Monday, December 31, 2012

Cohen Can return back to Hassan and Marcus but honestly for what !!?

There is a huge debate in Egypt after the Statements of Freedom and Justice Vice chairman and leading member of the Muslim brotherhood Essam El Arian on Thursday about Egyptian Jews.
Dr. Essam El Arian said on Dream TV2 channel last Thursday that Egyptian and Arab Jews in Israel who had been expelled by president Nasser should return back to Egypt and Arabic countries in general so they would leave their land to the Palestinians !! “Yes this is his logic”

Indeed the policies of late Nasser as well the wars with Israel forced the Egyptian Jews to leave Egypt but sadly enough Essam El Arian and Hamdy Hassan forgot how the Muslim brotherhood members used to target and attacks the shops and ghettos in Cairo after the 1948 war. “Historically the modern exodus from Egypt started with the advance of German Nazi troops in 1941 in our Western desert”

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The economy of Egypt is fine … in another parallel universe

Newspapers today
Yesterday president Morsi stood in front of the Shura council saying with all confidence “Those who are claiming that Egypt on the verge of bankruptcy are the bankrupt” making the headlines of almost 5 newspapers. “ The 3 official papers and 2 private owned including freedom and justice party”
Yesterday also Prime minister Hisham Kandeel told journalists in Cairo that countries do not bankrupt , bankruptcy happens only in companies !! “He did not know that many countries in the world declared its bankruptcy when it failed to pay its debts”
Yesterday as well before Morsi would say his word and Kandeel would speak to the journalists with all confidence , the Central Bank of Egypt issued a statement declaring that the Egyptian foreign reserve hit rock bottom for real using numbers and dates.
Today the Egyptian Pound hit a new record low against the US dollar. Believe or not it earlier today the US dollar was sold for LE 6.34 in Egyptian banks while now “@4:08 PM” I hear that it is being sold for LE 6.6. This is in banks , it is not Forex companies or in the black market.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

#OpenEgypt : Apply Austerity measures on the government first !!

In 2005 Brazil surprised the world when it decided to adopt open source software in its government, ministries , agencies and state run enterprises instead of depending only on Microsoft windows. Not only that but Brazilian diplomats were trying to push for an initiative in the UN that would street the importance of the open source software especially in third world countries. “Our diplomats do not have a clue what the heck is that !!!”

Now in early December 2012 we found out that Egyptian government led by Hisham Kandeel has signed an agreement to buy Microsoft Software for different Egyptian ministries and agencies by nearly US$ 44 million “LE 270 million” !! Yes LE 270 million !! According to the agreement the government will pay them on 4 years. This comes at the same time the government calling for austerity measures and the Central Bank of Egypt issues a Statement saying that our Foreign Reserve has hit rock bottom !!

The Open Source Movement in Egypt “and it is active one” is protesting against the deal. Already they protested last week at the Cabinet HQ against the decision in what can be the first true geek protest in Egypt.

Social Media Politics : MB e-Committees

Before and during January 25 revolution, Egyptian social media users on twitter and Facebook knew very well that the NDP had what we called “e-committee” and now in the new era of the Muslim brotherhood, the e-committee is back even in a much worse way.

Following the NDP path : How did it start !?

After January 25 revolution , it was confirmed that some of Gamal Mubarak's Future Foundation were recruited into some sort of committees that did not only monitor the social media networks but rather spread the NDP’s though and defend Mubarak’s regime too.
The NDP officials from Ahmed Ezz's generation understood the importance of social media from 2008 Mahalla Strike and decided to fight that political movement against Gamal Mubarak using its same weapon : The internet.

These members were allegedly paid LE 1200. They were easily spotted especially that they did not have any followers or few follows and did not change the famous twitter egg avatar.
Those NDP egg tweeps on twitter as well their brothers on Facebook used to spread rumors , attack opposition figures and insult other social media users against Mubarak.

I had my share of those guys. After Jan25 revolution, they moved to support Shafik, Omar Soliman and SCAF but they were pathetic
And as the Muslim brotherhood is following the NDP’s steps in everything .. in a much worse way , it was natural to find MB e-committees spreading like fire.

More sophisticated and More Stupider

The Muslim brotherhood and its e-committees are more organized and spread as well Sophisticated when it comes to Online presence than the NDP. We are speaking about a devoted member base and network not only in Egypt but around the globe.
It is enough to see how RSSD and its young sisters BRQ spread like fire in most of the Arab countries. I am not speaking about the Ikhwan Web and sister Muslim brotherhood websites as I am focusing here on the social media whether Facebook or Twitter or YouTube.
Unlike NDP and Future Foundation , we got real  devoted members who believe in their cause blindly. Believing in the cause blindly leads to stupidity and failure, this is what happened in our case with MB e-committees.
It has become so easy to catch the MB e-committees especially with their stupidity that exposes them badly.
Now we know the techniques of those committees online. Here I gathered their techniques.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Price To transfer his Former Excellency

Today two interesting news happened in Egypt aside from on going saga about cabinet , constitution and Muslim brotherhood's enemies plotting with Martians.

The public prosecutor decided to transport Ousted president Mubarak to Military Maadi hospital for health reasons from Torah prison. The former President currently serving a life sentence in jail for not protecting the protesters in January 25th Revolution fell in his cell at Torah prison earlier this month and suffered some fractures.

After few hours we found out that the public prosecutor suddenly ordered that LE 27,000,000 from Suzanne Thabet’s bank account “allegedly secret one” to be confiscated and transferred to the Central Bank Account.

Ironically we suddenly hear the news of LE 27,000,000 that come from Suzanne Thabet’s bank account and we do not know if she is facing charges or not.Suzanne Mubarak already officially is off the hook yet Illicit gains authority say that she got them illegally , well why is not she not punished for that !?? The  Public prosecutor did not tell us from from where the former first lady got those millions !!

At the same time Mubarak was transferred to Maadi military hospital !!

Personally I believe that Suzanne paid those LE 27,000,000 to the current regime in order to transfer Mubarak to the military hospital , there is no other explanation.

#EgyConstitution : Referendum stage 2 in Video

And your lazy blogger who has not fixed her laptop nor has bought a new one uploaded the video clips she shot last Saturday in Giza’s polling stations during the second stage of the Constitution referendum.

Here it is , hope you enjoy it. It is short and quick.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#EgyEconomy : Can Someone stop this hysteria Please !!??

Today there was a frenzy in Cairo when rumors spread in the afternoon like fire that there were no foreign currency in banks and Foreign exchange companies. There was even that rumor about Western Union closing its offices in Egypt because it lacks US dollars.

Well Western Union offices are not going to suspend the work in Egypt and they are working fine but.. there is a foreign currency shortage at least in Cairo these days. The foreign exchange companies got no US dollars or Euros thanks to the huge demand on foreign currency “Euro and US dollars” early this week. What happened early this week !??

Well Egyptians freaked out when they heard the contradicting news/rumors about the resignation of the Central Bank of Egypt’s governor Farouk El Okdah

According to my sources Farouk El Okdah wants to jump the ship soon before Titanic would hit the iceberg soon but for some reason he can not jump now.

I will not go in economic debates because I am not an economic expert but We all know that Egypt is heading towards a terrible economic crisis that some compared to the Greek crisis.

Now socially there is a hysteria in the Upper , Upper middle and middle classes. People are calling each other advising them to withdraw their bank accounts and buy either gold or real estate. Some advised their friend to convert their Egyptian pounds to US dollars and Euro before the pound hits rock bottom. I am speaking about my friends , their families and their neighbors.

Ironically withdrawing their money from banks will harm the Egyptian economy for real. This has to stop. Rumors and wrong actions will make things even worse.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

#EgyConstitution : The Silent Majority is back For real

And Supreme referendum commission “SRC” has announced the official results of the constitution referendum :
  • The eligible voters in the constitution referendum : 51,919,067 voters
  • The no. of voters who casted their vote in the referendum : 17,058,317 voters
  • The official turnout : 32.9%
  • The valid votes : 16,755,012 votes
  • The null votes : 303,395 votes
  • The no. of those who approved the constitution : 10,693,911 voters “63.8%”
  • The no. of those who rejected the constitution : 6,061,101 voters “36.2%”
In other words the constitution is approved by 63.8% out of the 32.9% who showed up to vote. This is low regardless of what you think with all my respect to the idea of democracy and so on. We are speaking a constitution that affect the future of the country.

And the turn is on Doaa El Adl now !!

And cartoonist Doaa El Adl has become the latest target in press to be reported to the public prosecutor. Al Masry Al Youm’s famous cartoonist is accused of blasphemy and our new Pubic prosecutor “appointed by Morsi” has ordered an immediate investigation in her case.
El Adly , an award winning is being accused by Salafist lawyer “Khaled El Masry” , the secretary general of the National center for defending freedoms “!!” of blasphemy because of a cartoon Al Masry Al Youm published from two days ago. El Masry is accusing Doaa El Adly of insulting a prophet figure , our father Adam !!!!!!!!
Here is the cartoon

A Yes voter for the sake of awarded with heaven because of Sharia tells Adam and Eve :
If you said Yes like me  , you would not be expelled from heavens !!
I do not know about you but I do not think it criticized Prophet Adam , it criticized the voters who voted for religious promises

Difference between these preachers and our preachers

This video is circulating in Egypt , of course it is too late now but I found it interesting. It is a video for a famous Islamist preacher called Imran Hussein who is speaking about Egyptian constitution. He is furious from MB and believes that constitutions are made by consensus.

Of course Sheikh Imran Hussein does not know that not only Christians withdrew from the constituent assembly but actually also Non Islamist Muslims and there are many Muslims who are against this constitution.
Sheikh Imran Hussein is speaking about consensus when the Muslim brotherhood and Islamists are speaking about Majority Rule.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Because Craziness is part of our life now in #Egypt !!

This guy was spotted in Heliopolis driving his car
Thanks to dear Rabab
This guy had this ad hanged on both of his car's windows. The ad says
Hashish "Afghan- Dutch" avialble
Salah Imbabay
Many  people spotted it !! people are losing their mind

#Helfaya : Blood mixed with Bread "+18"

It is the not first time Helfaya in Syria witnesses a horrible massacre but it seems to me each massacre is worse than the one before.
Yesterday tens if not hundreds of citizens waiting for bread in front of a local bakery were killed in air strikes by El Assad regime in the afternoon. The footage is horrible
Here is a footage filmed shortly after the strike

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating it tonight.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

So Much For Freedom of expression and Media in #Egypt in time of President #Morsi !!

When it comes to Freedom of expression and freedom of press in Egypt in the new era of President Morsi after the new constitution , you only have to expect the worse because not only newspapers and TV channels can not be closed by court rule and journalists can be imprisoned but it is the most restrictive constitution when it comes to Freedoms and rights as Sheikh Yasser El Borhamy brags !!

We have to expect the worst when more and more journalists and TV hosts are being reported for the new prosecutor general accused of insulting the President.

Today famous TV host Bassem Youssef today was reported to the public prosecutor by some lawyer called Ramdan El Uxory who accused him of insulting President Morsi in his sarcastic show “Al Bernameg” !!  Oh yes El Uxory believes that Youssef insulted Morsi when he mocked him and showed his picture printed on some pillow from two weeks ago !!

Here is a clip where Bassem Youssef says that his baby girl Nadia is sleeping on Morsi’s pillow and that Morsi’s speeches made Nadia stands up ; an achievement in its own !!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Voting Girl 2012 : Constitution Referendum !!

Back to the minority , oh yes back to the minority and the spirit of the girl that that said No to Mubarak and his constitutional amendments as well his NDP candidates. Today I voted in the constitution referendum , I voted an I said No to the draft constitution.
I voted against what Yasser El Borhamy , the famous Salafist preacher described as the  constitution most restrictive to the rights and freedoms in the history of modern Egypt.I voted No today and in fact I was not alone many voters I have met in the different polling stations in Giza. My tour was in Giza , I did not stay at the desk and I think it was another good experience.
First my tour started before heading to my polling station , I head to El Qawmia language school which if you follow my Voting girl series since I became an eligible voter in times of ex-President Mubarak , you will know that this is my favorite polling station in Agouza. It is big , mixed and includes a cross section of Egyptian society. Of course this time I noticed the majority of the voters were from the Middle Class and Upper Middle class.

I noticed also two bearded men who seemed to be Salafists “From the style of the beard” wearing the IDs of the National council of Human rights “Following the State and is headed by Judge Hossam El Gheriany , the head of the Constituent assembly”. It is not the first time I see bearded men “Mostly Islamists” as observers in the referendum. Of course there were other observers from other initiatives.
According to the judges in the polling station’s sub committees , the turnout was high.

#EgyConstitution : Live blogging

Here is live coverage for the second stage of the constitution referendum , already I am going to vote today insh Allah.

Friday, December 21, 2012

#EgyConstitution : The Finale Tomorrow

Ok tomorrow can be the end of the world as we know , tomorrow we will have the second round of the constitution referendum. In this stage we will have : Giza, Qalubiya,Monufia, El Behaira, Kafr El Sheikh, Damietta, Ismailia, Suez, Port Said, Red Sea, New Valley, Fayoum , Matrouh, Bani Sawif , Maniya, Luxor and Qena.

The big voting blocs this time will be in Monufia and Giza.

I do not have high hopes. There will be more violations and elections fraud I am fraud.

I will be live blogging but not from the street. Last time I got terrible flu that I am trying to recover from it up till now.

#Alex : Nobody sleeps in #Alexandria For real !!

For the second Friday in a row clashes erupted again at El Qaed Ibrahim mosque “a stronghold Salafist/Islamist area” and surrounding areas between Islamists “MB and Salafists” and Protesters “Non politicized and Non Islamists”.
We are speaking now about not less 52 injured including dozens from the police forces “CSF anti-riot forces” that tried to stop the clashes from both sides. It is not good there because we are speaking again about Egyptians VS. Egyptians again.
Today Islamists were organizing another million man protest calling it “To Defend the Mosques of God” after what they considered an attack of aggression last Friday !! Despite Islamists attacked protesters and even tortured them inside the mosque which is huge insult
The tear gas grenades today in Alex by Ali Ghonim
Of course people at first blamed the Non Islamist protesters for allegedly provoking the Islamist protesters who declared their intention to protest at the Mosque first. Well after few hours things should be clarified.
It is true that Islamists declared first that they would pray and protest at the Mosque but it is also true that Islamist icons like Abu Ismail and Foulmouthed Abdullah Bahr threatened Alexandrians if any attack happened against Mosques again.

Listen to Future Generation : Ali Hisham speaks about#Egyconstitution

Dear Ali Hisham is from young generation of bloggers in Egypt. He is 15 years old and one of the most active young activists Mashallah I have seen since 2011.

Ali is speaking about the new draft Constitution and why we should refuse it. Ali is from the generation that will be affected more by this constitution.

He is being interviewed by TV host Namees Arnous for Bokra TV

Like President Like Public Prosecutor

Just like the president who appointed him , Talaat Abdullah Egypt’s current public prosecutor decided to withdraw on Thursday his resignation which he presented to the supreme council of judiciary last Monday.

Now according to sources Abdullah was convinced by the Muslim brotherhood judges/ “Judges for Egypt” to withdraw his resignation. He claimed that he decided to withdraw the resignation to preserve the respect of his position !!! He also added that he was forced to resign by a small a group of district attorneys !! Suddenly he discovered this on Thursday !!!!

Ironically on Monday he told Al Hayat Al Youm TV show live that he resigned to preserve the respect of that position !!

To be honest I did not have high hopes when I heard that he will resign after Sunday.

Before you waste your time giving me lecture about how great Abdullah is “Please check his record in Bahrain’s uprising” , you must understand that I will not accept after the revolution a public prosecutor appointed by Morsi who interferes in the work of the district attorneys.

We are the people

Cairokee sings parts of Abdel Rahman El Abnudi’s famous 1981 poem “We are the people”

I am not big fan of Cairokee and God knows I had to listen to this song several times to get used to Amir Eid’s soft voice while singing these strong words about oppression, people and Egypt.

It is translated by the way.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#EgyStudents : You Can Not Force Rana to Shut up

Rana with her friends last Tuesday
Rana El Siyad Fouad , a student in the secondary stage in a private school who participated and led a students protest against the draft constitution to Tahrir square last Tuesday December 11th,2012 among other students from different schools. “College De la Salle, Jesuites and the Franciscan”
Rana spoke to Al Masry Al Youm and her photo was featured in the newspaper. She was quoted for saying that she decided to participate in the protest because she wanted a constituent assembly that truly represents the whole Egyptian society adding that President Morsi issues constitutional declarations in order to distract people from the draft constitution.
Now from two days ago officials from the ministry of education went to Rana’s school "The Franciscan" and interrogated her about her quotes in Al Masry Al Youm. The brave girl insisted on her opinions. Rana’s father is proud of his daughter and he is not worried on her but rather is worried on how the ministry of education is turned in to a security apparatus.

#EgyConstitution : Why I will Say big NO “Article No.76”

There are many reasons why I should say NO to the draft constitution like the fact we became a presidential state despite it was better to have a semi-presidential state , the President got no vice president and Shura council got more power than the people’s assembly. Still there is one article that makes me want to say big “NO” , article no.76 .

Article No.76 states the following :

No punishment without a legal or constitutional text 

This is the first time in the world and history according to constitution experts that we got those words “and Constitutional text”

In Constitution 1971 article no.66  was as followed :

No punishment without legal text

Now this alteration in the article allows directly judges to ignore the law and go directly for Islamic Sharia or rather to be accurate for their own interpretation of Sharia based on that Sheikh from Salafists or this Sheikh from Al Azhar.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A New Low in #Egypt TV History

In the past two years Egyptians proudly have made TV history unlike any other Arab country when you think about :  live fights , ex-President trials , extreme dirty smears , presidential debates  and interesting interviews with girls who bleed blood and thugs yet none of them reached to that low level of Gamal Marwan.

Gamal Marwan , the owner of Melody TV channels has just released an ad ; the ad of his divorce from his wife Jihan in the most humiliating insulting way ever !! He mentions that he divorced her and paid a pound for every day she spent with him shocking divorce documents in most disgusting way !!!

This ad which is aired on Melody TV channels all day has been posted online in Melody official YouTube channel. I will not wonder on how Gamal Marwan can do this but I wonder how a father would do such thing to his children. I believe he got 4 kids from his wife Jihan. The youngest was born last year !!

You know it is not humiliating to her as much it is humiliating to him.

This is the lowest thing for real when You think about it , you hit rock bottom for real !!

Update :

Now I remember it , this is Gamal Marwan who refused to admit that he is a father of a child from some Lebanese singer in 2010 in some big scandal. Gamal Marwan is a big jerk and asshole. This is the conclusion.

The problem of the Muslim brotherhood “1”

I got many ideas and theories about the problem of the Muslim brotherhood currently in Egypt and I decided to share these ideas , they are not organized in a professional way

The Muslim brotherhood and being a secret organization :

The MB is facing a huge problem now , it officially rules the country through DSC03317a president and Shura council yet it does not want to act as a transparent political party open for criticism as well to renew its ideas or its methods and techniques. This problem is resulted from the fact we are speaking about a political religious underground organization that managed to survive in Egypt for 80 years thanks to its secrecy.

The MB is not used to be open nor transparent. In fact it is hard for that group to be open for real transparent political partisan activity in two years after 80 years of working in darkness. I will dare to say that the Freedom and Justice Party can not be separated for this reason. The MB is its backbone , brain and heart.

Due to its secrecy , it  is not used to be open from criticism , in fact it is not used to democracy when it comes to decision making as it claims. Of course they will claim that they elect their Supreme guide bla bla bla , well the ruling party in China also elect its leader !! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

From two years ago #SidiBouzid

From two years ago , on that particular day a street vegetables vendor was slapped by a policewoman “she denies” in the City of Sidi Bou Zid on December 17,2010. That slap did not change that vendor’s world but rather the whole world. That slap led Mohamed Bou Azizi to torch himself sparkling the first flame of revolution that soon enough would transfer to other oppressed countries in the Arab world.
BY the way some Islamists consider Bou Azizi as an infidel because he set himself on fire as an act of suicide , well officially he lived after till January 8th ,2011 where he died in a hospital.
May Allah bless your soul Bou Azizi

Breaking News : Talaat Abdullah to resign….next Sunday

A Photo for the resignation
Despite I am badly sick I can ignore this news and its significance.
The public prosecutor appointed by President Morsi declared that he is going to resign next Sunday in front of the district attorneys’ sit in that was held in his office today. 
About 1500 district attorneys held a sit in at the public prosecutor office in Downtown Cairo demanding him to resign as he was appointed in in illegal way. I believe this was a successful sit in.
I believe that the district attorneys feel humiliated after the decision of Abdullah to transfer the East Cairo district attorney to Bani Sawif because of Presidential Palace clashes."He cancelled it by the way”
Morsi should not have appointed Abdullah himself directly. He should have followed the book and let it to the Supreme council of judiciary to choose from 3 candidates. 
Of course I wonder if he will be the man of his word and truly present his resignation to the supreme council of judiciary.
Needless to say the district attorneys are being attacked by MB and Morsi supporters whom are still speaking about Gulf states’ plot implemented by Judges club and NFS !!!

A lesson We should learn from

Despite there were no Muslim victims in the horrible Newtown school’s horrible massacre , the local Muslim community participated in the interfaith vigil service yesterday.

I think our preachers and sheikhs should learn from that young sheikh and to understand carefully to what he said because I believe this is the core of Islam.His small speech is actually a lesson we should learn from

May all the victims rest in peace.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

#EgyConstitution : Referendum Stage #1 Results

And the results of the first Stage form the constitution referendum in 10 governroates have been announced.
According to Al Watan newspaper 56% of the voters said yes to the draft constitution while the 44% said No.
To be honest I know people who expected even worse results "Yes 70%-No 30%".
Yes I wish that "No" would have scored more but to achieve this result after one week of campaigning only and weeks of not knowing what will be next considering we live in a country where the president cancels his decision at 2.30 AM !!!!
There are important remarks about the results : 
  • "No" votes are more in the cities than in country side. 
  • Liberal and National forces and parties should try to reach for faraway governorates
  • I do not understand how Sinai "Whether the North or South" or Aswan "especially Aswan" when the draft constitution totally ignore the rights of the ethic groups and the culture diversity. 
  • Watch out for Cairo , Alexandria , Gharbia and Daqahlia. 
  • It seems that Alexandria proves the myth of the Salafist stronghold is totally wrong
  • Many of the voters who voted yes are not Muslim brotherhood or Islamsits but rather from those Egyptians who believe that "Yes" will bring Stability from their point of view believing what they hear in the Egyptian National radio and TV. 
  • With all the violations that took place yesterday and this is the result than people should not lose hope and they should be encouraged to go and vote. 
  • The turnout is 31% so if we add to those who boycotted as well who did not go because they do not care or feel confused to those who said No , you will have a constitution not approved by too many people
  • I believe the more the people vote , the more it will be hard to rig the results 
  • You must know the tune of the MB is different now , instead of 90% of the people approve the constitution now the MB members are speaking about examples 
Ironically and sadly enough there are still difference between the unofficial results announced so far as we are waiting for the official statement of the referendum committee but as a reference I prefer Al Watan newspaper as it present a fine interactive map with the results. 
Here is the 10 governorates "Numbers from Al Watan newspaper" : 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

#EgyConstitution : First round "My field trip"

And voting has started already in 10 governorates in Egypt from 15 minutes ago. Today I will do another live coverage from Cairo. Photos will be uploaded later as well video , please follow my twitter account. I will update this post as much as I can insh Allah.

@11:32 AM

Taking a break to eat something as I haven't had a breakfast yet !!
I finished my tour in Zamalek ,most of the Upper middle class islanders of Cairo say No to the constitution.
I went to the Faculty of arts polling station as early as 8:45Am to find two long queues of women and men, some of them brought their coffee from nearby cafe that seemed to be surprised to find all those customers today while other brought chairs with them.
I witnessed conversation between two ladies from No And yes team. I spoke to other two ladies one from team yes and one from team no.
I noticed that the Yessers always start with that phrase : I am not a MB followed by "Egypt needs stability" and "let's give the man a chance!!"
At that polling station I met the popular committee of Zamalek with their yellow vests. Local community volunteers from Zamalek organizing the process of voting.
One of the "ZC" volunteers
They help voters to find their numbers especially senior citizens.
Senior citizens were seated there
 They were very organized and polite.

Friday, December 14, 2012

#EgyConstitution : Why to say #No to the Constitution !? “1”

I still got some time to write my remarks about the Draft Constitution , already my voting turn will be on December 22,2012 as I am from Giza.

Anyhow I would like to share with you these videos on why many Egyptians including me refuse this draft constitution.

This video is from Mosireen with English captions speaks about the neglect the right to the city  despite we face a huge problem when it comes to shanty towns in almost all over the country and in its major cities.

By the way Strong Egypt Party also refused this constitution for neglecting this right as part of the social justice.

Testing something

Please ignore this post.

#EgyConstitution : Referendum 2012

OK tomorrow insh Allah we will have the first round , the first stage of the most controversial referendum in the first half of the 21th century if I would say.

Now some trivia which probably you already know :

  • The Constitution referendum will be held on two stages , on two days because of the number of judges. Most of the judges and prosecutors in Egypt refuse to oversee except couple of thousands thus it was better to hold it on two days according to the decision maker in Egypt whether the current Presidency or its superiors in Muslim brotherhood HQ. Ironically holding the referendum on two days will raise the matter of the constitution unconstitutionality !!!!
  • Already according to Dostor Newspaper out of the 22,347 members of judiciary, only 5,772 agreed to supervise the referendum !! 
  • The first stage will be held on December 15,2012 “tomorrow” in 10 governorates : Cairo , Alexandria , El Sharkia , El Gharbia , Dakhalia , Assuit, Sohag , Aswan , North Sinai and South Sinai.

The Quote of the Week : The best Constitution Humanity would have ever seen !!


This constitution is a role model for all constitutions in the world , in fact humanity has not reached yet to that amount of freedoms and rights granted by that constitution

Dr. Hussein Hamad Hassan

The member of the constituent assembly

December 2012

No comment except may be on Friday I will write down why I refuse this constitution and believe it is not the best for Egypt

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A true Banana Republic

When Mohamed ElBaradei once criticized the way Egypt is being ruled comparing it to a Banana Republic state , people mocked him as usual despite it turned out that it was true : We live in Banana Republic. 
Yesterday the general prosecutor "appointed by President Morsi" Talaat Abdullah decided to transfer the East Cairo district attorney Mostafa Khater to Bani Sawif. Mostafa Khater is the district attorney who released the detainees tortured and arrested by MB members during the Presidential Palace Clashes.
The decision was a shock especially that we found a memo presented by Khater and the Heliopolis East Cairo district to the Supreme council of judiciary demanding their return to judiciary and revealing shocking details about the decision of Abdullah to transfer him.
A copy from the memo from Wael Abbas

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RIP #AbuDief : Another Black Day for Media in #Egypt

Egyptian Journalist El Hossainy Abu Deif passed away today after a week in coma following his head injury last Wednesday at Presidential Palace Clashes. Abu Deif , a journalist working in Al Fagr newspaper was shot when he was covering the clashes last Wednesday, when he was on duty. He was taking photos of the Muslim brotherhood supporters while standing on the protesters' side when he was shot.
Abu Deif at Presidential Palace
El Hossainy was shot in his skull and he has been in a coma for a week in a clinic death condition. Abdel Kader , El Hossainy's friend who accompanied in that last assignment says that his friend was shot down in particular and that his camera was stolen in chaos after he was shot down.
Abdel Kader has not yet written his full testimony on that awful day but he said on twitter Abu Deif was hit 3 times with bird shot yet he decided to complete his job and in the end the MB shot him with live ammunition.
Now officially the death toll of the Presidential Palace is 10.
From short while ago thousands of protesters , journalists and activists held a funeral for the latest martyr of press in Egypt in Tahrir square. His funeral prayer was held at Omar Makram mosque.
Abu Deif's funeral at press syndicate
At the syndicate before the funeral

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#Dec11 : When Tuesday becomes Friday

Officially Tuesdays have become the new Fridays in Egypt when it comes to protests and rallies !! Today we are having a day or an evening full of protests and rallies pro and against through out the country.
The political powers and parties against the Draft Constitution are planning rallies tonight in the following governorates : Cairo , Alexandria , Dakhalia , Red Sea, Luxor , Fayoum, Suez, Ismailia, Damietta, Bani Sawfi, Port Said, Sohag, Damnhur , Assuit , Monufia and Mahla.
There will be 6 rallies heading from different areas in Cairo to the Presidential Palace.
The protesters are still having their sit in at Tahrir square.
Tonight the National Salvation front will hold a meeting to declare its final position from the referendum after knowing the final decision of judges.
There are rumors that President Morsi will address the people tonight and declare something huge. Well We knew that he held a meeting with no other than Mohamed Hassenein Heikal followed by Fahmy Howaidy. Both renowned writers believe that the president should delay the referendum. There are leaks that a big VIP US official is currently visiting in Cairo
By the way President Morsi has recorded a TV interview today to a channel that is being attacked right now by his allies outside Media city. It is not ONTV by the way
At the same time Islamist powers are organizing Pro-Morsi Pro-Constitution rallies also in Cairo too !! They are having two rallies. The first rally is at Raba'a Al Adawya mosque and the second rally is at
Geographically these two Islamist Pro-Morsi rallies are being planned to intersect with the anti-Morsi rallies coming from Nasr City and Heliopolis. This is why I am worried from clashes today.
The Islamists also are having rallies in Alexandria too as well.
It is worth to mention that the Islamist powers mainly from Salafists are having sits in at Media city and the Constitutional court.
Now to the Live coverage from all over the country.

Say “No” For the Constitution

As we have got three days only away from the constitution referendum , Egyptian revolutionary youth began to launch a “No for the Constitution” campaigns online and on the ground.

Here is a website called “No” for the Constitution. It speaks to the public about why they have to refuse the Constitution based on certain issues the draft constitution tackles : The wages, the Health Insurance, the stability, the press, the detention, the censorship and supervision, the judicial independence , the integrity of elections.  

FYI the National Salvation Front has not decided its final stance from the constitution but personally from the leaks I got I believe that they may go for “No for the Constitution”. Now insider information , several members like Salvation front believe that they should not boycott the referendum but there were other members like Amr Hamzawy and Shady El Ghazly who believed we should boycott it because there is no referendum in the history that ended with “No” !!

According to Amr Moussa today the Front whether it will boycott the referendum or say No.

Already Strong Egypt Party called the people to vote against the constitution , I know it would.

Despite that political forces and powers are trying to force Morsi to delay the referendum or even to cancel it , the youth of different political powers are working on the ground all over Egypt. From April 6 Youth to Constitution Party to Strong Egypt Party the youth are doing their best with their simple sources to educate the people on why they have to say “NO” for the constitution.

On the other hand the Islamist forces and parties are back to their old game of say “Yes to the constitution , say Yes to Islamic Sharia” spreading flyers and so on. Amazing the constituent assembly has began to hang huge billboards “funded by our taxes” urging people to say “Yes to the Constitution , Say Yes to Stability !!”

From #Al-Zawahiri to #Abu-Ismail : Lead the revolution !!!

Ayman Al Zawahiri has just sent a video message to the new leader of the revolution in Egypt Hazem Salah Abu Ismail !!

Complete the revolution , fight the corrupted , liberate Egypt from American Israeli fellowship and stand for Sharia along your followers through incitement !!!

Ironically Ayman Al Zawahiri considers the current rulers are corrupted and he does not mention Morsi at all as if he is insignificant person !!!

I do not know if it is a game or what !? You know Abu Ismail trashes the current regime online so the current Islamist regime appears moderate for the West !!

I know the theological and political difference between Al Qaeda and MB . Still I cannot forget the fact Al Zawahiri’s uncle was a leading member in the MB and Ayman Al Zawahiri’s future went upside down when he was arrested in 1960s and brutally tortured in Nasser’s jails for the suspicion of being a Muslim brotherhood member. It is also worth to mention that Abu Ismail was a member in the Muslim brotherhood but left the group because he had a great ambition as you can tell.

#MediaCity_Sitin : This does not look good

For days now hundreds of extremists and conservatives are having at sit in at Media city in October City. These extremists led by Salafists “Mainly Salafist Front” as it seems and Hazem Abu Ismail are claiming that they want to purge the media !!!
“To purge the media” actually is actually underestimating to what these guys want. They want to close the channels and punish those TV presenters who are against Sharia and Islam. You got the most radical chants and the most scariest slogans that would make investors and tourists think twice to come to this country.
Today we find the protesters at that sit in butchering a calf distributing its meat to the protesters. “Actually I consider a way to attract the poor to get free meat” 
Meat in Media city sit in
The calf’s price is expensive and yet you find the MB and Salafists claim that the protesters in Tahrir and Presidential Palace’s sits in are enjoying gourmet foods !!
Strangely nobody speaks about the amount of lies spread in the Salafist channels like El Hafez and the MB official channel "Misr 25” !!
Ironically that Sit in is led by none other than Egypt’s Jim Jones aka Hazem Salah Abu Ismail , whom without the media exposure and interview provided by TV private channels he would not be that known and famous !!

Monday, December 10, 2012

#Morsi changes his mind a lot as it seems

And so in a very late hour , at about 2.30 AM we found that President Morsi decided to retract his decision to increase taxations and customs in Egypt !! He only delayed the increase in taxations and customs to the new fiscal year in Egypt which means in Next July 2013 insh Allah we have this increase.

Now the million dollar question that made Mostafa Al Naggar , Basem Kamel and Nader Bakkar agree for the first time despite their political and ideological differences : What kind of decision making process is being adopted in Presidency !!??

I mean you can not take this decision to increase taxation suddenly like this in this terrible time  without knowing its consequences otherwise you do not understand politics or economy.

And now I will end with that comment from Rafa’a El Tahatawy , the chief of staff in presidency today

The president could not keep thinking about the consequences of such decision and its impact on the poor after returning home !! Thus he decided to delay it !!

I hate to say but Zakaria Azamy with all his corruption used to say better excuses than this !!

And like many Egyptians wondered today , what will President Morsi do if he faces war decision !!??

#Dec5 : The victims began to speak

First of all here is a video translated in English showing the clashes , please pay attention to the amount of brainwash the MB and Salafist supporters have been subjected to by their superiors.

The victims of Muslim brotherhood members' open air torture at presidential Palace began to speak up.
Here is 33 years old Mina Philip speaking to Al Watan in Arabic about how he was attacked and detained near the Presidential palace while he was in his way back to home from work. The manager working in "Orange" said that the MB members told him to say that he got money from ElBaradei and Sabbahi in order to spare him from beating and release him.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It does not Rain in #Egypt , it Pours

Things accelerating in  Egypt nowadays in a way you can not imagine !!

As we did not finish the debate about the draft constitution and the upcoming referendum that we do not whether we should boycott it or not to find these presidential decrees pouring on our heads !!

First we found out that Morsi has granted the army officers the judicial arrest authority from now till  the planned referendum  according to an official announcement in the official State newspaper aka “The Egyptian Chronicles”. In other words now army officers can arrest civilians from today till December 15, 2012 !!

Why do you need army to interfere in the security of that referendum ?

This makes me wonder , if the security situation in Egypt is that horrible that you ask the army to secure that referendum , why do not you wait !? Please do not give that  “The president can not violate the March 2011 constitutional declaration” answer !!

This is a set back to human rights in Egypt. Already SCAF tried to pass the Judicial arrest authority thing and failed but what you know the President who headed Freedom and Justice Party that stood against it in early 2012 has passed it !!

Regarding the Declaration that Cancelled the Declaration

And after some fake national dialogue with bunch of Muslim brotherhood’s close friends , Morsi decided to issue a new constitution declaration to the cancel the constitution declaration he issued from 16 days ago !!

Morsi cancelled the Constitutional declaration but the draft constitution’s referendum is still on time after 6 days !!

Now personally I believe the draft constitution should be delayed for several reasons above them what happened last Wednesday was something beyond our boldest evilest imagination to happen. There is a gap now between the revolutionary youth “and they are so many” and the Muslim brotherhood and to be honest I will dare and raise the bar and say the Non Islamists and Islamists in Egypt.

Regarding The Martyrs of #Dec5 Clashes

“Your martyrs and our martyrs and our martyrs in heavens while your dead are in hell” yes we have reached to this degree of dialogue in Egypt.
I do not know from where to start but Egyptians killed and injured other Egyptians last Wednesday and the Muslim brotherhood’s leadership is doing its best to use the martyrs that were killed including the brotherhood’s martyrs to fuel the anger of their followers in the worst way ever even if they had to lie on these followers.
For three days you will find the MB leaderships speaking about 5 martyrs then about 6 then about 8 martyrs “The Supreme guide’s speech today” but what we saw exactly on Friday 3 coffins only in Al Azhar Mosque officially despite we got numbers that they are 6 !!
The sad irony is that Mohamed Badie , the Supreme guide was speaking at the MB HQ in Moktam and behind him that big poster of the so-called MB martyrs. The big poster included a photo of an injured who is a not MB member currently fighting death !! The big poster included the photo of Ahmed Fassial ,who is anti-Morsi’s protester who was shot by birdshots pullet coming allegedly from the MB’s side in his skull and currently in coma !!!
The photo of Fassial behind Badie

Saturday, December 8, 2012

RIP Ammar El Sharie : The Melody’s Diver !!

As if we need that type of news !!
Ammar El Sharie “16 April 1948-7 December 2012” , Egypt’s fantastic music composer has passed away yesterday after long illness. May be due to the latest developments in Egypt, I remember how Ammar El Sharie stood with the revolution before many composers and singers boldly enough when Mubarak was still in control. I remember how El Sharie asked the people to forgive him for the songs he composed during the Mubarak’s era glorifying him in the October war anniversaries and honestly I even forgot that he composed the music of those songs.
I do not know what to say.
For years El Sharie who comes from a big family in Upper Egypt presented a radio show on the Main Program station of Egyptian official radio called “A diver in the Melody sea” where he explained and analyzed music . Since 1988 Egyptians listen to El Sharie explaining the art of music in simple way especially the Arabic music.
Famous for his film and TV series scores Ammar El Sharie for me was an icon in music more than John William and John Barry because  he made actually huge change in the mainstream music taste in Egypt in my point of view. Just like listen to his piece , which is actually a collaboration between him and Muscat Royal Orchestra from couple of years ago. 

#Dec5:Do not Consider them Egyptians,consider them as #POWs

The Heliopolis prosecution has ordered the immediate release of 141 detainees arrested and handed over by the MB members to security authority. The prosecution released them after finding them innocent from all the charges the MB accused them of.
MB detainees Thursday's morning !! "Reuters"
All of the 141 detainees were injured and tortured by the MB members , 49 of them needed to be transferred to  hospital. Many of them had bone fracture. Some of them were minors and actually we got young age as 10 years old !!! The human rights activists say that it was worst than what they saw from violations from police and army. May be it is hard to believe that civilians do in civilians what the MB members have done.
Here is a photo gallery showing the detainees at Heliopolis prosecution office late last night.

These detainees were kept away at the gates of the Presidential palace for more than 12 hours tortured and mistreated while they are handcuffed. Here is the video testimony of ambassador Yahia Negm.

Friday, December 7, 2012

What I think about Morsi’s big word

Political activist and poet Abdel Rahman Youssef summarized it
This is the only thing I can say about Morsi’s speech : stupid.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

#Dec5: After the first battle in #MB war in #Egypt "Graphic" !!

And the ministry of health announced today that more than 650 were injured and 7 were reportedly killed in yesterday's clashes !!
Oh yes 7 were killed , they were from both sides and some of them were shot by live ammunition ,oh yes there are live ammunition now seemed to be used from both sides. This is how the civil war starts in countries !!
Of course according to the footage , testimonies and photos , there is more violence from the MB's supporters side against the protesters.
The MB and Islamist supporters are still surrounding the presidential palace in order to protect the legitimacy of Morsi and stop any attempts to storm the Palace !!!!!!!!!!
Nevertheless after absence , the Republican guards units appeared outside Palace with tanks and armored vehicles. Here is a photo from El Korba showing the Republican guards' tanks at 10.30 AM by Sarah Ebeid.
The tanks in Korba by Sarah Ebeid on twitter
Now after we got leaks that Republican Guards gained control and that they ordered Morsi's supporters to leave , we find news now @12:22 PM speaking about renewed clashes in Al Marghinay street between the supporters and protesters that are hurling rocks at each other in this stage.
Despite they got casualties in that night battle and people were killed from their sides , Morsi's supporters mainly from Muslim brotherhood members seem to feel that they won the war. At least this impression is enforced by that morning march at the Presidential Palace !!

This video makes you believe the claim about their trained armed militias. Already they seemed to be happy for a group that lost casualties including martyrs
Of course the MB media machine did not stop. We got wild accusation to ElBaradei, Sabbahi and Moses of heading militias that seek a coup and that ElBaradei and Sabbahi got $ 40 million from the States and Iran while Moses is receiving aid from Israel !! The MB Media is also accusing the Egyptian Church of standing behind this violence.
The MB media machine also accused Ahmed Maher , the founder of April 6 Youth Movement , who was one of the strongest supporters and allies of Morsi of heading the thugs in last night's clashes !!!
As the videos and photos emerging from the clashes show horrifying a truth. I do not know or understand what kind of brainwash the members of brotherhood is subjected to honestly based on the testimonies I heard !!
Here is Ola Shahba , a socialist activist and a member in the socialist popular alliance Party. Ola elected Morsi by the way
Ola Shahba after she was freed in the morning

Now #Morsi is alone with #MB !!

As Egyptians fighting each Morsi is now left without any advisors from outside the Muslim brotherhood and so-called Islamist realm.
President’s advisors Ayman El Sayyad , Seif Abdel Fatah, Mohamed Esmat Seif Al Dowla and Amr El Lithy have officially resigned today.
We announce the news of our “resignations” that we hided for a whole week in attempt to search for a solution but it was in vain .. I am speaking about the advisory council
Some people are attacking Mr. El Sayyad but personally I know that the man insisted on staying despite his refusal to the constitutional declaration because he was concerned about the freedom of media and was trying to find a way ,a solution out of the crisis. He was fighting along others like Seif Abdel Fatah till the last moment but in vain
He suggested an initiative the presidency completely ignored from going back to an amended 1971 constitution temporarily but no one listened.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And what I feared happened !!

I spoke about this early today
Now Egyptians Vs. Egyptians are fighting each other , just like in Abassiya clashes sans army forces !! It is just sad and mad. I am so pissed off.
I hope Morsi and his bosses in the MB's guidance office are extremely happy now. They have to be happy with their planning. I am not optimistic at all.
After hours of hours of clashes between Morsi's Islamist supporters and protesters, we hear that central security forces have reached to Presidential palace and that these forces will stop the clashes but it does not seem so.
The clashes are still going on in other areas around the Presidential palace , I am not good in Heliopolis
There are hundreds of injured as it seems as both sides are hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails. The ministry of health reports that only 18 are injured , well from what I see from field reports things are getting bad.
Pro-Revolutionaries report that Morsi's supporters are using gunshots and tear gas grenades. Pro-Revolution protesters reported several gunshots wounds.
The Pro-Morsi supporters are chanting "Islamic Islamic , it will not be secular" , "Wait Liberal one , we will dig your grave" and the chant that stunned many "Wa Islammah !!" I feel that we are Genghis Khan's army !!
Currently there are field hospitals in Mobil gas station and the Basilica. The clashes are currently in Al Ahram street , Roxy square and its adjacent streets. 
I wonder if Morsi will show up today and address Egyptians
I will have another storify life update to make my life and your life easier when it comes to content from all over the internet.

After the big #Dec4 , now what !?

Now what ?? Are we going to spend our days in protesting and mobilizing our supporters and friends every day !? Now what Mr. President and ruling Party !?
The Muslim brotherhood officially announced that it will organize Pro-Morsi protests at the presidential palace.
In return now different political powers opposing the Muslim brotherhood began as well independent protesters began to spread calls on social networks urging the people to head to the Presidential palace in order to protect the protesters there.
The doctors now are speaking about having a field hospital there. There is true fear from a massacre for real. The Ultras Ahlawy is heading there too to protect the sit in !!!
Since early morning we began to hear threats from the Islamists especially from Hazemoon's supporters like Mr. Abdel Rahman Ezz.  A terrorist talk from the first degree !!
There was a rumor last night that was denied by the Freedom and Justice Party that the MB has launched "the general mobilization call" directive to all its members all over the country to protect the legitimacy of the president even it will cost them blood and it will stand against the state itself in reference to the army and police for it !!!
It seems that it is a not a rumor after all the young members of MB were proudly repeating that directive  with pride declaring that they are ready to die today for the sake of the President's legitimacy !!
You must know the Supreme guidance office of the Muslim brotherhood held meeting with Islamist powers and parties last night and they issued a statement that slammed the protests describing them as violent and horrifying demanding Morsi to act firmly against that minority !!

Elected President Mohamed Morsi must understand that Mubarak is in jail now because he did not protect the protesters in #Jan25 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

#Dec4 : To #Tahrir and To #Heliopolis

And today is another long day.
Right now there is a march heading from the journalists syndicate to Tahrir square against the Constitutional declaration and draft constitution.
There will be also another rally led by the tourism sector workers in Tahrir square against draft constitution.
Now there will be two set of rallies today , one to Heliopolis and another one to Tahrir square. The Constitution Party will have rallies in Tahrir but its students will head to Heliopolis Palace.
Heliopolis Palace is now a military zone with huge security measures and barbed wires.
Banks , schools and ministries made its employees leave earlier today and ATMs are emptied.
The MB and Salafists hold ElBaradei and Sabbahi responsible for anything happy today !!
More coverage coming on the way.
Today there will be four rallies heading to Heliopolis palace :
  • One from El Fatah Mosque in Ramasis at 4 PM 
  • One from El Nour Mosque in Heliopolis at 5 PM 
  • One from Rab'a Al Adawiya Mosque in Heliopolis at 5 PM
  • One from El Rashideen Mosque also in Heliopolis at 5 PM
Ok here is a live coverage with pictures and so on. 

#Jan25: Meet Abdel Rahman Mansour

And for the first time Egyptians meet one of the young faces behind Kolena Khaled Said and the invitation to January 25, 2011 protests. Here is Abdel Rahman Mansour , the unknown knight of Kolena Khaled Said speaking for the first time about past and present of Egypt with the hopes of better future.

Here is Abdel Rahman speaking on ONTV last night in Last Talk.

Abdel Rahman was serving in the army in 2011 and he missed what happened all that time but here he is in the second wave. May Allah bless him and protect him.

It is worth to mention that Kolena Khaled Said is being under huge attack by the Muslim brotherhood and their supporters. Ikhwan Web already has been retweeting tweets of MB members comparing the page to Ana Asf Ya Rayes , the infamous Pro-Mubarak page !!

There have been calls among Islamists to nationalize the Page as well !!

Anyhow I love the statement of the Page it issued today “We are not unbiased , we are bias against all shapes of injustice”

Monday, December 3, 2012

From #Tahrir to #Heliopolis Palace : Big Day tomorrow in #Cairo

There will be a big day tomorrow in Cairo.
First all about 10 privately and partisan owned newspapers are going to strike for one day to object both the constitutional declaration and the draft constitution proposed. These newspapers are going on strike tomorrow “Tuesday”. These newspapers are Al Masry Al Youm , Al Shorouk, Al Watan, Al Sabah, Al Fajr, Al Wafd, Al Osboo, Tahrir, Al Dostour , Al Ahaly , Al Ahrar
A photo for today´s issues
On Wednesday all several privately TV networks and channels will blackened for 6 hours “from 6PM to 12 AM” also against the constitution declaration and draft constitution. These channels are : ONTV, Al Hayat TV , Dream TV, Cairo Centric , Modern TV and CBC.

#Nov30 in Tahrir : In video

Ok boys and girls here are my video clips from #Nov30 in Tahrir square including the famous socialist veteran Kamel Khalil’s chants and the speech of Hamdeen Sabbahi.

This is some sort of National TV History

Yesterday there was some kind of National TV history being made on air live , an Egyptian TV host slammed the head of the State live !!
Oh yes Pro-Revolution TV host Hala Fahmy has slammed president Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood for couple of minutes on air in her TV show on Channel 2 last night. Fahmy appeared while holding her shroud as a symbol of being ready to die. "It is actually an expression in Egypt {I am carrying my shroud when you speak about a nearly suicidal act"
She accusing the National media of ignoring Tahrir square and its martyrs
The Live broadcast of the show suddenly was cut when the guest was speaking about Egyptian Christians' rights and suddenly we find Rasha Magdy appearing reading the news bulletin in some sad irony !! "Rasha Magdy called the people in Egypt to stand with the army against the attack of the 
Christians on October 9,2011!!!"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Egypt : When the word “Crisis” is not enough

Ok there are lots of things happening in Egypt right now and many observers and analysts describe these happening as crisis, well the word “Crisis” is underestimated description for what is really going on in Cairo.
First I received some not so nice online because I did not cover yesterday’s Pro-President Morsi’s protest and I think I have to answer to back. Now this is a blog not a news site and if you follow my twitter account you will know that I have been sick for the past 4 days. I spent yesterday in bed so I do not know what I can to do more.
Regarding this protest well unfortunately the FJP officials who organized it with their allies from Islamists claim it is biggest human gathering the world has seen from ten years ago !! Oh yes it was even bigger than the Friday of Wrath “January 28th,2012” according to Mr. Farid Ismail , the MB and FJP leading member as well member of constituent assembly !!!
It was huge after all you mobilized all your supporters from several governorates in buses to be transferred to Giza in set up scene in order to present a certain counter message to the rallies that stunned Cairo and Giza last Tuesday. 

#Nov30 in Pictures

Oh yes your lazy blogger is back after staying in bed for one day in these crazy times. As late as usual here is my #Nov30 protest photo gallery in Tahrir square. You must know that these photos were taken from 10.30 AM till 4.30 PM. I did not stay till all the rallies came and the square was full.

Here is the photo gallery

Also here is the best photos I took from that day.


#Tahrir : RIP Ahmed Naguib

And Ahmed Naguib has become the latest and fourth martyr “insh Allah” of Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes today after nearly a week in coma !! I snapped that shot for a banner calling people to pray for him.


Naguib was shot down by gunshots in the latest Mohamed Mahmoud clashes from about a week ago. His condition was exactly like late Ahmed Jaber Saleh “Jika” whose funeral was only last week. Naguib is the fourth to be die in the latest political struggle in Egypt.

First we had Ahmed Jaber Salah aka Jika who was 16 years old then we had Islam Massoud who was 15 years old then we had Fathy Gharib who was a bit old , in his 40s !! Now we got Naguib , who is 17 years old !! The more the young will die , the anger will increase among his friends in the same age.

Ahmed Naguib was only 17 years old and he was shot down during the clashes by gunshot. The ministry of interior did not declare its responsibility just like in the case of Ahmed Jaber “Jika”but it is worth to mention that the gunshot extracted from the body of Jika proved that it was used only by police. I wonder what will come out from Naguib’s body this time !!

Naguib’s funeral will be after couple of hours @4PM from Omar Makram mosque. In Mubarak times that mosque used to have the funerals of the big rich regime icons but now it became the a refugee for the young revolutionaries dreaming for better future for their country; just like Sheikh Omar Makram would want it to be.

p.s : his family took his body and went to his hometown in Monufia where he will be buried , still protesters and friends will pray at Omar Makram mosque.

Friday, November 30, 2012

#Nov30 in Tahrir square

And Egyptians are back again to protest in Tahrir square in another day of protest against not only the constitutional declaration but also the constitution draft.
The numbers currently in Tahrir square are not that big as it is expected.The secret word is "The rallies". There will be several rallies after Friday prayers from major squares and mosques in Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir square.
Now to the street vendors are invading in Tahrir square as it is a big attraction now.
Ok Mohamed Mahmoud street is now peaceful , the Tahrir security committees set up barbed wires in the street. The Lycée Bab El Luk is coming out of a war movie. I took some photos it is terrible. I am thinking of some post about the lycée only.
Simon Bolivar square is being cleaned now yet the smell of tear gas grenades is extremely powerful. The entrances to Tahrir square from the square is being blocked by barbed wires too. Kasr El Dobra palace is extremely damaged
The Friday speech slammed the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists.
There will be rallies headed by ElBaradei , Sabbahi, Moses and others from Mostafa Mahmoud and Shubra.

@3:18 PM

Ok there is one main stage of Omar Makram for different political powers. As soon as this stage announced what happened to Morsi during Friday prayer in New Cairo , the protesters cheered. More people being to show and to come after the prayer , different ages and class as well backgrounds.
There are security towers set up in the different entrances of the square. It is worth to mention that I received some tips mostly for people close to MB claiming that the former Mubarak regime will create trouble again in Tahrir square as well in front of the FJP and MB HQs.