice News portal posted a news without Hala’ib in our borders the map “at least showing it as disputed”

And Bassem Youssef says it loud : Bring it on

Tonight I will not be lying to say that millions waited anxiously for Bassem Youssef and his show to see what he was going to say and man he said loud and proud : Bring it on bitches.
In one of the best and explosive Youssef and his team opened fire on Morsi, the prosecutor general , the Muslim brotherhood and Qatar. Yes Qatar and it was like no other criticism ever made to the Small yet powerful and rich ambitious Gulf state. Let’s just say Qatar unfortunately tasted the Egyptian bitter criticism with my all respect to the Qatari people.
Here is the full episode. Unfortunately it is not translated.
Bassem Youssef’s The show “ep20”
I do not have to bet that not less hundred model citizen will report Bassem for insulting Qatar and its people tomorrow. I do not have to bet that all the Qatari media machine including Al Jazeera and its subsidies including Al Jazeera International.
Here is the song alone about Qatar. It is the special “The Show” cover of the 1960s Nasser’s Pan Arabism immortal anthem “My beloved Arab Homeland” by Mohamed Abdel Wahab and a group of icons in music during that time. “My beloved Qatar , whose money and investment getting bigger and bigger” the Show’s writers nailed it for real.
Watch after the break.

Friday, April 5, 2013

My Two Cents about #Femen and Their #Jihad !!

This twitter message summarizes what I want to say about Femen and their Topless Jihad.

By the way Aliaa El Mahdy is the not the biggest symbol of freedom for the Arab women and she does not represent me. 

#Save_Serabit : Save the only temple in #South_Sinai

This is extremely important. El Badil Newspaper made an extremely important and sad video report about the terrible status of Serabit El Khadim ancient Egyptian temple, the only surviving ancient Egyptian temple in Sinai.

The disaster of Serabit El Kadim

Monica Hanna and Alfred Raouf as well the locals in the area speak about happened to that important temple.

Thanks for corruption and wrong restoration works the temple is in extremely bad shape in way that threatens its existence after all those years. I do not know if it is deliberate action or not but from Strategic point of view this is extremely important temple in this particular relation.

From economic point of view this temple used to be a source of income for many of the locals working in tourism and waiting for tourists to visit it.

By the way thanks to Monica and the noise we made online ,the authorities began to move to do something regarding Dahshur yet in a very slow reaction that is not enough by all measures. 

I really want to thank Monica because without her we would not know what is happening to our heritage for real. At least we are speaking and making noise to the whole world.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Ambassador in D.C : #Morsi is The President of all Egyptians

Our ambassador in the US Mohamed Tawfik spoke today in an event in Boston about Egypt, Morsi, Bassem Youssef, Muslim brotherhood , revolution and economy. The event was organized by World Boston.

Dear Nasser Wedday attended that meeting and shared with us on twitter what our ambassador said. I complied Wedday’s tweets in a storify post which you can read after the break.

Is This An American Captialistic Product I see In The Theatrening North Korean Video !?

Of course all the world watched that scary video from Pyongyang where it is threatening
One thing stopped me in that 1960s propaganda video : The Mac Pro used by the Supreme leader Kim Jong Un while planning against the United States !!!
Is not this the product of the enemy !? Is not this a capitalistic product from a capitalistic nation !?
In Egyptian social media people can not stop joking about the North Korea's threats, seriously it is like the joke of the day.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And Bassem Youssef and Co. Saga Continues

Ok first stand up comedian Ali Quandil  went today to the prosecutor general to be questioned about his appearance in Bassem Youssef’s show and he he allegedly insulted Islam in that appearance.
First Ali made this statement on video regarding this accusation which he completely denies.
Quandil speaks about the decision of the prosecutor general to question him
Ali was criticizing how some Sheikhs act.
During the questioning the prosecutor asked Ali Quandil to prove that he is an artist !! Also after the prosecutor watched Quandil’s segment in Youssef’s show he asked Quandil what he thought about it !!
Quandil told him that the first ten minutes were boring but the rest was great. The standup comedian was released on bail. He paid LE 5000. By the way Quandil was injured during both the battle of the camel and the clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud in 2011.
Second Ayman Mohi El Din, the correspondent of NBC interviewed one of the lawyers suing Bassem Youssef and what he found about that man was interesting. You can find his tweets after the break.

The Witch hunt against Media continues in #Egypt

It is getting sadder and more dangerous for media and freedom of expression in Egypt and here is wrap up for what happened against journalists and TV hosts :
  • Bassem Youssef is facing more complaints !! Yes new complaints !! The new complaints include : Insulting the public prosecution in his twitter account and insulting Pakistan !! Yes Pakistan and it has to do with he had done last Monday.
  • ONTV channel Albert Shafik , TV host Gaber Al Karmoty and journalist Shaimaa Abu El Kheir are referred to the State security prosecution for threatening national security and spreading  false news by Prosecutor General Talaat Abdullah. Shaimaa Abu El Kheir is the Middle East and North Africa consultant of Committee to Protect Journalists. She attended the investigation with Bassem on Sunday.
Abu El Kheir spoke on Al Karmoty’s daily show “Manchette” about what happened on the same day and it turned out that she said that “Lawyers for Egypt” group has no right to sue or report Bassem.
That thing made the group mad enough to report her !! Here is the video after the break, please watch it and tell me how Gaber and Shaimaa threatened our national security  !!

And here are the bad Iranians who are spreading Shiism in #Egypt !!!

And here is an Iranian woman from the first Iranian tourist group in Egypt spreading Shiism in Luxor by Al Masry Al Youm camera !!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You brought this to yourself !! "Updated"

The Muslim brotherhood , Morsi , the minister of information , Islamists and the prosecutor general brought this to themselves and they should not complain.
Jon Stewart dedicated a whole segment for President Morsi.

 Here is the video on YouTube

Using Religion in elections : Someone is in real trouble and needs some sort of religious help !!

From two days ago the Shura council legalized once again the use of religious slogans in elections and campaigns.
Mohamed MorsiIf you remember it is prohibited to use religious slogans in electoral campaigns in the Political practices and rights bill.

Yes, the Islamist dominated Shura council amended the bill for the upcoming parliamentary elections that may be held next October according to President Morsi’s expectation in Qatar.
Personally, I believe  the Islamists and above them the MB are in big need to use the of religion once again in the elections to win the people back to their side using Egyptians’ weakness point : The Religion.
They know that their popularity is going down the slope especially in the big cities “according to the referendum’s results” and so they need back to employ religion in their political service.
The religious slogans can work good in the country side , the weak point of the opposition unfortunately.
Anyhow realistically speaking even when the law was prohibiting the use of religious slogans and even  houses of worships , the religious slogans and houses of worships were used all the time in electoral campaigns in last elections in 2011/2012 and even during Mubarak’s era. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

The PM of Smurfs Village !!

Some people may think that this is April's Fool but it seems that it is not. Today we found our PM Hisham Qandil tweeting in his official twitter account "@KandilHesham" about the Smurfs village iOS app and how Doctor Smurf Prescribes cakes, pies and smurfberries as part of a healthy diet.
Here is a screenshot taken by dear friend Rami Mohsen, '@Ramiii"

Here is another screenshot by @SuzanHanem