Friday, November 30, 2012

#Nov30 in Tahrir square

And Egyptians are back again to protest in Tahrir square in another day of protest against not only the constitutional declaration but also the constitution draft.
The numbers currently in Tahrir square are not that big as it is expected.The secret word is "The rallies". There will be several rallies after Friday prayers from major squares and mosques in Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir square.
Now to the street vendors are invading in Tahrir square as it is a big attraction now.
Ok Mohamed Mahmoud street is now peaceful , the Tahrir security committees set up barbed wires in the street. The Lycée Bab El Luk is coming out of a war movie. I took some photos it is terrible. I am thinking of some post about the lycée only.
Simon Bolivar square is being cleaned now yet the smell of tear gas grenades is extremely powerful. The entrances to Tahrir square from the square is being blocked by barbed wires too. Kasr El Dobra palace is extremely damaged
The Friday speech slammed the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists.
There will be rallies headed by ElBaradei , Sabbahi, Moses and others from Mostafa Mahmoud and Shubra.

@3:18 PM

Ok there is one main stage of Omar Makram for different political powers. As soon as this stage announced what happened to Morsi during Friday prayer in New Cairo , the protesters cheered. More people being to show and to come after the prayer , different ages and class as well backgrounds.
There are security towers set up in the different entrances of the square. It is worth to mention that I received some tips mostly for people close to MB claiming that the former Mubarak regime will create trouble again in Tahrir square as well in front of the FJP and MB HQs.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

And Morsi lands on Time Cover

And President Mohamed Morsi has become Egypt’s latest ruler to land on Time magazine cover.

President Morsi of Egypt on Time Magazine cover

Already Starting from King Fouad I Egypt’s ruler has always appeared on the famous American magazine in a way or another. Presidents Nasser and Sadat broke the record unlike any other ruler in the Arab world except may be for Arafat or Qaddafi. He is the eighth Egyptian ruler to appear on Time Magazine.

There is little controversy in Cairo that the photographer who took that Cover photo of Morsi is Israeli. Nadav Kander took his shots yesterday in Cairo. Well honestly Kander is really good whether he is Israeli or Martian but I do not know why he did that extreme close up. I like the fact he did not airbrush the photo and left the Morsi’s face as natural as it is.

The Time magazine’s team published the interview of Morsi in the Time Website yesterday on the same day they conducted the interview.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#Anonymous launches #OpEgypt

Anonymous group has launched Operation Egypt officially today
Here is the Press release. 
 I love this part 

This is what I call Incitement for terrorism

I want the whole world to see this in order to see the real allies of President Morsi that he favoured over those that supported him for the sake of the revolution and the progress of Egypt.
This is Abdullah Badr , the infamous Sheikh who got a huge hidden unhealthy crush on actress Elham Shahin to the level of distributing fake pornographic photos for her in front of the courts in public "In violation of Islamic teachings. Abdullah Badr wants to use the mosques as a media machine in order to promote for the support of Morsi and his decisions against Tahrir square. Now As he got tips that regime remnants will have spies inside the mosques that will allegedly stand in front of his plans , he says that he got boys in the mosques that will arrest those men and tie them on trees !!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#Nov27 : #Tahrir says hi to #MB "Updated"

This is by far the biggest protest against the Muslim brotherhood. Yes it is originally a protest against the constitutional declaration but now it turned in to anti-Muslim brotherhood protest.
I want there at 1 PM thinking that I would find small numbers but what I saw actually was growing numbers of protesters. Many of these protesters are first timers who came to protest against both the constitutional declaration.
Here are photos I took earlier today.

The Tahrir square is actually packed with people without the rallies that have not started yet in Giza or Ramsis or Shubra. There are other rallies headed from the journalists syndicate, bar association , opera house "artists rally". There is a big rally coming from Zamalek "oh yes from Zamalek" to Tahrir square. I heard that there will be two rallies coming from Heliopolis to Tahrir square.
The decision to give school students the day off increased the number of protesters.

#Tahrir : Egypt awaits a big day today

After few hours Egypt will have another round rallies and protests against the constitutional declaration issued by Mohamed Morsi last Thursday. These rallies and protesters are considered as an escalation by political powers. 
Now the plan will be as follows : 
There will be two rallies from the journalists syndication and bar association downtown Cairo to Tahrir square at 1 PM. 
There will be 3 major rallies in Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir at 5 PM : 
  • One from Mostafa Mahmoud mosque in Mohendessin Giza 
  • One from El Fatah mosque in Giza too "It will be led by Amr Hamzawy"
  • One from Shubra roundabout "It will be led by Mohamed ElBaradei and George Ishak
I do not know if the Ultras will participate or not as sometimes their movements are unpredictable like on Friday. 
Now these protesters want the following : 
  1. Morsi cancels the constitutional declaration. 
  2. The restructuring and purging of the ministry of interior 
  3. To issue a true law that grants the martyrs' their rights through real investigations and to cancel that emergency exceptional law. 
  4. To reform the constituent assembly 

Monday, November 26, 2012

#Tahrir : Mohamed Mahmoud 2 Detainees testimonies

I attended today the Press conference of the political parties and powers that are organizing tomorrow's rallies and big protest in Tahrir square. The presser included the testimonies of two citizens who have been released in the past couple of days after being arrested in Mohamed Mahmoud street and Kasr Al Aini street.

This is Ahmed Atef, a student from Suez who is not a member in any party or movement. He was arrested on November 19th,2012. He was dragged in the street by CSF conscripts while being beaten in Sheikh Rihan street.When the conscripts saw that he got an old injury in his head , they kept beating him in his injury.His finger was broken from beating while he was trying to protect his head injury.

#Tanta : Another Street war zone !!

As Damanhur is on fire especially after the murder of a 15 years old boy in the clashes between the MB members and the protesters , the city of Tanta is also on fire. The clashes have not stopped and people are extremely angry.
in Tanta from couple of hours ()
From what I understood the clashes erupted when the protesters knew that two from their side were kidnapped and beaten at the MB headquarter in the city. When I checked it seems that a young member from April 6th Youth in Gharbia was captured by MB and handed over to the police.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

#Damanhur : The first Fallen Victim

For the third day in row clashes between the MB and FJP supporters from one side and the protesters against MB and Morsi’s decision from another side in the city of Damanhur , El Behaira governorate.
Late Islam
Despite the lack of proper media coverage in the city and with the total absence of the police , the clashes escalated and a 15 years old was killed from few hours in the clashes. Late Islam was killed in the clashes tonight near the Muslim brotherhood HQ. From what I understood he dead after receiving a head blow. May Allah bless his soul.  
Some say that late Islam was a Muslim brotherhood member and some say that he was protesting against the MB. It does not matter if Islam is MB member or not , all what matters now that a 15 years old boy was killed in a fight between Egyptians.
The FJ in Damanhur is live broadcasting the clashes in UStream. The anti-MB protesters accuse the MB supporters of being armed and organized in militias. The police has been absent for hours but some are saying that it began to show up. It is a ugly street fight.

#Tahrir : What kind of Gas does the CSF use this time ??

Protesters, activists and friends are reporting disturbing side effects from the tear gas grenades used by the central security forces in Kasr Al Aini street in the past 24. Some protesters are reporting that they are coughing blood.

When I was in Tahrir square and Mohamed Mahmoud street , I took photos for the tear gas grenades fired .


Saturday, November 24, 2012

After the #Nov23 , the battle continues

Since early morning Egypt has been witnessing meetings, statements , protests , strikes and rallies.
After the announcement of judges in Alexandria and El Behaira that they will go in to a strike till the cancellation of the constitutional declaration , the Judges’ club held a general assembly where it announced a full strike all over Egypt till Morsi withdrew his declaration.
On the other hand there was a meeting in early morning between political parties in Al Wafd party. That meeting was attended by ElBaradei, Sabbahi, Badawy and partisan leaders.
It is worth to mention that that several parties began a sit in in Tahrir square till Morsi cancels his declaration. So far the parties and movements in Tahrir are : The constitution Party , Egyptian current Party, Kafaya Movement , El Adl Party, Free Egyptians party , Misr El Horreya Party, Popular Current , El Wafd Party, Social Democratic Party , April 6th Youth movement and Mina Daniel movement too. I believe more movements and independent protesters will join them.

#Tahrir : And this happens in the time of elected President !!

I thought that I would never see this ugly scene again. I thought that this scene was only in the time of the military rule whether Mubarak or SCAF but I was wrong. I am naive

This scene was aired live on Al Nahar channel which I know that the police will search for its cameras in order to stop its live broadcast. It was aired from 45 minutes ago.
I did not elect Shafik because I did not want to see this scene or even to be in this scene dragged by security forces in Cairo’s cold streets by merciless security forces.
I do not know if it is a boy or a girl , I think it is a boy and I fear that his parents could be watching without realizing that their son is being dragged and beaten like that. Hopefully insh Allah this boy will survive the beating feast he is living in right now on the hands of those sick bastards.
I hope that Human rights watch and Amnesty international are recording all this.
Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted this after seeing that horrible scene.

#Nov23 : There is anger all over the country

President Morsi said in the beginning of rule that he is the President of all Egyptians yet in those months due to wrong policies he is insisting on become the president of Islamists only. 
Today protests , rallies and clashes were beyond Tahrir square and Cairo amazingly and surprisingly. In fact the protesters outside Cairo were much violent and scary than in Cairo where the clashes are between protesters and security forces.
There were protests and clashes over Morsi’s latest decisions in the following governorates : Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, El Behaira , Dakhalia , Assuit, Qena , Luxor and Aswan !!!
In Alexandria angry protesters stormed and occupied then torched it the Freedom and Justice Party HQ in Al Ibrahimia area.
In front of the FJP HQ in Alex "@M_Aladdin92"
It is worth to mention that the deputy governor of Alex is none other than MB and FJP leading member Hassan El Prince. Alexandrians already say that he is the real governor. 7 cars owned by FJP members were destroyed.
Soon enough there have been clashes between the MB supporters in Alex and the protesters that turned violently. The protesters accused MB supporters of abducting some of their friends from the protesters handing them to the security forces. The security forces of course treated those detainees in the worst way ever. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

#Nov23 : What if they did not pray !?

The Muslim brotherhood members and supporters like Dr. Ahmed Rushdy spread on twitter rumors that the protesters in Tahrir square today did not pray Friday prayers where as the protesters or rather the President’s supporters “from mobilized Muslim brotherhood” were praying Friday and praying to God.
So as a person who believes in truth and that God wants us to be honest , as person who does not want to be a silent , I would like to share these three photos.

#Nov23 : Tahrir protest in picture

These are photos I took from Tahrir square from 10 AM to 3.30 PM CLT.

#Nov23 : From #Tahrir

Insh Allah I will be heading to Tahrir square after few minutes. I am going to spend all morning there insh Allah. I will be trying to send my updates through Cover it live here.
Several activists I know from Pro-revolutionaries expressed their concern and fear that today would turn in to violent clashes among Egyptians. I am extremely worried.
Late night I heard that protesters from Sharkia set up a tent in Tahrir square. From 4 hours someone claimed on twitter that a young man was shot down by a sniper riffle in Tahrir square. There are many rumors about the position of the army regarding this.
Today is the anniversary of Karbala , from 14 centuries ago idealistic few were conquered by the many looking for poor and domination. I wonder how it will end in Egypt.
You can follow my updates in this window below

#Nov23 : Back to the square

Revolutionary parties and powers were organized for a protest in Tahrir square for two weeks now to commemorate Mohamed Mahmoud 2011 anniversary and after the renewed clashes more powers planned to go. Now after the constitutional declaration issues by Morsi that turns him in to a new pharaoh Egypt is on the verge of the unknown.

You must know my laptop is dead and I donot have anything now except a desktop and an iPad. I can use the iPad now while sitting in front of TV channels catching news and updates.It is difficult thing , I can not add links or photos easily.

No one is sleeping in Cairo or Egypt technically. There are protests in Tahrir and Mohamed Mahmoud against Morsi and his declaration. There is a protest in Port Said now against Morsi. Some are saying that a mob torched the Freedom and Justice Party in Assuit. Political parties and powers are calling for a million man protest in Tahrir square and all squares in Egypt. Most if not all of the parties known in Egypt except FJP, Salafists and Al Wasat are going to protest.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My comment about #Morsi and his decree

Despite their hate to Nasser , the Muslim brotherhood and its man in the presidential palace Mohamed Morsi is walking on his foot steps directly. Today constitution declaration makes from Morsi a god whose orders and decrees can not be disputed in front of courts allegedly for four months. Morsi is the new pharaoh but only God knows who will Moses.

The international community will not open its mouth because the United States prefers dictators plus he managed to get that truce between Hamas and Israel.
I am furious and angry. I do not care about the public prosecutor in this degree nor do I care about the superficial money aids to martyrs' families and injured. I care about the bigger picture.

Tomorrow there will be protests in Tahrir square

Our only hope is in God. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#MohamedMahmoud : Let’s burn down This school !!

Today I paid a second visit to Mohamed Mahmoud street after passing by the torched Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr TV channel studio in Tahrir square and this is what I saw.
  • More people showed up in the street compared to yesterday in that time of the day. Still just like yesterday most of them are young teenagers and kids who came from school to join “let’s hit the cops game”
  • The smell of tear gas grenades was all over the place.
  • Protesters hurled rocks at the CSF and the CSF hurled at them rocks, chairs , computers as well tear gas grenades in return !!
  • The CSF occupied the rooftops of the two schools in Youssef El Gendy street from what I understood. I could not go there as I was hit in my arm by a rock thrown by some CSF conscript.
  • The CSF threw the Lycee school’s furniture including computers.
  • It was not a big surprise that some parts of Lycee were torched because of the Molotov cocktails. It was matter of time. I predicted it since I saw the scene in the morning.
  • The Lycee’s KG’s chairs were gathered when I was there to be kept away for the school.
  • There were injured , most of their injuries in the head. They were transported to some field hospital or Clinic by bikers.
  • A 10 years old kid standing outside the street told me not to go because “the army” was beating the protesters , I told him that there was no army and it was only the police. He told me that his friend is there and he did not approve that he would go there. He also told me that his buddy told him that “he is going there for the sake of Egypt !!”.
  • speaking about young generations and the future of Egypt , here is a statement issued by the Lycee El Horreya students. The LHC students demand the dismissal of the school for allowing the CSF to use and to destroy the school’s properties. The students will start an open strike till their demand is met.
The Lycee´s students´statement
  • Well I think the students will be forced to have an open strike if the school is torched !!Anyhow I am proud of those kids.
Here are the photos I took today.

Breaking News : Truce between #Gaza and #Israel to start at 9 CLT

Minister of foreign affairs Mohamed Kamel Amr has announced from short time ago that a truce deal has been reached between Palestinian groups and Israel in a press conference held with Hilary Clinton in Cairo.
According to this truce there will be a cease fire that will start from 9 PM Cairo local time. Till 9 PM Cairo local time each team got some time to kill the other !!!
Anyhow let’s pray that this nightmare ends tonight for real. Ironically that nightmare started last Wednesday !!
Ok Reuters public the text of the Ceasefire agreement.I will copy it here.

Agreement of Understanding For a Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

1: (no title given for this section)

A. Israel should stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip land, sea and air including incursions and targeting of individuals.
B. All Palestinian factions shall stop all hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel including rocket attacks and all attacks along the border.
C. Opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents' free movements and targeting residents in border areas and procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire.
D. Other matters as may be requested shall be addressed.
2: Implementation mechanisms:

A. Setting up the zero hour for the ceasefire understanding to enter into effect.
B. Egypt shall receive assurances from each party that the party commits to what was agreed upon.
C. Each party shall commit itself not to perform any acts that would breach this understanding. In case of any observations Egypt as the sponsor of this understanding shall be informed to follow up.

This is victory for Post Revolution Egypt in diplomacy. 

#ajmmisr fire : When you become the News

Angry mob today torched Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr "Ajmmisr" studio in Tahrir square. The attack took place at about 10.30 AM. I arrived there at 11.45 AM to find the famous Al Jazeera Mubshar's studio looking over Tahrir square has been completely torched.
The famous studio was torched 
I went there and asked people. Of course as Egyptians everybody know everything. A man standing at the entrance of the building told me that 'bearded men attacked the channel' !! Do not even wonder why bearded men "allegedly salafists" would attack Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr which is accused of being bias to the Islamists !! Of course other men had other theories about who torched Al Jazzera Mubshar Misr , I fear it would reach to aliens from outer space in midday Cairo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#Gaza :Day 7 {Graphic}

scared children from Gaza "Mohamed Zaanoun"
And the on going war in Gaza has entered its seventh day today. According to Palestinian official numbers 135 Palestinians have been killed including 34 kid and more than 1100 have been injured mostly from women and children.
 I do not know if there is going truce between Hamas and Israel at all as president Morsi declared in his sister's funeral. Already according to sources in Cairo the Egyptian intelligence is trying to reach to a deal with Hamas and Jihad. Strangely after that we got the Israelis saying that the truce has not been finalized. Of course Morsi does not look now that good. It is a lesson for him not to spill the beans about something that important when it is too early.

Here is a collection of extremely graphic photos showing the suffering of children in Gaza in the past 72 hours  including the horrible El Dolue massacre that was featured in media worldwide.This is on the occasion of the Children's Universal day !! "They included even more graphic photos from Ashour family's massacre"

Of course these kids are not as important as pets which freak out in Israel because of annoying sirens. 

#MohamedMahmoud2 : Rebels losing their cause "Updated"

I went to Mohamed Mahmoud street and Tahrir square to see what is happening today after yesterday clashes between the protesters and the police forces on the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud Massacre.
I went in the morning when dozens of young protesters "mostly teenagers and even school children" blocked the traffic in Tahrir square carrying anti-Muslim brotherhood slogans chanting "We will not leave , Morsi leaves"
The ages were too small. Many of these protesters are actually school kids who came carrying their back.

There were side talks conversations between citizens whether there should be protests or not in Tahrir square. There were tear gas grenades' smells through out El Sheikh Rihan street. Already when I went there , I was shocked to find kids and teenagers"Not revolutionary at all" standing on the wall blocks between them and the security forces provoking police.

#Gaza : The Balance of weaponry

I think this info graph is extremely important when we speak about the arming and weaponry of both Palestinian militant groups like Hamas and El Kassam compared to the IDF which takes pride as the strongest army in the Middle East.
Click to enlarge it
Of course, the period it covers when it comes to the numbers of casualties is not updated by that November 2012 war.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Long Crazy Night in #Cairo

It is a long day in Cairo. I started it with a quick visit to Quorsaya island where clashes took place between civilian residents and army units then when I returned back home I found clashes between army officers and officers in some police station in New Cairo.

At the same time I heard the protesters commemorating the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes' first anniversary by having clashes once with the police forces. It is like reviving the whole scene in miniature way to be accurate. The protesters threw Molotov cocktail and rocks at police forces that threw tear gas grenades. There is also field hospital for the injured that are suffering from wounds and suffocations. There are also motorcycle medics. It is a small déjà vu. 


What is interesting and funnier for me is the clash between the police and the army. Once again the army officers beat crap out of the police officers because the later insulted them. It seems that the fight started at the 2nd police station in New Cairo between a Police officer and the army officer that ended with the police officer shooting the army officer in his foot. It developed to 800 army officers “according to news reports” came suddenly from no where besieging the police station demanding the arrest of that police officer who shot their colleague !!

Belated Happy New Hijri Year

This is a belated Happy new Hijri year post that I should have posted from 5 days ago but unfortunately our new 1434 Hijri year started last Thursday on the same day Gaza was witnessing hell on earth.

Despite we are late by 5 days in Muharram , I will say Happy New Hijri year 1434 regardless what. Hopefully this year will be better for Muslims and Non Muslims as well in the whole world regardless of all the sadness seemed to surround us.

Insh Allah tomorrow we will be better

#Gaza : The Palestinians are coming the Palestinians are coming !!

There are unconfirmed as well contradicting reports that refugees camps are being set up in Rafah and Al Arish in the past few hours. An Egyptian military source denied these reports but organizations in Sinai confirmed it. These alleged refugee camps are set up just in case Israel launches a massive ground offensive.
That IDF ground offensive seems to be too close especially with the statements of Bibi's online that Israel will continue to escalate.The news coming from Cairo that the negotiations between Hamas and Israel have failed on Sunday makes the possibility of ground offensive very likely unfortunately.
In normal countries I do not find a reason why some people would be against having refugees camps just in case Palestinians escape from the hell of IDF invasion. But this is in normal countries not in Egypt especially now.
TV hosts like Lamis El Hadidy and Amr Adeeb are scaring millions of Egyptian viewers tonight claiming that these camps are actually future settlements for the Palestinians who will invade Sinai.
These TV hosts supported by a media machine that is either connected to the former regime in a way or another or can not stomach the Muslim brotherhood are playing the fear factor game in an excellent way. It is not a secret that Israel and some American administrations have spoke before about giving Sinai to the Palestinians as substitute land.
Already there are some reports saying that Qatar got another old plan , Egypt to restore the control on Gaza like in Pre1967 days still despite the Muslim brotherhood is ok with this suggestion , the army is standing against it.
The only way to stop this from happening is to develop Sinia for real and to facilitate the internal immigration of Egyptians for the valley to Sinai.
For human reasons these camps should be ready to receive any refugees , it is an obligation.
Now if you fear of Palestinian invasion , you have to express this fear not only to the president but to the army.
I am not afraid from Palestinian invasion because the Palestinians will not accept it nor will the Egyptians accept too. In fact if Morsi by any chance loses in anyway Sinai ,the Muslim brotherhood's end will be written by the hands of Egyptian people for real.
Let's leave that fear behind and pray that the situation does not escalate to that extent.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tawadros II moves to St.Mark Cathedral as the Pope

And Pope Tawadros II has officially assumed power of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria after a ritual ceremony in the St. Mark Cathedral in Cairo after being chosen in the Conclave from two week ago.
The new Pope cried when he assumed power.

The pope crying 
The ceremony was a ritual one , there were no celebrations in solidarity with the tragedy of Assuit. In fact Pope Tawadros II was thinking of cancelling the whole coronation but he could not because foreign delegations and VIPs arrived yesterday.

To the Children in #Assuit, #Gaza and #Syria

This is a famous Palestinian lullaby sang by Palestinian Rima El Banna , “Ya Sitti” lullaby { oh My grandma}

 I dedicate to the children of Assuit , Gaza and Syria.
The popular version of that lullaby was cover by none other than legendary Fairoz in 1960s “Rima goes to sleep
All Children go to heaven.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another tragedy in Upper #Egypt ,50 students killed "Updated" in train collision

A horrible tragedy to wake up and find it in the morning !! More than 47 student have been killed in a train crash in Mandara , Assuit ,Upper Egypt earlier this morning.
A train has hit a school bus carrying over 50 students in their way to their school. The students were in KG and Primary stages. The photos are horrible for the scene already. The early batch of photos from the scene are taken by "Osama El Sayed"
You can see the rest of the shocking photos below.

According to the ministry of health the death toll increased to 49 "it raised to 50" and the injured to 15.
The people of Al Mandara village have blocked the railway in order to search for the remains of the students. The families of the students cut the Assuit-Cairo agricultural highway setting tires on fire. I can feel their anger , for God sake they were gathering the remains of their children in plastic bags !! There are 3 brothers that are killed in that terrible crash.The victims are from 4 villages.
It is worth to mention that police only showed up after 2 hours of the terrible accident and one ambulance showed up at first with no first aid supplies. Some of the victims died in their way to the hospital.Already the injured were transported to Manfalut General Hospital that is already suffering from bad management and turned in to public market according to citizens in Manfalut.he army sent its helicopters to transport the injured to the military hospitals.
Here is a video where an eye witness explains what happens in Arabic.


#Assuit : Mourning the 50

Since early morning Egyptians on social media are mourning the loss of 50 innocent child in Assuit.
I will leave you with these illustrations and graphics made online because I got no more to say.
"To the school we are going as millions of martyrs"

Assuit Massacre angel

Where is the intelligence in #Egypt from All this ??

Early Wednesday 5 rockets were fired from Sinai and hit Israel. Egypt denied the incident officially. Still Israel declared that 5 rockets came from Egypt but later on that bloody day it got busy with the hell it created in Gaza with the Jaabari’s assassination.

On Friday A Jihadist Salafist group in Sinai “Shura El Mujahadeen” declared their responsibility for firing these rockets !! The group also announced that these rockets hit their targets in Israel according to a video Al Shorouk newspaper’s correspondent in North Sinai Mostafa Singer got a copy from. Here is the video.

Also on Friday more rockets were fired from North Sinai and fell near some Israeli village on the Southern Israeli borders

Where is the intelligence from this ?? We can enter war or rather be dragged to war because of these actions because of our intelligence failure. Getting rid of these groups from Sinai is a must now. We can not wait till we amend Camp David accord, you got Special forces you brag that they can bring down mountains unleash them on these groups for God sake !!!

This is intelligence failure not to mention an army failure too that shows how vulnerable we are.

Friday, November 16, 2012

#Gaza : Was Jaabari thinking of long term truce ??

Haartez published yesterday an interview with Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin who claimed that Hamas late leader Ahmed Jaabari received a draft of long truce between Hamas and Israel. Unfortunately the interview is available for the website subscribers only after it was available for everybody yesterday.

Baskin who mediated between Hamas and Israeli government as well the Egyptian intelligence in the Galid Shalit case spoke about long truce talks that was between him , Hamas and Egyptian intelligence. Baskin also says that he informed Israeli officials nevertheless they went on their plan.

To be honest I will not be surprised at all if this turns to be true because I remember when Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was assassinated sources in Cairo spoke that the Hamas founder was ok with a long term truce “30 years” on the condition that Palestinians would have a state based on the Pre-1967 borders. “242 resolution”

I will not be surprised or shocked because aside from all the usual debate , there are some people in Israel who have got huge benefit in keeping the ongoing struggle and the fear factor aside from the elections games.

#Gaza : Day#3 rockets and visits “Updated”

Today is the third day of the on going mini-war taking place between Israel and Gaza , between the IDF and Hamas. For the second day sirens heard in Tel Aviv as the long range Fajr homemade missiles reached the city. Israeli officials say there are not casualties. El Kassam says that it fired rockets towards the Knesset yet sirens have not been heard in Jerusalem though. Israel continued its strikes in North Gaza. Bibi has recalled more reservists. Israeli channel 2 says that 75000 reservists will be drifted. I do not know if it is a psychological warfare or we are in front of a preparation for a land invasion.
One year old baby in Dar El Shafaa 
Now @9:07 PM CLT the latest numbers form the ministry of health in Gaza are as follows :
  • 24 martyrs including 8 children , 3 women and 4 elderly
  • 270 injured including 101 child and 96 women
IDF sent SMS to Gazans today warning them from being close to Hamas locations.
The next phase is coming soon, stay away from Hamas
Sender IDF "@RanaGaza"
The problem there is not much space for the Gazans to escape or to hide at in Gaza. The Gaza strip is  smaller in Cairo for God sake !!

In early morning Egyptian PM Hisham Qandil has visited the sector in the protection of Egyptian special forces for 3 hours. Qandil went with the minister of health and Hossam Haddad , the president's aide for foreign affairs.
Some sources say that head of Egyptian intelligence Shahata did not go with Qandil. Well I have not seen in the visit's footage but logically the head of intelligence will not go visiting hospitals when he has a bigger role aka negotiations.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

#Gaza : Another day in the #Mideast, babies killed , #Anonymous reacts and Egyptians protest "Graphic"

I can not find a suitable headline for this post , for the past 2 years these scenes and situations have become a norm for us.
Here is the situation in Gaza , babies and children killed as usual and it is not about the security of Israel more about the security of Bibi in the bloody elections.
"Warning : Graphic content"
Late Hanin before and after
Late Jenny
Jenny from Gaza was featured last night in the media not because she was pretty but because her body was turned as you can see. She was eliminated along with Jaabari !!
Jenny was not alone as you got the international wanted terrorist 11 months old Ahmed  Masharawi was eliminated too and the world is a happy place again !!
Terrorist Ahmed Masharawi

Gaza , a new round of war (12 photos)

Zeinab Mohamed shared an album with you.
...and 8 more photos.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Breaking : #Egypt To Recall Ambassador from Tel Aviv After #Gaza operation

Ok this is just in and was confirmed by Egyptian TV.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has issued his orders to recall the Egyptian ambassador Atef Salem from Tel Aviv in a official statement after the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza sector tonight.
Morsi has ordered our envy in the UN to call for an urgent meeting for the security council. He also ordered the ministry of foreign affairs to summon the Israeli ambassador in Cairo.
He also called Nabil El Araby, the General secretary of LAS in order to held an urgent meeting to discuss the latest developments in Gaza.
According from what I understood , The Israeli Ch2 stated that our ambassador in Tel Aviv demanded that the operation in Gaza to be stopped but it seems that the Israeli government has refused and Egypt had to escalate. It is worth to mention that the first official reaction from Egypt was the demand of the ministry of foreign affairs following the strikes demanding Israeli forces to stop the operation.
Of course this is a major shift in the relations.

Story is developing.

Here is the video statement of Presidency's spokesperson Yasser Ali announcing the decisions of Morsi.

Here is a quick look to the reactions from Cairo following the aggression on Gaza.

#ReformJO : It is a message to #Egypt , #Morsi and #MB

Jordan witnessed last night huge protests across the country after the decision of the government to raise the prices of fuel. Schools and universities have been closed today by the orders of the government in several cities and lawyers started a strike against the price hike.
Lawyers at main Court Square in Amman
on strike as well
Public transportation workers strike 
The public transportation in Amman is on strike and streets are closed by workers and students alike. Streets leading to the Interior roundabout are being closed.
The students protest in Amman By Ali

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dedicated to IMF

On behalf of many Egyptians , I dedicate this song to both Morsi’s government and IMF.

Most political parties and powers are against the IMF loan. Most political parties like Strong Egypt Party ,the Socialist popular alliance party , Constitution Party and Popular Current coalition are against the loan. April 6 Youth movement “Ahmed Maher Front” also expressed its refusal.

The Drop Egypt’s Debts campaign has been outspoken against the loan and actually from the leading movements against it. The campaign presented alternatives but nobody listened to them. Strong Egypt Party also presented alternatives to the government.

All these political powers , parties, campaigns and movements organized protests and rallies against the loan but nobody wants to hear them

Now I have got one question : If the IMF is going to give us the loans without any conditions , why there are negotiations with the IMF !? Negotiations mean conditions !!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Actually it is not only a Mad man’s Call,There are lots of Mad men in #Egypt !!

Since publishing this post about that crazy man who want to demolish the pyramids and Sphinx I received several reactions attacking me for publishing this post from both Islamists and non Islamists.

The main objection : Why would you publish something like this in your blog and spread it like that when this man only represents himself and a narrow segment from the society or rather Islamists ??

I am sorry , this man does not represent himself alone but rather represents a whole. Similar views were expressed by none other Salafist Calling leading member and co-founder of its political arm , the famous Al Nour party.

Abdel Moneim El Shahat wanted to cover the ancient monuments with wax !! “Video”

Al Nour Party and Salafist calling as well El Shahat are popular enough among millions of Salafists in Egypt.

Minister Mahsoub was a Khaki Scout !!

I did not know that minister Mohamed Mashoub of parliamentary affair. was a Khaki scout in his childhood !

Dear Minister Mahsoub please do not announce anything related to presidency except when you have full permission from the presidency for God sake.
By the way I respect Mohamed Mahsoub as a politician and as a minister.
Photo for Jared Gilman from Moonrise Kingdom

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Visit the Pyramids while you can !!

Last night Wael Al Abrashi hosted a radical Salafist called Morgan El Gohary from Jihadist Salafist leaderships  in Egypt on Dream TV2 . This man used to fight with Taliban in Afghanistan and he recounts proudly how he participated with that radical group in blowing up the Buddha statue there in 2001.
Now this man is saying that the Jihadist Salafists in Egypt will destroy the Sphinx and the Pyramids as well all other ancient statues in Egypt because they should be destroyed. His logic is that these statues were once worshipped and could be worshipped again.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

And this was Shown in #Tahrir square yesterday

Last year during the various sits in Tahrir square witnessed , there were data shows for documentaries and films usually about political and social as well economic struggles in Egypt. I remember that in the July sit in.

Yesterday my friend Ibrahim was passing by Tahrir square to find someone had set up a data show in one of the square’s circular gardens showing clips for Islamist fighters in Syria. He was alarmed because these are not documentaries about the Syrian revolution but rather about operations of armed Islamist groups inside Syria against El Assad regime.

Were the Islamist groups in Egypt recruiting Egyptian youth to fight against El Assad’s regime yesterday ? Everything is possible already the Salafists have sent flocks for young men to fight with Syrians in Syria in the past months.Every two weeks at least you hear that young young man went to fight in Syria and got killed.

One of the main Salafist groups implicated in this is Hazemoon ,one of the biggest and loudest Hazem Abu El Ismail’s supporters.

I think I am known for my support to Syrian revolution. I also know very well the concept of Jihad so I do not need lectures online. When I remember the clips and the speeches I have seen and heard from Tahrir square yesterday , I feel so alarmed.

When I watched that clip above again , I feel that most probably this was used for recruitment proposes.

I do not think Syria needs foreign fighters even foreign Muslim fighters as it got men , Syria needs a true roadmap and someone to lead the way for real.

#EndSH : RIP Eman ; the first Martyr of Sexual Harassment

Late Eman 
Her name is Eman Mostafa. A 18 years old teenager from a small village called “Arab El Cablat” in Assuit , Upper Egypt.On the 10th of September 2012 she went along with her cousin to buy cement from the market in the village riding a donkey. “Imagine that image”
In the way back two men one of them called Ramdan , armed and looking for trouble stalked her on motorcycle. Ramadan groped her breast and in quick reaction Eman spit in his ugly face. Feeling that his fake manhood was hurt, the thug shot her with his gun pointblank. Eman died and the bastard escaped along with his partner. On September 21, 2012 , the bastard was arrested.
Here is a video report from EIPR from Asuit about the case which the mainstream media somehow ignored despite its importance.

Friday, November 9, 2012

#Sharia_Friday : What Sharia are you speaking about !?

Thousands of Islamists are currently in Tahrir square participating in what they called “ Apply Sharia Friday”. They have one demand which is simply to apply the Islamic Sharia based on their own view in the constitution.

Of course as the Muslim brotherhood and Al Nour Party are not participating officially in this Friday protest , you can imagine the numbers are not that big as we are speaking about 6000 to 8000. It is worth to mention that last night it rained heavily in several cities in Nile Delta so I believe it will not be easy for the Islamist parties and groups to transfer their supporters from governorates as they have always done. The numbers of course may increase in the afternoon.

The main parties participating in this Friday are The Salafist Front and its newly found People Party and Al Gamaa Al Islamiyaa and its political Party Building and Development Party. Other Islamist parties like Al Asala are participating as well other Islamist groups like Hazem Abu Ismail related groups. “Hazemoon and Lazm Hazem.. etc.”

Last night Al Gamaa Al Islamiya set up a big stage in Tahrir square and few of its supporters stayed all night carrying banners calling for the implementation of Sharia.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

#EgyPornBan : Porn Websites are here to stay in #Egypt !!!!

Islamists are cheering for the Public Prosecutor’s Porn websites ban and especially they believe that historical decision is the first step to apply what they believe to be Islamic Sharia in the society.

Well they can stop cheering now because National Telecommunication regulatory authority “NTRA” has issued a statement today saying clearly that officially we can not ban all Porn websites in Egypt !!!

The three pages statements mentioned important facts :

  • ISPs in Egypt can not block millions of domains and websites.
  • ISPs in Egypt provide family safety packages for all those interested.
  • NRTA visited gulf states to see their experiences in this issue and they found out that our gulf sister states failed to block porn websites despite spending millions , there is something called Proxy
  • NTRA also tells people to raise their sons properly instead of demanding ISPs to block websites in the end.

This is a big blow to the conservatives in Egypt.

By the way I could not ignore in this occasion one of Egyptian Cinema’s masterpieces from the last decade “Cultural film” as we are speaking about pornography.

Rana … The most dangerous girl in the country !!

This small incident shows you the change that took place in Egypt , at least from a social perspective.
طالبات تتظاهرن أمام وزارة التعليم لمنع دخول طالبة احتياجات خاصة
These are 6th grade girls from some school protesting in front of the ministry of education  HQ in Cairo demanding the ministry to transfer a girl called Rana from their class. According to what I understood from Al Masry Al Youm’s report Rana is a bully that actually was transferred from another school. The girls were complaining that she was attacking them and the school’s administration did not anything concerning her behavior thus the whole class went to the ministry.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#EgyPornBan : Now It is possible !!

Public prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud , the most hated man by Islamists currently has ordered today the ban of all Porn websites in Egypt !!!! 
This decision is based upon an old administrative court order issued in 2009 to ban all porn websites in the country. In 2009 minister of information was sued by Islamist lawyer Nazar Ghorab in order to ban porn websites. After the revolution it seems that there is some Islamist campaign called "Pure.Net" against Porn websites calling for the porn websites ban. 
Abdel Maguid Mahmoud decided to ban all porn websites in Egypt after his meeting with the members of that campaign. "He got time to meet Pro-Vice groups and yet he ignores corruption cases piling on his desk !!"
I do not like porn websites and disapprove them but I think this decision technically has no use because there is something called proxy.
Speaking about technical aspects , Minister of telecommunication Hany Mahmoud said in last September 2012 that it was technically impossible to block porn websites in Egypt !! Some say that it will cost Egypt actually $50 million !!
Of course some believe that no not all people know proxy which is true but I am quite surprised on how Abdel Maguid Mahmoud has turned now in to a hero among Islamists. 

The Most Retweeted Tweet in history

Congratulations to the democrats and the rest of the Americans. Hard luck to the Republicans.
Hopefully these upcoming 4 years would be better for not only the Americans but for the rest of the world.Of course in  bad times we should remember that it could be worse if we had Romney.
Lesson learned from US Presidential elections 2012 : DO not pissed women with your party’s members’ stupid statements.

Kafr El Sheikh’s doggy affair : Who let the dogs out !?

On Sunday we watched this shocking video showing military police dispersing a gathering of angry citizens trying to meet the governor of Kafr El Sheikh Saad El Hosiny during a visit in Al Burullus Port in the governorate using K-9 dogs !! Yes dogs in some scene we would not imagine to see ever after the revolution !!!!!
On the same night Kafr El Sheikh's governor spokesperson said that those who are responsible for sorrowful incident are the military police soldiers and officers  protecting the governor and that they are being investigated.
Now today Tuesday we find our army’s spokesperson Ahmed Ali releasing a statement on Facebook claiming that it is untrue that military police participated in the incident and that there are no dogs in the units of military police !! “There are no snipers”

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Choose the less worse candidate

Dear American voter ,
Please choose the less worse candidate , please choose Obama and Biden over Romney and Ryan. I know both of them suck but sometimes you have to choose the less evil.
As An Egyptian , I prefer Obama over Romney.
As An Arab , I know both of them kiss Israel's ass but Romney and Ryan kiss Israel's ass more.Romney knows nothing about the region except that this is where the Oil is and we are bunch of useless human beings that need to live according to American lifestyle from his point of view.
As A Muslim , I think Obama's administration managed to mend the gap between the Muslim world and the United States after Bush and this has nothing to do with Obama's roots as much it has what I believe a change in perspective.
As Middle Eastern I feel and see that Romney is just even the more sick version of Bush.I do not want wars with Iran or Syria or any other country.
Dear American voter , I know you care about the domestic issues and you should "I think Romney does not respect the poor in the States" but remember other people in the world always pay the price of your choice sooner or later.

Dear American voter , please vote for Obama.
Egyptian citizen.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The numbers of Tweeps from #Egypt on #Twitter

These are the numbers of active tweeps in the Middle East region according to a study from Dubai school of government’s Arabic Social Media report about the active twitter users in the Arab world in March 2012.

Amazingly Egypt comes fourth in place “215,000 tweep” after Turkey “1.07 tweep” , Saudi Arabia “393,000 tweep” and Kuwait “235,000 tweep” !!! Of course if we consider the Arab world the top countries based on the number of active tweeps are : KSA, Kuwait , Egypt and UAE.
What do you think ??
Thanks to Rami Mohsen for the heads up.

Mickey , the Nasserite

Mickey Mouse has been always an icon of Pure American Capitalism since Walk Disney was introduced to the world in 1928 but only in Egypt, we managed to make him Nasserite Socialist !!
Mickey mourns Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1970
Mickey cries for Nasser

Sunday, November 4, 2012

#Kuwait : And the Kuwaitis try to protest again and the government is cracking it down again

Kuwaitis demanding democratic political reforms in their country are trying once again to protest tonight. They are organized a new rally with the same name like the first huge one that surprised us all : Nation’s dignity.
Again the Kuwaitis are protesting against the Elections law that gives the ruler of the country , the prince the right to interfere in the process. I have just read some unconfirmed news that the Prince allegedly said that if the constitution court ruled out the invalidity of that law , he will accept and respect the verdict.
It is worth to mention that after the first rally from couple of weeks ago , the Kuwaiti government banned rallies and protesting altogether !!
There are rumors circulating that Kuwaiti government have paid millions allegedly to both Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya in order to ignore tonight’s protests as well the movement currently taking place in Kuwait.
There is even more disturbing rumors that Kuwait paid millions of dollars  to Jordan so it would send to Kuwait anti-riots forces !! Of course there is no smoke without fire and both countries have already signed 8 cooperation pacts today according to KUNA. The Jordanian minister of foreign affairs Nasser Gowda has denied from his side officially these claims. Gowda was already visiting Kuwait this morning on the head of that Jordanian delegation visiting Kuwait.
Today the Kuwaiti ministry of interior's special forces got orders to cancel all members' holidays till further notice.
A photo for the order from @Warahblog
Anyhow interesting enough Kuwait will hold a military exercise with the rest of the Peninsula shield force.
Amazingly I am witnessing online a new trend from Kuwaiti social media who are against this political movement declaring their support to the Prince as presented in the famous slogan “Allah , Nation , the Prince” . You can find this team in that hashtag #Kuwait praying all day long.
The MB enemy No.1 in the Gulf Dubai Police chief Dhahi Khalfan tweeted the following amazingly tweet