Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trump of Arabia

What you get if you mix Donald Trump and Fox News ? You will get a priceless racist ignorant interview !!

Trump of Arabia

“Arab countries would not even exist without us !!” Where shall I start !!? Shall I start with the fact that there are Arab countries or rather nations existed before the United States !!? In fact I do not think that I will bother to comment on this man because his answers show arrogance and ignorance , it seems that he educated himself about the history the region through watching Laurence of Arabia !!

Dear SCAF Change your PR Policies ASAP For the Sake of Egypt

I think I have been clear in my criticism to the SCAF , they are not helping us to help them , in fact they made every mistake in the book to make suspect their intentions when it come to the future of this country. Part of the SCAF’s problem is their media policies , the army PR during the Mubarak days.
The man who operates the media policies of the SCAF , the man who operates its PR is none other than major general Ismail Etman. Etman is now considered by a considerable number of politicians and activists in the country now as the defecto minister of information despite officially this position does not exist anymore. In fact some even has got a little further and considered him from the counter revolution due to his statements about certain incidents “virginity tests and faculty of mass communication sit in
Every time we try not to worry from his statements and start to focus in rebuilding our nation again , we find again more statements that make us not only worry but angry from the SCAF.
Last week Egyptian TV host/political activist/presidential candidate Bouthina Kamel was summoned to meet Etman at the morale affairs HQ in order to clear some of the facts there. Kamel told him about the virginity tests and his answer was as follows :
The girls were sleeping with the boys  in Tahrir square
and that
 Some human rights organizations and NGOs are agents for foreign parties and get paid by US dollar in Tahrir  !!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Another Anger Friday , Another day "Graphic"

Here it is another Friday , another day in Syria full of anger , full of fear and also full of death ghost. The Syrians are escaping to Jordan and to Lebanon for fear of getting killed by the El Assad army.
Things are escalating from bad to worse starting from last Week and the entrance of the Syrian army to Daraa.
Anger Friday /Leave Bashar
from Homs 
Today we got news that units from the infamous Republican guards headed by Maher El Assad are surrounding Damascus with machine guns. Army tanks have allegedly entered Aleppo. As usual people are getting killed by the hands of the security forces , I have just read that a 10 years old girl was killed in Latakia along with other 4 citizens and 20 injured. There is reportedly a new massacre in Daraa in the Sheikh area. Updated  : Reports saying that between 15 -23 have been reportedly killed in Daraa , about 15 dead bodies have arrived to one of the hospitals there with the bullets of the Syrian security forces. AFP speaks about 16 dead bodies at the entrance of Daraa , according to our dear Syrian brothers these are the bodies from Hauran , the city of Hauran. The brave citizens of Hauran came with food and medicine supplies and wanted to break the siege but instead they were killed. 
It is worth to remind the world that Daraa has been living under a terrible siege , the El Assad forces got rid from food medicine and children milk in order to blackmail the defiant citizens. The people are not allowed to leave the city , this week Arab viewers from the Gulf to the ocean listened to the crying plea of Daraa MP's son on BBC Arabic to El Assad family in order to let the women and children out of Daraa.  The world of course is watching in silence. Even Amnesty International is asking his excellency President Bashar El Assad to stop the bloodshed !! I do not know if this is a bad joke or what.

PM Sharaf in University of Kuwait

PM Sharaf had a meeting with the Egyptian community in Kuwait at the university of Kuwait , here are video clips from the meeting. Our prime minister had an overwhelming reception there. Egyptians kept chanting ‘Raise your head , your Egyptian’.

PM enters, Kuwaiti professor introduction and part of Sharaf’s word

This meeting was arranged by the faculty of business administration , university of Kuwait , it was originally a meeting between Sharaf and the faculty staff but it turned in to successful meeting between the Egyptian expats and their prime minister.

The Egyptians asked the prime minister to change the Egyptian ambassador and the staff of the Egyptian embassy because they were not helping the Egyptians in Kuwait and they treated them badly.

This is what I call indecent proposal !!

Guardian has published a report about SS documents it has got from Egypt about proposals from British Gamma international to provide the Egyptian government with systems to hack our emails and Skype accounts through its Finfisher Spy software.
Here are the leaked documents , I had their link for months but I forgot to publish them.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Et Toi Kuwait !?

It seems that Hosni Mubarak has not got only media orphans in Egypt but he also got media orphans in the Arab world. Strangely and amazingly at the same time PM Sharaf was visiting Kuwait we found some Kuwaiti media outlets launching that provoking campaign in solidarity with Mohamed Hosni Mubarak aka Bou Alaa !!!!!!!!!!!!First we got this strange paid ad by some Egyptian lawyer living in Kuwait asking PM Sharaf to pardon Mubarak because of his age and the fact the biggest punishment for him is stepping down !!!!!!!!!?
On behalf of almost all Egyptians in Kuwait
Boldly enough this lawyer speaks on behalf of almost all Egyptians there !!! Who gave him the right to speak on behalf of them !!
Then we got this strange daily campaign on air in "Scoop" TV channel where the TV host and his alleged unbiased callers are attacking the revolutionary youth and the army. Here are two clips from the TV show. the TV host speaks to one of those Mubarak supporters camping at the ERTVU building. They are so provoking and stupid at the same time.

Tamim El-Barghouti’s latest Poem : The people of Egypt

Palestinian Egyptian Poet and political analyst Tamim El Barghouti wrote a new poem about Egypt , Egyptian people and the Egyptian revolution of January 25th in Egyptian dialect. Least thing I can say about it that it is wonderful and great.

Tamim El-Barghouti : The people of Egypt

Tamim El Barghouti has just received the Egyptian nationality at last , he has got now an Egyptian passport in the new Egypt.

I can’t forget Tamim’s poem in Egyptian dialect during the revolution “Just couple of day” , I can’t forget how I felt when I heard it read by the protesters at Tahrir square.

So Why did it take all those years General Soliman !!?

Suddenly with no introductions we found this very important news yesterday : Fatah and Hamas have reconciled through Egyptian mediation.

The Palestinian file is still at the Egyptian intelligence so far as our Spy chief Mourad Muwafi mediated the talks in silence successfully. We all hope that Nabil El-Araby takes it from here with my all respect to Muwaif and the GIS.  We all underestimated Muwafi , he manage in doing what Omar Soliman failed to do in years in just 3 months or even less !!! One must wonder why did Omar Soliman take all those years and failed while Muwafi managed in less than three months !!? The reputation of Soliman as powerful negotiator is a myth as far as I see !!

It seems that we have heard that Soliman and Mubarak did not want Hamas and Fatah to reconcile in order to have an Upper hand is true after all !!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello,this is Saddam Hussein speaking !!

This is from the viral videos of the day in the Arab world today : Saddam Hussein’s phone call to his old friend Hassan Allawy. This video allegedly for a phone call that recorded recently where allegedly Hussein claims that he is ALIVE !!!? He is alive and the Baath will return back to kick the ass of everybody technically in Iraq !!?

Allegedly according to this phone call the man who was hanged in 2006 was his double “Mikhail” !!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Syrian Revolution : In the heart of Cairo

Today Cairo reminded the World how once upon time Syrian and Egypt were one country . Today there were two protests in front of the Syrian embassy in Giza , one was held by the Syrian students and members of the Syrian community in Egypt at 11.30 AM while the other one was held by the 6 April youth.
I attended the first protest held by the Syrian students , I stayed for about an hour and half. I knew that the protest later moved to the league of Arab states to protest the Arab silence. There were about 3 CSF vehicles at Cinema El Tahrir at the beginning of the street along with one military police vehicle. Facing the embassy
Now the embassy from its side did not comment or talk with the protesters when I was there but before I arrived I think” there was some clash as the protesters tried to get in to the embassy and the employees stopped them. There was a shattered glass from that bulletin at the embassy’s gate , ironically the protesters cleaned this area and put anti Bashar El-Assad banners in the bulletin.

Electing governors in Egypt !!? Think Again

I am from the team that calls for electing governors in Egypt , we had enough for decades now from appointing governors since the monarchy time actually to be fair. Still the last crisis in Qena or rather fiasco to be accurate made me rethink again and ask myself : Are we truly ready for this important step !!?

First of all we are in a transitional period , we can’t move in to governor electoral system right away just after three months after toppling the regime if we want to make it right. We need legalizations and laws to reorganize this process, we need to know how we are going to elect our governors. It is ironic till now we do not know how we are going to elect our next parliament nor how we are going to elect the governor or what the candidacy conditions are.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Hama 2 in Daraa !! "Updated and graphic"

Reuters and BBC News have just confirmed the news that the Syrian regime has closed all the land borders with Jordan following the deployment of tanks and Arab Syrian army units to Daraa. It is Hama massacre rewind.

According to activists at least between 5 to 20 civilians have been killed so far in the morning and that the security forces are opening their gunfire on everything is moved. Update : According to AFP 25 are reportedly killed in Daraa , this is of course the primary and the least while Al Jazeera English reports that dead bodies are all over the streets of Daraa and people can't get them because of the snipers who are making it like there currently. The people in Jordanian villages near the borders can hear the sounds of the heavy artillery 
Allegedly the ancient Omari mosque was attacked by the army. Eye witnesses speaking on TV channels and online say that there are bodies in the streets surrounding the mosque and that the army units are using forbidden live ammunition.
There is news that the security forces are arresting the people from their homes while other fearful news say that the security forces are arresting and gathering women and children in order to force the revolutionaries to give up.
Update : The Mosques are calling for Peace , they are chanting 'Allah Akbar' while the guns shots are heard crystal clear , it is quite a scene. The mosques are calling citizens to stand still and do not give up attacking the security forces.
The Emam of the Omari mosque has already sent a video message to Al Jazeera asking the Arab countries for help and support.

Happy Sham El-Nassim

P.S : This post was written days before Sham El-Nassim , it is pre-scheduled
Happy Sham El-Nassim to all my follow Egyptians. This is the first Sham El-Nassim without Hosni Mubarak , his family and his regime so there is no doubt it is very special Sham El-Nassim thank God.
Now the original and official Sham El-Nassim song

Some may ignore this but after years of denial the family of Soad Hosni has finally accused Safwat El-Sherif of killing the Cinderella after years of denial. The Soad Hosni case is reopened officially and Ahmed Fouad Negm and Talaat Sadat “!!” will testify according to the Honsis’ attorney. Former chief of news sector in the Egyptian TV Abdel Latif El-Manawy denied the allegations that he was the ghost writer of Soad Hosni’s memories which are believed to be the reason behind her murder/enigmatic death. 
BY the way where is Hussein Fahmy ? I have not seen or heard him since the revolution !!? I hope he is fine.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egypt,1920s in Color : Same place , Familiar Faces and different times

How to be a Retronaut website published an amazing collection of colored photos from Egypt in 1920s, it is must be seen and shared.
A scene we do not see any more
During the Nile flood 
These photos were taken for the National geographic. They are amazing,seriously amazing. I was waiting for the right time to share it with you.
A view that already exists till now in Cairo
The photos show Cairo, Old Cairo and Al Azhar , Giza and the pyramids plateau when the Nile reached the Pyramids during the flood. The photos also show Luxor , Aswan and even Sinai. The faces of Egyptians are the same despite some of the clothes are different now in certain areas.
Amazing view of the pyramids we do not
see it now

The best Way to Celebrate Sinai liberation Day

PM Sharaf and a group of ministers visited Sinai yesterday and I would dare that this was the best we have celebrated Sinai liberation day ever. 

The prime minister met in a conference the tribes’ chiefs and leaderships in Sinai along with activists like Mousad Abu Fagr. That conference was sponsored and prepared by the Egyptian army in South Sinai, the army seemed to be more obvious now in Sinai than before. “Of course with all the due respect to the Camp David accords , in fact I hope that the IDF respects the treaty as the Egyptian army does”

The citizens in Sinai told the ministers and PM their complains and requests in a way that reminded me how all Egyptians suffer for 30 years and nobody listened. Their demands were as simple as they can be , their demands were as old they can be :

  • The land ownership rights.
  • Developing Sinai especially the mid zone
  • Boosting the financial status of Sinai through industrial and touristic projects.
  • Providing job opportunities for the locals.
  • Revamping the infrastructure.
  • Railways
  • The police treatment.

The ministers and the officials promised to work on these demands especially the land ownership rights. According to the minister of agriculture who sat and spoke with Nawara Negm the locals in Sinai will have the right to own the land on the condition they do not sell it. He also told her the Sinai development program has been approved. “I do not know if he is speaking about the North Sinai agricultural development program or that development program President Sadat and his government planned

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Mourning Day "Graphic"

This post contains very graphic content. 
Today is a mourning day for Syrians after the massacres that took place in the country yesterday that brought bad the ugly and fearful memory of the Hama massacre again not to the Syrians but also the Arabs across the world.
Things are extremely hot in Syria today , the security forces opened its fires killing not less than 10 from mourners who joined the funerals of yesterday’s martyrs in Daraa , Daraya , Izraa and Doma. There is reportedly protests in Homs and Hama. The snipers were reportedly on official buildings killing attacking the mourners and the protesters. The security forces have reportedly set fire at the courthouse in Daraa !!
Here is a video showing the security forces and their thugs attacking a funeral in Damascus by live ammunition.
It is like a freaking war !!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The Great Friday “Graphic”

This post contains extreme graphic content.
This is the great Friday in Syria and indeed it is great Friday. Today was truly the January 28th in Syria. Protests are all over the country since the morning , we are speaking about protests in Damascus, Baniyas, Homs, Daraa, Doma, Aleppo and other towns and governorates.
Here is a map from The New Syria website showing the locations of today's protests across the country , the bloody parts show where the martyrs were killed.

Here are videos from the peaceful protests before it turns ugly.

This protest was from Homs.

Online War Games

There is supposedly a million man protest today at Tahrir square in solidarity with the defected army officers who were arrested last April 9th night at Tahrir square. It is quite surprising because all the political forces and group in Egypt decided to halt million man protests for further notice. The last successful million man protest was the one that was held at Tahrir square on April 8th , the trial Friday.
The protest was successful with no doubt till the defected army officers got on the stages and turned it in to something we do not fully understand , of course you know how the day ended : Officially a 17 years student was killed “we do not know actually who killed him if we are speaking fairly and professionally”, many were injured and not less than 15 defected army officer and solider arrested and facing God knows out. I would recommend reading my post about that day to get my view.
The online war game between these ex-officers and the SCAF are still there I am afraid and it has not ended. There are new YouTube videos ,  there are new pseudo Facebook accounts and there are new rumors. Of course not as wild as before still the elephant is there in the room. We got a new video from major called Mohamed Omar Ali posted at the YouTube channel called “Omaf Afifi” !!! Omaf Afifi as in Omar Afifi perhaps. Major Mohamed Omar wants to be arrested as it seems , already he could have been arrested.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Good News of the Day : No more Daylight Saving Time in Egypt

The Egyptian government has issued an important decision today , an important historical :
The Egyptian government has cancelled the daylight saving time in Egypt.
We will not apply it anymore boys and girls , you will not change all the clocks and watches in your home ya people !!
The cabinet still will work on a law to organize this matter in a better way. It is relief , seriously a relief considering the fact that we will stay couple of months than we will return to our old time during Ramdan after three months then we will revert back to the the DST in the worst kinds of social hypocrisy ever !!
Last week the cabinet made online survey and asked the people if they wanted DST or not and the majority said no , it is not only the people online but also offline.
The second good news :The government has changed the name of the Mubarak awards to the Nile awards.

And here is Mubarak’s building in Paris "Updated"

Updated: It turns out that this building has been owned by the Misr insurance company from the 1940s and now it is owned and operated by Misr real estate management. 
By the way, I think Misr real estate management should operate the Mubarak real estate's wealth across the world, we can have our Misr holding like Dubai holding and sisters. 

I know that the Mubaraks owned some property in Paris, a whole building in Paris but I could not find its address despite I searched for it online anyhow thanks for our friends the Parisian squatters who occupied the building, we know now where the Mubaraks stayed in Paris.

Ousted/former president Mubarak and his family allegedly owned that building 1 Place Rio De Janeiro in front of the Algerian embassy and the French Defense Council and syndication of pharmacists.

View Larger Map
I do not know if this is his building truly or not , these photos from Google maps street view show open windows plus you got two shops one of them is a cafe !! Does Mubarak get the rent from these two shops or as usual his sons are business partners !!?

Egyptian Revolution in 2011 Time Poll 100 List

The Egyptian revolution has its share in the 2011 Time Poll 100 List boys and girls , it is not three covers :) The Time magazine will announce the final list next Thursday.

I have already sent to the committee through twitter and Facebook , it will be great we push this more and more even in the media.

Already I wished that Time magazine would have both Lara Logan and Swedish reporter Bert Sundström in the list. Bert was stabbed in Cairo and he survived by a miracle.

Now there are Arab names also in the list :

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It pours for Zahi Hawass Now !!

It does not only rain for Zahi Hawass but it is pouring cats and dogs.
Forget about the Zahi Hawass’ menswear photo shot and whether it were in Cairo or NY.
Forget about the jail sentence and LE 10,000 fine
Now we got something new chasing Zahi Hawass : That Great Pyramid’s secret chamber live event which we stayed late night watching it from couple of years ago could be fake !!
The photos are interesting indeed but what Hawass will gain from hiding the truth behind this room !!? I know that ancient aliens theorists believe there is something hidden there related the truth of the pyramids and Hawass is hiding it but let’s remember Hawass looked so bad when he found nothing at secret chamber , too bad in a way you can’t imagine it considering the media frenzy surrounding the big show !!
Zahi Hawass needed some huge discovery in order to show the world who is the Zahi Hawass but he did not get for some divine reason !!

El-Feki and the curse of the Mubarak legacy

According to the old traditions and customs of the Arab league , the secretary general should be from the host country and so it is naturally that the secretary general will be from Egypt despite Arab countries can nominate names from their countries according to article no.12 of the league’s laws

The secretary general position has become some sort of a national pride for Egypt thus it has become a national battle : The secretary general must be Egyptian even if we do not have the best candidate for that important position.

Egypt is officially nominating Dr. Mustafa El-Feki , the former Mubarak’s adviser and ambassador to the position , several Arab countries support his candidacy except two countries as far as I know : Sudan and Qatar. Mustafa El-Feki’s statements about Sudan last year are behind the official Sudanese anger while Qatar has got its own candidate.

What is interesting is not the position of Sudan or Qatar , on the contrary it is normal and I doubt that all the Arab countries agreed on single candidate after the return of the league to Egypt but actually the refusal of several political groups like 6th April Youth , coalition of revolution youth and political activists.

Syrian Revolution : Homs’ own January 25 !! "Graphic"

This reminds with the night of January 25th but of course we are not speaking about Mubarak’s security forces but we are speaking about the El Assad’s security forces which are far more worse than the Mubarak’s security forces.
At 2:00 AM the security forces in Syria have started to disperse the sit in currently taking place at the new founded freedom square in Homs , the city. According to early tweets , the sound of heavy live ammunition there are heard across the city. The tear gas grenades are reportedly used.
According to eye witnesses who have just called Al Jazeera and BBC there were snipers on the rooftops and there are many casualties. People are saying that at least 6 dead while many are injured. If we are going to speak about snipers then we are speaking about deadly shots. :(
We have got conflicted reports about hospitals demanding blood donors where as security forces blocking the ambulances from going  to the square.
It is worth to mention that according to foreign reporters the security forces locked down all the ways to the city earlier. According to early estimations there were 50,000 in the square tonight.
The sit in was more than wonderful earlier , people across Syria and outside were proud of it. Here are couple of photos from the square earlier.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hot Days in Qena indeed !!

Things are hot and it is not about weather but about the new governor. When the new governors list was announced last week in Egypt some governorates objected some of the names in the list due to their past affiliation with the NDP and state security.
Among these names was the governor of Qena police general Emad Mikhail who used to be a general in the ministry of interior . It started simply with a sit in in front of the governorate HQ , normal Muslims and Christians refusing the new governor because he is accused of participating in the shooting of protesters during the revolution in Giza . Already one should wonder why someone like that is appointed as a governor and not being investigated for his role in the revolution !!? Again we would not have all this if there is better political decision making process.

Everything was fine and civil , people had demands and the government should have listened to them but suddenly with no introduction we found the radical Salafists jumping to the scene , in fact occupying the scene forcing the rest of the people whether Christians or Muslims to leave it. They reject the new governor because he is Christian , they do not want him because of that only as far as I see !!

Syria Revolution : Homs on Tahrir Path “Graphic”

Today Homs woke up  on 24 funerals today after tough night , yes 24 funerals for 24 protesters killed yesterday with their own security forces gun shot. People are extremely angry in Homs. Thousands have participated in the funerals.
During the funerals 

Regarding Zahi Hawass’ sentence

Zahi Hawass , our Indiana Jones and current minister of antiquities was sentenced yesterday a year in jail for refusing to implement a court rule. He is the first minister in cabinet to face this in our modern history as far as I recall !!

It is simply a feud between the ministry or the supreme council of antiquities and a citizen over piece of land , the ministry should have compensated the citizen according to previous court rule but the ministry ignored it. Now Hawass is not only sentenced a year in jail but also is fined LE 10,000.

Zahi Hawass and his team quickly addressed the matter in his blog.They will appeal the court rule of course. This case is not against Zahi Hawass himself but rather against the minister.

Either ways activists were going to report the Zahi Hawass’ menswear photo shoot scandal to the public prosecutor’s office. Most people are praising the court rule as another victory for accountability , no minister now is above criticism or accountability or law.

Zahi Hawass has entered our Political history for real this time !!

Libyan Revolution : Supernatural allies

First of all here is the good news of the day : Egyptian medic volunteer Abdel Khalek has been released and he is in his way to home insh Allah. Thank Goodness for his safety. Not less than 2000 Egyptians have returned back home to the country in the past 48 hours.

Here is an important report in English from Misurata refugee camp , please spread it everywhere. It was shot by Dr. Hamza  ,this real citizen journalism coverage outside the country in zone like Libya. 

This is Egyptian doctor Mohamed Helmy describing the situation from Misurata refugee camp

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Real Independence Day “Graphic”

Things are escalating rapidly in Syria as it seems. The protests are spreading like fire throughout the country despite the reform promises of El Assad. Today is the independence day in Syria as I hinted in the previous post about Syria
Today the cities of Swaida , Aleppo , Baniyas , Duma , Daraa and Homs witnessed pro-democracy anti-regime protests and unfortunately as usual people , civilian protesters were killed by the security forces that use live ammunition. These photos below from Baniyas were taken by famous Syrian activist Malath Aumran.
Celebrating the independence day in the right way
"Malath Aumran"

Down with the regime

Here is a protest from Swaida earlier.

Remember that Name

I do not think that all those who read that small feature in Al Geel magazine in 1956 “according to our calculations” would have ever thought that that 15 years girl who loved detective stories and wanted to be air hostess would be from the women who played a role in shaping the course of this nation for 30 years !!
Remember that name
Remember that name 
Remember that Name feature in Al Geel magazine highlighted successful children and teenagers in Egypt in 1950s ; remember these names because they could be something in the future , something big !!
In an issue that goes back to 1956 Egyptians were introduced to 15 years old Suzy , the student at Saint Claire college. Suzanne Thabet was truly an example of successful girl. She used to head the ballet team in her school and was a champion in swimming. Her trainer at the Heliolido sports club believed she would be an international swimming champion. She loved to read detective stories and wanted to be air hostess. Her role model was Moira Shearer 
And that was our black swan Suzanne Thabet aka Suzanne Mubarak in 1956. We assume that this was from Rosa Al Youssef Magazine in 1956 because the feature says that Suzy was 15 years old and we know that officially she was born in 1941 !!!

Syria Revolution : Happy Independence Day Syria

First Happy independence day Syria , may Allah bless the souls of your martyrs .
Second Just from few hours ago we found out that the official website of the Syrian ministry of justice has been hacked by an Egyptian hacker in solidarity with the Syrian people.
A screencap for the website after it
was hacked by red virus
With my all respect I was shocked and angered by the message left by that hacker ¨Red Virus¨ which least to be described as completely sectarian.It attacks the Baath regime describing as the fire worshipers aka Zoroastrians in reference to Iran , the Zoroastrians term is being used by radicals from Sunnis against the Shiite.
The message goes and Says “Bashar go and hide with your brothers in Iran as you do not have place in The Islamic Sunni Syria”
I apologize to all my fellow Syrians who are offended by such sectarian message , some people in Egypt ignore the fact that Syria has this wonderful mosaic of religions and ethnics. The Syrian revolution is built on unity since day one. God knows I was happy with these scenes of unity last Friday , without this unity this on going revolution against this ugly regime will not work.

Libyan Revolution : The women of the Revolution

This is so much belated post but it is never too late to catch the updates of the Libyan revolution.
In those past few weeks Libyan women were technically making headlines , Eman El-Obeidi was and is still the far most famous woman in the Libyan revolution. You may have known that Eman was set free and spoke to Anderson Cooper and later to AP.

Setting Eman free and letting the foreign journalists speak to her in Tripoli shows there is a huge change in policies at the Qaddafi camp. The international pressure for sure played a huge role here with out doubt.
Now all you must know that there are reportedly hundreds of Emans in the country. Egyptians coming back from Libya are telling horror stories about mercenaries raping Libyan women across Libya especially in the West unlike what Hala Misratai ,the star of Qaddafi’s Libyan TV claimed in her infamous segment about Eman. Ironically Misarati has become an international star herself. I do not know how she feels , already thank God her terrible rants are not fully translated to the outside world because without doubt what I saw from watching her awful show couple of times was disgraceful.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Good news of the Day : No more NDP in Egypt

This is a good news of the day : The administrative court has issued a historical rule on April 16, 2011 :
The former National democratic party “New National party” to be dissolved and its HQs and assets to transferred to the state !!
It is simply the best.
I once read a comment in twitter following the provoking press conference held by the party after changing its name and Smokes still there appointing a new chairman that President Sadat was the man who founded the New Democratic National party and Talaat Sadat was the man who will bring down the New National party.
This long waited verdict is the best slap on the arrogance of the NDP members “former members to be accurate” who do not want to give up and admit the crimes they have committed against this great nation.

Talaat Sadat stood last Thursday with all the confidence in the world saying boldly :
    We will have the majority in the parliament , we will have the majority in the municipals , we will have the majority because we are the majority party !!?
I do not know if Talaat Sadat was suffering from short memory loss or even long memory loss but since when the NDP was the majority party !! Here is part of that circus which they called a press conference last week.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Our ancient treasures are not accessories ya Doc !!! "Updated"

We all know that photography is prohibited in the Egyptian museum , we all know that you have to get a permission from the ministry of antiquities and that permission must be granted for good reason like of for instance a report in the National geographic magazine not for a fashion report in Vogue for instance !!
We also know that using your official position especially in time of Mubarak for your own profit is against the law and that the public prosecutor must interrogate you now because of this.
I had to start with these facts to make it clear for everybody. Now Dr. Zahi Hawas turned to have a little project which he is going to launch this spring in cooperation with Art Zulu company , this little project is menswear line called “Zahi Hawass”. We should have seen this coming when he started selling his own Fedora. “Actually it is not his fedora , it is Indiana Jones’ anyhow !!”
Now I have got no problem with what Dr. Hawas does or did in his spare time as long as it is not illegal or contradicts “contradicted” with his official responsibilities. This is why I have got a huge problem with what we have discovered online by accident
It seems that the the first photo shoot for this uncreative menswear “nothing new in it to be fair from style of anything” took place at King Tut exhibit at New York last year !!! We know this from the photographer’s blog , of course it is worth to mention that the photographer has removed the post today for some unknown reason !! If there is nothing wrong , I would suppose that he would have left the post !! Anyhow thank God for the caching services online , here is the website in Google’s cache and also Webcite. Here is also screencap I took for the blog post.

Syrian Revolution : The first million man protest Friday "Graphic"

Our Syria has got its first million man protest Friday officially today , yes million man according to estimations. Thousands and thousands are taking the streets all over the country demanding freedom and chanting the chant that united millions all over the Arab world : The people want to topple the regime. Today is the persistence Friday , the people of Syria are persistent to restore their freedom after 4 decades of dictatorship.
There are protests in the following governorates and cities : DaraaLatakia , Aleppo , Homs, Damascus , Al Hasakah, Rif Dimashq , HamaTartus , Idlilb and Deir ez Zor. There could be other protests in the remaining govenorates , of course this shows that we are dealing with a huge thing growing like hurricane. Here are early videos from different governorates and cities.
A protest from the city of Doma heading to the city of Harasta "The people want to topple the regime"
From Hauran ¨SNN¨
Here is a protest in Hasakah at Al-Qamishli area where people were chanting in solidarity with the city of Baniyas. Hasakah has got a Kurdish population which today chanted anti-regime chants in both Arabic and Kurdish insisting on the unity of the Syrian people.

The Mubaraks on Trial : Moving to a military hospital

Reuters has just confirmed that ousted president Hosni Mubarak has been transferred to a military hospital. He is currently at some military hospital which I will try to know where.

The public prosecutor has ordered his transfer according originally to Tora prison hospital but it turned out that the hospital is not fully equipped especially when it comes to the ICU thus he was transferred to a military hospital.

Now we got these military hospitals in Cairo that can fit our profile : Maadi hospital , Al Galaa hospital , International medical center and Wadi Al Nil hospital

Sharm El-Sheikh will have a busy season soon and there is a fear that people who will go to spend the Easter vacation there , will spend it protesting in front of the hospital protesting.

I believe now the rest of the Mubarak clan will arrive to Cairo or in Cairo already. More to come insh Allah through the day.

A Letter to Japan

I have seen these two photos from The Big picture blog from Japan in its special feature about life in Fukushima and other unfortunate areas in the country after one month from that huge series of misfortunate events.
Toru Hanai /Reuters
The caption says : A volunteer cleaned a family photo that was washed by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami as baby photos were placed to dry at a volunteer center in Ofunato, Iwate prefecture, April 12, 2011. (Toru Hanai/Reuters)
Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters
The caption says : A man looked for his personal belongings at a collection center for items found in the rubble of an area devastated by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, in Natori, northern Japan. (Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters)
I can’t imagine this taking place in any other part of the world except in Japan.
Japanese people are great example for the people in the world.

A Historical Moment : Egyptian peasant woman at the cabinet

When I read the news , it was promising “PM Sharaf meets with a delegation of Egyptian farmers to discuss agriculture in Egypt” but it did not impress me that much despite I know it is important meeting because I know that the PM has to discuss agriculture status in Egypt sooner or later . But while watching news itself on TV and that delegation discussing the problems of agriculture in Egypt , I could not ignore her , I could not ignore her at all.
The delegation with Essam Sharaf ¨Cabinet¨
An Egyptian lady wearing that traditional black dress of peasant ladies in Delta while meeting the prime minister at the cabinet HQ. I smiled because I felt she is a strong lady , proud of who she is and comfortable in her skin unlike city ladies.
I did not know if any other Egyptian peasant women came and met with the PM at the cabinet HQ wearing that traditional black dress before but surprisingly It turned out that Rawia Mohamed is the first real Egyptian  peasant lady to meet the Egyptian prime minister at the cabinet HQ. Her meeting with the PM Sharaf was historical by all measure. As a custom of respect in a place like that the lady took off her shoes at the entrance of the office and amazingly PM Sharaf brought back her shoes asking her to wear them with his warm smile. The lady cried in front of this amazing great act from that humble man.
Rowaia is not your usual peasant lady as she was the star of Dr. Zeinab El-Deeb’s anthropology documentary about Egyptian peasant life and it was so great to see her after all those years.
Rawia Mohamed baking from 30 years ago
Here is Rawia from three decades ago making bread. “Parts of the original documentary”

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Follow Up : The Mubaraks on trial

Here are the latest updates about the Mubaraks and their trial. Yesterday it was announced on TV that the Mubaraks will stand in front of the court next April 19th but today we found sources say that this is untrue and the trial has not been determined when. The interrogations with the Mubaraks will resume next Tuesday according to State TV though.
Hosni Mubarak’s health is more than ok according to the doctors who checked him at Sharm El-Sheikh hospital while he is staying. He has got a heart working as he is in the 30s not in the 80s Mash Allah , I do not know why he was not transferred to Cairo then or even to the Tora prison hospital in a military medical aircraft !!?
The amazing revelation about the ousted president’s health is that he got no cancer anymore , makes you wonder about all these rumors regarding his health after his ousting !!?

#Jan25 Outside Cairo : Revolution in Aswan

Ok this post about the Egyptian Nubians made me interested in showing the #Jan 25 revolution outside Cairo and major cities to the whole world and also to my follow Egyptians.
Some people are trying now to downsize the revolution and make it only a Youth revolution / Tahrir revolution in order to weaken it and make it an uprising by the end of the day. I have already began to read columns in newspapers for old regime orphans with this meaning and we suffer from short memory disease.
This is not a youth revolution , this is an Egyptian revolution. This is not a Tahrir revolution , it is Egypt’s revolution from Marsa Matrouh to Aswan. Yes the Tahrir square experience is unlike other any experience and for sure it had a great role in shaping the end of Mubarak regime.  Still we must remember that it was not a Cairo revolution in order to make our revolution succeed in the end , we must remember this in order to achieve its goals of having great and better Egypt.
These videos are from the Day of Wrath on January 28th.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Good News of Day : Important decree for important issue

Ok the past 72 hours include many wonderful news that give me more and more hope , unfortunately nobody paid attention to besides the other sad news and sad debates that made us feel down.

I do not know how we dare to ignore and neglect this important decree by the prime minister of Egypt Essam Sharaf to allocate 7700 acres in Toshka and Aswan lower dam land project to the Egyptian Nubians as a step to solve the Nubian issue.

This is a very important decree , it is important step we should all highlight and praise. Dr. Essam Sharaf met with a delegation from Nubia last week and here is the cabinet taking serious steps towards this issue which was on verge of internationalization in time of Mubarak !! Of course I read that some Egyptian Nubian activists do not like this decree and  think it is not enough “It was posted at Youm 7 and this is why I did not include the link here”. For sure it is not enough but it is just the start. This is a huge change in the official policies towards the Nubian cause. I hope that the mainstream media cover the cause now more fairly and openly than before. Egyptian politicians especially those presidents wanna be should head to Nubia and meet with the people to know their demands and needs. “It was worth to mention that Dr. ElBaradei was the first to meet the Egyptian Nubian activists and here their complaints” There should be a full and real representation for Egyptian Nubians in the next parliament insh Allah.

Help us to help you SCAF !!

Last Monday in celebrating 60 days on ousting Hosni Mubarak or as officially said his stepping down  , Yosri Fouda hosted 2 representatives from the SCAF to speak on air in a very critical moment.
Yosri Fouda hosted Lt.general Mohamed El-Assar and Lt.general Ismail Etman. This is the third TV appearance for El-Assar who is originally responsible for the American file at the ministry of defense while I lost count with Major general Etman. Major general Etman is the head of morale department “PR” and the army spokesperson. “I believe he is army man X who used to call Yosri Fouda’s show every Wednesday night !!”
Here is the full interview in video , it was about 3 hours.
In nutshell :
  • I believe Yosri Fouda did his best in this episode , I really respect the fact that he did not ignored our inquiries on twitter. If I am not mistaken this is the first time for the SCAF to meet twitter face to face like that. Of course Yosri Fouda could not bring all our inquiries from twitter but at least he said the words “virginity tests” on TV directly. I do not care what Etman’s answer was but I care that million of Egyptians now will be interested enough to search online to know what about these “Virginity tests”.

A Historical moment !!

Ok I do not know how to record this historical moment :
Former ousted president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak and his son Alaa and Gamal El-Din are detained for 15 days in jail.
Here is the historical announcement from the Egyptian National TV.

The public prosecutor has ordered their detention for 15 jails during the interrogations. Mubarak is facing charges : murdering protesters and stealing public money , he could get another 15 days just like Safwat El-Sharif who is facing similar charges. The ousted former president is going to be transferred from Sharm El-Sheikh hospital to the military hospital at El-Quba to complete his treatment during detention according to Al Ahram news portal. This is the military hospital where he was  treated from two year ago when he fell ill after his grandson’s death. “Oh yes Mubarak fell extremely ill after his grandson and there was no vice president or anything !!”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where on earth is Hosni Mubarak !? "Updated"

God damn the rumors but we do not know exactly where former ousted President Hosni Mubarak  is currently.
Al Ahram online claims that it knew from sources close from the Mubaraks that the former ousted president has left Egypt to Al Hussein hospital in Amman , Jordan.
The DPA claims that the former ousted president and his sons have arrived already to El-Tor city , South Sinai governorate to some army base where he will head from there to either the governorate HQ building or the security directorate building. Here is a satellite image by Abdullah for the buildings. People familiar with the city tells that he could be staying at some hotel following the governorate.

PM Sharaf Weekly Statement : 1

PM Sharaf promised to give a statement every now and then on TV to communicate with the public and keep them updated with the latest achievements of the cabinet. It is very good idea considering the fact that we do not have parliament now. Yesterday PM Sharaf gave his first weekly TV statement.

Here is the statement 1

Now to the most important points that came in the statement:

  • PM Sharaf apologized officially for what happened last Saturday at Tahrir , it is the first official apology. Needless to say they earned him  a lot of respect and admiration. He corrected the SAFC mistakes in dealing with the matter.

Name : Safwat El-Sherif

Here it comes the long waited video showing the legendary Safwat El-Sherif , the man of all ages , kings and seasons in his way to jail !!

After more than 40 years Safwat El Sherif is back to the jail even in much worse way than the first time in 1968. After all in 1968 he was just a small officer accused of pimping whom most people did not know that he even existed while in 2011 he is the Safwat El Sherif who destroyed our political, social and media life technically in those 30 years. This time is worse even if he will spend few days in jail and will be set free later , this time Safwat El Sherif the name he vowed to make unbreakable after his release in the first time has completely gone.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Omar Othman

Meet 15 years old Omar Othman, he met PM Essam Sharaf today in Cairo. Omar Othman is doing his master now in mathematics at the AUC. Yes the master in mathematics, mashAllah seriously. Mahmoud Wael has got a very strong competition.
Omar with PM Sharaf
I do not know why the Mubarak media ignored that young man !! This report made by France 24 about him last year.

We need to see these faces more often in order to have hope in the future which inshAllah will be brighter.
I tell you from now this boy and Mahmoud Wael are national treasures, their safety is from our national security.