Sunday, July 31, 2011

More than Bad traffic in Ramadan’s night

Traffic has been a curse so far in Cairo today , it is something expected before Ramadan or feasts that the traffic would be more than horrible. We always act as if we do not know that Ramadan or Eid is coming except at the last moment but today has been more than over for two reasons from my point of view :
The Maspero protest :
Since afternoon and dozens of ERTVU employees are protesting outside the Maspero building blocking the corniche from both ways. Of course now they are being surrounded by CSF soldiers that exceed them in number “and in power actually”. The CSF vehicles left Tahrir square and moved to Al Galaa street , Hilton Ramses and Corniche blocking the way.

Syrian Revolution : Hama Massacre 2011 edition “Extremely Graphic”

There is an on going massacre taken place currently in Hama , Deir Zor and Daraa.
According to early estimations not less than 45 civilians have been killed by the Syrian troops since early morning in the three cities. Hama got the most casualties with fears that today will be a rewind for the infamous Hama Massacre. Not less than 30 have been killed so far were killed in Hama where most gunshots are in the head and chest while dozens have been injured.
This attack takes place after weeks of besieging the city with army tanks. There are news that some army troops have defected in the North of Hama and that these troops are currently protecting the city there , there are also rumors that those who are killing the civilians are not actually Syrians but rather foreign elements.
The videos are extremely , extremely graphic.
Here are videos showing tanks in the heart of the city with heavy gunshots. The tanks entered the city yesterday.
Hama : Heavy gunfire

Happy Ramadan 2011 “Revolution Tahrir style”

The grand Mufti announced tonight that the holy month of Ramadan will start on Monday August 2nd ,2011.
Happy and blessed Ramadan 2011 to all Muslims all over the world.
For sure this Ramadan has a new taste in Egypt without Mubarak , for sure it has a new taste when we are trying to build our new Egypt.
Hopefully this Ramadan will be special for Egyptian Chronicles and its Chronicler , wait for more interesting posts insh Allah and wait for the return of the 10001 Radio nights along other special features in Ramadan 2011.
Happy Ramadan again and God bless you and bless Egypt.
May Allah bless our martyrs and our injured, May Allah bless our revolution.
Tthere are some calls for having a breakfast next Friday at Tahrir square insh Allah , I think this will be a great idea.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Okasha and Mortada reach to Brazil

Carlos Latuff is our lost Egyptian cousin in Brazil , I feel that this is a lost fact. Mr. Latuff “Originally from Levant”, his dad left Egypt after the nationalization to Brazil and his son Carlos became a cartoonist who is happy to be featured on the same page with Abdel Nasser.
Carlos Latuff’s latest work includes none other than our Tawfik Okasha and Mortada Mansour.
Conspiracy " Carlos Latuff" 

Blackmail , Mortada for presidency
"Carlos Latuff" 
 Okasha and Mortada  are now  international figures , their fame has reached to Brazil !!
I am waiting for Zpider’s cartoon or even better Somia and Fifi !!
Agree or disagree with some of Latuff’s cartoons yet you know that man is more Egyptian than some of the Egyptian cartoonists who are too afraid from expressing their opinion and the opinion of the public freely.

Mubarak’s trial to be at The police academy

The ministry of justice announced today in Cairo that Mubarak’s trial will be held next August 3rd at the Police Academy in Nasr City as expected. Tomorrow there will be a press conference with more details about the trial of the year , the century and the Egyptian modern history as well.
Mubarak academy for security
"Natural Reserve" 
There is still an irony in the new location of the trial as it was used to be named “The Mubarak academy for security” !!
According to medical sources Mubarak is fine but suffers from depression.
Today the martyrs of the revolutions have been joined by another one , a citizen from Kafr El Sheikh passed away earlier today after 6 months in coma , he was shot on January 28th while he was going to open his shop.
Today Field marshal Tantawy has ordered a raise in for the martyrs’ compensation in the upcoming 72 hours to LE 30,000 from 5,000. He also ordered that the compensations of the injured will be determined based on the degree of the injury.
We are waiting for the historical trial despite many of Egyptians believe that Mubarak will not make it , many Egyptians are expecting more unrests in the country like the unrest in Al Arish the more we are getting close to the trial.

Al Arish On Fire "Updated"

There are huge clashes since today’s afternoon in Al Arish border city. According to what I understood there were militant group that attacked both the police and the army. It started with an attack on Al Arish second precinct by that militant group after the end of the Islamists’ protest in the city that was peaceful.
According to official sources 3 citizens “including 70 years old man and 13 years old boy” were killed and 28 other citizen were injured.  An army captain was reportedly killed in the clashes.
Updated : 
The death toll has increased in to 4 citizens according to Al Ahram Arabic portal , a 18 years old young boy has passed away after being injured in the clashes while Ashraf Al Anay from Sinai says that the death toll increased in to 7 and while there are 23 injured; 17 are currently treated at the army hospital while the rest are being transferred by army medical helicopters to other cities. 
Here is the photo of the 13 years old boy that shot today while riding his bicycle :( 
After the break there is a video allegedly showing the shooting that took place that killed him and how he was announced dead in the street "Graphic" 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mubarak Trial Will not be at the CICC "Updated"

We do not know again where the trial of Mubarak will be. Yesterday it was announced that the trial of ousted/former president Mubarak will be at the center but now according to MENA judge Abdel Aziz Omar , the head of the appeal court will announce the location of the trial tomorrow Saturday.
Update : The trial will not be held at the CICC's GAFI hall because the ministry of interior will not be able to secure it according to the minister of Justice Abdel Aziz El Gendy. 
Mubarak’s trial is supposedly to be held at “GAFI” conference hall. El Wafd newspaper claims that the preparation at the “GAFI” conference hall was ceased today. Here is a video showing the hall.
Based on this statement the trial will not be at the CICC despite the CICC did not deny that the ministry of justice rented a hall in the CICC and the hall was being prepared for the trial next Wednesday. There have been rumors that Mubarak’s trial will be held next August 3rd,2011 at the Police academy today.

The showing off Friday

“And fulfill Allah’s agreement when you have made an agreement and don’t violate your oaths after they have been established and you have made Allah your guardian (therein).” (Surah An-Nahl 16: 91)
Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (RA) says that Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Four traits whoever possesses them is a hypocrite and whoever possesses some of them has an element of hypocrisy until he leaves it: the one who when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise, when he disputes he transgresses and when he makes an agreement he violates it.” (Muslim and Bukhari)
There was a specific deal , a specific agreement between most of the political powers , parties and movements about today for the sake of the revolution , for the sake of unity and the future of this country. This agreement was like a new hope for our revolution , a push for our quest to democratic Egypt but some people have not realized or fully understood what we want.
The Square today by Mahmoud Gamal El Din
Some forces and powers mainly from Salafists or broke the agreement. Of course the dilemma here is that unlike the Muslim brotherhood or the Islamic group the Salafi movement in Egypt is not united , it is made up of different groups and movements. The Salafi movements are new to politics , in fact knowing their beliefs and history in time of Mubarak it is awkward to see some involved in politics this way. Needless to say they are so obedient to the SCAF , to the field Marshal Tantawy who is insisting in all his speech so far “just like SCAF” that the upcoming republic , the upcoming state will be “ A CIVILIAN State” !!

Just An Idea : Pandora and Spotify For the Arab Music !?

Why can’t we have something like Pandora or Spotify services in the Arab world for the Arab music !?

Why can’t we have online stream services for Arabic music sponsored with Ads ?

This is just an idea , I do not know how it can be implemented but I hope that someone does would be interested.

I think radio stations like Nogoom FM can be interested in this service as they can have access to record labels in the Arab world.

Do Not Lose hope : Revolution is not Tahrir square

Do not lose hope please.

The revolution is not Tahrir square , the revolution is not about controlling the square. Whoever thinks that the revolution is Tahrir square does not clearly understand for one second the meaning of revolution.

God blesses and stands with those who respect their word of honor , God curses those hypocrites who do not respect their word.

Do Not Lose faith in God.

God bless Egypt and protect it from its enemies whether outside or inside.

Mubarak’s trial will be next August 3rd ,2011 in Cairo insh Allah.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Abdel Fatah Younis killed in Benghazi "Updated"

From few minutes ago it was announced that Libyan commander Abdel Fatah Younis has been assassinated. It seems that there are doubts about his loyalty after being the right hand of Qaddafi for 40 years.
He was killed in an ambush when he was in his way to summon before a judicial committee that would ask him certain military in Benghazi. The NTC did not release more details.
Some are saying that the NTC was going to interrogate him about suspicious families ties to Qaddafi according to Al Jazeera international .
According to NTC those who killed late Abdel Fatah Younis are Gaddafi's loyalists. Benghazi is infiltrated as it seems by small Qaddafi spies.
The NTC's statement is a little vague despite it called Younis a hero of the revolution. It seems to me that there is some sort of big game Qaddafi is playing after all
There are still no more details.
It is interesting enough that from 4 days ago there were rumors that Younis was killed at Berga in mysterious circumstances.
Now I am being criticized of being harsh to late Younis May Allah bless his soul , well I wrote a very emotional post as soon as I read the news on twitter that I believed it was too unprofessional especially after I read more details about the incident and the rumors surrounding him and because I followed the Libyan revolution since day one , I just could not ignore anything detail.
May Allah bless Younis and the martyrs of the Libyan revolution.
Update : 
Qaddafi spoke from short time ago on TV in a night speech. It is more than interesting timing.
There are a lot of rumors and speculations in Benghazi.
Some fear that the murder of Younis will affect the spirit of the freedom fighters, well my Arab brothers will be pushed more and more after this operation, after this attack.

Breaking : Mubarak’s trial to be in Cairo "Updated"

It has been confirmed now that Mubarak’s trial will be in Cairo next August 3rd at Cairo Intentional Convention and Exhibition Center “CICC” at Nasr City.
Mubarak , his sons Alaa and Gamal , Habib El Adly and six of his men’s trial will be at the CICC !!!!!!!!
More details to come
Ok the minister of justice announced yesterday that the trial will be in Cairo at the CICC where we used to hold famous book fair and Cairo international fair so it would accommodate the families of the martyrs and the media.
It is confirmed today from the ministry of justice but on the other hand sources in ministry of interior say that they did not get any notifications regarding up till regarding the trial especially that the trial will be held on August 23rd.
Of course the security measures in trial like this , the army will be involved more than the police.
I do not recall that something like that happened that before in the world , most dictators and war criminals are sued at the Hague not to mention that Saddam's trial took place during the occupation.
The Egyptian TV will transfer the historical event in Ramadan on air exclusively , there are no details about media pass up till now. Large screens will be set up at Major Square across Egypt.
The minister of health Amr Helmi has stated that the health of Mubarak is fine and that he can be transferred to Cairo.
Of course Mubarak's supporters believe other wise.
At the provoking "We are sorry Mr. President" we find a daring claim that "Mubarak will not be transferred because of his deteriorating health !!" You do not need to ask how they knew anyhow sooner enough after this Facebook page's Wall Status update , we find another update or rather an invitation to his excellence's children. The Mubarak supporters are invited to head to the CICC in order to support Mubarak who will be acquitted according to their wishes and views. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#July29 : The final Demands

First of all there are the final demands of #July 29 million man Protest or as 27 parties , movements and coalitions from right , left and middle call it : The popular will and unity
  1. The military trials for civilians to be ceased and re-trial of those The demands of July 29 Fridayprosecuted in front of military courts.
  2. Speeding the killing of the protesters trials and to honor martyrs in the best way.
  3. Assigning whole courts to ensure quick and just trials for ex-regime corrupted icons.
  4. Maximum and minimum limit of wages.
  5. Activating quickly the treachery act in order to exclude all those who spoiled the political life from participating in shaping our future.
As I said not less 27 parties ,movements , groups and coalitions from Islamists , leftists , liberal and nationalists have reached out to these demands . All the demands that used to create division like “Constitution first , elections first , Supra constitutional principles .. etc

Martyrs Families Demand the following "Updated"

The martyrs’ families demand the following from the government and SCAF:
#July 29 Martyrs Demands 0011- The arrest of the officers suspected of killing the martyrs in order to stop their influence on witnesses , changing evidence and blackmailing both the families and the witnesses.
2- The speed in referring the rest of the killing of protesters cases to the criminal courts and the rest of legal procedures.
3- Setting up teams of the best prosecutors to investigate the cases.
4- The MOI to issue an official statement that includes an official statement to the Egyptian people generally and the martyrs’ families specifically and to recognize the protesters as martyrs not thugs.
5- Setting up a permanent committee from the martyrs families , their lawyers , the cabinet and the general prosecution to facilitate all the obstacles facing the trials.
6- To transfer the trials on air on TV channels without the permission of the judge.
7- Honoring martyrs , equalizing them with with the war’s martyrs.
8- Dismissing the minister of interior and the general prosecutor.

Major General El Assar Goes to Washington

Here is the complete session of Mohamed El Assar , Member of SCAF and the minister of defense assistant at the U.S Institute of Peace. El Assar is the man responsible for American file in the ministry of defense , you can consider him as MOD’s Omar Soliman.
Hate him or love him I think this man among the real minds in SCAF , our military junta.

Of course the statements of El Assar about the Muslim brotherhood are making headlines more than anything as I could tell.
Omar Afifi has attended that meeting , he is the man who wore the Egyptian flag. By the way these visits are usually announced in the States publicly by certain time , for instance the U.S Institute of Peace announces that meeting in its schedule online by days and sometimes by weeks so Afifi probably knew about this visit from press not from crystal ball !!
I will comment later on that meeting , cheers.

Needs Explanation : CNAIPIC and the Egyptian ministries of communication and transport !?

Thanks to a friend tweep’s tip I found out that one of the anonymous  affiliated groups is claiming that it hacked the evidence servers of “CNAIPIC” or “  Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche” or in easy English “The Italian cybercrime unit

According to what looks like a press release issued by that @Anonesc group that Cybercrime unit in Italy used to gather the evidence of cyber crimes in what they called “Global spy game”

Among the stuff those hackers found files from several countries included USA , Russia and Vietnam. There are also files from American companies , giant companies like Exxon Mobil. Now what cares in all this is that there are files in this so-called hacked files related to Egypt , specifically to the ministry of transport and ministry of telecommunications according to the press release.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Good news of The Day : Do not Lose hope Ever

Here are bunch news , good news you should carefully read and understand that we have achieved something so far.

  • The supreme council of antiquities “SCA” has sacked off more than 100 advisor according to its new chairman Dr. Mohamed Abdel Maksoud to save expenses , yes the former ministry of antiquities used to have more than 100 advisor !! Why did Zahi Hawass need all those advisors !?
  • A civilian man was appointed as the CEO of Cairo international airport for the first time since 50 years. The employees of Cairo international airport as well as Egypt Air were demanding to have civilian management instead the retired air forces generals. The Egyptian air forces air marshal had a meeting with them and promised to fulfill their demand , of course they did not get a civilian civil aviation minister but they got a civilian management for the airport and this is just not a small. Already I do not understand till when we have will an air force retired general as minister of aviation. Sometimes I feel that we need someone of  civilian administrative background not to mention I think we do not need this ministry at all. We can have a supreme council of civilian aviation instead that regulates the aviation movement along with a civilian CEO for Egypt Air.

The Sister of the first martyr in Alexandria joins him

Yesterday Huda Tantawy , the sister of the first martyr in Alexandria Ibrahim Tantawy passed away and joined her brother. 17 years old Huda was trying to protect her brother Ibrahim after he was shot by security forces when she was shot in her chest.

For 6 months Huda suffered from huge medical neglect , the bullet was left in her chest till her chest was decayed from the bullet. Whole 6 months !! Only from a week ago and doctor from Cairo saw her in Alexandria and decided to transfer her to Cairo to receive treatment where she died yesterday.

I believe Huda was not killed by the Mubarak’s regime forces only but also by every doctor who passed by her bed and knew he could help her as a human before anything and did not.

Walid Tantawy speaks about his siblings

Huda and Ibrahim were not protesting on January 28th , they were heading to the medical international center.

This was Gaza Not Serbia

So the Egyptian TV published a photo for April 6th Youth Movement spokesperson Mohamed Adel claiming that it was taken in Serbia where he received a military training , he was standing with a big gun.
Well it seems that the Egyptian TV is still doing what it is best at : Lying
That photo was already cropped to show Adel only without the old lady standing besides him, whom by all measures can’t be a Serbian not to mention that the date of the picture and its story proves the innocence of Adel from that training.
With Um Nadal
That photo was taken in January 2008 during a solidarity to Gaza and the lady standing with Adel is the famous Um Nadal who lost 5 sons during the fight with Israel . That weapon Adel was holding was her son's weapon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Trials Season 1 : El Adly trial to be adjourned

Habib El Adly trial has been adjourned today to August 3rd ,2011 as the case will be included to the trial of Mubarak. It is actually good thing because we have been requesting that both trials to be included in one trial for the sake of the justice. This was among the first demands of the martyrs families if you remember in their sit in at Maspero. It is enough that we will get rid from Abdel Salam Gomaa from such case.
Today was for sure big day as million of Egyptians woke up so early to watch the trial that was supposed to start at 9 AM. It was the big show today , the real first episode in the big TV soap opera “Mubarak Regime Televised trials”. The trial of Anas El Faky was not that interesting compared to the trial of El Adly and seeing him behind the bars. Most of the people who were watching the trial just to see El Adly behind the bars.
The trial was a chaos without doubt , real chaos with no order what so ever in the court room that makes me wonder what will happen at Mubarak’s trial !! The Mubarak trial will be in Sharm El Sheikh and thank God it will be in Sharm El Sheikh because God only how many people will try to get in the court room in Cairo to see Mubarak behind the barriers. Already even a whole army can’t stop that number of people. I understand why it will be in Sharm and why it can't be in Cairo , people can eat Mubarak alive !! We are not in Norway , we are in Egypt ya people “Spare me from the comparison

Norway Attack : Oklahoma 2011

As soon as I saw I the photos of bombing of Oslo , I remembered immediately of Qaddafi’s threat to target European cities with martyrs and Jihadists while other Arabs and Muslims online were waiting to hear the usual accusation to Muslims but it turned to be a domestic terrorist act just like Oklahoma city terrorist attack.
Already when it was declared that there was an attack on a camp following the Norwegian Labor party “the ruling party” after the attack on the prime minister’s office I began to think it was a domestic thing.
The terrorist is Anders Behring Breivik , white blonde right wing and not Muslim. He used to blog in Zionist blogs.
Strangely both his Facebook and twitter accounts’ activity started on July 17 !?
Facebook Page starts on July 17th !!
Breivik left a very interesting tweet at his twitter account on July 17th ‘The only tweet he sent actually’:
The only tweet on July 17th !!
One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests.
This is originally a quote by British philosopher John Stuart Mill by the way which he rephrased. The original quote was :
One person with a belief is a social power equal to ninety-nine who have only interests

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It is not about Dina Only "Update"

Dina Abdel Rahman , the popular and wonderful TV hostess made headlines today starting from early morning , starting from her Daily morning show on Dream TV 2 or what used to be her Daily Morning Show
Abdel Rahman presented for years her popular TV show “Dream’s Morning” on Dream TV 2 , it is the first real talk show in the morning hours in Egypt compared to the Egyptian national TV’s “Good morning Egypt”.
Today’s morning Dina Abdel Rahman highlighted in the press segment the op-ed of columnist Naglaa Badir in Tahrir Newspaper today where the later was criticizing Major Hassan El-Rowaniy and SCAF’s position from April 6th Youm movement.She was hosting journalist Khaled El-Belashy to comment the press today. Then in another segment she spoke on the phone with retired air force major general/strategic analyst Abdel Monam Kato who told her to stop highlighting the opinions of saboteurs like Badir and that she should choose respectable journalists to highlight their opinions !!
Dina Abdel Rahman and the KG1 Democracy !!
Abdel Rahman politely challenged him that he should pinpoint who these  respectable journalists were.
Of course what Kato said was nothing compared to his jam :
The Egyptian army is teaching the Egyptian people ABC KG1 Democracy !!
I think the Egyptian army has been humiliated enough by such irresponsible statements from retired major generals like Kato along other hypocrites.

Camel Battle 2 : Free Amr Gharbeia and all other detainees

Egyptian blogger and human rights researcher Amr Gharbeia has been detained at Abassaya by a group of youth according to Alya El Hosseiny and he was possibly going to be handed over to the military police. They labeled him a spy and April 6 member to the end of this talk.
Still We found this comment from Facebook with the name of the SS informer who abducted him !!

It is not about Amr Gharbeia but about all those who have been arrested.
Twitter in Egypt now is full of questions on if anybody at Abassaya thought that friend or that father or that sister or daughter !! It is just sad.
Update :

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camel Battle 2 : Everybody loses

Currently I am sick , my blood pressure is low and strangely it does not want to be raised with all these provoking news since the start of day especially with El Rawoiny’s TV statements or even with the on going Camel battle that took place at Abasseya square.

Strangely El Rawoiny’s prediction was right and there were Molotov cocktails thrown but not at the ministry of defense but rather at Abassaya square by the thugs along with the angry Abassaya dwellers. The protesters did not throw anything unlike what he predicted !!

Not less than231 protesters are injured according to the official estimations while the unofficial estimations speak about more than 600 injured and 4 dead with no confirmation. Many protesters are allegedly detained while People are trying to escape from the besieged area through safe exists from hospitals in the area. There are reports that some protesters including injured have been arrested from hospitals in the area.

Statement no.70 : Shall we prepare for internet blockage or what !?

SCAF issued another statement last night and despite it is not shocking as statement no.69 but it is alarming.

SCAF thanked the citizens that formed a cordon between the military police and the protesters in yesterday's march to the MOD and it has blamed some internet websites in turning the people against the army !!

So what are these websites ? Twitter and Facebook or what !?

SCAF Declares war on April 6th Youth "Updated"

SCAF has just posted a new statement on its official Facebook regarding the clashes between protesters and military police in Suez, Alexandria and Ismailia.
Unsurprisingly in statement 69 SCAF denied that it dispersed the protesters in Suez , Alexandria or Ismailia or any other city but shockingly SCAF officially accuses April 6th Movement of attempting to turn the people against the army !!
SCAF has accused April 6th movement officially !!
This is the most dangerous SCAF statement , alarming SCAF statement ever issued.
I think the only mistake or rather sin the movement did was calling for a march from Tahrir square to the ministry of defense on July 23rd revolution day anniversary.  Knowing the military mindset , I believe this move was too provoking for them and actually I think they believed that the march that is being stopped at Abassiya square was organized by the movement which is totally untrue.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get a new nationality in three months only : An offer for the runaways !!

This ad has been published in Al Ahram newspaper in the first half of the third page yesterday. “My mom spotted it”
For Egyptian investors/runaways get a new nationality
Saint Kitts and Nevis federation in the Caribbean  offers its citizenship and its passport for investors “without a stay” if the investor is ready to contribute to its economy sum of money starting from $200,000 “aside from legal fees” or to own a property that worth no less than $350,000.
If you think that Saint Kitts and Nevis is too far away and unknown , you get a Canadian passport through the investor program. Update : You will not get the Canadian citizenship even if you are investor except if you stay in Canada for 3 years at least.
Of course there was a rumor that Rashid Mohamed Rashid has waived his Egyptian nationality to get a Canadian passport but it is completely untrue. 
I think our Canadian friends will be insulted with this ad or rather those investors from corrupted businessmen this ads targets. I believe also that the beautiful Saint Kitts and Nevis Island should not be stained with these corrupted businessmen whose natural place is in Porto Tora.
Saint Kitts and Nevis "Flickr"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hazem Abd El Azim is out of the new cabinet

Dr. Hazem Abdel Azim will not be the minister of telecommunications in the cabinet , he was just being informed by this 3 hours ago in Cairo. According to Abdel Azim he was excluded due to security reasons in reference to the report published by Youm 7 tabloid yesterday and accused him of working with Israeli company !!?
That dirty newspaper of claimed that Hazem Abdel Azim is the CEO of CIT company which has some deals with some Israeli company and that Abdel Azim met some Israeli businessman in Taba in 2009. It also hinted that he was appointed in ITIDA thanks to his connections to former PM Ahmed Nazif’s wife Zeinab Zaki.
Ok here Dr. Abdel fired back at these accusations.
Now Hazem Abdel Azim founded in 2001 a small company for developing Arabic  mobile phone applications and it used to be called “IMAGiNET” and either in 2004 or 2005 an Egyptian company called “CIT” acquired the company and named it “CIT MOBiDOV”. CIT has not foreign or Israeli investors and currently Abdel Azim owns 5% of the “MOBiDOV” which is a very small share that does not have any effect.
In 2007 he was appointed as the advisor of the minister of communications and information technology Tarek Kamel by the minister himself not the prime minister. In 2009 he used to head ITIDA and his position in the ministry had become deputy minister.  Abdel Azim left ITIDA in 2010 in the same year Zeinab Zaki married Ahmed Nazif.

#egyelections : Elections law

Major General Mamdouh Shahin has just announced the new elections law which organizes the people’s assembly and Shura council law in a press conference. 

Here are the most important points in the law :

  • The parliamentary elections will be delayed but not at the end of the year !! “ Last time I checked the elections committee will start working on September 18th ,2011 !? “
  • The people’s assembly and Shura council elections will be held in the same day on three stages , which means three days !! “I do not understand how or why !? This can confess people already and it will make it hard for civil society organization to monitor this huge process !!”
  • The parliamentary elections will have mixed voting system “ 50% direct individual voting system and 50% the closed proportional system”
  • The candidate ages in the people’s assembly is reduced from 30 to 25 years old.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Essam Sharaf and the Obstacles he faces

Essam has left a message on his official Facebook page and his official twitter account thanking the citizens who wished him speedy recovery and his message was more than interesting :
This is what was posted in his official Essam Sharaf Facebook Page :
Your appreciation for what I face from obstacles that hinder my performance and do not want in Egypt’s renaissance is the most thing that relieve me. All what I care now is that you have to trust every decision I took and I will take , was and is for Egypt.. Egypt only and it is no fake heroism . Thanks for everybody care to ask about my health.
The words do not need explanation and we know that Sharaf is facing a lot of obstacles already whether from SCAF or from the Mubarak’s regime orphans or from the countries that do not like the revolution.
I believe #July 8 was God’s gift to Sharaf.

The Sniper Over our Rooftop : Explain these photos please

First of all according to some source new details will be revealed about the snipers of MOI mystery in the upcoming days , we shall see.
Second we got more details about that famous photo for MOI snipers from Qena in the Ezzat Hanfi’s raid.The riffle that in the picture below according to those boys specialized in big guns is PSG-1 by Heckler and Koch.

Third in that photo you can sign the insignia of the Egyptian police snipers.

El Fadaly , Tyson and Tahrir Square

Here is the Yosri Fouda’s surprise last night we waited for.
Last Talk : Ahmed El Fadaly involved at the Camel’s battle
Fouda showed footage filmed o February 2nd night by Shady El Adl and Ahmed Khalil from Bokra for media production , media studies and human rights center which oversees Abdel Monim Riyad square and 6th of October bridge. Their camera captured about 55 GB of footage that has been presented to the public prosecutor in Egypt during the revolution. During the infamous Camel battle , they focused on those men wearing suits among the thugs. For months they could not identify that man in a suit smoking a cigarette and relaxing on the bridge while there was technically a civil war taking place around him but they did and decided to approach the media.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The sniper Over Our Rooftop : Carlos Latuff’s opinion about this matter

Carlos Latuff has got an opinion about the snipers over our rooftop during the early days of the revolution mystery.
Mansour Eissawy : Where are the snipers
Carloss Latuff 
Please spread it.
Please spread our demand for explanation.

Tunisian Revolution : Bloody Phase 2 “Graphic”

Today I woke up in a very disturbing news from Tunisia : a 14 years old boy was killed by the Tunisian security forces in Sidi Bou Zaid yesterday. The new martyr is called Thabet El-Hagallawy who was a student in the 8th grade.
You can see the video after the break from morgue. Warning : Graphic

The followers of Set and Zahi Hawass “Updated"

Zahi Hawass mock from those who criticize him for anything and call them “ The followers of Set, the God of evil in Egyptian mythology” in order to ridicule from their criticism and attribute it to his own success.
Now it seems that the followers of Set gave him one hell of farewell party from the Supreme council of antiquities in Zamalak like no other and it was recorded as well.
Zahi Hawass’ farewell
This is just so bad and sad but what can you say !?  The young people in the video are the young archeologists Hawass used to mock and ridicule and they were screaming “Thief , thief”
There are dangerous accusations facing Dr. Hawass without doubt that can affect his integrity world wide not only Egypt. This vide below from May 27th I forgot to upload , a group of archeologists attacked Zahi Hawass in the protest.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hosni Mubarak : We will die in the end

Mubarak in his last visit to the US in 2010
I think you have all heard the news that former/ousted president Hosni Mubarak is currently in Coma in Sharm El Sheikh. This was announced from couple of hours on the Egyptian TV by none other than his lawyer Farid El Deeb who was actually in Cairo and left to Sharm El Sheikh after that phone call.
You must know that after few minutes the Sharm El Sheikh international hospital called the national Egyptian TV and denied the news then the ministry of health officially denied it in Cairo.
Nevertheless TV channels and news websites added more fuel with contradicting reports that made the citizens of Egypt Al Hayat Channel and Al Fagr Newspaper are claiming that Mubarak is dying with dramatic description to his case without any official confirmation.Al Fagr as usual went too far and claimed that the death of Mubarak will be announced so soon.  I do not know which channel or news website that claimed Mubarak was in coma but his condition was stable !!
Now from my own sources in Sharm El Sheikh Mubarak is sick , there is no doubt in this and I will not give any more details except that what was leaked to Ibrahim Eissa from a week ago was twisted in a way to discredit him and make people disbelieve him.

Interim Ministerial Reshuffle follow up : Zahi Hawass has left the building "Updated"

Here are the latest updates regarding the on going ministerial reshuffle :
  • Zahi Hawass has been dismissed from his position , it is confirmed in Original Dostor/Tahrir News. It seems that in his way out Hawass was received by a group of angry archeology students and it was bad scene. He has not addressed the matter yet in his twitter account. There are two names being nominated to replace the renowned archeologist including Dr. Alaa Shahin
  • Dr. Hazem Abdel Azim has been appointed as the minister of telecommunications , I am so happy actually with choice.
Hazem Abdel Azim in front of a burned CSF vehicle 
  • Minister of scientific research Amr Ezzat has resigned from his position
  • Minister of health Ashraf Hatem has resigned from his position.
  • Minister of industry and trade Samir El Sayid has resigned from his position. “Dr. Ahmed Fakry is being nominated to replace him”
  • Minister of finance Samir Radwan has resigned from his position was replaced by Dr. Hazem El Beblawi who stated that the first thing he will work on is the maximum limit of wages.
  • Dr. Ali El Salmi was appointed as minister of investment.
  • The cabinet Spokesperson said that Essam Sharaf chose a minister of foreign affairs but he will not announce his name yet. “I fear it is Nabil Fahmi”
  • Dr. Amr Helmi has been appointed as minister of health according to the official Essam Sharaf Facebook page.Dr. Amr Helmi is a leftist doctor as far as I have known and he has been an activist in "Doctors without rights". He led the march of doctors from the Egyptian medical syndication to Tahrir Square last July 12th. Here is Dr. Amr Helmi. 

  • Dr. Moatez Khorshid has been appointed as the minister of high education. Here is his CV in English , you will need a PDF reader.
  • Minister of transportation Atef Abdel Hamid has been dismissed and Dr. Ali Zein El Abdeen Heikal has been appointed instead of him. 
  • Minister of agriculture Hadid has resigned and was replaced by minister/ Dr. Saleh El Sayid Farag. 
  • Minister Mohsen El Nomani of local development has resigned and is replaced by Judge Mohamed Atia  , Judge Mohamed Ati was the man who issued the historical rule to kick the university guards and to stop the export of gas to Israel. He also headed the referendum committee if you remember. 
Judge Atia 
  • Minister Abdel Fatah El Bana'a has been appointed as the new minister of antiquities , he was the professor of antiquities in Cairo university. 
  • Dr. Ahmed Fakry has been appointed as the new minister of industry and trade , he used to be the CEO of the exporting council for engineering industries "whatever it was" 
  • The minister of justice and the minister of interior are going to keep their positions according to the latest leaks, it is not a big surprise though. 
  • Dr. Ali Ibrahim Sabri was appointed as minister of military production. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we got rid from Siyad Mashal at last" 
  • Ambassador Mohamed Kamel Amr as the minister of foreign affairs
  • Mr. Lotfy Mustafa Kamal as minister of civil aviation. 
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fadeel as minister of  Awkaf.  

The Sniper over our Rooftop : We misunderstood Eissawy after all !!

The MOI has issued an official statement in its official Facebook page about the snipers of MOI and the denial of Eissawy in the press conference of police reshuffle last. The MOI claims that the words of Eissawy were taken out of context and were twisted. If I understand this statement correctly the MOI does not deny having snipers but it insists that there was no officer in Cairo after January 28th !!!

According to the Statement the Public prosecution was investigating the snipers matter. We want to know through activists lawyers the progress of this case. For sure the public prosecutor will use the fact finding committee’s report in his case which proves that the snipers of MOI were involved in the murder of the protesters.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breaking News : El Orabi Resigns "Updated"

Mohamed El Orabi , the minister of foreign affairs has resigned from short while ago and according to the Egyptian national TV PM Sharaf has accepted the resignation.
A Screencap for the news on Egyptian TV
The Cabinet's official twitter : The prime minister has accepted the resignation of El Orabi. 
In a statement to Al Masry Al Youm newspaper El Orabi stated that he resigned in order to embarrass Sharaf anymore after reading what was written about him in Facebook.
Now Faiza Abu El Naga’s name is suggested by the media as possible candidate for the position. The political groups and powers suggested other names like ambassador Tahtawy whom I support for this position. Ambassador Tahtawy resigned from his position as spokesperson of Al Azhar during the revolution and supported it publicly
There were rumors that El Araby will be back to his position , I believe they are untrue , this assumption was based on the fact that Sharaf visited El Araby at LAS HQ last week. Already many Egyptians are angry from El Araby’s statements in Syria.

The photo of the day : A Salute to the Martyr

Today was the funeral of 28 years old Mostafa Hassan after 5 months of coma , today the official death toll of revolution martyrs increased by 1.
Today Hassan’s funeral was at Tahrir Square , the funeral started from Kasr Al Aini hospital and ended at Tahrir square before heading to Alexandria, Hassan’s home town. Hassan was not shot down at Arcadia mall in Cairo , he was shot down in Alexandria. 
The funeral of Hassan opened many wounds and reminded us with the young men and women who were killed and wounded by Mubarak’s security forces.
Hassan was treatment’s expenses were not paid by the state as I have known , the expenses were paid by some unknown philanthropist.
In some move I consider it a big one despite it was so simple an army officer from the unit protecting the cabinet HQ at Kasr Al Aini saluted Hassan and the soldiers paid respect to him.
The officer from Paratroopers saluates Hassan
"Youm 7"
I do not know if this move was by higher orders or not but for 30 years thousands and hundreds of Egyptians died in disasters and no one paid respect for them. I remember when 1000 Egyptian drowned and Mubarak celebrated in cold blood our pseudo victory in football !! I remember the rockslide of Doweiqa and how we did not mourn for one hour for those buried alive under their houses !!

El Mahdy at Tahrir square "Updated"

Major general Tarek El Mahdy of SCAF has visited Tahrir Square , we do not know the reason of the visit yet but we know that he was speaking to the protesters at one of the stages and that they refused to listen forcing him to leave . According to activist Nazly Hussein El Mahdy spoke with those protesters currently on hunger strike.
Al Mahdy at one of the tent
At the stage
El Mahdy attacked on air the News sector news reader and their correspondent at Tahrir square for calling the protesters as thugs yesterday.
Mahdy on Egyptian TV yesterday
Major general El Mahdy was appointed to oversee the national Egyptian TV and radio. He is popular in Maspero as far as I know
Some are saying that he was being kicked out of the square.Updated : He was kicked out from the square because he attacked April 8th officers !!? I do not understand what some people expected him to do when he sees the photos of these officers hailed as heroes !!? He is a military man for God sake !? What these officers did for him is a mutiny not a revolutionary act !!
He should not been kicked out or humiliated at Tahrir Square for one second because this will be used against the sit in and the protesters . The Mubarak's orphans in the media will portray it as a disrespect to the Egyptian army.
Tarek Al Mahdy spoke on TV Night talk shows about the incident. He said that he went there with the intention to speak with the protesters on hunger strike in order to convince them to break their fast and to take a list of the detainees' names at military prisons.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Message No.67 : SCAF will treat Dr. Mosaab

Here is the message No.67 from SCAF we have been waiting for and it is not that catastrophic as we have expected despite it is not that great. The message announces that SCAF gave its orders to the military attaché in Berlin to help Dr. Mosaab El Shaer in his treatment.
Dr. Mosaab El Shaer is from the revolution's wounded who got a terrible experience in the Egyptian hospitals during the revolution.
He has been outspoken in the past weeks against the Egyptian government for ignoring him and other wounded. Mosaab El Shaer attacked Essam Sharaf and accused him of standing against his own treatment because of his statements to the media.
I do not understand already why El Shaer had to wait 5 months so the officials and SCAF decided to help him in his treatment. I do  not understand why this decision was not taken from 5 months ago !? Why does Mosaab have to speak to TV channels and newspapers in order to get his right in this way !?

Dear RNN respect other people's rights

So I found RNN has taken one of my photos and published in one of their news "Safwat Hegazy will not participate in tomorrow's protest"

Here is the original photo from #Jan25 from Departure Friday photo album
Safwat Hegazy at Tahrir square
Despite all the criticism surrounding RNN, I respect the efforts of its reporters especially its reporters in Libya but if RNN and its affiliated want to be professional news network then they must act like one.

Egyptian X-Files : The sniper over our rooftop

The ministry of interior is still denying having a snipers unit in the ministry despite there are evidences that began to surface lately.
Naguib Mahfouz started his controversial novel 'Children of Gebelawi' with these words "Our alley's disease is oblivion" , I will start my post regarding the snipers of MOI and the revolution with the same words as we intend to forget too quickly.
In a press conference held by the Fact finding national committee about Jan 25th revolution on last April 19th,2011 the committee admitted that those who sniped the protesters were actually the snipers of counter terrorism unit. Officers in counter terrorism are trained on sniper riffles. 

Nobody cared to read the final report of the Fact finding national committee about Jan 25th revolution thoroughly in last April 2011 because if they did we will find the following : 

  • In the section of Shooting and running over by cars will find the first sentence says : The committee found out that police officers shot the protesters with rubber bullets, gunshots and live ammunition whether directly confrontation with the protesters or through snipping from the rooftops of Tahrir Square surrounding building , AUC buildings and Ramses Hilton. "Ok the word snip in Arabic or even in English does not mean there is an actual snipers unit following the ministry"
  • In Page 11 : Most injuries came in the chest and head which indicates that there were sniping and that the hospitals between January 28th and February 2nd received many injuries in eyes "Because Eissawy says that officers did not shot the protesters after January 28th" 
This is a committee officially commissioned by the cabinet and SCAF , this is a committee that was criticized of being soft and yet it accuses the ministry of interior directly. 

The old school officials like Eissawy as well as SCAF depend that Egyptians are peaceful people who forget quickly but this is the old school that believed we do not revolt against our ruler. Now after the break you will find more clues prove that we have snipers in MOI.