Monday, February 28, 2011

Regarding Adly Hussein

Longtime governor of Qalyubia Adly Hussein resigned yesterday due to the public pressure , the people could not stomach the famous NDPian governor anymore and had protests in front of his office.

He is the second governor in Egypt to resign after the revolution due to the public pressure after the governor of Alexandria Adel Labib.

Now as I do not have any documents or anything solid except words I had heard years ago from someone in a position that had first hand knowledge , I will only say that Please check the deals and the agreements former governor Adly Hussein made with huge companies in Shubra El Kheima specifically. Adly Hussein was frequently accused of taking bribes , please reopen these cases again and search in his bank accounts across the world.

I really wish that our governors will be elected and not to be appointed , we do not anymore generals to rule the governorates , we want elected governors who are accountable  in front of the parliament and the local councils.

The Mubaraks’ Assets in Egypt To be frozen “And they are barred from Travel As well”

The general prosecutor has just issued a travel ban order for the Mubaraks , they can’t travel anymore anywhere outside Egypt officially now. This also means that Hosni Mubarak is in Egypt and not in Saudi Arabia
The general prosecutor also has issued another important : Freezing all the Mubaraks assets in Egypt. The general prosecutor issued an order to freeze the Mubaraks assets abroad from couple of weeks ago. The assets freezing order includes : Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Suzanne Thabet , Alaa Mubarak, Gamal Mubarak, Heidi Raskh , Khadija Al Gamal , Omar Alaa Mubarak and Farida Gamal Mubarak.
The Mubaraks in 1990s (AFP)
This is great news , really great news despite it is little belated , we needed it earlier.
Everyday we hear strange incredible stories about the Mubaraks wealth , a side from the endless palaces we know now that Suzanne Mubarak’s nieces were controlling the gas in Egypt and we know now that our former first lady used to transfer the international donations to Bibliotheca Alexandria to her own bank accounts !!!
According to some official estimations , the general prosecutor has frozen assets so far equal to LE 1/4 trillion in Egypt only for 39 official and businessmen !!  I wonder how much the assets will increase after including the Mubaraks’ assets in Egypt !!
39 officials and businessmen got assets equal LE 1/4 trillion !!!
We are not a poor country , we are very rich and the proof is above.

Qaddafi believes in Occult !!

The videos of Qaddafi’s palace are viral more than his speeches and the Zenga Zenga song. There are nuclear bankers in his palace and underground hallways that do not remind only with Hollywood 1960s cheesy films but rather video games !!!
Forget about the bankers because they are nothing compared to the books that were found in the palace.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

And this is just the start

Egyptian youth have changed the name of Mubarak metro station to the Martyrs of January 25th metro station themselves in Cairo.

This is what we should do , all these streets, hospitals, schools and stations named after Mubarak or his wife or their sons should be renamed after the martyrs of January 2011. Each governorate should name those buildings and streets after its martyrs on January 25 or even the real heroes of 1973 war.
Mubarak was like the Ramses II of his time when it comes to glorification and presidential cult !!

And the angry protests Tsunami has reached to .. Oman !! "Video"

Yes, the angry protests demanding political and economic reforms have reached Oman specifically at Sohar City who can be the next Sidi Bou Zid in its own way.

Since yesterday there have been small protests that seemed to be cracked violently at Sohar City in Oman. The protesters at the former capital of Oman want very simple demands “actually are common through the Arab world”: Better democratic political life and better economic conditions.

According to news agencies, 2 civilians have been killed in the protests while according to tweeps on ground 3 have been killed and not less than 13 have been injured and transferred to the hospitals. The tear gas grenades were used and some are reporting that live ammunition was being used too !!
Here are videos I found
In this video from yesterday below you can see the youth while having their sit-in at Sohar square just like our Tahrir square.

Egyptian X-File Reopened : Reda Halal

Reda Halal , an Egyptian journalist whose sudden disappearance has been a long time enigma in the Egyptian media.
I wrote about Reda Halal in 2009 when his brother MR. Osama Halal came to media and spoke about that anonymous prisons department officer and told him that his brother was still alive yet imprisoned at solitary confinement at the Borg Al Arab prison. I wondered why Halal disappeared originally from seven and half years then and I mentioned all the possible theories that were popular about his disappearance. Now after the revolution and the partial fall of the Mubarak’s regime we know that his disappearance has nothing to do with all theories.
Reda Halal
The disappearance of Reda Halal seems to be related to Gamal Mubarak after all. In a surprising move that I would not have imagined it in my wildest dream Al Ahram newspaper published in its “Shabab Al Tahrir” supplement a small yet very important report about Reda Halal yesterday. The report hints that Gamal Mubarak can be behind the disappearance of Halal and his illegal imprisonment.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A general to head ERTU : Another perspective

General Tarek Mahdy
The armed forces council has appointed major general Tarek Mahdy as a temporary head for the ERTU “Egyptian radio and television union” till the council someone suitable for this important position.
Mahdy used to the head of the Egyptian air defense forces from year 2000 to 2005 as far I have found when I searched in his background. He was born on 22/11/1950 and he was graduated from the war school in 1973 just before the way by few months. Of course he is a 1973 war veteran. He took a lot of medals and also a lot of military courses in Air defense forces. He is married and got 2 boys and one girl.
Many people are not comfortable that a military man who has no experience in media from near or far to hold this position in a critical time like that.
Despite my concern I believe the council want someone they trust to hold this important position , they chose someone from the army itself who has no relation so far we know with the media universe of the NDP.
The general of course has a tough mission in ERTU with all the accumulated corruption since Safwat Al Sherif 

Mubarak’s first and last international interviews

This is a part from Thames TV’s interview with Mubarak was shortly recorded after El-Sadat assassination in 1981. It was aired on ITV on October 29,1981. I do not know if there were other international interviews with him before that interview during that time or not but for sure this was the oldest thing I found for him internationally.
And now here is the last interview with Christiane Amanpour on February 2,2011 or to be accurate its text because strangely Amanpour did not tape it in video , may be because she was asked not to tape it. Christiane Amanpour made another scoop with that interview , the last interview for Mubarak. Christiane’s coverage in Egypt raised her ratings in the States. In that last interview Mubarak claimed that he was fed up yet he could not step down for fear of the Islamists of taking over. Ironically in Al Arabiya interview from couple of years Mubarak said that he would leave whenever the people wanted him to do so.Of course Mubarak was the man who promised one presidential term , two at most and believed that coffin has no pockets !!
Back to the two first interviews , you will find the Islamists as common factors between the two interviews. In 1981 it was a true challenge during very tough time unlike in 2011.
BY the way Yosri Fouda whose new daily show is forcing us to sleep so late showed us another proof on how we ruled by narcissistic man for nearly 30 years.

And this is how it started on January 25th !! "Updated : With Video"

This is how it began on January 25th when the police forces attack the protesters at Tahrir square at night after midnight and this is why I am so scared now !!
The military police has attacked the protesters who were having a sit at Tahrir square and at the cabinet HQ at Kasr Al Aini street. Protesters have been chased and eye witnesses are saying that teasers and whips were used, activists have been detained. No one is allowed to enter there , journalists were not allowed to cover what is going on. There are reports that masked men with machine guns were seen with the military police , I think they were brought to scare the protesters.
I know someone will say that there is a curfew and I tell him that the curfew does not give the military to end the sit in by this shameful and disgraceful way. For 18 days the army let the protesters stay as they wanted regardless of the curfew.
Already where was that curfew on February 2nd when the thugs attacked and killed protesters ??
This is a dangerous escalation , unacceptable one too.
Our dear Gigi Ibrahim and Mona Seif are there. Gigi took several snapshots before her mobile phone battery went off. She was at the cabinet HQ. Her snapshots show the military police surrounding the protesters.

Mona showed a photo for a protester who was beaten by the military forces :(
Here is the latest footage from Al Tahrir square from Ramy Raoof. 
Updated at 12:21PM
The Egyptian army has issued an apology on its FB page .Actually it has issued two messages about what happened at Tahrir earlier.
In MSG No.22 the  armed forces council starts its apology with highlighted sweet words "An apology and we know that you would forgive us" This is  the nearest translation. Then the AFC goes on and says that the army is keen to achieve the aims of the January 25th revolution youth and that what happened from clashes between the military police and the children of the revolution was unintentional !!
There were not and will not be any orders to the forces to attack the children of this great people.
There will be precautions that will make that this will never happen again !!
In MSG No.23 the AFC says that it gave its to order to release all those who were detained last night. 
Now to my comment

And the Friday of Qaddafi has not come yet !!

Ben Ali fled Tunisia on Friday , Mubarak stepped down on Friday and so we are hoping or were hoping that Qaddafi would leave Libya in a way or another this Friday !!
The latest thing we know about Libya aside from the complete liberation of the east and that Qaddafi could be losing more and more parts of Tripoli. Earlier today the Qaddafi´s forces opened its fire at the protesters.At least one Libyan civilian was killed in Tripoli after the Friday prayer. This video is allegedly from Tripoli showing a Libyan man shot down in his last moment.  There seemed to be casualties at the Souk Al Goma'a in Tripoli. That video is allegedly shot earlier today , you hear heavy weapons' sound , some it is RBJ's sound.

The following video is extremely , 18 years old man being shot at his neck.

According to the latest tweets from Libyans and their contacts in the country there are clashes in the Souk area.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The fire and shredding season in Cairo !!

We do not understand why the old and important icons like Zakaria Azami and Safwat Al Sherif are not arrested yet.

We do not understand why the army did not move too quickly to protect the thousands of documents these men had access to and could incriminate them so easily , since January 28th the paper shredding machines have been working so quickly and effectively along with the fires do not want to stop

First of all according to the leaked investigations with Habib Al Adly there was that room in NDP HQ Ezz and Gamal Mubarak called “The hell room” where they kept important files and recordings for almost everybody in this country from politicians to ministers to embassies to you name it. How did they get these recordings ? Well from Habib Al Adly and his mini security apparatus he made to serve Gamal Mubarak. 

In other words Gamal Mubarak and Ahmed Ezz with the help of Habib Al Adly had this little intelligence service at the NDP HQ , the state security was not enough.

From one Month ago

From one month ago there were protests in Egypt that started in the morning and we did not know to where these protest would lead us.
Now after one month I can tell you that these protests changed Egypt forever , sorry not Egypt only but the whole Arab world , these
#Jan25 New Hope
I do not have words to describe or say anything except We have just started a revolution and we have not yet finished our work yet.
Our detainees have to be released , we already do not know why the minister of interior denied any knowledge about them we know there are rumors that there are in this jail and that jail !!!
Another thing is our missing , where they are !!?? Here is the latest updated list with names and info for those who can help.
I do not think that January 25 will be remarked as the police day anymore , it is the day when our revolution started. It started on January 25th and exploded technically on January 28th on the anger day.
We started making history on that day.
From Fro Design Co.
Check my #Jan25 Archives
To all our martyrs , your blood liberated us and we will not give up

Counter Revolution : The Return of the sectarian ghosts

In past 72 hours the ugly ghosts of sectarian tensions returned back to Egypt yet thank God these ghost did not create what they were intended to from a fraction in the Egyptian society after the revolution of January 25.

The counter revolution was crystal clear to us in the past 72 hours with these strange sudden incidents with sectarian nature. A priest was killed in his apartment alone in Asuit “according to some he was killed by another Christian over land dispute while other say that he was killed by a burglar” , a fire at the deserted homes of the Baha’is in Sohag and then next day we find more disturbing news that a church was set on fire at Rafah and  that the army attacked a monastery at Wadi Al Natrun injuring some monks. 

The army denied the news of that Church in Al Arish , already when I checked the videos related to the so-called incident , I found out that they were uploaded on February 16 !!

What happened at Wadi Natrun at the monastery of Saint Pishoy was the peak because we had what some wanted to be portrayed as the clash between the army and the Christians or wanted to be the start of this kind of clash. Based on the comments I saw online I felt that the NDP online department is too damn active.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mohamed ElBaradei Writes to Financial Times his vision to the next Phase of Egypt’s revolution

Mohamed ElBaradei wrote to Financial Times his vision to the next phase of Egypt’s revolution and it is worth to be read because so important. Dr. ElBaradei outlines a plan of 4 steps as the next phase of the democratic transition in Egypt.

  1. Having a provisional constitution guaranteeing  equal rights and basic freedoms, and outlining the purposes and limited authorities of the transitional government
  2. A three-person presidential council should be formed to lead the transition. Two of its members should be civilians, neither of whom should have ties to the old regime. The third should be from the military.
  3. A caretaker government of highly qualified people of unquestionable integrity, to provide the continuation of basic services, replacing elements of the old regime that have lost credibility.
  4. All residual instruments of the outgoing dictatorship should be abolished

Helping our brothers in Libya

What is happening in Libya from crimes against humanity demand us as humans , as Arabs and as Egyptians to help our Libyan brothers and sisters in their quest to freedom and democracy.

Our Libyan brothers and sisters are in need of blood and medical supplies , 0you only can watch one the videos I posted in my daily posts about Libya to know the challenge the Libyan hospitals in the liberated Libyan cities and districts face from blood and medical supplies shortage.

If you are interested in donating blood or medical supplies to our Libyan brothers and sisters and you live in Cairo or Giza or Helwan , you can head to either Raba’a Al Adwayia mosque at Nasr City in Cairo, Cairo or Mustafa Mahmoud at Mohendessin in Giza to donate. Drop of blood or piece of cotton can save life in Benghazi or Darnah or any other liberated city.

And Meanwhile in Maadi !!

And meanwhile in Maadi at Algiers square a police office shot down a microbus driver after a verbal tirade over traffic priority. According to eye witnesses the driver told the officer at the end that he should remember how the people forced the made the cops stay at their homes for 3 days.
     We made you stay at your homes for 3 days.
Next thing the police officer pulled his gun and shot the driver 3 times , the driver was killed as simple as that. The people attacked the police officer and burned his police car. The army came and saved officer who was transferred in to hospital. People have been protesting since then , it is a bit chaotic. There is a news that the people are attacking the police station there. 
The police car on Fire "Tarek Amr"
There is a video filmed from the scene itself , you can watch after the break. It is not graphic but it is full of insults.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Lions and the cocaine addict ¨Graphic¨

The grandchildren of the desert’s lion Omar Mukhtar are continuing in their honorable revolution against Qaddafi whom I can’t find any word to describe with after except cocaine addict. I remember that I have always wondered what Qaddafi used to take , he seemed to be on some sort of drug based on his photos and actions. He is just our version of Keith Richard !! Crazy evil Keith Richard to be specific
The Italian FM is speaking about a death toll of not less 1000 Libyan killed by this crackpot’s regime. The west is scared that he may use chemical weapons against his own people. The reference to Waco incident in Taxes made me uncomfortable already. Let’s wish that someone kill this man and arrest his sons and gang. There is also fear that Qaddafi will set the oil on fire in a desperate attempt. I read tweets that one of his sons’ special forces are heading to the oil refineries to set it on fire. If Qaddafi sets the oil on fire all the West will be inside Libya !! The League of Arab states has suspended the participation of Libyan delegation in the meeting of the Leagues. Already I believe the Libyan envoy to the League resigned from two days ago.
The biggest slap to that crackpot was when we find his loyal and hero Abdel Fatah Younis announcing that he is alive and that he has joined the free people of Benghazi !!

For half an hour Qaddafi was screaming and cursing the people of Benghazi for killing his long time buddy and hero Abdel Fataaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , people outside wondered who Abdel Fatah was !!

Ahmed Ezz : The last Days of Disco

I only show these videos below because I know how much Ahmed Ezz has harmed Egypt in the past 10 years. Here is a video showing Ahmed Ezz and former minister of tourism at the North Cairo court. It was shot through a mobile phone.

The fire of MOI : Let the fire season begin !!

Suddenly we found a fire at the MOI HQ at Cairo , we did not know at first but the tweets coming from the scene described big smoke and fire. It seemed suspicious because fire in one of Egypt’s most and dangerous ministry in this critical time.
The official story now is that the angry fired police officers and corporals have set fire in two or three cars in front of the famous building !! What a behavior , these were the men who should protect us !!
I hope this fire does not destroy important files in the building or important evidence considering the fact or the claim of Al Ahram that the fire is actually at the evidences building !!
We know that the fire seasons will start in Egypt as soon as the investigation in corruption and torture cases starts !! Already we remember how documents were being burned at the ERTU building !!
Here is the video of the fire you can watch after the break

The Interim cabinet’s News ministers

Here is the official interim cabinet’s new ministers that have been sworn today in front of minister Tantawy of defense , the head of the armed forces council. This is not a new interim cabinet but rather a ministerial reshuffle.
Yesterday PM Ahmed Shafik showed the names of the ministers he suggested to the council and the council granted the approval on some names , later the minister swore.
Here is the official list of the new ministers :
  • Dr. Yahia El Gamal as deputy prime minister
  • Dr. Amr Ezz as minister of scientific research and technology
  • Dr. Ahmed Gamal El-Din as minister of higher education and education
  • Dr. Maged Ibrahim Othamn as minister of telecommunication and IT
  • Dr. Ashraf Hatem as minister of health and population
  • Eng. Mahmoud Amar as minister of oil and minerals wealth
  • Dr. Gouda Abdel Khalak as minister of social security
  • Dr. Samir Youssef as minister of trade and industry
  • MR. Ismail Fahmy as minister of manpower and immigration
  • MR. Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour as minister of tourism 
  • Eng. Mohamed El-Sawy as minister of culture

And Our military Junta speaks on TV For the First time “It will not be the last”

Our armed forces council made a historical TV appearance last night ,for the time Egyptian army generals speak about politics in this way not to mention they are speaking now when they are technically ruling the country.
From the 19 field marshals and generals only 3 spoke from 10.30 PM to 2 AM Cairo Local time on Dream TV 2’s 10 PM Show for the first time directly somehow to the public. First of all our military junta or as officially being called “The armed forces council” is made of the minister of defense, the aides of the ministers of defense and the heads of the armed forces. Second of all this will not be the last interview with the generals on air in the talk shows.
The armed forces council members who appeared on air for the first time are :
  • General Mohamed El-Asaar “The aide of the minister , was not specified for what exactly"
General Al Asaar
  • General Mokhtar El-Mollah “ I do not know his position except that he is from the paratroopers based on the insignia on his suit.”
General El-Mollah
  • General Mamdouh Shahin “The aide of minister for legal and constitutional affairs”
General Shahin
You can watch the interview below after the break “in Arabic”

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Genocide in Libya “Graphic”

What is currently happening in Libya can only be described as a genocide , this is the only description that fits what Qaddafi and his regime is committing against the great people of Libya.
Qaddafi appeared from an hour ago ‘it is 3 AM Cairo local time’ after announcement that he would address the public. Many people in the Arab world not only  Libyans waited for his speech , we saw what his son said and we were waiting for his speech which could be the last “ I hope so”
Qaddafi broke lots of records today , he killed more of his own people than Mubarak “18 days” and Ben Ali “30 days” and he said a speech shorter than Omar Soliman’s historical announcement !!
20 seconds or even less !! This shot black comedy scene was only to prove he is in the country according to experts , showing that it is raining and that house “his old house at Bab Al Aziziya which was bombed by the Americans” in Tripoli.  Egyptians have started to launch jokes about his umbrella and his Italian mini car. Unfortunately I lost my ability to laugh with all the photos showing the victims of the brutal attacks that are still going on.

What about that captain ?

The armed forces council announced in its official Facebook page from 3 days ago that there has not been a single investigation with an officer or solider regarding the #25Jan Revolution except Major Ahmed Shoman who also has been pardoned.
The pardon of Major Shoman comes after this huge campaign in the Facebook in Egypt that asked the council to pardon him after knowing that he may face 25 years of imprisonment for what he did on February 10th, 2011. Of course we feared a grimmer fate for Shoman as nobody can forget how he asked Mubarak and also minister of defense Tantawy “the head of the armed forces council currently” to step down.
Now we are happy that Major Shoman will not get a single week in military jail for disobeying the orders but I wonder what the fate of that captain whose picture was all over the newspapers in Al Tahrir square on January 29th is. Issandr El Amrani shot this short interview with him.

The photo of that officer was too damn iconic , I had it on my laptop. I wonder what happened to him too. Hopefully he has been pardoned just like major Tarek.
By the way the armed forces council members revealed for the first on air that thugs killed army officers and soldiers during the past weeks and the army kept it as a secret in order to not to provoke the officers and soldiers and turn them against their own people. “Watch and learn ministry of interior” May God bless their souls.
By the way we have known who was that officer who was crying when he could not help the protesters against the attack of camels and thugs on February 2,2011 "The camel battle"
He is captain Maged Bollus.
Bollus was on the verge of breakdown technically when he could not help the protesters at first but then we knew when the attack developed he attacked the thugs. I think he should be promoted ASAP.
Here is a video clip showing him in Al Tahrir , I have not seen it before.
Guys these videos above were not shown in the mainstream media in Egypt.

Heikal on Egyptian TV : Remove that spot in Sharm

When someone like Heikal with his controversy and his size in Egypt speaks on the Egyptian TV after decades and decades of absence, it will need a post.

Agree or disagree with Heikal’s views , love him or hate him  but this time the man speaks about valid points. His points about the counter revolution and the attempt of some to jump on the revolution from forces from the old are all valid. We were all surprised about that podium scene in last Friday , it was obvious scene.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Evacuate Egyptians from Libya Now !!

I was very concerned with the safety of the Egyptian community in Libya especially when the news came that army and mercenaries are killing Libyan citizens mercilessly. I wondered when the Egyptian authorities represented in the cabinet headed by PM Shafik would take this daring decision to evacuate all citizens from the country but it seems PM Shafik was extremely busy along with Abu El-Gait in the formation of the new interim cabinet.
The Egyptians in Libya contacted TV shows and asked to be evacuated yet no one is listening to them. The Egyptians who managed to return back from liberated Benghazi are speaking about horrible massacres in the streets where the Libyan air forces were being used against their own people.Some are speaking about death of toll of 500 citizens .
The EU is going to evacuate its citizens from the country
It is up to the armed forces now to evacuate our citizens in the West of the country after that stupid speech of Seif Al-Islam Qaddafi. Yes his speech was the speech of the retarded weak defeated regimes but it is dangerous on the lives of Egyptians and Tunisians.

And Ahmed joins Tal !!

So how would the Syrian regime fire back on the international world after the imprisonment of blogger Tal Malhoi ? It arrests another blogger !!
The Syrian authorities have arrested recently veteran 28 years old blogger Ahmed Abu El-Khair. Ahmed started blogging in Arabic in 2005 , his blog Ahmed’s blogs and forums covers a variety of issues to Tech to religion to politics. Recently he wrote from the inspiration of the revolution speaking about the Jasmine Revolution of Tunisia comparing it with Syria in few lines.
Ahmed has a BA in Islamic studies and Arabic. He is not only a veteran blogger but he is also a co-founder of Syrian blog aggregator  “Al Mudawen” {The blogger} and the administrator of “Ektob” {Write} blogging service.

The New interim cabinet

The new interim cabinet has been announced unofficially , we should have a full official statement in the coming 24 hours. This cabinet is formed after the public refusal for the NDP cabinet that loathed in front of former president Mubarak and included unpopular ministers from the previous era.

Al Ahram newspaper portal reported the names of the new ministers then it was confirmed by Dr. Yahia Al Gamal on air on Dream TV2. Here is the new cabinet as far as it was announced.

  • Ahmed Shafik as prime minister.
  • Dr. Yehia El-Gamal as the deputy of the prime minister for the national dialogue. “I think Dr. El-Gamal who was a minister during the Nasserite era is the oldest minister in Egypt now. He was from the founders of the democratic front party”
  • Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour as the minister of tourism. ‘The first name to be leaked since afternoon, the first official member of opposition to be chosen in interim cabinet. He is very active member of Al Wafd party. The famous Christian politician comes from long time Wafd family’
  • Dr. Gouda Abdel Khalek as minister of social security “ The famous leftist professor of economics has been long time critics of Mubarak’s economic policies. He is a member of the unionist leftist party in Egypt and has been from the strongest candidates to head it after Rafaat Al Said.”
  • Mohamed Abdel Manam El-Sawy as minister of culture “ The founder of the famous El-Sawy culture wheel, his name was the along the minister of culture’s candidates list since the time of Hosni Mubarak. Ironically his father was the minister of information and culture in 1977. There is a split in opinion about him.”

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arabs Revolt : The anger volcano

It started in Tunisia then it moved to Egypt then it head to Bahrain , Libya , Algeria, Yemen, Morocco, Kuwait and Syria.
True songs live through time for sure.
Ironically the Egyptian TV in the past few days kept airing old songs that were forgotten during the Mubarak era especially in the past decades. The patriotic songs of 1960s and 1970s are back and strangely the 1960s songs about revolution are making sense now than during the days of Nasser !!
There are news the people regained control on Benghazi again, it seems that an army general stood besides the people there.
There are rumours that Qaddafi escaped the country while there are news that his wife or wives to be accurate have left the country.
Here is an Egyptian solidarity Facebook group  where you can find ways to help our Libyan brothers.
There is a news that Omar Al-Mokhatar's son has joined the opposition.

Libyan People Vs. Qaddafi "Graphic"

 Nobody can make Mubarak looks good except Qaddafi !! What is happening in Libya in those 73 is unbelievable , completely unbelievable. Still honestly we should expect that because we are dealing with unstable sick mad man.
Qaddafi will be killed , mark my words , he will be killed , he will not leave Libya alive after what he has done. Already the people of Libya now are carrying arms officially against him in a real revolution not a coup like the one he led in 1969.
Qaddafi gave his orders to his loyal men to kill those generals and army officers who refuse to listen to his
orders , this has been reported in the past 24 hours.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Omar Al-Mokhtar Grandchildren Revolt "El-Birka Massacre"

Things in Libya are evolving in a way you can’t imagine it.
First of all as far as I have known there is internet blockage in almost all the country except very few parts. Some internet users have difficulties in accessing some websites while other can’t go online at all.
The protests are spreading like fire in the country , it seems the tribes have joined the protests as well and this I suppose will turn the confrontation between the people and the Qaddafi regime from another side. You must know that foreign reporters were not let in the country. Reporters tried to get a Visa from the Libyan embassy in Cairo in the past two days.
The protesters or rebels or the Libyan people have reportedly controlled the Al Bayda district , the police forces there have joined them and this turned the thing upside down.
Now Benghazi also is reportedly Qaddafi regime free district according to news agencies, news channels and also twitter , of course for a heavy price as not at least 70 have been killed there today. There are about 100,000 citizens currently protesting in the city. The people have gained control of the main radio station and they promised in announcement that they will harm any foreigners. Here is the channel after being liberated from the Qaddafi regime. Some army forces in the city allegedly have joined the protesters while other forces including the special forces were attacking the citizens. Here is photo from Benghazi earlier when protesters gathered in front of the courthouse in the city and later torched it.
From Ayman
The people in Benghazi are extremely scared , there are rumors about foreign mercenaries and huge army deployment and movement around the city. Saadi Qaddafi earlier came on TV and said that there are huge plans of development for Benghazi “ reminds me with the former Tunisian regime’s promises for Sidi Bou Zid”. The hospitals in Benghazi are in urgent need for blood and medical supplies.
There are protests in Tripoli and the people are reporting that the Qaddafi regime has brought mercenaries from Africa and also Asia , there are reportedly air jets carrying mercenaries brought to Tripoli airport and the people are very concerned and afraid.
Huge army deployment has been witnessed near Darnah district.
We are scared on the Libyans because unlike any other ruler in the Arab world , Qaddafi is officially unstable manic.
Wait for video and photos and for more updates insh Allah , another long night in the Arab world.
Update : 
  •  The Benghazi radio reported that Al-Saadi Qaddafi has been arrested in the district. Already people were speaking earlier that he was trying to escape from the district when his plane was torched.
  • An army general reportedly has joined the protesters and is leading currently the resistance against the mercenary groups. 
  • AL Jazeera reported that there are currently celebrations in Benghazi that the city was freed from Qaddafi regime. 
  • The youth are organizing traffic and protecting properties in Benghazi "Like in Egypt" 
  • There is a scary rumor that Ahmed Qaddaf El-Dam hired thugs from Egypt to come and help the Libyan regime in cracking down this revolution. If this is true , then I hope the armed forces council acts quickly and stops this ASAP. 
  • The Libyan hospitals in Benghazi are in urgent need for blood donations and medical supplies , this is an international SOS.  

Regarding the Constitutional Amendments “Myth And Reality”

Since army’s constitutional announcement or declaration or whatever you can call it and there is a huge debate about the constitution amendments and the constitutional amendments committee.

First of all the army made it clear that the armed forces council will rule only for 6 months. Today the council made it crystal that there will not be “an army” presidential candidate insh Allah in the coming presidential elections. The armed forces council has been insisting in all its communiqués so far that its aim is to have a civil elected state.

Second God created the world in 7 days , you do not expect all the changes we want to happen just in one week or in 6 months. Already I am from the people who believe that 6 months as a transitional period is very short considering that we are not changing only a 30 years regime but rather 58 years mindset.

Third we are not changing the whole constitution now , we are not having a new constitution now , we are only changing the 6 articles about the parliamentary and presidential elections.

Logically you can’t change the constitution as far as I know in this transitional period , you can’t have a complete new constitution without a parliament and civil president. In 10 days or even less the constitutional amendments committee formed by armed forces council from constitutional experts in Egypt should fix these articles.

The articles the committee is going to amend for the current time are articles : 76 ,77 , 88 ,93, 189 and to delete article no.179

Bring Back our Money Now !!

The Swiss authorities have founded funds belong to the the Mubarak clan at Swiss banks and despite they have not specified yet the amount of money they found , this is considered the first trace of our stolen fortune abroad. The first traces of these 70 or 45 billion dollars have been spotted my follow Egyptians.
Another good news that gives us hope is that the EU has agreed on principle of freezing the former president Mubarak’s inner circle’s assets.The West will return back our money if we want so officially , so it is the turn of the Egyptian government or to be accurate our military junta to demand these assets now.
The Ahmed Shafik government is said to send a list of names from corrupted officials and businessmen to the Swiss authorities and that this list does not include the former president nor his family , is that true !!?

Cherchez RCD !!

This video is taking YouTube by storm : Muslim Tunisians protesting in front of a synagogue , the synagogue of Tunis.
Before anyone speaks from the right wing or from the Zionists with nonsense like "See what happens when the Arab dictators are removed !!?" and the shitty talk of nations of savage , you must understand that this protest was made by the remains of the former ruling party RCD.
One of the protesters was actually identified as a former RCD member and informer who used to spy on his follow citizens. Tunisians understand very well the game the RCD orphans are playing with them.
This is very old tactic used by previous regime members to create chaos and want to defame Tunisia in front of the international community
I will not speak about the Tunisian society and how peaceful it is because this is well known to the whole world.
The Ben Ali regime has not been removed from Tunisia despite the old man is currently in coma.

And things in Bahrain are not that well either !!

Things in Bahrain are going from bad to worse , as far as I could tell the Bahrain regime is following the Mubarak´s regime down fall scenario step by step. The king of Bahrain has ordered his crown prince to start a national dialogue with the rest of the political powers in the country , does not this ring you a bell ?? What dialogue will the crown prince have if the people are being killed like that in the streets of Manama by the Bahraini army ?

These protesters in the video were chanting "Peaceful, peaceful" in reference to their protests like the chants we used to say during the #Jan25 revolution. They were gunned down by automatic guns. The demands of the protesters will be escalated now. It is no longer better political representation or a representative monarchy , it can be a real revolution against the Royal family with all this blood spelled by the current regime.
Allah is with you the people of Bahrain be sure of the , the blood of martyrs will not be wasted.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Libyan revolution next door “Updated”

It was only matter of time when the revolution tides reach to Libya , it was only matter of time as we are all expecting that the middle country between Tunisia and Egypt will recover soon enough from the virus that has been ruling it for 40 years.
These vides show the protests that spread like fire yesterday February 17th

This video was filmed yesterday at Nafosa mount area ,South West Tripoli where Citizens torched the internal security station “police station” and the revolutionary committees along the photos of the colonel. You can hear the angry citizens chanting “ The people want to down the regime” and “The people want to down the colonel”

A Moment We Were waiting for

The moment Ahmed Ezz tastes the meaning of jail for what he has done in the country !!

And the ice ball reached to Damascus !!

On February 17,2011 there was this small protest in Damascus and what Tunisia taught is that small protests can lead in to a bigger uprising that can evolve in to a revolution.
From what I understood from the video description as there is no further information online that it started when a citizen called Emad Nasibah was brutally beaten by 4 police officers at Harika district in Damascus. It seemed that the neighborhood refused this action and decided to announce its refusal with a small size protest yet a big move considering the police state Syrians living in. I believe they were protesting in front of Nasibah’s shop where he was detained.

Even The synagogues

Do you know that during the last 18 or even 20 days in Egypt there has not been a single guard from the police force protecting the Jewish synagogues in the country !!?

Do you know that there has not been a single attack against a single synagogue recorded in the country ?

Do you know that the synagogues in Down town were not attacked or harmed from any kind ?

I will not speak about the churches or mosques because in this revolution we knew for real who was responsible for the sectarian tensions in the country. During the early of the revolution we found the British intelligence accusing Al Adly in the church bombing according to the Lebanese press. Lawyer Mamdouh Ramzy filed a complaint to the general prosecutor earlier this month based on these allegation in order to open an investigation. According to what declared earlier the high state security prosecution was investigating the allegations.

The armed Forces Council has joined the Social network

The armed forces council made another huge step to communicate with the Egyptian citizens especially the youth sector , the council has now an official page in the Facebook.

The supreme armed forces council Facebook
Of course the council is using old methods in Facebook , it sends image messages to the users where it is much easier to use the wall.
Message no.2

The council will answer all our inquires in the next 24 hours.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A possible last Photo For Mubarak before departing Cairo

CBS News published exclusively what could be the last photo for former president Mubarak before departing Cairo after step downing.

I do not know why this man was waving , it seems that he is Mubarak after all because Mubarak loved to waved to the people
CBS News also published exclusively footage for the helicopter leaving supposedly Cairo and heading to Sharm.

We can’t be sure if that Mubarak in the photo , we do not know from which airport or palace this photo was taken. I do not know if it was at Kooba Palace or Orooba palace or Al Maza airport.
According to the leaks or rumors we have got the Mubaraks left the capital before former president Mubarak, the former first lady Suzanne Mubarak was the first to leave the capital then followed by the the wife of Alaa and his grand son Omar then Alaa and Gamal Mubarak then former President Hosni Mubarak. The Mubaraks turned to have 3 private jets at Al Maza airport.

#Jan25 : The first Million man protest at Al Tahrir in Photos

Ok here are 160 photos I took from the first million man protest at Al Tahrir square which was held on February 1st ,2011.
These photos include some of the best photos I have ever taken so far in my life. These photos will show you the real Al Tahrir square. It took a lot of time not upload them but I am kind of picky person , I like to tag my photos and to edit their captions ..etc. I am an old school person , I use Flickr not Facebook and I like my photos to be organized.
My experience in Al Tahrir on February 1, 2011 was unlike anything I experienced. All those people from all backgrounds and classes came for one reason to express their refusal to Mubarak and his regime. It was with strange to see all those people from different classes in one place treating each other as if they were one big family.

An Expressional Anger !!

I just could not ignore it but the anger of Al Ahram editor in chief world famous Osama Saraya is so expressional !!!

Lulu Massacre : On the foot steps of Al Tahrir "Graphic"

I am writing this post and there is currently a massacre taking place in Manama , the capital of Bahrain. Most of you know that Bahrain is currently witnessing huge protests demanding political reforms. The political scene in Bahrain was boiling for long time and the #25Jan revolution came to give a huge force to the Bahraini activists who decided to push the bar against their regime.
There were protesters in the past couple of days , two protesters were killed , one of them actually was killed in the funeral of the first protesters. People were extremely angry and the Bahraini protesters decided to have an open sit it at the Manama’s biggest squares : Lulu square or the Pearl square. They spent last night there and today as well. King Hamad as you have heard gave a speech where he expressed his sorrow for the murder of these two protesters and said that there would be an investigation.
Just like Al Tahrir , the Lulu square became a tent city for strikes , the protesters demanded political reforms. The latest and most important demand was turning the country in to a constitutional monarchy.
Now at 2 AM or 3 AM Manama local time we found the security forces storming the Lulu square , killing not less than 4 including old man and injuring hundreds who were rushed in to the Salmaniya hospital.
Here is a video showing police forces cracking down a peaceful march at the Lulu square.

There are thugs and some are speaking about mercenaries in twitter used against the protesters. There are rumors that there are Saudi and Kuwaiti forces helping the Bahraini forces against their own people. Eye witnesses say that the Bahraini army is currently taking over the square , removing all signs of striking there. Bahrainis are speaking about international forbidden ammunition used , I am not surprised because it was used also in Egypt.

Mohamed ElBaradei Speaks to Ibrahim Eissa

As you may know our favorite Ibrahim Eissa have a daily show on Al Jazeera Mubshar called “Ibrahim Eissa’s Salon”. It has started from 4 days ago.

Ibrahim Eissa interviewed Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei from three days ago, it is very important interview. For the second time Ibrahim Eissa interviews Dr. ElBaradei since his return to Cairo.

You can watch the interview after the break.

Another MOI PR Fiasco

The MOI has launched a new PR campaign in an attempt to amend the relation with the public and as usual the PR campaign is a fiasco , a huge fiasco.

First of all it is obvious PR campaign : fake protests for officers and soldiers who are complaining from injustice in the MOI and demanding the prosecution of Habib Al-Adly. It was so fake that people or rather Al Tahrir protesters began to launch jokes on how the snipers of MOI are targeting the officers protesting in front of the MOI building.

Another CSF vehicle torched

Then we got these meetings and visits of the new minister of interior general Mahmoud Wagdy.

And as it is better to join them if you can’t beat them the MOI has now a page in Facebook.

The latest part of this PR campaign is unleashing bunch of officers and cadets speaking about their agony and suffering at the MOI at the popular night talk shows !! Saluting the martyrs of the protesters before the martyrs of the police is not enough I am afraid because those protesters were not killed by anyone except by police officers and CSF soldiers themselves. Putting the blame on the orders from above will not make the families of 365 martyrs officially less angrier from the MOI and the police !!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The heroes of Sinai in #Jan25 Revolution

The Mubarak regime mastered the game of splitting the Egyptian society in order to make us weak so we would not be able to confront it. The Mubarak regime mastered the divide conquer game but it forgot that at one point it will not work anymore and this is what happened in #Jan25.

For too long the Mubarak regime and its media kept on treating our people in Sinai as traitors who are working against us , for too long the Mubarak media spread lies about their loyalty and but in #Jan25 revolution all Mubarak’s lies were exposed. 

You must know that since January 28th more than 10,000 Egyptian from the locals in North Sinai protected our borders standing at the Rafah crossing 24 hours to stop any invasion from any kind when the police escaped and left the crossing without any security. The police left the crossing I repeat again and for 3 days the people of Sinai protected it. The people of Sinai really considered these days as they were from the Haram months and put all their fights and differences aside to protect the country.

There should be an immediate military tribunal to those officers and soldiers who left that crossing because now it is not about protecting the civil security , it is our borders !! It is a national security now which we can’t give up our right in it.

One of the major achievements in the revolution in North Sinai that the for the first time the Egyptian army is back there , Israel has to accept it at last.

Now representatives of almost all the tribes in Sinai issued this very important statement below

Sinai Bedouin supports the revolution

This is a statement is behalf on the majority of the tribes at North and South Sinai where they announce their full support to the revolution and their pledge to protect the Eastern borders “ where is the pledge of the police force ? "

Our people in Sinai demand the prosecution of the police officers responsible of murdering the protesters , the immediate lifting of the emergency laws and of course their right to own land in Sinai.

The tribes will elect a delegation next week in order to start negotiations with any government and also with the current armed forces council. The delegation is made mainly from the young Bedouins. About 350 men from nearly all tribes in Sinai gathered at Wadi Watir , South Sinai to issue this important statement posted above.

God bless our people in Sinai.

By the way the former governor of Sinai general Muard Muwafi who headed the military inelligence before has been appointed as our new spy chief instead of former VP Omar Soliman